Why Are Media Outlets Posting The Mug Shot of an Innocent Police Shooting Victim?


BROOKLYN NEW YORK — A rookie police officer fatally shot an innocent unarmed Melanoid man, Akai Gurley late Thursday in a “pitch black” Pink Houses stairwell as his girlfriend, whom he had been visiting, watched in horror, officials and a witness said.

Officer Peter Liang, who had been working in the field since graduating the police academy in January, had his flashlight and gun out when the weapon “accidentally discharged,” hitting Akai Gurley who was “a total innocent,” NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said.


In a common effort to criminalize the Black victim in cases involving police misconduct, the New York Post included a photograph of Akai Gurley’s mug shot when they ran a story about the incident.


What other reason would there be to use his mug shot, when there are several more images of Gurley available,other than to criminalize his image.

The message that media outlets send when they consistently publish photographs of Black murder victim’s mugshots or photographs of them holding their hands in ways that can be misinterpreted as gang signs, is that these victims somehow deserved to get killed and they do not deserve justice.

25 thoughts on “Why Are Media Outlets Posting The Mug Shot of an Innocent Police Shooting Victim?

  1. Jay says:

    What a shame! R.I.P..

  2. JaccTrippa says:

    wow, they can do this to me too, even tho i been in jail only overnight a few times. matter of fact they can do that to a lot of black men

  3. Aaron D says:

    great reporting. This is exactly why we need a site like this and more. Crimanilization of the black male at its finest.They always shit on our image

  4. Thinker X says:

    Funny how blk men seem to be the only people “accidentally” getting shot and killed. Bullets dont seem to hit them just in the leg or arm, but always some place to wound them fatally. This rookie has a helluva aim to shoot and kill an innocent man in the dark on a staircase by accident (mind you).

    1. Michael says:

      A so called accident with his finger on the trigger. Guns don’t just go off on their own…smh

  5. Chris says:

    This is the application of military science via the media.

  6. Because the white supremacy propaganda department is set on autopilot.

  7. Mr.Jenkins says:

    What a shame. Blackman start protecting yourself against the pigs.

  8. Dennis says:

    Accidentally discharged = purposeful imprisonment

  9. ViolatorDJs says:

    We can’t win out here it’s a war out here against us & our people not waking up yet.

  10. Mike Lowery says:

    I Am a 26 year old melanoid man who just completed the police academy a few months ago in ohio and I noticed from day one the this is a very racist field to get in and some of my class mates and most of my instructor s didn’t try to hide it at all I found this to be strange because the white supremacist here usually smile in your face. All these cases of white cops killing melanated young men is just to show the masses that they don’t care about uus they can kill us and not be persecuted Them displaying it on the news is nothing more than a infomercial Toother white supremacist

  11. yungworldz says:

    I’m calling bullshit with this whole story something is fishy..This was no accident
    they have already started the propaganda machine to make this brother look like it was his fault and that the shooting was justifiable.

  12. Vince Rodriguez says:

    This is complete B.S, even a damn rookie,scratch that,even a cadet in the police academy has learned to have his weapon on safe & finger straight & off the trigger before engaging a “suspect”. Also, basic training states that you DO NOT fire unless you have a visual target identified as a threat. How do I know this? I was a marine sniper for 6 yrs before the hypocrisy of the Iraq/Afghanistan war finally got to me (I served 2 yrs overseas in combat). Even the most green ass marine,soldier, or cop,even in training goes over the (postol) range rules every damn day. It’s literally ingrained in your head well before graduation:1) Keep your finger straight & off the trigger before firing. 2) Do NOT aim at anything you do not intend to shoot. 3)Weapon on safe before you intend to shoot 4)Treat every weapon as if it were loaded. These are BASICS, before graduation into the military or police force, you have ample training on the range & may not be an expert of your weapon system but have the knowledge to prevent some bullsh#t like what happened in Brooklyn from happening. There is NO excuse for what this officer did & he should be tried in a court of law as a murderer,plain and simple.Same as all the other unarmed minorities shot by members of the dominant society in the last few months. These “police officers” are murderers, plain & fuc#ing simple and it’s sickening that they keep getting away with it with slaps on the wrist. This particular murderer in the brooklyn shooting was put on modified duty. Are you fuc#ING kidding me? Modified duty? What a f’in sad ass joke!

  13. Macmann46 says:

    we all know what needs to be done.. And Black Men especially Black Fathers, we should all shut the fuck up and stop crying like lil Bitches until we do what needs to be done !

  14. NAHMEANSON101 says:

    Good looks on this article..”they” will get “their day”..Universal order.

  15. Corey bates says:

    I knew him personally. We were taking City and State exams together. He never did any real time as far as Prison is concerned. Unbelievable and not shocking is all I can muster up. RIP “Bless. “

  16. Michael says:

    Posting the mug shot is the media and police departments way of saying “He had a criminal background anyways, so it isn’t like we didn’t anything too bad here.” It’s all about character assassination before they even determined if the officer should stand trial for this innocent man’s murder…smh This is exactly why we need more news outlets like Melanoid Nation to call out these deceptive media practices.

  17. tkhazali says:

    They posted the mugshot as an attempt to somehow degrade the individual murdered. The media is owned by an entity that is at the very core of white supremacy.they will stop at nothing to continue to degrade people of color and devalue our lives we must put a stop.to this injustice

  18. Knighthonor says:

    Propaganda strikes again! We don’t understand it and see nothing wrong with this. That’s the problem.

  19. Jacob says:

    People in NY need to be pushing for the prosecution of that cop.

    If nobody in that state does anything then it will just keep happening.

  20. D. Wize says:

    Spot on point.

  21. io says:

    What a very unfortunate incident for our brother Akai.

  22. MindMuscle says:

    Its psychological warfare against us. If they can publically destroy our image, our physical destruction won’t be a problem.

  23. Jere says:

    There’s noticeably a bundle to learn about this. I assume you made certain nice points in features also.

  24. Kris says:

    Sign a petition against mugshots.com! Help Mugshot Victims (https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/help-mugshot-victims/)

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