White Supremacist Child Predator: “I’m Prepared To Kill Cops”


Violent Neo-Nazi male has a strong desire to carry out mass shootings

By Kenny Anthony


Michael James Holt, 26, is a Neo-Nazi white supremacist that pleaded guilty to possessing and producing guns. After a police raid, mutliple weapons such as brass knuckles were found hidden in different family homes and pub hotels. Recent reports claim that Michael sent over 40 text messages that exposed his savage urge to senselessly kill innocent non-white people. Also, he pleaded guilty to owning and sharing childporn.

Research has shown that Michael is a member of the Christian Separatist Church which is a religious hate-group based in the U.S. In the white supremacist community, the desire to murder and sexually abuse children is an extremely common theme. He’s also openly admitted to being obsessed with Adolf Hitler and Nazism. His former school counsellor told reporters that he viewed Hitler as “the greatest person to ever live”. This would explain why the police found Nazi memorabilia with close to a dozen firearms hidden in his draws & cupboards.

Michael recently stated: “I’m fully prepared to shoot cops if I have to”. In 2006, the FBI put out a report to warn the public about white supremacists groups officially infiltrating law enforcement. This would explain the relentless killing and violent harassment that unarmed Black people face, but it also explains the lack of fear that white supremacists feel when interacting with those in power. Overall, they know that there’s more than one of them in every police department and court of law.

White supremacy is partly fear, impotence, incompetence, delusion, and self-hatred. Which is why they prey on the weak, vulnerable and defenseless. In other words, this is how they over-compensate for their inadequacies. The fear comes from their inability to compete on a world-stage without the subjugation of those around them. They are incapable of being successful on an equal playing field and this is why they’re reliant on oppressing others to excel.

One of the greatest humans to ever exist, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, eloquently exposed the hidden psychology behind guns and white supremacists. Dr. Welsing stated: “The gun as a symbol in the white supremacy system/culture… Cannot be banned because it is the symbolic phallus substitute for the white male. The white male’s penis and testicles genetically cannot annihilate Black and other non-white males, but his gun can. Therefore to ban the gun for the white male is to castrate him symbolically, to remove his defense mechanism for the ever present threat of white genetic annihilation.”

A prime example of white supremacist delusion would be Michael’s reasons for his Neo-Nazi lifestyle. He says that “discrimination” is the reason behind his anger and hatred increasing every day, and the only option left is to kill until he dies. Aside from being a barbaric racist, Michael uses his sexual frustrations and degeneracy to justify his desire for domestic-terrorism. In his own words: “Gonna have to just start killing people if I don’t get laid soon”.


(Below is a picture of Michaels home-made firearms which were found by police)


It must be mentioned that Michael’s sick behavior is being presented as “loneliness” and a “mental illness”, which is a classic white supremacist ploy. The “mentally ill” routine is a frequently used deceptive trick whenever white-terrorism is being addressed. This is usually orchestrated by mainstream media to make white suspects appear faultless. A white privilege and benefit of the doubt which is never given to Melanoid people, even when we’re blatantly innocent. Charleena Lyles, a Black pregnant mother of 4 at the time, made an emergency call to the Seattle Police and they responded by sending two officers to her home that shot & killed her. She (Charleena), had a known history of mental health issues.

(Below is another picture of Michaels home-made firearms which were discovered by police).



Michael will be sentenced on September 29th for his failed attempt at a mass-shooting.

While we continue to be at war with white supremacy, our number one focus as Melanoid people should be self-preservation by any means necessary. Our advice: Be alert, do not let your children go outside unsupervised, connect with like-minded Melanoid people, create international allies, and exercise your Second Amendment.

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  1. The system will only help that sick fuck!

  2. Soldier of Alkebulan says:

    Their obsession with firearms magnifies their sexual impotence and further more displays white genetic survival tactics. They love to hunt down animals and pose with their heads, they’re infatuated with caging things up and dressing dogs up like they’re human for some odd reason. His people are in charge of the world, why does he feel the need to protect himself with man-made firearms? It’s because their nature is of the beast.

    1. ATER says:

      im hispanic btw llol dumbass n3gros

  3. Kekistani conquerer says:

    oh look, an albino dindu! I wonder if the same people who came out to support Trenton Trevon Lovell will be there for this asshole.

    BTW this land belongs to KEK now, get used to it.

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