White Privilege & Systemic Racism: Exposing White Supremacy


Racist male wants to lynch all Black people and create a “master race” of white men and women

By Kenny Anthony


Lawrence Burns, 23, member of white supremacist terrorist group National Action, ended up having his prison sentence reduced because the Court of Appeal decided that he was “not as racist as some of his friends on Facebook”. Lawrence has a history of inciting violence, and was found guilty of stirring up malicious racial hatred, which led to him being jailed for four years in 2016.

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However, three judges have recently come out in defence of Lawrence, and claim that his prison sentence was somewhat “severe”, and blame Lawrence’s white supremacist views on his “educational background” and “young age”. In one of his YouTube comments, Lawrence openly expressed his desire to “hang the Black race”, while sharing and owning Hitler artwork, Neo-Nazi memorabilia, scarves, clothing, books and phone material portraying 125 images of racialist ideas. This was referred to as “moderate racism”, and Mr. Justice Phillips, one of the three judges, said that his sentence was “manifestly excessive”.

So, to show Lawrence fairness, (a man who wants to execute racial genocide and domestic terrorism), his prison-time was cut to two-and-a-half years instead of four. In other words, the judges are indirectly saying that white feelings are more valuable than Black lives.

This level of “understanding” and consideration is never shown to Black people, and we’re still being mass incarcerated for petty non-violent offenses. Popular music artist, Bobby Shmurda, 23, is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence because he was railroaded into taking a guilty plea for a shooting which he was not involved in. In the Black community, it’s extremely common for gang-injunctions to be enforced on the entire neighborhood. This means that law enforcement will use the “I’m white and I say so” law to indict you, even if you weren’t anywhere near the crime scene.

According to reports, one out of every eight African-American youth involved in a murder case will be given a life sentence without parole. In the white community, only one out of every thirteen European-American youth will be sentenced to life without parole.  Other examples would include the school system, which shows that Black youth are more likely to be expelled or suspended, but no evidence can be presented which proves that they misbehave more than their white peers. On a higher educational level, Black men that went to Harvard University have the same chances of getting a call-back from potential employers as white men that graduated from state colleges, according to a 2014 study by Social Forces.

The systemic racism runs a lot deeper, as a report by the advocacy group Young Invincibles found that Black men need twice as many qualifications than white men to get the exact same job. Which brings us onto sentencing, and the Human Rights Watch have reported that Black youth are more likely to be sentenced to an adult court, given longer sentences and are even given more grown-up/adult prison sentences in comparison to every other group.

In addition, white men with criminal records have a better chance of receiving positive responses to job applications than Black men with no criminal history, says Harvard Professor and Sociologist, Ms. Pager. You could also point to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which revealed that white people take illegal narcotics more than any other race, but the prison population for drug offenses is majority Black for both men & women.

Black people do not commit the most crime, our statistics are high because we are disproportionately charged for the majority of crime per race. So, this is an incorrect notion just like the racist deflective “Black on Black crime” narrative, because proximity applies to every racial demographic. Data from the Bureau of Statistics show that between 1980 – 2008, white people were responsible for the majority (53.3%) of gang related homicides. Also, according to the U.S Department of Justice Statistics, 84% of white people killed each year are killed by other whites. Coincidentally, mainstream media and the dominant society have never mentioned the idea of “high crime-rates in the white community”, or “white on white crime”.

The current Meth Epidemic happening in the white community (which has exceeded the C.I.A orchestrated Crack and Heroin Epidemic), is being swept under the rug and handled discreetly. Black Heroin and Crack addicts during the 80’s and 90’s got treated like animals & criminals, while today, white Meth addicts are being treated like helpless patients. In short, this exposes the blatant hypocrisy and wickedness of white supremacist America which is indisputably unmatched.


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While we continue to be at war with white supremacy, our number one focus as Melanoid people should be self-preservation by any means necessary. Our advice: Be alertdo not let your children go outside unsupervisedconnect with like-minded Melanoid peoplecreate international allies, and exercise your Second Amendment.

6 thoughts on “White Privilege & Systemic Racism: Exposing White Supremacy

  1. grand wizard says:

    nice nonsense article written by tariq nasheed

    1. Tara says:

      Ok”grand wizard”. 😂😂😂

  2. Fuck You Tariq says:

    It’s so funny because I wonder if this woman has ever actually been to America. She relies on people to not check her sources or be skeptical about what she states or the credibility of her statements.. She’s feeding off of website clicks to get her money by being completely outrageous and the fact that there’s probably people out there that actually donate to this piece of shit of a person, making race tensions seem 100x worse than they actually are. The only people who use this site on a regular basis are black racists such as Queen bee herself, Tariq.

    Sincerely your’s truly,

    Fuck You Tariq

    1. Fuck You Tariq says:

      just a quick example.. she fails to mention that statistics show most of the african americans getting put on trial for life, as much as it pains me to say, are repeat offenders with a lengthy record. While white’s have a more common tendency (but not always the case) to just go insane and snap for no good reason and kill (not that any reason is good enough). This tends to favor the defendant in court better… this is why i said i wonder if Tariq has ever been to America, because a foreigner shouldn’t write about such sensitive issues, especially one that have so little knowledge on, as is apparent here.

  3. Paris says:

    thank you for this information i can see that it has the white supremacist trolls boiling mad… we need to shed some light on the JUDGES who reduce time or free these white supremacist bastards because i have reason to believe they are involved with the white supremacist shadow infrastructure that willing keeps these Klan members in position

  4. Clarence says:

    Great article!! Much respect for the knowledge!!

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