White Supremacy Collaborator Gets Banned For Harassing Black Twitter



A relatively unknown Canadian internet troll of East Indian descent named Annand Virk, who trolls under the moniker Bunty King, was banned from Twitter this week.

Virk who acts as a mascot for white supremacists groups, tries to build his online reputation by harassing Black people on twitter while defending white supremacy. This tactic is usually an attempt to gain clicks and support from online racists.

It’s very common for white supremacists to get a non-white collaboration to spew their ideology so that they can shield themselves from claims of racism.

It’s been a long part of East Indian culture to collaborate with white supremacists against African people. Historically, one of the world’s first skin tone caste systems originated in India. When the British colonized India, that caste system became more embedded into the national psyche of India.

People like Mahatma Gandhi was a blatant racist who displayed vitriol against Black people, and his anti-Black views are very well documented.

In modern times, there are white supremacist think tanks that prop up East Indian collaborators like Dinesh D’Souza who built a career writing books that justify anti-Black racism.

Virk is part of a growing crowd of non-white YouTube trolls who set up donation pages to receive payments from white supremacists for regurgitating racist talking points. After “Bunty King” was suspended from twitter for his racial harassment of Black twitter users, several of his anti-Black supporters tried to come to his rescue.

One in particular was one of Virk’s fellow Asian supporters of white supremacy, a writer named Ian Miles Cheong. Cheong, who was allegedly exposed as being a nazi supporter, despite the fact that he is non-white, is part of a growing segment of Asians who collaborate with Alt-Right members and other white supremacist groups.

Ian Miles Cheong wrote an article supporting the racial antagonism of Annand Virk on the suspected white supremacist website Heat Street. The Heat Street website is flooded with dozens of anti-Black articles (usually under the ruse of referring to Black people as “Black Lives Matter”, so that the criticism will appear to be political instead of racial). Heat Street had to even issue an apology at one point for Ian Miles Cheong writing an article defending white supremacy.


With all of the anti-Black racial terrorism happening in our society, we cannot take these racial antagonists and white supremacy collaborators lightly. And we should stay on alert whenever we encounter these people who try to hide their agenda behind trolling behavior. Because that is usually a deflection tactic to get victims of white supremacy to dismiss them.


Here is a video example of some of Bunty King’s anti Black rhetoric:

67 thoughts on “White Supremacy Collaborator Gets Banned For Harassing Black Twitter

  1. Parisella says:

    Bunty King isn’t a white supremacist. He’s poking holes in the spotty arguments used by radicals who make equally racist claims. This is is a weak attempt at spinning the news in the direction of this website’s agenda. Frankly, I think there are radicals on both sides, but it’s important to have a man of color speak out against other men of color who have skewed reasoning.

    1. Jomo Basoga says:

      Of course he isnt a white supermacist per se but he’s a white supremacist collaborator and sympatizer. It matters not that many East Indians are of the same skin tone as many Black people in America, the fact is, theyve been colonized by the British and oftentimes take on their mindset.

      1. Nilam says:

        This is so untrue and racist.

        1. Anna says:

          Exactly, East Asians are very proud people with a very long history, I am story they are envied by many, particularly some who navigate this site and are ashamed of themselves…

      2. Anna says:

        Please, by people like you who steal their spirituality, and philosophies, remember they are still standing after thousands of years….???? Trolls are so simple minded….

      3. Tom says:

        No he’s not a White Supremacist, Tariq is just a racist.

    2. Michael Cooper says:

      This South Asian guy regurgitates white supremacist talking points.

    3. indiansareracist says:

      @Parisella i bet you didn’t protest underneath the shitty article by Ian Miles Cheong, did you?
      you don’t think he wrote that shitpiece spinning the news in the direction of HIS website’s agenda? yet, i didn’t see you comment one word under that article.. hmm.. i wonder why.. just sit down and be quiet.. your hypocrisy is showing..

    4. Jermaine Johnson says:

      This is the most absurd slander I’ve seen in a while. Bunty King is just like the rest of the sane segment of society – he’s sick of SJW nonsense. Besides, you hear legitimate cultural criticism and instead of addressing a specific point, you just call it racism. I’m pretty sure almost none of the things you describe as racist are racist – they’re honest cultural criticisms.

  2. Lee says:

    Good job Melanoid nation and kudos to Tariq. Thanks dude.

  3. This article is completely wrong. I read the whole story on multiple other sites that told nothing like this. Best part! I KNOW THE MAN MYSELF! What you got going on here is a disgrace to media and is the reason their is racial issues in the world. He defended people from a man Tariq who called everyone “white supremisist” And Tariq even makes fun of black people, who Annand stood up for! You’re what’s ruining the internet and media. Tell the truth, not what you want the truth to be.

  4. Oriva Reese says:

    Where’s the evidence of this white supremacist funding? What a total hit peace filled with no actual journalism

  5. ChipwichGod says:

    this article is bad, and you should feel bad

    1. Michael Cooper says:

      This article is right on point, son.

      1. Tom says:

        It’s not on point at all Michael Cooper. It’s moronic, stupid and its just trying to deflect the fact Tariq is the only racist in this whole situation.

  6. menohate says:

    Show me hard proof that Annand is a “white supremacist.” There are no examples to backup your claims. I know him personally and he’s far away from being that.

    1. Snopes says:

      I cant see where Bunty was called a white supremacist in this article

  7. poppy says:

    Where in this article is Bunty King called a white supremacist? I don’t see it

  8. BlowMe says:

    “White Supremacist” Eat a bag of dicks losers.

    1. Michael Cooper says:

      You beat us to it, shit head.

  9. Steve says:

    Lmao at that picture! Dont come for Mr. Nasheed. He’s brilliantly petty.

  10. Ken Steele says:

    Hey Tariq, you might want to start moderating the comments section of your site. These suspected racists are infiltrating and getting all their racist tears all over your post.

    1. Jomo Basoga says:

      You’re exactly right which is why I ask the question, where in the hell are we as an army? We as Melanoid people need to be all over here blocking, deleting and shutting them down left and right. I see this quite often online and in social media groups. We have to build up a better wall of protection against coons, negro and white supremacist trolls.

  11. 3k diffuser says:

    It’s funny because I see comments asking for evidence that he’s a white supremacist collaborator but no one could provide evidence showing he’s not. …..drop mic

    1. ChipwichGod says:

      Provide evidence that he’s now a white supremacist collaborator??!!!! He wants everyone to come together and look past skin color, which is the opposite of white supremacists ideology. Such a loser with terrible comprehension of anything that’s happening.

    2. Darbi says:

      When Tariq or anyone else like the author of this shitty article claims that someone is a white supremacist, that kind of claim needs to followed with evidence. That’s like saying someone’s a rapist, and then when people ask for proof you respond with, “well can you prove he isn’t a racist?!?!” Flawed logic you got there, mate. I can tell you blindly believe whatever headline you read. “drop mic”

      1. Darbi says:


    3. derp says:

      You’re a moron. Show me evidence you’re not…

    4. Michael Cooper says:

      Great point.

    5. no says:

      Burden of proof.

    6. mfw a nibba does le epic troll face mic drop on le un-swagtastic scrub bunty king tbh, makes me wanna do a quick dab daniel

    7. Inb4lock says:

      That’s not how the burden of proof works, retard. That’s the poorest excuse for a “mic drop” I’ve ever seen. Can’t say I’m surprised with the low level of intelligence of Tariq fans.

  12. n c says:

    It’s kind of ridiculous considering Tariq’s own website is writing slanderous and defacing remarks against Bunty King, that’s some great ‘unbiased’ reporting, truly the epitome of journalistic integrity.

    1. Michael Cooper says:

      Tariq is doing an excellent job. You tell the crap to Stormfront

  13. C.T. says:

    Truth hurts doesn’t?

  14. Jeff says:

    I love it. These kowtowing white supremacist drones need to be addressed. Reminds me of that Mindy woman’s brother.

  15. factcheck says:

    Why are half of your statements not cited? The statements that are cited are mostly opinion articles with sites that struggle to muster audience and rely on emotional baiting to gain a tiny audience. At best this is an opinion piece built on a foundation of poor journalism education and integrity.

  16. ............................... says:

    Do you know what libel is? You better retract this.

  17. John Scott says:

    Is this fool a white supremacist or a tranny? Damn. Somebody give this guy some milk. Because from he’s trying to squeeze some from his chest. LMAO

  18. FThis says:

    This is a terrible hit piece article. That video you posted really makes you look dumb.

    1. Michael Cooper says:

      The article is very informative and right on time. You’re not on time because psychologically you’re still living in the times of William Ripley and Madison Grant.

  19. gina R says:

    Lol. Exactly what is a white supremacist supposed to be doing? Not a damn thing so far..if they can get rid of every non pink person..have at it. There’s a quote. ” I came into this world kicking and screaming while covered in someones elses blood and i have no problem going out the same way”

  20. Alex says:

    I knew him from school, hes an awesome dude and a nice cat all around.

    Get Fucked,

    a mixed race (black and greek) friend of his

  21. Marky046 says:

    This is legit the biggest bullshit story i’ve ever read, Annand is the most anti-racist dude out there! :’)
    Maybe talk to the guy and have 2 sides of the story instead of mindlessly copying whatever garbage Tariq spews, now THAT would be an article worth reading!!
    But ofcourse calling someone a white supremacist and not even doing the slightest research yourself is WAAAY easier.

    Atleast you’ll have enough “evidence” for your follow up post about this now. “Anti-Black supporters defend White supremacy collaborator after melanoid-article”

    You’re a fucking joke!

    1. Michael Cooper says:

      The joke is on you for being so fucking idiotic. Get lost, troll

    2. gmoney says:

      Was Bubty called a white supremacist in this article? I can’t find it

    3. Brandon says:

      This is a great article pointing out how white supremacist collaborators get down and they hustle the extremely unintelligent white race into throwing dollars and support behind them. That recessive species will do anything to remain, because they’re are dying off st such an alarming rate (thank God). They’ll let anyone in who talks shit about black people.. try another tsctic because this one has been exposed.

  22. K-FLEX says:


  23. Jackson avery says:

    If you’re the author of this article, you’re a piece of shit. Bunty is the best.

  24. Matt says:

    whoever wrote this inaccurate and ignorant article deserves to be cock slapped

  25. Talie says:

    I honestly wish this article was on paper so I could add more shit to it by wiping my arse.

  26. Wtf says:

    This is Libel. That’s illegal fam I hope you have good lawyers.

  27. Mr Hunt says:

    Thank you for writing this article and exposing both the writer Ian Miles Cheong and the troll ‘Bunty King’. When I read the Cheong article, I noticed that he was so determined to create a false narative that he resorted to flat-out lies. One lie he told was that the Bunty King, Annand Virrk is an ethnic black person.

    The truth is Virrk is an Easter Indian- not black. In fact, even Virrk knows that in the system of white supremecy he is labeled a ‘colored’. I’ve had a lot of contact with Eastern Indians, and when they interact with blacks, they have the shitiest attitudes!

    Even Ghandi thought blacks were LESS THAN. When Ghandi approached the British Gov, his only protest was that Britain not treat Indians the same as they treat…….BLACKS!

  28. Phantom says:

    My favorite line in this article is that Bunty is “a relatively unknown Canadian internet troll”. LOL I bet that burned Bunty’s soul

  29. Gamerstroke says:

    Bunty is all over facebook right now, jumping on all the white supremacist and Alt-right pages trying to get sympathy. He is being embraced by white supremacist Milo..So this proves everything about this lame fuck

    1. Thomas Korn says:

      Milo Y is not a white supremacist.

  30. gamer shot says:

    who are you bottom text my name jeff

  31. ............................................................................. says:

    This is libel contacting lawyers now.

  32. Geisterwand says:

    Nice character assassination.

    None of these people are white supremacists or white supremacy supporters. You’re just an idiot with a racist agenda.

  33. Clarence Adams says:

    Bunty King is part of a disturbing trend of POC criticising the movement and sympathising with white supremacists. Thanks author for speaking out for the voiceless in our society. People like him take up too much oxygen and space in the public sphere, we need to work harder to drown out these voices so that others can be heard. Twitter made the first step, but what we need is a more systematic way to ensure that these views are not heard. We need legal means to shut these people down and remove them further from society.

  34. Troy says:

    This idiot doesn’t believe that whites invented racism? Is he fucking serious?? Then how does he think the practice of racism came into being then?

    1. Patrick Manning says:

      Who invented racism? Probably the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphs who began wholesalve slave trading in Africans and Europeans in the 7th Century. I mean it was only recently (1981 lol) that Mauritania outlawed slavery.

  35. Samantha says:

    You are clearly uneducated and ignorant. Disappointed with this article.

  36. Josh says:

    What the fuck does the video you linked have to do with anti black rhetoric jesus I wish you could sue article writers for being fucking morons and getting the facts unbelievably wrong

  37. Anyone who remotely disagress with you is a troll. You cruel, arrogant and stupid postmodernists are the epitome of cultural Marxism and communism. Merely debating you is the equivalent of white supremacy. I hope you find God before you burn in your own hell.

    “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” – Gotama Buddha

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