White Supremacist Groups Around The U.S. Celebrate Trump’s Win


Last night Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, and today there were protests in almost every major city with thousands of people opposing his win. But there were also several white supremacist groups celebrating Trump’s victory. There was also several incidents of white supremacist Trump supporters celebrating by engaging in anti-Black vandalism in cities around the country as well.

All of the following incidents happened on the first day Donald Trump became president:


In Philadelphia, a white supremacist Trump supporter spray painted a nazi symbol on a storefront.













Also in Philadelphia, it appears that another Trump supporter spray painted the words “Yes Trump Black Bitch” on someone’s vehicle.










Former Ku Klux Klan leader and major Trump supporter David Duke has been celebration Trump’s victory on his twitter timeline for hours. Duke also stated that the Trump win was a great victory for “our people” (meaning white people).













At Maple Grove High School in Minnesota, some suspected white supremacist students who are evidently Trump supporters, wrote anti-Black graffiti in the school’s restroom.

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In the Wellsville area of Buffalo New York, a baseball dugout at Island Park was vandalized with a swastika and a variation of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan with the words “Make America White Again”.









Also in the Buffalo area, At Canisius College, a black doll was found hung by a noose in an elevator directly after Trump’s victory on Tuesday night in Frisch Hall, a freshman dorm













In San Francisco, a homeowner flew a Nazi flag over his home after Trump’s victory.












In Mebane, NC, a suspected white supremacists associated with the group Alamance County Taking Back Adamance County (ACTBAC)- a group who once raised money to line Interstate 40 with Confederate Flags- were on a freeway bridge celebrating Trump.



50 thoughts on “White Supremacist Groups Around The U.S. Celebrate Trump’s Win

  1. riceroni says:

    Yeah motherfucker, how’s that “NOT VOTING” thing work out?

    1. JayBay says:

      Tariq already said multiple times that he’d rather have Trump as president since at least he’s open with his white supremacy and I agree with him. Black people have had decade after decade believing that politicians were going to solve their problems and used it as an excuse not to come together as a group. We tried cooning, we tried white people’s religions, we tried ignoring things with clubbing, and drugs. Now that Trump is in office, you have no excuses anymore…Get your shit together as a group or lay down and let the white supremacists kill you.

      1. Trenisha chambers says:

        You are so right JayBay

      2. Pamela says:


        You put the hammer on the nail.

      3. Pharaoh says:

        A few folks called me a coon for voting for Trump; but little did they know about my reasons for voting for him.
        You explained why I voted for him. I voted for him because I wanted to shake the black folks up in this country. Coerce them into coming together for the improvement of black folks in this country.
        Go kick it with folks like Claud Anderson, Dr. Boyce Watkins, and Kushite Kemet Science etc!

      4. Jamal says:

        Your so right jaybay your a genius,you should go to Africa and stay there .

        1. JayBay says:

          Actually I’m a proud Israelite and second….hahahahaha! That’s funny! White people always use “go back to Africa” comments when they can’t argue a point. I’ll just set it straight for you; there’s not going to be any debate anymore. Intelligent black people aren’t going to meet white people to have televised debates on who’s “right” and who’s “wrong”. Your people showed their true colors and I love it! Now black people are starting to question everything about you people and start to rejoice when your people die in earthquakes or from diseases. So troll all you want but realize that an entire generation of people is waking up to the fact that you’re our enemy. The quickest way to know if you’re doing something right as a black person is if it pisses off white people. So all you did “Jamal” was make my day and let me know that I’m right in what I said.

          1. Dante says:

            If your such a proud Israelite why don’t you live there???because your a hypocrite simpleton.

          2. Lukester says:

            That go back to Africa routine wasn’t started by us. May I introduce you to one Mr. Marcus Garvey and the Blackstar Line….ALL ABOARD!! Lol.

      5. Brenda says:

        You DIG

      6. Profit30 says:

        Well said JayBay! The Trump effect will jolt a lot of the sleeping Blacks into no other choice but to come together for our survival!

      7. Marcus Love says:

        Precisely. Welcome to the party.

    2. macncheese says:

      I find It amusing how white racists keep saying, “you blacks put Trump in by not voting!” To try and scare and guilt trip blacks. Too bad that shit aint working either. What part of WE. DO. NOT. CARE. Don’t yall understand? At least with Hillary yall could’ve continued to play the “ain’t no more racism” lie to your advantage. Now more non whites in America and around the globe get to see yall for the evil snakes that you are

      1. RacistAmerikkkaExposed says:

        TRUTH,GOSPEL and CHURCH!!!

    3. MagnumBoom says:

      Yeah motherfucker, real good. We get to watch all you assholes go down in flames.

  2. Paula Morris says:

    I am southern and I did not vote for him!!!!!! these people should be deported

  3. ted bama says:

    If you’re not white, you just got your Nigger wake up call.

    Notice how gay people are getting it for a BEHAVIOR. There is a closet for that.

    Notice how Arabs are getting it for ATTIRE. There is a closet for that.

    Notice how religious groups are getting it for a PRACTICE. There is a closet for that.

    Notice how the so called “good” white people deflect attention from global white supremacy and make it a matter of good versus bad (white) people.

    They will confuse you with class, gender, sexuality, religion etc.

    One cannot solve any problem in the world without addressing global white supremacy.

  4. t says:

    It truly is sad that folks continue to believe that white supremacy means anything at all. This is not the 1800s get over yourselves and it already. Name calling is juvenile and shows the lack of education that any of you acquire. You are not immortal we all die eventually, spilling hate towards other people does not make you a good person or a powerful one. Hate yourself not others.

    1. JayBay says:

      Another thing that white supremacists (the liberal ones like “t” here) love to do is IGNORE the obvious. There’s an entire article here SHOWING that white supremacists support Trump and “t” is still putting the blame on US. As if we did something to make white people want to spray paint “nigger” on our walls and buildings. THIS is why you need to stop talking to whites. They come with those pretty little arguments and it puts you back to sleep on why we’re fighting in the first place. Fuck off “t”

      1. K says:

        Hate yourself because you deserve it,and not just because your misguided but because your Neanderthal.

  5. Mhm says:

    White people don’t know how to act.

    1. TT says:

      It’s no longer about racism,but who’s the dominant race and has more power over the other and some people are determined to cause a race war,also the word white supremacy is said alot like its one person who will enslave us all and cooning is said a lot like if you talk or associate with a white person your a traitor.

  6. BlksBdumb says:

    Protest all you want niggers your free ride is over!!! Don’t like it then get the fuck out of our country!!!!! #makeamericawhiteagain

    1. JayBay says:

      May the best group win (black people, obviously)!
      All wars start in the mind and what white people love to do is shit talk on sites like this so they can break you down mentally. It’s classic strategy that even the weakest and stupidest of their men can do. Stay just stay strong and stay the hell away from white people (or any other nation outside your people. They don’t like your ass either). Yes that means no one night stands, no hanging out at the beach, no nothing. Nothing beyond necessary business. Or of course, ignore what I say and then get that nigga wake up call when Becky turns on you or falsely accuses you of rape. This is war people and if you can’t follow the most basic of disciplines then don’t be surprised when things turn bad on you suddenly.

      1. JayBay says:

        Don’t forget people. How did white people take America from our native american brothers? They came peacefully, smiling, saying we’re not all bad, and even offered gifts. They’re not going to all turn on you at once because it’ll run a range from overtly racist to “she sometimes says things that might be perceived as racist”. There’s not a SINGLE one that means you any good so you might as well cut your white friends away now (btw, I grew up around liberal whites so what I say is from experience). Like Trump said “what do blacks have to lose?”

    2. ted bama says:

      If all the white people on the planet are in one area, white people would be genocided in one fell swoop.


      1. JayBay says:

        Once Russia and all the other “dictatorships” shoot their nukes at America that’ll happen. Russia already has nukes that can destroy an area the size of Texas (look it up if you don’t believe me)

        1. K says:

          Don’t need to nuke Africa because it locks like it’s been nuked anyway.

          1. JayBay says:

            Meh. Not my people’s true home and “Africans” (named after Leo Scipius Africanus who was just another white guy) aren’t my true people. Like I said, you Edomites keep coming here with those “go back to Africa” comments as if it’s supposed to offend me. As if I don’t know that I’m an Israelite and that Trump is actually just going to be a nail in your people’s coffin. Of course uneducated cave beasts like you are only speak up against blacks when you come in groups or talk shit on the internet so you’re not even on my radar.

          2. JayBay says:

            The simple fact that the term “african american” only came up within the last few decades (look at old slavery pics. They ALL say negroes for sale not Africans) should tell you something’s a bit off with that statement. We went through multiple name changes for hundreds of years but only came to become African recently?! Really?! Every other group is named by the continent they come from but we were referred to as a color in a crayon box? Hey K, since you apparently know so much about blacks I’d be delighted if you could share with us what specific tribes in Africa we came from, our customs, our languages, and so forth? Or explain to me the overall meaning of this bit of info;

            George Friedmann in his book, The End of the Jewish People, pointedly states that the Europeans claiming to be Jews, are nothing more then “Hebrew speaking Gentiles.” The late president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, stated on television, “you (the Jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black but came back white. We cannot accept you!”

            waiting for your (hopefully intelligent but more than likely not) reply.

      2. Dick harder says:

        Yeh man ,whites generally all gather in same place and your final solution could work if you weren’t such a retard.

        1. JayBay says:

          I don’t think someone who has the username “dick harder” and spells “yeah” as “yeh” (one of the easiest words in the English language to spell) should be talking about who and who isn’t retarded. Oh and don’t worry about nukes for now. There’s still plenty of earthquakes (Italy, New Zealand), terrorist attacks, new diseases, and so on that’ll take care of you. Plus let’s not forget that there’s plenty of whites going on killing sprees lately. I don’t think you should be worried about what black people are doing so much “dick” because if I was a white person I’d be scared to death right now. Don’t forget, YOU’RE the actual minority on a global scale.

          1. Dick harder says:

            Oh so that’s your malfunction,you wish you were born white .that explains it all .”yeah”

          2. JayBay says:

            Oh poor Dick! I completely destroyed your logic in the last post and the only thing you respond with is “well….you wish you were white! Yeah!”. It’s the racism argument equivalent of “well….you’re a poopy head!”. If you’re going to troll either come back with a proper argument or some sort of snappy response. Saying “you disagree with me so you want to be white” is not a sound argument! This is why I love it when you Edomites come on here. You start strong and brave but then when someone makes you look stupid you resort to elementary school level insults. Have a good one “Dick”. You’re obviously too inferior to be arguing with people online or in real life.

          3. JayBay says:

            I just realized another thing. You’re actually so horrible at basic reading comprehension that you took me writing “if I was a white person I’d be scared to death right now” as meaning “I wish I was white”. Why would someone wish to be in a position where they know the outcome will be bad? That’s like saying “if I had cancer I’d be scared for my life” and you replying “so you wish you had cancer?” Oh I love watching stupid white people try to argue! Keep them coming “dick”!

  7. LeX says:

    Here are some words of encouragement.

    All these dumb fucks and bigots obviously do NOT know how the law works–they are clearly ignorant AF .Let ’em keep comin’ with their BS ,let it pile on,memorize the Constitution,your state laws ,etc.

    Any and EVERY instance of racial ,religious ,gender based or anti-lgbt instance of discrimination you see,document it,get evidence,record these fuckers,etc hold onto it,get names,license plates whatever you can ,catch these assholes in the act–these monsters think they can do what they want ,but they are in for a rude awakening.

    There are potential allies out there,and there is in fact a silver lining–these fools done played their hand and there will be retribution.

    If you can ,try not to go to areas with large numbers of whites (particularly white males),especially at night.Go to bars in your own neighborhood (if it’s not a white area) or around people who look like you.

    If you work late or work in certain areas,try to car pool,move in numbers,move in packs don’t go places alone. We have to pull together now and protect ourselves.

    And men,please,protect your women.Your aunts ,mothers ,sisters,daughters,etc,escort them whenever you can,and definitely watch your kids.

    Stay strong,stay safe everyone.And good luck.

  8. ebi says:

    hey more power to him,
    at the end of the day, you know how nature tends to get rid of viruses….. his day is coming.

  9. Brionna Bacon says:

    Another reason they did this is because of white genocide. They know they are dying off in the next fifty years or so. This truly Is a last effort for the in America because they are losing on the gene pool. And that whole white people saying this is our country. Uh, no it isn’t. You came over Here and native americans we’re here before you, dummies. Get over it
    Go back to europe

    1. Dante says:

      in the future the majority of people will be of mono ethnicity,so all moaning about races will achieve nothing.

  10. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Hilary won the popular vote. If she’s not contesting this, why should anyone else?

  11. MagnumBoom says:

    They have plenty to celebrate. Their entire movement and cause has been vindicated with the election.

  12. BlksBdumb says:

    Hahahahaha!!!! Love It!!! Finally all the white people that put that nigger in office have seen and realized what pieces of shit you things really are! Want everything for free and when you don’t get your way you break stuff and start fires and loot. Well guess what all those white people aren’t listening to your bullshit anymore and see you for what you really are! animals who belong in a cage!!! Your not human your a bunch of dirty nasty animals and your really about to see just how sick white people really are of taking care of a bunch of fucking monkeys!!!!! TRUMP is president now so get your nigger out OUR WHITE HOUSE!!! Haha haha haha haha!!!!!!

    1. JayBay says:

      All wars start in the mind and what white people love to do is shit talk on sites like this so they can break you down mentally. It’s classic strategy that even the weakest and stupidest of their men can do. Stay just stay strong and stay the hell away from white people (or any other nation outside your people. They don’t like your ass either). Yes that means no one night stands, no hanging out at the beach, no nothing. Nothing beyond necessary business. Or of course, ignore what I say and then get that nigga wake up call when Becky turns on you or falsely accuses you of rape. This is war people and if you can’t follow the most basic of disciplines then don’t be surprised when things turn bad on you suddenly.

    2. MagnumBoom says:

      Can’t wait to see the look on your face when your supremacist house of cards burns down around you. We will be waiting for you.

  13. BlksBdumb says:

    Can’t wait to start taking you motherfuckers out heard by heard one by one!!! Be scared you dirty animals cause its hunting season in white america!!!! Ohhh I can’t wait!! Its like Christmas morning!! Get the rope find some trees its Coon hunting time!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

  14. White People have no land, because their origins is from the sea foam.
    The original native of Europe are Sami People (indigenous dark brown).


    1. Ahmed b says:

      Blacks have flat noses from running into trees in the jungle at night.true fact

  15. ADHAM created from clay of BLACK MUD.
    HAMAD, ADHAM, BRAHAM, was not albino.

  16. BlksBdumb says:

    Wait and see . just wait. When your mammies and fatherless kids are all alone it’ll be a perfect one shot in a group!!! Reap what you sow
    Its coming

    1. MagnumBoom says:

      we’ll be waiting.

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