White Supremacists Are Using “Dreadlocks” Video To Justify Their Own Racism

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In a system that is completely dominated by white supremacy in all areas of people activity, the people who choose to practice white supremacy will often try to find ways to justify  maintaining this unjust system.

A recent video from an incident at San Francisco State University has gone viral. The video depicts a white male engaging in a confrontation with a Black female over what seems to be “cultural appropriation”. There was clearly a confrontation that occurred before the video starts and there are some people online who claim that the white male who has been identified as Cory Goldstein insulted the female identified as Bonita Tindle as she was passing out flyers, and this is what sparked the confrontation.




As the video starts rolling, Goldstein who now realizes he is being filmed , seems to play to the camera by going into an exaggerated “victim” mode by creating a narrative about his hair being in dreadlocks. It seems that Tindle made a remark about his hair that was most likely a response to something he said, and Goldstein used that to create the false impression that this is the reason why Tindle confronted him in the first place.

In the video at the 17 second mark you can clearly see that Cory Goldstein grabbed Tindle’s arm first. And after he assaulted her, she retaliated by grabbing him. Now white supremacists online are using this video to make false ‘reverse racism” claims.


Freeze frame of Cory Goldstein assaulting Bonita Tindle first


After Goldstein starts mugging it up for the camera by going on about his right to wear dreadlocks, Tindle went along with it. And this is what made her appear to be the instigator. This is a common white supremacist tactic. A suspected white supremacist will instigate a confrontation with a Black person, and when the Black person reacts, the suspected white supremacist will play the role of a victim. Then they will create a narrative as to why they are being victimized.


White supremacists online and many mainstream media outlets are using this video to prove the existence of imaginary Black racism that is comparative to systematic white supremacy. This is used to help them justify the white supremacist views they already had about Black people. Wherever this video is posted, people are using this video to call all Black people every racist epithet imaginable. Also, most of the comments from different sites are holding all of Black society accountable for an incident that is completely isolated. Thats why this is not “reverse” Black racism. Racism is systematic. In the system of white supremacy, people work together as a group in all areas of activity to maintain racial injustice.There is no systematic Black racism. Period.

So-called Black “racism” is simply a Black person engaging in a verbal confrontation, or name-calling. And name-calling isn’t racism, because Black people are powerless to back that up. But the white supremacists can back up their name calling with action. Thats why white supremacy is a problem.

Since the video has become viral, Bonita Tindle has received dozens of death threats from white supremacists.  There is even a Change.org petition against Tindle. All of these white supremacists who are so outraged over this “racism” in the form of name calling from Bonita Tindle, never seem to see white racism when it happens on a daily basis all over the planet, in all areas of activity.

And if this video is going to be used to talk about “how wrong racism is”, then lets talk about all forms of racism starting with systematic white supremacy.

89 thoughts on “White Supremacists Are Using “Dreadlocks” Video To Justify Their Own Racism

  1. Joe M says:

    This article is pathetic. This woman started physically attacking someone because of their hair. Does this author seriously want to defend someone who behaves that way? Does he/she want to be treated like that? What if the shoe were on the other foot? Black people do not have naturally straight hair. What if every time a black person straightened their hair (which is quite often) someone of another race physically assaulted and verbally abused them for imitating their culture? It would be repugnant, as would anyone be who defended behavior like that. An important lesson for this woman: let black people straighten their hair, let other races perm, or braid theirs; wear you hair any way you like, and shut up about the way others wear theirs. An individual’s hair is their business. Whatever style they choose, they must not let an ignorant bully like this girl try to dictate or make them feel bad about it. As for the wannabe journalist spewing all of the idiocy in this article, you may want to try a different line of work. It’s embarassing to see how warped and mindless your argument is.

    1. Nox says:

      It wasn’t about the hair idiot. According to people who were actually there, it was about him calling her a bitch and harassing her while she was handing out flyers. All BEFORE the camera started rolling of course.

      1. RandomGuy says:

        According to Bonita Tindle herself, it was about the hair. Right at the start on camera.

        Goldstein: You’re saying I can’t have a certain hairstyle because of your culture?
        Tindle: Yeah.

        Even if Goldstein saw the camera and was playing up to it, why would Tindle agree that narrative in the first place?

        And that freeze frame is terrible and the Goldstein assaulted Tindle doesn’t hold water.

        The freeze frame is around 0:18. If you watch the 3 seconds before it, you see Goldstein was moving away and Tindle was literally trying to block him from leaving. It happens again at 0:25. When he finally succeeds at evading Tindle’s block at 0:29, that’s when she visibly grabs his sleeve and pulls him back.

      2. StopDefendingRacists says:

        Except that never happened, and the ONLY source for that unsubstantiated comment is a friend of Bonita’s who claims they were there (and NOT her lackey with the flat top)–yet, it’s so convenient that additional person is nowhere in the video, nor is it never brought up by any of them during the entire duration of this filming. Cory (the dreadlocks kid) said he called her rude for being super aggressive.

        Maybe in your world that translates to the word “bitch” but if this hyper-aggressive nutjob is going to get physical over cultural appropriation, you can GUARANTEE she is going to pile on a defense about sexist remarks if it actually happened.

        No, what really happened is pretty clear by how this video transpired, and these false claims of her being called a bitch by him off-camera are a pathetic last-ditch effort by her equally hyper-aggressive accomplices to save face and make her look less bad. But it’s not going to work. This girl screams for attention and self-promotion, so she would have come out publicly immediately if this bullshit you are spewing was even remotely true. She’s a pseudo-liberal black supremacist who is actually a body shaming conservative.

        1. Plaz says:

          Will u be on my team?

      3. Machende says:

        It was about the hair. She’s mentionin the hair through out this video. Where does she mention this so called “bitch” comment? And you know what- she IS a total bitch.
        By the way I’m black with a very dark skin tone. So you can’t attribute my comment to any “white supremacists”. Some battles are not worth defending.

      4. Ellie Shubargo says:

        https://www.reference.com/history/invented-hair-braiding-410aaff71a3c8184 white people didn’t steal or copy any black hairstyles braids and cornrows are part of white culture. Read my link and pass it on

    2. MagnumBoom says:

      You clearly did not read this article in its entirety. Every point that you made is well…pointless.
      Read it, then post a comment that is constructive or at least relevant.

    3. Machende says:

      I’m a black man. And I DISAPPROVE this article.

  2. UNKNOWN says:


    1. StopDefendingRacists says:

      You know why? You’re not getting her story because she is ashamed of herself and doesn’t want to come out publicly and admit she was a body shaming racist who actually resorted to getting physical (AND ASKING FOR SCISSORS TO CUT OFF HIS HAIR, SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT?!). The way she reacts when she realizes the guy was video taping the incident speaks volumes.

      Don’t act like we’re not getting her story because she’s being censored or something. This happened four fucking days ago, and it’s quite clear that SFSU is protecting her like they always do with their militant minority groups . If there was any difference to the story than what you saw on the video, she would have come out with it already to help promote her shitty photography projects, blog, or anti-white agenda.

      The fact that some of you pseudo-liberals will actually defend this violent behavior by acting like something actually could’ve happened to justify this behavior is just sickening. Get some fucking humanity.

      1. JayBay says:

        Don’t act like we’re not getting her story because she’s being censored or something. This happened four fucking days ago, and it’s quite clear that SFSU is protecting her like they always do with their militant minority groups .

        And there we go. So what, I’m supposed to hug the white man and forget everything that he’s done for HUNDREDS of years? All of a sudden this incident is worse than the shit the KKK and literally hundreds of other white supremacist groups continue to do to us in America alone? Hell. Fucking. No. Do I think every black person is some angel? Hell no. But I’m smart enough to know who my enemy is and at the end of the day you and your people are still my enemy and I have no interest in forming any sort of pact or treaty with you. . God can sum it up best

        Never trust your enemy,
        for like the rusting of copper, so is his wickedness.
        11 Even if he humbles himself and goes about cringing,
        watch yourself, and be on your guard against him;
        and you will be to him like one who has polished a mirror,
        and you will know that it was not hopelessly tarnished.
        12 Do not put him next to you,
        lest he overthrow you and take your place;
        do not have him sit at your right,
        lest he try to take your seat of honor,
        and at last you will realize the truth of my words,
        and be stung by what I have said.

      2. john says:

        That dreadlock kid isn’t even white, he’s a jew?

        1. Michael Cooper says:

          The kid is a blonde-haired white person. The last name ‘Goldstein’ makes him a white Jew. Had you not known his last name, you too, would look at him as a typical white boy.

      3. MagnumBoom says:

        Again, read the article and the full details and then make a comment. By the way, Black people aren’t liberals by definition either or by any stretch of the word. The supremacists love to apply labels in order to compartmentalize then marginalize certain groups. It’s a con game. Black people can’t be designated by any political group, because there are no political groups or associations that have the best interest of Black people as their banner.

        All their bullshit – Democrats, Republicans, Conservative, neo-con, all bullshit labels they use to confuse and deflect their collusion. Those are contrived code terms used for them, not for us.

        Violent behavior? Never do you hear a peep out any of these same people on any of the other articles on this site that points out outlandish, blatant violence against Black people. Now suddenly they feel they’ve been thrown a bone and it’s safe to vocalize some measure of outrage. Injustice bouncing around all over the damn place, and this is what these suspected supremacists choose to have outrage about?

        And you see now supremacists are really going full steam ahead with the FAKE anti-White, reverse racism crap. Nobody’s buying it. They even know it’s bullshit. They refuse (and fear)to take responsibility for all of the horrendous shit they’ve done and ultimately will be held accountable for. Shit, I’d try to muddle the narrative too if I knew that one day I might be called to task for all the atrocities committed by my people against all others.

        Finally, fighting back against the system of White supremacy isn’t Anti-White at all. If Black people were ever allowed to prosper, it would send this economy into the stratosphere making ALL of our lives better. But that would mean they would have to share power and we all know that they cannot have that.

  3. StopDefendingRacists says:

    Great joke article, really. More “there’s no such thing as reverse racism” rhetoric from the black supremacists and their Tumblr-kin who actually have the gall to try and flash freeze terms like racism so that they conveniently only apply to institutionalized practices (there’s a reason why people with respectable educations realize a difference between normal racism and institutionalized racism, you’re not supposed to be educated incorrectly into thinking only one exists). This type of revisionism serves one purpose: offering a layer of protection for non-whites to behave like complete racist assholes towards white people without being called out on their hypocrisy.

    Thankfully with news stories like this gaining more coverage, this pseudo-liberal trend of crusading against “cultural misappropriation” will lose steam and be revealed for what it is–body and image shaming. It’s awesome when you can try and create a world of social rules that only apply to the rest of us while you twist definitions to gain immunity from those same criticisms, eh?

    To quote someone: “I’ve seen what goes on at college campuses and it ain’t always pretty—but it is politically correct, and no matter how many lives get ruined the god of political correctness must be served—and sacrificed to. Seems to me that those that believe and promote this garbage are the biggest racists of all.”

    1. MagnumBoom says:

      Nobody’s buying the Anti-white narrative you guys keep trying to move forward.

      It’s like the bully complaining when the kids he picks on finally stand up and kick his ass.

      Only other White supremacists even give this notion of anti-white a second thought.

      Notice how in order to push this notion, they lump Black people that have been here 200 plus years with illegal aliens that have been here 200 plus minutes. You peep that? Almost like we’re illegal aliens and shit. This is what Anti-White is, it is the pinnacle of White Supremacy because it believes that they can abuse, kill and destroy you in any way they choose, and if you complain, you’re anti-White and by definition you’re a racist? Fuck outta here.

      Donald Trump is the proverbial battery in the back of White people and this notion of reverse racism has found some legs in the media under his auspices, especially the supremacist sites like Alex Jones’. Don’t even let these savages fuck with your head. You wake up feeling something’s wrong because it is. Our frustration with this White supremacist system is legit and justified and that aint racism. Period.

      1. rasu says:

        200 plus years nonsense that’s the time for others, blacks are the true indigenous original of AME- RICA.I don’t think Miss. Bonita is bias she is just aware of people constantly trying to falsely claimed black culture and civilization as there’s. She is right locks come from ancient black culture. PEACE

    2. Plaz says:

      Will u be on my team? Again, im sure this comment will be blocked and im curious …WHY?.??…

    3. Plaz says:

      Well, hmm. I have a true story. It makes this one seem… Idk.
      My story is pretty embarrassing. Which is why i havent told it yet. Idk if i ever will –

      But its sooo discriminatory. And racist. Against a caucasian individual.

  4. yohi says:

    who wrote this garbage? if she was so justifiably harrasing him, saying its her culture (crystal clear they are talking about his hair).. why did she disabled all of her social accounts while the victim didnt??? loool.. why did she smack the dude who was filming? lol lol.. she tried to be the race supremacist so no wonder that the lame white supremacists are using this video for whatever

    1. Ellie Shubargo says:

      https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hairstyle. White people not Africans invented the braids dreadlocks and anything to do with braids.

      1. Truth101 says:

        kill yourself. Africans have been wearing braids and locks for thousands of years. Don’t watch Bravehart or these new bullshit white Egyptian movies and see a few whites wearing dreads and think white people invented braids because that BS. White people never even knew how to bathe before the moors taught them which is documented facts so how the fuck are they going to know how to braid their hair??? and what reason would there have been to braid their hair?? even in battle white vikings used to shave all there hair off or put it up into a ponytail who the fuck is sitting down to braid white hair during the plague or during the Vandals era?? simple logic and knowledge of your history is all you need to dismiss the pure nonsense these white supremacists spew

        1. Machende says:

          Dreadlocks are not African American culture. We, Africans, who can claim historical use of dreadlocks, do not have a problem with “cultural appropriation”.

  5. Remi says:

    One persons actions is not indicative of the attitude of the group. I am not a black apologist. I see no reason to engage in debates about angry “black” women and their reverse racism. Attacking a timid mousy white boy.. IF she was wrong, would society shame ALL “black” people for her actions? Of course they would! That doesnt make it appropriate. The school is dealing with her so.. NEXT STORY! ..situation looked staged anyway.

    1. JayBay says:

      Exactly. We commit a crime because we’re savages to don’t want to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. White people do WORSE things all over the planet and those are just isolated incidents. Anytime these other groups come on here blathering on and on in their posts it’s to distract you and get you on their point of view. You’re wise for being able to understand the truth.

  6. Unapologetic Black says:

    What’s crazy, I don’t know anyone black person under 30 yrs. old, who care whether a white person wears dreadlocks or not.
    maybe, if they are a real bonafied Rastafarian, they could possibly be confronted. That’s about it, but the average black person really couldn’t care less..It’s not something we sit around the dinner table and discuss. Maybe we spoke about it in circles in the nineties when it was new to most black ppl. It’s just that, at this point in time, most of us are quite ok with being appropriated by the dominant society. In general, we have no problem with someone singing, dancing, rapping, imitating or adopting what is known as an urban lifestyle, Sometimes describe as slumming or acting black. Often times, it’s celebrated. I think the best ally for a non black person appropriating urban culture is a young black person, particularly under 30, because they have the least experience with blatant racism. From my experience, A young African American woman, will more than likely turn a blind eye to a non black person wearing dreadlocks. They may poke fun at it once in a while but that’s about it. That sort of thing wouldn’t make it pass the lunch table. Black girls are far more concerned with other things. Geez…Give me a break, This is not some new phenomenon. Like white ppl just started wearing locks a few yrs ago.

    1. john says:

      Actually drealocks or dreads isn’t originally a black thing. Originally they were called braids and were worn in Europe way before black folk ever wore them. So black people you don’t have the patent on this hairdo or style just because you have kinky ass hair!

      1. Ellie Shubargo says:

        Your so right . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hairstyle . pass this information on to your friends

    2. Plaz says:

      And what do you sit around the table discussing?? I know!
      How *cool white ppl are. I mean how *cool they are doing NOTHING as you’re mudslinging them. Thats right. And unless YOU ARE that young african american girl who you say ONLY POKES FUN ONCE IN A WHILE ….

      How would you know what anyones concerns are?

      And that next time- might be
      That “one-time-too-many”

      Read it again. And again.

  7. Me says:

    Did you just fucking call a Jewish person a white supremacist? Do you realize the implications of that?

    1. JayBay says:

      Two things. 1.Jews financed the trans atlantic slave so they’re not black people’s friends either and 2.The Jewish people of today are not the true Jews. Not biblically, not genetically, and there’s tons of proof out there that shows this.

    2. john says:

      Mr. Jiveass do you realize the implications of this sir? Millions of jews were murdered by a white supremacist group in Germany or Germania like that crazy old bastard Adolph liked to call it.

      1. JayBay says:

        Millions of jews were murdered by a white supremacist group

        …….Meh. Don’t care.

  8. Anybody else notice how when the white trump supporters hit black people the cops never arrest them. But when this black lady just touches the white guy arms the cops are voluntarily trying to arrest her, even thought the white guy ask to press charge.

    1. bobbie hates hypocrites says:

      I meant to say even though the white guy did not ask to press charge.

    2. Lisa gardner says:

      Actually Trumps campaign manager has been charged with assault for pushing a reporter so your argument doesn’t really hold water. Don’t touch people you disagree with its as easy as that. I learned this in kindergarten, keep your hands to yourself, sigh so much for higher education.

      1. I know they arrested the trump supporter that assaulted the man. But what I mean’t to say was that they didn’t arrest him at first and they weren’t going to arrest him until they got shamed by the public. Yet with this girl the cops are immediately trying to arrest this girl without anybody telling them to. The white guy did not even have to press charge on her. So uh yeah, my argument does hold water.

  9. Brother Tom says:

    Do not be fooled by egregious comments by stank, dirty, pale devils and their traitorous coon lackeys….


    Our problem is racism/white supremacy. Period.

    Fuck accusations of “reverse racism” and the like. Devils and their corrupt system are the true enemy and destroying their system should be your ONLY focus.

    Fuck trying to argue or convert the devil as their is no bargaining with your enemy (especially one so evil and depraved).

    Focus on building infrastructure and creating a code of conduct for all Melanated ppls worldwide.

    Do not waste precious time or energy in meaningless arguments/discussion with the enemy — that is their goal.

    1. john says:

      That chick is a jive ass negro. You black people take yourselves so seriously. You all need to get a life. Your not that important in the grand scheme of things. You are just another problem the white race has to contend with in order to manage a nation.

    2. Scott Foreman says:

      Melanated . . .supremacy . . .infrastructure . . . Four syllable words! Apparently Project Head Start is working after all. Soon you’ll be able to use your growing vocabulary to “aks” the white devils and their lackeys for more free stuff. :-)

    3. Plaz says:

      I read the first 2 and last 2 lines…. Lol. Per your personal instruction:

      Didnt waste time or energy.

      Almost lol

  10. Richard says:

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  11. NumbersGame says:

    I understand this story for what it is, Tindal was racist in the video towards this kid, indeed and injustice, plus she did pull on his arm out of anger. Now let’s dig deeper. The difference is the way black racism and white racism are handled.

    Black racism (black against a white) is seen as a terrible epidemic among ALL black people, this view is pushed and published in this video to the dominant society, it is seen as definite proof that ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE RACIST <— this narritive is now the code for the dominant society ( the dominant society thrives on codes) It is the unwritten law for the dominant soceity.

    White racism (white against a black) is seen as an individual sin of the perpetrator which has nothing to do with any other individual white person. It is often played down as a persons mental illness, freedom of speech, just there upbringing or "those were the times". It is viewed as a personal failure that can be overcome with love and understanding. Indeed the evidence of the racist cop detective in the OJ Simpson case is played down as "individual person that has nothing to do with other whites".

    As you can see white racism is thought of very differently than black racism.

    1. JayBay says:

      Anything black people do is viewed as negative or worse than when whites do it. Black people commit a crime? We’re ALL criminals. Black people talk about separating ourselves from whites? We’re racist even though every other group separates and builds their own communities. The list goes on and on. The simplest way to look at whites (and other nations for that matter) is that they all hate you to some degree. Doesn’t matter how nice they are or if they smile in your face. On the whole they don’t like you. Our problem is that black people on the whole are constantly trying to get the approval of nations outside of our own. This is why we still celebrate their holidays even though they have nothing to do with us and eat their defiled foods. Blacks will never succeed as long as our success is based on what other groups think of us (which is always going to be negative anyways)


        All White People owned Slaves and are to Blame for Slavery. None of them fought against it.

        1. “None of them fought against it.”If there were no white people, then “it” would not have happened period

        2. Bruce says:

          Go read your history. 700,000 Americans (99.99% white died in the Civil War to eradicate slavery. Lose your racist dogma and read our history. and yes If you were bon in this country this is your history

          1. JayBay says:

            Those whites were either A.conscripted into service or B.doing it for pay and benefits because so many of them were poor. That’s the history you left out and can easily be researched.. There wasn’t some magical outcry where white people suddenly realized slavery and racism was wrong. If there was, it wouldn’t have continued for HUNDREDS of years. and up to the 60’s (although that’s really when surface racism became illegal)

      2. Scott Foreman says:

        “… always going to be negative…” And why do you suppose “other groups” might have negative thoughts? Just wondering. And maybe trolling a little :-)

        1. JayBay says:

          Hmm….Well let’s see. Because we’re better than them? We’re the best group of people on the planet and white people and other groups are at the bottom genetically? Hey, you’re the one who’s going onto black owned sites to troll about how superior you are (a little strange that the “superior” group always resorts to trolling) so why don’t you teach me something Esau?

          1. JayBay says:

            From a previous post

            Because we’re better than them? Tell ya what, let’s have God say what’s going on.

            55 All this have I spoken before thee, O Lord, because thou madest the world for our(Blacks, hispanics, Native Americans) sakes

            56 As for the other people (any group outside of the ones I mentioned earlier), which also come of Adam, thou hast said that they are nothing, but be like unto spittle: and hast likened the abundance of them unto a drop that falleth from a vessel.

            57 And now, O Lord, behold, these heathen (This is Scott and these other nations) , which have ever been reputed as nothing, have begun to be lords over us, and to devour us.

            58 But we thy people, whom thou hast called thy firstborn, thy only begotten, and thy fervent lover, are given into their hands.

            59 If the world now be made for our (blacks, hispanics, native americans again) sakes, why do we not possess an inheritance with the world? how long shall this endure?

            As long as we continue to worship and try to emulate these other groups we will continue to suffer. That’s why we need to separate from these groups and keep the commandments. Half of white people could be wiped out tomorrow and God wouldn’t care. And neither should you fellow black men. Don’t cry when ISIS kills these people. Celebrate! Because this is God’s way of getting revenge for all the wickedness these people have done to you.

      3. Clint says:

        Living with hate in your heart towards your fellow man is only going to make you miserable and cut your life short. White supremacy is dead, they hold no power or authority in this county. Either you are imagining this garbage or you have been brainwashed to think like this. Separating yourself from the rest of humanity is not going to benefit you in any way. Shake off the hate and learn to love more…your live will be more fulfilling!

        1. JayBay says:

          …..No. I’m not even going to dignify why I should explain that after all the bullshit that whites have done to us in the past, present, and are planning to do to us in the future, why I should continue to forgive them and hold hands with them. So your answer is not going to be an argument where we come to a consensus. It’s just going to be NO.

      4. Plaz says:

        Cuz it USUALLY IS…
        Moving right along

    2. Bonita Tindle says:

      The existence of BLACK RACISM is denied and covered up to a very large extent.

      1. JayBay says:

        The existence of BLACK RACISM is denied and covered up to a very large extent.

        …..meh. don’t care. White people have denied their racism on a global scale for so long that I just don’t care about their complaints anymore. You don’t like it? Go back to Europe! :)

    3. Bonita Tindle says:

      The existence of BLACK RACISM is denied and covered up to a very large extent.

      1. Get off this page and stop acting like a victim.


    I heard he threatened to kill her and all her family, called her a “Black Hoe” and a “Nigger”, and is a Member of the local KU KLUX KLAN!

    1. Scott Foreman says:

      Yes, I heard that too. I also heard he tried to force-feed her fried chicken and watermelon, and asked her if she was available to give twerking lessons.

    2. Plaz says:

      ??? I was threatened the other day by a black girl. “Why u park n my spot u know i park here. Do it again, ima fuck up you AND UR CAR.” Her words not mine.
      You know who cares?
      Bingo. No one. Btw…
      No assigned parking. You park where you can. At least everyone else does! But if you are in my car, PLEASE do not park under the tree in that one spot. Park across a busy street and be careful with the little ones. Neither me or car need any beating. I know… Its car discrimination! Only, it continues when the car isnt with me!
      Try it yourself?! I don’t encourage it. She is a fucking bitch, she loves STARTING SHIT. because … She is black. And she can get away with it! If *I acted like her…… ??? No chance but all hell wld break loose if i could/did!

      1. Plaz says:

        And welcome to my world. You cant LOOK in a persons direction –

        Without them accusing me of… ANYTHING. YOU NAME IT. Now all this is affecting my very mild-mannered children, at school. Been ongoing “at home”
        Home? My kids are under 10 yrs old. They are great kids.
        Even when bullied by one black kid! So basically im teaching them how TO DO NOTHNG WHEN YOURE CONTINUALLY VIOLATED
        TO CALL


    As a Member of this faculty I can assure you this guy has a Reputation for his aggressive behaviour and Politics, he was heard to threaten her before the incident and to cut off her Hair asking one of his friends if they had any scissors, he followed her down the stairs and confronted her and grab her when she tried to get away. He is a leading member of the KU KLUX KLAN in the local area and heavily involved in Racial Politics..



  15. Ellie Shubargo says:

    Just like fried chicken the hair style with braids of any kind was invented by white people .https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hairstyle

    1. No_Name says:

      Why do retarded racist cunts like you like coming to black sites? White people loooove black sites, but you’ll never find blacks going on your gay ass sites. Get the fuck outta here

  16. Ellie Shubargo says:

    http://quatr.us/africa/food/ this is what they eat before coming to America. Most of there meats was dry. They didn’t know what fried chicken Mac cheese was until they came here


    Dear black people,
    please stop engaging in pointless arguments with white supremacists. We all know the truth behind the system that we live in. By now, we should all understand that pointless arguing will get us nowhere. What we should be focused on is rebuilding our own empire that is built on a foundation of justice. White people have committed horrendous crimes against us for centuries and have never apologized or offered any type of reparations or intervention. To this very day, they continue to oppress us and blame the entire black “race” for what they have instilled in our communities. With this in mind, you need to understand that the people you are dealing with do not think or operate in the same fashion that you do. They do not feel any remorse for their actions and they do not care for you on a broad scale. They will always justify their actions while condemning the smallest of black crime an contributing it to the entire black “race”. Question: How does this young black girl’s actions compare to slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, racial bias in the work place, racial wealth gaps across the globe (especially in America), racial media etc? This encounter should not receive this much attention because, frankly, we have bigger things to worry about. So please, please, please, stop talking to the white supremacists like your message is going to resonate with them. They do not have the same soul or connection to the most high as you do. Your main concern needs to be rebuilding your own empire on a foundation of justice. Stop seeking the approval of white people. They are not your friend and they have no intention of giving you a fair chance in a system that was built to aid their genetic shortcomings. In a fair system, white people are not only inferior, they will disappear eventually due to their recessive gene pool. They know this and go through extreme measures to make sure you remain a permanent underclass. We have to understand this and do everything we can to come together, establish comm(UNITY) and rebuild our own empire.

    1. Clint says:

      When you classify an entire group of people as inferior, what makes you any different than a white supremacist? Underneath this cloak of skin, we are all the same. People are not your enemy, Satan is. If you want to change the world you live in, I would suggest starting with the person in the mirror.

    2. Bruce says:

      is this not the racist sentiments that you consistently rail against? Talk about double standards. Also read your history. Black African chiefs were selling their own people to slave traders for profit.This has been documented as historical fact. Yet you say nothing.Black racism is just as ugly as white racism. You don’t get a free pass.

  18. Ellie Shubargo says:

    https://bnpsalford.wordpress.com/the-truth-about-slavery/ blacks should read this and then apologize to whites people. I know that blacks are counting on the day white people will no longer be here all I can say about that is don’t hold your breath because white people ain’t going nowhere white people never die. You are be mad at your own people they’re the ones that sold you into slavery ancestors into slavery

  19. Ellie Shubargo says:

    https://bnpsalford.wordpress.com/the-truth-about-slavery/ black Africans kidnap their own people and sold them into slavery blacks to be mad at them. Response to those who think white people are going to disappear white people will never die I will always be here

  20. Ellie Shubargo says:

    People who tell you that the white race is dying off they’re just dreaming white people’s never gonna die will be here long after you all leave

  21. Ellie Shubargo says:

    http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2004/mar/10/20040310-115506-8528r North Africa in slave non-emergency European people/

  22. Ellie Shubargo says:

    http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2004/mar/10/20040310-115506-8528r/ white European people were enslaved by North Africa

  23. Ellie Shubargo says:

    http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-irish-slave-trade-the-forgotten-white-slaves/31076 blacks were not the only slaves but they are the only ones who play that card , the iris slaves got pass being slaves and move on…

    1. JayBay says:

      Irish not iris. Yes they did move on. In fact they were actually paid for their work. Their generations were allowed to live and prosper in America. Also during that time they oppressed and ENSLAVED blacks. My last name is an Irish name. That’s not some wacky coincidence. Do your research before buying into these white supremacist arguments. There’s always a but…. at the end of it.

      Keep trying with all your BS posts but realize that that isn’t going to work here. Whites have done way too much evil throughout the planet to deserve forgiveness. You’re the smallest group on the planet yet have done the most evil. You and I both know it. So keep it up with the history lesson but know that it’s not going to save you from the recompense your people have coming.

    2. No_Name says:

      #FACT the Irish were the brutal enforcers of the British Empire. They were racist assholes to black slaves, even Thomas Nast observed that. They would beat up black people if they come across. They’re retarded descendants are found in Boston & it’s one of the most racist cities in America. Southie is full of racist Irish Americans

  24. str8_talk says:

    The comments by the Troglodytes on here (they hate black people but still be on here like the leech they are) shows that as a race they will never change & like the virus they are will have to be eradicated eventually. Nature is already doing it & their warmongering history slaughtering each other has withered down their numbers to 8% of the world’s population. You bloodsuckers of the world are still in Afrika stealing resources to prop up your countries trying to get a lease on life but nothing is going to save you you degenerate Neanderthal mutation..

    1. Brother Tom says:

      That’s the truth brother. Death to the pink beasts.

  25. RiddleMeThis says:

    This comment section is a troll paradise right now, come on people you are smarter then this, stop feeding the trolls.. facepalm

    Trolls feed on your replys

    1. it does not matter if you are right or make sense, they are trolls and will keep it going they DO NOT care if your response makes sense or not.

    2. The goal of a troll is to TROLL – they are not interested in a real conversation

    3. The secondary goal of a troll is to make you mad/upset/etc that is a trolls job! I should know I troll in video games from time to time and it still amazes me that when I do troll people ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY TRY TO TALK AND REASON WITH ME LOL!!!


    5. The really good seasoned smarter trolls have fake “conversations” with other trolls to make it seem like its real, for example troll A and troll B argue about why so many blacks are in prison. Both trolls are in on it, troll A says its because of white people – troll B says its blacks own fault. Both are in on it <– smart right lol. So whenever you see a troll being engaged ignore the whole conversation BECAUSE IT COULD BE TROLLS TALKING TO EACH OTHER.

    6. And there you go – if you don't know, being a troll is VERY VERY FUN! I wont lie to you it is FUN! This is why people do it, your job is to ignore them, the fun will stop very quickly and they WILL leave. The end.

  26. No_name says:

    Egypt is in Africa & ancient Egyptians were black, not the Arabs we see today who invaded the land. White people try so hard to deny that, that’s why they make bullshit inaccurate movies about ancient Egypt with white blue eyed, blonde actors

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