White Supremacist Trolls: Racist Codewords


White supremacists are using coded language on media platforms to brainstorm xenophobic schemes

By Kenny Anthony


White supremacists are constantly creating new code-words to openly further their racist agendas. These code-words are intended to create confusion among victims of white supremacy, and they’re often used to manipulate the truth. When confronted with data and statistics, the last resort for a white supremacist is to engage in deflective discussions by mentioning “Black on Black crime” or “Liberals/Democrats”. In addition, time-wasting white supremacist trolls usually result to derogatory racist insults and extreme death threats.

Here is a list (with photographic evidence) of the white supremacist code-words that can be found all throughout social media:

14 Words – A white supremacist slogan meaning: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”.

88 Represents the eighth letter of the alphabet (H), with “HH” standing for “Heil Hitler“.

Far Right – White supremacist.

Alt-RightWhite supremacist.

White Nationalist White supremacist.

Fascist White supremacist.

MuslimsAnybody non-white.

Looters All Black people.

Illegal Aliens/Immigrants – Anybody non-white.

Rioters All Black people.

GangsAll Black people.

Thugs All Black people.

Black Lives MatterAll Black people.

GoogleAll Black people.

Yahoo – Latino/Mexican”.

Antifa – Anybody willing to fight against white supremacy.

Normies – Anybody against injustice & white supremacy. Used by the “Kekistan” cult.

Snowflake –  Anybody against injustice & white supremacy (usually a white person).

Skittles – Brown and Black Muslims/people.

Reggin – A racial slur meaning “nigger”, just spelled backwards.

Skype –  White people that class themselves as Jewish.

Dindus – A racial mockery/insult initially referring to innocent Black people that are wrongly convicted, and it’s also a general term used for all Black people.

Western – All white people.

We Wuz Kangz & Shiieet – A racial insult designed to discredit/mock the accomplishments and advancements of Black people throughout history. They use “I’m White and I Say So” logic to refute the information.

SS – When the “SS” are shaped like lightning bolts, it represents Hitler’s secret police. Commonly used by numerous white supremacist groups.

Cuck – In white supremacist culture, any white person that speaks out against white supremacy and Black oppression tends to be called a “cuck”.



Also, it’s fair to suspect people of being a white supremacist if they use Pepe The Frog memes because it’s now an official hate symbol.

This list is designed to make the process of identifying a white supremacist uncomplicated and effortless. However, it’s important to note that somebody could still be a white supremacist even if they do not subscribe to these specific code-words. This calls for us as Melanoid people to be attentive and socially aware. At this current moment, white supremacist domestic-terrorist groups are using racial tensions as ammunition to recruit members. To ensure that they lose this war, we must consistently be prepared and organized.

Our advice: Be alert, connect with like-minded Melanoid people, do not let your children go outside unsupervised, and exercise your Second Amendment.

24 thoughts on “White Supremacist Trolls: Racist Codewords

  1. Tesfay says:

    Wow thanks taria

  2. Tesfay says:

    Learning so much very happy

    1. Dessalean says:

      You’re welcome family!

      – Kenny Anthony

  3. lisa says:

    ”cuck” is also used towards male feminists. seems to be another way of calling a man a pussy or a pansy

  4. CaveBeast Killa says:

    Grand Wizard You should be worried about your own pedophile uncles in the KKK and your proven rapist president.
    Go back to your cave , you vampire.

  5. anonymous says:

    https://youtu.be/i7IpvPdZPqU I am posting this because Mr. Nasheed should be made aware of it. Posted here because I am not sure how to notify him elsewhere.

  6. Paris says:

    thank you

  7. Erich Lee says:

    Do you have any idea how wrong and false this article is?
    Did you do any research at all? Kekistan is a Parody of ALL identity politics and racial segregation caused by the leftists and white supremacists.

    If you don’t belong, if you are an oddball, if you are different, if you are not what you’re “supposed to be” or think different than “what is expected” of you, Hotep, black republicans, coons, uncle toms, sell out’s, etc etc: You ARE A KEKISTANI!

  8. Nick says:

    This is so fucking retarded I can hardly believe its real

  9. Adolph says:

    hey has anyone seen kyle?

  10. Do you verify anything you do articles about with reality? It’s like you surf the internet all alone with nothing but your preconceived victim-hood.

  11. Nicko says:

    Latinos for Kekistan!!!

  12. Kekistani conquerer says:

    This is actually important to get right since you oppose the alt right. We hate those guys too but they will mock you for getting it wrong, like we will. And while I’m here the alt right is a lefty group that feels disenfranchised due to the heavy favoritism and outright discrimination of whites from the democrats. They keep going on and on about “not a conservative movement” and always bitch about the democratic party and how white people voted for Bernie sanders instead of Hillary. I think they mad bro, kek. But anyway definitions:

    Dindu: short for “dindu nuffin”, a reference to all the BLM protests that were in support of violent thugs. For example Trenton Trevon Lovell and Treyvon Martin (look over Zimmerman’s call to the police if you believe he didn’t attack Zimmerman, he got away and came back). Both are “dindu’s” becase only an uneducated idiot would believe they “dindu nuffin wrong”

    Far right and alt right are mostly used by liberals.

    “We Wuz Kangz & Shiieet” is mocking a specific documentary that claimed all major advancements of the human race were done by Africans. Gunpowder (where the hell would they get sulfur?), the genious of Leonardo da Vinci (seriously?), etc.

    Snowflake, short for special snowflake. Anyone with self esteem so low anything and everything causes a major emotional breakdown.

    Rioters, looters etc… ok in white supremacist groups, the legitimate ones they actually believe all black people are riot happy thugs. However if this is in reference to BLM then just be aware its not necessarily a white supremacist saying that, there are a lot of BLM “protesters” who just want to riot and loot.

    “Normies”… Fucking normies don’t even know what normies are! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! This is straight from 4chan and has nothing to do with white supremacists. See people from 4chan , the continent that houses the great nation of kekistan, are autistic. If you are “normal” you are a normie. If you have a girlfriend you are a normie.

    Also dis website belongs to Kek now, get with us or gtfo. But you wont because we aren’t a collective divided by the amount of melanin in our skin, like you all and the alt right.

  13. jabberwolf says:

    I dont even know where to begin….
    1- Snowflake had nothing to do with ashes of my families murders in concentration camps. (Yes, I’m Jewish). You might want to ask a jew about this because you seriously must have pulled that idea straight from your ass. Snowflake is a nickname to represent the very delicate ego that people have.

    2- While you scream about Nazi’s and Alt-right you STILL have conspiracies about Jews.. Thanks for clearing up that you are not really concerned about their racism, but that you yourself are bigots.

    3- Kekistan has nothing to do with cuck. I know if some sounds , sound alike and you make things up to placate your ignorance, but you might want to actually look it up instead.
    Kekistan was created as a PARODY country to be upset about. It’s as non-existent as your rage and protest. It’s just as meaningless and fake. While there ARE real Neo-Nazis that believe in inequality, racism, and admire a fascist….. it’s people like BLM and Antifa actually practice fascism and demand INEQUALITY based on race.
    This is why Kekistan was created to represent a fake protest against imaginary problems, and thus why not an imaginary nation.
    In fact that purpose of Kekistan is to point out that people are claiming any problem they have as real as well as calling anyone who disagrees with then a NAZI… which you are doing!! You are basically proving their point!

  14. KekNutMaster says:

    Tariq you’re retarded.

  15. F a g g o t says:

    Dam all these flavours and you choose to be wrong.

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