White Supremacy Has Reached An All Time Low By Claiming To Have Found A Knife At OJ Simpson’s Old Property

O.J. Simpson holds up his hands to the jury wearing the infamous gloves found at the crime scene and his home in this June 15, 1995 file photo. REUTERS/Sam Mircovich/Files

The system of white supremacy does not take losses well. And when OJ Simpson was acquitted for a double homicide over 20 years ago, by the same legal system that was built on railroading Black people into the penal system unjustly, the system of white supremacy took that as a major loss.

This is why the white supremacists conspired to get “revenge” on OJ and sentence him in prison- where he currently resides- for stealing his own belongings. OJ is currently in prison in Nevada on a 33 year sentence for “stealing” items back that were stolen from him. There is no other case in American history where a person was sentenced to 33 years in prison for recovering their own items.

But the system of white supremacy has to make examples out of Black people at all costs. And the white supremacist will lie, cheat, and manipulate if that means white supremacy will be maintained.

Now in an attempt to show the power and reach of white supremacy, officials in Los Angeles are now claiming they  they have recovered a knife on the old property of OJ Simpson.

The knife was apparently turned over to a police officer a number of years ago by a person doing construction work at the property, a law enforcement source said.

The OJ Simpson property was thoroughly investigated for years. That location also became a tourist attraction. The house on the property was demolished years ago. So the likelihood of a knife magically popping up 20 years later is insulting and ridiculous.

But white supremacy is about the “we say so” frame of logic. So it doesn’t have to make sense.

The timing of this “discovery” is interesting because the FX channel is running a popular mini-series called The People vs OJ Simpson, where the details of the show is slanted in favor of the prosecution.

Also OJ is eligible for parole next year, so this could possibly be an attempt to get OJ on new charges if he is granted parole. This whole circus shows the desperation of the white supremacists and the depts they will stoop to in order to remain victorious, literally and symbolically over Melanoid people.

28 thoughts on “White Supremacy Has Reached An All Time Low By Claiming To Have Found A Knife At OJ Simpson’s Old Property

  1. weezyfbaby says:

    Bullshit if so they put it there.

  2. MagnumBoom says:

    Madness. We’re up against mad men.

  3. ddeck80 says:

    I can’t believe they are starting this up AGAIN. Great just to be aligned with the FX series. So the Knife just shows up and it was given to a cop. Now the retired cop decides to make it public. Now they are testing for DNA evidence. What are they testing for? Why? GTFOH. Sad attempt. These things are almost not surprising anymore.

  4. Huckster says:

    They’re losing their grip, so the bulll$it begins! Again!

  5. Saunta Anderson says:

    Pray for unjustice to stop!!!!!!

  6. Saunta Anderson says:


  7. Deepmind says:

    If this mysterious knife was turned over to a “Keystone Cop” Police Officer or the L.A.P.D. (Lying Ass Punk Department). Why are we just learning of this now. O.J. Simpson was harshly sentenced for robbery and the judge in that case was pressured into issueing O.J.to that jail sentence because of his acquittal of the double homicide during the trial of the century. Had they not tried so hard to plant evidence, ( The bloody socks with the same size stains on the inner and outer material of the sock in which his leg was supposed to be in or Mr Racist himself ( Mark ” Nigger” Furman ) who was so obsessed with convicting a celebrity who loved white women and is BLACK, he went beyond the scope of his duties and the LAW for a conviction and was proven to be a pathological liar. ( Thank you Mr F.Lee Bailey ) He and the LAPD were dishonest and now you expect people to believe you found this knife. G.T.F.O.H. with that BULLSHIT.

  8. They have an ideology, so-called WS. What about the Black race? What is their ideology?

  9. Khalid says:

    This is just ANOTHER Example Of The MINDfuckery That Goes On In This UNITED Snakes Of AmeriKKKa & Indeed World Wide ! JUST a DAMN Shame !

  10. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Meanwhile in 2 weeks from now will be the 11th yr anniversary of Baretta being acquitted of killing his wife. Baretta is allowed to be left alone after being cleared of killing his wife. No tv dramas on how Baretta got away with murder. No documentaries on Baretta killing his wife. No new investigations on the gun Baretta used to kill Bonnie Lee Bakely(his wife). Racists won’t leave OJ alone. Racists leave Baretta alone.

    1. MoneyBett$ says:

      Right haven’t heard nothing about Beretta and he had more evidence against him… But it’s alright cause it’s all white as Chris Rock would put it…

  11. Riry says:

    This is YET ANOTHER case of DIVERSION for black ppl. We get caught up looking at this OJ BS while the system is running a much bigger injustice against us, while we aren’t looking. I don’t buy it and neither should you black America.

  12. I hate stupid says:

    Sounds like a black panther wrote this lol. If this keeps up there’s only a matter of time b4 there is a race war. I hate no man or woman. Racism is in blacks and Whites. Every one always forgets about native Americans. Do your history.

    1. Crine says:

      We’ve been at war since laying eyes on these cave dwellers! FYM Other cultures have turned a blind eyes to the suffering of People Of Colour, glad to be free of tyranny. And that is the fear. Compared to the entire world, Neanderthals only make up a small %. Caucasians of the Caucasus Mountains have a twisted outlook. Incest, rape, murder, bestiality, ect and so on, are virtues attributed to them, almost exclusively. SMMFH

    2. PK says:

      what does “sounds like a black panther wrote this” supposed to mean? what do you know about the black panther?

    3. Miiko says:

      No blacks can’t be racist …. Only prejudice. Racism is someone in power and using it against you because they don’t like you

    4. John says:

      I say we go to a native American reserve and ask the how they feel about white people after having there nation stolen and ruled by their invaders and being given crap land to live on. We might get some very interesting points of view on white people.

  13. DeadNegroids says:

    You black supremacist pretending like he didn’t do it are hilarious.

    Did you even listen to the phone calls?

    He even wrote a fucking book called “If I did it”.

    1. Reality Seeker says:

      He did not do it… There is no such thing as Black Supremacist. OJ was seen hours later and he had no bruises or scratches on his body. Nicole and Ron both fought for their lives. Nicole scratched someone. She had skin and blood under he finger nails. Ron hands were bruised from fighting his attackers. But the police incompetence did not test the blood or skin under her finger nails. OJ did not have any bruises or scratches on his body. According to the prosecution OJ killed them both himself.

    2. PK says:

      what is a black supremacist?

  14. Michael Smith says:

    Kardashian is dead, Cochran is dead, and O.J. is dying in prison!!! He committed the ultimate sin in the eyes of the Neanderthals, he was a better WHITE man than they could ever be!!!!

  15. Kay says:

    OJ can not be brought up on charges of murder for the double homicide. He was acquitted. What charges can he be brought up on???

  16. Black excellence says:

    Why do white people keep bringing up RACE WAR talk can they quit that bull shit

  17. Tremley says:

    Blacks Have Already Received $8.3 Trillion in Reparations


  18. HonestCaucasian says:

    A race war between white people and black people wouldn’t end well for black people. White people as a majority, are avid hunters, and own multiple firearms. White people are proficient at stalking and killing biologics without the target being aware of their presence. Black people, are mostly convincted felons and are unable to own guns legally, and at best own one, maybe even two .9mms or .40cals pistols. White people account for 68% of the U.S. population, Black people account for 13%. Everyone hates Black people; Whites, Asians, Latinos, European immigrants, etc. Black people are out-numbered, out-classed, and severely out-gunned. You can’t bring racism & race-cards to a gun fight, and shooting side-ways while cradling your genitals/holding up your pants with the other will get you killed. You might want o rethink your whole ‘race war’ narrative, my Black friends. It won’t end well for you.

    1. OverTymeMusic (@OverTymeMusic) says:

      Ok. so you think you have the numbers and the love and loyalty of of other races, then bring. Set It Off then and lets see who come out as the victor. Want to talk about percentages? Ok. Good. Lets start: you claim 68% but the latest report is 62%. So I will give you 64%. Now we know your women are not up for the fight so that leaves you with 32%. Most of that is either very old and sick or way too young and do not know how to fight or survive in the streets. So divide that by three and leaves you with about 11%. Add to the fact that half of you are way gay and not up to a fight which now brings you down to about 6%. Also many of yours are also locked up and in the system so now we are talking about what…3%? Do not think for a second that all of you are good shots and have have stealth like stalking abilities. You will not be hunting deer. And you best fighters are women like Ronda got knocked Rousey. And do you really think latinos, whom you have robbed of land and culture, Asians, of whom countries have been bombed left and right since the 1940’s will join you? And just like there are Europeans, there are the African diaspora, just waiting for many centuries of payback against little pale faced jackasses like you. If there is ever a war based on race, remember, it will be for real, not some movie directed by Spielberg or Micheal Bay, which the pale faced hero emerges victorious, and walks away with his blonde companion into the sunset. So you think about it very carefully before you get caught up in your wet dreams of the total annihilation of the black race. You will lose and lose badly. And if you are so brave and ready, then why didn’t you set it off in 1965? 1968? 1970? 1992? Ferguson? Baltimore? Chicago? But that is little dumb pale faces for you. Believing too much in what movies have them believing. Thinking little pale faces are the supreme race for all to bow down to. Well check your history. Without the atomic bomb, who have you conquered? Filipinos, Afghans? Somalis? Ethiopians? And you think the descendants of slaves around the world especially here are afraid of your perceived numbers and weapons? Please. Bring it.

  19. minkpink says:

    Someone has stored their blood all these years, and their gonna link it to him.

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