White Mother & Her Black Daughter Victims Of Retailer’s Racist Prank


INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Brigette Drake is a white female who, in most instances, would have received the benefit of the doubt because of her race.  However, she recently forfeited her “white pass” while shopping as a customer in a Michael’s Craft Store with her 12-year-old biracial (Melanoid) daughter.

Drake and her daughter were deeply offended by what they witnessed while walking down the aisles of the store. One of the store’s shelves displayed stationery block lettering, which is a commonplace item for the retailer to have in stock. What struck Birgette and her daughter was the way one of the shelves’ lettering was positioned.

One of the rows on the display had the block letters spelling the word “niggars” (sic), which prompted Brigette to immediately report what she saw to one of the store’s cashiers.

According to Drake, the cashier laughed, and admitted to arranging the letters to form the racial slur. After the cashier’s disrespectful comment, Drake took to Facebook, where she posted the following:

Today I was at shopping with my 12 year old at Michaels and noticed this display. I went to the front and told them about the issue. The response they had was more than ridiculous, ignorant, racist and truly unacceptable. The lady said while laughing, “Oh I did that (sarcastically), but no really that is hilarious.” To which I replied: “No that is not hilarious you need to go fix it”

‘She realized I was not amused or joking and completely changed her joking jovial face. Just because I am white,

‘I do not tolerate injustice and also find it absurd that she would assume I would find racial slurs even moderately funny. My 12-year-old (biracial) daughter whom was with me was devastated.

‘To say the least the employee’s behavior was beyond inappropriate and you should be ashamed for hiring such employees.

Birgette Drake and her fiance

Brigette Drake and her fiance

Here is a link to the story.

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9 thoughts on “White Mother & Her Black Daughter Victims Of Retailer’s Racist Prank

  1. Patricia says:

    They’re not even clever with their insults.

  2. JayBay says:

    White supremacists being white supremacists. Unless the chick got fired (because we all know if a black person spelled honky or any other offensive word they’d be fired immediately) I don’t take it as a victory. Get this chick’s ass out on the streets and then it’ll really be “hilarious”.

    Also, I grew up in Indiana until I graduated university. Fuck that place and every conservative/liberal white supremacist in it.

  3. Carnell Bonner Jr says:

    I wonder if she really would have been as offended if she was not involved with a man of Moorish descent and had a mix child… I wonder…

    1. Tyrae Bell says:

      I feel she was hurt for her child not for the racial injustice. It’s valid but not a black issue.

  4. R8sing A Nation says:

    Dear white people that lay up with black people and have children,

    You need to understand to the fullest what you are signing up for. The world is not as color blind and progressive as you may think. Sure lynching’s are not the in thing and slavery is somewhat gone(people are still enslaved mentally due to post traumatic slavery disorder) Sure you may dream of coco colored babies and curly hair. ..saying to yourself and others “love conquers all”. Sorry, but the reality is that love does not conquer all and the world is not as colorblind as you may tell yourself.
    Your white privilege that you may or may not be aware of only temporarily offers your children protection and access. The privilege in no way translates in any tangible way to your children as in the form of protection from racism. As soon as you turn your back or the child is out from under your roof there is a whole wide world of white supremacy waiting for them. You can try to protect them, tell them fantasy stories(like the world is color blind) but until a system of true justice there is no safe place from white supremacy.
    The best thing you can due for your Melanoid spouse/bf/etc..is accept the history of racism the effect racism has had on the black community and then understand how to prepare your children for the real world.
    I say this not as someone just offering baseless suggestions. I base this on my own personal experience as a biracial person. My mother was not equipped to prepare me for real life as to race and how the world would treat me. I had to learn everything on my own and it was confusing at times and stressful. But now as a parent I I have made it a point to raise my children as identifying as black. This is how society sees them and will treat them. Nobody cares if their grandmother is white, that’s here nor there. I don’t allow anybody to shame me or them because they say they are black. I never allow them to think for one minute that having white relatives in any way changes their dynamic. My family understands this and they do not try to pull the shame game of this is like denying their whiteness.
    We all may live in America but there are different American experiences based on race, this is just fact. Please think before you proceed ,you will at some point have to deal with racism so prepare yourself. If you are not up to the full task than please keep it moving…there is nothing novel about “being down for the swirl” look how Kim Kardashian in all of her fame and wealth was treated byy a nobody on a plane calling her a “nigger lover and her baby a nigger”.

    1. ebi says:

      Im really sorry you had to go through this, its a really harsh reality. I can’t understand why some of these models, as blue black as they are, claim to be French, Indian, Puerto-Rican, German, every nationality on the planet…. but black. The world still sees them as ni**ers an will continue to treat them like so.
      And I hate that generations after generations the lies have become part of our culture we don’t eve know what’s the truth anymore. Heck, the lies are our truth, and the truth which are hidden in plain sight are still lies to us.
      i know it’s not an easy journey for you as you’ve had to battle this to try to find yourself, I think you are doing a wonderful job just by not lying to your children that they are everything else BUT black.

      1. dc1969 says:

        Real talk!

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