White Supremacists Threaten To Wage War Against Blacks if Trump Loses


Republican nominee Donald Trump has made himself the face of open white supremacy. The rise of Trump has emboldened white supremacists all over the U.S.

If Trump loses the presidential election to Hillary Clinton next month, where will all of this white rage go? Many officials believe that there will be a wave of violence directed at Black people in the event of a Trump loss.

In Democratic circles, there is fear of a violent uprising by white supremacists and neo-Nazis if Donald Trump loses, according to a Washington Times article.

Even President Barack Obama has voiced concerns about possible outbreaks of violence if Republican Donald Trump loses the Nov. 8 presidential election.

And this week, a Trump supporter and suspected white supremacist from Greenville, South Carolina named Jim Moseley, posted threats against Black citizens on his Facebook page.

“Liberals will have targets on their backs, as their behaviors are pretty much evident,” Moseley posted. “Race wars will begin as well, as your skin color will be your uniform!”

Melanoid people around the country should be on full alert during this election, and they should take preemptive measures to protect themselves and their families in the event that white extremists carry out these numerous threats.


350 thoughts on “White Supremacists Threaten To Wage War Against Blacks if Trump Loses

  1. Benny Blaze says:

    shoot them all that’s the only way

    1. Camera Alimayu says:

      Dear Mr. Blaze:

      Instead of resorting to violence, why don’t you enroll in a program at your local community college and update your work skills for the 21st Century? You will need those skills to compete with all the POC whom you want to kill because YOUR outdated skills and backwoods education can no longer compete. What a waste you are to your family, community, state and nation.

      1. Marion says:

        Really please understand this is not the 60s

        1. Sammie says:

          There is of racism going on too this day going on people of color

          1. Les says:

            The only race is the human race.

          2. Tom says:

            The only racism I’ve seen is blacks against whites.
            I’ve seen several videos of black mobs attacking white people after a black policeman shot a black man. ive seen black thungs knocking out people that are just walking down the street? None of this makes since to me. This guy is an idiot and doesn’t represent 99.9 percent of trump supporters. We are fed up with the corruption in the government and want change for our kids future

      2. Will Crosby says:

        We waiting on out dated ass ppl like you to die out

        1. Dre56 says:

          Really waiting for them to die out, better learn to defend yourself!

        2. Oscan says:

          I see the coward tom didn’t es t a response to his rhetoric.
          Trust there will be cowards like tom who will sneak struck people of color. But please note the hood has been practicing a long time for such a time as this.

          1. Porche says:

            WHAT they think Blk ppl going to do take it laying down.Yasa masa day’s are gone.Bring the noise.

          2. Xavier says:

            You already know it 💯

          3. Steve says:

            The hood. Grow up. Pull up your pants. Get a job.

          4. Fuck Niggers says:

            The hood is a bunch of ignorant bastards, and you’ll die horribly.

          5. Everready50 says:

            White mothers shoot at me We shooting back. Straight up. Fuck em all!

      3. Rashidah says:

        This is a residual of hatred, this is a learned behavior. Hatred is a disease, why do you feel threatened? Keep your enclave community gentrified! Man plan but God is the greatest planner. Don’t plan against your own soul!

        1. Chunny says:

          AMEN IN JESUS NAME 😇😇😇

          1. sheryl clyde says:

            ya real Christ like there lets all beat them up and claim that it is in Christs name right? I don’t know what church you go to but it is not one i have ever heard of.

          2. Jim Moseley says:

            This story on me was a fabricated false story using me & totally twisting comments. Sure I care about things in the nation & world but I am not a hater. This reporter made this up simply bc I agreed in a retortical statement. I a good man of my Christian Faith & I live a life of love & tolerance & I help all people of all races. But to brand me as their poster boy is horrible & I deny being used a a hater or this type of branding…love & peace…Jim M

        2. Aquil says:

          Alhamdu’lillahi Rabil al ameen. Ameen!

        3. Victoria says:

          So true……AMEN!

        4. James says:

          Amen! Amen !TRUMP is going to still be a DISGRACE and dangerous Racist when he loose sitting up in his Tower, he don’t give a heel of BEANS bout anyone but TRUMP!

        5. Octavia says:

          Amen GOD is LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS enough said already

      4. O'Dell Adams says:

        Good one.

      5. Rod Cook says:

        Benny Blaze was responding to a article warning that whites may attack after the election. Blaze is basically saying defend ourselves. Reading a book while someone has a gun to your head does no good. I agree with education. But there is a time and place for everything.

        1. Ra da peaceful rebel says:

          Yes it is

        2. Rodney Badgett says:

          This was well said and showing wisdom. There IS a time for everything and this is scripture. In the book of Eclesiasties as I recall. What bothers me about the possibility of this becoming a reality is that the most rabid of Trump’s base are those who call themselves Evangelical Christians!!This is a sign of the times made manifest by this group of self righteous hypocrites.

          1. dave condon says:

            Why is it that the hard right religious wackos are also the most hard core when it comes to threatening violence against others who are different than them ?? IF they bothered to look in their bibles they’d see that jesus said to FORGIVE our enemies and treat THEM the way they would expect others to treat them ?? How does that involve going around shooting people ?? Do these morons ?? All it will take is proof that it was a hate crime and the fbi will be all over it ,and law enforcement at all levels will be too !! I never heard of a religious martyr who threatened to kill people ?? Why do these morons think violence is a GOOD idea ?? This guy should be sitting i jail right now after threatening to murder people in a hate crime !!!!

          2. Donna says:

            The ones who claim to be so religious are usually the ones screwing their neighbors wife or husband and drink to much but since they attend church on Sundays they think they are ok. What happens if they die and find out God is of dark color man won’t they all be in for a big suprise.

          3. Ivey says:

            That’s why I’ll never worship a white Jesus. It’s been pushed on us for years “mind control” wake up.

          4. Ru lois says:

            Why in hell do all these so called “christians” who use the bible to justify most of what jesus Never stood for or preached….like racial hate, gender subjugation, out and out greed, discontent etc….are never called out for their turd polished bullsh!t ways by any normal christians. Are all christians this bigoted and self centered too???
            Why in the hell don’t any christian group exercise some quality control on their brand for a refreshing change? Muslims have their isis. Christians have their demented power hungry evangelicals. No Difference. What so ever.

          5. b says:

            yes! I’ve noticed the self-righteousness spewing from the mouths of SOME people who are always lecturing others about how to be better Christians, etc. It’s truly frightening!

          6. James says:

            Jesus stated if a man slap u on one cheek,turn the other “, but He didn’t say what to do after that!! And whatever a man sow,he will reap! You sow the wind you will reap WHIRLWIND !!

          7. Tay says:

            Yes, you are correct, Rodney. It shows how far into the falling away we truly are.

        3. Wayne says:

          I’m reading but also very prepared to defend myself from racist. You fuck with me and mine I’m defending us by any means necessary.

          1. jeanie says:

            Got that right by any meansj

        4. Donna says:

          Not the whites just the kkk and neo-natseys get that straight. Because most whites arent racists smucks.

          1. Hanifah A. says:

            Absolutely! I am a person of color and some of my very best friends are of eurooean descent. I would trust one in particular with my life!

        5. Mae w. Lane says:

          I Agree.You should know by now you can’t out run a bullet it is really sad that our country has allowed Donald Trump to bring this Great Country to this, I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior, but I will be damned If I stay on my knees and watch my children be slaughtered. I will be defending me and mine.

          1. D. says:

            That’s a God giving right.

        6. Darren Moore says:

          There’s a time for prayer and a time for preparedness. This has been bubbling beneath the surface for decades. Now it’s reaching boiling point. I was militarily trained as my minorities. All non black minorities need to watch their backs too. It’s not just black folks, natives, and LAtinos anymore. It’s all people of color now. Many of them have been praying for this day to come. When in peace prepare for war

          1. Patricia says:

            Amen, the Bible has stated that this will happen. Waiting on the promise of the new land that our Father promised his children.

        7. Debra says:

          Yes indeed there is a time and place for everything under God’s son. Please get ready people of color because history always repeats itself. This is what my Great Grand Father told me before he died, he remember how caucasians treated him during slavery with so much hate. He said Black people couldn’t go no where without being raped and murder. And that a male can leave home to find work or go to work and come home and his family is either gone, murder and no one knows where they are or either a black male won’t come home at all. Because of the peonage law Black males are forced into slavery and they don’t live the hard work that they were forced to do. So God’s children be prepare.

          1. Patricia says:


        8. D. says:

          I am ready. These savages will not go unpunished this time.

          1. Roknoss says:

            Thats what Im talking! Bring it on crackers!!

          2. Patricia says:


          3. BringTheNoise says:

            I am ready and prepared to defend myself should it come to it. Sad times we live in now. Be safe everyone!

      6. Wanda Nieves Perez says:

        Very well said Camera.

      7. Jc Corbett says:

        NICE!! YOU TELL ‘EM.

      8. Very well put Camera! ☺💖

      9. Chris says:

        You cannot combat violence with a book .

        1. Gonna blow says:

          Man plans and God laughs

        2. Maxie says:

          You’re right, this is not the 40’s50’s, 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 2000’s 2015″s , this is 2016 and we’re not looking down at our feet . Straight in the eye , we’re ready !

          1. coolman says:

            That’s right.

      10. Carlos says:

        Good job!!!!!!!!¡!😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😇😇😇😇😇

      11. Latoya says:

        Mr./Mrs. Alimayu,

        While I don’t condone unprovoked violence, defending yourself, your property, and your family is a God – given right, which should be exercised if these racist pose a credible threat. The problem is that while many of us have been sleeping at the wheel, singing cum bah ya, docile, and wanting to forgive those who have harmed us, these people have been stockpiling weapons and preparing for war! A Trump supporter even went so far to threaten assassinating Hillary if she wins, and he called this being a patriot. This is not a game. We should not sit idly by while members of the dominant society plot and plan our demise.

        I don’t know how you can make assumptions about the commentor’s education, or lack there of, but statistics show that college graduates are unable find good jobs. I am college educated, and instead of receiving higher education to work for someone else, we should be leaving the corporate “plantation” and endeavor to become self-employed. I’m glad I did, and in have never looked back or wanted to be an employee for anyone else.

        P.S. Melanoid Nation please invest in a copy editor for your articles.

        1. Bman says:

          They are no match for the nation guard and US armed forces which be called up to quash them

        2. Janet Somers says:

          Since when is defending yourself a “God given” right?
          Didn’t Jesus say love your enemies and turn the other cheek? Now I am not against actual self defense if you are attacked, but don’t go on saying its a God given right. That’s just ridiculous.

          1. Leon Banks says:

            It is a God given right. Even God allows it saying that aman should protect his life even against death. Go read your bible and understand that it was this understanding that certain laws were written guaranteeing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All of which are God given rights.

          2. James says:

            Who are his enemies? He wants to attack Black people who have never done anything to White people in the history of the world.

          3. James says:

            When the nation of Israel was attacked by enemies,they prayed to God and picked up their swords and spears and defended their country and families with God’s grace and protection! !

          4. Patricia says:

            Please read Isaiah 14 vs. 21-22. Prepare slaughter for my children, God is just, and the wicked will not go unpunished.

          5. ShlumiEL says:

            He also said buy yourself a sword Luke 22 v 36-38 . Don’t get it twisted The Messiah is a man of war, how do you think he’s coming back?

          6. Django says:

            Fuck jesus

        3. JT says:

          Personally I agree but let’s not drag God into this. I believe Jesus said to turn the other cheek. Got to have a cheek toturn though, do knock that dumb cracker on his ass if he comes near you.

          1. Susan Lerma says:

            Read the book of “Esther” in the Old Testament.
            “Evil grows when good people do nothing”.
            Edmund Burke

        4. Matt says:

          Just read aloud this prayer every day ,angels shall strike him immediately

          Psalm 54:1-7

          1.Save me, O God, by thy name, and judge me by thy strength.

          2 Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth.

          3 For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul: they have not set God before them. Selah.

          4 Behold, God is mine helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul.

          5 He shall reward evil unto mine enemies: cut them off in thy truth

          .6 I will freely sacrifice unto thee: I will praise thy name, O Lord; for it is good.

          7 For he hath delivered me out of all trouble: and mine eye hath seen his desire upon mine enemies.

          1. Best reply to this subject. We are either going to Trust in GOD to protect us or ourselves! I choose for GOD’S protection even if HE allows someone with evil and hate to kill me. I would rather stand before HIM without another person’s blood on my hands.

        5. Jackie Greene says:

          I agree! I’m also a college graduate, and it took me exactly one year to realize who I was making rich and who was surviving. I work for,my church now as a musician/vocalist. I refuse to edify the enemy.

      12. Leigh Goodwin says:

        Classic response.

      13. Leigh Goodwin says:

        Classic reply to the article.

      14. Allie Moore says:

        Camera…do you know Mr. Blaze? I am not advocating violence but I think you have jumped to some amazing conclusions if you don’t have any personal knowledge to this man. You may disagree with what he posted but you have no basis for personal attack if you don’t know him personally.

      15. James says:

        Well said

      16. Brother Ralph says:

        Ms Camera,
        I understand the point you’re trying to make. Assumng your description of this man’s skills and education is correct. Please consider suggesting he learn to run a business instead of striving to merely work for someone else’s business – like this deplorable racist…

        Just saying…

      17. Royce says:


      18. Royce says:

        Lol isn’t that a white person it is a stupid African

      19. hopper306 says:


      20. Sharry says:

        👍🏽 I could not said it better

      21. Ssgmajor says:

        Yes Mr. Blaze, you sad, ignorant imbecile. It’s your stupidity that hinders us. Your nonsense. Do you realize you are an immigrant? Your people came to American, idiot. Get an education before you get a gun, dolt….

      22. Charles Guymon says:


      23. Pat Canson says:

        Yep … they simply need to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps.”

    2. Tlocke says:

      Well, Trump has already lost so he may as well start his war…….This rhetoric is ridiculous…the loudest one in the room is ALWAYS the weakest one in the room

      1. blackandproud says:

        True dat

        1. buddabing! says:

          So The Hell What!
          Never been afraid of white boys
          Bring it On Suckers! Ive been waiting for reason and opportunity to cut you MF racist pig bastards down!

          1. Kevin says:

            TRU that… they can easily get what they come looking for.

          2. This sounds like it was posted by a white boy’s weak and obvious attempt to pose as a melaninated…human being….brothers don’t talk like that.

          3. Peace says:

            Please don’t incite these people.

          4. Gene says:

            Now, that was stupid in asking for a race war. Who do you think got all the guns, planes, bullets? How many blacks are there compared to whites? You, buddabing, are a crazy as the one making the threat.

          5. William Williams says:

            It’s sad that ppl hate so much, but so quick to ask God for his blessig then want to kill Gods children

          6. Shorte says:

            Blacks (at least not any I know) don’t talk in this manner, let alone on social media. I think you should take your antagonistic trolling ass on somewhere with this mess. Like really, in real life.

          7. Charles Guymon says:

            It’s not worth it, don’t judge all by a few several stupid ones, we have them in every race, need more unity and lessential hatred

          8. John saw says:

            Wow you’ve just won dickhead of the week award,stick your fingers in a plug socket.

      2. Sandra says:

        Do you think black people are going to sit back and let these racist do harm to them we got guns also

        1. kw says:

          We ready ..this ain’t 50’s or 60’s…..

        2. Reggie says:

          We just don’t have enough guns and ammunition

          1. John saw says:

            Yeh man that’ll solve the problem ,let’s just wipe each other out and all the innocent people in between who aren’t bored racist militant assheads

      3. larry bynum says:

        No he has not loss until we go to the polls and vote! VOTE!!!

        1. PAR says:

          Bring it on, dann inbred’s!!! Nobody is scared of your white sheets!!! Bring it on!!! Donald Rump is going to lose!!!! Bring it on!!!!

      4. Rich says:

        I hope this idiot is aware this is not the 60’s and blacks don’t march and singer anymore when a war is tagged against them. The young people today will give back what you give and they are not into candle lighting, marching and singing. So be very careful with you threats.

        1. Julius says:

          Most of us black folk are not trained in guerrila warfare. This white man is and trains to shoot guns systematically. We must be wary of friendly as well as hostile individuals who come to our communities. They come as utility workers, insurance salesmen and real estate agents. Don’t be a victim, stay aware of your surroundings day and night. Hillary is going to win this election and people aren’t going to like it. So organize yourselves.

          1. Da Bushdoctor says:

            Y’all give white people too much credit. These cowards are just talking and trying to scare you. It seem to be working on some of us, because we have already accepted defeat. Y’all keep mentioning God, but have you ever heard of David and Goliath? If we were truly faithful, we would not be so scared acting. Let them try it.

          2. William says:

            It’s sad that ppl hate so much, but so quick to ask God for his blessig then want to kill Gods children

        2. Debra says:

          Rich I do agree with you that the young people today aren’t in no way afraid of those hated caucasians. They will really give them a run for real. What I’m mostly concerned about is that the caucasians that do believe God created all of us equal and they live by this. That they will be the ones who will get killed and the evil ones will always be alive no matter what. God please have mercy on us and protect us from all hurt and harm Amen!!!

      5. Leon Banks says:


      6. Brother Ralph says:

        Catchy phrases won’t cut it. He said it. It can be proven. He should go to jail. His guns should be confiscated…
        We have to take this s__t seriously! The loudest, weakest one in the room have killed others before and it could happen again if we’re not proactive…

      7. Ssgmajor says:

        And your pretty stupid too. We won’t allow your ignorance to fester. You ain’t in the 50-60’s son. You’d probably be one of the first shot dead…..

    3. Rio says:

      All of who?

    4. Vido says:

      I bet u got no front teeth

      1. Satan says:

        He want when someone shoot it out of his mouth, probably eant hsve s face either when that high power projectile hit him in the face

    5. Anthony Dickerson says:


      1. We ready white people says:

        Jesus talk don’t work against real life issues. Bullets fly duck return fire. Wake up fool…..

        1. Jim Norwood says:

          Thank marching holding hands not gonna work be prepared

        2. be real homey says:

          Jesus will work in case your duck and return fire don’t work… Or in a while from now when it’s time for your last breath… Death gonna find any way it goes… How u gonna be ready for that without Jesus?

          1. shiela kkkkkk says:

            Stop praying….start doing….

          2. Gonna blow says:

            Man plans and God laughs.

    6. Mr ready says:

      What he dont realize is that black people are waiting for you red necks to bring it. We tired of killing each other so come on Cleetis.. We keep guns too.

    7. Samuel says:


    8. Hate Racist White People says:

      I hope you die with your tongue through your neck you white racist fuck!!! I hate white racist fucks from the bottom of my soul if Hilary Clinton wins I wanna see what’ll happen. I’VE BEEN READY TO GO TO WAR YOU FUCKER!!!!!!!

    9. Quincy says:

      Or get shot #Message

    10. Cj beal says:

      😂😂😂You ain’t doing shit but voting

    11. Fegie Jones says:

      The article says “Liberals have targets on their backs…Race wars will begin as well, as your skin color will be your uniform”.
      That includes more than just Black people!!! That includes Hispanics, Indians, Asians… the list goes on and on!!! There are wayyyyyyyy more people of different colors than there have ever been in life. So they plan to do what and to whom?????

      1. Ready2Die says:

        These racist Whites are miserable and ready to be put to death, nothing to show up in your suburbs with c4 and banana clips and cut down your precious american apple pie eating ass wife’s and daughters

      2. Keith says:

        Pigmented people have always outnumbered whites they just won’t come together because some pigmented races think their white

        1. Darren Moore says:

          Exactly. They think that because their not black in America that they gets pass. After 9/11 most of those passes got revoked. They just don’t realize it yet if they even want to.

      3. Debs79 says:

        That works both ways… we ain’t hollering don’t beat me no more masta, masta show his face these days and he gone…so if they wanna play that game of ( Cowboys & indians ) all over again , I’m buying stock in spray tan stuff , a lot of them are gonna want to hide in our ranks…Stupid people they have’nt realized people of color not just black , out number them…..

    12. Doug says:

      Bring it pussy we ain’t no parts of scared in Louisiana

    13. Me says:

      We are not our ancestors!!!! We will beat the shit out of yall ass!!! Yall act like we ain’t got guns 🔫….. keep playing pussy and you hoes will get fucked

      Straight up

      Black people

      1. Leon Banks says:

        Damned right. Click click.

    14. Never Scared says:

      If you come at us, we will be ready for you. BelI’ve that.

    15. PAR says:

      Bring it on, dann inbred’s!!! Nobody is scared of your white sheets!!! Bring it on!!! Donald Rump is going to lose!!!! Bring it on!!!!

      1. JB says:

        Trump will win and that can be a good think stop using it for hate.

    16. Kevin Russell says:

      You guys will target old, cripple and mothers with children. Bitch ass niggers. You are really fucked in the head. We are a country. Don’t you a country divided will fall. What about our military. Can you imagine a divided arm forces. Get real. Blacks, Hispanics, Whites Asians are all humans

    17. Erma Lee says:


      1. Donna Blake says:

        Sorry not meant for you

    18. L. Hagan says:

      Bring that shit to Chicago!!!
      So ready bitches!!!!

      1. JB says:

        black are only 13 per cent of the US.so Chicago not shit.Only a place to start kick ass first.

        1. Gene says:

          You may be correct in your statistics JB. But sooner or later you and a lot of other people are going to start seeing the BIG PICTURE. Trump is a very dangerous man who is working with the Russians to create a division in America so we will be weak when Putin and China put their plan into action. What will be the look on your face when Trump is exposed for the traitor that he is? How many times does it have to be put in your face that Trump is in bed with the Russians? Or are you in favor of the United States being overthrown?

          1. Royce says:

            If there was a war Trump will die too

          2. Royce says:

            I listen to white people around me as well who are calling for a revolution. Those white people I’m not going to stand around and let black people die by these racist either. There will be a civil war if the racist whites decide to make a move. The War won’t just to be about race it will also be about class.

    19. L. Hagan says:

      Bring it on. Chiraq waiting b8tches

    20. HARRY BEST says:

      We are so fucking ready. That will be the last time white people pull a shit like that.

    21. Toni says:

      History WILL repeat it self again. During the Confederate War, the confederates were excited to fight until they started dying. Now the Blacks have dominated EVERYTHING we decode to do. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GO TO WAR WITH US, Just STUPID!!!!!

    22. Tickleme says:

      I think more black people must get gun permits and shoot every racist in sight that comes after you. If it looks like a red-neck racist then it probably is a red neck racists.

    23. Margaret says:

      There’s already wars on black,now there’s a Romero of war

    24. pantherroe says:

      I guess the white supremacist think we just gonna let them kill us off huh. Well all gonna be in for a big surprise. We all belong here. You hurt us we hurt everyone in your family jerk.

    25. James says:

      Bring it on…u think u scaring anybody…lets rock an roll

    26. merritt says:

      Now you are talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Jules says:

      Disgusting…… Horrible!!!!

    28. It’s not like we don’t have guns and ammo as well…
      And this is one war they don’t want to start.
      Nobody’s elderly moms, kids , wives, or any other family members will be safe going to Walmart the grocery store, schools, churches, or anywhere else in this country……
      All we can say is [SET IT OFF]!!
      If u dare.

      1. Roger says:

        I will say this if it happens and I don’t see white people winning …….. God knows there are definitely too many races non-white in this country ,not by a long shot but I will say this it will be a sad day in history for a long time no matter what happens the most beautiful country in the world comes to this………………….. if ever!

    29. Devin says:

      Yea bring that ass to Ntz , Ms watch were yo ass go

    30. Royce says:

      I agree brother respect has to be earned

    31. shurun says:

      Fuck u bitch u ain’t dead altered?

    32. Gee says:

      Total scare mongering,if whites weren’t too bothered when a black man was made president why would they if Clinton gets elected.

    33. johnson says:

      You can be shot back at your not the only one who owns legal guns (REMEMBER)

    34. Dan says:

      This article begins with a complete fabricated lie…”Trump is openly the face of white Supremacy ”
      He is running as a republican…the party FOUNDED on the principal that all men are created equal. The Democrats created the KKK, the Jim Crow laws, fought tooth and nail against civil rights legislation, came up with a huge lie that the party’s somehow magically “switched sides”. True, there is some racism left in this country, but why are you feeding these tiny pockets of ignoranc by giving them the voice on your website?

      1. sean mccloskey says:

        JFK took a big chance going for blacks it was the right choice

    35. Ronald Washington Jr says:

      You know people like you hide behind a computer screen and say this hate crap. If you hate us so much tell us to our face. Where there no white capes around. Excuse me I mean the kkk. No I’m sorry the police and judges and crooked lawyers. And you take that crap talking and your group of hating Buddy’s and go to one of the biggest hoods in the city. Like Chicago for example, I bet five bucks you wouldn’t even last an hour. I’m so done with trump and Clinton. And this bs about making the white house back the white house. Or make America great again. Your kind of people never been great with all the shooting killing raping and unjusice of the law since day one. You took the jobs from us. Because last I check when we were so call free your kind never knew how to use a hammer and nail. So please I can go on and on on how much your full of It. Because I know for a fact you not gonna say that nonsense In my face. Or around your job or at a store or a group of black people. But I’m gonna stop here, but before I go. But why Is it that you want to be black, but don’t want to walk in the shoes of a black person? Every thing my people has made and done and fought for this country you take it and never gives the victory or honor we truly deserve? So cut it please before you wrack yourself…

    36. J money says:

      We learn from the best. Crackers ain’t never prayed for Pease. Sheets looking like they on their cycle

    37. lisa strode says:

      Bring it, you fucking nigger beast animals! They’re right, the USA does need a race war!

      1. sheryl clyde says:

        your really brave behind a computer. Your probably even really brave in crowd with trump talking. I bet you would be scared to death all by yourself. I am not black and I am not even not a man but I don’t like your kind and would take you down in a heart beat.

      2. Xenchino says:

        @ Lisa Strode,

        Look here you Neanderthal Whore, you had better watch your mouth. You are sub-human and an abomination upon this Earth. Your whole race are nothing more than bi-pedaled animals grafted into the human family tree. So hold your tongue when you speak to the Original man, you lice ridden, mental disorder having, birth defect plagued, burn in the Sun because you are an abomination, war mongering, filthy-ass Neanderthal sub-human slut.

    38. mercito edgar says:

      The 40s are over.if trump loses its not a black ppl fault.it to show that the majority of white ppl are still clear in theyre minds not to vote to trump

    39. Pete says:

      I guess they think Blacks don’t own weapons. Mr. Moseley will be in for a rude awakening.

      1. Durk jones says:

        Yeh but who invented guns ?. You certainly didn’t with your limited brain function,you’d still be throwing spears

        1. Louise says:

          Dirk, name the person that invented the gun. Do you know or someone told you? Google “inventions by Blacks”. The results will blow YOUR mind.

          Now since you are so bright tell me something. Are the threats of killing by Jim Mosley and Benny Blaze protected by freedom of speech ?

    40. Jackie jay says:


    41. sean mccloskey says:

      get with man its the 33rd millenium ad

      1. sean mccloskey says:


    42. Donlucciono says:

      Bring yaw ass to Detroit with shit and get fucked up

    43. All Blood Red says:

      You are a sad soul in deep need of healing, Bennie boy. You are afraid of your own shadow. I suspect you stay out of the sun, pale as a ghost. A bit of vitamin D may be a starting cure.

    44. Existentialist says:

      Don’t trouble yourself the new black panther party is armed and ready for the racist white inbreeding hillbillies like yourself.

    45. Chantay Cain says:

      Power is in #blackLivesMatter,world wide,never fighting alongside any white man in any war,ever again-it will never be for the freedom of Black Lives anywhere,anyway-dont do cracker wars.

    46. Chantay Cain says:

      #BlackLivesMatter Power in not doing prison labor and letting poor whites do all jobs. #BlackLivesMatter Grow #Hemp study hemp science. Hemp is better than petroeum. Hemp is where the money is-Let white people worry about their own skin color-since no one else really care what color they are-Whites feel that being white is their only gift from god. Skin is useless with out a mind. Grow hemp #BlackLivesMatter dont do military service or provide prison labor-Let white skin defend Israel-that will keep them busy.

  2. What says:

    Ain’t we got enough problems???

  3. rickrichi says:

    He’s full of doo doo!

  4. Chris says:

    I’m sick of this. Ain’t nothin we can do except defend ourselves ANY WAY WE CAN. We have done everything we could by way of talking, marching, protesting in every civil way we could to try and reason with these demonic, violent animals.
    That is it! Any racist/white supremacist wanna test u, put your foot in they asses, QUICK, FAST AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
    How many times must a bully whip your ass and take your lunch money before u decide to fight back????
    People, white supremacy is a bully that has been long over due for the Ultimate Ass Whippin’. So what u gonna do???

    1. Tamara says:

      Whoop that ass everyone in site.

    2. Lowe says:

      That’s exactly how I feel…….they have a lot to lose also!! Step…….stop talking about it, and be about it!!

      1. Trump has lost as far as I’m concern. Money didn’t take him very far. He’d have us at war soon As he walked in the office.he is the one getting all this started.besides he wouldn’t have american people at heart. He’s all bout himself. In his debate saying keep us in suspence.

    3. David A Jones says:

      He will be a gonner if If I see his ass

      1. Aceboon Noncoon says:

        No he won’t.. Yall mfs still haven’t even gotten Zimmerman. Yall let mfs hurt us all the time. Hell yall hurt us. They start dumping on us, all we will see are hashtags and useless protests. You mfs aren’t protectors. Signed a black woman who ain’t seen her black men do shit but accept oppression as you always have. Stop being scared!

        1. Mai says:

          Yes!!!!! This

        2. made man says:

          You should kill yourself

        3. Xenchino says:

          See!?! This is the type of shit I’m talking about. We’ve got brothers and sisters speaking in unison about defending our people and your divisive ass has to say some shit like this.I swear some black women need to learn when to shut the fuck up sometimes. I know you’re salty about how things have gone, WE ALL ARE! But damn, why talk shit when we are starting to get on one accord? So please, sit down, shut the fuck up….. and let the people who want to contribute have the floor. “Bye Felicia!”

    4. James says:

      We all need peace

      1. You Right says:

        You better be ready and have you “Piece,” Loaded and Charged. You can best believe that they are. There is a time for “Peace” and there is a time for “War.” Even in the biblical day this was going on! Don’t get caught unprepared on both ends. Being both Physically and Prayerfully prepared is your duty. Don’t neglect one over the other. Just Be Prepared!!!

    5. Sean Robin says:


    6. buddabing! says:

      Exactly! Don’t March ! Don’t Sing!
      Don’t Carry Signs! Don’t Compromise!

      Open Season On White Supremacist!
      And All White Skinned AHoles That Dares!
      We’ve Had Enough Of Your BS!
      Your Turn To Suffer & Die!

      1. Sorry to remind you, but the government can retaliate with weapons you never heard of. Remember the first civil war, All the south had was cotton. Now all you people have, with few exceptions, are baby guns.

      2. lisa strode says:

        Bring it nigger! By the way, thank you for killing each other! And for every nigger you apes shoot, your nigger whores abort 70 more! LOL!

        1. Jackie jay says:

          Lisa your mother is an ape. Thats all you got thats it. You are so played out. Drop.dead bitch and while your at kill your mother. And if she dead dig that bitch up an shoot her retarded bitch . White people dived from an ape.look at yall mouth thin mouth mother fucker just like an ape mouth. Lisa you are non mother fuckin factor die bitch die..

        2. Xenchino says:

          Says the flea ravaged Neanderthal! You’re funny “Lisa Strode”, I bet you’re boy pretending to be his filthy whore on the internet. At any rate, let me put you on notice: We as a race of people (Blacks) will not tolerate any form of mass violence against our kind. We will not attack you first, but should we be attacked; we will rain down fire and brimstone upon you, second only to the wrath of “The Most High” himself. We will do so to our last man, woman or child. You have been warned Neanderthal, the choice is yours……as promised, I believe the first move belongs to you.

        3. Jay says:

          But the white population is taking the sharpest decline in numbers. What’s your point?

    7. Willie says:

      I agree. They will let you keep on protesting forever as long as it’s peacelfull . Nothing will change. I’m not advocating violence, they will use that violence against you, just go VOTE ‼️👍🏿🙏🏿

    8. William says:

      Whip that ass.

    9. You Right says:


    10. Lee says:

      This is our only recourse… Get up off your knees lift your heads and kill anyone that approaches you in a threatening manner. These hybrids deserve nothing else. It’s time we stop living in the 60’s and actually fight back. Trust and believe i am….

    11. Eve says:

      Ase King !!!!!

      1. Janice says:

        Yes indeed

    12. Eve says:

      Like your good book say you reap what you sow

    13. sean mccloskey says:

      maybe we can stop some of the hate with hillary

  5. Marianne says:

    You need to be shot you ignorant dumb ass. You’re talking about human beings. Go back under your rock and stay there.

    1. Marianne says:

      In reply to the stupid first post

    2. Killer says:

      Just remember it’s not like it was

  6. Tracy Myles says:

    Fuckum let them come, last man standing wins!

  7. Killer says:

    Just remember it’s not like it was

  8. Killer says:

    Just remember it’s not like it was when we were not able to arm our selves lol

  9. Why aren’t white supremacists worried about what blacks will do IF trump wins?

    1. Lowe says:


    2. buddabing! says:

      Bcuz They Are Stupid Ignorant Trash!
      They’re too Stupid to even know they’re Stupid! So Stupid they’re under Stupid Impressions that blacks are Intimidated!

    3. michael says:

      I think that is what the REAL fear is all about…this dude (salesman) must not be doing too good…

    4. RAYA says:

      Because they believe we are simple, ignorant docile negros! We got something for them!!

    5. Charmaine says:


    6. RC says:

      He’s not going win. Actually, he’s already lost

    7. Since this is 2016, you would think that we have gotten past the issue of race. White supremists groups are on the rise. Black men are getting killed by the cops unjustly. Black militants are talking about retaliating If things do pop off. My question is this, WHEN IS THIS SHIT GOING TO END?!!!

    8. Dan says:

      They are. They live their entire lives in fear and ignorance.

    9. Darren Moore says:

      It’s only because they have the numbers. If things were more balanced, you better believe they wouldn’t be talking so much stuff.

    10. Horris says:

      Blacks riot if a dog farts,just a excuse to loot a new tv

  10. Mack McCray says:

    Let one try me it will be the last black person you’ll ever try period..

  11. Queen Ankh says:

    Psychopaths and personality disordered can only be dealt with via death… there is no cure or long term effectivel treatment

    1. Sean Robin says:


    2. Kenneth says:

      So called white people know that the sun and earth are trying to get rid of them. In a study last year there were more deaths than births of these people. All the mad science these people are doing these days is madness. The universe knows it has a cancer. Peace

    3. Jabo Jones says:


    4. Debra says:

      I do agree with you Queen Ankh, there is no cure for psychopaths and personality disordered and death is really the one and only cure.

  12. Wendell Muhammad says:

    Oh! Watch what my god is going to allow to happen to you good white folks. Oh! He going to let your white devil /Satan have it . You are not going to Win this war against God’s people. You will lose on both fronts. The coming world war 3 and your civil war in the USA. You will be destroyed. So bring on your doom . The God will be dealing with you .Bablyon the Great American Slave master’s. Your rule is up.So step aside.

    1. Pinkylee says:

      Keep in mind it’s not “all white ” folks” when u speak so strongly about this kind of thing… don’t lump us all together as u do not want it done to u … it is a white supremacist speaking not all white people

      1. RC says:

        You’re absolutely correct

        1. Maria says:

          Don’t do that to all white people. You aren’t any better than them if you do. All white people aren’t racist. Just like all black people aren’t good. I know from both sides. I’m a light skinned black women and I have always identified black because that’s all I knew. I wasn’t black enough for black people and wasn’t white enough for whites. I was every nigger in the book when I attended a damn near all white school. I was the only black they picked on and I was lighter than most of them because the school was in Cali. All white people aren’t bad. You shouldn’t make them feel bad for being decent human beings and making them feel like they have to be with white racist because they are white. You are just as bad as the white racist if you do.

          1. Michelle says:

            I am with you Maria I got bussed to an all white school and I was to black for some of the white folks and too white for some of the black folks. The divide and conquer system worked now we must all stand together for what is right.

      2. Lovely says:

        Your so right many white ppl are sick and tired of the white supremacist bull crap too ppl don’t understand right is right and wrong is wrong so not all white ppl will be on there side I say its only about 25% out of 100% of white ppl that would be on a white supremacist side they don’t have no ppl that’s why they are always trying to recoup ppl cause they don’t have nobody

      3. Michelle says:

        Correct you are

        1. Matt says:

          Black people shall read aloud these words and
          Angels will slew all racists in a second

          Psalm 54:1-7

          1.Save me, O God, by thy name, and judge me by thy strength.

          2 Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth.

          3 For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul: they have not set God before them. Selah.

          4 Behold, God is mine helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul.

          5 He shall reward evil unto mine enemies: cut them off in thy truth.

          6 I will freely sacrifice unto thee: I will praise thy name, O Lord; for it is good.

          7 For he hath delivered me out of all trouble: and mine eye hath seen his desire upon mine enemies.

      4. Darren Moore says:

        That’s why it’d be more effective if you checked them as everybody should check their own people.

    2. revelationsbook says:

      So true but many don’t believe that which is why they continue to do evil. If they really knew what their ends going to be if they don’t repent, they would. But satan has blinded them so they can’t see, satan knows his end and he wants company in hell. People of color do not have to worry about White people their destruction has already been foretold in the Bible. God is in charge and he will be the one who takes care of the evil ones. Vengance is mine says the Lord. This is the vision of Obadiah. Chapter 1in the Bible.———————————————-
      This is what the Lord God says about Edomites who are the (White People)
      “We have heard a message from the Lord. A messenger has been sent among the nations, saying, “Attack! Let’s go attack Edom!” The Lord Speaks to the Edomites. 2 “Soon I will make you the smallest of nations. You will be greatly hated by everyone. 3 Your pride has fooled you, you who live in the hollow places, Your home is up high, you who say to yourself, ‘No one can bring me down to the ground.’4 Even if you fly high like the eagle and make your nest among the stars, I will bring you down from there,” says the Lord. 5 “You will really be ruined! 6 But you, Edom, will really lose everything! People will find all your hidden treasures! 7 All the people who are your friends will force you out of the land. The people who are at peace with you will trick you and defeat you. Those who eat your bread with you now are planning a trap for you, and you will not notice it.”8 The Lord says, “On that day I will surely destroy the wise people from Edom, 9 Then, your best warriors will be afraid, and everyone from the mountains of Edom will be killed. 10 You did violence to your relatives, so you will be covered with shame and destroyed forever.

    3. the kraken says:

      The only people who are supporting this “war” are underdeveloped idiots like you who inherently let their own racism dictate their rage. There doesn’t need to be a war….the morons on both sides who talk so tough are thankfully in the minority. You want to take your rage and dumbass racism on the road and start some shit (and I’m talking to both sides here), don’t be surprised if the sleeping giant you awake are the good and sensible people of the world of any color. We will NOT allow a few mindless animals tear down society. So bring your war…the target on your back will be drawn by your actions…and we will thin out the lowest and hateful elements of our society so the rest of us can live in peace. So bring your war.

  13. Thornette says:

    Unless you are black, you really don’t get it. This word from the wise(?) is our reality every single day of our lives if you are awake. So to this advice, what’s new, really? God bless and thank you. i’ll remember them in prayer.

    1. Maria says:

      Don’t do that to all white people. You aren’t any better than them if you do. All white people aren’t racist. Just like all black people aren’t good. I know from both sides. I’m a light skinned black women and I have always identified black because that’s all I knew. I wasn’t black enough for black people and wasn’t white enough for whites. I was every nigger in the book when I attended a damn near all white school. I was the only black they picked on and I was lighter than most of them because the school was in Cali. All white people aren’t bad. You shouldn’t make them feel bad for being decent human beings and making them feel like they have to be with white racist because they are white. You are just as bad as the white racist if you do.

      1. the kraken says:

        well said

  14. blackandpround says:

    The fat ass crackers aint gon a do shit. Its Football season..and they have LITE beer and white bread to eat. NASCAR to watch take their fat ass cunt wives to Red Lobster err whatever. U aint doin shit . Btw..when ur dead soon crackers…ur wife is taken my 13″ up her ass and swallowing my skeet…bitch

    1. Justin Lewis says:

      Lite beer and white bread. LMAO. I can’t. My stomach is hurting.

    2. Maria says:

      Maybe you should try showing them how intelligent we are as a people instead of showing them that we can be just as ignorant as they are. 13 inches? That must have been a good dream!!!

      1. Concerned American says:

        Well said! There is just as much hatred on one side as there is the other. And to generate hate from another man’s hate is ignorance in itself! But What People On Both Sides Don’t Want To See Is That They Post Hate Like This On One Side Then Post Hate From The Opposite On The Other Side To Create This Division Between people, when they all have the same wants and concerns! It is ridiculous how people play into it!

        1. Darren Moore says:

          That’s why hate is a disease that can easily jump from person to person just like a virus. His rhetoric has inflamed many. Hate begets hate.

  15. Jay4Payso says:

    Fuck You, Trump and Hillary

    1. Kenneth says:


  16. Boston Blackie says:

    His daughter must be with a brother or his wife cheated with one because other than those reasons where did his hatred of blacks come from? We don’t wake up in the morning with plans to kill white people nor are we worried about empty threats. So instead of preying on defenseless blacks, bring that nonsense to the hood along with your confederate flags you cowards!

    1. Maria says:

      It’s a learned behavior that can be unlearned. I agree enough with the talking but why encourage it. We are doing exactly what they want us to do. Act like niggers. Let’s act like the intelligent civil people we are until they bring it to us then turn the nigga on. I have no problem acting like one if you make me. You would never know by meeting me.

      1. Darren Moore says:

        I agree but never turn your back on an enemy or underestimate one. I’m sorry but if you talk about killing me that’s a threat and I’d be a damned fool not to be more vigilant. Not scared…vigilant. You wouldn’t believe some of the bloodthirsty rhetoric I’ve heard from poor white enlisted soldiers who couldn’t wait to kill a hajji (Middle Easterners) it’s like deer hunting to them. They said the same thing about Native Americans 150 yrs back. Whenever you dehumanize a people like they’ve been doing generationally, it’s easy to kill them. I, for one wouldn’t put it past them. They’ve been itching to do it for a very very long time.

  17. East Richmond va says:

    they no what black people to fuck wit bet they don’t come to da hood wit dat stupid shit they want make it out u can believe Dat !!

  18. C dog says:

    My name is see me no more once you see my face I promise it will be the last face you see locked loaded and ready and I ain’t Shootin No 9 millimeters and 45 and all that b******* I got the same thing y’all got AR-15 ar12 my favor Remington 300 with a big bore scope to go with it I’m a black man and I’m tired of his b******* you want to kill me come on

  19. Freddy Loveall says:

    I am in no way afraid of this threat, whatever comes I just have to be ready. What I am is flabbergasted that this kkkraker can have hate for a person who has done him no harm simply because their skin is not melanin deficient? But it is blacks who are labled violent, and murderous. These people are the evil cancer that needs to be eradicated from our society.

    1. Maria says:

      Well said! I agree!

  20. Deandre says:

    Lmao trust me us black always ready for combat we never bow down I’m pretty sure we war ready every piece of us now ask yourself is your race ready to face e the alpha 😎

    1. buddabing! says:

      Well Said My Brother!
      This is What We Been Waiting For!

      Black Skin Never Been Afriad of White Skin!

  21. Jay says:

    So a war on 14% of the population because your candidate lost? Sounds like a terrorist threat to me

  22. Kadra GebreAmlak says:

    Black power & white power is suicide by color & the rest of us just suffer it !

  23. Rasta man says:

    Listen up all you racist scums,us BLACKS will never,never forget what your ancestors did to our ancestors,I know for sure y’ ll are living in fear because you know not when the table gonna turn, the Black knights shall defeat,all the white scum bags, and that’s for sure, so keep on shouting pigman.

  24. Rightway says:

    So, why aren’t these people being arrrested? If Blacks say this they’ll be locked up!

    1. Maria says:

      Right!! That’s what I don’t understand. You have to think about where they are from. You won’t find any white supremacists in any major city or mostly black areas saying that. They are the backwoods small town hillbillie places where they are breed. We need to remember that even in those places not all white people agree that is the way to feel about another human being.

  25. vera Brooks says:

    The ways of white folks

  26. Anonymous says:

    Even if all this is true the supremisists I think are going to wage war on all democrats. That’s for voting to let ISIS in, attempting to place an idiot who has no respect of the Constitution in, and who wants to send us to war with Russia. There will be no descrimination, just an indiscriminate round up of those who wanna disturb and disrupt all of humanity at this present day in time. Making it into race thing won’t help. Just preservation doing it’s job. Millions will die. It come’s as a surprise that 90% of all Black votes will go to hillary who openly admits that a kkk is one of her mentors, not to mention voting for a party that hates Blacks like the kkk. Democrats could merely be tools of the nazi’s.

  27. Mundo says:

    As Brotha Dick Gregor said…It takes 30 white boys to equal one of us. So they can come on wit it.

    1. Noneya says:

      Yeah right that’s like saying it takes 30 marines to equal a girl scout

  28. Ronald Portis says:

    Don’t be scared of who you are!! If you’re a racist, own it. Wear it like the kkk wears their hoods. Cause you’re the frost person I’m punching in the grill!

    1. Black power says:

      Man dis aint da old days if blacks dont give a fuck about killing each other y da fuck u thank we aint ready bitchazz shit like dat what gona get u targeted 1st we been thru it all an still goin thru enough shit n a country we build. Play wit it if u want 2 nowadays we have da right 2bear arms remember dat shit cowards like u jus needs 2 hurry up an die out. Bcause 1thang 4show 2 for certain u feel dat way bust a move scary azz dude what u gon hide bhind ur white sheets an not face up we aint having it so when ur ready we ready .

  29. Carolyn says:

    Why Black people???????

  30. Charlie says:

    If white supremist want kill black people they got to go through us Latinos first cause we sure love to get our hands on them first for spilling that crap about us.

  31. JayBay says:

    White people have been waging war with blacks for hundreds of years now. They always have been and always will be the black, (non white) latino and (non-white) native american’s enemy. The only thing is the overwhelming majority of us don’t realize that fact and it’s going to keep getting large numbers of us killed until we realize it and change who we are as a group. It really doesn’t matter who you vote for because they all want you dead unless they come from your own people.

    I have seen all the works which have been done under the sun, and behold, all is vanity and striving after wind. 15What is crooked cannot be straightened and what is lacking cannot be counted.

    1. John saw says:

      Micheal Jackson was a true black man through and through.rip mj

  32. marcus polite says:

    Blacks try to make peace with those whose only goal is to kill them. Whites Supremacists only goal is to try and kill ALL Blacks, though they also want to kill Mexicans and claim this is their problem with Muslims, that they want to kill Whites. The problem isn’t Trump, the problem is there are far too many who think as he does.

  33. Earl Hamilton says:

    Don`t get it twisted we are not our parents grand parents or great grand parents we are not afraid we will fight back the days of turn the other cheek are long gone we will beat you ass or kill you. This is not the 50s or 60s

  34. Notimportant says:

    They, like us, need to be stocking up canned goods and water for WW3. Putin has called his people home from all corners of the earth and the Philippines have broken alliance with America. Turkey is next! If ever we needed to truly be the UNITED States its now! SMH!!!

    1. Michelle says:

      So true we need to wake up and see what is really going on.

  35. Lori says:

    This is so said when will people learn to judge according to the heart and not color, to the comment, you sound likeva vicious dog with no teeth , all you will do is bark! May god have mercy on you . I sad how you display so much hatred towards you self and the real sad thing about it, you dont even know it . Even though you have no photo your still opened an exposed as the day you were born👎SAD! YOUR WILLING TO LOSE YOUR SOUL FOR HATE OF PEOPLE THATS SAD!

  36. O'Dell Adams says:

    He’d be the first to die. People like him are all talk. You don’t tell your battle plans before the battlle. There is no element of surprise if you tell people what you intend to do. So now we are ready for him and he’s going to be the first to either die or go to jail. Stupid, foolish white supremacist.

  37. Nedra says:


  38. James says:

    All you rascist. Black and white are a bunch of idiots.
    Let these so called supremistt go into a black neighborhood. Meet up with their rascist and kill each other. The rest of us educated citizens will benefit from it. As long as we don’t get suckered into it. I’m a liberal that protects my family. I will be going to work on Nov 9th. Not going to worry about any stupid rascist.

  39. Phyllis Murphy says:

    This is SO remarkably stupid and AKIN to brothers and sisters fighting. All mad… but no real answers. Think about ramifications of an interior war going on between people….who don’t even know each other- but by the color of skins. According to DNA we are all made of the same stuff… my conclusion… when you kill someone just for the hate of it…. You have also harmed every human being on the earth. If that is really where your heart lies…you are essentially taking your own life!
    Think about it.

  40. Think about this: We now know that through chromosomes- we are indeed related to each other! think of all PEOPLE being a massive human being…. some of us are healthy, some of us are very mentally ill, some of us are starving, many of us are angry, many are hopeless, many are fearful.
    When I hear rhetoric such as this…I see and hear “I AM AFRAID”. The question is…. what are you afraid of White Supremacists?

    True power comes from helping others- not killing others.

  41. JP says:

    The US has elected, twice, a black President. These two elections took place with all those racists trying as hard as they could to stop it. Trump has rallied them up and brought them out into the open, but he did not grow them. I’m sure they had these same plans with each of those elections. Just not posted all over social media. We (I happen to be identified as white, blonde, freckles, very fair skin. but my grandmother is African, Native American, and Portuguese)all need to be against any hate or injustice against any person. Look at this threat and consider the source. This person is one of those lost souls marinating in hate. God only asks that we love each other. As he loves us all. Even those that sin differently than we do. It is our free will to love or hate. Reguardless of how we were raised. The answer is to reach out to every one with thoughts of love. Sounds silly I know. But nothing can win over God’s love. Any religion that loves their neighbors, is in accordance with our creator. Those offended by what this self proclaimed white supremacist says, should be offended. You should be hurt, saddened, disturbed, and concerned for that person’s soul. Pray that God and those they pray can guide them to a loving choice of will. There are far too many of us of every color that love everyone for them to win. That does not mean by the way, that you should not defend yourself against a physical attack. I am not trying to be funny, but pray for that ” White Supremacist’s soul as you fight back. In the meanwhile though pray for love to enter their soul.

  42. Horse says:

    Bring it. They’re only going to attack blacks that take wrong turn into their inbred backwoods. Same thing they been doing. “Race war” Lol You’re not bringing it to inner cities. Bet they won’t come to LA with that BS.

  43. Brian says:

    Believing you have the right to use violence when an election, in a system you designed, doesn’t rule in your favor is the epitome of “white privilege”. With 2040 looming, many whites in our nation fear the loss of privilege that they common excuse or claim doesn’t. They know they know the power that being in the majority has meant and fear that they be treated in the same fashion that they have historically treated minorities in our nation. These are very uncertain times in our nation.

  44. Will says:

    Is he going to eat all their food? #fucknazis

  45. Antwon says:

    Niggas shoot back now mfs

  46. Delta Highways says:

    If Hillary wins don’t hate on the Black people or the Liberals…..hate the party that allowed that dumb ass to represent them. They are working together to do what they want to do. Question: Why do you think they allowed this stupid uneducated moron racist bigot to be the forerunner of the Rep party? You guessed it. More smoke and mirrors. They’re killing us off! No one has good health care, because we damn sure can’t afford…I pay 20% now for all my visits. Damn right, got a bill for 8000.00 cause the damn hospital charged of 77,000. Okay, now the pharmaceuticals can’t be purchased here America til you see the damn doc..smh. Now, we waging war on each other but do they give two shits no. Why is it you can pay a fraction of the cost for the same medication in other countries? Now, is only impacting one race? Hell No!! Why are we busting are asses working for these corporations, factories, and warehouses making them trillions. But we can’t take our child to the doctors without feeling a financial setback. None of them mf’s care about us. Not Hilary, Not Trump, and you know those cockblocking Rep don’t! We need to stop fighting each other and fight for each other. Did you know that in Dubai, the money that is generated from tourism and other sources, their people get a subsisidy to make sure their families are well taken care of, that you can walk into any one of their local pharmacy (which are strategically set up like US liquor stores/on every corner) and buy the medicine you need. Every pharmacist is trained to tell you based on your ailments what to take. Did you know in Dubai, there is zero crime? Yes, that is right safest place to visit in the world. Did you know they are Muslim and treat you so kind and respectful. So, why is the US telling you a lie? Scaring you? Because that’s right population control works, fighting each other works. and love conquers ALL.STOP BEING AFRAID. We are better than this.

  47. Donna says:

    what I don’t get is WHY BLACK PEOPLE? It shouldn’t take the election results to give you balls. If this is what they really want they would have done something long before now. Do they think the laws are going to change all of a sudden? Well I say bring it if you want. This isn’t the 1800’s. We’re not going to just lay down and take it. Get real. But Black folks don’t relax your guard, teach your children how to fight and handle weapons. It’s not going don like he thinks it will. We know hillbilly Black folks too. Wake up and be ready people.

  48. Melvin Asenso says:

    Don’t forget white supremist After blacks you have Indians Chinese Mexicans African and some parts of Europe to fight.

  49. Joan says:

    Advise don’t start on any street in Chicago, Compton or any town, city or village that has a street named MLK or Malcom X because that will be the fastest war in history! Good luck with that Sir!

  50. In the Last Days a Trump/Shall sound and the dead in Christ Shall rise.Spiritually Mentally dead Who Have been the Victims of the Wicked rule of corrupt demons who hold High office or aspire to do so this election must put on the scale of Justice for All Americans Starting with the Blacks Native Americans Hispanics Asians and our poor Caucasian brother who have suffered a degree as well.What we ought to do Is Hold Them All Accountable for creating the environment where The American people are Divided and are at conflicts door on all sides.We The American people Must Replace the Corporation Only us can do that and we do dont do so by following the plans of those who want the real estate under the feet of the American people By inciting perdition amongst us America History best rewards the students it should be the compass that We the people are Guided by not emotion unbridled ignorance.THE NWO would be happy To take our Beautiful Nation Totally please Wise people aim you anger at the ballot booth and whoever wins Black people won’t be scapegoats on this one White people who want Trump get yourself to the polls and put him in office Cause if anyone thinks that this generation is gonna let any unjust crooked policies stand in the way of All America Living and Having What rightfully belongs to All American Born and Bred people regardless of your skin So be wise vote for the truth not lie.Or Else in this one No winners and everybody Dies

  51. Isabella says:

    Wow everyone here needs to go back to school!!! I don’t care what color you are these posts are pathetic…. lol seriously???? These white supremacist are full of it and you all bought the bait! But really all of these posts you can barely read or understand and it’s English???? Very sad…. I’m the furthest thing from racist and I have African American relatives but cmon now your making yourselves look really bad with the terrible grammar and the hatred!!! Ain’t nobody starting any wars!!! People on the internet seem to believe everything they see…. smh let’s talk about loving our brothers and sisters and protecting one another from people like this who spew hatred only due to color of skin!! Donald trump is going to lose so there won’t be all this hatred anymore once he’s out of the picture. He is the one who is a racist sob and has caused more racial devide than anyone and we allowed this?? You all need to grow up and quit talking about your weapons and what you can do and go back to school and make lives for yourselves!! I’m sick n tired of hearing about hatred everywhere…. this isn’t what god wanted …. I pray for all of you…

  52. Joe The Know says:

    Whites have been at the helm of every destructive thing that has taken place in the world, it is time to humble yourselves and kindly shut the fuck up and give every other race their due, its that simple.

  53. Frank wilkes says:

    I’m not a racist but white america has been racist towards us for centuries! This is not the 50’s we’ve been waiting for this so bring it on! I got my AK with plenty of clips waiting! I’m ready! Its not the right way to do this but really the only way, i feel sorry for the cool whites that feel our pain that might get caught in the crossfire!

  54. Rob says:

    Can’t you see that’s just some idiots trying to get us all to fight what the hell man they’re going to start a civil war between blacks and whites with just talking all of that b******* they’re trying to start some s*** it’s probably proud of the big plan to separate us we have to go back to Martin Luther King one we are strong separated we are we sounds like isil and the Taliban to me my brother’s white black brown yellow whatever color you may be God bless all of you and those that hate us because of our nationality or the way we are well they’re not true Americans in ways we’ve been through a lot together let’s not let a bunch of words pull us back apart God bless everyone

  55. Prophet says:

    And even if trump wins the same people that want to war if he loses , I hope they will be ready to go fight issi for him too . All black should stay home and let the white go Iraq. He’s turning American against them selfs . Although Hilary have her issues too . Enemies can’t go and fight war together it won’t work . All America needs is to put back God in their lives. And he will fight the war against issis for them .

  56. Beverly Peterson says:

    All I have to say is…don’t think for one minute we(blacks are going to sit back and let you kill our family members! This must be a joke but I don’t laugh at people like this. Look at what Dylan Roof did to those innocent Christians in church. I will not turn the cheek or my back on anyone. I will shoot you in your MF head ten times to make sure you are dead if you come for me!!!! Good fucking day!

  57. Joseph Hayes says:

    They act as if they’re the only ones with guns and the potential to be violent.

  58. Rob says:

    White Supremacists are some of the lowest scum of the earth. What big hypocrites! So if Trump loses is that the fault of Blacks? They are extremely illiterate and ignorant….so they hate Blacks, would kill us, they wish for the old days when their lousy ancestors carried out extreme cruelty and atrocities while claiming to be superior but were actually low-lives….and after all of this, they expect Blacks to vote for a party they support. How dumb can they really be? I hope my brothers and sisters prepare for any fallout from these miscreants, we must mete out to them exactly what they bring to us. If they want peace they will have it, but if they want war…I hope they can handle it.

  59. ShaKim says:

    Love this article, but why called him a suspected white supremacist when he is openly identifying himself as one?

  60. Scott says:

    I think it’s ironic that Black’s are fighting for the establishment. And the supposed supremacist is fighting to oppose it. Shouldn’t it be the other way around??

  61. kwillie says:

    Fuck Moseley and everybody like him.

  62. kwillie says:

    Fuck Moseley and anybody like him.

  63. tray says:

    look at youtube Thrive, What on Earth Will it Take……. and you will understand why all of this is happening………we are puppets on a string!!!! NOW GO WAKE UP!!!!

  64. tray says:



  65. Rodney Leon says:

    This is just bait from the Trump camp.
    Don’t fall for it.
    They know better than to unite all black and brown people while giving open reason to shoot anybody with skin like a napkin.
    VOTE !
    Then laugh at how Trump reacts to being a loser.

  66. Warrior says:

    Skin color is a natural adaptation to ones environment over generations… Race is a ideological tool of seperation…

    Dear Black people,
    Please stop killing each other over trivial shit… ya betta than that… you’ve been programmed like a fuccin computer to be divided to be conquered….

    Dear White people,
    Society was set up for you to win… and you also took a big ass head start when the race first started… technically not your decisions…
    but it is your decision in 2016 to watch and observe and benefit till this day and beyond, remaining willfully ignorant or blissfully secure in the explotation of others… Either way, nothing last forever…

    Remember 911 but not Black Wall Street
    Remember Sandy Hook but not Emmit Till
    Remember Columbine but not Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, etc…

    Love All

  67. me says:

    What some white people and crazy trump fans fail to realize is……..black people are not as docile and quiet as we us to be…..so don’t come with no stupidness and it won’t be no stupidness…..I wish white people would realize that this is NOT your world……there are other people on this planet and we have every right to be here just like everybody else……so with that being said…..DON’T START NO SHIT AND IT WON’T BE NO SHIT…..just my opinion

  68. paul says:

    This is some typical mass media hysteria drummed up by who else, the Rockefeller Rothschild and Clinton. They own thee diamond and use it as a tool to divide the people to their advantage. Hillary is going to jail so trump will win. Even if he didn’t, there ain’t no way on God’s green earth that these punk ass white supremacist are going to do a damn thing. They are going to give up their everyday life in 2016 to go to jail for killing black people to do what, to show their disapproval of who won the election. Holy shit that is Fucking ridiculous. Don’t believe the hype or let them divide us like pawns for their benefits. Watch this punk bitch white supremacist in this article if trump loses, I bet my life he will be sitting on the couch, watching football, eating his fucking cheeses, old stupid ass punk motherfucker ain’t doing a Goddamn thing.

  69. George T says:

    For years we’ve been hearing and reading bullshit rhetoric in which white hate mongers talk of a race war. I think Charles Manson was the first modern day idiot to embrace and preach it. What these fools don’t realize is that in this country, the love of green more powerful than the hate of Black. The rich, powerful, and well connected are not going to risk their money and power, nor are they gonna allow some backwoods ass redneck make them lose their money and power, by starting a race war. It’s just not going to happen.

  70. paul says:

    Wow after reading these comments I feel the need to address the situation. I don’t want either of these clowns as a President. This is typical use of Mass media to incite and divide us by who else the one that own the media and Clinton, the ROTHSCHILDS & ROCKEFELLER families. They are the real enemy here. So we should unite and take them down. 13 families own most of the world and wealth. They are trying to play us like pawns for their own benefits. Please don’t let them divide us. Someone mentioned that blacks only make up 13 percent of the United States but how many white supremacist do you think are left in the United States? I guarantee it’s not much more so that means the rest of the whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians ect ect will unite and stomp them complete out of existence. Besides that there is no way in this world in the year 2016 that white supremacist are going to try ANYTHING. I guarantee it on my life. You can keep an eye on this stupid white supremacist that is in this article if trump loses and you will see him on his couch eating cheetos watching football. Do you really think they are going to start a race war killing innocent black people to show their disapproval of who won the election after having a black president for 2 terms, Holy Crap that is ridiculous, complete BS. Besides hillary is going to jail for treason and murder. But I predict she will die or kill herself before she goes to jail. DO NOT FALL FOR THE HYPE, DO NOT LET THEM DIVIDE US, thats what they want.

  71. damilitantone says:

    You folks do a lot of talking. Just bring it and you will be surprised what comes back your way.

  72. A.L.Hamin says:

    All the comments are vety revealing. But the bottom line is that so-called black ppl aren’t all afaid like in the past. Some are and thats why they call on jesus. Many aren’t and thats why you hear “bring it!”. Yes the U.S. military (alphabets) are ready for any craziness on any race’s behalf.

    All we gots to do is keep on building, move up in positions, keep procreating at a greater rate, build wealth and hang in there taking our loses and giving retribution when necessary and time will cause a shift in power and justice. Don’t ever let any angry dog cause us to take our eyes off off the prize. Stay focused, stay prepared, and most of all stay wise. Sagacity is on our side.

  73. Hilary supporter says:

    More reason why im voting tomorrow . Will be driving a bus picking up others to vote as well. This will be a landsliide for Hilrary

  74. paul says:

    So his name is JIM MOSTLY from GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA. Can I please get someone in his town to verify that he is even a real person in this town. PLEASE. After we verify he is real and lives in GREENVILLE SOUTH CAROLINA we can keep a close eye on him. I guarantee on my life he isn’t going to do anything but cry like the punk ass ignorant, stupid, scared bitch he is. Do we have anyone in GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA that can verify this guy lives there or works there. I’m calling complete bullshit on this one. The real enemies are the 13 families that own the world’s wealth, the government and Clinton, The main ones are ROTHSCHILD & ROCKEFELLERS they are terrorist to the upmost degree. Let’s unite and get rid of these truly evil greedy bastards for ever. Let’s turn the tables on them, let’s use this tool they call media right the fuck around on them. The atrocities that these 13 families have committed against the world are CAPITAL OFFENSES. After they pay RESTITUTIONS back they will be on death row. And we can truly make America and the rest of the world GREATER than it has ever been. Does anyone want to see TRUE FREEDOM & TRUE GREATNESS. And stop worrying about trump, if he wins, he is only a figure head that can be impeached if he acts too ignorant. We the people have ALL THE POWER. That is why they try so hard to keep us divided, because once EVERYONE realizes this they are out the door in the cold and it will be very Fucking cold.

  75. paul says:

    ITS A FAKE/TROLL he is wearing the same shirt in the article that is on his Facebook. Don’t believe the hype, don’t let them divide us. How long do you thing a war against ALL THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS in the United States would last against the remaining whites that are not racist and all the blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Chinese ect ect would last? I give it a day and one more day to hunt down the remaining cowards that ran and hide. REJOICE my Brothers at the very possibility that these cowards might(buy they wont) show their face so that we can permanently eliminate them from our planet.

  76. paul says:

    Everyone needs to look up and research the 13 families that are behind all of this. They are the real hate mongers, the real terrorist. They are the puppet masters behind the media, the banks, pharamacy and anything else that is vital. Until we rid our world of these terrorist, we will NEVER KNOW TRUE FREEDOM. And until WE UNITE against them we ALL WILL BE THEIR SLAVES.

    1. Shona says:


  77. Michael says:

    Do you honestly think Blacks are afraid of these type of people, these people seek out the weak to murder and kill, and they do it in numbers.
    You have no ideal what you are saying, the day of killing minorities are over, the day of lynching are through.
    If you think you are tough go for it, because it will be the last time, you use hate to bully a race of people!! Asshat!

  78. HateRacistPunks says:

    I am sure the latinos and native indians and the arabs will rise up and fight with the blacks. Those crackers will be extinct they should try it though it would be fun.

  79. Shannon says:

    Um….Can sombody let Mr Blaze know a word or 2 …This ain’t the 1960’s No More! So many African Americans Out here Robbing and killing OTHER African Americans like we another race in ourself.lol This man words might Stop all that black on black crime ..Remember numbers don’t lie.. 1+1 =2 so Mr Blaze you may get a Double portion! #Ijs #ishethinkingright #notworriedatall

  80. Ron says:

    This hatred has been around for centuries, every since the black people have been slaves, what is it why you hate the black people so much. What have we ever done to you. Why do you hate us so much, we have never done anythinf to you. And you really do want to mess with black people we have pur up with this hatred for so long, it’s time for you to stop this now. You have hung black people, and we didn’t do a thing about it, you have killed the American Indian, killed there woman and children and they fought back, but the black man did not. All you trying to do is have a race war in this country and you really don’t want to have that. You also killed the Hispanic woman and children don’t you think you have enough blood on your hands. We are all Americans no matter what color you are. Over a 100 years you have picked on the black man and really we are tired of it. So what ever you are trying to do it’s not going to work. So stop your stupidity and live your life in peace and leave the people of color a lone. People like you is what this country don’t need, so go back under that rock you come out of and think about what you are trying to do, and when you come back out and you still feel the same way, go see your doctor and maybe he can prescribed a pill for your stupidity. Have a nice day dude.😎

  81. Eddie says:

    Hatred is exposed, I love it, let your true colors show, come out the closet, live how you all feel, I know it feels good to have a chance to be an out of the Closet racist, now live it all day everyday, everytime you see a person of color let them know that you hate them for no reason at all, it’ll make you feel good or bad depending on the reaction of the person of color, RACISM IS IGNORANT AND SATAN IS THE FATHER OF IT ALL

  82. monicat says:

    feels pretty good to be hated by someone i don’t know because of the color of my skin. Makes me wonder, are blacks God’s chosen race? why else would we be so hated and for what? we were taken from our native land against our will. blacks worked as slaves years helping to raise up a nation with no pay. fathers taken from their wives and children and even bloodline destroyed. seemingly a people so broken down beaten and held back, we shouldn’t even be a threat? perhaps we really are a threat because otherwise why waste time starting a race war? im curious, do you really think we will go back to slavery as we knew it? truth is, black people really could care less about white hatred… after all these years whats new? the best thing about the article are the comments… some of the people who really hate blacks are supervisors, teachers, police, firemen, military, preachers, etc….. after reading this article, i am more curious now than ever before. think ill just grab a book to satisfy my curiosity! to those who feel they want to war against blacks, don’t waste your time. it just proves your ignorant!

  83. sheryl clyde says:

    Guess what punks it won’t be just blacks you will be facing. I never could stand a bunch of cowardly bullies who only feel safe in crowds or on computers. Some of us are not afraid of you.

  84. sheryl clyde says:

    I think i got mad at people who may not have deserved it. I have some Asian and I am a lesbian so I have also been discriminated against a lot and I just saw the story and got angry and did not look at your organization close enough. So if i struck out some one of color I am sorry. For the bigots you deserved what you got.

  85. fishydude says:

    No worries. Sane people will take this POS out if he ever takes a step in that direction. There are not that many people in this country as mentally ill as he is.
    This is just the media taking isolated Mo-Rons and trying to claim there are typical of Trump supporters.
    Besides, the only white people that have rioted in the last 50 years have been democrat voters (Yes the wacky whities that protested in South Boston over busing in the 70’s were and still are democrat voters)

  86. A girl says:

    Declaring a war on black people if Trump doesn’t get elected??? These fools do realize that more than just black people are sending Trump, to the dump, right? The stupidity is amazing. Haven’t they already declared a war on blacks a long time ago and didn’t win? You can’t bully your way into office. Trump and all of his followers dumb enough to make threats like these should be arrested for voter intimidation. Which by the way is a federal offense, and therefore makes him a felon and a rapist.

  87. Anthony says:

    So I need to ask a question. Can somebody tell me who wrote the Bible??
    Cause from everything I’ve ever read it was man that wrote the Bible. Now I believe in a higher being no doubt he or she has saved my butt on quite a few occasions.
    But what these racist people are talking about has nothing to do with the Bible nor any parts of it.
    I’m a balck man my kids are brachial my wife is of a lighter completion.
    Growing up in my household i was never raised to see color only a person’s behavior i was tought to treat every human being as i wanted to be treated.
    Having said that let some son of a bitch fuck with my family there would be no place on the face of this earth he or she could ever hide.
    Now to all my true Brothers and sisters of the human race i love you all as my own family Sigh D.M

    1. L. Thomas says:

      Thanks for the love. God bless you. We love you too.

  88. Anayah says:

    Dear Racist White People

    You are being played by your own government…aaagain. There will be no election in 2016 because there has never been an election since the death of JFK. Hillary was pre-selected to win after Obama. Dont believe me? Then sit back and watch your votes not matter. The election poles have “goofed up” before. They can goof up again.

    You’ve basically green lit Hillary to win. Because those running America have been wanting a race war since the dawn of time. Its a simple divide and conquer tactic. While you fight blacks, they get ready to inflict marshal law. And believe me, thats exactly what will happen.

    The moment you turn your backs on “other American citizens”, the united states will wage war against you to “calm the situation down”. No more guns, an increase of security, and the United States will be called The Police State.

    Is killing blacks really worth your power, your rights, and your liberty? You need to decide.

  89. L. Thomas says:

    It’s time to defend yourselves by any means neccessary. Ameen!

  90. MagnumBoom says:

    Haha! They think this is the 50’s and 60’s…Come with it.

  91. Shona says:

    White Supremacists have far more foes than friends. Believe me. If you knew the organizations and countries ready to move on them if it gets crazy you would sit back and laugh. We would wipe them out in less than a week. Possibly even a day. My contacts inside of the other organizations are pretty anxious to have a reason to let rounds off. I pray it doesnt get to that, but if it does then so be it. We are not afraid. We are not in 1960, we are tired of being peaceful anyway.

  92. eyesspy says:

    WTF has trump or clinton got to do with black people. Both of them are white and if blacks think that one is better than the other they going to find out when their backs are against the wall. Trump is definately going to take you blacks out. He is surrounded by jews who currently will finish the job they started back in the 1400’s. Which was trying to genocide the real jews who they knew had fled to Africa when Jerusalem fell. Today in the 21st century, their lies are beginning to haunt them and currently they hate Blacks as much as they hate God. What you thought they were the chosen…yep chosen by the devil himself…synagogue of satan running the world

    So now you have Euorpean Jews looking to take you out along with the Euro Nazi’s, North American KKK, Arab KKK, Japanese KKK, Russian KKK, South American KKK and then you habe the regular black who hate themselves and miscenegate themselves like MJ…I tell you its the whole world against US

  93. eyesspy says:

    correction- surrounded by so called jews and so is clinton

  94. Shotta says:

    It’s not the old days anymore y’all punkass whites will be our slaves y’all really think it will happen that easy to start a race war please we deep over here smh donald trump got y’all mind fucked up with his old ass he ain’t gone do nothing but run his mouth just like the rest the 50s and 60s gone it ain’t like that no more yall know that

  95. Claybreaker says:

    Can somebody please post the Full video or the recording of the interview where Jim Moseley actually threatens to do this. Probably NOT! What you have here is the Toronto Star taking his “OPINION” of what he believed could happen if Hillary was elected. This was not a direct threat for him and his group to start attacking Blacks. He was asked what he thought could happen and he expressed his OPINION and the Toronto Star turned it on him to make it look like a threat. All you have here is doomsday prepper survivalists group. I dont know this guy from Adam but I sure know a twisted article when I read one. Do you believe everything you read on the internet. Give this guy a break.

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