Why Is The Media Playing The Race Card In NYC Murder Case?

the demon

By Amy Lukau

Karina Vetrano, 30 was a speech therapist who went for a jog this past summer. She never returned home. Vetrano’s body was bound beaten, strangled and dumped faced down in weeded marshes near her home in Queens, NY. Later through forensic evidence it would be discovered that she had also been sexually assaulted.

Residents of her neighborhood were rightfully outraged by her murder, seeking justice and that whoever did this would be arrested and charged accordingly for the crime.

The perpetrator, Chanel Lewis, was arrested Saturday evening. Lewis admitted to killing Vetrano and submitted a DNA sample upon request; which matched the DNA found on Vetrano’s body. Lewis had no prior criminal background.

Many who are familiar with criminal justice would be wise to think the story would end here, unfortunately it took an unexpected and familial turn.

The story then became one of race, with the media calling Lewis, a black male a ‘Woman-Hating, Demon, Brute.’ These phrases are not just name calling; they have important and historical reference when referring to black men specifically in America. For many the case has become racialized—an accused Black man and white female victim have created a slippery slope. The suspect will face his time in court and pay for what he has done, however, for the media to slip into racial verbiage is unnecessary and unprofessional.

The media should not be reductive in its thoughts to see this as solely a black vs white issue; because it is not. This is about a man who committed a crime against an unsuspected victim, whose life was taken. America has had a history of demonizing the black male specifically through media, often unjustly. The Justice system must be allowed to do what it is supposed to do, which is hold all irrespective of ethnic group accountable for crimes they may or may not have committed. Media must stop reverting to the race card when convenient for those in the dominant society to fit an untrue stereotypical image of how they perceive blackness, a convenience that has proven to have disastrous effects for black Americans when left unchecked.




11 thoughts on “Why Is The Media Playing The Race Card In NYC Murder Case?

  1. What says:

    This is how they Get their kicks….

  2. The Bronx says:

    This is true. Unfortunately, in the many cases of unjustified killings in America, the perpetrator’s actions are fueled by racial hatred. The shooting of the teen outside a store by a man in his fifties claiming he feared for his life, Dylan killing 9 as they prayed, the list goes on & on.

    You see, wrong is wrong any way you slice it. At one time in America this sort of crime invovning the jogger, would’ve meant mobs of angry white people stringing up just about any black male they came across calling it ‘instant justice’.

    The media really needs to start zeroing in on what happened & who was involved without eluding to race, color, creed, or ethnic origin. Readers & viewers of the info will eventually learn that, anyway.

    There are some bad people out there doing some bad things. Racist Americans & the media need to stop making it a contest of statistics on which race commits more crimes than another. It’s RIDICULOUS.

  3. Bobby Mugabe says:

    Such a nasty and consistent theme from the white media. The programming is soo real.

  4. missypoo says:

    Hmmm. This man looks retarded (clinically). I’m not saying that he didn’t do it, but we’ve seen the mentally challenged get railroaded before. After six months of failed tips, a cop has a “hunch” and finds this guy? Then he willingly submits DNA without an attorney? I could be wrong, but that guy doesn’t even look like he knows what’s going on.

  5. E says:

    Then there’s the TRUTH. #NUDGE

  6. The Question says:

    I am from NYC, and this arrest seems “off”. Not saying he didn’t do it, but I don’t live too far from where this happened. The police for the longest put up posters that the suspect was a white guy on the lamp posts on the street. The area where the victim is from is pretty much 100% white somewhat gated community. That alone tells me that this black guy they arrested seems weird b/c no black people live in that all white community. Even on the jogging path where she was found.

    Another fishy thing is that the victim’s parents are well-connected with FDNY/NYPD, when they found her body the news showed that whole squadrons and precincts were called out. For that to happen, I knew that the family was a part of “that crew”.

    I don’t know if Melanoid Nation knows this, but the young woman Karina Vetrano died practically almost the same way as another NY girl named Vanessa Marcotte. If you saw pics of the 2 women side-by-side, they could have passed for sisters. Vanessa Marcotte worked at Google in NYC and was literally killed while jogging like 5 days later from Karina Vetrano! But Vanessa went over the weekend to visit her mom in Boston and was killed in Boston.

    I don’t know fam, but this is not as black & white the media makes it out to be. That’s a conspiracy and I don’t think the brother they arrested has a shot at getting a fair trial. Also, he looks developmentally challenged. I hope Melanoid Nation can follow this story and the one in Boston, b/c I feel the 2 are connected and the NYPD doesn’t want to reveal the details 100%

    1. Nessa says:

      Wow. I hope they follow up and I agree this man look like mentally ill.

  7. The Question says:

    Update: I am hearing now that when the brother made his “confession” none of his lawyers were present. Lawd. This arrest is fishier than rotted salmon!

  8. First off NYPD is KNOWN for forcing confessions Also NYPD is known for arresting the wrong people…this girl was found beaten black and blue and front teeth missing and if you are from NYC you know HOWARD BEACH NYC IS RUN BY THE ITALIAN MAFIA…..

    1. The Question says:

      @Queens Resident: Yup, it sounded like a typical mafioso hit. I know the victim’s parents know who killed the girl but b/c her father was former FDNY, they staying quiet and putting on a fucking show with their faux outrage. I really hope a good attorney takes this case on pro bono b/c the media is already making it sound like this brother is gonna probably get a life sentence.

      Also, I notice the media not saying a peep about the other girl from NYC that was killed in Boston while she was jogging. Also, that Boston victim looked pretty similar to the one in Howard Beach.

      A mess all around.

  9. Thai Smith says:

    The definition of madness. these people setting the tone for mass killing spree.. boycott these newspaper and continue to expose them ..great catch.. america is doomed and ready for the purge..

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