White Supremacists Have Killed More Americans Than Islamic Terrorists Since 9/11

More people have died in attacks by white organizations than any other group 

By Kenny Anthony

Since the unforgettable September 11 terror attacks (Tuesday, September 11, 2001), Right-Wing white supremacists have been responsible for killing twice as many American Citizens in homegrown attacks compared to any Islamic Group, according to studies by the New America Foundation.

The examination put together by David Sterman (New America Foundation Program Associate), and monitored by Peter Bergen (expert on terrorism), revealed: white terror groups that self-identify as “anti-government” are responsible for the majority of violent terror attacks.

The research shows that those classified as white extremists were undoubtedly the deadliest, and that no other violent terrorist group came close to challenging their murder rates. Approximately 51 citizens were murdered stateside by Right-Wing extremists in the 14 years, post 9/11. This is practically double the amount that were killed by self-proclaimed Jihadists.

The information gathered may be a shock to some, but to victims of white supremacy, it’s an age-old reality which mainstream media chooses to ignore.

On the other hand, racist internet trolls and white supremacy collaborators would want you to believe that Muslims, and/or Black Lives Matter, are the number one “terrorist” groups that should be feared & prosecuted. However, the accumulated evidence has consistently shown otherwise.

Melanoid people should pay maximal attention whenever there’s a discussion on Muslims and Black Lives Matter because these are often code-words used by the dominant society. “Black Lives Matter” means anybody classified as “Black“, and “Muslim” usually means anybody classified as “non-white”.

These code-words are used to control, cause confusion and deflect from the immediate issue which is white supremacy. Throughout history and even today, the main tactic used to dominate Melanoid people in the system of white supremacy is deception. Just like the ancient military strategist and philosopher Sun Tz clearly states in his treaties titled The Art of War: all war is based on deception.

The Anti Defamation League disclosed data similar to the New America Foundation, stating that Right-Wing extremists were responsible for 74% of murders by way of domestic-terrorism. When compared to non-white people guilty of terror acts, the report showed that white supremacists were not judged as severely by the Criminal Justice System. Also, the criminal statistics exposed that white supremacists were frequently given shorter prison sentences.

In conclusion, this proves that every area of activity in society is still completely dominated by the religion of white supremacy.

Melanoid Nation will continue to update the family on any new information. Our advice: Be alert, do not let your children go outside unsupervised, and exercise your Second Amendment.


9 thoughts on “White Supremacists Have Killed More Americans Than Islamic Terrorists Since 9/11

  1. Melanoid Soldier says:

    White supremacists are the biggest terrorists and the biggest psychopaths of all time.
    They treat decent whites as “cucks”, “mudsharks” & “race traitors”.
    If they see a harmed black child in a car accident they’ll try to murder him instead of help him.
    They are the savages, the cruel ones and the degenerates, NOT US, always remembers that Melanoid Family.

    1. Craig says:

      Keep lying.. such a bs article

      1. Melanoid Soldier says:

        You can keep blaming everything on blacks and using “I am white and I say so” logic.
        But it wouldn’t work, sorry.
        You’ve proved to the world and to humanity how sick you truly are…

      2. Tirrell Murray says:

        Fuck off troll

  2. Rick H. says:

    And race soldiers/killer cops themselves have killed more Americans than terrorist have AROUND THE WORLD COMBINED since 9-11.

    BTW, this site really needs a registration system. Too many white supremacist trolls lurking here and posting nonsense without an account that can get banned.

  3. grand wizard says:

    yah lets get dat white cave demon we wuz kangs n shiiiiit

  4. Amoun Jamilu Mahmoud says:

    Reparations are long overdue for the U.S. government, to pay to the Black people of America and or Africans in America, for the harmful, damaging results of racism / white supremacy.

    For centuries, this nation’s “Government of, by and for the people” did not include the Black race Africans in America.

    Without government support, neither Slavery nor Jim Crow Segregation could have long endured.

    Furthermore, Government help as a result of the Bill Clinton’s administrations legislative policies and Hillary Clinton infamous position of; ‘They (thugs / Blacks / Africans ), are super predators and need to be brought to heel’.

    High imprisonment rates of Black / African people have been documented at 70% of the total prison population, while Black people only make up 12% of the total American population as of 2010 as the result of such racist / white supremacist oriented policies. In contrast 60% of the American population is White and while 70% of those White people are arrested only 35% go to prison. White on white crime statistics is a mystery to the average American while Black on Black crime / African on African crime, (the result of Racism / White Supremacy), is the main stream American narrative.

    The government has apologized to all other groups to whom it has committed offenses and provided reparations to those groups except Black / African people. Lately, many Blacks / Africans have been released from prison proving innocent for crimes they were imprisoned for long ago only to have the case reopened and found innocent of those crimes with only an apology but, I digress.

    Through out Americas history, Black / African people have borne the burden of every obligation this nation has had since 1619. Black / African people did not confiscate nearly 2 billion acres of land from Native Americans. White people did. However, for more than four centuries, Black / African people paid taxes and their lifeblood so that White people who did confiscate the land could develop and enjoy the benefit & profits of it. Money out of Black / Africans in America pockets supported a Federal Native / Indian Bureau and State Commissions that gave Natives / Indians benefits that Black / African in America people never received. Including $5 fake White people impersonating Indians.

    Black people / Africans in America did not start WWII, but money from Black peoples / Africans in America pockets made up the $13 billion that rebuilt Germany under the Marshall Plan and Japan under the Point Four Plan. Black people / Africans in America did not intern Japanese in American in the 1940s but helped to pay $22,000 in reparations awarded to each descendant in 1992.

    The U.S. government that Black / Africans in America people pay taxes to has given reparations to every other group except Black / Africans in America people!

    Real racial equality for Blacks/ Africans in America does not have to begin with an apology. As it is meaningless with out policy changes, action plans and delivery of the reparation / compensation.

    An acknowledgment from the government that millions of Blacks / Africans in America were wrongfully used and killed as a result of racism / white supremacy is a start.

    Economic justice and reparations in the form of compensation is the constructive / productive result that must naturally follow the race discussion, policy changes and action plan.

    All must be ongoing:
    1. Wholesome Housing for generations with out imminent domain
    2. Useful, Constructive Education, No Debt
    3. Health Care from Birth to Old Age
    4. Useful Transportation and Maintenance Free

    It’s not just about the erasure of Confederate Statues / Symbols of racism / white supremacy. It’s about the repair, the reparations / compensation for the abuse and death that resulted from racism / white supremacy.

    Replace the system of racism / white supremacy NOW with a System of Justice after reparations / compensation.

    JUSTICE guarantees that NO person is mistreated and that ANY person who needs HELP the MOST, gets the most CONSTRUCTIVE HELP.

    1. grand wizard says:

      yah lets get dat whiteys money weze to good to work weze got magic melanin powers!!!

      1. Melanoid Soldier says:

        “grand cave wizard”
        You’re a sad and worthless man, no wonder why keep dying because of drug addiction…

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