Why Is The Media Ignoring The Shady Backgrounds Of Some Of The Cosby Accusers?


Why Does The Media Bring Up Criminal Backgrounds Of Black Victims, But Ignore The Shady Backgrounds Of The Cosby Accusers?

Part of white supremacist culture is to make false accusations against Black people. Today, there are message boards and now even phone apps dedicated to people in the dominant society congregating to racially profile and falsely accuse Black people of different types of infractions.
Historically one of the most popular false accusations levied at Black males in particular, is the charge of rape. This country made it a form of entertainment to publicly lynch Black men over the false accusation of raping white women.

This pastime of falsely accusing Black people for random crimes is still alive and well today. This is why many people question the validity of many of the women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

When Black victims are murdered at the hands non-Black people, society at large, and the white owned media outlets in particular, will always, with very few exceptions , find ways to somehow demonize the victim by reporting on certain parts of their background.

We have seen this with Black murder victims (and alleged murder victims) like Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, and the list goes on.
But historically when a Black person is accused of committing a crime, especially a crime against a person classified as white, the accusation is perceived to have more validity, even when there is no concrete evidence to prove the accusation.

And in cases like these, the alleged victim’s background is rarely investigated or reported on. In the case of Bill Cosby, many people have claimed the “proof” of all the accusations against him is the number of people who have recently made claims. To believe this narrative, one would have to ignore the fact that the media has essentially sent out a coded green light to the public that says that they will give validity to any random person who chooses to make an allegation or claim against Cosby for sexual assault.

Hundreds of people each year claim they were abducted by aliens, but media outlets choose not to put these people in the spotlight without any concrete evidence. So when we see people in the media making certain accusations without any concrete proof, this is because the media outlets choose to give them airtime. And usually this choice is based on painting a certain narrative in order to achieve a certain agenda.

With the Cosby situation, many people suspect that certain unknown entities are using the media to deliberately tarnish Bill Cosby’s legacy and to create a maldistribution of the wealth amassed from Cosby $400 Million dollar fortune.

In order to create a certain narrative with a number of women making accusations against Cosby, the media has largely ignored the questionable, and in some cases, criminal backgrounds of some of the women who have made claims.
Now if any of the accusations against Cosby are true, then justice should definitely be served. But if there are people with shady backgrounds making false accusations against Cosby in order to file civil cases to scam money from Cosby, then the background of these people should be known as well.

Several of the Cosby accusers have histories of lying, theft, deception, illegal activities and fraud. So it is correct for people to question the validity of every accuser based on these facts.


Linda Joy Traitz

Linda Joy Traitz

Linda Joy Traitz

Traitz claims Cosby tried to drug and assault her more than 40 years ago. Turns out she has a long criminal history. Traitz got out of prison in 2012 after serving more than 3 years for trafficking Oxycodone, possession of a controlled substance and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.

She’s been arrested and/or charged with various other crimes – including ID fraud, battery, theft and various drug offenses.


Tamara Green

Tamara Green

Tamara Green

Tamara Green filed a defamation suit alleging that Cosby sullied Green’s “good name and reputation” by stating that Green was lying about sexual assault allegations against him.

Several years ago, Green was suspended from practicing law by the State Bar of California and was placed on probation.

Green failed to disburse a $20,000 medical settlement to a client and instead pocketed the settlement for herself. Green also accepted a $1,000 retainer from a client that she did not contact or represent, and disconnected her telephone and changed office addresses without even informing a client that had retained her services in a civil case.



Chelan Lasha

Chelan Lasha

Chelan Lasha

Chelan Lasha accused Cosby of sexual assault from an incident she claimed happened in 1986, in a  press conference with Gloria Allred , where Allred demanded Cosby pay $100 million in damages for Lasha and other alleged victims.

Public records show that Lasha has long criminal rap sheet.

She has been arrested for crimes including false reporting and prostitution.

Lasha was arrested in 2007 and charged in Arizona with false reporting to law enforcement and trespassing — she pled guilty on both counts. Lasha was previously arrested for theft in Oregon in 1988 and was convicted.

Lasha was arrested in 2014 in California and was charged with possession of a weapon. She was also arrested in 2008 in Arizona for assault, disorderly conduct — fighting and trespassing, and pled guilty to disorderly conduct – fighting.

Lasha pled guilty following a 2008 arrest in Arizona for prostitution, which was her second prostitution charge, according to available public records. Lasha failed to complete a mandatory diversion program stemming from her prostitution arrest. A warrant was issued for her arrest.


Chloe Goins

Chloe Goins Mugshot

Chloe Goins Mugshot

Chloe Goins is an exotic dancer who recently came forward and claimed Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008.

Radar Online reported that back in May 2011, Goins had been arrested on charges of soliciting prostitution in Las Vegas. The site also says that she faced a charge of being minor in a gambling establishment.

Legal counsel for Cosby has stated that on the date of the alleged assault — August 9, 2008 — there are flight and telephone records that clearly place Cosby in New York City … 2,500 miles from the Mansion.


Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickenson

Janice Dickenson

Dickinson came forward in November of 2014 with the claim that Cosby had drugged and raped her in 1982. Her 2002 autobiography, however, paints a very different picture. In No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World’s First Supermodel, Janice writes that Bill Cosby shut her out of his hotel room.
According to a statement by Cosby attorney Martin Singer:

Janice Dickinson’s story accusing Bill Cosby of rape is a lie. There is a glaring contradiction between what she is claiming now for the first time and what she wrote in her own book and what she told the media back in 2002. Ms. Dickinson did an interview with the New York Observer in September 2002 entitled “Interview With a Vamp” completely contradicting her new story about Mr. Cosby. That interview a dozen years ago said “she didn’t want to go to bed with him and he blew her off.” Her publisher Harper Collins can confirm that no attorney representing Mr. Cosby tried to kill the alleged rape story (since there was no such story) or tried to prevent her from saying whatever she wanted about Bill Cosby in her book. The only story she gave 12 years ago to the media and in her autobiography was that she refused to sleep with Mr. Cosby and he blew her off. Documentary proof and Ms. Dickinson’s own words show that her new story about something she now claims happened back in 1982 is a fabricated lie.

In addition to being known as a drug addict, Dickenson has been accused of being a pathological liar for years. Janice Dickenson appeared on television for years telling the lie that she created the term “super model” in 1979, and that she was the world’s first super model. But at least four different models (Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Margaux Hemingway and Beverly Johnson) were named super models in the press years before Dickenson.

A 2008 Page Six article about Dickenson’s former fiancé, Sylvester Stallone-who also accused Dickenson of being a liar- stated “Janice Dickinson, is a publicity hound who will say anything to get attention.”

There was also an accusation of Janice Dickenson lying about who the father of her child was, according to several articles.

Even veteran Hollywood talent manager Don Gibble, who has known Janice Dickenson for 20 years, claimed she is lying about the Cosby allegations.


Louisa Moritz

Louisa Moritz

Louisa Moritz

Louisa Moritz make a mistake that many of the other alleged Cosby accusers (who are possibly in this for the money) learned not to do- she gave a specific date.

Moritz has accused Cosby of sexually assaulting her in a Manhattan dressing room for “The Tonight Show” in 1971.

She said Cosby knocked on her door, offered kudos for her acting and promised to take her “under his wing” as he stood over her while she was seated.

Without provocation, the comedian took out his penis and pushed her face into his crotch, she said.

The problem with her story is records show that Moritz never appeared on that Tonight Show episode with Cosby. When presented with this discrepancy by The Daily Caller, Moritz admitted that she wasn’t actually sure what year the alleged assault occurred.  Since this incident was so easily disproven, many of the other accusers have been coach into stating their assaults happened on “unspecified dates”.


P.J. Masten

P.J. Masten

P.J. Masten

PJ Masten claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Cosby in 1979 when she was working as a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club in Chicago. But this is not the first time Masten has made a claim of sexual assault against a celebrity in a high profile case. Masten was a surprise witness against sports announcer Marv Albert in his 1997 trial (that involved another accuser), testifying that he bit her and tried to force her to perform oral sex in a Dallas hotel room in 1994 while he was wearing women’s panties and a garter. Masten said she escaped by pulling off Albert’s toupee.

Albert maintained after the trial that Masten’s accusations were a “complete fabrication.” Marv Albert’s original accuser, Vanessa Perhach, accused Masten of “riding my comet” and joining in the allegations against Albert only “for the money,” according to a 1997 New York Daily News article.


Shawn Brown

Shawn Brown

Shawn Brown

Shawn Brown (also known as Shawn Upshaw) is the only accuser that Cosby has acknowledged that he had a relationship with. In the mid-90’s, Shawn Brown’s daughter Autumn Jackson was found guilty and sent to prison for trying to extort 40 million dollars from Bill Cosby. Jackson threatened to go public with Cosby’s affair with her mother (that occurred in the 1970’s)  if Cosby didn’t cough up the money.

Cosby and Shawn Brown both admitted they had a consensual sexual affair with each other, and during the media coverage of this story in the mid-90’s, Brown never mentioned anything about drugging or rape.

But in 2005 after Shawn Brown heard about other accusations of drugging and rape from another accusers, (and the money to be gained from potential civil suits or settlements) Brown suddenly had a revelation and remembered that she was drugged and raped by Cosby too.  So now we have a rape accuser, who admitted to having a consensual sexual relationship with Cosby, and has a relative who has been to prison for trying to extort Cosby, now claiming she was drugged and raped by Cosby. Umm ok.


Joan Tarshis

Joan Tarshis

Joan Tarshis

Joan Tarshis is yet another accuser who claimed to have gone back to Cosby and get raped then re-raped.

She claimed that in the 1960’s, Cosby drugged her then made her perform oral sex on him. After that alleged incident, she claimed that she went with Cosby to a performance he had at the Westbury Music Festival in the Fall of 1969, where Cosby allegedly drugged and raped her again after his performance. The problem with this story is that there is documented proof that Cosby did not perform at the Westbury Music Festival in the Fall of 1969. And there are several other inconsistencies with the timelines she has provided to media outlets (which are all thoroughly documented in great detail here).

Another fact about Joan Tarshis that the mainstream media seems to ignore, is that she has had a history of alcoholism and mental illness. Tarshis has been in mental hospitals and has had mental delusions for many years. These delusions include believing that she talked with aliens and talked with God in a lightbulb.


Barbara Bowman

Barbara Bowman

Barbara Bowman

Barbara Bowman claimed she was drugged and raped by Cosby not only once, but on multiple occasions over the course of many years. She claimed Cosby would pay for her to get on planes and fly to different cities where he could re-rape her over and over again. Naturally, any rational thinking person would question the completely illogical reasoning behind these claims. But Bowman explained the reasoning behind these accusations by claiming that Cosby “brainwashed” her into positioning herself to fly around the country to be repeatedly drugged and raped. Umm..Ok


Therese Serignese

Therese Serignese

Therese Serignese

Serignese claims that she was drugged and raped by Bill Cosby in 1976. But despite allegedly being raped, she admits to continuing a sexual relationship will Bill Cosby for years after the alleged rape.


Beth Ferrier

Beth Ferrier

Beth Ferrier

Ferrier claimed she was sexually assaulted by Cosby in the mid-80’s. But she also claimed she was in a consensual relationship with Bill Cosby for months. She then claimed after they broke up, Cosby “put something in her coffee” and she passed out-later to wake up in her car with her clothes undone.

Then she claimed she went to visit Cosby again, after the alleged assault took place.


So when you look at the actual facts of the Cosby accusations and you research the validity of the accusers, you can make a fair judgement and come to your own conclusions, instead of having media outlets with a specific propaganda agenda tell you what to think about these accusations.

127 thoughts on “Why Is The Media Ignoring The Shady Backgrounds Of Some Of The Cosby Accusers?

  1. LeVar Smith says:

    Great work not to mention Beverly Johnsons history of lying..

    1. Nate says:

      Not to mention she’s in cohorts with the dominate society

  2. dj says:

    Do y’all really expect the devil to investigate and/or prosecute his own imps/demons. The news media is in cahoots with whomever is trying to destroy Cosby’s reputation and legacy.

    On another note though, it is known to many that Cosby have donated millions to black colleges, and tried to display positive images of black people on television whenever possible (and for that I am very grateful…I truly am). Maybe Cosby felt that since he contributed so much to the betterment of black people he was within his right to criticize and borderline chastised black people on a white man’s forum. I don’t know, but I am just saying. I think that was not a smart move on Cosby’s part regardless of how much he contributed to black people. He could have aired his grievances in many different ways instead of running to the enemy of black people (whom eventually turned on him because after all Cosby is visibly a black person). That is just my personal and humble opinion.

    I hope Cosby can bounce back from this but most of all I hope this ordeal has helped him realized that at the end of the day he himself is not protected from RWS…no matter how much skinning and grinning he does with those folks along with the finger wagging routine @ black people’s expense (whether it be as a conscious or subconscious effort to gain validation from those folks or not). Once you are a threat, you are declared and enemy combatant in their conspiratorial circle even while they are smiling in your face as they are shaking your hand and also while wining and dining with you (that’s part of the strategy).

    Know your enemy because your life’s achievements, financial gains, family, and your own life as well is officially up on the chopping block once this country (U.S.) is done using you and are now ready to destroy you.

    1. Keith says:

      Bill Cosby was right to adress the problems in the black family and their kids. No one else cared to speak up about the problems. At least he was the only one who cared. But of course people hate when theyre wrong.

      1. jillini says:

        My thoughts exactly. I bought the book. He told the truth.

      2. dj says:

        there is this old saying, “it is not what you say but how you say it.” and I will leave it at that.

      3. DG says:

        That is exactly right Keith. Every constructive criticism Bill Cosby made about our destructive culture was true. It’s time admit it. To tell parents to read to their kids, pull their pants up, develop a vocabulary, etc. is exactly what our community needs to hear and adhere to. Thanks for saying that.

      4. Young at heart says:

        hmmmm????? 77 years old. 15 million SUPPOSED rape victims in his back pocket.
        And WE don’t hear a peep about it until now.
        until…….Cosby decides to speak out about personal responsibility and highlighting problems in the Black community that nobody else will mention.
        Be careful of what you speak out about.

        1. Wayne f says:

          With all the colleges and universities taking back their doctrines are they giving back all the money he he them?

          1. M. Turner says:

            This is an excellent point! If I were Mr. Cosby, I would ask for that money back!!

          2. Mr. Cosby had to experience the reality of being a Black man in America
            and to know that it is not the way you wear your pants or how limited your vocabulary is, but haters are just haters no matter what color. Had Mr. Cosby taken the time to consult with his Soulologist rather than the commentaries of the media he would have known that they did the same thing to the most Divine man who ever set foot on the face of this earth. “Anyhu” who cares what non-co-creators think. As for me and my Universal Family I want to be able to co-create. Those who have ears to hear, please hear because all who love the Creator is a co-creator and we can not love who we have never seen and hate who we see. “Peace be still!”

      5. smith says:

        gi disagree with
        cosbys analysis and finger pointing because he is blaming th victims of a concentrted white rcist society, just like he is a victim of the same forces, RIGHT NOW!!!

    2. Derrick says:

      Anyone that knows Cosby’s history can never say, of him, that he ever ‘skinned and grinned’ to seek the acceptance or the favor of white folks. Robert Culp, his ‘I Spy’ co-star, once referred to him the angriest black man he had met.

      1. Claude says:

        True. Mr. Culp told me personally that Mr.Cosby fakes no shit. I met him once at LAX, no bodyguards alone. We spoke and I commented on his mercedes. It was a dudu brown 69 sel just like Kareem’s, he said , “No, Kareem’s is just like mine.” Funny guy.
        There are lots of guys that got in hot water at the Playboy club.In those days, it was the place to be.
        You gotta understand, he cut his teeth there. Hefner was the only equal opportunity employer in show business in those days.
        Coz, Fox, Pryor, all got a boost, and a bitch or two from the old man.
        I gotta give you your proper’s Tariq, great reporting, hell of a investigation brother.

      2. dj says:

        idk about that…especially in this time and age any black person can be “the angriest black man” according a white person just by being in close proximity with them and without even saying a word to them…

        the same thing goes for the word “suspicious” also…

      3. Darnell says:

        “Skinning and grinning” does not equate to being “the angriest man on the planet”.

        Cosby dedicated if life to the benefit of black ppl!
        The fact that there are black ppl who stand up for his right to be innocent until PROVEN guilty makes me depressed and ashamed!!!!

    3. Ida says:

      I’ve read this a couple of times and I personally believe that this speech he made in 2004 is what got the ball rolling against him in 2005. It is a real, down to earth speech to Black men. I really don’t think it was the “pound caked” part, but the part about Black men and what needs to be done to fight the injustices served to them by white men.

      I think that they went after him to show him that he has no power and they used the ignorance of Black people about the pound cake to further their efforts. It was the right time to take him down because now Black people were very critical of him. I think that Constand was the catalyst for it all. I truly believe that they had already looked at the deposition and decided to play upon that and drive their campaign in that direction and ultimately, open it up to the public. How many Black people have Gloria gone to bat for prior to this case? Just my personal opinion.

      I also believe that he was going to become one of the next major leaders in the community because people respected him so much and he was stepping out on faith to make bold statements. Divide and conquer.

      The MINDSET so evident by the actions of SOME white people and SOME Black people.

      A man just killed himself over the lead role being given to an African American in Star Wars. A Young man shot 9 people in a church because he thinks Black men are raping white women.

      Black people are selling historical magazines and television stations to whites for the love of money. Using their resources to tear down a community legacy based on conjecture.

      It’s a minority of people like this, but they do so much damage to everyone.


      1. Freud Voltaire says:

        All we need to remember is the DEFAMATION AND TAKING DOWN OF BLACK MEN WITH A PLAN HAVW BEEN GOING ON FOR A LONG TIME. Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson, Martin Luther King, Malcom X to name but a FEW.

        1. Johnny says:

          I agree my friend. This whole pathetic fracas is a massive blackball operation., and the feeble-minded public is biting it, hook, line and sinker without having done a single shred of investigation!!!!!! Pure mindlessness surrounds this media circus!!!

      2. doris says:

        black men are not raping white women, the women just want to experience what they heard about black men. when they find out the truth they want to be paid.

        1. doris says:

          It must have been a bad experience for those whores.

    4. Eunice Parker says:

      dj, my sentiments, exactly.

    5. Nedal salman says:

      Why aren’t black people rioting and marching I. The street over this????? I would be marching and rioting along side with you over what is right

      This is oviously rasesem and the real rasest (the left wing democratic party and there media) are the pupppit masters. DO NOT KID YOURSELF. EVEN TRUMP SAID COSBY IS PROBLY INOCENT. AND YOU CALL HIM THE RASEST??????

      Who wanted to keep you as slaves ?????democrats

      Who fought to free the slaves. ????? Republicans.

      Who was the KKK????? Democrats.

      Who.told black women to kick out there black husbands and babydaddys for free money????????democrats.

  3. lisa says:

    looking at how nasty these women look at 60 and 70, makes me even more afraid of getting old

    1. Young at heart says:

      There is something to be said about living light, true and real. A rotten soul makes you look like THAT

    2. Lisa there is one in the Universe who is older than all of us and He looks good every morning when I wake up and His light shines ever so bright.

    3. Nedal salman says:

      Yes. You well be old. And probly alone. And the man you left after he fathered 4 kids with you well be looking good and have a women (or several) 20 years his junior.

  4. Larry says:

    The obvious question after reading this article is why attorney Gloria Allred did not first vet her clients’ before moving forward in attacking Dr. Bill Cosby’s credibility.

    1. sambo says:

      Why don’t you believe in alien abduction, it’s real!!!

    2. Nedal salman says:

      Becauze she knows. She don’t care. Its all about power and money to these hoes


    1. Ron Smith says:

      I’m totally with you Stephanie.

  6. zboot says:

    Unfortunately, being shady doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong. There are other accusers with credible stories and Cosby himself saying under oath that her procured qualludes for the purpose of sex doesn’t help his case. If these were the only accusers and Cosby didn’t have this history our the other items he’s already admitted to, then this article may have some power. However, in the context of what we know, at best it reads as an attempt to whitewash Cosby by highlighting those accusers with pasts that enable discrediting their stories and then to this paint the remaining as guilty by association.

    1. M.Garvey says:

      Unfortunately, being shady doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong?…ACCORDING TO WHO?!

      1. Trevor heath says:

        Yeh, yeh, yeh! When the shoe is on the other foot it doesn’t matter right? We are so bloody hypocritical! When you have so many of the accusers with criminal track records shouldn’t that raise a “red flag”?

    2. M.Garvey says:

      qualludes for the purpose of sex IS WHAT EVERYONE AT THAT TIME ACQUIRED IT FOR!SMH MAN,do you know anything?!

    3. M.Garvey says:

      And then your arrogant BEhind go on to say THIS ARTICLE HAS NO POWER?!..Who in the fuck deemed you the final say so of such?!

    4. Coptic776 says:

      Unlike I read the 60 something page deposition where Cosby admits to getting qualludes. Everyone was doing them back then. What makes me laugh is that you all actually think Cosby admitted to some sort of rape by drugs with his lawyer sitting next to him?? The problem is the two women in the deposition one of them being Andrea Costand both admit they went back to Cosby and took vacations with him for weeks in Lake Tahoe etc. Even the female atty representing the women in the deposition very carefully tried to discount this. The media knows most people like you would not bother to actually read it.

      Most of the accusers went back to Cosby to be “re-raped. Barbara Bowmen the first to come forward publicly in her article “Barbara Bowmen reveals her yrs of rape at the hands of Bill Cosby” had this to say about Bill her rapist. Her story reads the same as the others:

      ‘I knew something was wrong, that this was a twisted situation, but if I resisted, I was failing him and failing my good fortune. He was a pot of gold and I needed to take good care of it.’

      People like you are still calling these women victims? 100 million on the table? Yea victims alright…

    5. DSmooth says:

      Being shady doesn’t mean they are wrong…is the true definition of “OXYMORONIC!” Emphasis on the “Moronic” part of oxymoronic!

      1. Johnny says:

        Well……Dsmooth! Let me ask you a question. Do you have any shady friends? Do you/would you trust a shady person? Do you know of any shady people that you can trust?

    6. Dee says:

      Cosby never admitted to anything, yes he did have qualludes. But he never admitted to using them for sex they aren’t even made anymore and haven’t been made for about 10 years, which means Cosby would have had to hide them for over 40 years from his wife and authorities which obviously he didn’t. The media are thrilled saying that Cosby admittedbto the accusations read the deposition and listen to his attorney.

    7. tamara says:

      well back than everybody did ludes and drank so it was a common thing .get messed up have sex.

    8. Aloko baju says:

      Zboot pouring qualudes for sex with consent is not a crime. That was the social norm in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Its funny how you want to quickly dismiss the accusers shady characters and accuse the writer of whitewashing Cosby’s. It doesn’t even take any intelligence to see this is a classic of bring down. Cosby definitely had contact with some of these women, but there are fabrications as to what actually happened in the encounters. This women are nothing but pathetic wanting to get rich scammers. What the media has done by convicting without trial is a disgrace. Woody raped his biological and married is step-daughter and I did not see him loose even his Oscars.

      1. Fred Murke says:

        Why do people think this? It’s the same misleading publicity. Do some research. Idiot.

      2. Fred Murke says:

        Woody Allen was accused because he left his wife for a younger woman. Not a step daughter of his, just an adopted daughter of his ex-wife. Didn’t rape anyone fool.

    9. Johnny says:

      Ask yourself a serious question zboot. Would you trust a person who lies, cheats and/or steals? If you knew a person was a liar and a thief would you trust anything they said to you?

      1. Johnny says:

        Take a qualitative and quantitative look into the background of some of these of these women such as Linda Joy Traitz, Tamara Green and Celan Lasha. A couple of these have extensive criminal backgrounds. So….how creditable are they? How could you believe someone who have a background of false reporting, prostitution, assault and disorderly conduct????? Would you believe such a person if they told you something?

    10. Nedal salman says:

      You are the devil. You lieing white devil you.

  7. b says:

    Make quick money

  8. Paul says:

    Great article , I am going to bookmark this one.

  9. Ian says:

    In the spirit of fairness,

    Is there any wonder why some of these women have had a rough time after being raped by Bill cosby? Seriously. For the most part the story has been that he took many women under his wing, coached them into thinking they would reach fame, and them raped them. THEN the narrative is often that he would kick them out of their life by telling them the lay they were dead to him.

    For a lot of people hoping to soar high, that’s enough to destroy their life.

    As for Janice Dickenson, I heard an interview by Howard Stern when that book came out. (2002) in the interview she said that there was a lot more she had to say about her encounter with cosby but his lawyers were better than hers. But “let’s just say that bill cosby is not a good man,”

    1. Coptic777 says:

      As you came to the defense of Janice I knew Bill just had to be guilty. He raped almost 40 women since the 60’s white women on top of that and NONE OF WENT TO COPS? Statistically impossible. Cosby is the most successful serial rapist in all of american history. You also ignore that most of these women admit they went back for more after the incidents and you see no problem with that. Let me guess “rape culture” made these women go back around Cosby?

      1. minkpink says:

        also remember Cosby is one of few still alive from that era and with wealth there’s not anyone else to frame.

  10. pat says:

    I think people are so miserable with there lifes they want to destroy everyone life I had the chance to meet nr cosby and he was very respectful and I enjoy ed all his shows we should not allowed people to destroy and robbed some ones fortune like this.

  11. Alfedo Acosta says:

    when a so called Black man as powerful as Bill Cosby is (or was depending on your perspective) wants to hang with the real big boys and could hang (and i’m willing to say can take over). he becomes a threat. ever since he wanted to buy NBC its been nothing but problems for him….i also heard he was gonna run for president….guess that’s not happening either unless black and brown people create a nation and make him president……

    1. Trust says:

      Cosby was not going to run for President

    2. Warren says:

      Glad to see that his attempt to buy into a major media power started this whole snowball. There are still too many unanswered questions so around his son’s murder

      1. Warren says:

        Glad to see that others are aware that his attempt to buy into a major media power started this whole snowball. There are still too many unanswered questions around his son’s murder. That coincidentally happened during the NBC drama

  12. Agree says:

    Its not about white or black. Its about bein RICH. Plus….gee, what a surprise that he would pick young, inexperienced, poorly educated girls with few prospects to victimize. That wanted to break into showbusiness!!! Yeah….why not more brain surgeons and lawyers, am i right?

    1. dc1969 says:

      It was and still still is about “black ,white and others”. These whores ,in my opinion,are pathological liars. Even though i did not care for mr.jello pudding pop during his open tirade against “our lower income people” in the company of white supremacists a few years ago,he did do a lot for us. But the skinning and grinning nonsense shit caught up. I do not believe any of those douche bag whores. Anything that happened was consensual.

    2. Darnell says:

      “Skinning and grinning” does not equate to being “the angriest man on the planet”.

      Cosby dedicated if life to the benefit of black ppl!
      The fact that there are black ppl who stand up for his right to be innocent until PROVEN guilty makes me depressed and ashamed!!!!

    3. Nedal salman says:

      Femenest cu*t. Your the lieing white devil. We see you devil.

  13. Jonathan Bullock says:

    Great work. These are some scamming that’s right here

  14. minkpink says:

    that was the era of ‘free Love’ and no one had to rape anyone. These HoEs was given it freely. they thought their pasty skin would break up his marriage and they would ride off with the Benz and the money.

  15. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much for this detailed article. I too believe that this Cosby story is nothing but a big fat HOAX! The media and a lot of wanna be social media feminists, are believing this shit and NOT investigating these shady ass women and their backgrounds! The media is making money off of Mr. Cosby. So I’m supposed to believe that nearly 50 women were “raped” by Bill Cosby and not ONE took it upon themselves to go to a hospital and get checked out for being drugged, sexual diseases, or possibly pregnancies down the line? Only a handful went to the police years AFTER the fact? Cosby is being lynched in the 21st century way without NO trial, no evidence, just a bunch of innuendos and Gloria “money whore” Allred leading the way with her $100 million dollar extortion plan! When will the public wake up and see this for what it is?!? This is dangerous to basically label someone a rapist with no proof or trial whatsoever! I will not be brainwashed by this mess because they’ve done this before to other famous black folks. Don’t believe or fall for the HYPE!

    1. Robin says:

      This is clearly a racist public lynching. I can not even believe the public is falling for it, it seems so obvious to me (white woman). Disgusting, and sad that this is the state of our world and the intelligence of the average American.

    2. Blonde Goddess says:

      Preach, I so agree!

  16. Joseph Boisrond says:

    Thank you for let me know that I am lucid . I always wondered why no one ever question what a 15 years Old doing in Playboy’s mention at night? (maybe they have Bible study there)

  17. Kirk Nelson says:

    Bill Cosby once tried to purchase NBC. Any black man with that kind of resources and smarts is a threat to the dominant society. Knowing that he could possibly pull this off and make it work had to shut him down. And they went at his past addiction for white women…

    1. Robin says:


  18. Furshah says:

    Facts dont lie.This is how reporting should be approached.

  19. Spot on apart from the white supremacist angle; there are quite a few innocent white men in the UK (where there is no statute of limitations) who would gladly change places with Cosby including Rolf Harris


    We’ve just seen an absurd witch-hunt of politicians and others who have been accused of terrible crimes on absurd evidence from delusional men and women.

  20. Marque Anthony says:

    As a former detective and a current family and relationship counselor, I have quite a bit of specialized training including criminal profiling. Both my training and my instinct say Cosby was a dog but not a rapist. He was also likely a liar who made false promises to lure the women into compromising circumstances then take advantage of them.

    As an African American man I can say a comedian should never have been a role model for the AA community in the first place. If giving millions away to colleges is the best standard we can come up with, then Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman and others would not have made the cut.

    All that being said, it is likely these women felt taken advantage of because they slept with him, got duped and their careers (most of them) went nowhere. Ironically, I noticed those who had careers that went places were also those who said “he tried to…”. Yet these ladies did not become alleged victims. Why not? Hmmmm.

    Continually letting a man rape you for a year? Really? Going back or meeting Cosby again after he raped you? Really? Not one police report out of 55 women? Really? No DNA evidence, no witnesses, conflicting stories? AND NOT ONE WWOMAN SAID HE FORCED HER TO DRINK THE DRINK OR TAKE THE PILLS. In some cases, they said he handed them pills and they just took them. How dumb is that?

    The million dollar question nobody seems to be asking is who dug up all these “victims” and why after all this time? It is likely that the person with the shovel has a vendetta out against Cosby for reasons that probably have nothing to do with those women. They are probably just the pawns and the tools someone could find to get back at Cosby for something unrelated. I am not a fan of Cosby and I actually don’t like him very much because I think he made his money and fame by helping white people laugh at African Americans and perpetuating the stereotypes of ignorance like in Fat Albert. But I am a writer and I comment on the facts and evidence, not my likes or dislikes. Detective hat off now.

    1. Nicole says:

      Thank you and amen for common sense! What grown rational thinking person continues to go BACK to a person that is “drugging and raping” them? Makes no damn sense! So far all I see Cosby is guilty of being is nothing but a serial cheater which is morally wrong, but he has to work that out with his wife, not us. But to call this man rapist with these shady ass characters of women and only their scripts, oh I mean Hell no. I’m not buying it. Just like Tiger Woods “words”. Please! For these women claiming to be drugged, they sure remember good for 50, 40, 30, 20 years ago! Ha! I see this as the same thing.

    2. Rockwell says:

      Great points. I too am baffled at this claim that the appearance of 50+ women somehow makes the accusations more credible. If anything, as the numbers go up, you would think that at least ONE woman would have taken some action, right? Four or five perhaps not, but 50+?

      No way.

      And what about their friends and boyfriends at the time? Every sexual abuse victim I have ever known has told everyone in the world about their experience. Often many times over. They may not tell the cops, but they tell everyone else who’s around, that’s for sure.

      So where are all the corroborating statements from those close to them? The whole thing’s a witch hunt.

      1. Robin says:

        Be careful what you say. Posting this type of stuff could lead to them drumming up fake witnesses that were ‘told about the experiences many years ago’…just wait and see..

    3. Robin says:

      Great response.

    4. smith says:


  21. Jp says:

    This article tries take away from what Cosby did. Regardless of the circumstances, at the end of the day, Bill Cosby was wrong. There is no honor amongst crooks, thieves, and criminals. For this article to go in the direction of white supremacy, racism, and bashing the bad reputable victims is justifying that Bill Cosby is a target of his very own actions.

    He also admitted to some of these accusations and whether it’s 30+ women lying and 1 woman telling the truth, what he did was wrong and does not make it “less wrong” or “not so bad”.

    1. Aloko baju says:

      Jp and what did he do?

  22. TK says:

    I agree. I think argument can also apply to Daniel Holtzclaw. The cop accused of sexually assaulting 13 black women. Their stories don’t add up. Where is the evidence? I think he was set up…

    1. Roots wiggins says:

      Daniel holtzclaw had the women DNA on the inside of his pants.

    2. Nicole says:

      Ummm no, but nice try. First off, the victims of Holtzclaw didn’t wait 30, 40, or 50 years to claim they were raped. They immediately told authorities AND they went to a hospital so they could save his DNA etc. There was also satellite proof that placed him at each of his victim’s locations. None of these liars accusing Cosby of rape have any of this. These greedy witches are only jumping on the bandwagon because they finally got the perfect opportunity to do so with the help of the racks mainstream media to peddle this “scandal” along. With Holtzclaw, the media went to sleep on the rape of black women which shows what they are all about!

  23. Excellent article and coverage.

  24. Roni says:

    Great article and insight however you have the same woman picture under two different names (Louisa moritz and Barbara bowman). I think this should be corrected but great article.

  25. etown p says:

    Great article shedding light on a small fraction of the many Cosby accusers… But I have a problem with all commented and the writer seeming to forget about cosbys own words in his deposition where he admits to buying the ludes to have sex with girls… This admission is disturbing and certainly no small thing to be overlooked… I think his trying to purchase NBC may have had alot to do with the large number of female accusers but I can’t overlook his words in the deposition… I do believe alot of them are lying and people at the top of nbc may be behind it but not every single one of them… Who knows

    1. Robin says:

      Everyone that bought quaaludes in the 70’s did so with the intention of having sex, this is NOT an admission of intention to rape or give the drugs to anyone without their consent. Too many people are making assumptions without understanding what his admission is actually about.

      1. Blonde Goddess says:

        Amen, preach!…tell da truth & shame da devil…

    2. Blonde Goddess says:

      Buying ludes with da intent to gve is not a crime esp when they asked for them and knew what they were…if not why just take a pill without full knowledge of what it is is dumb on their parts and nowhere does it state he held a gun to their heads. ..their regrets and bad decisions to take the drug voluntarily should not equate to Mr. Cosby being at fault which definitely is not criminal.

  26. Robert says:

    When i look at all these women hwo claims to be raped and their criminal history, and there looks i can only think of them like liars. Why? Because I think Cosby is innecent from having “affairs” of more than just one of them. These accusations from the rest of the women are just crap. They whant to make easy money, and they will support other women to come open and allsow accuse Cosby for crimes he did not do. Why? Because girls without secure money do this kind of things, the live their lives in a world of lies and have been doing so for a long time, the are used to this kind of life, lies and usage of money earned by lying to the court of justice… Please wake up this f**ed world and don’t listen to these bitches.

  27. Jeffrey says:

    It’s not about what he said about the black community, it’s about what he was getting ready to do, BUY NBC! the fake jews in hollywood didn’t want that to happen. The Cosby show and A different world showed US and the world what we can be as a people back in the 80’s, bill buying a major network and doing again what he did back then, is against their plans! So no matter what happens, his credibility is destroyed by false allegations and racist propaganda!

    1. Robin says:


    2. Blonde Goddess says:

      For me his creditability is only damaged if u believe these lying gold digging casting couch Ho’s…which I never did, therefore Dr. Cosby’s reputation and creditabilty still ranks high with me…I don’t agree to him having bottom ho’s and/or committing adultery, however if his wife, Camille has forgiven him and remains by his side throughout this WITCH HUNT then I’m gonna weather dis storm with him as well becuz he is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY…where is da proof not just false accussations….smart & intelligent people are not easy to fool and they go by facts not fiction and not by broken down sluts seeking big paydays with oscar weena performances…

  28. concerned says:

    I have many times personally been with Cosby and I can tell you, he is a dirt bag. I have seen how he treats people, mostly women, when the cameras are turned off. That being said, that does not make him guilty of rape.
    Consider this.. after he destroyed so many women, do you not find it possible that many of these women’s lives turned out like they did? It’s the same as being molested as a child and turning to porn and prostitution because of that fact.
    Someone is not being truthful here. There is a saying, where there is smoke, there is fire.

    1. Lucee says:

      Especially since the alleged crimes all took place after the alleged assaults. People who are put through traumatizing situations often respond in ways that an outsider would consider to be illogical.

    2. Dee says:

      I was molested and raped and I definitely chose a brighter path neither were with drugs or prostitution, I don’t care how traumatized you are from a rape you will tell someone even if it is someone your not close to,I experienced it as a child and as an adult so I have both point of views and none of their stories make sense…….

      1. Robin says:

        I also was a victim of rape, as a child and as an adult, and I agree 100% none of it makes sense. All lies.

    3. Frank Riese says:

      “There is a saying, where there is smoke, there is fire.”

      Yes there is and it is also completely idiotic applying it to the justice system and a downright horrible idea. Any person accused could never be fully exonerated that way.

      By the way, why did you rape me last week? I told you no several times and you knocked me unconscious. I will see you in court. Please don’t pretend you are not guilty.

      Also, is a demand of $100 million not enough “smoke” for you?

  29. To says:

    Yeah, and O.J. was innocent too. God……

  30. Thor says:

    great article…. because people would have you believe that he met t them at a bar slipped the drugs in their drinks then took them back to his hotel…

  31. Robin says:

    Excellent article. People need to share this far and wide. Thank you for writing it.

  32. HeatherJoy says:

    In no way do I think that any male who victimizes women in any way, should deserve any mercy whatsoever, BUT…..I’ve had a feeling since these allegations came out that these stories were completely motivated by hopes for lawsuit money. I Had no idea of Cosby’s intentions to buy out NBC; or whatever he was going to do with them, until I read this article & these comments. On a much smaller scale, I have seen first hand how courts, media, etc, criminalize a decent person who stands to gain an upper hand on something that may expose or otherwise disrupt fabrications made by them. I can only imagine how vile and destructive they can be toward someone more high profile, such as Mr. Cosby. I’m willing to bet that Mr, Cosby may have already (or was in a position to) uncover some serious dirt on whoever these allegations originated with. I truly believe that all of these allegations are merely a smoke screen for something much worse than what Mr.. Cosby has been accused of. I’m not saying he should be considered for saint-hood. I’m just saying that all too often, a good person can make some not-so-good choices. All it takes is 1 hater to twist their words or actions a certain way, & then feed the propaganda to a few people who want to make a few bucks, and viola! All of a sudden that good person is the devil. It doesn’t take all that much brain power to realize these females have been coached. Also, 50+ accusers, and not a single one spoke up or sought medical attention or tests at the time? And they all admitted to willingly consume illegal drugs, that in those days were commonly used to aide in sexual encounters? Come on! Give me a break! If it’s that easy, then I was one of them, even tho I was born in 1982. Evil people have no problems with destroying decent people just to cover up and/or protect their ongoing/past transgressions. It honestly has not a single thing to do with black vs. White, it has everything to do with good vs. Evil. IMHO

  33. Randy says:

    As a member of the so called white dominant society I agree that many of these accusations are probably false. There was a time when qualud parties were fashionable and anyone taking them in consent knows what will happen.its possible he did do it at least to one person and the rest of the rabble are just seeking money. Who knows its always wise to remember your skin n color does not define a persons character.

  34. Randy says:

    Several black women have also accused Cosby so I think you white supremacist theory is mute. In the end it’s about the green. I do think each case should be looked into and considering MR. Cosbys celebrity status I’m sure he has had ample opportunity of women to sleep with BUT rape is not about sex it’s about power… I hope your able look past skin color and see all men are corruptible.

    1. jeb says:

      as are women.

  35. Tammy says:

    I wanted to write here to say, that I was molested when I was young and reported it to police and went to hospital…women do not wait 40, 30,20 10 or even months if this happens. Bill Cosby I have high respect for and I grew up watching his shows, for women to wait all these years and knowing his net worth that is on the internet is scamming Bill for his money…after all is said and done Bill Cosby should go after all these women, news media and the attornies for even taking the women’s cases. I said at the beginning of all of this that he is being scammed and slandering him.
    You are innocent until proven guilty…they have no proof that is needed, and he said she said does not hold up. California has declined to go after Bill Cosby because of our SOL. I feel sorry for the people that has already judged Bill Cosby and already has him guilty, and I believe they will have to answer to God and I think the media needs to be sued and pay back Bill Cosby all…All are lying here, why did all these women wait so long and all working together on this. He is being Scammed, and I stand up for Bill Cosby..Thank you

    1. Blonde Goddess says:

      I definitely agree…and I stand up for Dr. Cosby as well….

  36. Tammy says:

    sorry I forgot to add that I am white but really Itail’n , I do not think this matters the color of our skin, it matters that we were all put in this world the same way as anyone else, and try to do the best you can do..I think people need to quit looking at skin color and look at people for who they are. I also wanted to say that I made some errors in my reply, I was trying to say that women do not wait all those years and even months to report. I mean all 50 or how ever many all did not report….people wake up and smell the scam on Bill Cosby. Its all about Money!!!!

  37. Iroraj says:

    Cosby has hired the best lawyer since Johnny Cochran. She is the truth!


    1. Blonde Goddess says:

      Agree…she’s da real deal…

  38. Great article, it’s also amazing that these women loved being taken advantage of I’m just saying that if you had multiple contracts with an alleged rapist then you know exactly what you were doing and why if you were raped once, would you go back to have it done over and over again? Crazy ass World.

  39. Eleanor B says:

    FINALLY!!!!! True reporting of the facts. I appreciate your work, for the first time someone have the balls to report the facts instead of telling us what the media wants us to think. You have earned my respect, you just reported it like it is and left it to the reader to come to their own conclusion. KUDO’s to you!!

  40. Iroraj says:

    A Young Janice Dickinson admit to doing Quaaluds here at about 1:10 – https://youtu.be/ZK3SpqtvAO0

  41. Blonde Goddess says:

    I appreciate the great reporting of facts. The public has a right to know the kind of trash that’s falsely accusing Dr. Cosby. The media could take lessons from you. Thank you so much for doing your due diligence in bringing the truth it’s about time their characters are exposed for da gold diggin casting couch ho’s who prostituted themselves out and now is insulting da public by trying to disguise Prostitution as RAPE with this con game & witch hunt on Dr. Cosby.

  42. Cringle says:

    I hope this rapist dies in jail

  43. Kevin says:

    As this article points out, A couple of his accusers were caught using drugs in the past. And everyone knows that their has never been a drug user who has been raped. What more proof do we need!

  44. sambo says:


  45. NickieHKauer says:

    That is very fascinating, You’re a very professional blogger.
    I’ve joined your feed and look ahead to seeking extra of your magnificent
    post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks

  46. Frank Riese says:

    The irony in this article is striking. You ask why there is such a blatant double standard and the first line in this article alleges “white supremacy”. The very same activists and social justice warriors who have popularized that term have also worked towards a steady erosion of the justice system. Slogans like “Believe the victim”, rape shield laws, or bill C-51 in Canada are just a few pieces in this horrific mosaic of injustice. By jumping on the social justice bandwagon of “white supremacy” you are only strengthening that same rhetoric. The issue here is not primarily that he is black, but that it is men against women, as well as the type of crime alleged. You have screeching hordes of feminists crying for the head of every man accused of such. You have a system that incentivizes making false allegations, through civil settlements that follow shortly after going for millions of dollars. You have prosecutors that love to make a name.

    If you want to fight the root cause of this, fight for judicial reform not for SJW bullshit. This is no longer a war on black people. This is now a war on all men.

  47. Dan Sullivan says:

    Female victim-identity politics vs. black victim-identity politics. It had to happen sooner or later.

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