White Supremacist Group “Blood and Honour” Have Returned

White people across the country are being recurited by a racist organization

By Kenny Anthony


Confederate Blood & Honour (C28) is an extremist “white power” movement with a xenophobic social ideology. The official U.S branch identify themselves as the “Blood & Honour American Division”, and their doctrine is heavily inspired by Hitlerism. Like all Neo-Nazi gangs, they support ethnic cleansing and promote racial superiority based on pseudoscience & ahistoricism. Their name “Blood & Honor” (Blut und Ehre), is a 20th century motto which comes from the “Hitler Youth”, an illegal children’s division of the Nazi Party in Germany. The organization was created by a “musician” from London, England, named Ian Stuart Donaldson. He (Ian), was the lead singer of the RAC band Skrewdriver in 1987.

C28 often use labels such as “white nationalist” or “our folk”, which are simply code-words for white supremacist. According to them, they are a “network for socio-political white activism”. In truth, they’re a dangerous international hate-group that pose a threat to our safety as Melanoid people.

Reports show that the group have 10 state chapters and they’ve been known to host white supremacist rallies, concerts, gatherings & public demonstrations across the nation. They also produce books and literature that glamorize Nazi propaganda and anti-diversity principles.

Following the consistent rise of right-wing militia groups, it’s not surprising that C28 have an affiliation with a mixed martial arts fight club named “Confederation of Volkisch (CVFC)”. More importantly, they’ve now followed in the footsteps of the Alt-Right by engaging in political affairs.

Also, C28 have joined forces with Bill Roper, a “ChristianNeo—Nazi whose father and grandfather were active members of the Klu Klux Klan. He (Roper), continued this degenerate family legacy by becoming a skinhead thug as a teenager in the 1980’s.

Roper would be what we call a traditional white supremacist, which is why he’s condemned other Neo-Nazis such as Richard Spencer and Brad Griffin for having intimate relationships with East Asian women. In reference to Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer, Roper called him a “gay loving, Asian dating libertarian”.

It must be mentioned that prior to dedicating his life to complete Nazism, Roper was given the opportunity to miseducate Melanoid people by being a public-school history teacher. Not only does this prove that every area of society is governed by white supremacy, but it also confirms the existence of institutionalized racism. Roper now runs a social media network called “ShieldWall Network”, which many white supremacist groups (including C28) use as an outlet to publicize their material.


(Below are photos from a white supremacist meeting organized by TradWorker, in the greater Chattanooga area. Multiple white supremacist groups attended this congregation, and Confederate 28 Blood & Honour were one of them).


















Even though C28 have cowardly kept their identity hidden, they were exposed thanks to a photo taken four years ago at a Tom Pierce white supremacist gathering. Tom Pierce, last known to be a Council of Conservatives board member, is a self-proclaimed “white separatist”, which is just another popular code-word for white supremacist. He’s also a close C28 associate, and frequently attends Blood and Honour American Division events & meetings.


        (Photo of Tom Pierce with suspected white supremacist C28 members).


In addition, C28 were spotted at the Indiana University campus attempting to recruit members by passing out stickers & pamphlets. This is a recruitment scheme which they refer to as “Operation Brickyard”. The college security knew of their presence, but they were still given the privilege and respect to conduct their Nazi agenda. At a soccer game on July 15th, two C28 skinheads were kicked out for openly doing the Hitler-salute, although the suspected white supremacist security guards only removed them once numerous complaints were made.

Confederate Blood & Honour (C28) were on a five-year intermission which started just before President Obama’s second presidential term. Coincidentally, the year that Donald Trump is elected as President of the United States of America, happens to be the same year that C28 decided to make a mainstream re-emergence.

Credible sources tell us that within the next month, C28 plan to “march” in Southern California and Tennesse. Melanoid Nation will continue to update the family on any new information. Our advice: Be alert, do not let your children go outside unsupervised, and exercise your Second Amendment.

4 thoughts on “White Supremacist Group “Blood and Honour” Have Returned

  1. Amoun Jamilu Mahmoud says:

    In 2 of the photo’s above, seen are the hand signals that suspect white supremacist like to give as in, (for lack of a better term), the ‘OK’ sign.

    Seen on television, tweets, another article on this website, news paper photo’s, etc. the Head Suspect Racist Chief, (HSRC), President Trump often does the same hand signal. Pointer finger touching the tip of the thumb forming an ‘O’, middle finger, ring finger and pinky facing forward forming a ‘sign’ / signal.

    It is seen everywhere in the open, conspicuous and innocuous at the same time which, makes it so sinister.

    To the extent that the white supremacist has to do with anything, of course it means something harmful for non white people and especially the Melanoid people.

    What is the exact meaning of this sign?
    Where did it come from?

    1. Dessalean says:

      Peace family! That hand signal means “White Power” among white supremacists. It’s original meaning is “ok”, but when Trump supporters use it, it stands for “White Power”. Click on this link: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/ok-symbol-👌?full=1

      The page explains it in detail.

  2. Amoun Jamilu Mahmoud says:

    ‘OK’… Thank you for verifying what I thought. Knowing is better than believing.

  3. grand wizard says:


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