Why Did It Take So Long To Shun Suspected White Supremacist Milo?


The boring and unfunny self proclaimed gay “troll” Milo Yiannopoulos, whose comments on race has gained him popularity among white supremacists worldwide, resigned Tuesday from his senior editor position at Breitbart News.

Milo has repeatedly spread hateful, and dangerous anti-Black rhetoric (usually under the guise of criticizing “Black Lives Matter”, which is a code that white supremacists use to mean all Black people).

This anti-Black rhetoric secured a base audience for Milo, and he received college lecture bookings, television appearances, and a book deal from Simon & Schuster as a reward for this rhetoric.

Milo was also banned from twitter after he and his alt-right supporters spearheaded a horrific racial online attack on Black female SNL cast member Leslie Jones.

As long as Milo spewed racist vitriol, the mainstream media was fine with Milo. But white supremacy is a cancer. And once you allow one form of cancer to fester, that cancer will spread and grow.




This week, several videos surfaced of Milo in which he condones sexual relations with boys as young as 13 and laughs off the seriousness of pedophilia by Roman Catholic priests. Milo’s comments, which quickly created an uproar online, put many white supremacists who pretend to be conservatives in a deeply uncomfortable position. They have long defended Mr. Yiannopoulos’s attention-seeking stunts and racially charged antics on the grounds that the left had tried to hypocritically censor his right to free speech.

But the pedophilia enabling rhetoric from Milo was considered to be over the line by so-called conservatives, liberals, and the media alike. Organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference rescinded their invitation for him to speak at their event. Milo was given the boot from his editor position at the alt-right associated blog Breitbart. And Simon & Schuster canceled Milo’s book deal.

So the question we must ask is, why was Milo’s filth and vitriol perfectly fine when it was primarily directed at Black society?

4 thoughts on “Why Did It Take So Long To Shun Suspected White Supremacist Milo?

  1. TellTheTruth! says:

    Anti-Black hate is allowed and promoted, if you spew anti-black views you are hailed as “telling it like it is” you can even get a paycheck like Milo did for it. But Milo got too comfortable and let some of his depravity slip out too much, so when he went after the underage youth (white youth) they knocked him back and gave him the reality wake up call. “Say what you want about them blacks, but don’t you dare say nothing about our whites youth!” If Milo implied that it was ok to be with underage black youth, the dominant society would have said “well black youth are promiscuous anyway so Milo may have a point….

    The idiot forgot the monster that he worked for, Milo forgot the rules, Milo got slapped down.

  2. TB says:

    Milo uses “homophobia” as a shield just as Ben Shapiro uses “antisemitism” as a shield.

    In the refinement stage of white supremacy, white supremacists often use these other groups (women, LGBT, Jews, Asians etc) to get their talking points out.

    Because Milo went off code, though, and started delving into pro-pedophilia rhetoric, he had to be sacrificed to maintain white supremacy.

    For all intents and purposes, this is intersectionality in 2017.

    Using every other issue – religion, sexuality, gender, physical ability/disability and wealth – to create confusion about global white supremacy.

  3. The Bronx says:

    I’m still waiting for any ONE of these white supremacist fools & their ignorant supporters to address &/or acknowledge the FACT that black people in America have been dealt a raw deal (to put it mildly) in America.

    For scores of years throughout & after slavery, discrimination & unfair treatment of blacks (to include killings/lynchings backed by U.S. Law Enforcement & U.S. Gov’t) went on in America. Let’s not forget the segregation of their own troops fighting for the same nation, with black military personnel only to return home to be treated like dirt by the very people they went across the water to defend.

    I’m waiting (seriously) for some brilliant white supremacist to address what went on in America regarding the aforementioned, & then explain why they have any reason to hate black people.

    I can see disliking or wanting nothing to do with someone you ‘know’ to be bad news for you, white or black. But knowing how bad blacks were treated, leaving them, as a people, far behind in America, socially & economically, I want to know what the white supremacist’ beef is regarding all black people who exist that the white supremacist doesn’t even know. Then they say – “Well, black people are racist, too.” To that I agree. Black peoples can be some of the most racist people, also; because, let’s face it, blacks have been taught racism for CENTURIES! by ‘EXPERTS’ on the subject.

    It is my personal opinion that all white supremacists are mentally ill, – having been taught & led to believe something that they can’t shake. They are sick. oblivious of FACTS, in DENIAL when it comes to FACTS & TRUTH that contradict their theories, & only if they experience epiphany regarding their position in life will they have any chance of being cured. To believe that one is better or superior to another, simply because of the color of their skin is bizarre. One can ‘put’ their self in a superior ‘position’ via force & unfairness, that doesn’t make those who positioned themselves in this manner superior as a person at all.


    USMC, Ret.

  4. Aiden Lautt says:

    Because on twitter, pedophilia is OK

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