Why Are So Many White Male Rapists Avoiding Jail Time?


Recently, the mainstream media went on a smearing campaign for Black actor/director Nate Parker, who has a revolutionary new film coming out called the Birth Of A Nation. The mainstream media started to over-publicize a false rape charge that was thrown at Nate Parker by a suspected white supremacist female back in 1999 when Parker was a college student. Parker went to trial over the false charge and the jury acquitted him. Yet the media (with the help of a group of handpicked Black writers and bloggers who act as minions for the white supremacist media outlets) still went on a smear campaign labeling Parker a rapist even though he was found not guilty.

It’s very interesting that media outlets will use a Black man- who was found not guilty of rape- as the poster child for sexual assault injustices. Yet in the past few years alone, there have been dozens of white males who have actually been convicted of rape, yet they still avoid jail time.  The only explanation for this is that we live in a system of white supremacy where people who are classified as white will always get systematic advantages over those classified as non-white. This is why the mainstream media, as well as many feminist and women’s organizations, are generally quiet about these “injustices” where white males are involved.


Here is a partial list of some of the most notable cases in the past couple of years where white male rapists were convicted of rape (many of them even plead guilty to the crimes) yet they still avoided jail time (and in many cases,media scrutiny) :



David Becker

David Becker

David Becker

David Becker had been charged with two counts of rape and one count of indecent assault and battery, but a judge gave him probation so that Becker “could enjoy a college experience.”





Brock Turner

Brock Allen

Brock Turner

Brock Turner was recently convicted of rape and received a slap on the wrist.





Alexander Rodriguez

Alexander Rodriguez

Alexander Rodriguez

Rodriguez worked as a school bus driver and was charged with raping one of the students from the school. His rape sentence was suspended and he received 10 years probation.






Austin James Wilkerson

Austin James Wilkerson

Austin James Wilkerson

After Wilkerson’s rape conviction, he was sentenced to 20 years probation.





Austin Smith Clem

Austin Smith Clem

Austin Smith Clem

Austin Smith Clem raped a teenager three times. His punishment: supervision and probation.





Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson was a Syracuse police officer who raped a Black woman, and after his conviction he was given three years probation.





Daniel Ryerson

Daniel Ryerson

Daniel Ryerson

Daniel Ryerson is former Air Force cadet convicted of raping a fellow cadet while the two attended a party in Boulder in 2014. He was convicted and sentenced for the rape — but was spared a prison term for the crime.





David Wise

David Wise

David Wise

David Wise was sentenced to home detention after his rape conviction in 2014.






Dr. Jeffrey Joel Abrams

Dr. Jeffrey Joel Abrams

Dr. Jeffrey Joel Abrams

San Diego doctor Jeffrey Joel Abrams plead guilty to raping several of this female patients while they were unconscious, yet a judge suspended his jail sentence and ordered him to do one year house arrest.





John Enochs

John Enochs

John Enochs

John Enochs, from suburban Chicago, was charged with raping two women, but he was allowed to make a plea deal and he will serve one year of probation and no jail time.





Robert H. Richards

Robert H. Richards IV

Robert H. Richards IV

Richards, who is the heir to the Du Pont chemical fortune, admitted in court to raping his three year old daughter, but avoided jail time because the judge in his case said that Richards “would not fare well in prison.”

69 thoughts on “Why Are So Many White Male Rapists Avoiding Jail Time?

  1. Ti Yung says:

    Such timely article as my fellow victims of Racism started circulating articles written by the Suspected White Supremacists and falling for their divide and conquer strategy. We have to work on our game peeping skills. For real. This is how we continue to become victimized in this game.

    1. uneikusernaim says:

      I tried hard, and read it four times, but still have no understanding of your post. Absence of punctuation and capitalization for no reason are probably making it difficult for me, but I really don’t understand what it is you’re trying to say here. Ijs….

      1. J. Lee says:

        What don’t you get? It couldn’t be any more plainly written. And the writing is fine. Your comments don’t make sense.

      2. Saj says:

        iiiit sssaaaayyyys whiiiite mennnnn gettt awaaaaayyyy wiiiiitthhh raaaaaape toooooo freeequenntllyyyyyyyyy…is that sloooooowwww enouggghhhh??

        1. Lavern says:

          Hahahahaha! That assholes knows he’s just trying to pull that deflection shit.

        2. Chris says:

          Yes they do and thank you for making me laugh with your typed message…if people aren’t getting it they are either racists or really really super dumb…cough…trump

      3. Shiloh says:

        You’re kidding, right??

      4. Doug says:

        That these savages should not be free to rape again .they should be going shank to shank with a cell mate and the loser takes it in the ass.
        This is the white on white crime that gets over looked white people lead the league in rape for the last 10 plus years.according to the FBI stats.. Rape is a OK in the white community I guess

      5. Donna says:

        No one asked you to read the post. Is that all you have to say about these men who raped children and filmed it.

        Instead you focus on grammar. Are you fucking serious?!!

      6. Shida says:

        Oh you understood VERY CLEARLY😒 but then again, that’s probably what those Rapist said when they were caught 😐

      7. wacha says:

        Dyslexia maybe? You should seriously get that checked out!

        1. wacha says:

          (To: uneikusernaim) Dyslexia maybe? You should seriously get that checked out!✔💯

      8. Kenneth Vehrs says:

        I agree. I don’t understand what she says. Perhaps she did not take an English class. But I do understand what rape victims go through. It is a violent act and should not be tolerated in any fashion. Rapists are like rabid dogs. but I’m down I say. Race has nothing to do with it.

        1. Quinn says:

          The point is that the judicial system is setting white men free for anything and jailing black men for everything. But it’s one thing we need to look at and that is the judgeships in each one of these case went against the jury of their peers. We need new judges. They add and take away what they want. How many of them are kkk, lining their pockets, being threatened or are just became lawyers and judges through nepotism . Something needs to be done about them🤔We should no their history as judges and vote

    2. KinG oF No1 says:

      Word up sista..preach.

  2. Cucamonga cracka killas says:

    Qwwhite interesting?

  3. S Evans says:

    Just cause they get away with it, don’t mean we should. The transcripts don’t lie, Nate Parker guilty. I don’t care if he wasn’t convicted neither was George Zimmerman.

    1. JayBay says:

      And here we go with the the negro bedwench logic.Didn’t take too long did it?
      White people get caught raping:a slap on the wrist. They’re just kids having fun.
      Black people DON”T get caught raping; Yeah, he probably did it and should go to jail.
      Are you David Clarke? You’re actually David Clarke and trolling! Either that or you are one of the dumbest motherfuckers I’ve seen on this site in a while. So by your logic, because George Zimmerman got off, EVERY black person that was accused of a crime but wasn’t convicted because of lack of evidence or false testimony should actually be in jail right now? Is that right?

      BTW, George Zimmerman counts as white. Go to any latin country and it’s still separated into whites and blacks. Don’t come up here with that dumb shit because Tariq already disproved your points dozens of times on his show.

      1. Kevin hogan says:

        We got to stand up t

      2. M Cthulhu says:


      3. uneikusernaim says:


        1. uneikusernaim says:

          I don’t agree with the “negro bed wench” comment however. We’re a family of Queens and Kings.

          1. So many rapes go unreported, and young men are not taught the socials skills of proper communication with young women and vice versa in the school system. The school standards removed Life Skills as a required curriculum, which leaves the youth today to learn from hip hop Rap Videos.. Which is basically a pathway to disrespect women or An approval to rape; Young women need to be taught how to have pride and respect for themselves.
            Even in these days many young women wear mini shorts showing their ass (Even a bathing suit for pools and beaches should completely cover their privates, meaning breasts and butt). If a woman does not respect herself, most men will not respect them either.
            Education of moral virtues, NOT “How To Be A Homosexual “, BUT FOR REAL TEACHINGS of Manhood and Womanhoid. Must have the teachings of our heavenly creator Father GOD Jehovah thru Christ.
            Also all …..without a doubt Rapists ……convicted must serve time. However there are men who were innocent and served time in jail. There are some devious women in this world.. Television teaches many criminal behaviors that the youth believe is ok to do. Safest way is for Men to always be GENTLEMAN and Women to always be LADIES.
            By the way, it woukd’ve helped to know the judges in each of the cases above to request that they be removed and if the trials were by jury or just the judge.

    2. Marcus Garvey says:

      Negro bedwenches think EVERY man who was accused of a rape crime and gets acquitted is R. Kelly; a rapist who got lucky.

      A white woman accused a Black man of rape and a jury of HER WHITE PEERS AND BEDWENCHES LIKE S EVANS said he didn’t do it.

      Newsflash, bitter bedwench: Nate Parker is not your deadbeat daddy, nor is he the man who left YOU with your bastard seed. You got that much of a gripe against Black men; GET THERAPY. NOT GUILTY is the verdict, and seeing that Black men RARELY get a ‘not guilty’ verdict in situations like this, he had to be UNQUESTIONABLY INNOCENT.

      You people (bedwenches and coons) had NO PROBLEM with him being a ‘rapist’ when he was in The Great Debators or Red Tails, but as soon as he’s making moves WITHOUT YOUR PRECIOUS WHITE DADDY, NOW he’s persona non grata? You’re a tool of white supremacy and an enemy to Black people. Kill yourself.

      1. Bang bo says:

        Exactly,just because I whip out my black snake in da hood I get arrested if I white man I get let off.

      2. Jerome says:

        DAMN tellem BRO

      3. Lavern says:

        Thank you!

    3. mackindal says:

      I agree. We shouldn’t and the article doesn’t say that. The gist is that as usual unequal application of the law. As for Parker, can someone tell me how many times a black man has gone to trial with a jury that was all white save one person for raping a white woman and not been found guilty?
      Finally, white supremacy found a way to let those white rapists off the hook. Was white supremacy trying to let Parker off the hook?

    4. dc1969 says:

      Dumb comment.you should kill yourself.

      1. dc1969 says:

        This goes to Evans from my previous comment

        1. M Cthulhu says:

          I do indeed concur, wholeheartedly.

    5. Jamal Ryan Escobar says:

      your just angents

    6. Green says:

      Are you stupid the jury found him not guilty meaning there was not evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Not guilty. NOT GUILTY HE DIDN’T DO IT. Believe me if a Black man does something he goes to prison. Are you a white or a black fool just being an uncle tom for the white man

    7. VT says:

      You are obviously brain slow if you think reading some transcripts makes a person guilty. What a dumass!

    8. B says:

      That is the most white response I’ve ever heard…lol

    9. Donna says:

      Did you read the right transcripts?. Did you read that the day after she cried rape, she WENT to his apartment and has sex with him? Because that’s in the transcript along with so many inconsistencies. Even a police leutinent testified to contradict the lies she was telling. They rape you but you described who put on a condom first and who put on one last.

      So, with your answer, I’m not positive that you read the transcripts at all.

      It was also stated that this young lady had mental issues way before Nat.

      I am no way on the side of any rapists, they should be immediately castrated.

      But get the facts straight before you spew out nonsense.

      That’s what’s wrong with America now. This is a jump to conclusion with no facts country.

    10. TG says:

      Actually, the only thing Nate Parker’s transcripts show are two people with a “seemingly plausible” version of what happened that night! The evidence leaned heavily in his favor because not only did she admit to “activities” with him and going to his house, she lied about being “too drunk to consent”, and all the witnesses testified that she was sober. The point is, Idk what all happened, but neither do you. If you have your OPINION based off your own life experiences, trauma, etc. then state that! Or, if you have some inside knowledge the 11 white jury members didn’t have, please feel free to come forward so he can be brought to justice! It’s unfortunate how things ended for her, and every time I think of it my heart is heavy, believe me. But the man was aquitted, and we need to leave it at that! People amaze me! You want to march on Washington for one man and then crucify another in the court of public opinion over an “accusation”?! That’s not #JusticeForAll, that’s “justice for who I like according to my personal feelings!…which is the same mentality as white supremacy when it okay’s shooting “US” down in the streets like a dog, but letting “one of their own” off for a far worse “crime”…smh

  4. Aaron Cannady says:

    It’s a dame shame these white supremacist getting off with no jail time, while black men get punished to the full extent of the law.

  5. Demetrius says:

    All a black man has to be is accused and that’s it. Let the court of public opinion do the rest of the dirty work. Meanwhile, these clowns in the image have it made. I always say white people, especially white males, don’t know how easy they have it.

    1. Vicki says:

      Yes they do know

      1. B says:

        Yes they do.

    2. TG says:

      Right! But the saddest part is they use US as the pawns to do it! Smh

  6. MagnumBoom says:

    The dominant society has always used rape as a method of control. It’s a part of the same chess move. When white men rape and get away with it, does it not conjure a further feeling of hopelessness and impotency? It’s a chess move, a wink wink from the elite who run the matrix.

    1. JayBay says:

      It’s expected. White people want to push themselves out there as cavemen. Let them. And make them own the savagery of that image too. At their core they’re just savages in suits since only a savage would let someone get caught raping someone and say “well, he would’t fair too well in prison so we’ll let him off with a warning”.

  7. William c craft. Jr says:

    Can’t say whts already been said

  8. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Add Kevin Fifeld to the list of white rapists that avoid prison time.

  9. Sweetz says:

    What we have to remember its apart of their life. Its genetic, its has been seen as a way of life and you have to remember who resides over their sentences one who may have skeletons in his own closet. There is no wrong when wrong has been done by he who stands in control. We are never going to see any justice by a system that was made to protect their own. White will always be right and blacks will alwyas have to fight.

    1. Jordan raoda says:

      You are all fools. Do you realize that maybe, just maybe, a judge thought being able to WATCH these people for extra years giving them probation is better than a few years in jail and being set free? Lmao! And btw your all retarted saying whites rape more you can’t read statistics lmao! You are 14 percent of the population we are sixty or seventy percent. If we are committing sixty percent of rape and you commit thirty percent, that does not mean we rape more, it means you do. You people are retarted

  10. JayBay says:

    It’s posts like this that make me glad there’s still a just God

    1. Honky bob says:

      @jaybay the terrorist supporter,It’s because of people like you they need to bring back hanging.

  11. Kieron Ashford says:

    Great article. Are you planning to do an article on the definition of terms? Such as.
    MELANOI….etc Just a Suggestion

  12. Bang bo says:

    I’m tired of being sentenced every time I expose myself in public,if I was a honky I would get a shorter sentence.

  13. A pimp named Slickback says:

    The msm didn’t smear Nate Parker. It’s not like they exposed him. He talked about it first.

    1. Lavern says:

      They have been yacking about it stupid. If Nate said nothing the media would STILL talk about it so who do you think you’re kidding stupid?!

  14. Pfram says:

    What Parker’s friend did was far worse than anything for which Turner was convicted, and Parker was an accomplice to that; she didn’t even know that there was a second person in the room and she was in so much pain the next day that she couldn’t stand. He only got a six month sentence, though that was nullified when a mistrial was declared and the victim declined to testify a second time. Turner, despite his short sentence, will probably end up killing himself; he can’t even go outside without being threatened. Most of the reason for this was that his rich white victim (an activist and “performance artist”, from what I hear) collaborated with a rich white feminist professor to write a manipulative “victim impact statement” detailing an incident she doesn’t even remember. Other than that, this would have just been another drunk hookup (they didn’t even really have sex) gone wrong.

    1. Ephraim says:

      You are not that bright. The white whore “victim” os on tape admitting the sex was consensual and said “I’m not going to say it was against my will, I’m not going to say that” when Nate reminds her she was sucking his friends dick and was fully aware. She admits that she would not have done it if she was not drunk. Also she said in the testimony that she knew that night that she had been raped. So what does she do? She stays,makes no attempt to escape, smokes a cigarette with Nate, goes to sleep, wakes up the next morning, STILLMALES NO ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE BY HER OWN ADMISSION, claims Nate raped her again? You sound retarded. Also you forget to leave out key details about Mates friend and his second trail. That white bitch refused to testify after she cashed that check From the University but guess what? ALL the other witnesses for the DA refused to testify as well! Gee I wonder why? They were not buying her story anymore either thats why. Sit down…

  15. Willie says:

    I dont care what color a person is or what color or age the victom is these sick ass people deserve jail time and let them get raped in jail then they can die. No pitty these juges allowing anyone convicted of rape of with probation because they wont make it in jail who cares they pit there female victoms in a jail for a life time of reliving the trama and never being able to feel safe around another man possible forever.

    1. AC says:

      Men of all races are getting away with rape. The process of trying to arrest and convict a rapist is almost as traumatic (sometimes more so) than the rape itself. It’s a horrifying experience and yet so few actually manage to get convicted. Then more often than not the sentence is so light and/or they are paroled early and it feels like it was all a waste of time to go through it in the first place.
      It’s humiliating and demeaning and exceptionally traumatic. For an assailant to get probation or just a couple of years is a slap in the face to the victim. It needs to stop and real sentencing needs to happen!
      I was lucky. Ohio has no parole For rape. My assailant was sentenced to a minimum of 26 years (max of 50) with no parole plus 5 to15 For violation of parole for his previous sexual assault. So, bare minimum of 31 years for rape. He’s served 20 so far. So have I in my own way….
      Thankfully, he’s out of society for a long, long time. By the way. He’s white. Thought I should mention that before assumptions started.

  16. Deez says:

    Because they are becoming extinct…

  17. Asad Malik says:

    How many of you all saw Birth of a Nation? It was a POWERFUL movie with NO WHITE SAVIORS that told the story of one of the BADDEST Black men ever to walk the earth. The movie was 💯 💯 💯 unapologetic and 💯 💯 💯 real!

    THAT is why these DISMISSED rape allegations have come back up and we all know it! For those of you who dont know, PROSECUTION is one of the 9 weapons of white supremacy (here are the other 8 – 💢 http://www.panafricanalliance.com/understanding-white-supremacy/ 💢 ) and they tried to PROSECUTE Nate Parker in the court of public opinion to prevent people from supporting this movie.

    Of course, Black Feminists took the bait, but those of us who understand the Weapons of White Supremacy were in the theaters on opening night

  18. The boogeyman says:

    I enjoy being white and am proud of my European ancestry. Is this a crime yet?

    -Proud white male

    1. AC says:

      Yes, it is. Whites are not allowed to be proud because that means racism. Everyone else can be proud and that’s fine. But not whites.

  19. Macky says:

    If you did the crime do the time! Color or race aught not to matter, period!

  20. 2ndX says:

    Great, article

  21. Cynthia says:

    whites should be killed off

  22. Claire says:

    First off it is mainly WOMEN who are the victims here, regardless of race. All you men need to shut it regardless of what color you are…Typical of self entitled Americans to get all butt hurt over race and ignore the real problem, men raping women and getting away with it. Oh by the way I was raped by man of color who was on the college football team, not that that even matters, but he was never convicted either and I was made to look like a fool! The only people who’s voices I want to hear on this forum are the rape victims, not the cry babies who just like to hear their own voices!

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