Would A Trump Election Actually Be Good For Black America?


After Super Tuesday, it seems as if Donald Trump will have an opportunity to become the 45th President of the United States of America.  Many might see this as a direct threat to Black America (as if there is no present threat),  but I digress.  An election of Trump to the highest office in the free World might be the best thing for Black people since 1863.  Why?

It will wake Black people up.

The majority of Black people are figuratively sleep; as in unconscious.  Unconscious to the oppression of systematic white supremacy.  This unconsciousness (and white supremacy, for that matter) is the reason that Blacks own one half of one percent of all the wealth in America.  A fact that has remained since…


There are more Black people incarcerated, on probation, and on parole than there were slaves in…


We (Black people) love to pretend that we live in a post-racial America in-between televised shootings of unarmed Black males.  This is, as the aforementioned points illustrate, obviously not the case.

And it is, for this fact, Trump’s support is most shocking to the unconscious Negro.  The white rallying cries for Trump by old and YOUNG white Americans exposes the collective white supremacist hate and vitriol towards Black Americans.

A Presidential election of a blatant racist bigot such as Donald J. Trump may just be the wake-up call for all sleepy Negros with individual power to use it while encouraging those without individual power to come together collectively.

…But then again if killing Black people dead in the street doesn’t spark the collective conscious of Black America to gather power, wealth, and influence, nothing will.

Sleep tight

by Kendrick Payne

9 thoughts on “Would A Trump Election Actually Be Good For Black America?

  1. Black Americans demand Predominant Population and Political Control of a Region of States. AFRICAN AMERICAN HOMELAND STATES

  2. JayBay says:

    Start repenting of America’s lies and customs and come together as a people. Blacks keep telling themselves so much that Trump won’t be president. Fools! The fact that he’s even gotten this far shows that even if he doesn’t make it as president a large part of this society is against you. Go back to the one true God (who only loves you and not these other nations) and get out of this mindset of trusting in the people who oppress you. They’re not your friends. Never have been. Never will be.


  3. Dee says:

    Trump wants to keep the illegals out that are competing with blacks for jobs
    Hillary wants to let illegals in and stay
    Trump wants to keep companies from going overseas
    Hillarys husband signed 3 strikes law

  4. Cmybeloved says:

    Trump would be an example of the need for anger management that has been brewing. His election as the president of america would be a show of the mentality of America. Money means the destruction of all things, so be it. Many already know how to live abased and abound. It would be KARMA to see dem!
    Solidarity or Else! Solidarity or Else! Solidarity or Else

  5. MagnumBoom says:

    We are in the worst dire straights that we have ever seen. Trump can’t do any more than what has already been done. If Trump wins…won’t mean anything either way. More of the same. Trump can’t save us, nor is he inclined to . Nobody can save us. Only we can turn the tide of our collective destinies.

  6. minkpink says:

    Listen I’m a Gemini just like Chump Trump and we have a natural inclination to murder and his anger would be bad news for America.

  7. Sheikh Amaru says:

    The only chance of survival that black Americans have is to declare their free national status as aboriginal indigenous Americans and organize a black asiatic American government that can be internationally recognized and assisted with trade and arms from international allies. As long as American blacks remain undeclared slaves in America under an oppressive foreign white regime that occupies American national, state and local government we will continue to be killed off in genocide and no one will be able to help us. Nations can only help other nations. We as American blacks look like idiots on an international stage because we identify ourselves as a color and not as a nation with a government and since we have no nation or government we are just “beasts of burden” and cut off from the human family by our white savage oppressors. It’s been a con game since 1789 played on indigenous black Americans to confuse us about our nationhood. Blacks need to stop acting like afraid children and declare our nationhood to separate from these white foreigners or die its that simple

  8. Sheikh Amaru says:

    Lets follow the logic here, how do you think Castro was able to drive the white supremacists and Italian mafia out of Cuba in the 50s. He had help from Russia because he was organized as a government with his people. How do you think the Vietnamese were able to fight America and win. They had an organized government and received arms and money from other nations. How do you think Angola defeated Portugal and white supremacist South Africa in war in the 70s? They had an organized government and received military support from Russia and Cuba. Finally how do you think the Taliban can kick everyone’s ass in Afghanistan no matter who invades? They are an organized government and recieve assistance from Pakistan and other groups. Black Americans have to grow up and go back to our own government or its over for us

  9. The Airmen says:

    i see all 3 candidates as figurative puppets an physical devils

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