White Man Warns All Black People: “Don’t Trust White People”


Every once in a while, certain people from the dominant society will act as whistleblowers on white supremacy. Especially certain white people who themselves are marginalized within white society.
Recently a gay/trans white man who goes by the name of Dakota Bracciale made a bold posting on his Facebook page regarding race. He warned Melanoid people that systematic white supremacy is so deep in this society, that no white people should be trusted.









Here is his post in its entirety:

An Open Letter to People of Color:
Please do not trust white people.
Every single one of us is racist, it’s something we were born and raised into, we were and are consistently indoctrinated into white supremacy.
Indifference and apathy towards systemic racism and it’s horrific results is not just more comfortable, it is incentivized; we are actively rewarded by white supremacy in it’s many forms for ignoring people of color and their cries for injustice.
Our bones are riddled with it, it’s everywhere.
We were taught the the history of our nation through textbooks written by white men with a vested interest in how the story was and is being told.
So we think that MLK Jr is the patron saint of polite black folks (to be invoked against the angry ones), peanut butter is the extent of black excellence, and according to the newest textbooks, slaves were just unpaid interns.
We were brought up being given medicine designed for us by white men, men who historically tortured black women and murdered black babies to found gynecology, men who performed surgeries on black people without any anesthesia and no precautions because it was believe that black people can not feel pain.
And you wonder why we do not sympathize when black children are gunned down by police?
Nothing stopped, the framework of systemic racism just keeps getting dressed differently, yesterday’s fire hoses and attack dogs are today’s cultural appropriation, tone policing and respectability politics.
We are the ones who committed genocide, stole this land, and now, generations later, think it’s cool to dress up like the folks we massacred.
We’re the ones making fun of people who can’t speak “perfect” English, we’re the ones who’ve come up with every single racial slur used in this country.
We’re so much more concerned about you questioning us, telling us no or calling us out than we are what you’re actually experiencing at our hands.
We will spent countless hours just poking at you, trolling you just to prove you’re this less intellectual, overly emotional animal, to get you to fail a standard we set for you without ever clueing you in on it.
We are the ones who built this country on the blood, the bodies and the backs of people of color and then built Mt Rushmore, statues, monuments to white men.
We rigged the economy, the government and the schools, created the ghettos, set you up for failure and then we blame you for your not pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.
We are still making you defend yourselves, over and over ad infinitum. We make you defend your personhood, your autonomy, your agency, your decency, your humanity because when you keep minorities on the defensive, when you keep them explaining who they are and justifying their right to life – nothing real ever gets done.
Even though I’m queer, even though I’m trans, I still get to sit in the “Whites Only” section and I have heard what gets said and I’m begging you, please don’t trust us.



Do you think this warning is accurate?

1,091 thoughts on “White Man Warns All Black People: “Don’t Trust White People”

  1. What says:

    And now that You have read this, “It’s Legal”

    1. Benson Bagley Jr. says:

      I’ve lived all my life knowing this and talking to those that would listen to me. As a Negro child my parents constantly worried about me when I left home because I didn’t observe those signs. I still carry myself the same. A Negro or person of color should be of stature that keeps him or her in focus of not needing anything from the Whites. But many cannot because they fail to understand how to master the almighty “DOLLAR”. An educated Negro / person of color with “DOLLARS” above their bills and living expense is the only fright to the white race of the Negro / people of color.

      1. Rio says:

        Did you say da Negro child? That proves your white. No black person addresses themselves as a “negro child”.

        1. thanos says:

          Negro/Negroid is the correct terminology for black features. Peace

          1. Eboney says:

            So right

          2. Reality says:

            Negro and Negroid are “correct terminology” only for white people to use. People of color do not refer to themselves as Negro or Negroid. And Americans of color would not use the term African-American if they were not forced to by institutionalized white racism which makes us choose. White people literally hobble us at birth by putting race on our birth certificates.

          3. Brian says:

            The white man made up those terms as well we didn’t call ourselves that, You Did! 😉

          4. true jew says:

            it’s not negroid either…its AFRICANOID

          5. tmoe says:

            The correct name for our ppl is Negus-
            “King,” “Ruler” or “Emperor” in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. An antynym of the word “nigger” 
            White man came and ^^^^^^ happened. We need to remember who we are and our power and ability then, these convos wont even take place. No concern no worries. Most of us understand and recognize the enemy. Your message was stated yrs ago.

          6. Deega says:

            By he defintion of the white race thank u

          7. Yeshua my portion says:

            In this country usa the prasied yahudah Judah true Israelites/ Hebrews the real Yahweh’s God head which was stollen from their native land and strip of their native tongue ,land ,wealth ,their way of life and their name which is Hebrew not African American,Blackman afro american coloreguy,nigger,boy,coon,watermelon man or Toby just call us who you know we are Yahweh’s chosen elect people which in the end every knee shall bow so white people stop the hate and get on board one in a lifetime soul train before its to late while you still hear the drum if you don’t understand your already dead no soul just and empty vessel.

          8. Allen Bullock says:


          9. TrthBTold says:

            By whose definition? The system that makes the rules, which is the white system? Ok, RME

          10. joanna says:

            i am a whit person and i trust black people not because i have to because thay are just like every one els

          11. J says:

            I myself have been living in america for a total of 27 years. In my time here i have come across a total of 4 black people. Only 4? Yes only 4. I make a point of avoiding them if i can. This is because of the four hat i have met, i have never met a more underacheived, obnoxious, watermelon craving, big lipped, cheap, lazy monkey in my life. The black race are the scum of the earth. They are here by gods will to serve the clean civilized white man and nothing more. The fact that a white man is the reason they have been accepted into society as more then slaves disgusts me. I do not appreciate this facebook post and i disagree greatly with whats been said. This gay faggot transvestite belongs with the black negro man at the bottom of the chain even if he is white. This man is unable to accept his natural born penis and all of you dumb monkeys are agreeing with him. Do you see what that is saying about you. You are all pathetic and you will never be anything more than the dirt that i scrape off the bottom of my shoes, after walking down your scummy neighborhoods through piles of shit and traces of crack and/or heroine. You disgust me.

          12. Kiko Coyona says:

            This is dedicated to J
            You can also see the movie Heaven is so Real when a boy died and went to heaven. In the movie, they only showed Jesus’s hand, and it wasn’t white, but black. So, do us a favor and understand that black people weren’t born to serve you white people when are God is a matter of fact, black.

          13. Paco-G says:

            All of this hate talk is depressing. Rodent King wants us to all get along. That will not happen because people areally evil. The white rule is about injustice and devil worship. I asked my white woman why she likes black sex. She said it’s more exciting. White men feel the same when they get a clean black booty. It’s about sex money and power. Thank God it’s all about Jesus for me.

          14. justine says:

            that’s a white terminology

          15. Jennifer A Thomson says:

            No. Negroid means “dead man.”

          16. ERIC WILSON says:

            to” reality “,you’re right,you call each other NIGGER!!!!Apparently that’s better,right,or o.k ya mee..

          17. brian says:

            It is not.Not when you are ..educated and know differently. OF which you are..not so.

          18. mike says:

            I grew up with wth people played with them as kuds when i turned 12 they were all gone i never trusted wht people n to this day i dont trust them il deal with em but trust them hell no

        2. Badenjay says:

          Lol 😂

          1. Khalid says:

            Nothing this man / woman said should be a surprise to anyone. Certainly not any Black Americans. If All black Americans were to disappear tomorrow, the national crime rate would drop by half, the prison population would drop by 80%, & We would save Billions in taxes. This should make Blacks upset, & hopefully make them want to start there own businesses & keep the “black dollar” within the black community. Stop looking to white Democrats as Allies!! How many times do they have to lie to you & stab you in the back?

          2. john says:

            The negros in America are very naive and misguided if they think they can tangle ass with the white male population in this country. There are approximately 130 million white men and only about 18 million black men in the country. If the blacks think they stand a chance against the white men in America they are living in fantasyland. Like it or not it is the white mans world and you are just living in it.

          3. freddy says:

            This is nonsense, why then did white folks help the cause of the civil rights and its leaders? Not all white people are racists but the majority are though

          4. Precious says:

            To j !!!Great comments indeed but then am an African, proud of my superior complexion and the fact that was never derived from albinos you may call me an ape or monkey I can also call you a pick and a chicken with no feather asking African Americanso to go back to Africa ask yourself why discuss they bring them to America and since you albinism are liars how do you know that for sure Africans sold Africans what is it that pinkies won’t do to cover their dispeakable crimes farmers are being killed in South Africa? Maybe wouldn’t be if they would stop raping their labourers as for me I give no feck to low inferior melanin people. Just because you get talented people all over the world threaten them to build up this game for you later kill them and claim inventors doesn’t mean you are wise am not wotried nature is already fighting for blacks. White people abort kill and eat their kids as well and they kill each other everyday too just that they are good in hiding bodies and covering their crimes.blacks come to live amount get you as free people not as slaves besides you came from blacks. Blacks gave birth to your ancestors, am an African and I want nothing to do with you people not because of the color of your skin but wickedness and about the ebola don’t be fooled whites tries to start with us as they did with hiv we ourselves had the cure you hear what you want to hear, eBola existed long ago but this time I came with Western mixture but to God be the glory we knew it was them trying to use it to extort resources from Africa never again wiLl NY sickness developed by you albinos ever affect Africa look around power is changing hands. The truth about your origins is coming out more blacks are getting educated and we know own the truth now and yes you die more than blacks. No need to kill you. You are affected by many things from psychological problems to disorders and make your more strange things.

        3. Samantha says:

          That’s not true. It depends on when that person was born.

          1. mandy says:

            It’s the truth that’s why u guys hate us.

          2. Black JEW 101 says:

            it doesn’t matter when white people are born,they are still the same devil

          3. Kay says:

            we tried that look up black wall st. … whites shut it down … BPP… whites shut it down

          4. Key says:

            You say all those things about blacks. Just remember that blacks are the only race that is 100% human.

          5. Death says:

            Shut up bitch,it wasn’t the white man that helped you filthy black animals it was your filthy vile Jewish cousins that marched with Martin Luther coon,helped start the nigger panthers,put out all the interracial propaganda,started the naacp and the rest of the bullshit liberal civil rights programs.you people need to stop apologizing for OUR race,we don’t need you or your sympathy for these animals,youse both use the same boring response for everything,for a nigger it’s slavery for a kike it’s the holocaust you make me sick. Now we have white trash whores.yeah like you that want to make apologies to these people because they were slaves,are you serious?the Irish were nothing more then indentured slave when they came to the United states,do you hear them whining or asking for a handout,no they decided to be civilized and get jobs,get education to lift up and bring their people out of the situation they were in.shit instead of 40 acres and a mule we should send all these niggers a violin. Remember this,the niggers and all you apologetic white trash filth are pushing for a race war,honestly do you think it’s a war you can win???your savior will be out of office in january,you will get no help when that beatiful day comes to cleanse my country of your filth once and for all. Fact te whites own the majority of the guns sold in the us,when the bullets from all the guns you stole from the white man’s house run oUT what are you going to do??? I give you my word on all I love and hold dear when this war starts I will show no mercy at all and our first targets are the half breeds and the apologetic whites then the elimination of the black and brown,yet as we all sit here on the verge of a race war the Jews Jews that started and stirred this entire stew sit and laugh as they steal everything that’s not bolted down.how can you ask the white man for civil rights when you stole the land from the Palestinians and commit genocide against their people.and also let me address something else said on here,no you filthy ass niggers were not eve. Remotely a part of judah,and jesus Christmas was not a nigger you stupid monkey he was a jew and if his skin was a shade darker was only because of the fact he was middle eastern not a nigger.you people made your life the way it is not the white man.teach your kids courtesy,teach them respect,not only for other people and their property but thierselves and the filthy slums they come from,Oh yeah that the white man gave to you because you were to much of a nigger to get a job and youse passed this from generation to generation,good job blackey. Now I’m done,I gotta go,just remember were watching and we’re patintly waiting for the day to clean our society of the disease called the black race.Bring the war!!!!!!

          6. M says:

            No. It depends on the parents. and the education. This is a generalization anyway and the fact that you are offended means there is some subconscious guilt at play that goes along side unintentional and subconscious racism that was sparked by the public consciousness or dear old ma and pa themselves. This doesn’t make you a bad guy yet, you didn’t know. But now you do and it’s no longer subconscious. Do the research and enlighten yourself.

        4. john says:

          Bullshit this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read in my life. . This was not written by a white person

          1. Rubin says:

            John you just proved what the writer you dismissed said. You will deny what you just read because to accept it is to acknowledge the truth. Text books have been written to hide the truth of the past wrongs by whites upon ethnic bodies. I suppose you deny that our ancestors were slaves, hung up in tees massacred for trivial events. Today it is still happening and in front of whites, by police murderers with video to prove the murder and you still justify it. You are racist…do some research if you are not afraid to before rejecting what you read that offends your sensibilities.

          2. Michi says:

            Still holds true regardless, doesn’t it?

          3. Eboney says:

            Why not

          4. s says:

            And you retards here are going to justify the comments of a person who is so fucked in the head they cannot tell if they are a man or a women? You think that this freak of a human speaks for whites? He doesn’t know if he should be mad or shove a tampon up his own ass. No we are sick of you people destroying everything and everywhere you go , any city or country that is majority black is majority shit living. You people do not understand how to function in society. No other race has your issues to your extent , and like brain damaged children you must be led your whole lives or you kill each other and anyone else around. Maybe you do it for justice or maybe you do it for crack , maybe you abort your kids for money? Maybe you like having fucked up kids with no fathers. You cannot even make a family unit function as a whole and your going to fix what? You are a joke to the entire world and once we are done with this pony ass song and dance for you , you will remember why you are where you are and exactly why you will stay where you are. You are out gunned , and out smarted every step of the way. You are more than welcome to try anything you want, but do not cry when you are exterminated.

          5. Azania says:

            You cant rubbish the validity of an opinion because you don’t like it. Engage the topic and agree or disagree. Avoidance is a privilege when one has riches to protect

          6. Heather says:

            I am an avid reader and writer. My experience tells me that this was NOT written by a white person. So what? Credibility and intent are very important. While racism is very real, I question the intent behind this post. I find it counterproductive. All it does is contribute to the problem; it does nothing to solve it. Black people don’t need another person to tell them that what they experience DAILY is real. They need fair judges and jurors. They need good legal representation. They need to be in more positions of power. In order to get there, they will need to get focused. That means giving up the name brand clothes, nice cars, expensive phones, cable, etc. That means getting in shape. That means getting involved in their children’s education. But this is too much work. It appears blacks find it easier to kill and disrespect each other. Blacks can be very difficult to deal with; the blacks who are able to “make it” don’t want to deal with most blacks. Why? Because blacks will turn on a black person that is successful quicker than they will turn on a white person who mistreats them daily. They hate to see each other succeed. They love to destroy each other. A black man pretends he doesn’t know how to be a good father until he lays down with a white woman and gets her pregnant. Then he knows to get 2 or 3 jobs to take care of his “family”. Blacks have a lot of self hate and they still require validation from whites to feel good about themselves. This is sad. I say all of this to say that a lot of the work has to be done by the blacks to change things. Until blacks stop screwing around with their lives and start respecting themselves and their community, things will never change. Yes, the justice system is unfair. So don’t give them a reason to mistreat you. Whites love drugs a lot more than blacks. So much so that whites have found a way to get away with getting high on weed all day every day; it’s called “medical marijuana”. But since blacks don’t have the same resources, they will go to jail if they are caught with it. Solution? Don’t even touch it. The system is crap for sure. Blacks need to open their eyes and ears and shut their mouths. Don’t touch the alcohol, drugs, processed foods, etc., because they can destroy your life much easier and quicker than they can destroy white people’s lives. Black need to get focused. They need to rebuild their community fro within. Stop waiting for whites to save you. Save yourselves! Turn of the damn TV and pick up a book. Stop doing all those things that cause others to disrespect you! Stop spending your money where you are not respected! Vote! Change!

          7. Rochelle says:

            I know right! I was thinking the exact same thing… in fact I know a black person wrote this because a white person wouldn’t omit nonsense talk but then again… If this individual is a trans gender, a confused person, anything is possible when it comes to guilt

          8. kenedrick says:

            Wrong again, the guy was on TV talking about why he wrote what he wrote so come again with another lie please.

          9. Paul Bennett says:

            In the name of Jesus, I forgive you.

          10. robin galloway says:

            Nope anyone could have written this to get people worked up and I can see by the comments it’s working. There’s no proof a white person wrote this. Whoever did write it is a coward.

          11. T says:

            Who else could have wrote it. He was being blatantly honest about how white people are, and no matter if its right or wrong. The reason why things are the way they still are. And black people will not be accepted by white people and for now just tolerated. You just dont want blacks to be enlighten by how deep this shit is.

          12. Brandon Ray says:

            I don’t think so….. look at what these white people have to say to confirm what he says.


          13. zobone says:

            White people come from black folks started as albinos fact

          14. Precious says:

            To Death I can’t wait as well to see power taken from the Anglo American it is time indeed and death I promise you no other power will ever be given apart from God’s kingdom, it’s a pity black Americans are being hated like this by these racist albinos though I know not all but looking at the comments they are many, they are proud they made guns mmmmmm kkkkk cowards! May that day of the war comes and may the sun hit 50 degrees and see if you won’t die immediately or get skin cancer before the war ends when you put your hopes on guns and bombs to destroy God’s chosen people you just gonna be fighting God himself nature will be against you and haven’t your pink folks tried to eliminate the black race have they succeeded? Yes blacks suffer now but they will laugh last. Blaming blacks for crimes in the USA is absorb whites commit greater crimes, horrible discernable crimes the most dangerous kids in the world are pinkies have no shame. We will see nature is already fighting you. Albinos the pigs stinking porks, who smells like fish inferior generation.
            Blacks have built your country and you are here talking.

          15. brian says:

            Yous just hate it wasnt you..

          16. Racistpplaresimplycowards says:

            Lol….I have experienced such occurrences on a personal level, it is all true. I wouldn’t go as far as not trusting white people though but that’s just my personal opinion…but here is the fact..the inbred mfkrs who hide behind a mask are the COWARDS that make me sick…here’s the thing you want to be a dumbass and say a bunch of shit which makes you look like a complete idiot and claim it as facts then go aheat with your ignorant ass…trust me..I can tell a racist after 2 min of talking to them and when the conversation is done I realize that I have no use for said person and continue my life in the direction of greatness…I was born and raised in Jamaica…the crime in my neighborhood was so terrible that you would see your childhood friend up the street but there were markers bordering off gang territory…my parents were naturally hard working people..my mom had the heart of an angel and my dad was from a military family..we came to Canada not having any idea of racism or discrimination…20 years later I am a grown accomplished military veteran and I have seen how deep systemic racism reaches. Fine whatever…here’s the truth to it all…there’s a reason for it being systemic right?…fear of being discovered…I’m sorry but I m glad I don’t have to live my life being a COWARD towards my beliefs…times have changed and still changing…through experiencing racism in the canadian forces I had the chance to see which soldiers had my back and the ones that didn’t and actually helped to expose a situation which people literally had no idea that it existed…do I hate white people…no…do I trust white people…no…It just takes alot longer time for me to gain trust from anyone simply because I owe it to myself….someone posted a comment stating white people outnumber black people…completely irrelevant…not all white ppl are racist some of them just got brainwashed by insecure parents who had some fkd up hatred towards a group of people so they decided to corrupt their offspring….it’s 2016..the math doesn’t add up..racism is taught and if you’re not smart enough to find out facts for yourself then you’re just an idiot who doesn’t deserve to breathe…as for black people..stop being caught up by what people call us and support each other with the love and dignity which have been passed on and some how forgotten because of the bitterness we have based on the struggles of ancestors…ppl want to hate..Fk em…don’t waste energy on them…I believe everyone on this planet has the potential to be great…the only thing that hold us back is the extent of our minds…one love people…joke: if you don’t know who Bob Marley is then clearly you’re a terrible person…peace love and respect to all

          17. CushSairsingh says:

            Ohh boohoo. Whitey can’t handle being treated like a black person. Stfu

          18. kat says:

            Death and J are actually interesting. Yes the Italian and Irish Immigrants were considered lower than the “nigger”,( a word which doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t refer to me) but they were able to eventually integrate into society and become accepted easily because as time passed their skin became lighter but black people are the only race of people who are so different from other races. Instead of embracing those differences we allow white people to tell us that we are not good enough because of them.
            When black people had minded their own business and built prosperous segregated communities white people destroyed those communities(Black Wall Street, The Rosewood Massacre, etc) because white people don’t like to see black people thrive and prosper, because you want to think that you are better than we are. You can’t have it both ways, white people complain about black people living off of the system which my mother, myself and many others never have. Yet you can’t stand to see us prosper and have more than you have.
            The problem with many whites like J is that they are too ignorant to realize that there is good and bad in every race. I’ve met more than four lazy and bad white people. However, I am not ignorant enough to assume that all white people are the same, even though 40% of all white people are on food stamps.
            Death, that is good advice to all races regarding raising children with respect. If there is to be another civil war the racist white people will lose and while we would be fighting in America, North Korea and Russia would be planning their attack. I hate to break it to you but your savior Trump (my savior happens to be Jesus, and anyone with a Bible knows he was a dark skinned Jew) is not going save you from the fact that there are fewer white babies being born than Mexicans and mixed breeds. You are just going to have to live life as a very angry person. White people will become the minority and perhaps you will have to go back to Europe from where you came.

          19. ajtherealist says:

            wow let me address the idiots in the room who are sensitive racist if you are racist you have no honest opinion about the situation because A your gonna something racist and B your gonna say black people are shame so plz dont be ignorant.

          20. D says:

            I sure HOPE *DEATH* is READY to DIE!!!….from the BLACK MAN!!!….

        5. Darlene says:

          I’m white and I have nothing to do with anything bad that happens now to black people. In July a black 17 year old got hit by a car. There were black people just standing around doing nothing. Didn’t even call 911. I stop my car and got out and called 911 and got into his phone call the first number which was his mother told her her son was hit by a car. She was then on her way. I sat on that hot pavement with him. I tell you it was burning hot. I layer his head in my hands. Talking calmly to him. I then remember I had a blanket in my car. I ran and got it. Pushed as much as I could under him. He said his back and neck was hurt. I would of love to over him on the grass but was afraid his neck or back was broken. I stay laying beside him on that burning road. I stayed until the ambulance came. His mom was a minute behind them. I told them his neck and back was hurt. I told the boy by and hope he was ok. We held hands for a minute and I left. I’m not the kind of white person you would like to think I am. I have love for everyone. God made every man equal.

          1. Kali Mitra says:

            Your comment in no way addressed the contents of the letter. Maintainingg the status quo of your folks, you deflect back to ” I am a good person” rather than dealing with the weight of the facts at hand “my people have created a scale of power based on terrorism, genocide, and unprecedented havoc on the natural world.” No. You’d never go there, to the land of uncomfortable truthiness. I bet you haven’t googled one thing to examine for yourself, the overwhelming reasons why blacks should be leery of “white America.” You’re not interested in understanding that, or getting to know the history that is yours too (like it or not). I never heard a person say “but there were good Nazis’ or “why don’t Jews trust Germans?’ Yet the same things have been committed against my own and the best you can do is offer a story of the tired old narrative of you as the white savior, saving negro children, while the bad negroes just watched.Oh brother

          2. Elihu El says:

            whites always try to seperate themselves from guilt by sayin “im not racist, i have blacl groends, i never harmed a blacl” but continue to benefit from the luxuries and priveledge of 400yes. of oppressing blacks. they still benefit from it today and til they right the wrong they commited and continue to commit. theyre proven themselves unfit to live and,coexist with earth. they kill and destroy everything then blame others as bad. the air, earth, sea, sea life, forests, and humanity suffers due to white greed. trillions of lives have been slaughtered for white greed. especially blacks worldwide. then they use news media to villify other groups who adopted their propensity for greed and violence simply to compete.

          3. louis brown says:

            It not color of our skin .it what jesus die for sin. That the world like it is .sin cripple people’s they have hate in they ❤ not love..Jesus said love one another has i love one.

          4. Sauce says:

            I love you bro peace

          5. Jimmie says:

            U think that makes u a good person .. U get know sympathy from me u are ALL racist in a way..a white man will kick it with me all day were i work in suburbs but i bet they wouldnt let me date there daughters yall need to be honest and just admit it and stop trying to get our sympathy by saying who u helped….ur still white and in my eyes u will always be the enemy…p.s. If u did help that person thats ur problem because i certainly would not help one of u if u were in need of serious help lol…

          6. Ellen says:

            I am black and I do get angry at injustice towards any person not just blacks yes, blacks have been through a lot in this country but hate is not going to solve anything for anyone. Love covers a multitude of sins the scriptures tells us to love our fellow man regardless.I would rather love than to hate because I know that what human beings are capable of it and that if more people had it things would be a lot better.Race is just a title but humanity is life in itself meaning we are to see the person and the act not the title. Love and not hate it’s the way to a better successful life.

          7. SpeakstheTruth says:

            Darlene thank you for doing what was right….. You can’t change the mind or help many or should I say most of the ignorant racists here…. They don’t want to hear that, they want to use excuses for their sad lives and blame white race for everything! They are ignorant on the history of slavery throughout mankind…the wars and ways of mankind throughout its history.. and the truth about what put us all where we are today….. The trash like Jimmie give the wonder folks of the darker shades a bad name..

          8. SpeakstheTruth says:

            Very well said Ellen……. So many that I see here don’t want to love…. They have hate embedded in them much to deep! They would prefer to choke to death in their hate and blame others for their lives and misfortunes, and hold on to the past than to try to love people. I’m not saying black folk didn’t have a different rd than white people… But it’s not all white races fault either…. There are some huge problems in the black culture…. It would be much more beneficial for these racist idiots to focus on these problems than to focus on hating and blaming the white race!

          9. Wales says:

            Well said… Thank you for being S human being!

          10. george says:

            Thank you for your compasion. God bless you.

          11. s macneill says:

            Thank you Darlene love does conquer all

          12. ddd says:

            I’m a black man I stopped and helped a white man laying in the driveway, because I cared

          13. Myra says:

            Amen. I trust & believe there are still Godly men & women who still know Jesus is Love!! We are to show love one to the other regardless of, race.

          14. Queen says:

            Wtf really its not about y’all ass lady

          15. mai7 says:

            What I hear in your statement is you were being the good guy bc YOU did something when the Blacks werent. Well, I witnessed an accident when a White kid was hit by a car and there were White people just standing there doing nothing…but I didnt assume that no one had dialed 911. Nor did it register in my mind to blame the Whites for just standing there and not trying to comfort the young boy. I just felt a sigh of relief when this Black teen rushed to his side saying “hold on little brother you’re going to be fine, okay?” People react differently not bc they’re Black or White…but bc it’s the humane thing to do. Just bc he was Black and they were Black and they didnt react the way you thought they should is no reason to emphasize what they didnt do. I never blamed the Whites who just stood staring at the kid. Whites always find reasons to look down on Blacks no matter how subtle. It is in your dna to hate Blacks. The Bible calls you the Black man’ s enemy in Dueteronomy 28 & 29th C. So, you can pat yourself on the back for a moment of humanity…I can hear you telling friends about the incident…”..and there were Black people just standing there DOING NOTHING!…and I did this and I did that!” Though it was a good thing you did….it can never make up for your race’s atrocities.

          16. Rose says:

            Do you all not understand???, it’s a war here, that they are pushing, as in the past on race. Some get it, and some don’t. If you don’t understand, then go to your global books, and look up, other countries, try India, to start, you tube has some good Documentaries.

          17. Sa says:

            I am sure that you feel like we should be privileged that you help a black child.

          18. DARK JEW says:



            you do have something to do with what happened to the afrikain people because your cave beast four fathers played a part in it and your blood is the same..if you had to choose to give all that you have because of your four fathers work i bet you wouldnt give it up you are your fathers son…your a cave beast and can not be trusted any of you.. god did not make us equal to you why do you think your people try to erase the black race because we have souls and have a connection to the most high…this is our earth we were here first your people tried to take everything from us from strong family, spiritual practice, land, we taught your people high-gen because your people was living in shacks with your pigs chickens and dogs and fucking your animals..your nothing like us and balance will be restored by the universe..everything the white man touch he destroys EVERYTHING…EVEN THE SUN TIRED OF YALL AS WHY DO YOU THING YOUR PEOPLE BURN AND BLACK PEOPLE DONT..WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE SUN..THE FIRST CREATED WHEN THE CREATOR EXPERIENCED IT SELF AND THE GALAXYS WERE BORN YOUR PEOPLE ARE A MUTATED GEN..YOUR NOT NORMAL..PURE EVIL..DON’T BELIEVE ME DO SOME DIGGING ON THE WHITE RACE YOUR PEOPLE HAVE NOOOO HISTORY EVERYTHING YALL HAVE IS TOOK AND MADE AS IF YOUR PEOPLE MADE IT..SAD BUT THE TRUTH IS THE THE TRUTH..NONE OF YOU ARE INNOCENT..

          20. whyus says:

            God did not create all man equal. Look around. Hello, from the beginning of time whites have been the privileged ones. In the Bible it speaks of black skin being a curse. Slavery is HE creating us equal. How is that? I can’t go to the store without having the National Guards called in. I can’t drive from one corner to the next without being pulled over. I can’t eat a piece of chicken nor a slice of watermelon without being filmed. Mormons believe no man of color will enter into heaven. Yet all me are created equal. Blacks hanging from trees like Christmas ornaments. I can’t see a German Shepherd without thinking it time to turn into Flo Jo. I’m willing to let my house burn to the ground before I call the fire department. I’m fearful that they’re going to use the hose on me rather than the fire. We are to blame also. We ate their live entertainment monkeys. Sagging pants turned into Jean socks. Purple, green and gold braids, let me guess, Mardi Gras? Slang or ebonics? A foreign language that no one on planet earth wants to speak. They no longer have to do population control because we do it for them. As a young child I remember sitting in church and hearing several different pastors say, ” we are created in God’s image “, if what they say is true. GOD is WHITE. Think about it, why would he create a race imaged after him that gets treated like shit on all 7 continents. White is pure and black is evil. Check the dictionary. Being black is a curse and I don’t think God would curse his own image.

          21. Peep says:

            Thank you Darlene,as a child of God I feel the same,we are ALL created in the image of the almighty God.I choose not to argue with anyone on this subject,because satan surely has a hand in it.blessings,

          22. Michael says:

            I would love to hear you say that you feel as an equal to all of the races if you were one of those races with another race of people metaphorically having their foot on your neck it’s easy to come back to reality when you’re the one winning anyways!

          23. Yeshua my portion says:

            But yet white cave man has killed rape stollen altered changed everything Yahweh has designed you are hell on earth taken Yahweh’s name out the bible its not mention not even once not even our beloved Yeshua white people are real good at claiming things that aren’t theirs and just bole as hell the devils even changed Yahweh’s name to God Lord Jesus pagan names don’t let it be said those few powerful words go away from me I don’t know you you didn’t keep my name in your mouth or worship on my Sabbath day which is a Saturday by the way all you Jesus loving people you better do more than just go to church the preacher can’t save you if he’s feeding the flock the wrong Scripture
            Hebrew’s wrote the bible the letter j was evented by mistake in the 1600 in a printing shop trying to spell iesus the printer accidentally printed the letter j one time and ran with it even the English language that you speak is different dialects of other languages that’s how you learn to speak a language you came along way from gronts but I’m praying that you will stand all the way up one day

          24. Sae says:

            God bill bless you for that! Thank you!

          25. Sherika Edwards says:

            I thank you for what you have done for that young man regardless what others say, thank you again for helping him

          26. Jeannnetta says:

            God bless you dear

          27. Abraham says:

            You’re very educated person very body we are human being so racist person racist him self God he gonna help you God bless you

          28. Ginget says:

            I too will not allow you to even assume all white people are racist you will not steroe type me in that category acording to my skin color.
            I am no racist and i have nothing to do with that ignorance by other white people.
            I am of mixed race and would never date white men for that reason, i saw how racist and bigoted they are. Even being like me i would have been treated as less than human by them because of my Ancestery.
            I had an Uncle and Aunty who were used as slaves by White Catholic people here in the United States less than 100 years ago… So please do not trust a person saying that slavery doesn’t exhist. I still am not melanated but my Ancesters were destroyed by the white men….My People come From Mexico and Spain. My people were the jewes who were slain by Hitler. Please do not act as if Slavery was only for Black Slaves who were sold by their own King.
            My people came out of slavery i look so damed white you would never guess that. I have African in my genetic make up too go figure….

          29. Nysi says:

            you have nothing to do with children mining colbalt, cocoa for your chocolate, and materials for cell phone, processing your food and tobacco, in modern day slavery. You have obliviousness and selfishness to believe all your luxuries are not convenience by the oppression daily, minutely, of people of color. You do not mine, grow, sweat, create, or build but mysteriously the road which you drove was built, the sewage and materials for it were made. please white person please grow up! It will be a war between southern hemisphere and northern Europeans and northern Chinese with South Asian and Southern Hemisphere. It is about survival, luxury, resources, and wealth make no mistake.

          30. lori says:

            God, bless you Darlene, Im black annd so happy to say we are sisters in Christ. God does not see color we were. all created by the same loving God.. Good works Sister.

          31. s says:

            I will address the fact the black society in general is disgusting and the fact that we put up with it makes us weak. These parasites must be cut of the american tit. Why are we paying for them to live and breathe and buying your food for you because your so useless you cannot even feed yourselves. It is not whites fault that your all so fucking stupid that you cannot function. Your “culture” is of murder and rape , there is nothing “beautiful” that comes from your culture only , negatives. WE built the world YOU build nothing. You by rights , should be in a mud hut in the middle of a field running from a lion. But even African blacks wont take American blacks because of your behavior. You are a new , special kind of stupid. And if you think i am lying look it up. You may have found some weak whites to push around but i am not apologizing for shit , you do not deserve freedom, what have you done with it? build and industry of weaves and fake nails and govt handouts? oh because you don’t need a man , yet the WHITE man is supporting you and your useless families. Well shit i would be mad too if ii was that fucking pathetic , but if you think you will get near the levers of real power lmao , but hey , you can dream right LMAO!

          32. eddie says:


            White people oppressed asians for centuries, now China is the world’s 2nd largest economy.

            You can’t blame white people for everything.

            Sorry I get sick of minorities slating white people, while they live in white countries, benefiting from white economies and white society.

            If white people are so bad, go live in Liberia, see how much fun that is.

            All sites like this are full of jealous minorities. Yes, Jealous. We have all been on the earth the same amount of time, and the fact is white people just did better. The world speaks English, French and Spanish – this is not luck, get over it and move on. I don’t owe you anything, my forefathers took it because they were stronger and smarter than yours, get over it.

          33. john says:

            Equal yeah equal but seperate…

          34. Karen says:

            Thank you….

          35. Heather says:

            Yes, what you did for another human being was great. Thank you! But understand there is a lot of anger directed at you because blacks are skeptical because of all of the systemic racism. For example, it is hard for blacks to believe that not all whites are racist when white jurors continue to find in favor of cops who blatantly kill blacks and lie about the circumstances. There is a lot of anger and resentment. Whites who are genuinely good people and not racists understand this and don’t feel a need to offer an instance when they were nice to a black person.

          36. C. Coker says:

            Listen to all of this complaining and blaming of whites for all of your problems! I have heard about as much bitching and moaning from black people lately as I can stand. And the fantasies fabricated by some of you is so far removed from any semblance of truth and facts, I assume as a twisted way to bolster self esteem. Example? The notion that God is black. Or white for that matter. God doesn’t have a race. Jesus was a Jew and therefore looked like all other Jews in Israel. That just so happens to be white, but if that is the only thing that matters to you then you definitely have the demon of racism dwelling inside of you. I’ve heard all the claims that the “real tribes of Israel were black” from black people and it is absolute BS. And you think whites are the only ones that skews and sanitizes their history?! Black people today have not experienced slavery. Black people today DO have equal rights. Black people today are given tons of “minority” opportunities and incentives to educate and better themselves, build up their communities, raise themselves up and give the next generation better than you had… etc, etc, etc. That’s how it should be. But many of you have allowed bitterness, jealousy and greed to infiltrate every fiber of your being! You blame whites today for things they have absolutely no control over and NO responsibility for! If you want what whites have so badly (and we have problems like everyone else) then you have to start with looking in the mirror. The main difference between white and black people, speaking in generalities, is the family unit. Mother, father, kids, values, love, respect and stability! Those things don’t require wealth, by the way. It doesn’t even require a great education. I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, and my generation was the first to get to go to college. But every generation works hard to give their children a little better than they had. But the basics of having both parents meaningfully involved, having and instilling values from an early age, showing and teaching respect, and providing love and stability MUST be the foundation on which everything else is built or you are building on quicksand. Now I’m not claiming that all white people achieve this OR that no black do. What I am saying is that when any race of people has a large portion fall away from that core it becomes a cancer on the whole community. Now black people can continue to blame whites for their problems, which the majority are taught to do from birth, or you can get real with yourselves and see it for what it is. The guy that wrote this reeks of bitterness and resentment for what I can only imagine as some very painful and confusing life experiences resulting from his sexual orientation and society’s rejection of it. I’m not going to get into a morality debate about that, but it permeates all races whether you except it, reject it, or tolerate it, but he does not speak for the white race, nor is he qualified to make such sweeping condemnation of it. The point is that as long as blacks continue to blame whites for everything and make them responsible for your happiness and prosperity, and until you start addressing the social issues that are the real culprit, nothing will ever change. And maybe for a large percentage there’s a certain amount of security in that prospect. It’s easier and far less painful to point fingers and blame others than to own up. Slavery is history. Racism is a two way street. Change starts at home. Everything that blacks have historically endured, all other races have historically endured as well. ALL countries were built on the backs of slaves! ALL countries have committed horrible acts to dominate other countries. I’m not trying to sweep it under the rug. I’m only stating it as a fact. But we have to get past it, especially since there is nothing more that we can do about it. Nothing will change it. Nothing will make it right. But living with hate and malice for white people today is not the answer and it is NOT JUSTIFIED. You are not slaves. You have never been one. You have every right that I have. When bad things happen at the hands of one or a few individuals, it is NOT okay to blame an entire race for it or to make broad, sweeping accusations of institutionalized racism! It just is not true! Those people should and must be dealt with, and institutionalized racism should be rooted out where it exists but our legal system and the majority of white America for that matter, just isn’t steeped in racism like it was 50 years ago. We really have come a long way whether you admit it or not. But when I turn on my TV and see buildings being burned down and property being destroyed and innocent people being assaulted by black men and women, that looks like racism resulting in anarchy to me and THAT CANNOT BE TOLERATED! All lives matter and when a faction of society becomes a threat to the safety and rights of the rest, they must be dealt with accordingly… PERIOD! You don’t have to trust us if you don’t want to. That’s fine. But everyone has to get along and play well with others or there’s going to be consequences. But the real enemy of these United States are in Washington DC, and it doesn’t matter what letter is beside their names. And they want nothing more than to keep racial tensions going because they are terrified of blacks, browns, whites and everyone else in this melting pot of ours uniting and taking their power away. They do not care about the people of this country! They don’t give two hoots in hell about our problems! All they want is our money and our vote! That’s who you shouldn’t trust. Black or white, Republican or Democrat or even Independent! They are in the business of enriching themselves and staying in office! They are destroying this country. And one last thing….anyone who says they wouldn’t do anything to help a white person in a medical emergency is not just a disgrace to the black race, but also has less character and redeeming attributes than a maggot and doesn’t deserve to live among us. I believe in righteous judgement and anyone who can say that should really hope they never find themselves in a situation where their life depends on the kindness of another. The Lord can be a hard taskmaster and just might teach you a hard lesson.

          37. Corey figgs says:

            God bless you!!we are all people under the sun!!no matter color or race!!!!.

          38. Vojak says:

            Well said. Great statement something everyone needs to do for each other regaurdless of color or anything else.

          39. Vojak says:

            So for example the person with the comment named. S. To cowardly or scared to put his or her name. I guess. Because I feel sick to my fucking stomach the things they said along with the other single letter thing. I’ll call them

          40. Tony says:


            YOU ROCK!!!!!

          41. SS says:

            God bless you.
            We are all of God’s children.

          42. Ebony Harper says:

            You rock Suga

          43. Shima says:

            Im a brown skinned american born christian woman that helps all people of all colors every chance i have. If i was there i would have called the cops and tried to help in anyway i can. In my community which unfortunately is a poor brown skinned barrio due to social and racial implications we help each other in any ways we can. We believe it takes a village to raise a child as well as respect and loving care. When pale pink skinned African American’s moved to our community me and my hubby tried to welcome them but for the most part they seemed to be afraid of us. Because i believe in God I will still try to care for pale pink skinned African American’s and other pale pink skinned people from other places outside but it’s so hard when i see them walk past a brown woman hurt and don’t even care yet if a pale pink afrikaans etc. woman needs help they drop everything to help. We live all together in the same barrio yet the divide is so obvious it’s scary.

          44. Ze says:

            Now all you have to do is leave the occupied nation of American and stop being apart of the problem, you are dead wrong still b/c if the decedents of the occupiers, enslavers ect.. Refuse to leave the nations they occupy the natives remain occupied, not able to rule in their own land. You are dead wrong still b/c you think that by helping another human being you have demonstrated some feat act that shows you are not racist, when the reality is that the fact that you bring it up demonstrates you are just like the rest of the wicked white race, who cares if you helped a human on the side of the road that is what any reasoning sane human would do, what does the fact that he had a brown hue have to do w/ anything, why even mention it? (We all know why). You are dead wrong still, b/c you know that everything you have is stolen, and that humans souls were raped, pillaged, murdered, diseased, abused ect… In order for you to enjoy the ease of life our destroyed people have given you, yet you and your race refuse to leave, refuse to give up your comforts and way of life in order to do what is actually right. The white race remains evil b/c the cost of righteousness is too costly, white people say righteousness and live evil, we are not impressed at your helping a human, we would do that too. We are disgusted that you think that by mentioning that you helped a brown hued person we will think your as evil as the vast majority of the rest of your race… Give it up, we know who you are, we know who you all are. Tables will turn, the white mans reign is Soon over.

          45. X says:

            Society ran by whites does not treat every man equal. I’m not convinced white people were made by God.. But I’m sure he intended all men to be equal and fair to one another.. Something the white race continues to fail at for hundreds of years now. You as a individual has nothing to do with systematic racists and will not use your INDIVIDUAL experience tactic to distract from what white racists practice as a whole.. I like the subtle way you called us inferior by pointing out how divided we are with the “black people didn’t help” comment.. Your a joke and real black people will not fall for this shit

          46. Precious says:

            Wow! Am not an American but to keep hearing how blacks have turned into in America is shocking Africans suffer indeed but because of what they have been subjected into have become cold as weLl but one thing lies with them humility and respect that’s one thing no one can ever remove from Africans and the love they have for one another you might have met them in your countries they know why they are there and they make sure to study harder and improve as it is noted that the black Nigerians are the most educated I America as we speak that makes me proud they are using Nigerian American to distinguish and show that African Americans are not serious, whatever that is wrong there it’s just the same as in Brazil the black Brazilians who their ancestors were taken into slavery they do not know what they are doing, they are just not focused and proud as Africans and that saddens me that my people have lost what makes them black and African proud , brave and humble people who is 0 tolerance to disrespect from anyone.

          47. John says:

            The color of your skin is trivial and simply an excuse used by hateful and ignorant people. You cannot assume to know a damn thing about someone you have never met. Simply from reading historical propaganda created and consistently edited over the years to fit individual agendas. It’s common knowledge “That the winners write the History” I for one don’t trust a damn thing written by people with political agendas. Nor have enough trust in mankind to record the actual truth. It’s not a persons appearance which makes them evil. People are not born evil! It’s something they must learn from the experience’s they encounter in life. All people, even people of color can become evil with time. This trivial argument I keep hearing from people more and more these days. Claiming my people are “Gods chosen People” This is the biggest load of hateful, racist garbage. I hate to burst everyone’s bubble but no one is Gods chosen people! We have all failed horribly to live up to that title. We have all failed God together and will all pay the price together. Whether you want to accept it or not. We are all in this freak show together until the end. So we can either continue to show the almighty of our unworthiness of his love by continuing are hateful ways… Or we can get over the past, unite as one species and begin to accept everyone as equals, as God intended. We can either act like animals and obey the laws of nature and the survival of the fittest. Continue the wars & genocide because one believes them more deserving than the other. Or we can live like humanity was intended. As a sophisticated society of civilized beings working together as one. To create a eutopia on earth. Where humankind lives in symbiosis with nature. Only then will any of us be worthy of the creators love!

          48. Magnum says:

            I had a neighbor that had his car fall on him while was working on his exhaust. His leg was pinned under the rear wheel. His intense screams drew my attention and proceeded to run to his aid. By the time I reached his driveway, there were multiple people standing around staring- all white. I proceeded to take charge and worked to free him. It’s hard to believe that none of these individuals had any first aid training, let along take charge skills. After his leg was freed, I directed first aid procedures to reduce the date to his leg and comfort him. I even had to call 911. Anyway, after the ambulance arrived, the watchers dispersed. Luckily, he recovered over the next few weeks. Today I see him all the time with no impairment. I felt sorry that his family had to witness any of his suffering. The travesty is he never even said a word or offered a thank you. He was white and I am black.

          49. GOOD FOR YOU you are a true human being, bless you

          50. Tracie says:

            Beautiful man you are.

          51. AusetTheCreator says:

            Lmao the lie is so transparent.

          52. ajtherealist says:

            kali just shut up that was so racist that made your comment so inrelevent

          53. truth says:

            Darlene, may God bless you, the world needs more people like you,,all human beings are equal” we should love and respect one another..

          54. Junior says:

            Thank you for what you did.You will be blessed by God.
            But as a black man I say thank you.
            Why ? Because like you,I also believe that we should forget the past and try to treat each other with respect.
            I am a truck driver. One day I was at a shipper and this white guy asked me to use my phone to call his office to let them know that his phone fell and was destroyed.
            Because of the type of person I am .I said sure here is my phone.And when you’re done talking to your office.Call your wife and family to let them know what happened also.. I waited for almost half an hour so he could finish.
            And he thanked me.From that day he would always say hi to me and was very nice. I am sure he was surprised that a black guy was kind to him that day.

        6. Shimazaky says:

          Could be a high class black kid, I meant a negro child.

          1. john says:

            Yeah some kinda fancy negro….

          2. john says:


          3. Anonymous Citizens says:

            The man or woman who wrote that long paragraph is clearly the white person that can’t be trusted, since you dare to think everyone is as ignorant as you. White people today benefit from the death and destruction of black civilizations for the past centuries to date so you have everything to do with what was handed to you and what privilegeshe you have at the expense of generations of black back to antiquity. The great diving supreme beings are coming for you. Sleep well. White people have everything they have because with the betrayal of the black man, the black and brown ancient cultures, resources, and all land masses were robbed, mocked, destroyed, and usurped and used for what you have today. It’s not over until it’s over. Kiss your children every night. Just like your people kill and steal african children from Africa today for profit here in america. This won’t continue on for too long. Your time will be done soon.

          4. Juice says:

            I am so peeved at the inflammatory ignorance of you crackers and the afros who allow crackers to insult them to their face and don’t stand up for themselves. I am a strong, proud, non racist, God fearing black man and there are many African Americans just like me. I will not allow ignorance and vitriol spewed towards black people to continue this way. First off, the white media wants to take a very, very small segment of the black populous and demonize all African Americans in the media as violent ruffians terrorizing America. It’s called social programming. Even blacks are starting to believe this nonsense to be true about other black folk. Too many crackers are too dumb and/or scared to think for themselves. Ironically, they so happen to say the same thing about black persons. They never take the time to come to a reasonable conclusion to even try to get to know a black family. How about trying to understand black peoples’ challenges in this country before persecuting anyone of us.I come from a structured household of virtue and goodness. There are masses of African Americans who work hard every single day to provide for their families. They are college educated, we’ll travelled, respect life, marriage, and maintain high moral standards in their lives. Young responsible father’s and mothers who teach their seedlings right from wrong such as myself. There are plenty of black men and women who are in business and doing well and are positive contributors to the community at large.
            The white media outlets which are owned and ran by conversative white racists bafoons are renowned for plastering 1% of the African American demographic on tv to condition and poison the minds of all other ethnic groups against blacks as the scum of the earth. This is just not true! For all you stupid ass Caucasians who believe in white supremacy. The notion that ‘white is right’ and ‘black is whack’, is just lying to yourselves to mask your inferiority complex to black people. We are an intelligently designed people with beautiful skin, lean muscle mass, perfectly sculpted jaw lines, full lips, age defying looks, better sexual health, and categorically desirous physiques. Did I mention style? Dress. Swagger. Intelligence. Creativity. Expressionism. We carry both tangible and intangible qualities which infuse the unfiltered disdain of the Caucasian. BTW, African Americans are the original people of the human race! This is true. On the face of it, for all the details noted, ( I could go on but for the sake of brevity I digress). As a result, blacks get raked over the coals in the court of law, injure our homes communities economically, and appoint us educators who don’t give a damn about black youth coupled with a poor cirriculum and you have just destroyed the backbone of Black America. Wow! Its feels good to be federally fucked by Whitey Uncle Sam! The HATE is REAL! RACISM is REAL. RACIAL profiling is REAL. ECONOMIC and JUDICIAL RACISM is REAL. These are NOT excuses just facts. Pale folks started this racial dichotomy in the US, not people of color. Which amazes me yet again how many white people also try to get THAT bright , glorious tan. However, blacks are not genetically predisposed to be violent monkeys who don’t know how to co-exists in a civilized, well-meaning society. In fact, most of the senseless killings that are perpetuated; both foreign and domestic are done by white menaces. The KKK, skinheads, and white supremacists gangs have killed and terrorized the innocent for years. Random school and Highway shootings are usually carried out by those pernacious white people. In other cases, how many times has Mr./ Mrs White has been layed off from work and went into work and killed former bosses and co-workers? Or went home and murdered their loved ones for purposes unknown. In other events, this country was annexed from the native Indians at the bloody hands of Caucasian crackers. White commanders in chief and their lobbying billionaire boyfriends have slaughtered millions of people through the decades in the name of oil money known as the petro dollar. Yet and still, the great white hope government, dopes everyone up and allows harmful pathogens in our food courtesy of the FDA. Puts floride in our water. Does nothing to curtail the import and export of illicit drugs in our cities but claim to be fighting the war against drugs. Then kill and harm babies by way of abortions and vaccinations, and African Americans are the bane of the land? These white devils have no remorse, no recourse, no consciousness, no love. No God. For the record, it is irresponsible for anyone to look at a faction of people and unjustly label them as martyrs, devils, scum, or outcasts for the color of their skin, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, or even sexual orientation. Love is the principle thing. Personally, it is disparaging to hear other ethnicities attack blacks everyday without looking through a magnifying glass. By and large, blacks do not blame whites for our problems but to the insensitive , mean spirited white clowns do not dare try to tell a black person how to feel. Don’t you dare try and tell a black man or woman racism doesn’t exists and to get over it. Because we face it everyday. We feel it and sense it in one way or another. We are NOT simpletons who cannot distinguish between soft-faced or bold-faced racism. Don’t scold us for being cognizant of the fact. Though it may not be you; one your white brothers and sisters remind us everyday in some fashion of who we are and how they feel.
            As the transgen astutely pointed out we may not get hosed down and dogs sicked on us but the damage is done systemically. For in a country where “white privilege” is prevalent a white can only be empathetic to one’s call to action. Some day you may need a black to be empathetic to your call. In the bible it states when your brethren rejoice, rejoice with him. When he cries, cry with him. After all we are all human and have the same basic needs and bodies have the same basic functions. Have no respective of persons. The fact of the matter remains as blacks in this nation we have to work twice as hard to get half as much. What colored Americans seek is economical equal opportunities. IMHO, it is a Travesty to need affirmative action. We shouldn’t need minority grant programs just to gain some semblance of traction to earn a right of passage to do make our dreams come true. If I’m an American treat me like an American and not like a minority. The instance, I see a minority incentivized plan I know something is gone awry with this picture. Finally, for the privileged white folk who feel like blacks have equal rights please consider. Whites in this nation, in generally speaking, have at least a 250 year head start with freedom compared to blacks. Freedom to own a home. Frredom to raise a family. Freedom to vote (white men). Freedom to attend a college. Time to pass knowledge on to their children and grandchildren about credit management, education, home ownership, investing, etc. Whites should Never blurt out foolishly that blacks play the race card while they whip it on us at every juncture. I wonder how many whites, blacks, yellows, or browns would even patron a black owned business.

          5. Carlton says:

            Better a society ran by whites than African leaders,they sit on their asses surrounded by gold while the people eat shit pies and die of disease and send their soldiers out to kill at random,so I’d choose whites any day .over your beloved Idi Amin and Mugabe

          6. Ned stark says:

            I am white and would be glad to have you as a neighbor and your neighbor sound a ungrateful arsehead.

        7. Pretty girl says:

          Lol! ! Right!?! Negro child?? Where do they say that iisshhh?!?

          1. ajtherealist says:

            wow all these salty old racist farts promoting racism to youngsters on a website nice dude exactly why white people ( no offense will never be as gifted in sports as black people right there is an example cockyness and arrogance.

        8. Lynn says:

          Yes they do….Some do. Moreso, those that grew up before the 60s and 70s. You must be someone that was born after that time period.

          1. john says:

            Moreso who says moreso? Lol

        9. Khalid says:

          Nothing this man / woman said should be a surprise to anyone. Certainly not any Black Americans. If All black Americans were to disappear tomorrow, the national crime rate would drop by half, the prison population would drop by 80%, & We would save Billions in taxes. This should make Blacks upset, & hopefully make them want to start there own businesses & keep the “black dollar” within the black community. Stop looking to white Democrats as Allies!! How many times do they have to lie to you & stab you in the back?

          1. Booker says:

            Black man, help Isis by not noticing the bulls eye on the pale media making parasite. Black man, help destroy this USA, by forcing the trend of the vote.( patriot act, and whatever law that was made, due to the San Bernardino shootings.) The Parasite is not willing to die for what it has raped and stolen for. Isis, effect the 2ND amendment and destroy the foundations of the USA and it’s pride. Isis, we know that we are not the media maker and no bull’s eye is directed at us , even though sometimes we are the casualties of this hopefully, continued war. Black man/ isis, you need to effect the purse to effect the vote. Isis, you need to hit the working blue collar working, to middle class commercial venues( Walmart, McDonald’s, grocery store, movie theater, sports events, common corner stores, etc… Send their children in all directions at the speed of sound.)The parasite, will always give in for safty/ illusion of safety. Isis, to bring this self loving, shit fucking, living in the Greek freak inbreeding, recessive dominated, neanderthal Aryan Caucasian parasites, you have to effect the local purse. Isis, the Neanderthal Aryan Caucasian parasites, is alone with your bull’s eye on it and we are indifferent and not loyal. You can bring this new Rome to its knees and history proves this without failure, through the purse and vote, in a democratic society. I’ve killed two educated white parasites in 95, and I know you, that god loves most of all, can help destroy this parasite heaven. God bless the lone wolves and support them who have to go it alone to steal the parasite’ s future. I’ll sell my soul to god, you or even Satan, to destroy any and every thing the parasite loves( even rubber dog shit, provided the parasite loves it.) I support you and many silent, are waiting for the call that says, our lives are not in vain to dedicate a once loyalty for you. I’ve killed two, to see if I could do it. I can easily do much much more provided you give me an ambitious many deaths direction. Isis, I do this for my daughter Felicia Rose Borrero, of Ontario California, Olivia, her mother inspires me! Isis, show the black man you won’t stop in your ambitions here and you will discover a breathtaking loyalty and long awaited victory, as we cause a divide and conquer, between those who have and those who have not. Isis, you have one chance to win all you desire, provided you help show a strength to my people( so far truly impressive, truly.) Show us a friendship and you will destroy this white parasite created, shit fucking, trans gender, Greek freak. Isis, effect commercial venues, effect the purse.

          2. ajtherealist says:

            wow just wow i swear your just stupid wow i cant believe that you said some dumb*ss shit like that.

        10. Elvis P. says:

          Question…Why we don’t call them EuroAmericans, to refers to white folks, they call us, African Americans, Hispanic, Asian American etc….and by the way why we don’t start call us ourselves in general US-Americans and not just “Americans” taking in count that “America” is a continent not a Country, and it was called like that hundred years before the arrive of the new comers “the Anglos”

          1. john says:

            Hey Elvis not all white men are european come on now!

          2. piglet says:

            If God placed a mark on Cain in Africa so ALL who see would recognize him,being made white so u can no longer stand in or before the sun.this is those who bare the mark of Cain, no one can touch u because god himself has your just judgment for the Cain decendants

          3. CushSairsingh says:

            No they’re not all European theyre Asian! Hence the term Cauc-Asian. Thanks for pointing out the truth John 😉

        11. Terry says:

          Congrats! you’re a jackass

        12. kennard says:

          Right..she/he played..the fact that white came from a clored man & women they are agenetic disfunction..thats why they kill us blacks cause we always had sumthing they didnt& & thats the key to life..jealousy is love & hate at the same time..they idolize black culture

        13. Shaunie says:

          It depends on his age. My grandma used Colored and we were Black when I came along.

          1. Lynn Wilson says:

            You’re right Shaunie.

          2. ajtherealist says:

            plz sucking his nuts plz lynn i swear hes gonna t-bag you.

        14. Anonymous Citizens says:

          The trans clearly said you all focus on how we speak rather than the actual issue being discussed and you find any way to avoid issue in discussion and you just proved him right. I don’t trust white people. You are all disorderly spirits and demonic beings.

          1. Shima says:

            Why would anyone focus on how pale skinned African American’s speak as opposed to what they are speaking about? Only one year old’s are that helpless.

        15. Khalid says:

          Exactly! We don’t call ourselves that!

        16. Irie says:


        17. Edward Glover says:

          Lol!! Right!!

        18. Dericking says:


        19. Booker says:

          Wrong, we are the Negro( home sapien ) and the difference should be used towards our advantage in the destruction of the Neanderthal Aryan Caucasian Parasites. Effect the purse using the common man( Walmart, McDonald’s , etc…)

          1. John Doe says:

            You have been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation under your repeated references to Isis and the want to kill people, as well as the two you claim to of killed.

        20. Muahaha says:

          people do have to know that negro means black in spanish as color

        21. DaTroof says:

          I know. Why beat around the bush? You can put him in fancy clothes, let him drive a fancy car, let him get a fancy degree…but what will he always be? A nigger.

          1. Yeah? You can take a fourfooted neanderthal like you bathe him, feed him, educate him, and befriend him, and you still have a goat smelling lice infected greedy, materialist beast like you. You worthless cracker! Caucasians are by far closer to the dog race. You smell like dogs, and have that straight dog like hair.

          2. CushSairsingh says:

            Facts Brenda. We have the only hair on the planet solely grown from humans. While their hair is shared with beasts of the field. Says a lot about why they can’t process reality the way every other human on the planet can. Don’t bother reasoning with the yurugu. The black man is 2 billion strong. They make up 4-6 percent of the earth’s population while we make up 12-13%. We have no need for them.

          3. DaTroof you will always be an anal pore

          4. Da Phacts says:

            Exactly, DaTroof, …will always be?? A PIG SKINNED DEMON!! A barbaric descendant from caucus caves. Was the Egyptians who taught European mideaval barbarIan’s how to WEAR DECENT CLOTHING..EVEN HOW TO BATH AND FRAGRANCE THEMSELVES. So, while most of your great great great ancestors were running around committing rapes, pedophilia, incest, all types animal fucking, and spreading disease through the the land. Egyptians and African “niggers” were busy building pyramids and farming their own lands while PALE BARBARIC PIG SKINNED DEMON’S WERE BUSY CORRUPTING, DEFINING & DEFACING THE EARTH WITH DEGRADATION, GREED & DEBAUCHERY –SO..STFU!!!

        22. Rex Mr. Isfa says:

          Lol I’m LMBAO. Ftfou. BLM

          1. Go back to crawling on all fours you pale-faced neanderthal pus ball.

          2. ajtherealist says:

            wtf has this turned into fr why do people have to be racist stupid even black people are using racist slang for their purpose

        23. Lynn Wilson says:

          Rio, yes the do if they were born before the 70s. That’s what we were called and called ourselves when I was born (in the 50s). I know this was written last year, but I just stumbled upon this. Maybe it’ll still go to your email address. If not, oh well.

        24. Marie Petite says:

          Yes they do depending on their age.

        25. Trigga says:

          Negro actually derived from Nicra(latin) which means dead do your research. So we was never called that

        26. Jerry carroll says:

          Your a transgender for the record. So who want to listen to you. Peace*

        27. Dl says:

          Negros are what we are.
          A said name for people of color
          From the tribe of Judah.
          We are not Africans.

        28. Jen says:

          Lol!! So true. I have never called myself a negro anything. Hes dismissed.

        29. CushSairsingh says:

          Tell em like it is King Rio. Benson Bagley I know a yurugu just by their mere diction. Quit bullshitting yourselves everyone. Negro is a term for uncle toms and their masters created by racially biased “scientists”. Stop listening to white folks tell you about history. They don’t know shit. They’ve only been around for 6-9 thousand years while we’ve been here since day one. Yes we are scattered and confused. Now pick yourselves the fuck back up. Screw this deathly pale system. Do your own damn research and don’t be afraid to say NIGGA either. Naigre, Naga etc were always terms of power before anlosaxoids got a hold of it and corrupted it (like the rest of the earth). Be BLACK and be proud bloods. And read some damn history!

          1. Noggo says:

            Yes but black people have only been civilised for a couple of hundred years until the white man came along and educated you and made you wear clothes to cover up your black balls and stop eating each other

          2. ajtherealist says:

            noggo that was racist and ignorant black people didn’t need white people they were thriving with out them just fine so chill with the racist shit this is what i’m talking about.

        30. Ricky says:

          Fuck out of here cracker

          1. Noggo. Your ancestors thought us all the wrong information to perpetuate white supremacy. Melanated people taught your ancestors when they ruled Spain for hundreds of years. Whites forced their way of life on the world. That is why they are a cancer I n the land .

        31. KING NEGUS says:


        32. J.rutt says:

          Yeah but the guy who posted is not white, he is a black troll pretending to be white. And those points are all wrong. First the native Americans we’re genocided by the Spanish not Americans. Second only 1% of the American population ever 9send slaves. Which by the way were brought here by Spanish and English aristocracy. Third most white people do not know black people enough. We are brainwashed about them as they are as about us. We do not hate black people. To the contrary, we wouldn’t listen to their music, or engage with them. But when they keep blaming all of us for what was done of course we will avoid them. Of course we have privilege. We are the majority. 72% of the population. We build community’s to reflect our families. Why wouldn’t we, but that has nothing to do with racism. And when you won’t listen to us after we listen to you. You only want us to fix whats wrong and do not want to listen to what yous need to do. Then there is nothing we can do. It takes two sides to fix a problem. But yous think that it’s only up to white people to fix it. I guess their not mature enough yet to fix what is wrong

        33. Joe Blow says:


      2. Hiro says:

        “As a Negro child …”


        1. probell says:

          Jesus???? Who is that? A construction worker? Racism is taught…but it goes both ways cuz blacks never trusted white people anyways.(thank yours parents for that)…the problem is religion which separats us and puts us in a certain class. Everyone knows religion is a great business (even religious people) so until we stop trying to put people in a class or judge we all are racist… And that’s fucked up

          1. scenery77 says:

            We were not taught to hate the White man but to fear him.. to stay out of his way. White people are crazy. Anything will set them off. They think all Black people are dumb. I have met so many dumb Whites who can not even spell correctly. When you read the Book of Enoch it tells who the White man is. NEPHILIMS SIRED BY FALLEN ANGELS. WHEN YOU READ DUETERONOMY 28 &29th Chapter it tells you who the so called African Americans are….HEBREW/ISRAELITES. AS FOR THE COLOR OF MY SKIN YASHUA SAID TO ME “WOULD YOU RATHER LOOK LIKE THEM OR ME.” I AM COMFORTABLE IN MY SKIN. WHITE PEOPLE RULE THIS WORLD ALONG WITH YOUR FATHERS SATAN AND THE FALLEN ANGELS. ALL will BE REVEALED SOON . WHITES WILL FIGHT ALONG WITH THE ANGELS..DEMONS AND SATAN AGAINST YASHUA..FACING GOD’ S WRATH IS HORRIBLE.. BUT WE WONT BE HERE.

          2. ajtherealist says:

            wtf religion was made because of different languages and beliefs not because of racism you really need to know your research sir .

      3. sam says:

        Hmm funny.. i just googled your name and bunch of white people popped up. Let me tell you this now cracker, I don’t care about how white people been conditioned for 400 years fuck them. I’m not interested in changing how whites think; they are enemies. All of the evil they have done to blacks in the US and what would I look like trying to appeal to them. Fuck whites and I hope God wipes them out for good.

        1. Pathos says:

          And your trusting a search engine whose algorithm spiders billions of websites, to produce a picture of one person? And that the result is going to be accurate? How about you Google my name.

          1. sam says:

            Bitch, you always coming to black websites. Go the fuck somewhere else. Nobody wants you here. You supposedly better than blacks but your white pedophile ass always coming to where we are at. Why is that? If I don’t like somebody I don’t go around them but you all always coming around us. I don’t want you whites around me. Go rape a dog like your culture typically does. You should be worried about Adam Lanza go around shooting white school kids and not us.

          2. Lisa says:

            To all of you who are debating about the word Negro, and stating that a person who used the word Negro can’t be black. Do your research .The correct word for us is Negro. Study Negroland. God said at the end of days that things would be revealed. You are stating that this is not accurate, but it is the gospel truth.I want to let you white people in on a secret. Some of us actually know who we are…We are Hebrews. We will get our reward, because one day we will rule with Jesus. I am not saying that you all are racist, but I would place a bet that the overwhelmingly majority of you are racist, and it is approximately 99.9% of your people. I am proud to be called a Negro.They tried to erase Negroland, but God is a God that cannot lie. We are the only people who don’t have a homeland. Hated all over the world.We are not Africans. That was some of the lies that were taught to us.We were sold into slavery, because we were Hebrews. Everyone including Africans knew that we were Hebrews. It is funny that your race so called gave us the name Negro, because you knew who we were. Read your bible as it is speaking about the present Jews. The synagogue of Satan. They are imposters, and their is no truth in them being the chosen people of God. Jewish people help run the world. This is Satan’s world at the time. Think about it. God is allowing Satan to gather up his people, but all good things come to an end. I used to wonder why Africans would say..You are not Africans,but now the truth has come to the light, and this is one topic that I will not defend myself on. Who cares what you white people think? We are great people. God’s CHOSEN!! White people did everything in their power to misinform,and miseducate our race. Your time is almost up white people.Your judgement will be coming for the way you consistently mistrat our people. You think that it is OK for Policemen to kill unarmed blacks. You will be accountable. Silence is agreement. You did everything in your power to keep us down. You laughed, and mocked us.The last laugh will be on you racist. Most of our negative images , and stereotypes are highlighted by the Jewish. Media, but they never told you that their are more blavk males in college than in prisonYou are the inferior people.We have the dominant genes, and God made us in his own image. I can’t wait until you see the color of Jesus. Don’t kill yourself!!!You all are going to be deceived by the Antichrist. because he is going to be white. He is going to mislead you, and then tell you are that he hated you all along, and that you should of followed God.

          3. john says:

            Pathos = hate

        2. Hannah says:

          ummm not all whites are evil,you need to stop stereotyping yes,they are racist police but they are also non racial police so saying that they are the enemy is stupid.God only sees us as one race and that is the human race.

          From a Mulatto

          1. dc1969 says:

            Shut up,mulatto. I have known enough of your kind in my life. You try to play to both sides and usually when shit gets a little tough,you will claim caucasian. So shut the fuck up,jerk off.

          2. RhythmnLocs says:

            All whites may not do the evil deeds themselves, but you are still guilty in letting evil deeds be done and turning your heads, and why do everyone still think that the Most High look at all of us as one race, if He did he wouldn’t have seperated us not only by color but by genes and dna as well, smh, call yourself a “christian” but you have no idea whats in the Bible

          3. Jeremy says:

            Id go to a white website but we arent allowed to have them. Its considered a hate group if more than 5 white people get together to discuss the black community and the problems they are causing world wide.

          4. Terry says:

            “…..to discuss the black community and the problems they are causing world wide.”

            Uh, Jeremy, what problems are blacks causing worldwide or even nationwide?? Did they shoot up the theaters, malls, and schools killing several innocent children? Did they shoot up the sikh temple and churches? Are they the ones who caused the economic meltdown and caused banks and individuals to commit fraud? Are they in the center of massive securities fraud? Are they bombing countries? Was it them that caused millions of Catholics worldwide to distrust pedophile priests? Please tell me the problems blacks are causing worldwide?

          5. Yeshua my portion says:

            There are two races of people good and evil demon seed and Yahshua seed there is no blood on the hands of the good seed all through history you can’t denie it your four fathers were murders kidnappers rapeist and theifs everything thing Yahweh was against you are a descendent of that blood the dead is with the living your forefathers blood runs threw your veins millions of people killed of melan skin by your people and all you can say is God made us all equal if that’s the case you should have kept your evil ADHD PTSD jealous hateful heartless lieing stringy dog smelling when you wet ass in the cave and we damn sure would not be having this conversation. And say that I gotta go because I’m kissed by the sun and loved by the best Yahweh

          6. Terry says:

            I knew this was coming

          7. reddy78945 says:

            No God doesn’t

          8. ajtherealist says:

            no we turn our heads because thats the only thing we can do without commiting a sin so wtf does turning your head make you sinister that makes no sense

        3. dc1969 says:

          I second your comment,sam. I really do not give 2 shits about what any caucasian,male,female,child thinks about me. The bad karma that they are going to get will be beautiful breath of fresh air,whenever that comes.

          1. Darlene says:

            You are a very nasty person. Do you think God is happy that you have hate in your heart. God talk about people hating one another
            Those people will not inherit his kingdom people that hate one another as you do will not inherit his kingdom just stop and think does God want people that hate in his kingdom no I don’t think so so yeah have nothing else to say to you you need to pray and pray hard and pray to get that hate out of your heart I don’t care if you’re black white purple orange you have hate in your heart and you will not inherit God’s kingdom he says so in the Bible reads your bible.

          2. Gookus says:

            Bad karma yes in my 50,000 sq. Ft house my 3 cars boat n my vacation home a college degree business yes I hate that karma gtf outta here u brillo pad head pos. Always talking about we don’t shoot up theatres….WHAT ABOUT THE DC SNIPER THE MICH. SERIAL KILLER MOST RECENT AZ. facts are jails are populated by who right truth hurts…EAD spongehead

          3. Nathan says:

            Black lives don’t matter now or ever since slavery ended black lives hold no value so black lives don’t matter now or ever so stay in your place monkey

          4. Lisa says:

            You are telling the truth. I am so tired of these uncle toms trying to defend white people. They are the real niggers.When will they realize that white people don’t like you on the average. These are the same black people that we should never trust. We have to kick them to the curb, and classify these slaves as OTHERS!!!.God never told us to allow white people to mistreat us, and keep quiet.These racist will be judged. I am do glad that their is a God.They always say thesame old BULL CRAP. Blacks blame whitey. We do not blame whitey. We blame the justice system for not allowing us to have equal rights. We blame the justice system for not prosecuting offenders such as the Policeman for breaking the law.We have a God given right to complain. They are about to really see something, because this generation is not passive like the previous generations. It will come a time when whitey tries to take out one of ours, and we will take out 20 of theirs. I am not saying that this is right. I am just saying that this is inevitable. Wake up white people!!! Black people are getting tired. Your KKK won’t be big enough to stop it. It is almost like the white people wants something to erupt. Shame on you if you do, because we will not be standing alone. Their are a lot of Spanish people that feel the same way.

          5. john says:

            Yeah well don’t hold your breath.

        4. brown skin queen says:

          well spoken brother! lol

          1. louis brown says:

            The real problem in the world.is sin not color of our skin.it. jesus for our sin at the cross ok.

          2. ajtherealist says:

            bro hahah i’m talking to the two idiot racist Darlene and LISA who thinks being mad cause when your son is born he wont be as good as a black man at sports and probs a black man will take your sons girl ha and your son might turn into one of the gay protesters trying to get a marriage certificate. see ya soon

        5. Jeremy says:

          Whites have done nothing but bend over backwards for blacks since slavery ended…no other country do blacks enjoy the quality of like like they do in America. Not even close, ….their are more slaves today in Africa enslaved by fellow blacks than were ever in the Atlantic slave trade….the white man has fought wars and spilled the blood of his fellow white man so that blacks and whites could be equal…but all you do is cry about what your ancestors had to go through. Their were many white slaves too…their were almost as many whites lynched as blacks…but you dont know nuttin bout dat do ya? Im not an enemy to any blacks…but n*ggers like you are a different story

          1. Nona says:

            As many whites were lynched as blacks were???!!! Huh??? What HIStory book are you reading? And where are you getting your facts from???? This is the most freaking moronic statement I’ve read in my life! I hate calling people names…but you…are a FUCKING ILLITERATE ASSHOLE!!!! Please kill yourself, and save the rest of the world from your stupidity. It’s long over do!

          2. Jeremy says:

            I said almost as many learn to comprehend what you are reading….whites were lynched as well. It was just what was done back then. I dont agree with it and im sure alot of the black lynchings were racist acts….lynching wasnt an exclusive black thing….3,000 blacks were know to have been lynched while 1,500 whites were lynched during that sametime. Dont ask me to look it up for you, its easy information to find. And just because you dont agree with something i say i should kill myself? Boy are you lucky whites didnt behave like you back inthe day….if whites killed or forced blacks to kill themselves back in the slavery days youd all be gone right now…ALL OF YOU….we freed you, we tried to make you equals…fought a war for you. Obviously it was a bad idea. You dont deserve the American dream…you dont even belong in this country…you and the majority of blacks are savages…some are good people but the good ones never speak up and never tell black racist animals like you to STFU

          3. upt says:

            Jeremy, this land was never for white people. The technology was going to be here weather whites came here or not. We don’t appreciate nothing whites have done to us or for us. Don’t ever think y’all done anything for us that you didn’t owe us. Don’t worry y’all will get y’alls. In due time.

          4. CJ Brown says:

            You say Whites have bent over backwards for blacks since slavery ended!!!??? And when did slavery end??? Your Establishment still has it’s foot upon our necks…Until you and all who perhaps believe as you take off your rose colored specs and see that You Are Not Really Willing To Walk Our Path (Read Black Like Me), Then and Only Then Can You Make That Pronouncement. Drops The Mic…Exit Stage Left

          5. white supremacist mocker says:

            Let me paraphrase:

            “I hope nobody noticed the subliminal gay rhetoric in my language. Ever since I started cuckolding and getting ran through by Black bulls (without my wife even being present lately), I have had this obsession with Black men. No…no…no I don’t. Stop. I’m such a bad white supremacist. Spank me you Mandingo warriors. No…stop. I hate you beautiful sexually and physically superior Black males.”

          6. Terry says:

            Your “facts” are very interesting. So interesting you must have made it up.

          7. Arnold says:

            Poor Jeremey I see the only history u know is the lies and distorted history you’ve been taught in school. The first big lie, which is universally believed, is that Lincoln, dubbed the “Great Emancipator” by his cult of worshippers, went to war in order to free slaves. The abhorrence of racial injustice and the desire to abolish slavery played no role in the Union’s determination to strangle the Confederacy in its cradle. What did? One factor was Lincoln’s determination to preserve the Union at any cost – including the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. In 1862, Lincoln wrote to Horace Greeley (the leading Northern newspaperman of the day): “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and it is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it.” Please tell me how whites hv bent over backwards. The U.S. Hasn’t given reparations like they hv to other races. O but
            truth is: The government has already paid reparations — to slave owners. U probably still believe Jesus was white. Truth be told ur an uninformed nigger. But that’s ok u can change that.

          8. Arnold says:

            Hey Jeremy chk this out from the white mans bible. Gen 25 23-25. And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.

            And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb.

            25 And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau.

          9. Gigi says:

            Wow. As a South African who’s travelled to 48 different African countries I’m surprised there’s slave trade still happening. Jeremy you clearly don’t have a clue what you are talking about but let me educate you. African slavery was never rife until the Atlantic Slave Trade where over 11 million Africans were forcefully stolen and tortured to build your America.

            On to the point of living better in America stop lying no one is gunning us down for being black and looking suspicious. And don’t reply to me with some shitty argument about poverty in Africa, supported by that uneducated narrative that Americans have about the African continent.

          10. mei says:

            And there it is.. Lol I was waiting for the supremacy to leak out his veins.. Lol.. What’s wrong hard to face the truth.. And btw black people are treated GREAT in Europe and every country I’ve lived.. It’s the white people they don’t like..don’t be fooled .most of my German and French friends would NOT allow White Americans in their homes…

          11. Eboney says:


          12. Eboney says:

            Jim crow era is bending over backwards get the fuck outta here with that bullshit equality do you get told to leave the Apple store because you might steal something ,NO ARE YOU RACIALLY PROFILED NO SO PLEASE SIT DOWN

          13. louis brown says:

            When talk like that u forget Lord God make every man out of dirty &woman out of bone so while hate .lord God make us all .u have sin in ❤ let Jesus put love in yo ❤ he can do it. If u let him

          14. Karina says:

            hhmmm not true. You’re really misinformed, my friend. You can’t expect a nation to not still feel the domino effects of 300-400 years of physical, mental and psychological oppression. And It’s still not equal still. You seem very ignorant. You should educate yourself instead of getting defensive, because that just proves that you’re trying to defend something you don’t want to face. Probably your discomfort that you actually are a racist. You should know better than to use that word.

          15. Stogey says:

            @ Jeremy….U sir……can eat a sick…..I hope ur mom shits herself in traffic….u know nothing about American history.

          16. Lisa says:

            Am I being pranked.LMAO!!+

          17. reddy78945 says:

            Cavemen don’t get to tlk neanderthals get a place at the table with human’s fuck no like the Ancient Egyptians said about you white devil You at worth spit with your snouts and tails and we owe beast nothing but to sacrifice you to our black God’s like we used to. Talk real bold safe at home sitting under your jackel for a mother it’s all good though you Tamahu will be getting back on your knuckles sooner rather then later…

          18. Truth says:

            We! Are not african;we are HEBREW !! Under the curses that were promised if we disobeyed and we did ,read your bible correctly and be free of the believe that you did anything for or against the true Hebrews.

          19. Joe says:

            Troglodyte Niger….Whites need to learn TRUE My-Stery and they will see their paradigm is a false reality…Human genome project even proves whites and Asians have Neanderthal genes sub Saharan Melanin people dont. African genes are before cavemen…the darwin quack is about to bust wide open and the real apes will be revealed…

          20. Brandon Ray says:

            Not until you lay dead at my feet.

          21. ajtherealist says:

            so tell me is saying racist sh*t bending over backwards is getting shot in the chest for no reason bending over backwards ohh maybe when your dead but hey white people bend over backwards such bullshit its a load of crap literally out of your mouth.

        6. Realist says:

          13% of this nation commits 53% of homicides. If you hate this country and the majority population, please leave. I promise you will not be missed.

          1. Darlene says:

            Lol That’s right. Why stay where you feel your not wanted.

          2. Lisa says:

            The fact of the matter is that this is not your country. You can go back to Europe etc. You can’t tell us to go anywhere caveman. Go back to your cave you savage beast. Beat each other upside the head with clubs, and enjoy your dinner by eating raw meat. The blood is real tasty to you demons.You are the most disgusting in nature. You will screw an animal, which is categorized the same as you. You know that you have leprosy with your pale ugly white skin.Lol. You tried to classify yourselves as beauty.. Lol lol lol You white savages are a joke By the age of 35..Most of your women look like they are 95. The beautiful black woman at 55 is looking like she is 35. You savages have nothing that I want.I am very happy with my life, because I don’t want, or need your acceptance. Who are you? We were warned not to take up the ways of the heathen.

          3. john says:

            Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

          4. reddy78945 says:

            If we left you would follow us you yetis can’t survive without us your a fucking parasite no host no life. We should of left you synthians in them caves instead of trying to humanize you beast. We shouldn’t came to bring you the light when you were dying in your wretched abode we gave you cause remember you have no homeland there isn’t one place on this earth White’s are indigenous.You remember that with your low birthrate wet dog smelling ass. I dont know why these Brothers and sister’s are including you in the human family when you’re nothing but a kind of man! A implant a science experiment gone wrong but like the ancestors foretold you only have a time you’re rule is coming to the end. Better hope you Sethians can manipulate you’re genome but it’s all for not the Sun itself hates you.There’s another one the mother she’s on her way as we speak and she is very protective over her children. No birthrate no higher self you’re people are continuously tellin you to prepare for the end. You see all the rich leaving America all these underground facilities their working on night and day day and night and just like the dumb oblivious neanderthal talking shit to the Gods that could spare it’s lowly existence lol….

          5. ajtherealist says:

            ok okay i’ve gotta admit that’s not true lisa black and white woman at old ages look ugly ass shit fr being honest XD you prob said that because that’s how old your bf is ( don’t take offense )

        7. Darlene says:

          You are a very nasty person. Do you think God is happy that you have hate in your heart. God talk about people hating one another
          Those people will not inherit his kingdom people that hate one another as you do will not inherit his kingdom just stop and think does God want people that hate in his kingdom no I don’t think so so yeah have nothing else to say to you you need to pray and pray hard and pray to get that hate out of your heart I don’t care if you’re black white purple orange you have hate in your heart and you will not inherit God’s kingdom he says so in the Bible reads your bible.

          1. louis brown says:

            Jesus said the hate him with out a cause.and has not change today. The any body hate for no reason at all is a murder. It not color of our skin. It sin what Jesus die for on the cross. Jesus love u. I do to.

          2. jason says:

            I love this county but it aint it anit nothing to be trusted no telling what people are doing white black mexican etc its all just arrogance butyou right trust Iin god and walk a good path

          3. mai7 says:

            God calls White people our enemies when He said my ancestors would be taken to the other side of the world to be sold as slaves to your enemies. God does not lie. The Book of Enoch described the children of fallen angels as having white skin. Although Noah had white skin and blue eyes Enoch said he was not tainted with the blood of the angels…he was an Albino. So there is a distinction btw the white skin of Albino and the White children of the fallen angels. God also said the angels were a little bit above man. You brag on your intelligence…you brag on your blindness…now you know how you got it. Also you married within your family to keep you White and to keep your ill gotten money in the confines of your family. Whites have nothing to brag about…they should all be on their knees..but, no just like Lucifer and his angels they are too stubborn..too proud. They are also very blind. They will wail over a White getting killed by Blacks but are blind and deaf to injustices done to Blacks. The bloodiest race and the blindiest race is the White race. If you had not tried to take over the East

          4. Renee says:

            Don’t worry Lisa they will all die soon..the sun is killing them as we speak…we are the chosen and have the melanin to prove it!!

          5. €A£ says:

            Darlene, shut the fuck up. You’re talking about people having hate in their heart but say nothing towards these white supremacy comments being posted. Just because you hide behind religion doesn’t make you a good person you fucking fraud. Fuck you and your white savior. I can’t stand you pasty, back woods, swamp smelling, pig skin Devils. Pray for your own kind you stupid pale bitch. Just know that all good things come to an end. It’ll be far worse for your kind though. Just look at what the terrorist are doing to your people already.

          6. Faggots says:

            How about you shut the fuck up with this mind numbing religion bullshit man you people are all fucking retarded faggy pieces of niggershit

        8. Elihu El says:


          1. louis brown says:

            Jesus said who so every call on his name shall be save. Not color of our skin. Nothing to do wirh it. What Jesus die for our sin. That y the world in bad it in. Because of sin.look at it .like sodom& Gomorrah. And get worse every day.i got new Jesus is coming be ready.

        9. Deega says:

          well written I agree I can never forgive them the hurt and the pain burns to deep

          1. ajtherealist says:

            so much for me to even say something to faggot i don’t have to say nothing to him words do speak louder and hes prob on his knees cause hes a fag just saying stated

        10. Sauce says:

          Do you think God will wipeout a race of people just curious

          1. john says:

            Which race? Just curious.

        11. SUN GODDESS says:

          Stop calling these monkeys “White” these hybrids are (PALE SKIN ZOMBIES) The hate for us sis is so real but you best believe the scorch is here AMEN RA THE SUN IS HERE And these pale skin monkeys are going to burn … Our ancestors called them crackkkers for a reason when the sun gets to hot there skin begins to blister then it drys up and begin to crack. The reason they hate us is because they know we have melanin and they don’t we possess a soul and they donot. Why do you think they kill and destroy everything? They lack “Symplathy” but sis you must believe that mama earth is tired of them. Knowledge Respect and Manners To You. May our Ancestors forever shed light on truth and overstanding!

          1. Jack Mehoff says:

            This is probably one of my favorite responses to this post. Spread that beautiful truth!

        12. Todd Goodwin says:

          Well fuck you to. I don’t give a shit if you think I’m fascist or not. Me personally I fucking hate everyone equally. I have a hard enough time busting my ass making a wage to feed my family to worry how bad you’re getting screwed over by whitey.

          1. mai7 says:

            Yeah Im sick and tired of my Black race trying to save some White dick. Like I try to tell them “Leave ’em along and let God handle the evil people”

        13. T-Truf says:

          I most certainly agree wit errthang u jess said… Mmmm… To think I really thawt I wuz the only one… #KarmaGoneGetchuCrakkaz

          1. john says:

            I think your missing a gene or two.

        14. mai7 says:

          Sam, if you ever read the Book of Enoch it describes who White people are. Lambeth said to his father Methuselah “My wife has given birth to a son who does not look like one of us. HE HAS WHITE SKIN AND BLUE EYES LIKE THE CHILDREN OF THE ANGELS. That is one reason this book was hidden not lost. White people was called Black man’s enemy by God in the Bible…they are also called ruthless. Go to Dueteronomy C. 28 & 29. He also tells you how these Hybrid/Nephilims (which is what Genesis calls them) made up derogative names for us..sold our babies…work for nothing. And how we would be afraid for our lives day and night. But if you read in Revelations it tells you not to be afraid anymore..that the White man’s rule is coming to an end. In Rev. He also calls out the White people who made up the fake religion and the fake name Jews. King James had the Bible rewritten to in them. The people were forbidden to read the old version. There is no “J” in the Hebrew Bible. There was no “J” in the English language until the 1400’s. The true name of God is YHWH ( pronounced YAHWEH) which appeared in the Bible 51 times, but appears now only one time.. Psalm C. 68. David called God YAH for short. Another thing, everywhere there was a “Y” the Catholic changed to “J”. Catholic church is of the devil just like all White people. Some try to dothe right thing but they are not to be trusted. They altered the Bible big time. We are Hebrews mixed with Africans and other races. There are NO White Hebrews..Hebrews are B-L-A-C-K…just as God created them. WHITES were sired thru the loins of fallen angels and Black women who mated with them. Because they were not accepted and could not stand the heat they went to colder climates…they call it Europe. Then went on to conquer..rob and kill to take over other countries. Now with the fake Jews they’re trying to take over all of the EAST. These people are fighting back at any cost and in every way they know. This is the last war. These people are here now to destroy the USA and all White people. Many Blacks will be destroyed along the way by White police murderers who are trying to start a race war. Brother, God exist and He will call us up very soon. Unbelievers will be left on earth. Even though the Bible has been altered there is enough truth in there and God wants us to read it. God said He hated Essau so it’s okay to hate those who hates our God.

          1. Sam says:

            Thats right-The white skin is Satan and Eves line-Cain!!!!!! The lineage of Cain, Tubal Cain(free masonary) bloodline of Eve and Fallen Angel Satan!!!!!

            Jesu was born in a Vessel(Mary-(not the mother of God)she was the shell for Gods Pearl-his flesh and blood)- Jesu was not white skinned and blue eyes!

          2. J.StandingBear says:

            Is it the water or kool Ade that fucked your head up like this?I can’t believe that people are ignorant enough to believe the rheteroic and garbage you are spewing!You declare the bible has been altered ,huh?But only parts of it that defile and demonize white people?And for your and info I am descended from Cherokee and my people were here long before either white or blacks came here killed our people and took our lands!Do you hear us crying and and blaming anyone ?You blacks love to whine and blame others for YOUR own short comings!Ever heard of “?the trail of tears”Many of my people died during that travesty.Do we whine and moan and use history to excuse any of our shortcomings? Go live on a reservation and see how you like it you ignorant pieces of dung!Take a look at every black majority city or country in the world a are they successful? NO!Look at South Africa, once aparthied ended and whites left the place turned into a cesspool of crime ,corruption,and blacks are starving.A once thriving land decimated .Walk down the street at. night in a strange city!Your ass is likely to be robbedshot etc. and it don’t matter what fucking color you are.!And all you ignorant people can do is blame another race!Your ass could be sitting in Africa in a mud hut starving right now you ungrateful assholes!I can go to almost any city due depot and what happens?I have black people come to me panhandling.change.ALOT!!AAnd if you give it to them they scoot to the nearest store to get a 40 and a blunt!why aren’t they in school?Its free!Maybe they are just too sorry and lazy to try to get an education? I know! Its the white mans fault !I can’t get a job because I don’t have a diploma,Boohoo!I know !Its the white mans fault!.And you have the gall to call yourselves superior? If you want to see black peoples worst enemy look in the mirror!You idiots even go off and burn your own neighborhoods and destroy your own businesses!That’s pretty stupid!You blather on about how good you are at sports and how much money it pays !Ha!The real money maker is the one that owns the teams you poor fool.If ignorance and stupidity had value you’d be a truly rich man,because yes have an abundance of both!I have wasted enough time pointing out your ignorance and blaming everyone else but yourselves for your races problems and shortcomings.I am so thankful my race did not choose that path!I would hide my head in shame!

        15. carter says:

          True indeed asap #freethe Earthfromwhiteplague

        16. Brandon says:

          Sam your Name is White. You can’t keep the White Man out of your Mouth. You’re a Curse according to the Bible. You have no Life. You’re a Nigger and that’s a shame.

          1. Jlewison says:

            I am half white (Eastern European Jewish) half latino. I live in the South, but spent most of life on the west coast. I did not notice race as much until I moved to the South. The comments about Neanderthal mix, actually sounds reasonable. Who knows? Is the end coming? Don’t want it, but I don’t effect that, so who cares. Should we all live together in this country? Seems like a big no. This melting pot may be the failed experiment, not a race. Black, white, we are different, and the truth is we hate each other’s differences. The religious are trying to keep peace, the media wants racial war. I can list many things I hate about black people. I’m sure we are all the same in how we feel about other races. But also there are some white rednecks I can’t stand, why do they have to have giant trucks, spit tabacoo, have no teeth, shoot all animals, hillbilles, cant stand most of them. Anyway, Should blacks trust whites, probably not, but it is vise versa. I don’t trust blacks I don’t know. Should I? Look we can all agree that we hate. I know I do. Am I evil? maybe, I’m not religious, don’t care if I am or not. Have I ever harmed anyone? No. We can all go to war, that’s easy. However, The art of war to paraphrase says it’s best not to engage in battle, something like that. Look I know some black people think whites are evil devil neanderthals, and some whites think blacks are evil souless monkeys. Let’s not hide from the hate of difference. To comments by reddy, man i know you hate white people, and honestly I do hate blacks I don’t know. Hear me out, we may be wrong. Yes I know there is racial violence, maybe this melting pot called u.s.a. was not a good idea. Watch the Olympics, we are the only country that you can’t identify by one race. However, we also do the best. I don’t have an answer. Is it more violence? I hope not. Would I fight to protect what I care about? In a second. Is it hard to not have hate? Yes. I think we all feel that way. Is it easier being white? I’ve never been black so I don’t know, but that is also vise versa. Have you ever been white? I live check to check like most. I don’t hurt people in my day to day, I mind my own business, I want to sleep in a safe place, I don’t want what little I have to be taken, I especially don’t want anyone I care about hurt. Don’t you feel the same? Point is, it is easy to hate, for all races. We are all different and we hate each other for it. But the little kids don’t hate each other, until we teach them to hate. I may be an evil neanderthal with no soul no love, only hate for things I don’t understand. But it’s not about me, I’m jaded, untrusting, ugly and have a bitter heart. The kids our the future, not us. They don’t hate as much as us. I bet if the media and politicians left them alone, there may be hope for them. Religion or a cosmic force or God will not magically come and save us from each other, we are stuck with each other. We don’t need a war, no one will benefit. Am I ready if there is one? I will fight as hard as the next for what I believe is good and right. Reddy, maybe just you and me can fight one on one. I think you and me are the same (we are the hateful ones, we both believe the others race is evil, we both are full of hate, maybe we are wrong, but so be it.) ( just the people with hate in their heart fight. Let us save the innocent, kind hearted and good from the pain and hurt of war. Unfortunately, war never works that way.) Hopefully this country can try to find peace. But let’s not fight yet, let’s give peace a little bit longer to try and work. I don’t want to hate anymore.

          2. ajtherealist says:

            wow because he has a name he’s a ( racist slur your so smart dude you’re missing a few screws

        17. Pink PIGS says:

          Hell, I am Asian, and I agree.

          These Caucasian or “white” cunts are the enemy of just “black” people, but to every other race including Asians, Hispanics etc.

          There is heavy but yet subtle discrimination going on in America. Hell with trying to appease these pink boys.

          1. john says:

            Shut up skinny dick!

        18. Niggers think they're owed something says:

          you’re fucking gross. Fucking niggas think we owe them something. That’s like saying the japs owe America for Pearl Harbor get the fuck over it you fucking lazy fucking monkeys. BTW IM NOT

          1. blacks are losers says:

            only thing theyre owed is birth control and they stand in line for that

          2. Will says:

            They should have everything and. Beyounce should b Made queen of the world

          3. You ignorant mud crawler. Your caveman white race is infested with greed and scams. You guys will kill your momma just to gain materialist crap. Blacks are intelligent to know that this world and things of this world will be turned to ashes, so we don’t cherish this carnal worldly shit like you beasts do. This world belongs to God, not you greedy, heartless animals. I would hate to be married to one of you evil devils, wake up and see a pale demonic ghost in my bed. That would scare the hell out if me! Get over yourselves. Black people are not impressed with you heathens.

          4. ajtherealist says:

            your both racist i immediately ignored you and realized you were a waste of space and a waste of human beings both of your mothers i can tell wear the pants in the family.

        19. eddie says:

          But look at europe and look at africa. Its pretty clear who god likes.

          1. Noggo says:

            Africas so fantastic it’s being evacuated by anyone who can inflate a dinghy.

          2. Sam says:

            God loves all those who love him!!!!

        20. whites will all crash as human beings

      4. sam says:


        Racist whites feel inadequate and worthless and this is why they go on various websites and try to bash or belittle Blacks and other cultures to compensate for their inadequacies. The truth is they hate themselves. Many of them commit suicide because they feel guilty for raping their kids and their nephews. Also many of them feel guilty for plotting to kill their relatives to collect the life insurance money. 85% of these whites are on Prozac or anti-depression medication. Their lives are pathetic. .

        According to all reports, the average White student in America is just a “C” student just like former President George W. Bush.. Prove me wrong.

        The majority of the poor in America are White. Most Whites don’t live in a fancy house in a suburb. Many of them live in poor rural communities and trailer parks where the crime rate is high and the meth addition is high.. The majority of people on Welfare are white. That’s a fact!

        If being White is so great then why kill yourself.. The White male suicide rate is very high. White men account for a whopping 67% of all suicides.. What’s the problem buddy?

        White folks hate their pale, corpse looking skin so much that they will risk getting skin cancer just to get dark.

        Why do White men spend over $1 Billion per year on penis enlargements and male enhancement drugs and over $1 Billion per year on sun tanning products? Are you ashamed of your pale skin and small penis?

        What people who claim to be superior would do that? SMH

        1. Wendell says:

          Don’t be so busy attacking whites for their inadequacies, that you can’t defend blacks for the injustices the whites who don’t share the inadequacies you launch upon us. There will always be casualties and collateral damage and those are the people you speak of. If they don’t care bout them, why do you to bring them up? A good offence is always a good defense.

          1. dj says:

            Go take a nap plz…Thank you

          2. Jeremy says:

            See CJ Brown….several things from your post prove my point…you wanna be a victim so bad….what white ever held his foot on your neck? Free college for all blacks n minorities isnt enough? The trillions we spend on black schools isnt enough? You make up that slavery is still going on here but slavery is actually REALLY going on in Africa today….not a peep right? You dont give a fuck about blacks…you just wanna pretend to be a victim in hopes of your 40 acres and a mule……well lemme tell ya…YOU ARE THE MULE !

          3. Jeremy says:

            None of you blacks have the ability to think for yourselves…you here a lie and you repeat it over n over again and it becomes fact to you……you take a lie, keep saying it, then you actually believe your own lie……99% of blacks are sheep…you hear someone say KKK and all of you start the repeating babble no matter how untrue… The KKK has never done anything to you…no white supremacist nothing! Infact im willing to bet the farm no white person had ever done anything to you or anyone in your family…You parranoid monkeys wont stop with your delusional bullshit…the big white kkk supreme monster is coming! Lmao you guys should read ” the boy who cried wolf”

        2. Jay says:

          Well Said!

          1. ajtherealist says:

            nazi jeremy ima ignore every fucking stupid thing you just said in that sentence ima list one stupid quote you said ‘ The KKK has never done anything to you…no white supremacist nothing! Infact i’m willing to bet the farm no white person had ever done anything to you or anyone in your family’ hahahaha wow this guy needs to go back to history class or he needs his med plz

        3. me says:

          So True Sam!!

        4. Jeremy says:

          I couldnt even finish reading your post after you said the Average white student has a C average….a C grade means average you dumb f*ck

          1. Becky McQueen says:

            Actually, you’re misunderstanding the difference between “average” the adjective (when someone is just average) and “average” the mathmatical concept (when someone has 2 B’s and 3 C’s, therefore they average a C). Hope this helps…

          2. Isa El Bey says:

            Jeremy…you need to study history and not whats taught in schools. I could be as ignorant as you about this subject but then I’d be just like you. You and your ancestors are from Europe so get that statement about you bringing us the American Dream out your head because an AMERICAN according to definition in Henry Campbell Black’s Law Dictionary is any of the Various ABORIGINAL, Indigenous or Copper Colored inhabitants of North,South and Central America (formely or truthfully Al Morocco). Europeans were cave dwellers and we gave YALL a chance to be a PEOPLE by bringing to YOU education, philosophy, Civilization etc. If you were not racist you would know this as do many “whites” know today to be fact. Most of your statements sound and are ignorant because you have no concept of history and law. So get some real knowledge from reading not popular consensus and you tube videos or google because you sound like an idiot to an EDUCATED man (so called black or white)

          3. Jack Mehoff says:

            And that’s exactly what you are. Average. Thanks for proving the acknowledging the previous point about feelings of inferiority. How about you got pop some Viagra under a tanning bed buddy. Might do you some good 😉

          4. Hillary stout says:

            Jeremy I agree to somewhat u have said but not intirely. There are KKK people that have killed. I would know. Don’t worry Im not in the KKK but I had a family member that was and got electrocuted for it.

        5. Jeremy says:

          No…you claim us to be superior..whites know the average white is not as smart as the average asian…whites know that the average black guy is faster than the average white guy….the only people that complain about or talk about white superiority are blacks… Superior means number 1….best at everything.. whenever a white person mentions the problems in the black community you cry racisim or white superiority…no race is superior…but no race has such a fucked up culture like blacks do…get it together negros

          1. Darlene says:

            Yes, So True ppl have to stop look at themselfs. Not all white ppl are bad just like not all black ppl are all bad.

          2. Jack Mehoff says:

            Er has you will show us the way all mighty white man 👏🏾

          3. ajtherealist says:

            wow racism r-acism damn wow you are actually an idiot you dont think blacks are superior because their way more athletic than white people but i will say white people are somewhat more intelligent than black people so i would rather have athletic ability tho you really need to listen tho

        6. Immigrant says:

          So true. People who hate so much will eventually find reasons to destry their own by coming up with any excuse. Not blond enough, too poor etc. Just look at hitler

        7. upt says:

          Mf, I’m from this country, every brown person is not from the country you call Africa. That name didn’t even come from us. Y’all have wiped away our history and you’re trying to rewrite it with white folks being superior. Gtfoh. Fucking theft.

          1. Jeremy says:

            Hey upti really like the hints of violence toward me and other whites in your posts…i cant even wait for you guys to pop off a race war…you have no idea what real proud white people are like cause you live in a city surrounded by your own…well let me assure you the race war thing you elluded to would end so spectacularly bad for blacks…it would change this country forever and youd never have your freedom back…go ahead…i know you people have had a secret race war against every other race for years…black on white violence is out of control…go ahead…pop it off for real…see how it ends…i wont start it but i will enjoy every second of finishing it

          2. Jeremy says:

            Your spelling is atrocious UPT…and Africa isnt a country you painfully stupid person…and the continent of Africa had no written language…just a bunch of savages in the jungle..thats why you have no history..thats why you were enslaved so easily….try to be a human like us and we wont have a problem. You wanna be treated like a human act like one…start off slowly…learn to read and write…at least the basics…then try to master the english language..you can do it

          3. Darlene says:

            Yall need to learn to love not hate. Hate get you nowhere.

          4. ajtherealist says:

            jeremy you are a bonafide racist that wants a fight but since black people are more athletic they will win in a war death will kill all of us but i will be like when the united states destroyed the nazis during ww2 just saying look at the facts we do not fear death and i have to admit some of you guys are intimidating but we would conquer you in a war like you said black people make up most of the earth and we could prob rally mexicans to help us or russia.

        8. Jeremy says:

          Upt who was gonna bring the technology? What the fuck are u talking about? Who Africans who still wouldnt have figured out the wheel without whites? The indians? Who?…you did make one good point…you don’t appreciate anything weve done for you…thats quite evident

          1. Truthbetold says:


          2. Fern says:

            Jeremy i am native indian why does the whiteman do this to every race but theselves just another excuse for being a jew ass you have done nothing but ruin our land and enslave us evil is white

        9. Jeremy says:

          MOCKER all you posts in these threads have very odd homosexual comments in them..youre very focused on penises in every one of your posts….ive been around for a long time and ive only seen that in 1 kind of person….anything you feel like admiting to us?

          1. white supremacist mocker says:

            Let me paraphrase:

            “Hey big boy…can I have some of that chocolate black penis?”

          2. Sargon Seven says:

            Why is it so hard for you to just call him out as being gay with a BBC fetish? So many white men have this fetish. But not all of them are wanting to have gay sex even if this fetish is very VERY gay. I had a white man at a gym tell me “I bet your girlfriend loves the big black *** of yours. No homo!”

            It is like they admire it. This trash troll is here because he is hoping to find some BBC to admire. I mean, what white people would find a reason to come to a site called “melanoidnation”? LMBAO

          3. Jack Mehoff says:

            Well, you are on a forum that is primarily of ethnic decent. I personally have never visited a KKK discussion board. Mocker is simply making light of the real reason why you’re here my friend. Envy 😉

          4. Truthbetold says:

            Most white people are narcissistic sociopaths.Your lack of normal human emotions like empathy…and compassion…has served you well.Every race that has had the misfortune of coming in contact with you…has reaped the whirlwind of your greedy…and sadistic quest for power.You derive great pleasure from completely destroying your victims… mentally…. physically… spiritually…and financially.Because of your extreme narcissism…you can’t see the depth of your depravity.You are capable of unimaginable cruelty…and love humiliating…and degrading others.You are the epitome of evil…and that’s why you are called”White Devil” all over the world.Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.You have your common thugs…like everyone else.But your main perpetrators have power…and commit their crimes( with impunity) behind a ” mask” Of respectability.Nobody listens to what you say.We see what you do.! I

        10. Eboney says:

          They were created to be slaves really read into dr. York

        11. SUN GODDESS says:

          Wow the truth never lies. Thanx for not labeling them as “White” white is pure and them monkeys sure the hell is not pure.

          1. ajtherealist says:

            them monkeys you have the spelling of a first grader and i could roast you for your ignorant literature wait you prob dont know what it means cause you have never pasted fifth grade.

        12. Jack Mehoff says:

          Very well written and expressed ✊🏾

        13. eddie says:

          A horse has a bigger dick and better skin than me, I can still feed it shit and tell it what to do, because I’m smarter than the horse.

          1. john says:

            And you have a little dick.

        14. john says:

          Your wrong 10% of whites are on welfare while 53% of blacks are on welfare or some type of government assistance according to the federal government statistical reports. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

          1. ajtherealist says:

            no actually if that was true wheres the other 49% ohh i know your gonna be smoking a pike too cause that’s what you guys do to

        15. Renee says:


        16. blacks are losers says:

          retarded negro. planned parenthood is for you.

          1. ajtherealist says:

            black your a very special child so your don’t understand that everyone has to get good grades in order to pass im srry you didn’t make preschool

      5. Sargon Seven says:

        You did not even try to hide your trolling. I am black. Nobody black refers to themselves as “Negro” (capital N no less!). And we learn in school not to capitalize White when it is referring to people. As if it’s a thing or something. LOL. And last but not least, we learned hundreds of years ago that money does not buy happiness, freedom or exemption from racism. Ask Oprah.

        At least you did not make mean comments in your post, si for that I thank you.

        1. Eboney says:

          Yes they do I heard it for myself from keish night pullam rudy from the huxtables

        2. blacks are losers says:

          yes blacks call themselves negroes.

      6. Henz says:

        Actually no, we’re much more scared of that blasted black on white crime rate. We want you to succeed, we just recognize that your brain silly doesn’t permit it unless white people give you everything. Black people are far more racist than whites these days, you have never been oppressed so shut your fucking mouth you idiot. Jews were decimated only 60 years ago, and they’re not drill using it as an all purpose excuse for their laziness, stupidity, ignorance, susceptibility to committing far mpre than their fair share of crime etc, I could go on all day about the bad and list the good in one breath.

        1. ajtherealist says:

          actually go on call of duty into a match what do you hear everyday 24/7 i swear its like 420 time it has to happen and its so predicted black people have a right to be angry if i was called a n*gger every time i killed someone in a game i would be p*ssed let me rephrase that if i was insulted

      7. Ross says:

        It is true what he said. And to all those Christians who read the Bible. The answers are there as well. I is said that the Israelites will be in a land that is not known to them thus, strangers. And that they will be in bondage for 400 yrs and will have a iron yoke around their neck ect… And that means they were slaves for that spell of time and that God will judge the Nation who have ins inslaved them. And that the ISREALITES will come out with great possessions . Now ask yourself who are these Irealites.? They are the lost tribes of Isreal because it also states “Thy will see their land Isreal no more .
        And also the Bible states that the the Edomite tribe will Rival the ISREALITES. Do you Humans ever read the bible. Know you don’t! You will always say it is an interpolation and dismiss the facts that are in front of you. The way Blacks/ me have been treated is indeed a BIBLICAL PROPHECY. So to say that I’ll leave you with a clue as to who you so called Afo Americans are in this day in time. It’s up to you to realize it. Palms 82:1-8
        Please read it. Over and over again. It will change your thoughts. And Also John 10:34 This is out of the horses mouth.

      8. Alex says:

        Don’t never trust white people what so ever trust me…

        1. Alex says:

          All white people are the devil even the little pink cave monkey babies as well…

        2. Cracker says:

          black people are far more racist than white and are quicker to judge a person by colour but will always use the slavery argument to say it’s whites that are racist.

          1. ajtherealist says:

            because example if my people were enslaved sh*t i would be p*ssed that people even today call me that and it gets f8cking old dude know what your talking about

      9. Josh says:

        Your wrong. Ive got black friends. Black family. I’d give my life for. I’d literally jump in front of a bullet for a black kid. Your evil.. Sadly there’s a lot of black people who dont like white people naturally. Open your heart,and your mind will be opened 10 fold.

      10. Rodney King says:

        Can’t we all just get along?

      11. Sean says:


      12. john says:

        Most white people don’t give a shit if you have a dollar or not. Most white people are too busy just getting by.Thier not worried about what you are doing.

        1. Last sentence is a damn lie.

        2. ajtherealist says:

          white people don’t have to worry about getting by except if you lived in detroit where eminem lived man thats a guy to respect

        3. Sam says:

          Like Oprah Winfrey cares about poor black people?????

      13. Lebrun james says:

        I don’t think you deserve to be rich I wish we still controlled you yes I’m racist

        1. Well we got it now. We are successful like you. That’s why god is letting all the white people suffer and die. You’ll always reap the bad of how you treated us. I’m racist to. Fuck all white people.

        2. Racist but you’re using a rich black person name Lebron James. Then, you spelled his name wrong asshole. The J should be capitalized. I see you’re one of those dumb, uneducated white crackers. Lololol

          1. Sam says:

            Lol stands for love of lucifer- the devil

      14. Suck my cock negros says:

        Go back to Africa if you don’t like it here.

        1. Grow a cock you white piece of shit. That’s why we got you crackers scared of us now. I wish I knew you. You hiding behind a computer. I would beat you white ass.

        2. Fern says:

          Jeremy i am native indian why does the whiteman do this to every race but theselves just another excuse for being a jew ass you have done nothing but ruin our land and enslave us evil is white

      15. You don’t have to tell African Americans not to trust white people because we don’t. Its known to all of us that every white person is racist in some kind of way to African Americans. Some white people claim they wasn’t raised or brought up that way, and they had black friends during their childhood. That may be true, but white people will always look down on African Americans. It doesn’t matter if an African American have the best education, or job. To white people, we’ll always be beneath them. Don’t think you’re doing us a favor by telling us information we already know. Find something else to talk about, and leave us along. You all had your years of ridiculing, raping and beating our culture. Coming from a very angry black person who dislikes ALL whites.

      16. Anthony says:

        you are not a negro that is made up by them you are a lost tribe. That is suppose to serve God you are Isrealites they don’t want you to know

        1. ajtherealist says:

          now and he is right but not all white people are racist and white people cant be superior if black people who are way more athletic than white people( except a few ) you cant possibly think black people aren’t blessed

      17. KumaniChakulia says:

        The fact you call yourself or refer to yourself as a Negro is unsettling. I have never heard a black man or woman use this verbiage. This is trolling at its finest!

      18. blacks are losers says:


      19. Trem Wrice says:

        wow that is so true and they feel threatened by black strong leader figures i was discriminated on so bad by my former employers that i was advised by the eeoc to file two complaints which now results to two settlement reques and although i have lots of evidence(photos,video recordings,witness statements,and voice recordings)they”re still stating that they”re not interested in settling and truthfully it doesn”t seem as though my team is coming down hard enough….it feels as though no one really takes race discrimination serious i need a loyal legal team….any suggestion please contact me via email wtremina42@gmail.com thanks

        1. Clive cunshot says:

          Blacks are constantly claiming discrimination it’ s boring and I know loads of white people in hard labour jobs who get treated like crap and get on with it,but if a black man isn’t given the right pen its discrimination and you deserve a big pay out

          1. ajtherealist says:

            not true if a white man can get a good job then why cant a black person so your wrong.

      20. Clifton says:


      21. Mikr says:

        Everyone in this word has some kind of hate or racist in them but it’d the cry baby niggers that hold all the hate in their hearts so to all those dirty nasty niggers go kill yourself

        1. ajtherealist says:

          then you got all of the idiot racist huddled up together so they think really dumb together and this is what they come up

      22. Pineal says:

        How when pales not just prints but puts value to the dollar that I are telling us to covet… Full segregation is the only option

        1. Harry pecker says:

          They tried segregation in South Africa dumb asss,it was called apartheid but blacks wanted it lifted because whites had nice things to steal and whites are capable of build a functioning society. So blacks will always want to live in white country’s and then start dismantling it from within.

          1. ajtherealist says:

            no actually blacks designed some of the machines what white people use now and how are they dismantling it if this is a country why is it so divided Bam facts nothing

          2. Sam says:

            Not true… The Colonials were all whiteys and stole everything from the Native Africans-infact they havent stopped!

      23. Mo says:

        J its white people like you that makes this world a bad place. White people like you is the reason why the world is so corrupt and will be the reason why the world ends. Your heart is pure evil and the way you think is very ignorant but yall claim to be so much better lol. Fix the way you think first!! I truly believe your people came from the devil (devils children). The devil lies,steals,murder, deceives, and manipulates which white people like you is very good at that and been doing it for many many years. Yall stole everything even history and rewrote history to cover how fucked up yall really are and to make yourselves feel better but deep down yall still feel like the piece of shit yall really are and always will be no matter what because of wanting power and greed. Just know god is coming back for his people and I suggest you to get your heart right!

        1. Fern says:

          Amen bro mo you said it right cool bro

      24. Michael says:

        I wish my dad would have taught me what you knew. I’m chicano. Only about 25% native, so I can be pretty lightskinned. People always tell you, “you’re basically white.” So you believe it insomuch that you identify as white. But they still treat you differently. You still get screwed over and over and over and over. My dad left the chicano rights movement to rebel against his father, who rebelled against his father by marrying a dark skinned mestiza. Our racism is so much different, because all of us at some point choose to identify as dark or light. There is no real neutral. Either you believe the white lie or you don’t. I used to. I don’t anymore. Seeing them elect Trump and justify the murder of black boys by cops opened my eyes completely. We lost three houses in 7 years when I was kid. This was in the 90s when the economy was booming. My dad moved us out of the city of Los Angeles to live in the overwhelmingly white suburbs. You could see the way we were split in schools. Either you spoke Spanish and therefore associated with the “Mexicans” or you did everything you could to fit in with white kids because you didn’t know a lick of Spanish. I fell in the latter. Those of us trying to fit in with white kids never acknowledged race or talked about our identities. For all intents and purposes, to us, we were white. In private school, I never met a black person. There were a couple filipinos. I think the rest were white. I didn’t see a black person at school until 8th grade. I did everything I thought they wanted. But in the end, they always reject you. And searching for that acceptance, for that redemption, I realized how utterly racist I was for only caring what white people thought. I no longer care what they think.

      25. katina Morris says:

        That’s not true! Trusting in God, n stay in faith is the only way to win over the enemy….we all, that believe in God, is in a spiritual warfare, this is not a game, these are end times right now! If you never believe in God, ,play if you want, but, I pray for you…….

      26. ajrno37 says:

        I am Hebrew !

      27. Fern says:

        I hate this white world they make me sick they are handed everything jobs money jews are the worst they control all monies and are very cheap when it comes to help people of color i loathe the white devil

      28. Benson
        Who gives a rat’s ass? Most Blacks wouldn’give a shit if we never ran into a nobody like you. In fact, the less evil beasts like you we escape coming in contact with, the better off we are. So do us a favor and go back to your cave and vow never to crawl out again to expose Black people to your sick disease. Remember, elplespy is contagious and is punished by death . Thank you for staying away from the civilized world. You ignorant beast!

        1. ajtherealist says:

          hes telling the truth black people would be much better educated but not by white people we dont need help with that we need guidance

      29. patrys says:

        That post said never trust white peolpe that’s bulls….t.. he even don’t trust himself,no matter what you are and who you are,your are human,god made us not to hate to love and respect,not to serve the devil nor listen to him of what you hate or juge peolpe of there colour,god made us what we are today and it will stay that way.

        1. Sam says:

          Jesu said ‘ Trust no one’

      30. Billy says:

        Why can’t we all just be human beings? Why does there have to be a difference?

      31. butt says:

        Duh white ppl are of color to so they must be white niggers

        1. ajtherealist says:

          no thats if you like black people and your white like eminem

      32. ajtherealist says:

        that is racist bullsh*t your saying that all the black people don’t understand the dollar bill wtf that is just plain stupid

      33. ajtherealist says:

        let me talk to s an ignorant shithead who is a fucking racist hello you cant make a point if your being biased dumbass

      34. Nate says:

        This comment is almost as ridiculous as the author’s horribly vague and completely inaccurate article. I grew up in a small town with few minorities, whom were well liked and respected members of the community. No one was frightened by them, and I could argue that the lack of educated minorities is why there is rise of crime and particularly murder rates across the country.

        I moved to the largest city in our state and experienced, on a weekly basis, racism from other people while becoming friends with numerous non-white families. According to your philosophy, I could say the complete opposite. I have also read numerous articles published by black writers criticizing the youth in the city for their actions and ramifications.

        Its a pretty bold statement to say every single white person is racist. While I would agree that many people are, skin color doesn’t matter. The fact is, people have lost respect for each other, and for some reason life has become cheap in the eyes of too many people.

      35. mother says:

        what part of its a designed fail; many are not designed to make it out as i is intended…. yea and why call yourself ‘negro?’

      36. Bodhi says:

        you know Jews are behind all the race baiting don’t you? It isn’t folks in charge of anything in the country


    2. But did anyone of COLOR ask the white man 2 spill his own blood & so call carry this country on there back ??? … If u can give me a FACT answer 2 that question I will gladly STFU a simple YES or NO will suffice tru talk … Ya dig !!! 💯😕

      1. Finally someone saying what the Afro American (myself) has known there entire life … It takes heart 2 admit that ur race(white) has ben the overall head of racism in this country 4 centuries … Caucasians if u honestly look at the policing & the Justice System as a whole in this country & the lack of help 2 the poor & the jobless due 2 there color u are in Fuckn Denial … WAKE THE FUCK UP !!!!!!!! 💯😠

        1. Jeremy says:

          Lack of help? What other country spends as much on its non white poor from this country and all across the world….whites have given and done more for the poor that all the non white countries a thousand times over.

          1. john says:

            That right. What he said!

          2. Fern says:

            My a…. Jew boy you are so ignorant you know nothing cuz your white devil

        2. Jeremy says:

          Lol all those things are exagerations….youre so hung up on the color of your skin…..the whites that dont like you not because of your skin color….brown skin is fine with me….the problem is your behavior…..youre savages, you dont or cant understand white culture. Look at your post man. Its how 4 year old white kids type. I had to resd your post 3 times to figure out what the fuck you said….who would hire that? Youre jobless because you rejected education, you rejectedthe american culture….now you are the one thats being rejected and youre fuckin crying in some ebonics language ….you unintelligent baboon….why should i have to hire a dullard? A lazy person that doesnt even try? And you are aware of what CPT is? COLORED PEOPLE TIME….not just whites, blacks joke about it all the time….who wants an employee that cant show up ontime and jokes about it?

          1. george says:

            Jeremy, so white people are not savages. There are good and bad in every race. You keep defending your race vigorously like you are trying to protect or hide the truth. You have dumb, racist whites and blacks. You seem to elude that whites are more intelligent than whites. That’s a joke of the century. I attended an all white Christian university and I was perplexed at the dumbness of those students.What surprised me was after graduation those white students that used to copy from me got jobs long before i did. Does racism still exist, yes. Jeremy, have you ever been followed in a store by someone that makes in a year less than what your car is worth just because of your skin color, I have. Don’t say blacks are crying wolf. Jeremy if it was true that white were superior, you wouldn’t try so hard to prove it. Live the life you are freely given and thank God for it. Don’t worry about other people white or black.

          2. Jack Mehoff says:

            I’m actually very curious about this and I thank you for bringing it up Keremy. What exactly does white culture consist of that is not taken from other cultures? This is a very sincere question as non of my many quite friends can answer this and we always ended up laughing about it but laughing has yet to give me a rep answer. Very curious on your view in regards to white culture Jeremy. Thank you in advance

          3. Robert says:

            White people are historically the most violent, murderous people in human history and have created systems here in America that perpetuate white supremacy. Period.

    3. Darlene says:

      Not true. Just speak for yourself. You sound like a nut.

    4. Darlene says:

      All men are created equal

    5. PUma says:

      Some of the most racist comments I have ever read on here and actual death threats. All part of the Democrat party. Terrible how much hate is out there these days.

    6. the beholder says:

      I can say after observing and loving around them for 35 years they are all deceptively evil. Everything about them is evil. Their influence is great in the earth but they are not of this earth. Satan caused them to exist. They are the enemy of everything natural to this world. There’s a reason they don’t care about anything in this world, why they seek to kill and destroy everything…. Satan has always been hard at work trying to destroy gods creation.

    7. sara says:

      Don’t trust whites!? Yet you marry whites? How do you not trust the one you married? This blog is hypocritical. 67% of blacks now days marry whites. And have mullatto babies.

    8. Brian Wozniak says:

      I agree. It’s worse. If your white and your not abusing black people, very soon white men, your own kind will attack your way of speaking, the way you do things. When ever I get ripped off, it’s always a white male or white female who feel entitled to steal without penalty. I”m not saying their aren’t white people who don’t take advantage of the color of their skin as much. Because some don’t to an extant. But those who do, know full well the legacy of slavery and oppression of black people in the United States .Those oppressors use those techniques to destroy their own race as well. The people who enslaved are well versed in how to torture, threat and destroy. I’ve been a victem of it.

      It’s not a joke.

    9. Gillian Davis says:

      Omg….people I admire the person’s courage who made the original post. Now before anyone questions my identity let me introduce myself. I am Guyanese by birth and have lived in America for 20 years. I felt racism for the first time when I moved to Georgia in 2006. Before then I never had to fill in a form to say I was “Black”. There is so much I can say about this but I will only give two, as I am not looking forward ti being cussed out…..ok #1…Quality of life…I can assure the one who said that “Blacks” hold the best quality of life here in the US that that is fiction. I told you I am from Guyana. Our quality of life there, considered a third world country, is much better….simple…but you can live with your dignity….and the food n water, air n so much more is healthier. It’s only when American foods, like canned n process stuff, is introduced into the Guyanese diet that people develop Cancer…chew on that for starters. #2 Our ancestors and our history is alive and well, and beautifully recorded in the Bible, which by the way the African slaves used to have their eyes plucked out and fingers chopped off and other things when they were caught reading it….hmmmmm….breathe….chew…process.
      Our ancestors and history tells us that egypt ruled the world for not hundreds, as the Europeans have, but thousands if years. History…now pay close attention to this……also tells us that when the brown skin men ruled the world, they treated “white savages…cuz they were savages back then, very badly…and check this out……called them “Black”!!!!! Yes you heard me. Whites used to be called black or blank or blaeke…void of color….don’t believe me….then why does many European languages ha e these words meanining white, including blanco? A poimt you must take from tbis is Karma is real…we, peoe of African descent are lost. We squandered what gave us to rule this world and we are paying. We MUST turn back to the Most High…the supreme being who runs all this….and no…he is not a white man with white beard flying through the sky. When people if African ancestry get ut together this whole world will fall back into place…in harmonious order….turn to God….because Europeans….I know I havr some in me somewhere…we all do somewhat….are still savages in some ways. I guess we are all savages in some way. But “Blacks” or peoe of African ancestry are the only people that seem to want everybody to be included and get along…..
      Look cuss me out all you like…I just had a freaking nightmarish surgery a few weeks ago…..and lying there un that ital I saw some things….I won’t say what I saw…but a lot of what the religious people say…and I go to church several times a week….is just not not accurate. We are all gonna due and face the dgement for our actions…Karma is real and the pendulum comes back harder than when it went out. Question……what would happen if all of us got together and have a civil discussion? We would realize that the politicians are controlling everything, lying to us, and having us fight. Then we all would look at them instead of eachother…and wam…real change would happen…..Amen. I hope somebody got something beneficial in what I said.

      1. Gillian Davis says:

        Sorry about the typos. I wish I could go back and edit them.

    10. Derrick says:


    11. Caleb says:

      Hey guys nice to meet you and I have seen some really good comments. I just want to state something about what the man wrote, this was written back in the 1960 and before or around the time of segregation. I used to be friends with white kids (I’m white) until I realised that they weren’t that good of friends. So I got new friends and know all. My friends are black (I’m sry if I offended any of you saying black in my school offends people) they are the best. We are there for everybody else and other people realised that to and they came and I would not ask for better friends black people are the most nicest (don’t know if that’s a word) people I’ve ever met. Sometimes though when we’re just talking though they say I enslaved them and this really does make me feel bad and sad really and I explain (or try to) that I wouldn’t do that and I didn’t it was my stupid ancestors but they don’t listen we are still good friends but I mean during WWII there were Germans that hid Jews but my friends blame me for my ancestors huge mistakes but it’s not my fault I can only control my self not others or what happened in the passed but if I could I would change it.

    12. Khalid says:

      Nothing this man / woman said should be a surprise to anyone. Certainly not any Black Americans. If All black Americans were to disappear tomorrow, the national crime rate would drop by half, the prison population would drop by 80%, & We would save Billions in taxes. This should make Blacks upset, & hopefully make them want to start there own businesses & keep the “black dollar” within the black community. Stop looking to white Democrats as Allies!! How many times do they have to lie to you & stab you in the back?

      1. blacks are losers says:

        they are largely sodomites and homosexual bi etc out of wedlock unholy people and keep saying their god is like them lol delusional monkey avatars of someone who left them long ago!!!

    13. Julessunshine says:

      I’m English & I’m white. I have been fed a diet of how England conquered the world etc, since childhood. We played a huge part in slavery but never had slaves in our country. We are & should be accountable. it was an Englishman who stopped slavery & most of the black people who live here have come directly from Africa (Nigeria/Ghana etc) they bring a rich culture & we are accepting of diversity. Now this is what I DON’T understand…here in England 50% of black people marry outside their race. Our TV shows, adverts & singers/bands reflect our obsession with diversity (our favourite dish is Chicken Korma, which is Indian) My partner is black. My daughter is mixed. We are the FASTEST growing group in the UK. WHY WHY WHY is Amerikkka SO segregated??????? This whole post just re-enforces the ‘them’ & ‘us’ attitude Americans have.

      1. Julessunshine says:

        There ARE white people in this world who are sick to the stomach of crimes & injustice that has been & in some places still is being inflicted on black people. There ARE white people signing petitions, re-educating people & standing with placards & matching alongside their black brothers & sisters. There ARE white people who support #BlackLivesMatter & share countless posts on social media. There ARE white people with mixed kids & black husbands who understand struggles. YES I may have privilege. Am I comfortable with the fact that my country’s wealth has been robbed from the heart of Africa & India? NO! We bleed the same & we all originated in Africa. White people just need enlightening. Then more of them will get angry

    14. ListenLindaLISTEN says:

      I don’t understand how when blacks discuss our feelings about how we are treated butt hurt white people HAVE to add their two cents & accuse us of 1) not helping ourselves 2) complaining and living in the past 3) of being hateful of them for no reason. You all act like you didn’t completely uproot a people, strip them of everything, force them to assimilate to your culture then rudicule them for not assimilating well enough. Give them your undesirables & call them lazy for not excelling when they kick them down everytime they appear to be getting up. White people… Some act as if they have no clue about he atrocities their people have committed. Just because you don’t own slaves doesn’t mean your distant relative didn’t. You are still benefiting from a system of injustice, by default that makes you a part of the problem whether you are a “good person” or not. You all claim that we have soooo much hate for the white man, but we do not go around assassinating the character of the white man for absolutely no reason at all. Negative things we say about white people are true,at least from your history.
      You all have stolen countless peoples, histories, resources…torturing, raping, murdering & experimenting on all people, even your own. Own the history of YOUR people. Stop trying to tell everyone else about themselves. Accept yourself. Your shit stinks too!! Now move around. Take several seats….sip some tea & take your own advice.

      1. Julessunshine says:

        You know what? I came on here to learn more & to be educated about the perspective of African Americans. Like I said, I’m English & I’m white. In my country mixed race couples/families are the fastest growingdemographic group. We don’t segregate here. We’re all’British’ & most of our black Englishmen haven’t had the slavery legacy, but have emigrated directly from Nigeria/Ghana etc. I can cook African food. They aren’t all starving (as Western media leads you to believe) Africa has an amazing, beautiful & rich history & every African (from Africa) has no racism towards me, because slavery is not part of their history. You guys need to TRAVEL MORE. The men who run AmeriKKKa segregates & makes people hate each other & this is so evident in these posts. Very sad. Not what MLK wanted

      2. ajtherealist says:

        we both do that but you rape and kill and steal way worse than we do you thinks its okay to teach kids how to say the n word straight out of the womb

    15. Sannie says:

      The truth finally comes out. This is what we have seen in Ferguson, Missouri and other places occupied by ethnic minorities.

      Any place that is pre-dominant by ignorant whites is RACIST. This includes white women and men. Any white female who ‘mocks’ a black female and believes that she is ‘superior’ than her shall be condemned.

      Any haughty look, a hateful glance God WILL condemn. The hate is ridiculous!!!

    16. Elvis P. says:

      This is all true, sadly, I was raised as a multiracial, closer to white than blacks, my mom white and my grand parents, and the most part of my family are or white or almost. So I was taught to think like a white, and consider black people like inferiors in all aspect without let them know, treating them politely like little babies, trying to help them like if they always are in need, and be friend and learn from their culture, unless, they try to get out of their place and be disrespectful, if that happens even if we are the best friend I would think “Is black what could I expect or fucking n….r what the fuck he think he is”. I come from another country where I am considered like white or with white privileges(the drop rule it doesn’t exist)

      When I moved here for my surprise I found that I belong to a minority and although whites almost never consider me black, they would never consider me as white nor even close, so now I understand better the suffering of the black community. I must say is so difficult for me to get rid of my whole life indoctrination and I feel so ashamed some times.

      My advantage is, that I understand 100% the white mindset, and I know when they are trying to fool me. Believe me, if you are black you will never gonna have a 100% friend white person, they will drink with you, work with you, laugh with you, have fun with you, have sex with you even babies, but they always in one way or another will think they are superior race.

      1. Heather says:

        Well this is very true. Whites have a way of being patronizing and condescending when associating with blacks that reveals their superiority complex. I have seen this in the workplace where a highly educated, multilingual and elegant black woman is newly hired. So funny to see all the white people watching/stalking her. They invite her out and smile in her face while they work hard to destroy her reputation and get her fired or make her quit. If she sees through it and turns down their invitations, they subtly complain to management that she is unfriendly and “must not like white people.” Either way, she’s screwed! If she is overweight, they use that to their advantage; they say she’s slow and lazy even though she can run circles around them in her sleep. They provoke her and twist her words. Then run to their white male boss and say that she has an “attitude problem”. They sabotage her work efforts and look for her to make mistakes to call her a “stupid black woman”. Then they say that she is a product of affirmative action. If there are other blacks in the office, they try to encourage them to turn on her too by telling them that she thinks she is better than other black people. The other blacks starts to treat her with hostility and call her an uncle tom. The whites love it because they now have the blacks doing their dirty work. Now this poor woman is being openly attacked by her own people. The threatened whites love it because now they can say that “even the black people don’t like her” to prove that it’s not about race. Unfortunately, this highly educated, multi-lingual, and elegant black woman buckles under all of the hatred snaps and is fired or she quits before she snaps. Then they are all happy because they got that “uppity black bitch” out of there. Truth! I have seen this happen too many times to count!The reality is that they all felt threatened by her because she is a living contradiction of all the lies they have been fed about blacks all of their lives. They can’t handle the truth before their eyes everyday so they have to get rid of it. Not only that, they learn that not only are blacks not all stupid, but that whites are not all smart. They begin to realize that most whites are promoted over blacks because of white privilege and not superior knowledge. This is a pill I think most white, not even the liberal ones, are willing to swallow.

    17. Cb says:

      So many words so little said,how about we’re just human considering that white people are the ones with the Neanderthal DNA in their blood.

      1. Sam says:

        Fallen Angel DNA

    18. PitBull says:

      Surely you folks don’t believe this wack job that is a so called whistle blower? Racism is only alive if you let it live. I don’t know any racist white people I live in Alabama and Black and White people as a people get along great they work together, love together ,play together, and are friends and family. People sometimes don’t like other people. So if your acting like a jerk with a chip on your shoulder and a white person acts like a jerk back that’s not racist. That normal reaction. Its wack jobs like the guy that wrote this stupid article that are trying to decide everyone. Go ahead call me racist because I hate EVERYONE equally if they deserve it. But Honestly I don’t know any White true Racist some are just assholes but so are some black people. The biggest problem is now black people think that they are being felt a raw deal because they are black. Guess what EVERY race is being felt a raw deal. So don’t be racist because a wack job gay white man says you should.

      1. Anthony says:

        Stop lying there is racism in this country and he is telling the truth. Just as much as I know America don’t serve God but the devil and who really owns this country and whites will sell there souls for it. Fraternities on every college campus the police is a fraternity and is a satanic organization and you will support them and they will lye and say they are not. Satan is the American god the statue of liberty is Lucifer holding the light America is the great deceiver of the world and America is the new world order read your bible.

    19. Hmmm says:

      Peanut butter is not the extent of black invention, there are others which you do not know because the media and history books hide them, like they normally do in the efforts to undermine black supremacy, look up traffic lights, gas masks and not to mention, there are inventions which originated from Africa but the whites took credit for it, or should I say stole it!! FYI we do it trust white people, u want us to trust you but we don’t

    20. kennard says:

      It all started with colored man in egypt..hue in human means color..everybody is african egypt…even whites..cause they come from colored people..the people just divided into tribes & adapted to diferent climate..that affect skin color..

      1. blacks are losers says:

        he applied wisdom to the beast and its been fooled ever since,,, youre disgusting people. nasty, naturally evil brute immoral sexually rampant low iq. and get mad when told that ! (that’s the worst part) too emotional like all women!

        1. ajtherealist says:

          man your prob after saying this is gonna go and date a black girl im so done hes so insecure hes just mad he cant get a woman to date him

    21. Jay the enigma says:

      The white man is bS full of lies deceit and back handed….he’s a fag by nature he’s not a ruler just a wellbacked manipulator and Shit started we would rather drop a bomb than come down here a tangle…his white ass would get slaughtered…as are age shows us we are the younger race fuck him…he couldn’t even get that faggot ass Europe Together came across the pond and we know the rest…he is basic mutation of the albino mix with incest Fucc him and everybody else like….no culture no heart no soul he is a beast….Fucc em all…the white man broke every law to create this mf now after all his time of savagery 1,000’s of years,now he talks mortality what’s a fake peice of dog Shit….we know the secrets out

      1. blacks are losers says:

        lol calm down negro. English doesn’t suit you. only secret out is that youre bi /homo/feminine/born out of wedlock… and planned parenthood vouchers are stood in line for by your women.

        1. BigD_YT says:

          Lmao! These posts are pure comedy. I can’t stop reading! A black racist hate site hating racist YT.

      2. ajtherealist says:

        okay chill fr not all white people are not like that

    22. Zintle Kibi says:

      As a black child who is still confused of what the term “black” really implies, yes historically blacks were labelled as the inferior once, the slaves and the dependent. However, responding to this article if I may call it, I find it very interesting to hear a white person warning black people about trusting white people, as much as my inquisition are telling me there’s honesty in this but then a part of me is still convinced and corncened about whether this whole well written post is not a way for this white person to get sympathy from us black people, other than that, is this not one of the so called clever ideas of white people to make it seem like they are siding with us just so we think “oh yeah, so then not all of them are racist because they want to, but because they were brought up up that way, indoctrinated with the idea of them being superior”. To me as much as there’s some effectiveness on this post it feels like this is just a way for to get us to sympathise with you, because that is exactly what we want to hear coming from white people. However to help the world move forward, I think, the same way black people are striving to untangle the ideology of us being labelled as inferior, the least white people can do is meet us half way and try untangling this Indochina to nation of white supremacy, other than just saying ” oh well we were born like this, we were brainwashed, and guess what people ‘just don’t trust us'” Are you heading towards unity or are you just going to seat and tell us the story of your life, how is that helpful, we have some historical details and therefore know the history behind the originality of the classification of white people as superior BUT unity is what we should all be striving forwards, the cries of black children is not just about us wanting to get sympathy from white people, it is also a matter of UNITY. ECONOMICALLY, because that’s where a white person managed to be smart!!!

      With love.. The united generation.🙋

    23. Davey says:

      This letter from a transgender man who wears a pin through his nose. This is ridiculous. Take some responsibility. Black people have killed each other at far higher rates than whites have.

      1. Sam says:

        I think you are misinformed

    24. Elect-Tric Being says:

      Public Enemy Can’t Truss It

    25. espana says:

      Regardless of what this person wrote, history both past and present, shows exactly who white people are. They have behaved like the gutter rat, jungle monkey, pigs that they are.
      These are the facts…and they are indisputable:

      EVERYWHERE and do mean everywhere… the white man has gone, there has been Death, destruction, murder, rape, theft, slavery, lies, deceit, and every immoral act known to human beings on this planet. Those are facts and they are indisputable!
      Whites have created guns, bombs, biological weapons, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons…and if that wasn’t enough to kill as many people as possible…they are now creating electronic low frequency weapons to fry people from the inside out. What kind of sickness are these people infected with, that they are so obsessed with murder, deception, and lies? These people are drudging the oceans, lakes, and seas for gold. They are digging up rain forests for oil, they are spilling oil into seas creating environmental disasters, and they are wiping out whole species to support their insatiable lust for greed and power.
      I find it hilarious that these pigs commenting on this blog have schizophrenia and somehow believe that the problems other more civilized races experience, is somehow not tied to their barbaric behavior. Even today, they justify slaughtering people in western asia(middle east), Africa, and places all over the planet in the name of whatever boogie man they can create to justify more slaughter and theft of those people’s resources and land(that means you too goodie two shoes who believes you would never hurt a fly). White people are a sick group of beings who always justify the murder, rape, theft, and genocide of other peoples to further their own ends. There is no other group on earth to do what they have continued to do since their arrival. I know that the following passage describes them the best…It’s from their King James bible. It goes as follows:

      John 8:44King James Version (KJV)

      44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.


      1. blacks are losers says:

        that’s belial. the black man and belial means worthless
        as you all keep proving at planned parenthood every minute of every day

      2. Sam says:

        Correct the white race is bloodline of Eve and the Snake

    26. espana says:

      May 23, 2016 at 11:00 pm

      Regardless of what this person wrote, history both past and present, shows exactly who white people are. They have behaved like the gutter rat, jungle monkey, pigs that they are.
      These are the facts…and they are indisputable:

      EVERYWHERE and do mean everywhere… the white man has gone, there has been Death, destruction, murder, rape, theft, slavery, lies, deceit, and every immoral act known to human beings on this planet. Those are facts and they are indisputable!
      Whites have created guns, bombs, biological weapons, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons…and if that wasn’t enough to kill as many people as possible…they are now creating electronic low frequency weapons to fry people from the inside out. What kind of sickness are these people infected with, that they are so obsessed with murder, deception, and lies? These people are drudging the oceans, lakes, and seas for gold. They are digging up rain forests for oil, they are spilling oil into seas creating environmental disasters, and they are wiping out whole species to support their insatiable lust for greed and power.
      I find it hilarious that these pigs commenting on this blog have schizophrenia and somehow believe that the problems other more civilized races experience, is somehow not tied to their barbaric behavior. Even today, they justify slaughtering people in western asia(middle east), Africa, and places all over the planet in the name of whatever boogie man they can create to justify more slaughter and theft of those people’s resources and land(that means you too goodie two shoes who believes you would never hurt a fly). White people are a sick group of beings who always justify the murder, rape, theft, and genocide of other peoples to further their own ends. There is no other group on earth to do what they have continued to do since their arrival. I know that the following passage describes them the best…It’s from their King James bible. It goes as follows:

      John 8:44King James Version (KJV)

      44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

      P.S Stop believing just because a “white person” said it, it has more credibility. They are liars and deceivers and I haven’t met a credible liar and deceiver yet….

    27. Joseph says:

      There’s nothing like the truth. There’s a few of us who know,walk,speak,and accept the truth. Only if black people,would join together and rely only on the 1 and only true living God,should we take back our land.

      1. blacks are losers says:

        lol what land? Africa? please go. God hates black people as he said he will slay you with drought and thirst for conceiving niglets in disgrace
        that’s a verse
        now you just slay yourselves at planned parenthood.

        1. ajtherealist says:

          you act like you worked for that land man when you didn’t do shit for it so your definitely don’t have a right to tell a race of people where to go.

    28. angie taber says:

      everything that was said about the don’t trust white I already knew what they are all about
      trying to out cast blacks and making fun of people not only blacks but anyone that would not
      or could not amount up to their so call standards, speaking good English the way they feel it should be
      spoken, they have killed and lied and taken and took and stole in everyway possible they have shed many blood because of their hateful and evil ways and their poor behavior towards human beings god made all people not white people only and this is gods world not man, man will continue to control things for a little while longer god himself had appointed the white race to be in charge because of his plan and then he will come back and take his world back he did not put man in charge to treat his peoples this way that is white man own evil doing god left his word for white man to bind by and they took it to another level to make their own rules toward the black race and that is to tell lies and say that blacks don’t feel no pain to cover up the dirt that they have done so that they can continue to beat and kill blacks men women and children they hate blacks because of who they are just as they hated jesus they laugh at him and they spit on him and torture him and then hung him up because of who that man was and is right today and all those people will not escape what they did to him because he will raise their butts from the dead and then judge them before he toss them off to the pits of hell and the same thing they are doing to blacks they did to jesus who is also black so its just being carried over, so you see as far as I am concern I never trusted whites but at the same time if they respect me I will definitely respect them with kindness because that is the way I was brought up and if white wants to keep hating and doing evil thing to blacks or whoever
      all because they feel they can then that’s the evil in them and their is a god that sets high
      and he made all human being and its because of him that we have not gotten flooded out yet so I don’t have time to hate or to teach my child to hate but she do no NOT TO TRUST WHITES, remember the storm of ketrina look how the whites treated those poor people mostly blacks they threw meat out of the plane laugh at them till no end and left those people for days till some died waiting for help that was the most cruel thing that a person can do just plain heartless and god saw it all and their day will come because one day they might be in that same position and they wont be laughing they have kill so many blacks till this day so nobody don’t have to tell me about whites and how much they hate blacks and some don’t even like their own kind so because of all the hate why would I take their medicines why would I not be carful of the food I eat an just so you no I am white and I don’t trust my own kind, but I love all people blacks whites and people from other countries no one person is better than the other I don’t care how much money you have how great your teeth look or how much of the good English you speak or how big you house is still god is the one and he made everybody the same just a different color so only an uneducated person would think their better because they are white NO TRUE and just in case whites forgot they kept books away from blacks for years and years so afraid blacks would out smart them and some of them have

    29. LIENA COOL says:

      white people says that blacks are the scum of the earth and all these things so now what do you want you so call pureness of this earth, I am not speaking on all whites because I no
      that all whites are not a like but to all those white insane people who have nothing more than
      hate on their mines you are the scums not blacks you insane mined people are the ones that everybody is talking about you insane mined people is the ones that are no more than the antichrist himself no you people is the discussing ones and all should be thrown together is a pale of fire where you belong don’t even mention gods name because it was people like you that killed jesus and nailed him up on a cross and place the biggest nail in his hands and foot that you could find you people are no better than the drunken losers that sat there drunk laughing while your white people beat him and spit on him yes we no who you are so don’t you give your so call pure speech about who you people are you are nothing in my eyes and to most people of this country, you kill you steal you greed you hate you are nothing but nothing and you want to betray yourselves as the purity of this earth that belongs to god not you and he will be back to erase people like you off this earth real soon so you can call blacks what you want but still we are here and we will be here regardless of your hatred FOR BLACKS, and further request blacks don’t give a ass butt if you whites like them or not we are the better people we are the chosen people not white we are the one with the talent and skill to make rich we have beautiful skin we have a good heart for people you have nothing but the power to kill and be sued afterwards and you have the insane minds you steal you take you lies to the people you plot behind close doors you laugh at the poor and busy taking from them but yet you are the pure one wow that is avery insane way of thinking , blacks have NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO YOU PEOPLE you people are jealous because of who we are and that is gods chosen people just like you was jealous of jesus Christ and you whites killed him because of what ? nothing . white people back in the day found a new way to kill blacks and that is to hang them by the neck for what nothing and today you shooting them down for what nothing some you see running away from you white miserable human being and you still shoot them in the back but your turn will come you think you will die and everything will be forgotten well no because the almighty god will raise your worthless behinds up and judge you for what you did to his people and then throw your soul to burn forever. the time is coming for your rules and regulations will be over, you people have done some real terrible things bad things and still until this day you are still practicing dirt behind the backs of black and the people why? BECAUSE OF HATE, AS YOU CAN SEE BAD THINGS ARE HAPPENING EVERYDAY NOTHING IS GETTING BETTER FOR NONE OF US WATER COMING ON THE EARTH ,EARTH QUACKS ALL AROUND WHITE KILLING BLACKS FOR WHAT NOTHING CHILDREN GETTING STOLEN OFF THE STREET FOR THE PLEASURE OF MAN AND FOR MONEY SOME KILLED BY THE HAND OF MAN THIS AMERICA THAT YOU WHITES BRAGS ABOUT IS GOING DOWN TO HELL.SO PLEASE LOOK AT YOURSELVES BEFORE YOU TALK ABOUT SOMEBODY YOU CANT EVEN KEEP THIS COUNTRY IN ORDER ANYMORE BECAUSE IS FINDING OUT THE TRUTH, MONEY IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL AND THIS WORLD WILL END SOON, AND I WILL BE HAPPY

    30. Brood says:

      Whats the difference, tell me how does a white man’s body differ from a black mans, what does he have that blacks don’t, and what’s baffling is they’re (whites) suppose to be the intelligent ones, but you’re so small all you see is color, tell me who’s fault is it that we’re the complexion that we are, God made us all, and when you hate one for their skin complexion you hate God.

      1. blacks are losers says:

        not complexion but for niggerly behavior and annoying comments

        1. ajtherealist says:

          well look at it like this white people were made with some intelligence over black people but black people were more athletic than white people and how can someone like yourself stepped down to a even lower level

    31. Iris Woodhead says:

      Utter and total lies, only to cause trouble, you are the racist whoever you are, i am white, but the only predudice i have, is against ……ATTITUDE, yours, to name but one, i couldnt care less if people are black, blue, green yellow or pink with dots, A BAD ATTITUDE IS THE ONLY PREDUDICE ANYONE SHOULD HAVE, you speak well to me, ispeak well back, you treat me well, i treat you well back, i love all people, animals which vary in colour, i have opinions and respect others theirs, i dont expect everyone to agree with me, but i am so shocked to read this, and state that all whites are agaisnt Black people, how could you write such a nasty letter, when this is YOUR opinion only, god talk about wanting to start wars, you must be at the front of the queue. No doubt behind Hitler, who i might say was white, but noone agreed with him, people were just taken in by him.and if they dissagred they would get punished, its madness. And it is only people who hate the human race who write such rubbish, i dont care whether you are gay, tranvestite, if you have a kind heart and dont want to go around hurting people then you are a good person, remember the colour of every living things blood is red…… So basically we are all the same, we just wear different skins, its how you display those skins that matter. Sorry to say this, but you need some serious help, i hope you find it, and find some love for your fellow people whatever their colour

    32. Reading this
      hatef ul s hit makes me ill . I am .my own person and better than all of you, not because I am white but because I am just a good person. I am so tired of no matter what a white person does you will all find a way to spat ur ugly hate. It is you negros who are so hate filled, omg when the fuck are you giant ass cry babies gonna shut the fuck up about slavery? None of you were even here to have been affected by it, and since there is so many uneducated black folks I’m guessing you didn’t read about slavery in books or you would know blacks also had black slaves!!!! You only get your hateful information passed down from generation to generation, get education and stop bitching. And to the dumbass who claimed his white woman, which I’m guessing is pushing 400 lbs. From a trailer park and equally uneducated or why else would she scrape the bottom of the barrel, apparently she is unworthy of a white man, your stank asses are straight up nasty, some may be Hung like your ancestors the big black monkey but if you let the big black dong in you you should be prepared for a beating afterwards or equally likely a whole barrage of std’s….no thanks I’ll stick with the white man…and noticed dude said white man would love a black girl with a clean black booty…lol, yes. Even you know to specify clean black ass as most are dirty…see ya think your funny, but while some may be well hung, your only claim to fame, look closely at that black dong, if you can get passed the smell watch out for disease because it’s the only thing they spread more than their seed which is why the welfare lines across America are so long. Run, run fast because they need to stay in their own race, if ur white and hooking up with that shit you deserve whatever beating you get, if he doesn’t murder you you will surely die by disease. So all of you niggas out there crying over the white man and our prize women, the ones who you could only get by rape , your going to keep on hating and crying and killing the white people so don’t cry unfair ad our cops catch ur ass c omitting ur crimes and you pay the price. Ps. If yall would shut up and had been taught to follow an orders you wouldn’t get shot, why don’t yall get it? Put down ur guns and knives! Pick up a book

      1. Shad says:

        Brothers and and sisters, we must 1) uplift each other, 2) build each up emotionally, 3) track each other dignity and self respect, 4) teach our little boys to love black women bodies and minds so they will stop worshipping the white mans women and build strong black families 4)impress upon this generation love dignity and self respect, 5p invest on the black community, 6) promote black businesses and entreneurship, 7) and last but not least education must be stressed all this and more will combat against the systemic racism in this society

      2. jenelle says:

        What the actual fuck??? You’re not a good person at all. And you are as racist as any other filthy mouthed white AND black person on here. I had no intention of saying anything- fuck knows how i even got to this site- but you are SO OBVIOUSLY a racist as fuck, very uneducated young dumb BITCH who conceedes she’s not better coz she’s white she’s better coz she’s a good person, yet goes on to spew forth some disgusting nonsensical bullshit mostly about black n white cock. Cock hungry young white woman. That’s all you are. Filthy mouthed atrocity!
        And, miss, it is YOU who needs to pick up a book, that much is obvious!

      3. ajtherealist says:

        ill throw some bling right at you b*tch “ice storm, mic on , hundred thousand dollars on my right arm ,shouldn’t have python, white b*tch popcorn so i need a brand new b*tch with a brand new mouth you prob put it all in your mouth and you said you’ll stick with the white man wow and you wonder how dumb white people can be today its kind of funny how you say we need to stop when you’re promoting racism in broad daylight thx for being smart

    33. stankybanky says:

      Trust no one. Black or White.

      1. ajtherealist says:

        i love how ignorant she is if you look at history we jenna are always better cause we don’t have to be racist cause when we prove you you’ll just stand there looking stupid like all the white people did when he saved a boy from getting ran over so thx again oh and about your prize woman yeah so what why do you think black men are so rich and paid because we are naturally better and we are way more athletic than white men and you have the same stds that anyone can get you should have taken thrive or go to your trailer trash home and read a lot plz

    34. Trudy says:

      Yes I believe you 100 percent thanks for your honesty


    35. Heru says:

      To my Caucasian brethren, yes brethren, because you do come from sole place that human origins were first discovered, Africa, or as your ancestors call it. You speak these things and truly believe them on your heart. I dont blame you because as my brother stated, “father forgive them for they know not what they do”. You were born into this system or matrix that was put together. One day the truth will be revealed and your judgment will be accordingly as the rest of those who hold the same mindset. I am a melanoid individual and do not hate whites, asians, or any other ethnic group. But those who hold the minds of the oppressor of the children of the Father will fail to see the Kingdom.

    36. kelvin says:

      that’s true do not trust whites,even if they come to you just ignore them coz you don’t know what they are after at………

    37. J taylor says:

      To the sissy who call himself Death: Your dislike for blacks is understandable, seeing how your child molesting daddy raped you when you were a little boy every week end. Then when ran off with a Blackman that blew your mind. Then your freaky mom chases every black man she could find. Your whole world was wrecked by these two. Now you sit with a 14″ Black Dildo up ass seeking pleasure

    38. faris cowart says:

      This guy is fuckin scumbag and a freak! I’ve never heard of such a ridiculous thing.
      You have white people like this is dangerous to white race. Get rid of this freak as he calls himself.forget about blacks they could never be equal to whites.their going backwards and killing each other off.don’t trust white people as this white freak says? Black people should not trust there own race?
      Think about it?

      1. says says:

        blacks are a walking deadly disease but they never talk about that. in America a 1 in 30 hiv rate for black males and 1 in 48 for black females 9she has him beat..he is HOMO /sodomite and “bi” cdc states) they aren’t supposed to trust each other and survive
        if they do they deserve to die
        and as I see hiv rates
        they ARE dying
        in their anger they spread hiv to each other more ….not prevent it
        1 in 30 is a bit high don’t you think?
        whites give them hiv med and free pamphlets to read on how not to get hiv
        but no don’t trust whites just keep spreading your hiv to each other quicker,they must want to catch up their African hiv/aids rates
        (1 million kids die per year of aids) we don’t even let the hiv turn to aids.. we treat them..they hate that because they want to die and wonder why we keep them alive
        its obvious

        1. Sam says:

          HIV was produced in a laboratory by a white man

      2. ajtherealist says:

        you’re just stupid HOLY CRAP i just though we from the north that way but in the end f*cking on ya bitch she a thot thot

    39. says says:

      black people got so boring.
      nothing they ever say about being black is anything but boring.especially because they feel whites are involved somehow.
      their struggle is boring and annoying
      it should be a crime to even mention it

    40. Ellen Brown says:

      We know you edomites! Since we cannot return to the mother land, we will wait for justice! You edomites do not fool all of us, not even most of us! We have to survive period, but will never kiss your ass! ! God is in control, and you edomites so called white people will have to pay for your 4 father’s crimes of slavery! Sorry, that’s just the way it is, and definitely going to be!

      1. Jockey says:

        You can get a flight to Africa very easily these days you know,maybe you should get yourself a ticket and build yourself a nice little straw hut.with a attitude like yours your no benefit to a decent society,just a nuisance and no decent people need you and your savage primitive view.

    41. nigger hater says:

      niggers , show me ONE time in the history that any niggers were ever better off than they area in the usa? then get the fuck out of the usa and go to that place , oh right it doesn’t exist , because God refuses to bless you the way he does his people, and the blessing God is for ever giving white people and not givving niggers is the thing that makes whites superior.. so go whine to God about racism because he is the one in control and dolling out the blessings to whom he chooses

      1. ajtherealist says:

        no actuallly you are the dumbest hater i have ever seen first of all we were better off in russia london so wtf are you talking about old man your prob from the kkk in 1954 so plz stop rambling

    42. carlnovak says:

      Beyond that, “It’s necessary”.
      Beyond that “Everyone else is; but they don’t want you to be.”

    43. Daedria Smoot says:

      In order for them to do a thing like this, they had to know there was something valuable and great to hide, steal and oppress, those who are awake know who Esau is. In the big picture of this, a cure has taken place, put on the Chosen by The Most High, only goes to show everyone who the true enemy of the cursed is, the enemy takes pride in what it does. Judah has been redeemed, the curse has been lifted, the olive branch extended through Yehushua, King of the Jews, not the Jew-ish in the synagogue of Satan, anyway to make a long story short, to each it’s own, and only a dam fool would trust it’s own enemy, but the enemy is running out of time trying to confuse and kill as many of peculiar people as possible before the rest of them awake. Take a look at everything the enemy has done to get to where they are now, he was only given The Wilderness and a Dog, dam near took over the world and killed what ever in it’s path to do it. They’re proud of the accomplishments of killing your children and raping your people, spreading their lies and disease, but they can make you think they never stole a piece of candy, the same way they make you feel unwanted and unexceptable. It’s not just the Hebrew Israelites in america that know this but all over the world and the rest of the 11 Tribes of Israel. Keep rising Tribe of Judah. Don’t let the falsehood fool you. These cluck-a-beast can keep their Cracker Christ.

    44. Dnice says:

      Africans invented Mathematics, plumbing, irrigation, astronomy and sat on thrones while your white ancestors lived in caves in the mountains hiding from the sun. You whites are genetic mutants who cannot withstand the sun. V A true white person burns in 10 minutes of exposure. God is the sun and you cant even bask in his light! White Men built with scrawny frames and women with bodies not built for bearing children. Mix an African with a true white man and your genes be washed out into a lighter African . You are genetically inferior yet the the white mind has the ultimate advantage…trickery and ruthlessness. After centuries of living in the darkness you devised deceptive techniques that you call philosophy and politics. You took over entire cultures by ambushes double crossing and demonic war practices. Slavery has always existed but never to the barbaric extent of white oppression. You rape and pillage the land. You rewrote history and gave all the greatGreeks and Hebrew heroes white faces. Ever notice how all the ancients have British voices and blue eyes in movies. You white bastards will be lowered every knee shall bow! When the horn sounds the last shall be first. Africans are the true Israelites not the Jews u see today with their curls and evil ways. The meek shall inherit the earth. Not the native Americans or the Mexicans have done what we have done. From slaves to sitting in the highest seat in this nation. From segregation 60 years ago to domination. So few of us yet we define popular culture. Every knee shall bow!

    45. Bullet Proof - Love says:


      I have a high concentration of Melanin in my body so I am brown: I never, never will and don’t classify myself like these CAUCASOID have done. I am LOVE, I am energy and I am Life NOT bLACK OR African – name given by some Cracker nigger!! Please my vibration is turn all the way pass up (infinite and beyond). I still love these lost souls but I will not allow them to destroy my ENERGY. I will kill them with love!!!!

    46. Marie Petite says:

      Yes they do depending on their age.

    47. Simon says:

      Clearly the “textbooks” this idiots is reading are comics.

      Are we really supposed to believe anywhere that proscribes itself as “white-only” really lets a gay-trans man sit with them?

      Race is still the most significant issue facing the US but this – its not whistle-blowing, its trolling, aimed at continuing racial division not fighting it.

    48. Michael Taylor says:

      Please beware, my friends. Something strange is going on. I feel it. This man who spoke this, is either ignorant, or a liar. I am a white person, and all my life I have heard of the black man’s anger towards whites, and why he is so angry. I have heard many whites complain about what blacks are doing, but most are in agreement with blacks. I am 40 years old now, and all I really have ever seen from fellow whites at most, is that they complain about things, and that’s it. Most complain at their TV sets, and that’s about as far as it ever goes! I have heard many say something like this: “Well, I got nothing against blacks, but …….”, primarily complaining about, if anything at all, behavior problems, and wicked works. I have been patient and silent, and my assessment in the end is that this is the primary issue. Everyone who raises children should love them, teach them what is right, train them to live rightly, and discipline them, (including spanking), when they do wrong, or disobey or disrespect Mommy and Daddy. The issues begin, when people don’t do this properly, or when a child rebels, and goes astray/becomes a brat. The other issues, is hypocrisy, when someone knows to do the right thing, but does wrong anyway, and it is covered up, or covered for. Tribal feuding is an issue here as well. There is a unique problem in this country. Unfortunately, blacks were slaves to whites, once upon a time, then freed, and then both tribes grew up in the same country after that, by several generations. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude, that there would be problems down the road, because of this. This is a dangerous situation. I would have to beg you, gentlemen, to try to forgive and release your anger towards whites, and to try to live on, building for yourselves and your children a brighter future. There is another issue, that has not been considered. In the book of Revelation, Jesus speaks of people who are “of the synagogue of satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie.” (Rev. 2:9 / 3:9) There are what I call “men’s clubbers”, who dress in their hoodies, go behind closed doors, paint their little 5 pointed stars on the floor, and pray to satan, and then say they are jews, when out in the open! Many of these men are white skinned! Most of the so called “illuminati”, (which I call “Illusionati”, because they are not enlightened with revelation, but deceived with satan’s lies) are white skinned! However, they are presently slandering the other white skinned people of America, for the wicked things they do, and cleverly spinning the blame. (This is not to exhonerate any other whites for the past, only to let you know what I believe is happening right now.) I believe you can trust your average, everyday white man in America, FAR more than the ones who seem to be on the side of all this black rebellion, uprising, and criminal works, which is being done by so many blacks. Why? I believe your “friends” are playing you, to keep you calm and under control towards them, while simultaneously guiding you to attack the other whites, who were not on their side for global domination. (Although the idea for global domination is infected among all the nations. They just want to destroy the Christian based, freedom loving Americans, because they were the greatest threat to their move for power. Why? They once had at least a shaky faith in Christ. They also loved freedom, not to be enslaved. They were smart. There’s much more to look at, but behold the move since the 1960’s: take prayer and Bible reading out of the schools, while simultaneously teaching atheistic evolution in science class. Clearly, a move to shake the foundations of faith out of man. Next, at the same time as the volatile times of the civil rights movement was going on, there was a british rock invasion, in which many of these bands have been found to be satanic. A further move to shake the people from their faith. Next, psychedelic drugs and the hippy movement was introduced. This is what the bible would call “whoredoms.” Under the guise of “peace and love”, it’s true purpose was to turn the people from innocence and righteousness/faith in God, to being “lovers of pleasures, more than lovers of God.” 2 Tim. 3:4). Also sirs, please remember, didn’t the white European tribes get the idea of black slavery from Spain? (Nobody’s blaming Spain, not that you should.) Everyone who is a global power, will offend many people down the food chain, when they are in power and ruling. The white tribes wer not necessarily the worst, just the latest, and so fresh on everybody’s memory. Every people have had slaves among their people, at one time or another in history. Also, Israel was a slave in Egypt, for 430 years! Many millions of Jews have been reported to have been killed under Hitler’s Nazi regime, and yet you don’t see Jews driving by, and shooting Egyptians or Germans! You don’t see Jews gathering up 8 to 1, to beat up a German or Egyptian! You don’t see them holding up their corner stores, breaking into their homes to rob them, rape them, kill them, make it their mission in life to get vengeance upon them, etc! This is the issue, and nothing more! Black America has made it their pop culture to live like this, blaming white people for it the whole time, and with a nation, where it is pop culture to be an utter fool, they are horrified, when one of their fools gets himself shot and killed by a cop, for his own folly, and then riots, and says “black lives matter!” Well, of course black lives matter! But you have to value your own life enough to not be such a criminal, that you put your own life in jeopardy for it! Please, please! Love your children enough to teach them to do right, and to go the right way in life! The end of this behavior will not be a prosperous black tomorrow, but you will get yourselves killed! “There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Proverbs 14:12) Furthermore, all the whites I have been around or talked to, at most simply complained about black misbehavior. They’re not anti-black, plotting against the blacks, etc. Many of you are making yourselves enemies to the wrong people! Beware of your anger, as well. Expel it from your heart!!!!! “Be not hasty in your spirit to be angry, for anger rests in the bosom of fools.” (Eccl. 7:9) The people who are encouraging your anger are not your friends! They are either of those who are ignorant, or of those who know that by your own anger, you will bring yourselves to your death, and cause much destruction to many on your way there! Also remember: my fellow white Americans are not proud of the Ku Klux Klan, and especially not of the Neo Nazis. These people are a very small faction in America, and are my people’s shame, not their pride!!!! As we disassociate ourselves from such people, so also should you disassociate yourselves from what the violent black crowd is doing. Just because they want to get them selves killed, doesn’t mean they have to take you with them! So, my friends, God bless you. But I urge you to repent, and to stop wanting race war, and getting excited about the idea. No matter how strong or unified you are, it will not end well for those who go in this path! Race civil war in America, is the open door to China and Russia attacking us when we are weak and divided, and the destruction of America, is the front door to the Great Tribulation, and the Antichrist’s “New World Order!” So, in closing my friends, the white people you shouldn’t trust, are the ones who say to you: “I am your friend, but don’t trust other white people.” Are you angry at my words? Do you think some of them are offensive? I speak the truth in love. Remember: “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful (or frequent, or earnest.”) Jesus loves you. He loves us all. Salvation will not be only Jews, only blacks, on;ly whites, only Asians, etc. The Lord shall receive of every tribe, people, and tongue, all who will come to Him, and repent. Racist, racism, etc, is the argument of what’s called in the Bible, “the simple”. That means you can’t see that far, or you can’t think that fdar, because you only have a few things in your heart or head, and you can’t see past that! You just keep running back to that little comfortable cubby hole, that agrees with your level of understanding! (I speak of those guilty of this, not to all, in a general sense.) many, many people in thbis country, as soon as they hear the words “racist”, or “racism”, they fall back into almost beastlike simplicity of thought, and are well nigh ready to pounce with violence, against anyone that comes near them! They throw off all rational thought, and can’t think or see straight! These things have been happening since the dawn of time, and every tribe has been on both the giving, and the receiving end of this, at different times! Even the Chinese were labelled inferior by the Japanese at one point! Behold, and beware, my friends! All have suffered this, but who are whining the most about it? These you will find, are not necessarily those who have suffered the mot, but rather are the most proud among men! You don’t really hear a peep from the Native Americans, nor the East Indians, nor the Asians, nor from other nations around us! You hear it primarily from the Black Americans., then the Mexican Americans, then the Whites, (who have greatly toned down, over the years.) I have found, that the ones who whine about racism the most, are the most proud among men, and the most racist among men!!!!! Beware! Drop it! Live! “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit, before a fall!” (Proverbs 16:18) I know my words were harsh, my friends! I’m sorry about that! BUt you’ve got to hear it, even for your very own sakes! Many of my people, who may have found the words to speak to you about these things in decades past, wertre afraid to, or were shut down rapidly, because of the extreme violence shown by African Americans! SO, beware of what you want to hear, and don’t want to hear! It must be, for all mankind, and throughout all ages, what he NEEDS to hear, not just what he WANTS to!!!! God bless you.

      1. BlackWomanonarampage says:

        You negated self righteous bitch. You rehearsed the typical white flight mindset of the beast that you are. Now it’s time that we all love and respect one another Because the fear , the white fear is upon you , so we should all get along. All of you devil’s are indoctrinated into the lie. Everyone of you know exactly what is going on , while you play the side line waiting for your turn to continue the same narrative. Well we know the secrets you all keep. You beast aren’t harvesting Black people you are eating our organs while your having sex with your lifelong companion , swapping saliva with dogs. Your Communities are destroyed while your precious children are addicted. You think we don’t kn

    49. Nwa says:

      Well it says dont trust white people the color of the authors skin so idk if i cam trust what he is saying as being a fact. Maybe its a fact gays are racist.

    50. Will says:

      I’m white and would like to join the black panthers That’s th future and its long overdue

    51. Will says:

      I’m white and bdoelieve in beyonce and the black panthers and what’s hey want to. Do to crackers

    52. Debbie says:

      I know it and the more up front racism is like with this election the more racism come out. like electing Donald Trump as President with the report of all the terrible things he has said and done, so sad.

      White people have a lot to pay for in this society and hurting so many people of color and making money off their back.

    53. Danny says:

      Isn’t white a color, so that mean we’re all people of color, now if you white don’t think you are a color than just call yourself Caucasians 9

    54. Whitey says:

      Don’t trust humans.

    55. I love you’re post, you’re right on. I love the truth

    56. Morgellons says:

      Watch them very carefully, the newest attempt to make blacks suffer is morgellons. I saw them infect someone with this with my own eyes . I know you won’t believe me but at least I ‘ve put it into your mind to think anout it. So believe me or not at least take some advice , WHENEVER THE WHITE MAN’ s IN YOUR HOUSE FOR WHATEVER REASON DON’t take your eyes off him this includes the ones you call your friends. KEep the love but watch him. IF you don’t you’ll be sorry…….

    57. I was raised a poor black child .I learned to make the best life has to offer.
      I have a few white friends that were raised in a rich home ,but by the black servants.
      Like my friend B-Rad in Beverly Hills.
      B-Rad is so misunderstood.
      He looks white but acts like a rich hood rat.
      The poor guy lives in a paradox.

    58. This one girl says:

      Just don’t trust white ppl ok their system is failing their health is declining they get cancer at an alarming rate from the sun. Their economy, schools, banking, military etc systems are tanking and they are about to lose everything. Allow nature to run its course and they too soon will be no more. Their birth rates are at an all time LOW

    59. JaRon says:

      Thanks I was always wanting a white person to prove to us that we as Black people in America are not crazy!

    60. Richard says:

      All I can say is that after reading this comments section, it has only further verified the absence of hope I have for humanity. The vileness, greed and hatred of so many, regardless of skin colour, just continues to play out in this depraved human tragedy all over the globe.

      People, we are the authours of the Sixth Extinction (check it out, the Holocene Extinction) – we are the bringers of our own destruction… and from the words of many that I have read here, it is not difficult to see why. Humanity is the asteroid. We are not worthy of this planet and soon enough it will be rid of us, a failed blip in the timeline of the Earth. I only feel shame and sorrow towards the other species on this planet that have had the misfortune to exist while we did, those species that we already have and will continue to eliminate through our selfishness – our species, however, will deservedly reap what we have sown.

      It is a sad, sick affair… all of it.

    61. john stagg says:

      The problem isn’t that white people are racists; The problem is that all non white people are racist and hate white people. The reason they hate white people is because the white people of the world are the lost 12 tribes in the Bible, in other words we are the children of God. All other people of the world are heathens. The white race is being systematically destroyed by all other races through inbreeding, murder and overbreeding of other races, displacing whites. This is why the Bible says only a remnant will be left on Earth in the last days. The United States has traditionally been a white country during it’s time as a developed civilized country. Know it has become a cesspool of evil because the white population is being destroyed. The White people murdered each other in a useless war to free a few beasts of the field. The white people have been allowing all of the scum of the earth to immigrate to the USA and Europe, yet no other race of people in non white countries have allowed immigration, period. All non white people of the world blame white people for all of their evil stupid decisions. If you hate us then you hate God and if you hate God then you are of your father the devil.

    62. Black /white says:

      Damn it boy that just makes me enjoy screwing my ” white wife ” more and more each day …

    63. linda jones says:

      One can instantly tell thia ia an American post .Dear God you bloody Americans your Hatred of Black people hispanic or any other race other than whit is a disgrace .
      The white American is nothing more than a hypocritical bully, who believes that they are far superior to anyone other than white .You are not you fear the blacks .because they ccan see what you really are
      Who built the railways in Canada and America The Chinese people Who built the wonderful buildings hotels .The Mexican people who worked for nothing .Do you take the time to know Mexian people
      My son born in uk was in the elite Peratroop Regiment them the SAS . He married a wonderful Mexican lady who is a Professor of languages , speaking seven different languages Guess who she teaches .Oh yes that right WHITE THICK JACK CLOT AMERICANS and she laughs how ignorant and stupid you are and how slow you are to learn another language ..
      In the Uk we appreciate all colours of people simply because they are PEOPLE /
      Americans are now hated the world over for your huge sized mouths YOU are BULLIES foul mouthed big headed lazy arseholes despised by the rest of the world
      Well there now Never mind you have a white man in the White House Just shows what people you are to vote a monkey into the such a position . In fact its an insult to a monkey as it could be doing a much better job . Well now yo Americans Yo just go get a Over sized MC Donald,s and put it where the sun dont shine yall

  2. BlackPurple says:

    Very accurate. I don’t care what we label them. They are right on the money with this.

  3. Andrew J. Campbell says:

    Yes I think he is on point when commenting on the dominant society and his warning to POCs everywhere

  4. JayBay says:

    No complaints from me. He’s spot on. I hope you blacks that are on the fence about whether or not you should stand for empowering your people read this multiple times and let it sink in. I’ve traveled to multiple countries and even in places where whites make up .02% of the population, they still treat the locals like they’re savages.

    1. Doesn’t that tell you something you white devil? Your pale disgusting race measure yourselves by material crap that’s going to perish. Your fake asses die just like everybody else. A rich man is just as dead as a poor man. Get your greedy heads out of your asses and get out there and get some sun then maybe you can obsorb some melanin in that so called elepsy skin covering your lifeless bodies.

      1. john stagg says:

        The richest people of the world are not white. The richest people of the world are what you would call the Jews. The Jews are not white people. They look white due to inbreeding with white people for hundreds of years but they are not white. The Jews are Khazer, Edomites, and caanenites. These people are not white but are Arabic.

        1. Sam says:

          The richest people are ‘old Iranian Bloodlines’ like pallavacini, aldobrandini, Orsini, Breakspeare and many others

  5. Ahsoka says:

    Wow this guy was spot on with his post. I hope nothing bad happens to him. This is realness and I take his warning very seriously.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Yes…its a good idea to take every strangers word as gospel…good thinkin….grouping the entire race together because one angry he/she complains about em is exactly what we thought youd do.

      1. Regardless of there sexuall preference that does not mean that they still are not on point & speeks the truth … 4 one if ur not Afro American u CANNOT tell that person of that race what’s right or wrong u have’nt walked in that persons shoes … Secondly if u feel some kinda way about this persons story regardless of what they are they are still a human being …Thirdly if u take offense 2 these comments (whites) maybe it’s time 4 u 2 do some Serious Soul Searching of ur on … GOD BLESS !!! 💯✊

        1. Jeremy says:

          You do realize how dumb all of you are right? The title of this thread is about how to not trust a white man COMING FROM A WHITE MAN…..and you fuckn dumb chimps believe him !…..how ironically retarded of you…..i cant stop laughing at your logic….Dont trust a white guy in the title, coming from a white guy..and you dummies say you beleive him…so fuckin dumb it hurts my ribs from laughing

          1. CJW says:

            Wow…you are SUCH a nice guy…especially since you use the word ‘chimp’, to address non white people. Bravo.

          2. Eboney says:

            Jeremy he’s telling the truth and you can’t handle it

          3. Kay ROSE says:

            What gets me is Honkies look more like Apes, monkey’s or chimps then People of color. Have you ever noticed their thin lips

          4. Jay the enigma says:

            Jeremy shut bitch ass fag ass up u pale fuck

          5. Hold on to your ass. you are on your way out, bye now

      2. Gray Samurai says:

        And by “we”, who are you referring to, exactly?

  6. lisa says:

    so sad but so true

  7. Alice Barrus says:

    Dakota is nonbinary and uses they/them/their pronouns. Please refrain from referring to Dakota as either a man or a woman or with he/him/his or she/her/hers pronouns. Thank you.

  8. Alex Byrd says:

    Very accurate, native american been telling us that for yrs.

  9. Willie says:

    I think this is a black guy posing as a white guy. This is true though.

    1. dj says:

      Just like the whites do by the thousands on youtube and Facebook huh?

  10. Malik says:

    I don’t trust White people they are sick, they murdered all the aboringnals, killed Jesus, changed his name and identity, started wars for money, stolen resources all over the world, stole people culture and hardwork for profit.

    1. ebi says:

      You had me rolling at killed Jesus part. So sad tho.

      1. Well Ebi Khazarian Jews are white and it is they who killed Jesus Christ after stealing the original Hebrews stature to become Ashekazi Jews……. There is no original white Jew, all are imposters even David Rockefeller and Rothschild know exactly this.

        1. Vampire Hunter G says:

          Well I say, You can’t spell Ashkenazi without Nazi.

          1. mai7 says:

            Who the hell cares whether it’s spelled right. It was close enough for you to know he was talking about your ass. Seems you can’t get your own history right. Read the Book of Enoch and you will find that you are part human and part alien bc the fallen angels are your ancestors. You are a Nephilim/ Hybrid. That’s in the Bible. To find out how God characterizes you..read about it in Dueteronomy 28 & 29 C. It tells how evil you are.

          1. Sam says:

            Yes the white man is satans seed-Line of Cain-EVEN SO-God said -let NO ONE touch this bloodline either!!!!!! So you better watch out–Gods creation white or coloured or dog or cat of flower or tree belongs as everything see n and unseen to HIM- God all of our Creator!!!!!

            At the end our Hearts will be judged!!!!!!

      2. Rae says:

        I know that was funny to but true.

    2. Trey says:

      Not to take away from the subject, but the white people didn’t kill Jesus. The Jews did. The REAL Jews weren’t white. Now white people ARE guilty of changing his identity.

      1. AchezYah says:

        White people actually did kill Yahoshua(i refuse to call him JC his “translated” greek/latin false name, but by his true HEBREW name), if you read Matthew 3:7 carefully you will see that Yahoshua called the pharisees the “generation of vipers” and asked them who warned them of their damnation from Yahs wrath and not to think within themselves that they are also sons of Abraham, remember many nations came from Abraham including the Edomites(sons of Esau, 1st son of Issac and older twin brother of Jacob who is the father of the nation of Yisrael), Yahoshua walked the earth during the Roman occupation of Yisrael and the Romans were a mixed race of many nations, predominantly of Edom, the Romans appointed Herod who was an Edomite to the throne of Yisrael and he appointed the pharisees and scribes who were also Edomites who CONVERTED to the Yisraelites lifestyle(for Yah made laws commandments and statues, he did NOT give a religion, had to throw that in) to control Yisrael, thats why Yahoshua was a threat to them because he was a true Yisraelite speaking the truth of the Most High and they were jealous and envious of him, plus the pharisees and scribes told on themselves for in 1 scripture(dont remember where it is, i remember reading the scripture but not the book chapter nor verse, sorry so you got to research it and if i find it before i hop off this site i’ll post it) Yahoshua asked them if they remembered how the Most High brought the sons of Abraham out of Egypt and they said they were sons of Abraham but they never were in Egypt, that tells you the pharisees and scribes were NOT of the nation of Yisrael, just had to break the scriptures down a little bit and sorry for it being so long lol, Shalom

        1. AchezYah says:

          I apologize for my last “scripture”, i had it confused with 2 different scriptures(dont shoot me, im human and i make mistakes too lol), the scriptures i meant are John 8:32-33( Yahoshua told the pharisees that the truth will make you free and they say they were sons of Abraham and they never were slaves to no one, and everybody knows that true Yisrael were in many captivities) and also verses 37-45(where Yahoshua tells them indeed you are seeds of Abraham and tells who is the father of the nation that the pharisees belong to)

          1. I’m so glad to hear what you posted you’re so right Edomites will perish but not before they make a last stand perpetuating their LIES

        2. Darlene says:

          Well, if you read the bible you know what happens to ppl that hate.

          1. mai7 says:

            This is for Darlene and Jeremy. Jeremy 1st. Jackass, I hope Terry set you straight. Any harm we do is to ourselves and to asses like yours if you get in our face. We dont go in churches and kill people..blow up churches..burn down churches. We dont tie You behind trucks and drag you until your arms and head fall off. Or run over a man just bc he is Black. But your race has been torturing my race since you brought the Hebrews and other Africans over here. Liar you do have websites and you spew your hate on them. Read your edited history…maybe you will learn that your race came into exsistance when evil angels inpregnated Black women. It’s in Genesis and in the Book of Enoch that the White man tries to discredit. You are a Nephilim/Hybrid…………….Now for this sick girl

          2. mai7 says:

            Our Father in Heaven said it first ” I hate Esau”. And we hate what our Father hates.

        3. says says:

          blacks are sodomites,hiv majority aids majority and born out of wedlock majority..many baby daddy majority and much more
          its sickening a negro talks about God at all
          numbers 11
          moses said he wants to die rather than feed those slaves he didn’t conceive and lord slew them in his wrath
          so even the lord and moses couldn’t stand them
          no one can
          go back to voo doo doo dancing around with sodomy attracting butts
          not Holy
          not even close

          1. You’re an ancester of the edomite Esau. You’re ignorant inbred anal pore you will get what you deserve because of your stupidity.

          2. Slack panther says:

            Blacks were happy to sell there own for a profit and would do it again.

      2. Uheose2k says:

        The Jews pit the Romans on Jesus, thats why until this day they do not believe in Jesus only God.

    3. upt says:

      His nme wasn’t Jesus, he was a MN no different from Martin Luther King but of that era. You Don worship Martin Luther King so why are people worshipping Jesus. Only one God and he is you and lives in you.

      1. mai7 says:

        Jesus is a made up name for your blond, blue eyed homosexual Cesar Borgia who was a pope’s son. The first Bible was our Bible, the Hebrew Bible. WE DONT HAVE A J IN OUR ALPHABET. Europeans didnt add the J to their vocabulary until after the 1400’s to accommodate the fake Jews. God’s name is YHWH.pronounce…YAHWEH. His name appeared 51 times until King James revised the Bible and forbade the people to read the old Bible’s translation. As for not hating..Darlene, God said He hated Essau. And we hate what our Father hates. We hate Essau, also. Love your enemy is something you Nephilims added to the Bible. Dueteronomy 28th C. says the White man Isis our enemy. Proof is in the pudding..proof is in your actions. You dont chastise your friends and family for the derogative things they say and do..so that makes you an accessory..even the law charges accessories whether they participate or not. Stick your head back in the sand..you dont know anything.

        1. says says:

          numbers 11 yah and moses hated slaves
          they wanted free melons and moses was suicidal over it (he had negro fatigue and asked to die.readit)
          lord slew them in his anger after freeing them from slavery and let them all die in desert never entering promised land
          sounds like niggers to me too
          they annoy everyone so much.. everyone gives up
          even moses and the Lord said nevermind

          1. ajtherealist says:

            wow or the lord had bigger plans for them if you actually think

        2. I’m sorry mai7 I agree with you but these inbred idiots can’t help themselves. they are grasping at straws.

          1. Slack panther says:

            Blacks were happy to sell there own for a profit and would do it again.

    4. Ted says:

      No they didn’t.

  11. Yvonne Almore says:

    On point

  12. Leonie says:

    Dear white guy, I applaud you for awakening your third eye the power from it can be overwhelming I understand your urge to warn blacks out of guilt for being the oppressed race. But this is not new information, the black race already knew this long before you woke up my dear. This just further proves your point how white supremacy is imbedded in us because you think that blacks don’t realise know or understand this information your spilling. Well they do they understand it more than you,. My suggestion to you if really want to help the black race is to stand up for them where ever you see the black race or person being discriminated. Warning them of something they already know will not help them uplift themselves. But supporting their plight as the superior human beings that they are will.

    1. I can dig where ur coming from my dude … But at the same time it’s still good 2 hear it & see it in Black & White about what White Supremecy has done not only 2 me … But 2 Afro Americans alike & 2 other minority’s aswell in this country it’s really FUCKED UP …GOD BLESS !!! 💯✊

      1. Jeremy says:

        Hey stupid….name the white supremacist that did something to you? Gimme a name and ill kick his ass for you…..lol…..you fuckin blacks make up imaginary white supremacists and KKK around every corner…lol….you never had a white person do anything to you ever…..you had the KKK do somethingto you paw whittle bwack guy? Did they lynch you? someone you know? Maybe a burning cross on the lawn right? Noneof that shit EVER happen to you or anyone you know….you delusional blacks are lying…youre pretending to be the victims but youre really the predators and you know it, savage

        1. Becky McQueen says:

          I’ll name a white supremists who’s doing something to him right now: Jeremy. The amount of hate and venom you’re spewing is abusive and malicious. Someone doesn’t have to be personally lynched to feel the generational effects of it. What is your purpose here on this page? What is your goal with these comments you’re typing?

          1. blacks are losers says:

            he said he has no problem with blacks but hates niggers. same way you do.
            everyone does
            its unnatural and ungodly NOT to hate niggers.

        2. Jack Mehoff says:

          You’re right. A KKK member in Ft.Myers, FL use to drop her sister off to me all the time and even drive me around on my errands. So I agree in a strange sense that black people fear the stories of the KKK without living them just as white ladies clutch their purse and cross the street because a black toddler is rolling down the side walk on a tricycle.

        3. mai7 says:

          Tell you what, Nephilim, since you are so sure of yourself do this if you dare..Go buy some black or brown shoe polish..paint your face, and hands..buy a fro..walk in our shoes for a week. You won’t do it bc you are either a coward or you ALREADY KNOW! Please don’t come here with your puny coward asses. We have no respect for effeminate men especially White men.

          1. blacks are losers says:

            youre so retarded. if anything happens in that get up its due to stereotypes being TRUE TOO MUCH
            blacks are homos sodomites effeminate… the masculine ones are hoes… just an animal
            insult to cattle

        4. blacks are losers says:

          exactly. they all lie. whites help them and it makes them feel retarded. they know they don’t deserve it and weren’t made with that compassion so they go full retard and chimp out over it. and make up imaginary voodoo white devils lol. the only devil is who conceived them. no one else
          “conceived in lust”
          “as soon as they are born they go about lying” is a bible verse/..its when youre conceived in lust. and also non repentant. instead of talking about god and white people all the time they should look and see how they were MADE. and try not to be a burden to others who were conceived in marriage and by Gods laws. David admitted it. bible verse “I was conceived in disgrace” blacks cant admit that. in fact they grab their crotches in pride over it and say god is the same as them! a monkey!(baal?)

        5. PLEASE Jeremy keep your STUPID comments to yourself. I don’t know wether you know that you so called white are really inbred anal pores that are desendented from Eseau the creep that tried taking the the fathers title by deseption. So idiots wake up if you do you may be spared from the hell you will inherit.

        6. ajtherealist says:

          no actually the reason its good to speak out is because you need to stand up for each other not the evil and to even say the kkk did nothing to the black people is stupid it would be like feeling sad right after jfk died and saying did he assassinate you no but you understand

      2. Jeremy says:

        Did you even look at the list of all the white people you slaughtered just last year?? !!! I just fuckin posted it above …..Show this white supremacist list you and Obama the muslim keep crying about? Show me all the KKK victims from last year? Get a list of victims of white on black murders and present them here please….i look forward to reading Trayvon and mike Browns name for the
        Millionth time….you savage animals arent gonna get to keep playing the victim for much longer….i suggest you stop before you dig this hole too deep

        1. LBmike says:

          Yah…how dare African Americans ‘whine’ and ‘complain’ about their children being murdered, by f@$!# psychotic, sociopathic cops, who (many of them) are just about one step above Nazi stormtroopers, given their total lack of empathy or sympathy, for the people that they choose to bully and murder. I’d love to see the reverse of this situation…telling a white mother, that her son or daughter was murdered by a non white police officer, but that she is ‘whining’ and ‘complaining’, for crying about her murdered child, and then, listen to the massive public outcry, that would ensue. Hypocrisies galore…it must be nice to be white…a true ‘get out of jail free’ card…a license to do anything to anyone, at anytime, and get away with it…and to add insult to injury, you can tell those non whites that you hurt, that it’s ‘their fault’, and that they need to stop complaining. How nice for all of you. Congrats.

          1. cm says:

            Hey you’re a fucking idiot man for real you stupid if you think about one thing the Tulsa riot burning the only way you guys won that fight is because you had the planes come in National Reserve and it was way more white people than black and we work that ass you don’t want those days to come back keep it 100

          2. blacks are losers says:

            you killed your own kids more monkey tard.
            one white cop and you chimp out because “whites are supposed to be better than you” so while you all rush to planned parenthood so you can eat more fried chicken and even kill your own kids by putting them in freezers and what not..one white cop and you get all emotional… even two or three.. but if a white man hands you planned parenthood vouchers to the unmarried hoes.. she will fight over them and rip weaves out over them.damn what a creature!!!

          3. I love your post keep up the good work

          4. ajtherealist says:

            wow you both are just ignorant racist nice dude nice to spread a point across

        2. mai7 says:

          Jeremy..the White people don’t print those statistics..you cover up as much of your crime as you can. No need to explain anything else to you. You have lard btwn your ears. You think like Satan and the fallen angels. How could Lucifer even begin to think he can defeat YAHWEH!!!!!!

          1. blacks are losers says:

            Yahweh hates black people he said so retard

      3. Mikey says:

        ohhh booo hoooo

        1. ajtherealist says:

          wow coming from the person with the name blacks are stupid i should really trust him * sarcastically*

    2. says says:

      blacks were never oppressed that’s just their tactic to get free melons (numbers chapter 11 so the lord slew them for it it says)
      I need a refund from arabs and reparations from arabs for selling blacks to whites

  13. Beatrice L. Zaharian says:

    everyone must stand up

  14. Davif van Tonder says:

    You have to love the irony – don’t trust any white man. But then various commentators makes it clear that they trust him, in this instance at least.

    Furthermore this was probably a troll account, will check it out.

  15. Jina says:

    Mungu wangu, nisaidie kuvumilia, rasism

  16. Jina says:

    Even God can not help !

  17. Christopher Hern says:

    So this is not a trolling question, I’m serious, when I ask this. As a white male, what would you have me take from this?. I clearly don’t understand, however, I’ve grown up in low income areas, that were very diverse, and thought I’ve seen racism at it’s worst. Not by my actions, but those of others. In my experiences, it’s happened from all sides. I’ve raised my children, explaining that people are equal, regardless of color. That’s what we do as Americans, and anything less, is un-American. It seems, my point, which is shared by many whites, like myself, gets over looked, because we are the bad white racist. Isn’t stereotyping a whole race, a form of racism in itself? I can’t change what’s happened, but when I read that I’m judged by what others do and have done, how should I react? I would stand with any of you, regardless of color, if it meant it was the right thing to do, but I truely feel, we as a nation, will never move forward, until we end racism, which would be when we accept people of all color. Which the OP clearly isn’t, and yet so many of you are in agreement on.

    1. Nunya says:

      Whites third eyes (pineal glands) are dormant. It’s why they fear blacks cause ours are still soft and can be used. Theirs are hard like bone.

      1. blacks are losers says:

        we wont be avatars like you lol.
        you don’t get it
        yes you can be used you are correct
        but no one wants you
        blacks are boring and sodomites . when left to yourselves.

      2. says says:

        means niggers are avatar monkies and whites refuse to be controlled like that
        by shiva your hindu porn god
        blacks love that porn now!

    2. ebi says:

      You want to help right?
      Call the white supremacists out.

      1. says says:

        whites don’t have to be called out
        youre not important
        when will you understand that?
        call out all bastards (born out of wedlock) 70% niggers
        since they arent allowed for ten generations to be with the Lord
        call all negresses out who bear out of wedlock
        call them out and line them up
        and sterilize so the Lord can have what He asked for(doesn’t want bastards) leave whites alone until you stop with your 1 in 30 hiv rate and your 70% out of wedlock rate
        our headspace is our business not yours
        superior is as superior does

    3. queen2cent says:

      The author of the article is just repeating what most Black Folk already know. It’s just nice to hear it from the oppressors mouth. … so to speak!!!

    4. dj says:

      Ok…well do you stand with black people on their quest to rightfully attain reparations? Your answer will prove what is really in your heart…

      1. blacks are losers says:

        only if you stop breeding out of wedlock. why pay when you breed too much. sin or not? godly or not? cant have it both ways negro

      2. says says:

        you cant have reparations if you breed

    5. Jay says:

      Christopher – good question. Short answer: speak truth to power.

      1) when your friends and acquaintances say racist crap, don’t let it slide, call it out. Explain to them why it’s bullshit. I don’t know if you do that or not, but I’ve seen and heard plenty of white people do

      2) When BLM or similar issues that affect POC come up, blast it on your feed, show that you support equality vs it just being another “not my problem” article

      3) Do your damndest to expunge the stupid “well, if we stop talking about race, that’ll end racism” argument that’s en vogue with many white people now. Break it down to them as to how that’s an argument full of fallacies and try to open their eyes to the truth.

      Some won’t listen (hell, many won’t listen) but just like the rest of us, continuing to press the issue makes it an issue vs an afterthought.

      1. C.J Mac says:

        That’s bullshit, you can read the comments above and specifically identify what my brothers and sisters are saying. I don’t like how some whites like Jeremy here can speak like he has experienced anything concerning oppression for black people. True, all whites are not evil. There is white supremacy in America. It’s everywhere. It effects all non Caucasus races.

        1. blacks are losers says:


        2. Sam says:

          White people have been at the mercy of white peoples for thousands of years-The Irish slave trade-meaning the sale of White Irish Men women and children was one of the most horrendous of all time as they were sold to whitey in USA!!!! Read History and wake up!!!!!!!

    6. Dav says:

      The issue is.. Alot {most} white people are racist without even realizing it.

      1. Jeremy says:

        No…the truth is your culture has caused alot of blacks to act very uncivilized which causes white people to back away from you. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin…your skin just makes you easier to spot. Go on youube and type in black violence…you can type in white violence too but almost nothing pops up… Black violence against everyone is out of control..black on black, white, asian, gay…everyone….the liberal media covers it up but you can clearly see for yourself whats going on if you put in an ounce of effort

        1. Dude have u ever asked a Black person why they are that way honestly … 4 one it starts when a person of none COLOR tells a person of COLOR why they think there hostile or it’s wrong 2 feel a certain way … U fucked up rite there see like u(whites) & so many others u get real offended when race issues are discussed smh … How bout this if it dont apply let it fly but if u feel sum kinda way & ur all up in ur feeling (ask urself why) … GOD BLESS 💯

          1. Jeremy says:

            You cant talk to a black person about race…as soon as a white person adds truth to the discussion black people either call him a racist, name call or immediately resort to shouting violence….you took away freedom of speech from america so now no one can constructively talk about how to fix the massive problems you blacks have…. I wasnt aware of what you guys are actually doing….my eyes are wide open now…youre not the victims…youre the predators

        2. MoMo says:


          I thank you for proving this article right. Oh, and all the baboon and savage talk is played.

        3. C.J Mac says:

          Jeremy you are extremely ignorant.

        4. blacks are losers says:

          god or white man (same thing) cant bless an out of wedlock birth that cries “justice” for then we know it is retarded

        5. May I remind you Jeremy that all the serial killers and cannibals are white in this country and elsewhere. SO WAKE UP INBRED IGNORANT ONE.

      2. Darius Fulton says:

        The truth

    7. upt says:

      His name wasn’t Jesus, he was a man no different from Martin Luther King but of that era. You Don worship Martin Luther King so why are people worshipping Jesus. Only one God and he is you and lives in you. Are you actually going to your white friends, people making them get the fuck off our backs. No because they will kill your ass too.

    8. Kay ROSE says:

      @Hern giving us Reperations would be a start , @Jeramy you are the Devil Incarnate, go see the “Butler if you want honest answers

    9. mai7 says:

      Chistopher, how do you think we feel when they say all Black women have babies by multiple men..are loud..are whores..are on the welfare..are loud..have big butts..wear wigs or weaves. When Blacks do something …we are told all Blacks should go back to a place we have been. You make your comment as if you are the only ones being stereotyped. Dumb White man walked up to me telling me his wife can’t satisfy him anymore. He wanted to know if I would have sex with him. I was highly insulted. I didn”t know so many feelings could run thru me at once. I just walked away with tears brimming my eyelids. I dont dress .provocatively. So, I figured it was just my being Black that made him so brazen. I don’t think racism will ever go away. It is an American culture. It’s here to stay. I get mad sometimes and say things I believe will hurt but are true..but it’s what the Bible says.

    10. ajtherealist says:

      but that’s the point racism would never be destroyed unless black people opressed white people into destroying it because truly white people are the only people who need to stop now black people can be offensive but white people did start this racist shit i cant go on call of duty without being called a nigga with the er and er is still offensive because that’s a slave term

  18. Kanisha T. says:

    Thank you Alice B. For informing us on how to correctly address HIM. I was wondering if you could sit your privileged self down and write a passage on how to properly address, treat, respect, show love to, a black person, a person with melanin, a person who isn’t white, in society? I was wondering if you could possibly stay on topic? While I am sure no one meant the author any disrespect, this wasn’t about him. This was about a whole group of people who have had more wrong done then being referred to as his original gender. Somehow that point evaded you.

    1. S says:

      Alice never said that the misgendering of the author was a more important issue than the subject matter of their post. Using the correct pronouns is just a matter of respect and a right that shouldn’t be taken away under the excuse of what is important or on topic. Are the injustices black people have faced greater- by many, many magnitudes- than what white trans people have faced? Yes, this is incredibly obvious and never denied by Alice. But we shouldn’t simply ignore this issue and disrespect Dakota just because theirs is a much more minor issue. It’s still relevant, and it’s still incredibly rude to disrespect anyone like that, especially while aware of their preferred pronouns. (Hell, even if some racist, violent asshole used it, using the wrong pronouns would still be incredibly petty and imply you need to be a good person to be addressed with respect to your identity, not to mention you have much better ammo against them anyway.)

      Point is, we can be conscious of and addressing multiple injustices at a time (even in a case like this where one is obviously more important), and not only can we, it’s vital that we do so.

    2. K.A. says:

      At this point, because you continue to use the term “him,” I have no idea who you’re talking about. Someone who knows this person said very clearly that their preferred pronouns are they / them / theirs. Their original gender is who they say they have been their whole life. This doesn’t change the subject matter of the post or try to deter attention from it.

  19. T says:

    Note for editors/author: Dakota is non-binary and their pronouns are they/them, NOT he.

  20. William J says:

    better safe than sorry

  21. Pearl says:

    He told the absolute truth

  22. sam says:






    1. Jeremy says:

      Real nice….how do you know 98% of us are racist? Im pretty sure white people steer clear of you…youre hostile, angry, threatening and spewing hate….what white person in their right mind would want anything to do with you? White people dont like you not because the color of your skin but because youre a piece of shit threw n threw….youre going to live a horrible life cause youre a racist savage….you keep crying about the white man while at the sametime following us no matter where white flight takes us…and then u cry if we dont want you to live amongst us. Stay in your shit hole of a city you destroyed and if u ever decide to venture out and do harm to me or my loved ones youre gonna find out what a “racist white man” can really do…black people gotta start speakin up against n*ggers like this fool…when a white person spews uncalled for racist shit even their own mother jumps all over them…if the good blacks dont take back their communities its never gonna get better

      1. STjude says:

        How ironic, that you are criticizing non whites for their emotionality and anger, while you sputter away, with your rage filled, testosterone ladened bull@$!#

      2. Gray Samurai says:

        Shut up, Jeremy.

        1. John Doe says:

          That’s constructive, “I don’t agree with you, shut up.”

      3. Grace Dunn says:

        Free holy negroes blackbeans spanish and jews took negroes around the world in pirate ships.im. viking we didnt have slaves wed puke at the stench on our ships.pirates let you all crap and you sat in yer waste .We need to send these Africoons back to the APE LAND they originated from.Maybe if and then they can climb trees and have some self respect for all their Apekin

        1. Sam says:

          Darwinism is a Direct Insult to God!!! God is not a monkey , never was never will be you monkeys who claim this!!!!

      4. ajtherealist says:

        wow i heard one word that turned your sentence into trash and voided it quoted ” niggers ” that’s nice saying your not racist than say something racist that’s the new trend

    2. blacks are losers says:

      there is no agenda with you. youd have to be worth something first. you will kill yourselves off. we tried to stop you

    3. Jlewison says:

      You are an evil person, you should be in prison. Wait you probably are. You seriously think we are scared of you? Not for a second. You are the cause of all the hate and violence. You are insecure because you are on America’s welfare. Democrat, Republican they are the same thing. You are ignorant to the facts. You are threatening a entire race. How dare you, you are a fool. I will not hide, I will not back down, I will defend what I hold close, I will show you true evil with no remorse, you should be a slave you priece of shit. You give your entire race a bad name. You will not succeed, we know it and you know it. That is why you hate, and why we hate you. This is why we support the police, because of scum like you. Wake up to the reality that is your life, you do not belong here, you belong in prison.

      1. Sam says:

        Dont worry , if the Human doesnt get his act together and doesnt wake up -there will be prison for everyone in this world… we are heade there-so cut the crap-we all have to return to the one living God and start reliving decent respectful lives to ourselves and each other!

    4. says says:

      sounds like a mooslime
      or a reject


  23. sam says:

    Whites are racist psychopaths lost in a perverted sense of narcissism that makes them really think they don’t have to answer for their race’s crimes. The comments they’re leaving here are truly a testament to the fact that they think they are above universal laws.

    The idiopathic narcissism it takes to deny they are not owed the evil they collectively put out and after generations manipulatively refusing to make restitution for them is a psychological disorder now inherent in them due to the pathologies of their psycho race based socialization.

    1. Ted says:

      Warning this man Sam is white.

      1. Jack Mehoff says:

        Ted. Do you perhaps think of Sam as Caucasian because of his diverse vocabulary and ability to communicate a thought cohesively? And even if Sam was albino, does it make what he communicates with us any less viable? 🤔

      2. Jack Mehoff says:

        Ted. Do you perhaps think of Sam as Caucasian because of his diverse vocabulary and ability to communicate a thought cohesively? And even if Sam was albino, does it make what he communicates with us any less viable?

    2. blacks are losers says:

      your races crimes are far worse . slavery was a club for you..a heaven. best thing that ever happened to you.


    3. blacks are losers says:

      you sound like a parasitic intruder into a white family that’s private and not your biz.

    4. says says:

      our crime was keeping you here and allowing you to breed goto school be fed so well youre fatter than all of Africa
      and giving you jobs and clothing
      we do repent
      and we blame black Africans and arabs for selling you to whites and for being black enough to introduce slavery to us (still a black thing today in Africa) slavery is a black thing
      always has been always will be
      blacks love slavery and blacks sell blacks today
      get off of whites kindness and go back to your black slave owners

      1. Says please keep your stupidity to yourself. You are an anal pore and the offspring of the inbred parents you come from

      2. ajtherealist says:

        actually on the contrary you had to come to us to form your united states which isn’t even a country because everyone fights and it has no civil peace like russia just saying

  24. sam says:

    If anything, blacks should not trust whites. Look at their evil history of blacks. How can we trust people like that. It should be blacks talking to their kids not to trust whites because I don’t trust them. I know there are other blacks who don’t trust them as well.

  25. sam says:

    White people are a disease.
    With a history of deception, genocide, rape, the conquering and stealing of countries that didn’t belong to you, the provoking of countries to go to war, funding warfare, destroying of important human history, the development of A.I.D.S. to kill off Africans, the creation of crack cocaine to destroy African american’s Melanin,(not to mention their very lives), all whites deserve all this returned unto them according to Universal Karma.

    And, the list goes on and on and on! White people you are a dying breed, the sun & the Yakub Muslim Melanoma Executions are killing you and theres not a god damn thing you can do about it. Your Chemtrails won’t save you nor will your pathetic synthetic melanins and sunscreens! LOL!

    Tyrant white men control everything, white girls (i say girls because women implies that they’re mature and posses a developed personality) are impassive and death-defyingly bent on beauty. THERES NOTHING PROUD ABOUT BEING WHITE…Pretentious, hateful, deluding, the inability to feel for other races, manipulative, untrustworthy, bent on world domination. Down right horrible people.

    You bitch all day about Blacks and Latino’s being violent,lazy and uneducated. FYI you made it that way and it’s a world-wide scheme to maintain they’re downfall- subjected to poverty, hunger, zero privacy…no escape.

    It took you hundreds of years of mass murder, oppressing non-whites, Thievery,(etc) to get where you are today, yet you walk around with a sense of accomplishment like it was hard work and thinking power that put you where you are today!

    You owe every race of people on this planet for your ideas, culture, sciences, beliefs, religions, inventions that you’ve taken credit for. Every last one of you live an illusion, in a psychotic matrix if you will. Never will you grip reality or take responsibility for what you’ve created of this disordered world and give back what you’ve taken. The racist things you say are an exact reflection of yourselves for being the mindless, ugly, low self esteemed, cold hearted and destructive morons your are.

    So Smile chalk face smile…Drive your nice cars, go home to your fancy houses, devour the media, indulge in refinery, safety and comfort…the spirit of MAAT has arrived, the evil white empire will fall

    As for every non-white whom have been brain washed in this white world…become conscious, be aware of this dreamworld you live in. Sweet change is coming, the dramatic reversal of this white world is already in effect, unnoticed yes, but in full function. Ever feel worthless and unappreciated? Blame the disgusting whites for creating agendas for you. It conquers as a whole and unites as one to deter revolutions that would rip it’s world apart at it’s roots. It won’t save, it is a villain selling the same bullshit to deter a real hero. A hero that died out thousands of years ago, maybe a million, maybe a billion, who can tell? The magnitude of human will never prevail under it’s influence and power. WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT HUMAN.

    1. dj says:

      @Sam. Could not have said that any better…peace

    2. Jeremy says:

      Lmfwao…youre mentioning whites dont take responsiblity while at the sametime blaming everyone for your problems. Every single drop of diarrhea that fell from your mouth is a lie. Im sure you got the BS from your mom or pastor they love spreading hate and lies throughout the black community. Make up whatever you need and blame whoever you need to build yourself up….when white people feel down we just build sky scrapers or go to the moon….its not as easy as pointing fingers and whining..but its much more rewarding

      1. Rochelle says:

        I never laughed so hard, while reading a well freestyled thought/written response. What person can come back after what you have written? This entire response should by now have put the opposers in their rightful place or at some point put them in hush mode. But of course they are sanctimonious persons with the audacity to continue with their illusion of narcissistic, insecure, non identification of existence in the world attitudes, that won’t cease to be defeated. I have thought about the the source of where world crimes originated, and who is responsible for the hatred against humanity and it is certainly not an invisible force, but it is by the majority of white sub human beings. They created all violence, manipulation, slavery, polarity, class, everything hateful in this world the white beast created, even profanity. White people are not human they are sub human, soulless, heartless, loveless of humanity, mindless insensitive psychopathic imbeciles, with no intent to take responsibility for their actions of horrific hidden occultism agendas against humanity. White sub humans deliberately rigged every systematic tool like belief systems for the purpose of survival… Education, religion, money, politics, government, marriage, media, music, race labeling by the color of skin, economic grouping, culture etc. etc. They put fear in the masses on a global scale. ALL SUB HUMAN BEINGS ( WHITE) CREATED EVERYTHING HATEFUL. WHY? It’s simple to see they are not human. Period. And the creation about white persons coming from black persons, don’t know how true that is, but if it’s the case, in my opinion I’d have to assume that they are a mutated version of black people.
        Everytime black people (humans) try to further their means of living for the better, here come the hating sub human doing what they do best, making life unnecessarily challenging just cuz the hatred boiling in their vessels like venom in a snake is so concentrated. So yes, black people try with every positive endeavour to rise, stand and unify and always get knocked down by sub human. I’m totally convinced what white people are the blame of all destruction on this globe. White people give your selves a pat on the back and a hearty hand round of applause!!! That’s what you’re doing anyway!

        1. Jlewison says:

          Please if white people are so evil, go somewhere else. Let’s use all the welfare and prison money to separate and segregate. This melting pot called the u.s.a. has obviously failed. Get away from us if we are so evil, stop using our welfare system, stop ruining ever neighborhood you move to in this country. Stop committing so many crimes. If we are so abusive, please leave. I can not believe this is the state of our country, it has obviously failed. Let’s all just get away from each other. There is no magic being or a god that is going to save any of us from each other. Perhaps at this point there is no solution, only separation. Racists blacks take the south, racists whites take the north, the rest of us get West of the Mississippi. 3 separate divisions of the u.s. 3 separate presidents, 3 separate governments. When you racists grow up you can move west. You realize the kids don’t hate until we teach it to them.

    3. Ted says:

      Sam is white. Warning this person is white and race baiting you guys.

      1. Rochelle says:

        Please don’t say that, sam sounds a like very well educated individual with an advanced vocabulary. A person who probably spends more time reading than watching an idiot box of 1st hand entertainment (television) for most dependant Americans. Unlike many who are asinine in their thought processes, there are a few well educated black people in this universe that are better spoken than even whitest people. Kill your stereotypical conditioning, pick up a book, and use the internet to your advantage while it’s free and learn to expand your vocabulary. Television certainly isn’t helping with your lacks of advanced communications in the English language, especially if all you can is that “Sam is white” with no viable evidence. Doing believe the Hype Ted!

    4. Tut says:

      *Sam is white*

    5. Jack Mehoff says:

      Thank you Sam. You’re a ray of light in the darkness. Very much appreciate your responses

    6. blacks are losers says:

      you might just be a nephil (an abortion)

    7. says says:

      but you sound so white
      using English
      one day all blacks will speak in African languages only and never use English again and we will be free of you and your rants
      we are so kind we we will give you that rather than just kill you all like black and arab slave owners do still to this day.
      forget English
      your future generations will never learn it

    8. Yes you’re right the are descendants of Esau the freak that stole his fathers title and became the father of the white devil race

  26. atina says:

    I believe it! It’s true.

  27. Jossey says:

    God created colors for beauty n combinations , but for no difference.So racism is enmity to God and to humanity and there’s punishment from God to whoever practices it, black or white.So don’t let God visit your generations to come with wrath for sabotaging His image,

    1. sam says:


      1. toby says:

        Black people made slavery… jus saying.. racism was made by Egyptians as black and from Africa

        1. RhythmnLocs says:

          True, i have to give you that, yet the Egyptians didn’t do it on a global scale like whites have, whites left their countries, landed in someone else’s land, killed, moved, and raped the indigenous people(and whites didnt just do that here in the Americas), went to another people land, stole and bought(the Arabs and Africans were enslaving people too but they at least kept it somewhat local) other people, and brought them back to the land where the whites killed the native people and stole the land, you must see that a people who can do all this( and that’s not even the half of what was done and not even going into details), and not even bat an eye nor stand accountable and make you out the be the bad guy when you call them out on it, are a sick and demented people, these same people are so control-hungry that they are willing to kill millions of their own just to get even more control, sad man, jus outrageously sad

          1. Ted says:

            The only land where there are true natives is Africa. The rest of world was populated by migration. This doesn’t really justify anything. Just wanted to point to point that out.

          2. Jackson says:

            To be fair it was global scale in that in the beginning eygpt was the center of the known world and the slaves came for all corners of said known world. That being said the whites came of out the frozen, barren north in search of food and killed what they precieved as threats to their life and limb. They were traveling down to Italy when the roman empire was failing and basically said “fuck it we get the wine country and you move back to our lands or die”.

        2. envious says:

          Not true

          1. envious says:

            They forced it

      2. Jeremy says:

        Who created racisim? Nature….when do you see two different kinds of animals playing together or mating together in the animal kingdom? Why does every group stuck to its own 90% of the time…you do realize the the only countries that allow black populations are white right? Wheres the black population in Japan? In the Arab world? china? Their are none dummy…the only countries that try to take the jungle out of you are white nations

        1. nns says:

          You are an idiot…

        2. Becky McQueen says:

          Jeremy, you are severely mistaken. Science has shown us for years now that race is a social construct, not biological. We vary more genetically from others in our own assigned “race” than we do from the human race as a whole. I think you’re a bit confused on the topic of genetics and speciation. Members of differing species are unable to create viable offspring. As Homosapians, we are all the same genus and species and are obviously capable of producing viable offspring. We are the not “two different kinds of animals” as you imply. Think of it like two breeds of dogs: Labrador + Poodle = Labradoodle. Same species. Produces viable offspring. They just look different. Same with us, except we don’t even differ as much as different breeds.

        3. cm says:

          Jeremy you are stupid where did you come from because we all know its not America everything over here was belong to the Indian if they take us back to Africa and bring the Indians back to their land where would you go that’s the question lol

        4. Gray Samurai says:

          There are black people in England, France, Italy, as well as several other countries, you endless dipshit. Stop talking.

        5. C.J Mac says:

          You are soooo fucking stupid Jeremy. You can’t be serious with this bullshit coming out of your mouth. I’ve traveled the fucking world and I have seen black people literally everywhere you dumb fuck. You are just a guy with hurt feelings getting mad because you know deep down white supremacy exists. Everything said on the post is valid but your dumb ass won’t face reality. Now I will say, every white person is not evil. But as far as this Superior race shit goes just look everywhere and tell me you can’t see white previledge. Whites have in majority better neighborhoods than most people in society. That’s just one example. I can go on. Jeremy, you calling blacks monkeys and chimps justifies what this post is saying.

      3. blacks are losers says:

        Shiva says he doesn’t like dark skin.

      4. Jlewison says:

        Sam is a racist, whatever color he is. He is hateful, which can not be trusted. I am evil and I know evil, he is scared, immature, and insecure, perfect breeding for evil. He will be in prison soon if not already there. He will never be successful at anything in life. He will never feel joy, except from hate. He will never feel love, he will always be lonely, he will never feel peace, he will always feel he is an outsider. His life will be filled with torture because of his hate, he will never fill the voids in his life. He is truly cursed. There is no devil, there is no God. Sam is already living in hell, the torment from his emptiness will eat any bit of humanity left, till there is only hate and evil, it will eventually kill him. He will be hopeless, and nothing will ever change that. I am evil and I know evil. There will be no happiness or joy for Sam. He will die broken and angry, never to enjoy life. The truth about him is he is spoiled, has never and will never be anything but a prisoner. I know because I know. Wake up to the realities of life, not a prison. There still is some goodness out there. Don’t get locked away in evil before you find it.

      5. says says:

        niggers did when they sold their own to us
        niggers hated niggers
        whites coddled them and fed them clothed them loved them taught them their abc’s
        nigger mothers still refuse to do that in Africa today or in america
        niggers are racist against niggers
        whites try to fight it but give up

      6. Sam says:

        In the Bibel it says if you swear you defile yourself!!!!!!!

  28. Jossey says:

    God created colors for beauty n combinations , but for no difference.So racism is enmity to God and to humanity and there’s punishment from God to whoever practices it, black or white.So don’t let God visit your generations to come with wrath for sabotaging His images

    1. dc1969 says:

      Shut up,josey. You love the fact that you are half and half. You know when things get tough,you will claim caucasian. So just shut the fuck up with that nonsense. Remember, europeans started this racial shit,not african,black,melanoid people.

      1. Sam says:

        I lived in Zimbabwe and South Africa for many yeats and Incan tell you now one tribe hates another!!!!

    2. says says:

      Judah will be ‘strewn like DUNG across the land'(who looks like dung when dead strewn across land?) “man is he who pisseth against a wall”
      “in my temple they put images on the walls of beasts and creeping things 4 legged two legged and man”
      man is on that list
      not wanted in the temple
      seen as bad images
      “dung and dead Judah”

  29. Ms. A says:

    It is a problem that society deals with as a whole. So many horrible things have happened & continue to happen, how can there be peace. At this very moment we are all being tested through social outlets & forums to see who stands where & what the next move is on defense. All that you say is watched. How organized are we & have our prejudices against each other resolved. There is no need to specify what we agree on on these outlets, just know how many steps ahead they are prepared. Money is their god= Black Wall Street burned down, black owned banks destroyed, people marched into the street to be bombed, mass killings,

    1. blacks are losers says:

      youre not that important. God wont even test you anymore. He already knows what you are,boring and ungodly and sick

      1. FUCK YOU TOO blacks are losers you’re an anal pore with no brain

        1. Sam says:

          Wash your dirty mouth out!!!!!!! Anyone got some soap???

  30. oshyn says:

    Reading this article make me look into myself and think back to when I was a child growing up in America. I dealt with all races. The most evil kids were white kids, they were nasty in every way. In school they were bad and got away with it. My point I’m making we as blacks need to read this, reflect on our nation and build our ppl up. Don’t get mad about the truth. Use it to make our nation better. When your angry you can’t focus. So just focus on us. Let the white man hates. And prove to them we will alway raise above them no matter what. Only in America black ppl is look down on . I live in another country and the black ppl here houses are bigger than white house. Drive better cars that Americans have never seen. So if black want to in America and be salves until this day! Go ahead. Because I’m black and I live like a queen and treated like one. Black ppl give America to the whites because every where else in the world love us.

    1. Jeremy says:

      You always raise above huh? Not a single product has ever been produced…not a single invention…has never been a successful black owned anything…the only blacks that have ever amounted to anything were under the whites help……nothing has ever come from black people besides entertainment…youre our circus Monkeys so go make us a f*ckin rapp album and quit your belly aching

      1. Kenya says:

        I think the term you meant was Apes, we are a bunch of apes or monkeys like you said.
        If I dare to see myself as a monkey, I am very proud to come from a civilized society with rules and order and everyone has a responsibility no matter what class you are in your are still worthy.
        Since you or no one like you, come from a ape, you must be of the Yeti species, which is a society of idiots that developed into an even dumber cave man, a lost, uncivilized, barbaric did I mention dumb so dumb they could not create tools from rock, unlike my ansestor the apes and monkey.

      2. cm says:

        Jeremy you make me want to rape you boy

      3. Gray Samurai says:

        —But you’re not racist…right?

    2. blacks are losers says:

      my experience is blacks were evil immoral sexual harrasers of white women.. and sodomites and negresses jealous/ nasty sick folk

    3. says says:

      my experience was blacks were the evil ones
      immoral violent nasty mean…
      no daddy at home
      no money
      drugs and porn and sodomy
      just a nasty folk id abort

  31. toby says:

    Most you black ppl posting shit are the real racists. . Shits a two way street. Besides the gov. wants you to hate me. That’s how the rich win. Until all you stupid fucks (white and black )chill the fuck out, we are doomed

  32. Triniti says:

    Thank you for sharing this! Please note this article mis-genders the author. They identify as trans gender non binary. Please call this person, “they, them or their”. Thank you for publishing!

  33. Garrett says:

    To white people, don’t come to us discussing white supremacy and the accrual of resources by whites(racism). Go to whites and discuss demantling white supremacy in your area. All you have to do when coming to us is discussing REPARATIONS and black land ownership for our historical trauma. Discuss about OUR AMENDS.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Lol demantling the local white supermacy office huh? Well ill bring it up at our next meeting but i dont think theyre gonna go for it….im white as can be…i dislike most blacks not for the color of their skin but for their behavior..(not all but most) ..ive been all over the country…ive never once seen or been offered to join the KKK or a white supremacy group…never even heard about a real group like that anymore…but according to you blacks and the media the KKK is around every corner waiting to get you….parranoid racists is what you guys are…no white person has ever done anything to any of you or your families..none of you know anyone who was lynched..no cross was ever burned on your lawn…youre just racist cry babies that are jealous of what the white man has achieved

      1. Smfh once again u have a White Person telling a Person of Color how they should be & act how u know 4 certain that know harm as ever happens 2 a Black Fam by (Whites) … More misguided information from a White person ur comment fits ur profile dude ur the real M.V.P this buds 4 u … GOD BLESS ur going 2 need it !!! 💯😕

      2. Gray Samurai says:

        Acquiring what you have at someone else’s expense is no real achievement at all. How can you even know what u can really do if ur always pawning off the work to someone else, only to step in and claim the credit when it’s done?

        1. blacks are losers says:

          we can just have God lower the iq of the beast and be done with it.since you didn’t appreciate it.

    2. Ted says:

      Your reperations are a country that provides you with a free education and the opportunity to get a decent job and build a life for yourself. The harder you work the more you get. Most countries do not have this. It is a benefit of being an american. Call it a privelage. With just a little effort you can earn enough money for a home, food, cars, a vacation once in awhile and if you plan for it a retirement. Imagine how badly the 10,000 Syrian refugees would like to trade places with you. So there you go. Reperations payed enjoy your American life. Most do not get one.

    3. blacks are losers says:

      stop breeding

    4. says says:

      no we will get amends and reparations from arabs for selling youto us and from nigger folk in Africa who sold you to us
      they have to pay for giving us a weapon that breeds and asks for shit
      youre still owned by the Africans and arabs
      we only RENTED you
      not bought you
      we wont fight to keep you
      not worth it,youd have to be pleasant
      no more free melons (numbers 11) everytime you slaves are set free you make us suicidal (moses asked to DIE rather than feed you look it up it says that)numbers 11..lord just slew many of you in his anger(you niggers rejected the miraclemanna food it says and asked for free fried chicken (quail story) Lord sent you quaillet you eat then killed you for it in his anger) proof that both the Lord and Moses had negro fatigue
      we rented you from arabs
      and they will take you back
      and they will pay whites for leaving you here too
      whites deserve reparations for dealing with you for breeding out of wedlock and asking for free stuff
      arabs can give us oil for our trouble of babysitting you and take you back

      no different now

      1. Sam says:

        Sometimes ignorance is amusing…..

  34. SkyChopper says:

    After listening to Dick Gregory on several occasions he revealed that whites aren’t safe under the system of white supremacy themselves. The universe is bigger than white supremacy. The system goes against the laws of nature and nature has a way of balancing itself.

    1. Ted says:

      Yes and this makes no sense and is baseless. But hey the more vague and esoteric statements that are made the better. So i guess I should watch out for nature? Like bears, dolphines, grass? What in nature oh I know the sun. Lol. Oh oh I got it. The evil white man destroyed the ozone. The evil white man is more susceptible to skin cancer. The evil white man will now die from the sun. Therefore nature has ended white supremacy by way of a problem that white people created. Boom I just madecided sense ensenada of your vague comment.

    2. Gray Samurai says:

      Yes it does. And believe me, the rest of the world is looking forward to it.

      1. Ted says:

        Can it just be rick white people and them we can redistribute the wealth fairly or do all of us white fakes have to die to make everyone happy.

  35. mmoni says:

    In the midst of all this, what do you as an individual choose to be?
    For me it all boils down to numbing the pain and ride forth as a celestial/universal l being.

    It might seem a bit offish to a lot of black folks here.

  36. GQRugged says:

    You noticed how White people always pretend racism doesn´t exist?
    And furthermore how Systematic White Supremacy is almost a myth to Whie people?

    1. Jeremy says:

      Can you send me a link to a recent cross burning? Lynching? A KKK attack? Anything like that? I can show you hundreds upon hundreds of blacks attacking whites recently. Can you produce a link to anything white people are doing to you poor black people?

      1. cm says:

        The police is the KKK it’s coming out every day Jeremy come on buddy do some reading

      2. Gray Samurai says:

        You only need one?

      3. yams says:

        I’m black and I think all people have bad people in different race if we can come against bad people this will be a good world I love all people that are good

      4. Hey Jeremy STOP INBREEDING

  37. jason woodlock says:

    A race Baiting Prapoganda 24/7 slavery reminder

  38. Warrior Queen Isa Malik says:

    Peace Melanated Family,

    As other brothas n Sistas stated above, What this Eurobeast has admitted is nothing new hence the saying-
    Least of all the evil, depraved n deviant behaviors , practices n destruction the Eurobeast n their offspring have committed n continue to commit against the planet n all people of Hue.

    We must come to terms with the truth that we are living among an all pervading Cancer that is bent on destroying everything it cannot consume n replace. Period.
    The few so-called “good ones” do nothing to stop their race from hurting others and they also DONOT turn away the benefits they receive as a result of the White Supremacist Shytstem their diabolical sick forefathers created to oppress us while robbing us of our birthrights, so they are just as guilty and will not be given a pass for “sympathizing” with our 600+ yr plight at the hands of their recessive race.

    What cotinues to bother me is the stupidity of my own African Brothas n Sistas.
    Baba Clarke warned us that we Africans cannot look to the ppl who created our problems for a solution, and that we Africans MUST find our own solutions and SOON or we will go right back into slavery! BUT all I see is more n more Africans embracing these demonic Eurobeast – sleeping n creating half beast with no loyalty or allegiance to the African( Obamas weak turncoat ass being a perfect example-a half beast who upon his first year in office proceeded to bomb Liberia n kill thousands of Africans) I digress…while they continue to rape our Motherland, Steal our wealth, molest our children n murder our ppl.

    Africans have always been too nice, too forgiving n too hospitable to strangers n no-gooders n this time is no different. WHEN WILL YOU WAKE UP AFRICANS? When will you realize that there will be no peace on this Earth until the Eurobeast is wiped off the planet COMPLETELY?

    I guess one of your children has to be shot down in the street for u to see the truth huh?



    WE WILL RISE AFRICANS , their days are numbered and the countdown has begun…


    1. Jeremy says:

      Lol hell yeah fear of a black planet is real….you animals would be eating each other in a week without whites to feed and house you. If you had any balls youd go back to Africa…if its so bad here go back to where we got you from. If i was enslaved by people and they kept me down id leave…but you wont because youre a bullshit artist…who in their right mind would stay someplaces if it was that bad and opressive? Only a lying bullshitter would stay. You need white people cause without us noone would listen to your bullshit

      1. STFU this ain’t slavery like u wish it 2 be & the last time I checked my financial backing paid 2 feed me no (Whites necessary) … Talk FACTS or keep ur Dumb Ass Kindergarten comments 2 urself consider it a SMACK in the face 4 jumping out there with no parachute like the way (White) pple do FOH !!! 💯✊😠

      2. Gray Samurai says:


      3. Levi says:

        We should go back to Isreal not Africa. Maybe if you knew our true history u might see the light, but it ur so dully misinformed you can’t find your own ass with both hands. Y’ALL TIME IS VERY VERY SHORT THE END OF AMERICA DRAWS NIGH. SO HAPPY TRAILS HAHNS! The true GOD of the universe is coming soon to regather his people He’s going to repay for what people like you have done to his people. The weapons y’all posses y’all are going to use against your own selves. Black need to know who they really are ” THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYES, ” that’s why satan and his minions the United Nations hate us so much. The so-called African Americans are a Nations within a nation. They have spent billions to keep us down and not knowing our true identity. Don’t waste time arguing with these children of the the devil our energies should be aimed at the awakening of our people . The day we start to wake up the world and the powers that be Will tremble terribly..


    2. Jeremy says:

      Can you blame black guys for sleeping with white women? I mean look at the female version of blacks..they act like brutish men…they wear fake hair hats to look like other races.. They speak a language that no one understands and 80% of them are obese… I feel bad…go ahead black guys…get your fill of white girls…we got plenty enough to go around

      1. cm says:

        Thanks I had a few of them

      2. C.J Mac says:

        The more you talk, the more amazed at the dumb shit you say. Wow

      3. C.J Mac says:

        Yeah, and most of them smell like wet dog. I’ll pass

      4. Levi says:

        They too shall soon be awakened

      5. sexy successful black man says:

        white women don’t even want white men.. gay black man here and i have to fight those ugly white bitches off with a stick..i live in a real city (washington, dc) where the best of the best come..all i see are white bitches throwing themselves at every super sexy black man walking the street..black men’s dick’s are bigger..bodies are sexier.. we are more masculine..we dominate every fucking thing..and you think we actually want your ugly ass feminist nasty slut women, bro? come to a real city and see real beautiful ethinic women bro..and you think men of color are whoring out white women? have you heard of the European refugee surge across Germany? Did you know Muslim men were mass raping white European women by the hundreds of thousands and no one is doing a thing about it because you pathetic, weak, foppish, metrosexual, femminist white men are a fucking joke..

        1. Jlewison says:

          If whites were bred to be that way for a few generations, whites would be that way to. When you breed slaves you select the bigger, dumber, faster of the race. Reason NFL, NBA black players dominate. Cmon facts are facts right? Not to be mean, but you can have the white women that want blacks, we don’t after they are with you. There is no God or magic being to save us from each other. We either learn to get along or separate. I already am stupid, evil, ugly and hateful I don’t care, save yourself be good to each other.

        2. Sam says:

          I reside in Europe this is not true!!!!

    3. lissen_up says:

      @Warrior Queen Isa Malik

      Most of what you said is on point except Obama bombed Libya not Liberia. F*ck Gadafi! I don’t give a shit how many Arabs he bombs those mix breed dogs have done a lot of damage to Africa & it’s people. Right now the parasites are still occupying & grave robbing Egypt (KMT)..

      1. Jeremy says:

        White people arent your enemy….we’re both Americans….if something ever happened and another country was attacking only american blacks dont you think America would wipe that planet off the map for you? you know we would

        1. Gray Samurai says:

          You’re a sick person, Jeremy.

        2. Levi says:

          Probably after most of us are dead,y’all can’t help no one can only GOD don’t try to be nice now the destruction of the planetary system is on its way . Let me rephrase it is already here.

    4. says says:

      melanated lol vomit word

      must be a negress who breeds out of wedlock with hiv


  39. jimmy says:

    lot of sick people, and I’m not gonna judge by color but by souls. what lies in all you guys words is what lies in your heart and soul. anyone not supporting righteousness, by Gods name, I think they all should be damned to Hell…when the end comes, it’ll be good against evil, believe me, color won’t make a damn difference and a lot of people good and bad will denounce religion and God, and many will perish horrifically, innocently and justified. And if God ordered His soldiers to hunt each devil demon evil minded person, we’d kill you all one by one from the rich to the poor, and even my ass if God judges me un rightcheous.

    1. says says:

      exactly that’s why lord killed Judah strewn like dung across the land it says..and slays them with famine drought thirst for “conceiving in disgrace” a nasty folk
      they even still have sex and kids after watching them starve and die and knowing they have aids too
      crime against flesh
      to let sexual animal desire come before love and care of children is a negro thing by far

      1. says you are so wrong because you inbred ass holes are the ones who wil rape your children and think it’s ok

  40. Jeremy says:

    Hey black people ya know africa is just a quick plane ride away…ya know Africa the continent white people had to name for you? We were gonna call it Uggha Buhhga land but its tough to say hysterically laughing

    1. aDaraPahNeeWaYaNa says:

      AMER’ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. Webster’s Dictionary 1828.

      We did not come from “Africa” fool, we are the Indigenous People of the America’s, The whole North and South America’s are our lands. The so-called black man and woman in America are the Original Indigenous! Your people have tried to change our history from the very beginning, but we are waking up all over the world and we see who you really are. You stole land, murdered, raped and pillaged our resources. You are where you are today because of robbery, theft, genocide, not because of hard work. I can’t wait for your kind to die out. You are a disease to the whole planet, a pest, recessive and not human.

      1. Gray Samurai says:

        Agreed. I have seen them, and they are parasites.

      2. Jlewison says:

        Your an idiot and you know it and your insults are futile. There was only one continent in the begining. We are all on one planet. Read a book. You will be stupid your whole life, you will be lonely your whole life. You will never know any joy in your life. You will take all of the negativity from everyone that posted on this site and hold on to it for the rest of your life. You will die not knowing love or joy. This curse is placed on you. There is no God or devil, but your life will be hell, I am evil and I know this, because I know pain, and now the pain is yours and only yours. For everybody else If we can’t learn to live together, we need to figure out how to separate.

    2. Levi says:

      How about Israel that is our true land,so get it right foo foo!

    3. says says:

      ahahahaha and if we called it oogo buggha they would too lol
      plane? why give them a plane?
      reparations will come in the form of one way tickets
      theyre begging for it
      Lincoln started the process and sent many back
      he was shot
      let arabs and Africans come and take them back,the ones who sold them…
      I want a refund
      faulty product!
      we were so nice we let them breed and have normal lives and the thanks we get is this,blacks sold them,we freed them..therefore we have gone against the blackness
      lets blacks rule blacks lol
      we just wont buy them anymore
      theyre not thankful

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  42. Akier says:

    The author is telling the truth, that doesn’t mean you are gonna be accepted by black people. His lifestyle is full of nastiness, with the sperm of other men in him. HE CANNOT BE TRUSTED ALSO!, THE BLACK WOMEN IS GOD, mother of all nations.

    1. says says:

      mother of all nations whore of Babylon
      negresses who have many baby daddy and bear 70% niglets out of wedlock
      so your negro god is a bastard and a sodomite and a whore lover(in his image you are)
      disgusting he wont even feed you
      daddy ebt card feeds you
      in Africa skin and bones woman watch niglets die and still the male wants sex and watches you all starve and die
      just like here without ebt card
      god doesn’t like you clearly”to the tenth generation no bastard will enter the Lords house”
      ten generations to go bastard
      70% out of wedlock
      God wont go against His Holy decrees for unholy nigger behavior will he? you gotta act more white and marry and stuff,work and feed your kids
      stuff we taught you to do
      youre still not doing it
      ten generations you have to wait
      to be clean from negress whoring

  43. Dana Hashem says:

    To the descendant and proven genetic link to the Rhesus monkey, who would continues to argue that Blacks have NEVER invented anything, nor made any contributions to technology, science or medicine…Go choke on a fat one

    Louis Alexander Light Control (Photoelectric Cell) Burglar Alarm Television Tubes
    Harrison Allen Ignition of Solid Propellant Rocket Motors
    Jeremiah Baltimore (1852- ) Invented Stationary Steam Engine
    Banks, Charles M. Release valve
    Andrew Beard (1849-1921) Invented Railroad Car Coupler
    J.W. Benton Derrick for Hoisting
    Henry Blair (1804-1860) Invented Corn and Cotton Planting Devices.
    Recognized as the first Black man to receive a U.S. Patent
    Corn Planter Oct. 14, 1834
    Cotton Planter Aug. 31, 1836
    David Boker Inner Tube
    Henry Bowman Flags
    Otis Boykin Control Unit for Artificial Heart Stimulator
    Electrical Device Used on All Guided Missiles and IBM Computers
    Patents Issued to Otis Boykin
    Hugh Brown (1851-1923) Invented Device to Govern Position of Dampers in a Furnace
    Maria Van Brittan Brown and Albert L. Brown Home Security System Utilizing Television Surveillance
    Solomon Brown Assisted Stanley Morse in Development of Telegraph Device
    Charles Bryant Auto Seat Bed
    Solomon Brown Assisted Stanley Morse in Development of Telegraph Device
    Charles Bryant Auto Seat Bed
    George Carruthers Ultraviolet Spectrograph
    Oscar Cassel Flight Machine (1925)
    David N. Crosthwait, Jr. (1891-1976) Holds Patents on Heating Systems, Thermostats and Refrigeration.
    Shelby J. Davidson Invented Postal and Other Office Equipment
    Joseph Hunter Dickinson Improved Musical Instruments and Player Pianos
    Pianola. Detroit, Michigan 1889
    William Douglass Various Inventions for Harvesting
    James Doyle Invented Automatic Serving System
    Wilbert Dyer Satellite Tracker
    Frank J. Ferrell Invented Valves for Steam Engines
    James Forten (1766-1842) Invented Apparatus for Managing Sails
    Sail Control Massachusetts Newspaper 1850
    Meredith Gourdine Device to Directly Convert Gas into High Voltage Electricity
    Lloyd Augustus Hall Patented Methods of Preserving and Sterilizing Foods
    Hirschenson; Bernard (New York, NY); Hardin; Joanna (New York, NY) Keyboard stand February
    Solomon Harper Blocking System for Controlling Railway Trains
    Tony Helm All Angle Wrench Attachment
    Andrew F. Hilyer (1858-1925) Invented Hot-Air Register and a Water Evaporator
    Water Evaporator Attachment for Hot Air Register Aug. 26, 1890 435,095
    Registers Oct. 14, 1890 438,159
    Benjamin F. Jackson Improved Heating and Lighting Device
    Johnson Compound Engine
    Water Boiler
    Bread Kneading Machine
    Jack Johnson
    The world’s first African American heavyweight champion Wrench Apr. 18, 1922 1,413,121
    Johnson, Lonnie G.; D’Andrade; Bruce M. Double tank pinch trigger pump water gun December 31, 1996 RE35,412
    Johnson, Lonnie G.; D’Andrade; Bruce M. Pressurized air/water rocket and launcher May 16, 1995
    The portion of the term of this patent subsequent to March 30, 2010 has been disclaimed. 5,415,153
    D’Andrade; Bruce M.; Johnson, Lonnie G. Pressurized toy rocket with rapid action release mechanism January 17, 1995 5,381,778
    D’Andrade; Bruce M.; Johnson, Lonnie G. Water arrow projecting bow July 26, 1994
    The portion of the term of this patent subsequent to December 24, 2008 has been disclaimed. 5,332,120
    Johnson, Lonnie G.; D’Andrade; Bruce M. Low pressure, high volume pressurized water gun June 21, 1994
    The portion of the term of this patent subsequent to September 29, 2009 has been disclaimed. 5,322,191
    Johnson, Lonnie G.; D’Andrade; Bruce M. Pinch trigger hand pump water gun with non-detachable tank
    Johnson, Lonnie G.; D’Andrade; Bruce M. Pinch trigger water gun with rearwardly mounted hand
    D’Andrade; Bruce M.; Johnson, Lonnie G. Combined aerodynamic glider and launcher December 21, 1993 D342,551
    Johnson, Lonnie G.; D’Andrade; Bruce M. Pinch trigger hand pump water gun with multiple tanks August 24, 1993
    The portion of the term of this patent subsequent to September 29, 2009 has been disclaimed. 5,238,149
    Johnson, Lonnie G.; D’Andrade; Bruce M. Liquid jet propelled transporter and launcher toy
    Johnson, Lonnie G.; D’Andrade; Bruce M. Double tank pinch trigger pump water gun
    D’Andrade; Bruce M.; Johnson, Lonnie G. Pinch trigger pump water gun
    Paul Johnson Therapeutic Lamps
    Frederick McKinley Jones (1893-1961) Air Conditioning for Truck and Railroad Transportation of Food
    Clarence Larry Camera (Takes Pictures Of Moving Eye)
    Lewis Howard Latimer (1848-1928) Developed Carbon Arc Lights, Improved Thomas Edison’s Light Bulb
    W.A. Lavalette Two Printing Presses
    Robert Benjamin Lewis Invented Machine to Improve Shipbuilding
    W.G. Madison Airship (1912)
    Jan Ernst Matzeliger (1852-1889) Invented Shoe Lasting Device
    Elijah McCoy (1843-1929) Invented Lubricating Cup for Railroad Locomotives and Ship and Factory Equipment
    Nathaniel Minor Sunbathing Protection Apparatus February 7, 1995 5,387,230
    Emmanuel E. Moore Earth Moving Machine
    Garrett A. Morgan (1875-1963) Invented Safety Hood and Traffic Control Signals
    George W. Murray (1853-1926) Improved Agriculture Implements
    John P. Parker (1827-1900) Developed a Screw for the Tobacco Presser and a Harrow
    James Parson Austenite Alloy Steels
    Charles Patterson Vehicle Dash
    George Peake (1722-1827) Patented a Hand Mill for Grinding Grain
    Robert A. Pelham (1859-1943) Improved Office Equipment, Including Tabulator
    J.F. Pickering Airship (1900)
    William B. Purvis Invented Procedures for Making Paper Bags August 12, 1890 434,461
    Charles V. Richey (1897- ) Improved Telephone Devices
    Norbert Rillieux (1806-1894) Invented Multiple Effect Vacuum and Evaporator for Sugar Production
    Elbert R. Robertson Invented Chilled Groove Wheel for Railroad
    Meloneze Robinson Surgical Support
    Adolphus Samms Airframe Center Support
    Design to Eliminate Second and Third Stage Engine in Multi-Stage Rockets
    Orvilee Slaugher Distress Radio
    Brinay Smartt Valve Gears
    Richard B. Spikes Invented Railroad Semaphore Automatic Directional Signals and Automatic Transmission Devices, Automatic Gear Shift, Self-Locking Rack for Billiard Cues. 1910
    Automatic Shone Shine Chair 1939
    Mutiple Barrel Machine Gun 1940
    John Standard Oil Stove , Refrigerator July 14, 1891 455,891
    Rufus Stokes (1924 – ) Air Purification Devices
    Clifton Sudberry Hydraulic Simulator (Track And Repair Malfunctions In The Balance System Of Jet Aircraft)
    Lewis Temple (1800-1854) Invented Whaling Harpoon
    Norval Cobb Vaughn Bullet Proof Shield
    Madame C.J. Walker Invented Cosmetic and Hair Products
    Vincent; William (Georgetown, CA);
    Olsen; Robert W. (Washington, NJ) Pressure relief panel hold open apparatus and method
    Olsen; Robert W. (Washington, NJ);
    Vincent; William (Georgetown, CA) Foot grilles May 7, 1996 5,513,472
    Olsen; Robert W. (Washington, NJ);
    Vincent; William (Georgetown, CA);
    Bartlett; Todd Norman (Westfield, NJ) Modular louver system May 25, 1999 5,906,083
    Vincent; William (Georgetown, CA);
    Olsen; Robert W. (Washington, NJ) Pressure relief panel hold open apparatus and method December 21, 1993 5,271,189
    Andrew D. Washington Shoe Horn
    H.C. Webb Machine for Removing Palmettos
    Clarence White Network Impedance Calculator
    Two Dimensional Slide Rule
    J.E. Whooter Airship (1914)
    Granville T. Woods (1856-1910) Invented Steam Boiler Furnaces and Air Brakes for Transportation, also Electrical Inventions

    1. says says:

      nigger porn talk
      sodomite niggers are the ones choking
      hiv has got you on lockdown
      1 in 30 now
      you have channeled wisdom
      so you can buy and sell
      not your own
      you aren’t loved because you have porn talk(youre probably conceived in lust)


  44. Jeremy says:

    Ok…ill give you those…ill admit i was slightly wrong..although 99% of those “inventions”were just improvements on existing products…a few of those black inventors were half white.. Almost all were under the guidance of white people who employed them…but i must admit you guys did a few little things here and there….i only researched a few of them …very hard to find info on alot of them but ill give it to you…with whites help youve invented a couple of things…i misspoke when i said never invented anything…never invented anything good i shoulda said…i never said all of you are dumb asses…some of you can be brilliant. But its rare

    1. Becky McQueen says:

      Jeremy, what is wrong with you? Why is it SO f’n important to you that white people are the ultimate smart ones who are responsible for inventions? What have you invented?? Why do you keep talking about white people “allowing black populations”, feeding and housing black people, and mentoring them into being able to invent stuff?? You really need to focus on improving yourself as an individual. You are so filled with hate, double standards, fallacious reasoning, and just plain ignorance and misinformation. You need to do some real, unbiased research on the history of this country…and take an Ethics class because you have not learned how to properly form your beliefs and values yet.

    2. cm says:

      You know what you so stupid you funny

    3. Gray Samurai says:

      If you’re trying to be cute, stop.

      Your ignorance is so played it’s cliche.

      Now you wanna backpedal, right?

    4. C.J Mac says:

      You are so full of shit.

    5. Jeremy please STOP WITH YOUR IDIOCY

  45. Hey Jeremy why you keep saying go back to Africa…if you know your history we blacks original people where over here before you actual fact…if anything go back to Europe meaning the rope that binds in so your people was always on a leash now its time to chain the dog back up by us waking back up to our true selves..the planet and the universe will assist us on that because the planet earth is also a living organism in which Europeans don’t respect and honor…all through out history we have tried to teach your people true civilization and they have done nothing with it but use the knowledge and mathematics to try to dominant and enslave all nonwhite people on this planet out of genetic fear and pervert the world and reverse our original symbols and archetypes to give them selves an identity and culture through religion which is just another extension of the system of racism white supremacy… actual fact Europeans where dying of there own filth lice and disease in Europe and its was us black original people who taught you how to bathe build shelter to bury your dead and how to clothe your self and even gave you the English language so you owe everything to black people…even your very existence because god didn’t create you that’s a lie you all come from black people a bad genetic experiment gone bad actual fact…my question is how can Europeans hate the very people they come from but give some glory of there creation to some mystery god they created because they cant accept and try to hide where they actually come from if anything we are reaping the karma for bringing Europeans into existence but this cycle is coming to its end..and the only thing left after the fall and destruction of the real devil is to grow from the lesson we learned from this madness peace!!!p.s Europeans always saying what about black on black violence to distract us but the question is who taught us to be that way and to hate ourselves we live in a society and system of hypocrisy it is said that a vampire cant see its own reflections we need to take heed to these stories the wolfman Frankenstein etc because they reflect the mentality of mostly all Europeans whether on a conscious or subconscious level of existence especially for the fact that most nonwhite people are taught to think like europeans

    1. Jeremy says:

      Typical black behavior….you have no history so you take other races accomplishments….how the fuck could blacks get to US with out whites? You had no sea worthy vessels…you had no way of preserving food…blacks knew nothing about astrology…no compasses, no nothing. how could you possibly have made it here without those things? No maps, no warm clothing…nothing….im pretty sure without white technology i dont even think you could make it here today.

      1. Jeremy says:

        And not to mention the native americans hated blacks…they actually kept a bunch of you as slaves. No way you were stepping foot on this land and defeating the native americans….they were uncivilized but still way more civilized than africans

        1. Lls this dude jeremy heated going all out behind the keyboard while eating his lunchables smh … Dude ur the real M.V.P this buds 4 u 4 catching feeling over the unblinding truth hurts like FUCK huh !!! 💯👏

          1. says says:

            he never sounds hurt . youre delusional
            youre just a slave descendant born out of wedlock
            nothing more nothing less
            it doesn’t hurt you that you don’t even know who your father is because niggers don’t mind!

      2. probell says:

        You stupid as fuck you know you racist. You muthafuckas slaughtered the Indians and slaved black people and you got the nerve to make a comment like this. Yawl know who the dominate race is that’s why whites spend so much time trying to get rid of us. We def. Got history, people like you want us to continue to wear blinders and believe what you read in a history books.fuck that and fuck you. Create something black people haven’t already created, You can’t You dumb racist bitch

        1. says says:

          dominant? youre 1 in 2,yes 50% hiv rate for FAGGOT BLACK NIGGERS and your 1 in 30 for all black men(cdc says BI black men) doesn’t make you dominant
          it makes you DYING
          without planned parenthood and condoms you would be so much MORE numerous and dying
          catching up top Africa on the aids there aren’t you?
          1 in 30?
          holy shit
          a dying race
          that’s average though
          its 1 in 16 in Atlanta where the blacks are faggots more.
          nothing to look up to
          read your free pamphlets whites wrote for you on how to prevent hiv
          in 2016 a 1 in 16 nigger HIV rate is staggering
          only sodomite whores talk about god loves them all the time

      3. C.J Mac says:

        Fucking idiot to the Max. So I’m guessing whites where Egyptian? Like how they try to lead people today that they are? Dumb fuck

        1. says says:

          stop speaking English to white people negroid

          1. Sam says:

            English was a language(still is) developed by the ‘elites’ for the slaves-so as being able to ‘trick them’ one word many meanings! The upper echelons in the western hemisphere all speak German first


  46. AyeDee says:

    Can we stop this fighting. Let’s infect change. Organize in your respective cities and states. Please. We have to collectively change US first before any of THEM will collectively chamge. Even on this post, your missing the point of the post because you’re arguing. Please. Stop.

    1. Jeremy says:

      And its funny how you choose to comment on my post…im not the one calling for killing white families and babies…im not asking for a race war…im just stating a few facts hoping itll sink in for 1 or two of you…i wouldnt even be here if it wasnt for the disgusting racist violent nonsense you animals are spewing

      1. Chris says:

        You must have had some vested interest in visiting this site, other than ‘correcting’ all of the ‘monkeys’ (not to steal your thunder, but MANY whites look animal-like, as well, so I wouldn’t be throwing too many stones at minorities, regarding their appearances, buddy) for their ‘ignorance’. To illustrate that point, how the heck did you even know about the “racist, violent, nonsense”, bring ‘spewed’ here, if you didn’t seek this page out first, of your own free will? It stands to reason, that you had the need and interest, to look this page up, before you could become ‘offended’ by what others posted on it. So, do you have some prurient, twisted interest, in speaking and interacting with your ‘inferiors’?These are people, by the way, whose ancestors did not give a flying f@$!# about the inventions of white, Northern Europeans, nor about the North American colonies that they were establishing. Whites FORCED Africans and every other non white population around the globe, into the white, Northern European sphere of influence, and NOT the other way around. So, if these peoples are a ‘burden’ to whites today, it may behoove you to remember, that whites BEGAN the relationship with non whites around the world, from 1492 to the present. If they hadn’t been physically coerced by whites into learning about European culture and civilization, the other races of the world, would not have given a rat’s a!#, about the ‘superior technology’ of white people, or for that matter, comparing themselves to whites.

  47. Jeremy says:

    We taught you to be violent? Dude you you trying to say Monkey see monkey do?…cause that only counts for real monkeys not just people that look like chimps….and dont pretend you all dont look like gorillas…wanna google something hysterical? Type in ” artifical intelligence cant tell the difference between Gorillas and black people”…and its not just one artifical intelligence program…multiple programs couldnt tell you apart from gorillas so they just had to stop trying to identify black in the program…Hi Larry Us

    1. G says:

      I am going to ask all people here this one simple question, and answer HONESTLY.

      If you were all alone, and you found a button that could send all people of color back to their original places without them ever coming back, would you press it? This could not be undone. From a biased perspective, I can predict what most of you would say.

    2. says says:

      I saw that..the google image app said black people were gorillas and google apologized…. why apologize?
      it hurt feelings?
      the black kid that fell into gorilla cage too was treated as his child……..
      I feel bad but somethings gotta give
      they must obey behave and be loveable pets
      not sodomite hiv monsters

      1. Sam says:

        It eas a white child !

  48. Jeremy you are funny….lol……we didnt have maps you talk but dont deal with actual facts…..lol….your people once thought the planet earth was flat and the animals in or on the ocean was sea monsters…lol columbus thought he was some where else when he came to this country so where was your maps….lol…actual fact the washitaw moors and the olmecs are the living truth…jjus . face it you are a white supremacist and white supremacis . Live off of lies and deception and hate to bare witness to the truth…and European . Got there maps from the moors meanin . Black people…i have a questio . For yo . Who was…The first people. On the planet and as far,,… as astrology and mathematic . Applied on this planet it was the summerian civilizatio . Which where all black you cant escape the blacknes . Even when when you look at the sky’ . At night

  49. sam says:


    Racist whites feel inadequate and worthless and this is why they go on various websites and try to bash or belittle Blacks and other cultures to compensate for their inadequacies. The truth is they hate themselves. Many of them commit suicide because they feel guilty for raping their kids and their nephews. Also many of them feel guilty for plotting to kill their relatives to collect the life insurance money. 85% of these whites are on Prozac or anti-depression medication. Their lives are pathetic. .

    According to all reports, the average White student in America is just a “C” student just like former President George W. Bush.. Prove me wrong.

    The majority of the poor in America are White. Most Whites don’t live in a fancy house in a suburb. Many of them live in poor rural communities and trailer parks where the crime rate