White Extremist Sentenced To Nearly Six Years In Prison For Practicing “Knockout Game” On Elderly Black Man


KATY, TX — In December of 2013, a then 27-year-old white man named Conrad Alvin Barrett wanted to make his voice heard by acting out in a blatantly disrespectful manner.

The Texas native approached an elderly Melanoid man by the name of Roy Coleman, and delivered a crushing blow to Coleman’s face, which broke the 79-year-old Black man’s jaw. During the assault, Barrett used his cellphone to video record the entire ordeal. His reason for doing so? To see if his attack on Mr. Coleman would garner national attention.

Here’s a brief report of the story, according to the Huffington Post:

Barrett shot 11 videos on his cell phone, which his lawyer wrote in a court filing showed “nonsensical racist rants, discussion about ‘the knockout game’ itself” and “a great deal of racist remarks, slurs, and stereotypes, and they are highly inflammatory.” In one of the videos, Barrett said that African-Americans “haven’t fully experienced the blessing of evolution.”

The defense lawyer said Barrett had bipolar disorder and was intoxicated on prescription drugs and alcohol at the time of the attack.

Barrett has been sentenced to 71 months in prison. Mr. Roy Coleman, who is now 81 years of age, says he has suffered permanent health issues due to the attack, and is currently seeking a financial settlement in court.

B. Clark

16 thoughts on “White Extremist Sentenced To Nearly Six Years In Prison For Practicing “Knockout Game” On Elderly Black Man

  1. bree says:

    5 years? that’s it??? people get 15 years for weed.

    1. ww says:

      Let’s try something for the hell of it…….. let a melanoid age 27 strike a white man age 79 in the same manner, and give him the same health excuses as this sorry piece of shit, and let’s see how much time the melanoid gets, if any. Some white cop will probably shoot the melanoid because that’s what they do. I hope they announce in jail why he is there. A case of cigarettes will get this shit-bag put down.

      This is another event that raises the question…..””WTF did HUMANS OF COLOR do to WHITE AMERICA?”” WHAT??????????

      1. Ted says:

        This white man deserves prison but so do all the black people on YouTube who started this whole thing. Funny how there is an endless supply of black on white punch game crimes online for all to see and laugh at but not one bit of justice for thier victims.

      2. Ted says:


        Here is one of hundreds ofor examples of the same thing. But no one cares when it’s an old white devil lady

  2. Paul says:

    That punk azz cave savage should have gotten 15 to life like they do us.

  3. Melanesa Harrison says:

    I personal know Mr. Coleman and he is a very nice man. I have known him all my life and he did not deserve this at all.

  4. JayBay says:

    What a piece of shit. Hope he gets what’s coming to him in prison.

    On another important note, this wasn’t some old timer who grew up in the racist south that did this. It was a 27 year old. Let that be a reminder whenever people try to tell you that racist whites are the old generation and the new generation wants to be your friend. These “people” haven’t changed a bit since the civil rights movement.

    1. dc1969 says:

      Your on point. A lot of black,african,melanoid people actually believe because they get a smile,small talk,etc from caucasians it automatically means friendship. Biggest con ever. Those of us that have been enlightened as we got older picked up on this con.unfortunately,too many of us want to be “loved” by a species who could not give a shit about us. This piece of white trash hopefully will get whatever comes to him while being in the big house.

    2. dj says:

      instant cosign

  5. What says:

    There gonna put him in a mental institution for Mabey 6 months
    Then it will be swept under the rug…
    The lawyer for the “bad guy” is hollering MENTAL ILLNESS….😒

  6. KolossusNUPE_7 says:

    Its like a f**kin script they run every time a white supremacist acts out in “their true feelings”. Well lets paint him as having a Bipolar Disorder. No no no…he has a “white supremacist disorder”. Clearly he was very conscious of what he was doing.

    And just as the system of white supremacy is a COWARD system, so is this f**kin Bastard!! Attacking a defenseless elderly Black man. F**ckin Coward! He’ll get his in prison…IF they actually send him there. smh.

  7. bianca says:

    LMFAO but wait I thought the Knockout Game didnt exist Tariq????? So now when 1 white out of the thousands of backs that do it, now its real???? lol Tariq is a damn joke at this point

    1. dj says:

      and you are a troll at this point so what now???

    2. JayBay says:

      Yeah tariq and Jason Black debunked this a while ago. But then again people like you are more interested in trolling than truth so I guess it’s no surprise that it slipped past you…..dumbass cunt.

    3. dc1969 says:

      You silly twat,bianca. Why don’t you research your stuff before you come on this site. You and your kind just love to interlope amongst people who are talking real business concerning situations involving us. You need to just chill the fuck out,cunt.

      1. Ted says:

        Wow Bianca called it out and now there some hurt feelings.

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