White Supremacist Terrorist Groups Unite For Major Rally In Charlottesville


by Tiffany Tubman

As of today, we know that 12 alt-right and alt-lite white supremacy organizations have united to organize one group, Unite The Right. Some of the smaller groups include: League of the South, Identity Evropa, TradWorkerParty, Nationalist Front Groups, Vanguard America, Anticom, and more. This larger united group has the sole purpose of preserving their white race with the event slogan of “You Will Not Replace Us”. However, other associated slogans are #FreeSpeech, #MAGA, #March4MAGA, #BuildtheWall, and #DraintheSwamp. The March is set to take place at Lee Park in Charlottesville, VA at 12PM on August 12, 2017. The park is named after the infamous racist/white supremacist, General Robert E. Lee. Hosts and speakers include: Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Jason Kessler, Baked Alaska, Augustus Invictus, Christopher Cantwell, Matt Heimbach, Johnny Monoxide, Pax Dickinson, Sacco Vandal and Dr. Michael Hill. All event details can be found on Twitter under the #UniteTheRight search term.

The white supremacist domestic terrorist organization is claiming that they have a right to organize and rally in that location because of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution and the belief that the land is soaked with their ancestors’ blood. The gathering is for the claimed purpose of preventing white genocide and the replacement of white people culturally and ethnically and to deny them the right to assemble is a violation of their civil rights. However, several major historical events need to be pointed out as significant on August 12.

1492-Christopher Columbus 1st Voyage to New World
1867-Andrew Johnson defies Congress suspending Secretary of War Edwin Stanton (Note: Trump is a big supporter of Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson and he frequently confusing the 2 but relentlessly supporting and quoting).
1908-Henry Ford steals the model from George Washington Carver for the Model T Car and the 1st car is built (not sure if SWS even are thinking about that but it had to be mentioned)
1942-numerous key Nazi meetings to progress Hitler’s agenda
1944-Nazi soldier related mass executions of Jews and Blacks, over 400K people murdered
1965-Chicago West Side Race Riots begin.
Russian Air Force Day
Russian Troops Day

One can reasonably speculate that any of these events strongly linked to Nazi, Russia, and destruction of humanity would make a historically significant time and place for the terrorism this UniteTheRight Group may be planning. In addition to this, group has a fear of being replaced by Muslims, Jews, and Blacks, genetic antihalation due low birth rate, and a genuine disdain for Indian and Middle East people/foreigners. This group has also been recently and vehemently suggesting the onset of a new Civil War in America, and the FBI should be watching this newly united terrorist cell.

In organizing for the “preservation of the white race” this group has experienced some resistance from several outlets. Gofundme has shut down pages of participants requesting funds to attend the event and Airbnb has cancelled reservations and disabled accounts of suspected participants for this event. Public officials are renaming parks, removing treasonous Non-American Civil War Statues, and the UniteTheRight Park permits have been revoked by the city of Charlottesville, VA. Even though the permits have been revoked by the city, the group is planning to organize anyway and break the law. The mayor, Honorable Wes Bellamy, M.Ed (@ViceMayorWesB) has been faithfully protecting his citizens and opposing this group. As such, he has received threats and his name has been slandered. The group has accused Mayor Bellamy of being “Black Lives Matter” and anti-white people. Mayor Bellamy is a husband, advocate, member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and proud God-father.

An anti-racist group has formed to thwart the UnitTheRight march for the August 12 event and they will be counter protesting in a location adjacent to the terrorist group. The can be reached via email at defend.cville@protonmail.com.

Although the terrorist group has faced some opposition, they are publicly supported by Steve Bannon, Steve Miller, and Omar Navarro (running for US Congress). There are believed to be many silent supporters and with such open support from high ranking members of the Trump Administration, one could only guess how far or high up the support goes. It is important to note that President Trump is openly supporting their agenda and initiating laws through Jeff Sessions to pursue their agenda. The editors responsible for event propaganda for the UnitTheRight March can be contacted at: cville1012017@gmail.com.

We are asking all Melanoid Nation family to stay safe, stay on code, and get your Second Amendment game strong. We have the right to protect ourselves. We will be posting more articles on survival methods during this high alert times.




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  1. L Boogie says:

    Think you meant to say that Ford got the idea of the “plant” and it’s relation to mass production. Forgot who Ford got the concept for the Model T from but he’s never given credit for inventing the car (which he didnt) but is given credit for the idea of mass production which he got from Carver.

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