White Supremacist Trump Supporters Threaten To Lynch Black Politician


HOUSTON — A Black Texas congressman said  that he’s been threatened with lynching by callers infuriated over him seeking impeachment of President Trump.

Rep. Al Green, a Democrat, held a town hall meeting and played recordings of several threatening voicemails left at his offices by white supremacists in Houston and Washington, the Houston Chronicle reports.

One male caller used a racial insult and threatened Green with “hanging from a tree” if he pursues impeachment of Donald Trump. Another man left a message saying Green would be the one impeached after “a short trial” and then he would be hanged, according to the recording.

The Trump supporters can also be heard on the recordings repeatedly referring to the Black congressman as a “nigger”, while threatening him with different forms of violence.

Watch the video below to hear some excerpts from the racist recordings.

3 thoughts on “White Supremacist Trump Supporters Threaten To Lynch Black Politician

  1. Mark says:

    People should me more worried about the white supremacists who are not vocal, the ones who make you believe they’re your friend or good neighbor, or your doctor who believes you can sustain more pain than whites, millions of them have that same thought and yet stay dormant until you meet them as a jury.

    This whole nation is rotten, segregation is the only way.

  2. Les Wood says:

    I agree. It is time the word separation enters the conversation when we talk about dealing with racism.

  3. Cw. Dean says:

    Hi my name is Dean I am not afraid of no k k k your threats are ignorant if that’s all you can say I know you are a coward I know who you are if you say you are a k k k I will not be threaten by small minds I do know who I am and where I came from I am who I am what about you. You need to stop representing a 1948 Kentucky token little lodges and you also need to stop killing people of color cause of the creed and color of our skin. Be good be kind we made you don’t hate participate stop sacrificing people. hatred will never go away cause of control if God decided to go to sleep what will happen to all of us. trompdon’t look to to far I been all 48 and over see you God Bless you

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