White Supremacist Arrested For Racial Shooting in Kansas


A 51-year-old suspected white supremacist Adam Purinton of Olathe Kansas allegedly opened fire and shot the three patrons at Austins Bar and Grill in Olathe. A motive is not yet known at this time, though witness accounts say he got into a confrontation with other customers described as Middle Eastern or East Indian, after he said racial slurs directed at them.

Of the three victims, one is dead, one remains in critical condition while one is listed as being “stable.” The third victim, Ian Grillot, was shot in the hand and shoulder as he tried to stand up for the two non-white victims who were being targeted by the white supremacist terrorist.

With many of these brazen attacks being carried out by white supremacists on random non-white victims, many believe that this is part of the Trump effect that this country is experiencing.

14 thoughts on “White Supremacist Arrested For Racial Shooting in Kansas

  1. J says:

    You’re as bad as the Main Stream Media at cherry picking news now aren’t you?

    “A motive is not yet known at this time…”.

    Yet, you’ve already labeled him as a “White Supremacist”? Isn’t that what your website is against, whether it be for the black, white, purple or whomever? If that’s not the case, then by all logic, this website is promoting the racism, is it not?

    1. Heru says:

      There’s no difference with fox news or any news station calling Blacks thugs or savages

    2. Solomon Grundy says:

      He used racial slurs so its pretty accurate to assume he’s a white supremacist.

    3. Ty says:

      You’re mighty sensitive, and why are you even here?

    4. Ty says:

      That animal, already outed himself as a filthy white supremacist, are we supposed to deny this fact because it makes you feel uncomfortable? Go kill yourself,passive white supremacist.

    5. L Davis says:

      Suspected white supremacist, don’t get things twisted.

    6. Irvin Burton says:

      He yelled racial slurs at the victims. He is officially a suspected White supremecist. Your seneedless babbling is ridiculous.

    7. John Hall says:

      The article states why he’s a SWS. Learn to pick up on context clues.

    8. BladeR says:

      Guy looks like a real winner doesn’t he?

    9. Erykah Butler says:

      Why are u trolling?

  2. David Hakala says:

    No, it isn’t. The racial slurs indicate that he hates Indians. Why, we don’t know. My guess, from about the low-life failure, is that he’s bitter about being a low-life failure and blames others for it. The two Indian victims are successful software engineers, personable and well liked. This low-life failure wasn’t either. His motives motives were envy and misplaced blame, not any delusion that he’s superior to brown people.

  3. hollie says:

    This man makes America look evil. Deport him back to Europe? He Is not behaving nicely.

  4. I wouldn’t trust that hero cracker either.

  5. POCsUnited says:

    Whites are brought up to ignore these facts. His only care is that the white person who yelled racial slur was labelled a white supremacist. No concern ever for the victims. THIS is why P.O.C. across America are uniting against you in the great country! Because you only care for your white color and everyone else can die, yes? Horrible! I am East Asian and we see the evil that you are!

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