White Supremacist Murdered A Black College Student In Racial Attack


In yet another case of racialized attacks in the United States, a 22-year-old University of Maryland student is accused of fatally stabbing a Bowie State University student.  The random, racially motivated attack happened early Saturday, police say. White supremacist Sean Christopher Urbanski randomly approached Richard Collins III, who was with two friends- one white and one Asian- near a bus stop at the College Park campus around 3 a.m. and stabbed Collins in the chest with a folding knife.

Mainstream media outlets, who have taken the position to protect the system of white supremacy, are already making excuses for the white supremacist terrorist Sean Urbanski, by trying to minimize the heinousness of the attack. Some outlets are claiming that Urbanski was “intoxicated”, as if to imply, it was the alcohol, and not Urbanski’s racial hatred, that was the motivation to murder a random Black man.

The media and law enforcement officials are also trying to claim this attack was not racially motivated, yet Sean Urbanski belongs to a white supremacist Facebook group called “The Alt- Reich”.



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The Alt Reich Facebook group is known for posting extremely violent and disgusting anti-Black propaganda in the form of memes and white nationalist rhetoric. So this connection to Sean Christopher Urbanski proves that he had anti-Black bias and his murderous attack was motivated by his anti-Black, white supremacist views.

Now that we see law enforcement and the media doing everything they can to protect these racial attacks on random innocent Black people, what should the Melanoid community do about this?

14 thoughts on “White Supremacist Murdered A Black College Student In Racial Attack

  1. Hannibal says:


  2. Sundiata says:

    You are in a war black people…..why wasn’t this man armed?

  3. Emanuel says:

    We have to get on code!!!

  4. They want to be like us so bad… we are not going nowhere

  5. Mr Hunt says:

    Yes, they are engaging war on us. Invest in arming yourself with lethal and non-lethal ‘tools’. Iearn to use them. Invest in bulletproof body armor. Wear it as if your life depends on it- because it does. Research making arrangements for your legal defense- in advance. Increase your alertness when you’re in public spaces. STOP making your enemies wealthy. DIVEST your support in every way you can. Starve their ‘economy’ by withholding your consumer dollars. -Peace.

    1. Lieutenant Norals IV says:


  6. anti galleta says:

    Most black are punks except to our own. Black women as brother Tariq has said you better arm yourself because my black men cannot protect you.

    1. anti galleta says:

      *black brothers

  7. Sinister says:

    We should, no need to build a system for ourselves that will encompass politics, socialization, eoconimics, education, justice, fairness,freedom, equality, good jobs, affordable housing, money, medical care, all which will bring peace of mind to Africans living in America and a board. The system that I am referring to will need to be toldly different from this persent racally dysfunctional system that has kept us in bondage for over five hunderd years now. This will also mean that now is the time to put our pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters together to build a trust for ourselves. Which means that the ones who start the ball rolling will be the ones who will make the greatest sacrfice. We will not have the opportunity to reap any of the rewards from the trust we set up for future generations. A few generations will die off building a strong foundation for our unborn children of the future. However, this can only happen when all of the African people decide that we are ready to become united as one deity to fight a against this Racist White Supremacist system. Do we have the power at this time in history? Yes. If we stop letting the Racist White Supremacists divide us and turn us against one another and stay on code. Especially when it comes to spending our hard earn money. (Let us Unite to protect our melania). For the love of my people.

  8. sheila evans says:

    This makes my heart sadd to see ignorent idiots like him .also the female cop who just got acquited of murdering the stranded motorist.. nd soo many others who’ve’ just gotten away with killing black ppl bcus of their complexion ,,do youll not realize these ppl had families ? And ppl who cared for them + loved them ??are these demonic ppl really that jealous of blk ppl??..

  9. Marcus Johnston says:

    Melanoid Nation > Daily Autistic

  10. Veda says:

    Thank you Mr. Nasheed for posting this information.

    As a staffer at BSU, this seemed unreal at first because I had just seen this student two days prior. And then when I saw that it was real, I was sadden by this tragic event. Racism exists, and there is no such thing as “reverse” racism. I was born in the 1960s, and this “hating blacks for being themselves” problem is still in full effect today. I was born a black power’s baby, but now, I am an enlightened Black Power Adult! Melaniod Nation, Stay Strong!

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