White Man Claims That White People Globally Stick To A Code To Oppress Blacks

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A video has surfaced on different social network sites of a white male vlogger claiming to be of German decent “confessing”  that “all white people stick to a code to oppress Black people globally.” In what seems like an effort to dilute his admission of white oppression,he mixes in other claims such as “white people come from another planet” ,and “white people are not human.”

Some of the other confessions the white male  blogger  made are “whites do not want to share wealth or knowledge with Black people” and “no matter how nice we pretend to be,we all stick together to control other races.”

And in one of his most chilling admissions,he claims that “we (whites) have no good intentions with you.”

Watch the video below.

So the question is,how many other people in the dominant white society share the same views? And do you feel this white male’s words are accurate?



355 thoughts on “White Man Claims That White People Globally Stick To A Code To Oppress Blacks

  1. JayBay says:

    and the coons/trolls will come out to defend this guy and say that he didn’t mean it in 3, 2, 1……

    1. Dexter says:

      Maybe your mom didnt tell you that dad is a coon that produce an idiot racist

    2. smittyboy says:

      You’re EXACTLY RIGHT,the coons will be coming to the defense of they’re white oppressors.

      1. gt1085 says:

        White ,lol oppressors,Tou meant Sasquatch and or Yeti`s dumb ass monkey.

        1. Truth says:

          You know you look 10x more like a monkey than any African person right lol

          1. Antonio Johnson says:

            No you more of monkey you dumb ass white cave beast

          2. Afeni says:

            👏👏👏👏👏👏Thin lip asses😂😭

          3. Bert says:

            Check your DNA you will find that you are closer than Black will ever be to a monkey. Do you know what a Neanderthal is? Well, they are part of your family so think about next time before you start calling Black folks monkies. Oh, and by the way, do some research it will make you seem much smarter.

          4. J says:

            Ayyye let me beat the fuck out u hunky and see what other dumb ass unless shit I can gt out of u cracker…that’s how u kno HUNKYS ARE DUMB ASS HELL!! We gt the same body part talk eat sleep shit the same the only difference is color and upbringing SMH…and u still on sum 1956 shit take ur ass back in time butch u feel more welcomed…

          5. Allen Dunn says:

            Man y’all killin me

          6. Barry says:

            As a hairy white man, I do look more like a monkey than most people.

      2. Jay-B says:

        Fuckoff people, this is a science debate which is interesting that you whites people are destroying the world from a global first nations standpoint. No respect for the ultimate gift in the Universe, Planet “Earth” why do they have a destroy this planet with they’re corporations and an unrivaled greed as though it’s all that counts? Because they are Aliens and they believe in they’re hearts that they want to go to outer space and other solar systems, galaxies etc,..Where do they get this from? Why destroy the” living planet” our gift the only planet known to support life??unless they know that they’re not from here because of they’re ancestors arrival on the planet and they’re really trying to get back they’re ,like ET the movie supports the fact that Aliens want to get home and every body loves they’re home, what is the actual need for all this technology and natural resources pillaging? Why the frantic pace?its because they want to go home, they will kill and destroy the earth and it’s people and deceive all just because they know that they have a home planet out they’re and the responsibility to they’re ancestors to get back there.

        1. Dennis London Bradley says:

          Thank you!

    3. Truthhurts says:

      We. ALL descended from one maternal source, a black woman who lived in Africa . This means that WE all have black African ancestors and black DNA flowing through our veins,like it or not. Have you heard about the one drop rule.?well since all of us have a drop and some considerably more ,l guest the coons and trolls many of you refer to are Your ancestors . Just remember that from black all shades derived including white because black people are the original people.
      There is no need to spew your hatred simply because one man expresses his personal views but reading some of your comments it does reveal who hates the most when the truth is told.

      1. jean harding says:

        Not white people, you came from the sea.

        1. Yaa, come to Africa and see those how bad a rich white person is. Here the meaning of eating with a fork by a white man is because his/her hands are soaked in a black man’s blood.

          1. Donnie says:

            Stick a fork up your anus then play me the violin

          2. John says:

            I love how blacks think they are all African! Go to Africa and say that, see what happens, just a hint, they would KILL YOU! They cannot stand black American’s calling themselves “African-American”!

      2. Slimm says:

        Yea we as blacks are the original man. But whites are called aliens due to the fact in the beginning the entire world was people of color. It has been taught that whites are descendents of Lucifer. And after being exiled from one dimension to ours Lucifer and his comrades Had sex with black women to produce white people. Whites hate us because we are God’s chosen people and they are the offspring on Satan .

        1. jenray1 says:

          If that is true then explain to me why some white people willcome into relationship with black people . god made us all we were all made in his own image

          1. Anthony says:

            To fix your bad genetics

          2. Ray says:

            The bible does say not to breed with anyone of a different color though.

          3. Bill the Dill. says:

            If you believe in the one God theory, then god also made satan in his image. Because in your bible, God made all things, and they were supposed to be all GOOD. All religions are a figure of people’s imagination, and establiment for greed and control. And the believers allow the deceivers, to “blow hot air up their arse.”

          4. Boss says:

            Black power

          5. Raymond says:

            How come when I white girl gets knocked up by a black guy, the baby say will have black balls and a white dick. There is no mixing of the genes. It’s a patchwork of color, organs, brain, skull etc. This is the only race that happens to because the African gene is Dominate. The baby’s IQ will also drop to the lower IQ and deformation in the fetus is likely, especially in the cranio facial areas and torticollitis. This tells me no one is meant to breed with the black race but blacks. The babies look like neither parent, can’t get blood transfusions or organ transplants because it’s unnatural to mix black and white. It destroys the lineage of both races and you were not given that power. Your ancestors worked hard to keep your family tree pure where everyone is familiar and you fuck it up in one fail swoosh never again to be fixed.

        2. White people ar e hybrid beings created by evils ets to control the black people on earth. But don’t be fool not all Europeans are hybrid and mutated. There are some good ones. There are black people who look like us but aren’t black or real either

          1. Nanananananana says:

            @Ray, surprising people don’t know that Moses’ wife was black. Miriam his sister grumbled about this and God gave her a temporary disease. Read the Bible Anthony!

          2. luis says:

            don’t think like stupid and ignorant. we are the same. black or white. i’m white. look your hands. five fingers ,rigth, me too,two eyes, me too. the different is what you have in your hearth if you love every one, like help every one, you are different,love is ho make you or me different. the sun what you have inside you is what make the different, the bible say ,look the father ho make the sun ,coming out every day for the good ones and the bad ones. the question you have uwnser to your self ” wich one i’m.” Not the color i’m

          3. Antia says:

            Why would whites be created to control black?

        3. they need help says:

          no wonder jesus said put new wine into NEW bottles or else it will burst
          the holyspirit left blacks long ago and they see they are depraved
          maybe this is just the result ..all this babbling and talking about it like hey why did the holyspirit leave us?
          she said why in the bible
          “if I have to drag them around like a donkey with bit in its jaw my soul will get tired/weary!” that’s a verse!
          and that’s black people!
          if they aren’t tamed or moral and lead and full of the holy ghost..they are doing retarded despicable things..so the holyspirit cannot live in them as its too much work!!
          when the restraining or holy spirit leaves a people.. then what it says in the book of Daniel ensues “let him who is GOOD be good STILL (duh) and let him who is wicked be wicked still” don’t complain about it. it left you and who you really are is what came out/is whats left.
          you shouldn’t need a holy master in order to not act like a depraved idiot
          , you shouldn’t just be a useless avatar like that….
          its embarrassing

          1. David says:

            I like your comment, but there’s one problem with this the bible also says, “The devil comes to kill and destroy”. Now, what race is it that went to different countries to KILLS and DESTROYS the people and the countries and is still doing this today? I’M JUST SAYING!

          2. Huston says:

            Hmmm. I see that you are totally ignorant of the book or prices of script that you are quoting. The God or person who was able to use his force and power”Jacob”to you, was the maker of Caucasian people. He taught you how to rule over us for a time
            But that time is up because we have reacquired the knowledge of Self, history and our original culture. We know who and what GOD is an that thing that you refer to as the HOLY SPIRIT is in all actuality, Supreme Knowledge,Wisdom and Understanding. It can never leave the Original People because it is written into our DNA. Caucasians were taught how to trick us out of our birthright as demonstrated in the book of Genesis,in the story of Jacob( the deceiver) and Esau. But as always, the devil will chop up the book and use parts of it to defend his agenda.

          3. Dumbfounded says:

            Do you know how stupid you sound!!?!!

          4. Ty says:

            That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. But considering the fact the bible was made for white by a white person to control slaves and poor white people I can see where you came up with this dumb ass conclusion.

          5. Big J says:

            Lmao you sound retarded your source of facts is lies from a book written by slave masters fathers used to control the minds of those who can’t think for themselves.

          6. luis says:

            you are total rong and complete rong . first the holyspirit never get tired.second what is the principal word and action distinguish the real bible God.LOVE. 1st. the real God have name. Is JEHOVA. JAHWE. the BIBLE GOD love every one. not judge any one before you personal know him.Go and red the bible and do what the BIBLE teach every one then contact me and becoming part of the kigndong real force in the earth.
            you wanted figth ,ok, figth for the heaven king, JESUS,Not for the General or for the Muslin figth for the real king. My Name is X1

          7. Jala says:

            And so are you. You must want some color dont u. U must try to tann dont u. God loves us even his environment prooves it. The sun loves us it makes us darker and the sun burns you. He made us out of dirt or clay its the same thing just different terms what color is dirt. If ur smart u will answer that question. And you did need GOD to become rightous or we all would have misguided tongues like u.

          8. raye says:

            shall i comment on the many atrocities committed by the hands of Spanish, greek, french, Portuguese or so-called white/pink people? but you dare speak of blacks and god? this is why your kind innately hate blacks:

            Job 30:30 My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burned with heat.

            Jer_8:21 For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt; I am black; astonishment hath taken hold on me.
            Jer_14:2 Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is
            Son_1:5 I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.
            Son_1:6 Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.
            Lam_5:10 Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine.

            even your jesus feet look like fine burnt brass. what color is burnt?

            the real sons of god were….are black! we know this now!

        4. they need help says:

          whites don’t hate you. stop aborting yourselves as adults in your spirit and living as feral children off of people who actually WANT their children.
          if a god chose blacks I would say that’s the retarded god anyway
          your parents weren’t married
          you don’t know who your father is
          you mother has kids by many black men
          this is not Gods choice
          its baal
          the monkey god
          you started wearing clothes when you were brought here
          in Africa they still aren’t
          its ok god made a separate creation and they were “naked and didn’t know it”
          that’s still Africa today
          he said be fruitful MULTIPLY
          he lets you all starve to death all the time we know. he said be fruitful and multiply but never came back for the off button!
          and now you live with the other creation
          the one that does feel shame.. does know its naked.. does control “multiplying” and you just don’t fit in… we all understand youre confused
          that’s why the mens pants are falling down
          its a rebellion against clothes
          also homo…. (cdc says black women though lower % of population has higher HIV due to black mens BI sexuality (not Gods creation) I mean He abandoned it didn’t He???
          now you are with as you say lucifers “enlightened” creation….and maybe you feel guilty that you enjoy so much of it daily? clothing? birth control?
          feeling shame? nah you don’t do that! lol
          you wear clothes to be part of a cultural norm
          NOT by nature or feeling shame as adam and eve
          that’s clear
          adam and eve felt shame and covered up
          Africans today still don’t wear clothes. and think and feel nothing of that… boobs hanging to the knees. total non issue. men have no clothes on either.. just voo doo like pieces of wood to stretch out their lips to dinner plate size.maybe for their god? who made them that way? is that how they honor him perhaps? could be! not my biz.
          stop making up stories they were black lol
          I haven’t seen a bashful black person yet or modest
          naked is your nature
          “naked and didn’t know it”

          1. Watcher says:

            You need to really go to Europe and also study Etymology. Do you know that you have “White” tribes in Europe that have no clothes, naked, etc? Also, ” White DNA is combination of OLDER African DNA plus the Rhesus monkey, the Jackal, and other animals? Fact is no African DNA has Caveman DNA, or Monkey DNA. All animals have straight hair, and not NAPPY, CURLY, WOOLY, MAN’S, GODS HAIR? Did you know that all languages, math, science, technology comes from Africans? All of the Royal families in Europe have ” Moors” heads on them? Europeans will tell you that Africans civilized them and before Moors freed “White” people from Greek and ROman oppression after the Dark ages and there was never a people called ” Greeks”? “White people were the offspring of Moors and animal DNA from experiments in ARGENTINA , and were shipped to ” Albion aka England because they wanted to eat flesh of animals vs real food(plants )? All the first “Greek” scholars learned in Africa, fact from their own writings and Eygptian writing. Africans wrote European languages and taught them, facts from the UK. P.S. , Im not “African or Black” and “Africans are the “Aliens” who came from Mars and other planets. ” Whites are Hybrid Humans and Oxford and all the old dictionaries and encyclopiedias state this.

          2. Watcher says:

            Moors taught Europeans how to read , write, wear clothes , set up bath houses cause of hygenine. People died at 25 because they ate people and animals which caused sickness. What you see in Africa is the post colonization from European NAtions. Europeans got there names from the Moors! They had no names and they are they hybrid offspring of animals and Moors , facts.

          3. Xuxa says:

            So I guess you forgot about the Egyptian rulers, just go to Africa and see their walls…. they had on clothes.

            This is the lie your ancestors put out. We are the only true human beings.

            Only our race can produce ALL races.

            You want to copy our style and wish to possess our talent yet don’t want to give credit where due.

            I see jealousy and prejudice because of things you cannot have.

          4. B3nder says:

            LOOK AT ALL OF THIS EVIL THAT IS INSIDE OF YOUR HEART. You shall perish from your lack of love. Your heart is sour like milk left in the refrigerator for months & as wrinkle as a prune. You will never progress with such love frequency in your soul. Away with you, Satan🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

          5. Truth says:

            You damn ignorant fool , you don’t see all these little white sluts aborting babies

          6. B&B says:

            You sound like a fool even the Bible says life started in Africa in the Book of Genesis it says life started in Ethiopia which is Africa get your horses writing white people been stealing our history for years and don’t get mad because the truth is coming out

          7. Braylen says:

            First before my statement is made just wanna say the Bible is a book of parables basically a guide line to the universe. That’s why it’s abbreviated. Notice the last word of the abbreviation and it’s not talking about going to Heaven either.

            God had Jesus out of wedlock with another man’s wife sounds pretty black to me. God left and abandoned his children sounds pretty black to me. God has multiple children with multiple women sounds pretty black to me!! And sounds a lot like the 80’s lol. We are made in God’s image and I’m pretty sure he’s ass naked no clothes. Eve made clothes without Gods permission read your Bible. Clothes are a form of social status who ever has the best clothes are obviously worthy. When your system isn’t set around social status then clothes won’t be a factor neither will the need for money or any materialistic man made things. We aren’t born wearing Levis and a white tee dummy. If God wanted us to have clothes Nike’s would be on our feet at birth.

            My mother a black woman had 3 very bright kids all by one man Holmes is the family name so your statement is invalid. Stop watching Mauray those are paid actors just like a commercials. I won’t say whites hate black’s cause my wife is white but with majority of you definitely can’t deny the tension. When someone pulls their pants down below butt line you would call that what? Sagging. When you pull a race down below educational standards you would call that what? Inhuman. There is valid reasons one may think whites aren’t from here. Humans are what we were Man is what we are now. Do you not see the change? And it’s not because they didn’t wanna say two letters less. The power of words is like magic and way sharper than a sword.

            Don’t complain about small problems when there are way bigger ones to focus your energy on besides I see more white men sagging now than black men especially with those tight skinny jeans lol Levi’s is making their money though so I guess your happy. Stop watching gangland cause all of us don’t live in the hood like you would like to think.

            Lucifer was the first Morning Star read your Bible. The reason why religion worships the sun aka the Morning Star. If the Morning Star doesn’t rise then we die in darkness. The 3 wise men weren’t following a star they followed the sun until sunset. This is why whites call celebrities stars. False idols that we look up to aka a star. Just like you can only see a star through a telescope or pics is the same way we see celebrities through pics and paparazzi. The truth is in front of your face all you have to do is open your eyes to it.

            There is also no denying the differences between Blacks/Asians/Mexicans/Indians and Whites. Considering the fact of our skin colors, white came from a planet with a dying sun which would explain your skin tone and the fact you burn easier than other races while in the sun. Explaining the reason to need to comes from the “heavens” to bred with black women. Explaining why you worship the sun. Explaining the fact you would create a whole religion to lie to humans about the truth. Or in the beginning in the Egyptian era you told us the truth and we rose up which the saying “let my people go” comes from people meaning earth humans. I use logic and compassion when looking at every possible solution which a lot of people forgot how to use.

            We we’re slaves back then and we are slaves now. Do you think the Twin Towers was the first time something like that has happened? Look up the story of the Tower Of Babel. History repeats itself like an ever growing rose. If we recall our mistakes in the past we will be more prepared for the future. It’s time to take back what’s rightfully ours and that’s our consciousness. Be Humans or Be Sheep. Live Free or Die Hard realest saying in the world.

          8. Hotrod says:

            You need to be shot in the Face,coward

          9. God says:


          10. Daughter Of The True Messiah says:

            *Who created Planned Parenthood??
            *Who created the agenda too Oppress other races of people?
            *Who does Jesus “Yeshua” describe as the whited seed of satan!!
            *Who’s been on this Earth, stealing, killing & destroying, all in the name of white supremacy??
            * Who murders exotic & endangered animals as a sport, just for the fun of it!!
            *You Are Not Human, you are satanic & are of the synagogue of satan & your people made a deal with the devil, & that’s why your kind possess the riches of the world!!!💯
            **The Truth Hurts**
            *Who’s Destroying Our Planet*

          11. Sarah says:

            I pray for all… it doesnt matter where you came from and how live your life… i still pray for you.

          12. Dave Duffey says:

            my guess is, you’ve never been to ‘Africa’ nor even see pictures nor read anything about Africa. By the by. Africa is a huge CONTINENT with many countries and levels of development.

          13. Casey says:

            Monkey, really!!!Have you googled white ppl born with tails. And it states that white ppl are rhesus monkeys, ..google it, I dare you to see the truth. YALL carry lice, have sex with your pets, your kids, your whole family,you shed hair. Look at your monkey lips, cave beast

          14. Huston says:

            You are one ignorant,unintelligent, twin of Trump. Clothes do not define a person. You were born into this world naked and pink. Though you are still pink, you only wear clothes because your Mama who got where she is off the backs of our ancestors taught you to cover your ugly little pink body. Don’t be mad at the beautiful shape and form of the Original Nation. Your time is up.

          15. Matry says:

            God have mercy on your soul

          16. mickey flacko says:

            Nah bruh, y’all are genetically mutated because it wasn’t as hot in Europe, the latitude is about 30 degrees so in turn u ddnt get protection from the sun’s radiation which is melanin.also try to explain why early Europeans had dark skin but blue eyes, get it through ur thick skull that it was part of a transition phase accept that the big dicks of African men that u solely hate made ur ancestors.

          17. Holy Ghost filled says:

            You sound absolutely crazy.

          18. Hahaha says:

            You are brain washed blame all your problems on black people.

          19. Cookie says:

            You 5really do need some help

          20. boogey boo says:

            It says from the birth of Esau and Jacob that two different nationalities were created. All are Gods people. The people with no melanin are hateful and jealous of people with melanin because you as your father Esau a man with no melanin gave up his birthright to his brother Jacob. GOD created white skin as a difference. He gave Lucifer those people to try and accomplish a new world order.But it is already written . Gods people will prevail. Those people are Hebrew blacks, ancestors of the 12 tribes. Don’t get Me wrong, we’re so integrated black or assuminglywhite skin can be descendant do the research findings out who you are. Blacks don’t research. Whites know there place, that’s why they haters us. Get educated and act calm and cool.

          21. luis says:

            you sound like ocean wave. the more valuesvable any man have is the flesh of his holyspirit.if you can show love for any other person that your self,brother you are dead, learn, for the real HOLY GOD, the more important is you, the total you. No matter what color you aaaaare. What realy matter is how you act In the way you talk you have no reason to be a live Life is the more beauthyfull thing we can have in earth
            i recommend you go and learn how can you live a life of love not the complains,
            and more if this complains are nuts..

          22. Truth says:

            Thanksgiving your people stole blacks took them back 2 where they originated and ate them to receive melanin… Your starving mothers ate their starving kids sick

          23. Young Prophet says:

            Lol, you do realize by Adam and Eve getting clothed, being ashamed of being naked (which is how God created them) and hiding from God is not a good thing, right? They were ashamed fool! Don’t you think if they weren’t ment to be naked God would have made them with clothes? You sound stupid. God was displeased that they were ashamed. You should re read the word. You preach hate when that’s not what it’s about. Get your life together.

          24. Jala says:

            First of all in Afica we had abundance and ate off the land , the land was loaded with gold, diamonds and excetera. The buildings they built were amazing they built buildings that were of animals. African were kind hearted and welcolmed you guys. You guys stabbed them in the back abd used art of war and played in their kindness and ambuished them with guns and huge dogs and robbed their land terribly thats why afica looks the way it does in some parts. And then when you brought them in slavery to america the white men raped the lrican african boys and made the older african men rape the little girls or they would b beaten to death. And raped the women infront of their husbands. Figitism is in your history mosart and micheal angelo and so forth you guys believed women was not good enough so u went for the men. In africa we praised God alone and we always believed in men and women. And speaking of aids that was created in the labs to attack african americans. Because u guys are scarred of disappearing u guys are really the minority. If u put just 1 black male in a population full of white women what do u think just one of us will do to the complexion within 10 yrs. Thats why u guys r scarred of us. Everything u no how to do is because we taught u. We built america, we taught u guys to dance because on ur own u didnt kno how to, we taught u how to cook, and to do hair how to create music, the slaves couldnt get credit for anything so the slave owner took credit. An african american was the first to perform heart surgery, create traffic lights, create a washer machine and it goes on and on. So ur welcolme.

        5. Christopher Brown says:

          You are so right my friend. It’s in the book of Enoch.

          1. Hugh boner says:

            Your not supposed to take the bible seriously,didn’t anyone tell you that?

        6. Anonymous says:

          That’s only if you look at it from a Christian perspective. I personally hope to see all people live in harmony and thrive as ONE race. Yes, our ancestors originate in Africa but, if Caucasians are really hybrids that just means we are part African and part whatever. That also doesn’t mean that all white people aren’t inherently bad as you are making them out to be. Lucifer, correct me if I’m wrong please, showed humanity that they don’t have to be subjugated and limited by “GOD”. Lucifer offered them the “fruit” from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”. That action, in turn, showed us what is “good” and what is “evil”. “GOD” told them not to “eat” from the “tree” before that happened. Why would he want HIS people to be limited? Why wouldn’t “GOD” want them to be the best they can be to “serve” him better? To make things worse “GOD” knew that humanity would fail. “GOD” also threw down Lucifer and his followers to the Earth, our realm. Why didn’t “GOD” just imprison them and “save” humanity from eternal damnation It’s all a matter of perspective people. As an ex-Christian with a family history of Christian ministers/pastors’preachers with a last name that means “father” I see what Lucifer did. He freed us from bondage because his “boss” gave lesser beings “freedom” that the “angels” didn’t have. “GOD” is a jealous god. God is a spiteful god. Any Christian will tell you that without hesitation. “GOD” destroyed his own children and cast out his closest “friend” because he saw that “GOD” wasn’t as powerful as “GOD” seemed. Lucifer planned to overthrow “GOD” and failed. That happens with revolutions here on Earth as well. The underdog doesn’t always win but, as long as the idea is heard and felt that’s all that matters. Isn’t that in itself victory? Didn’t the other “angels” see that “GOD” was truly filled with hatred towards Lucifer after “GOD” cast him AND his followers out? Those were his first children, not us. The “angels” are closer to “GOD” than any human could ever possibly be in this life. Just read the bible and remember what it says. It contradicts itself so much. Don’t even say bring up the “old ways were thrown out with “Jesus'” crucifixion” escape. Correct me if I’m wrong, “Jesus” said that the people no longer needed to sacrifice at the temples to offer “GOD” a gift to free them of their sins temporarily. That he was the ultimate SACRIFICE/OFFERING of flesh and blood and that with his death he would free all of humanity from their sins eternally as long as they went through him to connect with “GOD”? I don’t even know why I typed all of this. Half of you aren’t even going to read it all and the other half will deny deny deny until the day they die but, that’s OKAY. You have freedom. You have an opinion as to what is right/good and wrong/evil. You have the freedom to believe in anything you want and also to not believe in anything at all. Who gave you that? Honestly? I fight daily to preserve what little freedom we have. I’m not saying that my way is the right way and I’m not saying Christianity is wrong. That’s not what I’m saying at all. Just think about it with an open mind. Having an open mind is not a sin but, you must be careful depending on what you believe in. Have a great day and safe travels for you all.-A

          1. Coffee says:

            Whomever you are, sir, you are spot on…. I’ve come to some realizations as well coming from a Baptist background…. I wondered why we stayed in church for eight hours down south….. If it’s only sixty six books we could gt through that in less than two months depending on how often you go….. So why year round???? Indoctrination is mf and we were being brainwashed and didn’t know any better,neither did the elders cause that’s what they did…. Good post and I read every word…. Keep sharing truth cause no matter how we get there,it will be the same truth….. Never changing!!!!

          2. Liz Zay says:

            ur thinking of it from a state of minds that suits u and a comfortable perspective. yes we are free to choose whatever but the bible was used against us twisted and manipulated for the sake of white people’s own freedom of perspective. i wish we could live in harmony but blood is blood we have to face the facts we are not the same & I wanna get the hell out of this dimension.

          3. boogey boo says:

            You seem like a true son of Lucifer trying to trick and dismay the black Hebrew the true sons of God from their birthright. Your people have controlled this earth for thousands of years yet we still have destruction and dismay. War and hunger and impoverishment. From the Indians to the Mexicans to the Blacks what have your people done to uplift any culture otherthan your own? What haven’t you made us fight for. Stop calling yourself Christian. Call yourselves Rothschilds, or Vanderbilts, or Disney’s. Thoseare your father’s. The true worshippers of money

          4. Jala says:

            Shut the fuck up. GOD is almighty and most gracious most merciful nothin of wat u speak

          5. Heru Khuti Nekhen says:

            Great imput and perspective. Good read.

        7. Anonymous says:

          I see a lot of people trying to bash whites for being the descendants of Lucifer. You do realize what that means, right? Not only are whites the descendants of ANGELS (THE FIRST PEOPLE OF “GOD”) they are also descendants of “GOD’s” creation, humans. I know that the years haven’t been kind to blacks but, look at other people’s struggles for once. Stop only worrying about yourself. Work together with ALL people of the Earth, fix the issues, stop pointing fingers, and let’s advance as ONE RACE to go confront our negligent ET brothers and sisters. Get up off your butt and make a difference. Don’t say you can’t because if you do you’ve already lost. I’m partially white and I don’t hate blacks. My other half is Native American and I don’t hate whites. I won’t be surprised if I am bashed by both black and white radicals. Look at my people. Look at what they have. Africa is still mostly African. North America, the land of my people the Chahta, is mostly non-Native. Our language isn’t spoken fluently by many that have the blood. Some members of the Chahta tribe were specifically hunted down because they were in the way of Manifest Destiny. “GOD” told them it was their destiny to rule from sea to shining sea. That’s what “GOD’s” followers did to my people. They committed rape, genocide, theft, and almost killed our culture and language. ALMOST. We rise above and are coming back stronger than before. Yes, we take the “white man’s” money just to make that work to our advantage. We want to revive our LANGUAGE and CULTURE. Maybe you should do the same instead of living the “white man” way and using their money for monetary things. Your culture and native language has been stripped from you completely. Go find where you’re from. Learn about the people there. Learn about their beliefs and customs. Stop living a lie and wake up.

          1. None says:

            Jesus is black , you white bitches in denial ! In the bible it say’s he has the skin color of brass and hair is the texture of wool ! Fuck all you white bitches , and all you bitch ass police !

          2. Holy Ghost filled says:

            How are whites the chosen people? Where did you gather that logic?

          3. Strategy says:

            Well said.

          4. boogey boo says:

            Native American Indian have lots of melanin. Your birthright was stolen also. As one of the 12 tribes. Look what ancestrialwhites did to your culture. They came made racist deals to steal your land because your of melanin you trusted and look where you are today. Do you want think your going to get the land back?. They teach you to hate your brothers. Because they make money your King. When it should be yourselves and your knowledge to exalt yourselves.

        8. VDubBarbie says:

          *drops the mic*

        9. Candace Craige says:

          This is Truth! White people are from the fallen angels! They are the off springs of the devil😳

          1. landel newton says:

            Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

        10. Delores says:

          Wow. That’s deep. And I believe you. They are evil wicked and nasty. They have destroyed the black race by teaching the black man disrespect to black women. Now I notice white men are dating more black women they only want to have sex with us. They give me a look of lust. I don’t want their freaky sadistic little dick asses. I love my black men.

          1. jai says:


        11. Mixedguy says:

          god and satan do not exist , there is no such thing as demons or angels ,open your eyes to the truth , also this man’s retarded , only nazi’s and kkk members have that sort of dumb ideology , and the story of yakuub is dumb as hell too and didnt happen

        12. Joray says:

          Out of every comment Ive read, you’re the only one got it right

        13. Lucille Wickliffe-Ewetuga says:

          Well heard that story too. Stands to reason that anything they do it’s like they have done no wrong but if you do it it’s wrong.

      3. JJ says:

        This is only partly correct. All humans that did not originate in Africa have about 4% Neanderthal Genes. The Aborigines in Australia and Papua New Guinea have 4% Neanderthal and 6% Denisovian man genes. The humans living outside of Africa have changed also in the last 40,000 years and so have the Africans that stayed in Africa. So there has been quite a bit of divergence. There are distinct genetic differences. What these genes do is not yet know very well. This was all discovered in 2010 with the sequencing of Neanderthal DNA in Europe.

      4. #knowledgeiskey says:

        Maybe u need to direct your comment to the person in the video.. This is crazy I guess this is reverse physiology u more focus on what the comments are being said than what the guy said in the video.. The truth hurts do throw shade on the truth just because u have hard time expecting it. Anybody with knowledge and common sense know the original race of people is and was black that still have nothing to do with the issue at hand. Smh.

      5. they need help says:

        I don’t agree, that’s the “animal body” its not the body or the race that creates a human..its the THOUGHTS. the thoughts com from elsewhere. and also seem to prefer to advance some races over others
        you can get looks and dna from animal and soul spirit thoughts intellect etc from elsewhere downloaded…
        its like buying a broken down car and putting a better engine in it
        the broken down part does not then boast against the better part or threaten it like a retarded parasite so jealous that it turns on itself and threatens its own survival (blacks famous for that in Africa)
        if I have upgraded or have dna from another God another maker etc.. and some from a black.. that black has no reason to boast of it
        or remind me of it
        or else I also can say of where I got the rest from as well.
        and we have been trying to refrain from that
        if I have a black ancestor I do not credit her for who I am now
        but she may get credit for my base parts of my self or the parts that religion tries to “tame” or “control” or make civilized etc
        many of us have “mastered her” so long ago we forgot and cannot relate to even having any left of her in us
        as there is no purpose for functionality.
        any more than your car is but to get you to work.. then you step out of it and then really get some work done.
        if its 1% for me and 99% for you.. I shouldn’t have to be bombarded with it so often
        . it only reminds me of why to never go back and how far weve come. if its just respect that’s wanted..why? YOU didn’t create it! if you are black you did NOT create it. just want to remind us because you want to live with us and want things we have that’s all.
        somehow you feel dna is a license
        its not
        and you do not own it
        in fact God is angry with rampant breeding of it.(sexual will of the flesh/suppression of women/disease and starvation) nothing to be proud of. what we moved away from

        1. MK1968 says:

          Whites like u are framing. On the temple of Abydos there are depictions of mutant whites being created by black Egyptians. Look at the book of Enoch. Read about the Tamahu, and the blue eyed blond devil’s who were cast out of Egypt and how they were savages. Forced into the Caucus mtns. The Masons do a ritual to re-enact it to this day.
          You descended from Esau and Cain. God foretold of your wickedness and said that you would live by the sword, pillaging, murdering and raping. In Biblical times you were the first homosexuals, inbreeding,to have sex with animals,drink blood and sacrifice humans. You were worshipping Lucifer/Baal back then.You are cursed albinos. You are indigenous to nowhere. The first Europeans were black, up until 6000 yrs ago when albinos came on the scene out of nowhere. That’s why you say the earth is only 6000 yrs. Old. That’s when you mutants were created.
          Your white supremacy is all lies. If not then why do the Khazar Jews own your asses. You can’t wipe your asses without their permission. The truth is you never had power. Since the civil war, the Rothschild’s have owned you. They control your religion , your government, wall Street, mass media. L
          England is owned by them. Read The Protocols of the Learned Elderss of Zion. They have enslaved you. Let’s not even talk about China. The Mongrels are coming. Now blacks can sit back and enjoy your suffering No more fighting your wars. There will be a remnant of us still on earth when you are harvested. That’s why you the only ones getting abducted for their hybrid program. The melanin in my body is God protecting me…what about you. And why is it that your women can’t have kids naturally without invitro or having black and brown surrogates. The sun’s rays are getting stronger and chemtrailing can’t save you.

          1. Ray says:

            The only educated comment comment I’ve read so far.

          2. White devil says:

            Holy fucking hell. You are retarded.

          3. worldstarr says:

            Nice !! Notice how everything u saying has weight,facts,n proof behind it..all they doing is coming at u wit ignorance n shit they have either made up in their head or been taught..people like this are going by what their ancestors taught them..not by facts..everything ur saying is documented..n slot of it was discovered by white people.they can’t believe that they aren’t what they been thinking they are after all these years n it kills them..only thing they can do is come back with ignorance n hatred..it’s in their blood to..monkey this ,monkey that..their like little kids when they get mad..they make no sense n just try to say ignorant shit to piss u off..their funny to me..n their reaction to truth is amusing n funny as hell..n they talk about Africa like it’s all mud huts ,desert n dirt..idiots haven’t taken the chance to actually google the cities of Africa..they make Las Vegas look like a playground..all they show on TV is the fucked up parts of Africa..n it’s for the exact purpose the white dude said in one of these comments..to make it seem like they did us a favor by bringing us to America..white people are a trip..n will have u believing their bullshit if u let him..they’ll have u hating ur own skin..can’t change facts tho..no matter how ignorant u get..I kno who I am n my REAL history..not that bullshit they taught me in school..n do u kno “melanin” ,a gland that is only found in African Americans is sold for 353 dollars a graham..more then platinum,gold,or silver..think about it..n google it..more facts for ur ignorance..only way to defeat this ignorance is with truth..nothing else works..when u stoop to their level they win n are happy..to blacks n whites alike,keel searching for truth..it will set u free…I’m out…God bless

          4. disgusted says:

            “Read about the Tamahu, and the blue eyed blond devil’s who were cast out of Egypt and how they were savages.”
            What this tells me, is that karma is in effect. People have not learned. Most of the people in this comment thread disgust me. Your hatred will continue to destroy you…people of all colors.

          5. Hugh boner says:

            Your mentality deranged and probably talk to people who aren’t there.

          6. Heru Khuti Nekhen says:

            Well stated. Good read.

      6. Michael stewart says:

        I am descended from Blacks. I am descended from dragon. Blacks should top these lies thinking Jesus was one of them and that all humans originate from them. Jesus is a dragon and would consume blacks if he saw them.

        1. Michael stewart says:

          I am not descended from black. This website erased the not in my sentence.

        2. Antonio Johnson says:

          God ain’t no dragon so get off the meth you fuckin retard

      7. Chloe says:

        Well said. White people are derivatives of BLACKS… It’s all a plot to “try” to cover up the truth.

      8. puerto/rican frankie says:

        the white race are not Gods chosen.we are the 12tribes of israel period. white america will be punished for inslaving humans . white america claims that this is a christin nation and that they love christ.thats a lie .Jesus dont inslave humans hes not a racist and he dont hate other cultees like the white evil race does. the white race is fading big time for going against Gods will .its like being a transgender that is the work of the devil.God created a penis and a vagina to give people life. he didnt create 2 men having sex to bring a life to this world.when you go against Jesus Christ and his ways you will suffer slowly. times up white america you have failed Jesus Christ as humans. times up!! peace to all my niggas and spics they cant and wont stop us.lets start the bumrush.

        1. Fhfhfffhfb says:


        2. boogey boo says:

          Here ya now

      9. a . murray says:

        2 Kings 5:1

        1 Now Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master, and honourable, because by him the LORD had given deliverance unto Syria: he was also a mighty man in valour, but he was a leper.

        2 And the Syrians had gone out by companies, and had brought away captive out of the land of Israel a little maid; and she waited on Naaman’s wife.

        3 And she said unto her mistress, Would God my lord were with the prophet that is in Samaria! for he would recover him of his leprosy…

        9 So Naaman came with his horses and with his chariot, and stood at the door of the house of Elisha.

        10 And Elisha sent a messenger unto him, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean.

        14 Then went he down, and dipped himself seven times in Jordan, according to the saying of the man of God: and his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.

        15 And he returned to the man of God, he and all his company, and came, and stood before him: and he said, Behold, now I know that there is no God in all the earth, but in Israel: now therefore, I pray thee, take a blessing of thy servant.

        16 But he said, As the LORD liveth, before whom I stand, I will receive none. And he urged him to take it; but he refused.

        19 And he said unto him, Go in peace. So he departed from him a little way.

        20 But Gehazi, the servant of Elisha the man of God, said, Behold, my master hath spared Naaman this Syrian, in not receiving at his hands that which he brought: but, as the LORD liveth, I will run after him, and take somewhat of him.

        21 So Gehazi followed after Naaman. And when Naaman saw him running after him, he lighted down from the chariot to meet him, and said, Is all well?

        22 And he said, All is well. My master hath sent me, saying, Behold, even now there be come to me from mount Ephraim two young men of the sons of the prophets: give them, I pray thee, a talent of silver, and two changes of garments.

        23 And Naaman said, Be content, take two talents. And he urged him, and bound two talents of silver in two bags, with two changes of garments, and laid them upon two of his servants; and they bare them before him.

        24 And when he came to the tower, he took them from their hand, and bestowed them in the house: and he let the men go, and they departed.

        25 But he went in, and stood before his master. And Elisha said unto him, Whence comest thou, Gehazi? And he said, Thy servant went no whither.

        26 And he said unto him, Went not mine heart with thee, when the man turned again from his chariot to meet thee? Is it a time to receive money, and to receive garments, and oliveyards, and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and maidservants?

        27 The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his
        presence a leper as white as snow.

      10. Ripper says:

        No we don’t and dna tests prove this. Its just all bs nigger propaganda.

      11. Mudbone says:

        They can never understand that their whiteness is a genetic mutation. They had the same African ancestors we do. Look at how bad their skin gets. Especially in the sun. Their inferiority makes them wish they were superior. Sad.

      12. Cookie says:

        Truth be told

      13. Donnie says:

        @barry ,sick a banana up your anus.

      14. P. C says:

        Whites did not come from Africans they have a sulfur pineal gland Africans have a selenium pineal gland. If whites came from white there pineal gland would be selenium base, along with many other different biological differences the white race originated from another planet, came to planet earth and proceed to take over and enslave and race against the native people of the planet because they want the planet fort them selves.

        1. Cameron James says:

          The majority of you have the lizard jews and whites mixed up. Its their agenda for you to hate the whites… it was their agenda to think we enslaved tf out of yall also… apparently no one knew that the white race was enslaved the most out of any. Fucking simple minded idiots on this page holy fuck

      15. Alan steven says:

        Wrong, geneticist discovered white people with haplogroup I1 and I2 did not descend from the oldest humans in Africa,,,,so enough with,saying kombayah…

      16. Africa molding says:

        It’s funny that white men prefer black women in bed which means they must love what you call monkeys !! Where as black women prefer their own so what does that tell u? It just makes y’all look more stupid

        1. Coolioz says:

          Black women love a bit of white stuff.

      17. Bla says:

        #Dumbass no Whites did not originate from blacks lol a lot of history is a lie by the way…

      18. Andrew J Bailey says:

        Read the book of Enoch we all did not

    4. Truthhurts says:

      Maybe mummy didn’t tell you that your ancestors are the coons and trolls you refer to , or did you forget we all decended from the same BLACK ANCESTRIAL AFRICAN MOTHER..

      1. Slimm says:

        How are we all from the same mother.?

        1. they need help says:

          we are not from the same mother because some mothers give in to evil men and the child that comes out is abused.
          that’s not a free soul or free mother
          many are a result of rape in Africa
          that’s not a mother to claim as a real blessed mother by Gods intention
          God will not impart a soul to man/woman breeding in their own will and not His
          their bodies are animated (for a short time/die early because not Gods will) and they pass their dna.. but no rightly guided illuminated SOUL is residing in a raped/rapists body. making the dna useless and a moot point.
          ill never partake of that dna NOW because id have to interact with someone whose mentality is that of a rapist or just annoying… id rather buy dna or use a petri dish than actually have one of those in my life and on my couch ruining MY life with its mouth etc….. (their culture/mindset/ruining life) plus I have no need for that dna
          I have to have straight pretty hair. and I do not work the fields. I stay pale with no issues inside buildings. I wear a bra too.
          I also am free so I have say over when I will have a child
          no huge black man will rape me and force me to have an unwanted unloved child(like happens with them everyday)
          if one did
          we abort it as some unfortunate event
          and MY soul gets loved and healing from my culture as I am seen as important.
          theirs doesn’t/the black woman is not seen as important by their own.
          has to be their own fault.something they must have done long ago . no one wants to be reminded of it . they should be thanking God to be away from it and living among others and stay quiet. stop the chimp outs of old ancient voodoo sorcery jumping up in you from time to time. its NOT a good thing. maybe its someone you aborted.. that keeps trying to come through you I don’t know…but to each their own based on THOUGHT processes..not color…. so if that’s YOUR abortion keep it with you.it thinks like you…stop acting like feral children to the nations that surround you.
          be worth something. to all your MANY unwanted and unplanned (the right way by Gods blessings) children!!!!

          1. Holy Ghost filled says:

            You need to pray. Your ignorance is absolutely mind blowing. Your fear of Black Supremacy is showing. Remember God is love. To love God is to love all.

          2. Cookie says:

            You Souderton like a fool

          3. MK says:


      2. Chris says:

        Hahaha! It’s amazing how many of you believe the “we all come from an African female” garbage. This is exactly what the Internet is perfect for. You idiotic herds of morons.

        1. MK1968 says:

          Enlighten me where did whites come from. Why is it that nobody knows? Africans been on earth for 2 million yrs. Whites been around for only 6000 yrs. You are our long-distance children. You are the recessive and weaker part of us. That’s why your genes are inferior to ours. We have the most diverse gene pool. Because of rampant inbreeding, your genes are too much alike. If you don’t believe me look it up .

          1. worldstarr says:

            Haaaa !!! Got him…😂😂😂😂…got white people in their feelings..”we not descendants of niggers..that’s all they can say..none of the dumb shit that come out of their mouth is proven facts..they just talking shit as usual..lol..hate the fact that they aren’t the gods they always thought they were..some of em will “literally” die before they admit that mankind came from a black man..look at how much they hate us..lol…it don’t even make me mad anymore..it’s funny..it’s 2016..being mad at a racist is clown shit…especially when documented proof by scientists proves them wrong..but they’ll say some dumb shit like the scientists are nigger lovers…white people are funny as fuck..lmao..I love how mad they get..their like lil kids..calling us names cause we dropping truth on them..lol..I’m so glad I dropped in on this convo…made my day a million times better..I LOVE MY BLACK SKIN..GOD IS GOOD BABY !! u ain’t dealing wit the slave version of black people no more muthafuka..we know shit…we know history..REAL HISTORY..not ur stupid ass made up version of it…the truth is out n spreading like wild fire

        2. iset says:

          Dumb ass u didn’t come from a black woman birch because your kind didn’t come from this planet! Cracker u betta take yo pink ass to bed or to the cave!! 😃

        3. vladtheimpaler says:

          I know right?maybe their ancestors were black,mine were most certainly not.

      3. Chloe says:

        True. The truth hurts. Thank God the truth always comes to light.

    5. Abdul says:

      To begin with we need to stop calling any black person a coon – we all been tricked – we need too help pick one another up & help Educate one another – white folks started calling us coons in the Early South during the Night back in Slavery , behind the whites of our eyes and teeth – using that ridiculous term indicates were going backwards : Please Stop using that word !

      1. Ripper says:

        Shut up nigger

        1. Black god says:

          You stupid cracker do you understand that the white cracker time is up Donald trump cannot save you. The black gods is going to send you dumb ass crackers back to the caves it is coming soon the white mans time to rule for 6000 years is up the black Egyptian gods are waking up to rule the earth again.

          1. vladtheimpaler says:

            Egyptians were the same people they are today,and are not nor were they ever black,the Nubians aquired Egypt after it was basically abandoned and basically took up residence but never conquered anything.maybe we ought to send that ebola virus we just cured your black asses of, back to the motherland,you ungreatful bastard,without whites you would last as long as it took for the next disease to show up.then you would drop like flys.they recently proved Egyptian pharohs were not black some were white,like alexander the great,your time of making up history is up fool.rioting in your own neighborhoods and beating up lone white in mobs doesn’t impress me,try taking us on in a war and you would last a week before you all wanted to go back to sucking on that glass dick and drinking 40 oz;s.we know you all too well.6000 and counting muthr fukr.

          2. Cameron James says:

            Hey, its impossible that we whites showed up only 6,000 years ago because my bloodtype is 30,000 years old. Fucking dumb fuck. Im rh- which is rare asf… definitely not from around here and im proud of that. Probably did come from a cave too… but damn I have good facial features and light eyes… ive fucked melenated goddesses too. Were all gods you close minded fucks… and im referring to any racist on here. Racism is apart of the conditioning… your shitty fucking parents raised you that way. Yall are stuck on the lizard agenda… they use white people as vessels mostly because we have rare blood… IN FACT, MOTHER FUCKING JESUS SHARED THE HOLY GRAIL BLOOD GOING THROUGH MY VEINS. If you hate blacks, youre trash.. if you hate whites.. youre trash. Were all eternal and has been around for light years and light years. Who tf said we showed up only 6000 yeas ago? Fucking stupid lmao

      2. Heru Khuti Nekhen says:

        Good point.

    6. Reneé says:


      1. Jamaica underworld ryful says:

        It’s hard for white people to take the truth after being told for generation that they gods and jesus if that’s is real name just like its hard for some black people to look upon Egypt even do they can see they own faces that we did remarkable things ,cause for generation they were been told that your history is slavery but if one thing is a fact is that white people have a strong hatred for black and brown people like every thing that’s black Is meant to be bad black magic black sheep black snow black market black bird black sheep and so on and every thing white is the opposite white lies is meant to be harmless white dove white clothes like a wedding dress is meant to be for happy occasions whilst black clothes is meant to be for bad this is a European invention black originally meant wisdom and prosperity black people need to start refruting these bias allegation cause it represent a bigger picture when white people first discovered Egypt there were shock at the remarkable achievement by us how did they line up the moon and the the star without and modern technology to this day they ,star struck as to how it was possible till they try say we are the alien but these white people u can’t tell them the truth in another hundred years if u tell tell that white people are not from Australia they will look at u like ur a mad man and try bring up the pre made up story of how it’s there’s ones again telling lies if we all came from one why would they always try to proclaim that Jesus is a white man which he is jus not the son of god cause that’s a made up guy and design the bible said image of the holy ones are forbidden why then feel the need to put him in a white image that’s because of insecurity proofing ones again that feeling to reassure people that the white race is more powerfull making the facts proof other wise a rich man don’t need to brag because he all ready have riches whilst a broke man try’s to be boosie ones again showing the insecurity so the facts are plain and for those of u who think some black people are making thing up about white men needs to systematically keep black people In disaster think closely look a America war on drugs fact was a war an black people the white man shooting and killing innocent black kids with no charge running the country like they not immigrant them self when we travel we are immigrants when they travel its called ex pack the law and rules for one ain’t for blacks then we see in the project were the blacks live lets just leave the roads and government building empty no improving them its like leaving dogs in the home with no food and nothing to entertain they brain what do think u gonna see when u get back them eating and fighting each other if that don’t work lets send in the Miskito to kill off there children that’s white people infecting these Miskito deliberately to kill off our people when that don’t work quick enough just like Iraq when we feel like a president getting to powerfull invade and take over that need to always be in control is the fear that we brown people black people might take back control they talk about immigration every election having people thinking once again it’s they country far from Australia New Zealand Canada all places there invaded and took over but so scared the same might happen to them it’s clear that the white man is apprehensive about the same happening to there so called Europe so yes of course its systematic and finally I will just like to say to all those black people who knows ur stuff ur history keep it up keep spreading the history and tell ur kids and family and friends and don’t be afraid to be complicit with your paster and preachers as to why Jesus is always proclaim to be white and in fact put it to them that u think other wise cause I tell u my brothers and sisters hes black the original Christian Jews and Muslim are black and for u white people that continue to proclaim other wise the sign of the time are coming and u gonna have your thoughts and so called facts stuck unable to speak this goes for any and every black people asain people who stood next to these far right nazis and sold out your people cause they never had much saying on earth will go with the far right white people to hell only the ones the whites that are really sorry will be forgiving so of course there’s hope for some and some white people are really good so big uh self if u member right the bible say god chosen people won’t have it easy that’s not the white Jews that’s the black people these Jews are European not white Jews all this false history been spread by the white man can’t save him lies such we invented that we discovered that some was already invented and we kno the place Columbus discovered already had people it was only a new discovery for the white man white scientist claiming new animal already had a name just the white man never knew whilst they use fracture medicine we already had the natural remedy all this we we we white people did this did that yh some maybe true but trying to have owner ship of every thing how insecure there are and u just have to wonder what they trying to consile just a think there’s a saying things are not alway what there seem an time is upon the essence and time will reveil who god bless no man curse black power will once again rise

        1. they need help says:

          black curses black rising lol we are all sock of it you all always gotta be “rising above” something lol
          its annoyyyyyyyyyyingggggggg
          ive never once heard a white person say they were cursed or that they had to rise !!!
          we don’t even see anything to rise above lol
          I think blacks use the word rise a LOT because they are rising above BLACKNESS!
          due to seeing other races
          since WE never think to “rise”
          in Africa you never think to rise
          you stay the same
          cmon now
          we didn’t adopt pets
          we tried to treat you as the SAME
          but you keep having to “rise” and are always DOWN
          id rather watch Tv

          1. Deejay says:

            White people have a long way to rise, if your mindset is any indication buddy. Your comments contain some of the dumbest lowest most retarded ignorant shit ive ever read man but yes, go watch tv, make yourself smarter….. 😉

          2. MK says:

            And, you should watch TV programs that are educative for you to learn a thing or two. The way you reason is too way pathetic and it shows that you know no shit about history or the present world. Even your writing sucks!

        2. Ripper says:

          Jews are not black you stupid retard. They’re arabic.

        3. Lionerliat says:

          type O negative blood is where the truth can be found.

        4. Mike says:

          Hey I want to get in touch with you, please message me back.

      2. Trachb says:

        Stop it. You sound ridiculous. Go and find something good to do.
        A coon is short for the word raccoon. Please stop bleating. You got too much hatred in you.

    7. Zachatack says:

      U sound gay because

    8. Ponch says:

      Trump will the first one

    9. Jab Jones says:

      And you know it..

    10. John says:

      The coons/trolls dont need to defend! We’ll rather just listen to the ape/monkey!

    11. Yolanda says:


    12. Mikehod says:

      You people are idiots just like this guy.Global conspiracy?with all the problems in the world do you honestly think White people waste time and energy wondering”how can I screw the black man?”A lot of black people oppress themselves and other blacks with BLM,the nonsense of White Supremacy and institutional racism keeps the black man down.By realizing no one can oppress or hold you back is the only way to succeed in life and over come the problems in black communities.The Al Sharpton’s and Jessie Jackson’s make a living keeping you down.Liberal news agencies like this one mislead and betray you also.

      1. Cameron James says:

        Its funny because a white guy funds “black lives matter”

    13. Ben Dabbin says:

      Race is irrelevant is today’s world. Life is what you make it. I know black people doing 100x better than me and same for (Latino/Asian/Arab etc races) you have people of all races spread out through all classes. Yes most rich white people take up the higher, wealthier class but with r&b becoming mainstream more black males are finding opportunities in today world… Just to name a few… Lil B, soulja boy, fetty wap. people should worry about bettering their own situations before blaming everything on the white government/media. Do you think 75% of us white people give a shit if you have a better job and nicer car than us? Hell no. Black people get anything they want now it just happens slowly over time. Black people always got something to complain about….. You’re own people sold you to us 300 years ago. Black on black violence is ancient. Fix the problems between your own people and maybe you’ll gain some respect from rich white people. Way more black on black crime than anything in this world.. Y’all get a bad rap for good reason. My best friends are black and they agree with 90% of the shit I say about black people. And black people try to always pull the my ancestors were slaves card…… You weren’t alive during slavery so don’t use it as an excuse to why you’re life is shit and you’re stuck on the south side of the city. We coulda just used our own white people as slaves and then you’d all be in Africa still contracting hiv. White people saved the African race by bringing y’all here to be slaves. And the nba would be full of Larry birds who actually know how to fundamentally play the game of basketball not just be a showboating monkey!!!

      1. Heru Khuti Nekhen says:

        You’re so off it is sad. I see why we can never trust a neatherthal bred white person. Destruction is a part of their nature. Observe them throughout history and you see destruction wherever they go. This is a fact the world knows.

    14. Mmmaaaddd says:

      Punk dog bitch…..HE DID MEAN IT! U sound STUPID! GO TAKE A FLEA BATH WHITE DOG!

    15. he didnt mean it lmaoooo


      I believe what this WAZUNGU(so called white man) is saying, he’s only specifying the true nature of his race/people.

  2. JayBay says:

    White ppl are human. Come on! Notice how he doesn’t explain WHY white people oppress black people or any solutions. He claims that whites are aliens but can’t explain why it is that we can breed with each other or anything else. No, your people are human. Very evil humans but humans nonetheless. There are a lot of white people who are like this guy though…..batshit crazy!



      1. JayBay says:

        There’s nothing he said that anyone with a brain couldn’t figure out. White people have been fucking us over all over the planet for hundreds of years. They’re not aliens or magicians or whatever other crazy shit you can think of. To be honest though the only thing that stuck out to me was the fact that they have a global code of conduct. Unlike black people. Maybe if our people researched how to build our communities and start our own businesses instead of focusing on every crazy asshole that says white people are inter dimensional warlocks, we’d be better off. I don’t give a fuck about this guy because in the long run, he’s irrelevant. Use that brain of yours for 2 seconds instead of calling people online dumbasses.

        1. Pacifist general says:

          What I don’t get is how white people conviced Africans to sell their own people in the slave trade. Still happens today in Mauritania I believe! Did white people just use bribes/coercion/sorcery? Uhhh well clearly the nazi movement and it’s residual effects are still disturbing and relevant, no!?

          1. TheTruth says:

            I’m going to tell you and then you can do your own research to confirm it.
            Hamitic Africans sold Shemitic “Africans” These Shemitic Africans original home was not where they were picked up. They settled on the west coast of Africa. They were originally from Israel…They are the original Hebrews of the Bible. The Hamitic Africans wanted them and of their land so they sold them to Arabs and Europeans…Good luck in your research…

          2. Slimm says:

            Because we are not all African. The african sold the so called blacks out to the white folks and also the Islamic community was hunting us and set a trap for us. An African would have never sold or gave up there people.

          3. Eupee says:

            You uneducated fool, it’s Arabs not Africans that sold slaves and just so you know , they also sold whites and Jews, Chinese and people from India.

          4. #knowledgeiskey says:

            All black people are not Africans some of us is Hebrew Israelites the real ones not Jewish the fake ones. So Africans sold Hebrews into slavey not their own.

          5. Carlie-Shay says:

            Yes Africans sold Africans … Till this day we will sale out for money or any other thing we think has value… If every single person was forced don’t you think there would have been a war… Why didn’t they didn’t back? If we did i haven’t heard of it and i do my own research. Win or lose we still could have said we didn’t go down with out a fight.. It took MLKJ & MAL X to start fighting back. Slowly but surely we are fighting back. That’s all that matters

          6. Joe says:

            Africans didn’t sell Africans, they sold Hebrew Israelites,

          7. Me says:

            They used your moms gun to coherse them :(

          8. they need help says:

            I know, I saw that.. those black idiots that sold their own thought they were kings!!! the arabs set them up in a CHAIR (im serious they didnt have one) a wood chair and put some fancy arab robe on the negro with a headdress.. (you can see it online) and he was a higher up negro lol
            for selling his own
            he felt so important
            he has 3 more goats!!! as payment
            and was considered like a pimp
            glad im not a monkey
            whites have never done this
            worshipping money….
            as jesus said LOVE of money is root of all evil and boyyyy do monkeys sure LOVE their MONEY
            when they wear purple
            and put some gold on
            and have a chair that isn’t made out of mud they really feel uppity!!!
            damnnnnnnnnnnnnn even their maker abandoned them
            WE stroke them pet them educate them clothe them cry for them and with them tell them God loves them!!! make them president and everything else
            and they STILL have something missing
            I give up
            they WANT to sell each other out and go naked and rape each other
            they are doing that HERE
            its a broken avatar icant fix it
            their maker has a special code lol

          9. Ripper says:

            They didn’t, its because niggers secretly hate themselves and wish they were white.

          10. Bert says:

            Africans didn’t sell their people you need to do more research, and you will find it’s a lie that they want people to believe, you know propaganda. Just like they want you to think Ford invented the motor vehicle and Edison the light bulb. Learn the truth. Do some research.

          11. Heru Khuti Nekhen says:

            It all started as trade of goods until whites and arabs got greedy to want the servants of the Black merchants they did business with. They showed a demand for human labor to the opportunist Black merchants and the rest is history. As the greed grew, ship merchants demand grew for more and more human labor. The Africans that participated in this had no idea what the white man was planning, just we’re out to get wealth off the transactions.

    2. Dexter says:

      White people are also a tribe of moses

      1. Trey Fletcher says:

        Moses The Devil Tribe

        1. C burns says:

          From Moses’son Ishmael by his wife’s servant

          1. Calliope Press says:

            Christians look to Isaac, son of Sarah, as a forefather. Muslims say Ishmael, first born son, though with slavery girl, Hagar, is their link to the promises of God. And it wasn’t Moses who was their father, it was Abraham.
            Christians say blessings came through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Muslims says Abraham was their ancestors, but through Ishmael…..and whether or not they were black depends upon your definition. As middle easterners their skin was dark, no doubt, but not from same dark skinned people from Africa. Any educated Christian will tell you that Jesus was dark too.

        2. Vivian says:

          @Trey Fletcher,
          Moses, was chosen by God to lead the Hebrew- Israelites out of Egypt,
          There is and never ill be a devil tribe. The Devil hates us because he was there when God
          created us, so the devil is worshipped by his people, the white man-kind. But our God is
          a forgiving God, and He forgives all if they ask Him. Read the book of Deuteronomy,
          chapters 28 through thirty-one. Be objective, my God loves everybody, even you!!

        3. D.vo says:

          All these comments I read, I absorb it and except what I hear. But I don’t believe nothing like opinions on skin color, or anything coming from human beings these days , here’s what is : I’m a young man white !! But but tan dark when the sun hits me that’s it. We are all flesh and blood , I’m not a devil or anything , if god abandon ppl cause there a certain color then there ain’t no right god period. I’m white and god loves me and blesses me , he created everybody and every race for a reason!! We all have feelings , we all bleed , shit, piss, and cry, we are equal humans , there’s evil and good in everyone no matter who we are. All of these comments are really evil opinion and for that everybody needs to get in that bible . Cause I believe gods word and nothing else. Period

      2. they need help says:

        yes as it says pahraoahs daughter liked Moses as he was FAIR
        she didn’t consider he was as the slaves…
        she found favor as she looked upon Moses BECAUSE he was FAIR to look upon

        if Moses was yet another unwanted dark skin baby as many were around she wouldn’t have found favor
        she would have thought oh this is one of those… as the order went out to kill them etc
        but it says she QUESTIONED whose baby is this.. is THIS a Hebrew child? etc
        he was fair

        1. MK1968 says:

          You dumb fuck read the Bible. Moses wasn’t fair skinned. How would people be convinced that he was Egyptian, when he was hiding in Egypt. A pale Moses would stick out like a sore thumb. And why is it when God turned Moses hand white, he got very upset until he turned it back black. Because white skin was associated with leprosy, that’s why. Stop just saying shit. It’s too easy to verify it nowadays.

    3. smittyboy says:

      White people aren’t human you’ll Devils in human form.

      1. Pacifist general says:

        Ohh this might explain why African albinos are systematically abused and murdered in Africa for being devils or devil seed.

        I visited Senegal once and many villagers couldn’t stop calling me toubab (a derogatory phrase for white man). Most people were incredible tho and treated us so well.

        1. Jay the enigma says:

          Albino mutated incest fuck get out of here with your lying ass…who was sold into slavery…he had successful revolts and some sold out…but all the wars from Spanish American war to war on Iraq(history of
          death and destruction) white man the killed of man kind and so many ways I can’t name…start wars spread bS politics all over the world…eco system economy…all these fake ass biological elements y’all made up…the pharmaceutical is fucked you make all these health problems with * no cures*…supposedly…the scum of the earth literally…I don’t trust any of you mfs because I know your agenda…keep the white privilege train rolling…but fuck you all trust…you will get what’s coming

          1. Cameron James says:

            The zionist jews arent white human beings theyre jewish reptilians in disguise as whites.. Youre still asleep fuck ass

        2. Trachb says:

          Yes most of the time , what 98 % of the time you were treated extremely well. Hooray for you. Your white skin allows you to be treated like a king whereever you go in the world. You must have had a wonderful holiday. The last time we went on holiday to Spain, we were stared at by everyone non black. Hostile stares, bad ervice, we came home early. It wasn’t worth putting our children through that torment.

          I bet you get treated well well because your white, anywhere you go.

      2. Chris says:

        You’ll is “you” and “will” combined to form a conjunction, you idiot. There’s a tip from a white brain.

    4. C burns says:

      Thank you…Lol. White people are not human I repeat, white people are not human… Oh ok, so my grandma is an alien?…Lol. Dude whatever this guy is on he needs to let it go! It doesn’t make him look too bright.

      1. Jamaica underworld ryful says:

        What’s so hard to believe u’ve never heard of (dr Maliki York ) he said alien that breaded with humans don’t u think if white people was originally design for this planet you wouldn’t of needed sun cream to survive only white people out of blacks asain brown skin whites are the only one that need sun cream what a coincident 😭😭😭

        1. Chris says:

          “Breaded”??? Does this astounding Doctor Malik have any grammar classes you can enroll yourself in?

        2. Ripper says:

          That doctor is a fake poser nigger. Everyone needs sun block you idiot, everyone gets sun burn, even blacks look it up.

    5. DL says:

      Exactly! People this guy has to be schizophrenic or at least delusionally psychotic. Anything this guy says may possibly be true, but his saying so certainly doesn’t weigh on the truth.

    6. Mmmaaaddd says:

      OK!! Allow ME to elaborate……. The first part of HUMAN is what?…… HU…..OR HUE…..HUE= OF COLOR! So we COLORED FOLK are the HUmans that roam the Earth!!!! That’s why white ppl say MANKIND….. Because their KIND of a man!! 😂😂😂

      1. Mmmaaaddd says:

        THEY’RE…. not THEIR….MY BAD

  3. R8sing A Nation says:

    Not surprised. Black people need to stop looking for racist white people to give up the game plan and the playbook. The writing is on the wall. No news here just more evidence.

    1. Slimm says:

      What the fuck do you expect? You bring us here as slaves and didn’t educate us but deceived our people into thinking we were what we were when in fact to you we are Gods. Poisoning the water food and all that other shyt. But get mad and scared because we killing our own. Hell you white folks helped it get to this point. What if we turn this mafucka into ww3 and had sex with you wives and rapped your daughters for generations.

      1. they need help says:

        you were taken as slaves all over the world
        only here treated the best
        in Arabian countries they just killed you
        we let you learn to read go to school clothed you
        they just offed you
        or kept the women for sex
        you are all such whores by nature you now align with muslims lol
        whoever feeds you? they have nothing
        they sold you into slavery..arabs abd your own blacks
        whites just BOUGHT you
        arabs wouldn’t do for you what whites did
        but ok now you make is regret it fine
        your god abandoned you long ago and whites had mercy
        soo go back to that evil one and live in huts and starve
        no more love
        incapable of receiving it
        just like your mothers vagina
        second choice hole
        you are the spirit of abortion or belial (black man,belial) belial means worthless
        you are cut off from the womb of life
        the holy one
        came out the wrong hole

        1. Mmmaaaddd says:

          We’re whores….but ur dog asses sleep with horses and let gerbils crawl in ur asses! So….u want a thank u forvslavery BITCH!!!! I’D SPIT IN UR CRACKER FACE! Such tough guys on the internet……PUSSIES IN PUBLIC!

      2. Chris says:

        Yes you are a God. Because you are black. And your ancestors were made into slaves because they were Gods. Yeah that’s it. I remember reading about how hard it was to enslave generations because of their powerful Godliness and wisdom. Oh wait, I’ve never read that.

      3. D.vo says:

        Oh really , rap and kill who? I’m white !!! Don’t go there with that!!! I go pray to god every night for peace , I will flat line a muufucca when it comes to my kids period!!! Better pray about it is all ima fucking say. And there ain’t no fucking ya’ll , just because I’m white doesn’t mean shit. I don’t team for nobody but me and my kids , it’s only me and my babies , and god !!!!!! I mean that shit

  4. Black Ma says:

    WHY WHITE PEOPLE DONT HAVE A SPIRTUAL SONG OR DANCE?? (not religious song or dance)

    1. herstory says:

      First of all, all people come from Africa. That is where we all evolved. Then we spread out to cover the world.

      White people come from cold and cloudy climates. Biologically whiteness derives from the need for vitamin D. All people need vitamin D to survive. People get vitamin D from their diets or our bodies produce vitamin D by absorbing sunlight through our skin. People with darker skin absorb less sunlight than people with lighter skin. So when people left Africa and went north, over time their skin lightened as there was less sunlight and more clouds in their environment. When humans who live in cold, cloudy climates have always gotten enough vitamin D in their diet, their skin, over time remains dark. That is the true origins of white people. Light skin does predispose people to skin cancer. It is not a punishment but a biological bargain. Meaning, light skin and enough vitamin D in a person’s system allows them to be healthy enough to procreate although they are susceptible to skin cancer.

      White people did(and some do) have spiritual songs and dances. Historically white people are from Europe and there were not only ancient Romans and Greeks(ancient Greece being a civilization much older than 5000 years old), but many different tribes and ethnicities. These groups had their own religions and god and rituals. When the Catholic church spread over Europe they oppressed the indigenous groups there. Much like what happened in other parts of the world.

      1. M.GARVEY says:

        Whites didnt come from africa but whites did come from africans.Confirmation that the White (Caucasian) Race is derived from Dravidian Albinos, is documented in the findings from genetic analysis of Y-DNA haplogroup “R”.

        1. HB says:

          I’d like to see more evidence to that albino theory, as thats not evident in the DNA advances of the moment.

        2. Pacifist general says:

          Have you ever heard of the Basque people living on the Spanish/France border? Nobody speaking out knows their origin or where their language comes from.

          Checkout this orson wells doc on them: https://youtu.be/hJlKx3NPuts

          Also, for those of you who’ve checked out the Bible…didn’t God confound man’s language and spread them across the earth because we were united and building the Tower of Babel?

          Man I hope the illuminati doesn’t come after me for being anti-pro-white

          1. Ripper says:

            The basque are from Spain.

        3. Chris says:

          He can’t produce anything on it, because his understanding of haplogroupings is likely based on a glance at a page of a far more complex study than his brain could interpret.

      2. M.GARVEY says:

        Far as your vitamin d lie..LiveScience:

        An ancient European hunter-gatherer man had dark skin and blue eyes, a new genetic analysis has revealed. The analysis of the man, who lived in modern-day Spain only about 7,000 years ago, shows light-skin genes in Europeans evolved much more recently than previously thought.

        So basically,Africans went into Europe circa 45,000 B.C. and STAYED Black.

        Then modern Europeans MUST have ALWAYS been WHITE!
        i.e. ALBINOS!

        1. HB says:

          Is that your evidence ? An off the cuff theory without anything to hold it ? Even theories need something to substantiate it, and all evidence in recent genetic studies show otherwise. Reminds me of a pseudo-scholar book i read recently by michael bradley that black supremacists love, based on pseudo- scholar far fetched theories. Maaaad and full of speculation without any kind of substance. Should have read those genetic studies to the end, not just what suits your views. celts were not black and Iberians are what you call whites, so no moors there either. You cant just denominate them white or black according to your needs of the moment. Remove the whitewash from history, yes… But replace it with the truth this time.
          And the guy in the video is bonkers, please… Anyone can see that !

      3. M.GARVEY says:

        Far as your Whites are ancient greek lie?…The “People of Lerna” is an analysis of ancient skeletons from the necropolis of the ancient town of Lerna in Greece.

        The skeletons of Lerna clearly show that throughout ancient times, Greeks were, and remained Black!

      4. M.GARVEY says:

        WERE THE ANCIENT ROMANS WHITE? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! The marble statue of a moorish romans kills that lie!The truth was that Rome was a multi-ethnic Empire. Any true scholar with the slightest mastery of classics will attest to this. Any one who has had to write a thesis on Rome in at the Doctoral level would not contest this truth.

        Rome as well as the entire southern and central and western Europe was built by aboriginal black Europeans sometimes called the mysterious Celts, NIGRI-LATINIS, the IBERIANS or the Maurs.

        Sometimes authors attribute the origin of Rome to Etruscans, or to Greeks or to Canaanites. It is generally acknowledged that those three powers were themselves basically multi-ethnic, and also that the Canaanites were singularly black and African in origin.

        Later we get an influx of barbarians nomads, who were assimilated and romanized.

        Then slaves from the Slavic and Germanic tribes were captured from Northern Europe and used on Roman plantations in Central Europe.

        And then one must not forget that the cultural founts of Rome was not anywhere on the European mainland but in North Africa, with Egypt and the province of Africa being the most sophisticated, and civilized in arts, science and culture. The cultural capital of the Roman Empire was Alexandria in Egypt.

        All the inhabitants of the Roman provinces of Africa could easily attain to Roman citizenship and even aspire to become Emperors of Rome.

        Not so for today’s so-called white people who were actually called barbarians and hated by the Roman state and Empire. They were the threats of the day, the potential carries of contagions mental and spiritual, eroders of morality. Besides the oracles of Delphi had forcasted that barbarians whites would eventually overun the emipre.

        They eventually did. Bursting the barriers of imperial Rome which had contained them in Central Europe on the Northern side of the River Danube, the barbarians gothic and slavic hordes swamped Rome, southern and central Europe, western Europe as well, bursted into Africa, and then onwards to the Americas and Australia. Like demons released from hell.

        Those Barbarians are the direct ancestors of todays so-called Italians, French, Germans, English, Belgia, Holland, Sweden, Russia, and the whole of the so-called white races of todays Europa.

        And those gothic descendants have spent a thousand years, re-writing history, destroying monuments, burning books and libraries, in an attempt to hide the truth about themselves, and to usurp the majesty and excellence of the great black civilizations. They would trick the black children (the real owners of this world) into a life of complancency and surbodination, wherein they are unable to assert their legitimacy.

        Which is why they have invested so much energy in re-writing and retelling the story of the Roman Empire and its fall, at the hands of the barbarians so-called whites.

        See the Roman Dread Locks Legion of Lucius Quietus, the Overall Commander of the Roman Legions running the Dacian barbarians away then ask yourself, where is the fictionalized so-called white boy with “his classical Roman nose” in ththe picture of the Column of Trajan?

        1. krystal says:

          Awesome information very informative

        2. HB says:

          Evidence for celts being black? I thought they were galatians! And in Iberia, the romans were there before the invasion of the moors, so explain that maaad theory, please?

          1. HB says:

            I meant from gaul

        3. Chris says:

          No love, you are wrong. It’s alright, you can go back to posting in your black planet magazine and leave this discussion for the beings who understand genetics.

      5. M.GARVEY says:

        Historically,the GRIMALDI are from europe and whites just invaded it!Like white supremacist have done everywhere else,but im guessing you have never heard of the grimaldi?…Well Grimaldi skeletons displayed in the Musée d’Anthropologie in Monaco means educated ones have!

        1. Chris says:

          M. Garvey, your reliance on folks taking you at your words because of their clear lack of knowledge on history is amusing, but not really fooling anyone above average intelligence. I too, can cite pretend history to gather followers. But then again, I’m not as defensive about my race as you are.

      6. M.GARVEY says:

        Furthermore guess who was ruling europe from 711 to 1492?..The moors who were BLACK PPL!!The catholics came in to get rid of them which they did.Research the moors being expelled.The moors allowed ppl to practice what they wanted when they wanted,catholics didnt and they started the spanish inquistion.

        So tell me,WHERE DID WHITES COME FROM?

        I know the answers to all of this and will crush you with information from Cambridge University.

        1. bree58 says:

          try reading the best source of information which is more accurate than humans changing theories in their books. it is called the bible. it is from our creator versus imperfect humans who write their books based on limited knowlege and feels it makes them superior to other humans beings.

          1. Ripper says:

            The bible is bull shit written by dumb jews you dumb ass sheep.

      7. M.GARVEY says:

        Fair warning,the non sense of white skin evolving to increase vitamin d absorption has been DEBUNKED and I will use the Journal of investigative dermatology to ruin you.

      8. M.GARVEY says:

        THE BLACK EMPERORS OF ROME: ROMAN EMPEROR CARACALLA (KARA-KALLA)…..Lucius Septimius Bassianus (April 4, 188 – April 8, 217), commonly known as Caracalla, was a Black Roman Emperor who ruled from 211 to 217.

        Emperor Nero, another Black Emperor of Rome

        Pescennius Niger, Another Black Emperor of Rome Emperor of Rome (193-194)Source:

        The Catholic Encyclopeadia @ http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/11739a.htm

      9. M.GARVEY says:

        Ref Pescennius Niger Denarius, RIC 3d, RSC 6, BMC p71

        Pescennius Niger Denarius. Antioch mint. IMP CAES C PESC NIGEWR IVS AVG COS II, laureate head right / BONAE SPEI, Spes standing left, holding flower & lifting hem of skirt. RSC 4.


        There is preserved, a poetic eulogy in Greek which, rendered into Latin, runs as follows:

        “Glorious Niger stands here, the dread of the soldiers of Egypt,

        Faithful ally of Thebes, willing a golden age.

        Loved by the kings and the nations of earth, and by Rome the all golden,

        Dear to the Antonines, aye, dear to the Empire too.

        Black is the surname he bears, and black is the statute we’ve fashioned,

        Thus do surname and hue, hero and marble, agree.”


        Mark Hyman, African-America Mar 3 1994

        Historia Augusta @ http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Historia_Augusta/Pescennius_Niger*.html

        1. Chris says:

          In Egyptian art EVERYWHERE, there is quite a difference of color between the Egyptians and their negro slaves. I haven’t met a black person yet who doesn’t jump to claim that the almighty Egyptians had dark skin and kinky hair. It’s too bad for the self hating black man that there is actual evidence for the world to see that is not true. Actually, you can go to Egypt today and see…real Egyptians. Why African Americans are trying to credit themselves with that is hilarious. Almost as hilarious as them trying to take credit for the Greeks being black. Which they weren’t.

          1. bree58 says:

            who cares, if you were a true christian color should not matter. it doesn’ t matter to god. god who is not partial. people debating over black people, their skin, their conduct, as if they are better. the bible tells us all the answers we need to know. I don’t know any black claiming to take credit for being an egyptian or greek. if you knew your bible, also if black knew their bible, and if most hypocritical religious leaders knew their bible or actually studied it and taught the truth, blacks did not originate in africa. as a black person i am totally content with my skin color. i would not want to be any other race. as a christian I don’t focus on my skin color, i focus on how jesus christ lived his life and i try to follow that. he did not discriminate, he did not condone anyone putting themselve above anyone else. he taught that all humans are gods’ children, and that their behavior matter so god. so all these imperfect humans living on the earth today need to learn the two greatest commandments which is to love god first and to love thy neighbor second. these are the two greatest commandments. if you are not trying to do this, by belittling another race, feeling yours is superior, each one of us will be held accountable to god. people participating in social media feel that they can call people out of name, disrespect them, etc. but what you sow you will reap in the end.

      10. M.GARVEY says:


        Rome was originally a plantation colony
        of Carthaginian black Lords
        owned largely by Baarka family
        and the Nigrinus family of Carthage.

        It is true that the governors,
        freemen and the slaves of Rome rebelled
        against Carthage
        and won its independence
        in the two famous Punic wars.
        Which is why you find so many North African
        Roman Emperors, and high officials
        in Roman empire.

        Free Romans were divided into Patricans
        and Freemen and Plebians.
        There was a huge concentration
        of Muurish people in the Patrician class
        as well as freemen.

        The latins were mostly plebians
        they could pass
        for paler skin Pakistanis or Indians;
        You still see some today…

        Thus you see that
        Roman was a collection of black and browns
        the Muurs, brunnettes, and Nigritaes.

        The so-called whites,
        aka the pink-reds goths and slavics
        came in later over the course
        of the one thousand years of Rome’s existence

        The were the slaves, the preregrines,
        the harlots, and the plebians of Rome

        When they increased sufficiently in number
        they took over the empire.

        1. Soul says:

          Please share sources with me so that I may research this. I’ve been looking for this info for some time. I’ve read “Ice Age Inheritance” and “The Making of the White Man” and others but have not been able to find this incredible info. Thanks…

          1. M.GARVEY says:

            Go to K.O.I. library brother.You will get that amazing information PLUS MUCH MORE!

          2. HB says:

            Iceman inheritance is pseudo scholar literature which uses a never ending use of dubious, false and far fetched claims and sources. took me a few hours to find 2 pages full of false, erroneous or dubious sources for his claims. If you read the intro he states his lack of scholarship in the matter and that the book was intended as a “popular book”. A provocative theory. Read the last pages ( notes) where he refutes a good part of his own thesis. Got to say – Careful of the books that you read.

          3. bree58 says:

            try reading the best source of information which is more accurate than humans changing theories in their books. it is called the bible. you can research the history of man from the book of genesis. you will also learn how adam and eve had our first parent who had the genes to produce children of all races, which they did. God gave them instruction to have children, take care of the earth and to spread the garden of eden structure over the entire earth. they did not get the opportunity to do that. Revelation the last book tells you how god will rectify their mistake and how the earth will be cleansed of all wicked people and how god will restore the earth back to a paradise for those who survive harmaggedon (god’s war) and those who are resurrected back to the earth, the righteous and the unrighteous. John 5:28, 29. mankind knows nothing, look what 6000 years of their rule has done. nothing good for all mankind.

        2. Ripper says:

          That is complete bull shit lies.

      11. M.GARVEY says:

        And dont get it twisted,white ppl I love you and interracial everything,but I will not allow white supremacist to spread debunked white supremacist lies that you will STILL choose to endoctrinate no matter what history and science says.

        1. they need help says:

          what if one race was superior? so what?
          why does that bother anyone?
          superior could be nice too and not kill you all
          so why worry
          we wont act black
          and burn down entire cities and loot and stuff like a monkey afraid itll run our of free cheese
          we will do it better and kinder and “superior”
          I do not believe in being cruel to animals that were given some intelligence and feelings. id never do that.its mean
          however when animals in the zoo exhibit violent/inbred/rapist tendencies etc.. we do put them down……….
          I also don’t think they should be in the zoo but in their natural environment
          I also think I.Q’s should lower back down to below 70.. as it was before.. to solve many problems.
          because a high enough IQ to buy and sell (mark of beast) without a nice kind soul to go with it.. will not ever work.
          lowering the IQ of those who act up and cannot socialize properly or behave morally.. is the ONLY way to go
          (your money isn’t needed)
          especially not need by the ones who are RAISING the IQ in the first place!

          1. they need help says:

            he made all nations take mark of beast you cannot sell without mark of beast
            (intellect high enough to buy and sell IS the mark itself
            your IQ IS the mark of the beast not a chip
            and you think your money is needed LOL
            talk about monkeys with arrogance!
            he rose it
            he lowers it
            you see it!
            thats why it says with all things bought and sold at the end of the list it also says “and the souls of men”

          2. bree58 says:

            we won’t act black, you complain when blacks do good, work and don’t cause trouble you look down on them. then you complain when some not all commit crimes immitating exactly what white people and criminals which exist in all nationalities commit. black can’t win. yes some play right into your sterotyping, but don’t blame us all. all throughout history whites have commited atrocities, you killed indians, took over america, calling it your own, your ancestors were immigrants too, you kidnapped blacks, raped their women, split up their families, beat them, hung them and then displayed their bodies taking pictures, your ancestors did the same thing to blacks. you even had poor whites you treated in your own race as inferior. everything you touch you destroy. if you can’t control it you destroy it. IQ means absolutely nothing to god. See if your IQ saves you when God destroys the wicked in his time. stop sterotyping the entire black race as criminals for what a few do. their are criminals in all races. who commits the majority of while color crimes, who commits most of the school shootings, the media is the main problem. they and governmental agencies distort statistics to take the focus off of the real criminals. you have many blacks in jail for crimes they did not commit, but because they can not afford a good lawyer they are penalized. you have blacks who work, don’t get in trouble, but if they are in white prejudice communities walking minding their own business, you get some white insecure, ignorant person calling the police reporting them as a criminal and they are harassed by the police who feel they are superior and they can do whatever they want. Satan has all you ignorant, prejudice people thinking you are the master race, your poop don’t stink. you are in for a rude awakening.

      12. Huh, what! says:

        Sooooo, the American food industry puts vitamin D in food for the benefit of Blacks? How come the native folk of the coldest regions are brown (ie Inuits)?

      13. DEF NT LY NOT A NEADERTHAL says:


      14. truestory says:

        White people have no indigenous roots. The original Greeks and Romans were the minoans and etruscans who were not white. The chains of evolution for whites and the missing link are because whites are not humans. White scientist themselves retain that whites are at best a hybridization of Neanderthal and humans. Why waste time with the rest.

        1. Chris says:

          So you’re saying that even a half Neanderthal/human could enslave the black race for generations. Why oh why was it so easy?

          1. bree58 says:

            you came with gun and threats. look what happened to the romans, hitler, etc. where are they now. gone………

        2. Ripper says:

          Neanderthals were human retard.

      15. Bruce juice says:

        So when are the current thousands of brown and yellow skinned natives of Siberian and Eskimo goting to turn white if climate can change your melanin or melocytes?

      16. Pacifist general says:

        How do we explain dark Inuit peoples then?

    2. Kudjoe says:

      White people did have cultural songs and dances, and maybe even rhythm before the coming off the Romans.

    3. unapologetically black says:

      Again, here they go attempting to co-op our shit. White ppl are indigenous to this planet. The Dogon have traditions and folklore celebrating our travels throughout the constellations dating back long before Caucasians were on the Planet earth. If anything we are alien to this planet. Not them. That’s why they are so obsessed with getting off the planet. Even lying about going to the moon. We (black ppl) aren’t concerned with such trivialities. Because instinctively we know we “be there, done that”.
      The crazy thing is, they cannot get off the planet, unless they communion with us. Meaning, they need melanin to go to other dimensions. An entirely different experience. In other words, outside of this 3 dimensional reality, they dont exist.

      1. unapologetically black says:

        Again, here they go attempting to co-op our shit. White ppl are indigenous to this planet. The Dogon have traditions and folklore celebrating our travels throughout the constellations dating back long before Caucasians were on the Planet earth. If anything we are alien to this planet. Not them. That’s why they are so obsessed with getting off the planet. Even lying about going to the moon. We (black ppl) aren’t concerned with such trivialities. Because instinctively we know we “been there, done that”.
        The crazy thing is, they cannot get off the planet, unless they communion with us. Meaning, they need melanin to go to other dimensions. An entirely different experience. In other words, outside of this 3 dimensional reality, they dont exist.

        1. Chris says:

          So black people had the technology to “travel amongst the stars” then came here to earth and easily became enslaved for generations. Hmm, something doesn’t add up.

      2. T says:

        Conceptually true

      3. Deborah Upjohn says:

        Wow love it I had that vision thirty years ago and I’m white and that is exactly what God. Or someone out there told me , basically your white your always have been white and you ain’t going anywhere.
        It’s starting to make sense now, I have been looking skyward since birth asking why did you leave me here?
        And I can’t live really live on this planet if I’m white and female that to me is the lowest on the social order
        White single female fucking scary. Basically I just grow plants all day and talk to them my way of saying sorry for everything that we are and have done and don’t do.

    4. Terry says:

      Yes I think they are the fallen angels in the book of Enoch.

      1. Slimm says:

        You are absolutely correct!

    5. Slimm says:

      All blacks are not from Africa !!!!! Wtf?

    6. T says:

      I’ll wait!… That would be interesting to hear the “tall whites” response…they don’t have a clue…

    7. Mary Jones says:

      The Bible says the cacus mountains.It said they had to migrate inorder to survive.The Bible is a story a history that has ben rewritten so many times.Some belive certain books are love letters.I think it is possiable and am leaning toward we are All aliens the different tribes n nations.From diff star systems.From a young child I did not know much about the Christian God , but I could guess a persons sign.Also the physiciatric feild is largely a forest just like a lot of religion.Whites could be the emissaries of Reptilian aliens but so could some other races.

    8. davy says:

      white people are descended of Japheth linage of Europe and their is a white civiliztion that is older then 5000 years old that was found under water in Europe and white do have a spiritual dance all you need to do id look it up on youtube that dance maybe from acient europe but it would still count and spiritual songs are not all the same for different cultures tribes of people you can properly find some ancient spiritual songs of white people from ancient europe. white people comes from the cold climates think about it Asia may get cold but Europe is the coldest continent that people lived on. So answer this why do asian and blacks has a higher risk of bone disease and bone weakness and lack of calcium with in europe where i white person would have strong bones and have plenty of calcium in europe.

      1. Primate love says:

        White people accidently created black people by having sex with gorillas and whites were created by aliens mixing monkey Dna with there own Dna,

    9. Mmmaaaddd says:

      Because they were experiments from the Caucas Mountains!!! If u dig even further u will find the they were created to serve US!!

  5. White people are not 100 percent human they did mix with neanderthals thus the existence of the rh blood type and the Ancient People of Greece and Rome where melinated people #facts!!!!!!!

    1. they need help says:

      body dies you retard. soul goes on and of all people on earth.. everyone loved souls of whites the most
      until you wear them down
      same story every cycle
      now you will all return to your old ways for wearing out the great soul
      she cant bear you anymore
      you all breed in flesh as animal
      bible says a female never gives birth and is unmarried and virgin yet has more children
      she is the one also it says her soul faints due to the people murdering her and she dies due to them wearing her down’ “I will remove them from you daughter zion, they are a BURDEN for you to BEAR
      her heart and soul of the great goddess who does not breed like you all.. cannot handle you anymore
      never again will it be heard in her the voice and gladness and music and bride and bridegroom….
      never again a trespasser in daughter zion (those who wear down instead of stay in harmony)
      “she has become a haunt for demons and every foul and unclean bird”
      she was once full of joy for her inhabitants
      now they all mock and torment
      all they MANY who “torment HER will be blown away as chaff ,suddenly and in an instant
      isiaah 29
      she will lament and cry ghost like…
      her MANY enemies say “she didn’t make us”
      and he says.. she did and they torment her…USERS
      she has a parasitic invasion
      unwanted and now they KNOW it and squirm with all this racist crap
      “tormenting” the holyspirit til she “vomits them out” and that’s a verse too
      do not GRIEVE the holyspirit
      oh but as it says they do
      til she says she is fainting due to the murderers
      “God to achieve HIS purpose will MAKE ALL NATIONS HATE HER”
      and burn her with fire
      always stupid
      always pawns
      never surprise
      never do good
      always disappoint
      “I will kill ALL her children”
      “because she forgot me”
      good please hurry up
      don’t flatter yourselves

    2. Chris says:

      Rh blood type is older than the Rh negative. YOU look it up and stop citing bs “facts”.

      1. Chris says:

        AND Rh blood type is not only the oldest, but most Africans have it. Rh means Rhesus. As in the monkey.

        1. bree58 says:

          you are stupid. most people claim to be christians. they are hypocrates. God created all mankind equal. only racist put themselves above others. god did not create one race superior to another. racism is in every culture. more predominately among many, not all white people. they feel they are superior to all cultures. for a race to continuously criticize a race because of their color and to totally disrespect them, trying to make them feel inferior shows their is something wrong with you. in the bible god allows humans to rule for now and when their was slavery, the slave owners were supposed to take care of their slaves, and provide for them once they were released from slavery. many white people are ignorant, everything you touch you destroy. if other humans do not conform to your way your solution is to kill them. you express your disgust about atrocities among other cultures, but americans are still killing blacks left and right, make laws to keep them in jail, just to make money, blame black for every crime on the planet, when it is your race who commits the mass of crimes, blaming blacks for everything all to take the attention off your race. the bible says in the last days critical times will be here, as it list all the bad things. it does not say only blacks will display these attitudes. most of the media is run by the white society who keep the focus of crime on blacks. when a black person commits a crime this is all blacks behavior what is taught and exploited. when a white person commits a crime it is an isolated incident. white people for years have commited heinous crimes. just look at what they did to conquer america. they founded america, last i recall it was never lost. from a worldly perspective, the indians were here first. you lied to them, killed them, raped their women, stole their land, then put them on reservations to control the. deliberately exposed them to diseases which wiped many of them out with no regard for their welfare. in africa you and other races kidnapped them, brought them here stripped away their culture, forced them to learn false christianity, didn’t want them to read, beat them, hung them men, women and children and them at your picnics took pictures of their dead bodies along with your children and families. How satanic is that? and we and the indians are savages. please. oh and yes dark skinned people helped you enslave their own people, because you had guns and they didn’t want to be killed or enslaved themselves. then you take over american and have the nerve to tell us to go back home. then you dominate african and tell us to get out of their. You try to keep the black people down, by spreading false truths which portrays black people as criminals. your race commits more crimes on this planet. you call us mud people and monkeys, but your men laid down with the black women, raped them and had children who many had light skinned children from your ancestors lineage and you have the nerve to call us monkeys . you tan, inject your lips to get bigger, inject your flat butts, wear dreads and cornrows trying to look black and yet you hate our race. the problem i have is you complain we are lazy, don’t want to work, are criminals, but your slave owners were lazy, liar, thieves, criminals right up to our day. when black works, set a good example, do not get in trouble, they are continuously racially profiled, read your bibles, learn your history, god is not partial, but the man who fears him is acceptable to him. The bible says man was created. We all came from Adam and Eve. that is what god’s word says. God is not going to allow any race to annihilate another. all throughout history you tried and failed. racism is taught, you think you would learn from history and all the bad that has come out of it, that no one is above another. I cannot wait until Harmaggedon comes when God destroys all the wicked. You are like the modern day bully. Grow up, get a life, you are not all that. This is 2016 and no government should tolerate racism, but we all know that satan controls the world. 1 Peter 5:19 and until God destroys him and his demons we will always have racism. Change starts with one person. if you learn the bible and actually apply its counsel to yourself you will be one less racist person.

          1. Mmmaaaddd says:

            Lol there goes the word MANKIND! AS IN WHITE PPL ARE KIND OF A MAN!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Mmmaaaddd says:

        Duh!!! Because RH type come from the Rhesus monkey!!! Thus the name! u call US monkey but it us in fact YOU MY FRIEND!!!!! know YOUR facts!!!

  6. JamesEarlMoans says:

    No apology necessary Beelzebub but you are not from another planet. Another species, yes.

    “If your heritage is non-African, you are part Neanderthal, according to a new study in the July issue of Molecular Biology and Evolution.” http://news.discovery.com/human/genetics-neanderthal-110718.htm

    1. Slimm says:

      The same assholes who said man came from apes and shyt. ..fuck outta here.

  7. That'sRight says:

    You will know them by their fruits. White people are only comfortable and tolerable of non whites as long as they dance to the same tune. As soon as you stray away from accepted white culture: Celebrating their pagan holidays, wearing their fashion, speaking their acceptable languages, attending their social indoctrination facilities called schools, refusing to participate in mass consumerism, singing their national songs, buying their hair products, worshipping their whitewashed version of God, etc….as soon as you stop doing these things then they’ll call you militant and ungrateful and racist.

    Segregation was the best thing to ever happen to our people and we have lost sight of what that meant to rely on one another instead of our enemy for our prosperity. Caucasians have had a perpetual hatred for our nation (blacks,Latinos,natives) since the beginning out of pure jealousy of our strengths and abilities that far surpassed theirs. So much so that even our own would defend the oppressor before they stick up for their own people.

    “All white people aren’t bad”…If they aren’t part of the solution , they are part of the problem. I don’t see these same white people that march with you donating millions of dollars to bail Tyrone out of jail. Where are these same white people who March with you when your children are getting gunned down by their own people? Where are these same white people who March with you when you need a business loan? A well paying job? Startup money for a neighborhood grocery store? We see their pale faces during the marches but at the end of the day, these white people are taking their asses back to their gated communities with their neighborhood patrol and safety while you take your ass back to the projects with fear of getting shot while walking out your door every morning, or harassed by police.

    These white people DO NOT CARE ABOUT US. Stop cooning and looking to the white man to save you. We need to gather ourselves together and train our children up to care about their people FIRST before they even think about others.

    1. R8sing A Nation says:

      Word!!! Your 1st paragraph is truth be told!! Black people are drunk off white culture and think it will bring acceptance. As those of us clean and sober realize you can never be white or truly be accepted as a black person by The dominat society. No weave,car,house,job,religious tittle,degree,beauty,talent…were just Niggaz to them. Let’s start being us and not something other than us and rebuild respect amongst us 1st.

    2. Treal says:

      I swear ive been trying to push this ideology through to so many people…

    3. they need help says:

      go back to your monkey god please he is busy keeping you poor starving and raped to this day sorry about the chocolate easter bunnies and high top sneakers and kool aid and stocking by the fireplace….. and pumpkins……..
      go back to nude voodoo rape festivals where you roast monkies for dinner (that was last week)
      so sorry to bother you with joyful pagan festivities.
      there is no god in Africa (name one, name even ONE book! the world knows not of one)
      we will then out of our apology erase the one black cartoon character from Charlie brown Christmas episodes and let this all be forgotten history
      we will continue to laugh and sing with mugs of hot chocolate and Rudolf the red nosed reindeer,while you are chanting voodoo rites for your marriage to your first cousin as you enter your non air conditioned hut and eat your final and only food for the day,some soggy rice, about 1/8 a cup full.
      by the full moon
      so sorry to have bothered you
      truly thought you liked it
      is it the clothing?
      or is it the 9-5 job?
      not enough nap time?

      just go back

      1. bree58 says:

        most nationalities don’t know their bible. blacks did not originate in africa. god is the creator of ALL human kinds. i read the mean comments, this is what social media allows you to type whatever you want, does not matter what you say or who you hurt. the god of the bible is not partial, prejudice, does not teach prejudice or tolerates it. this show you how ignorant imperfect humans are. God also does not accept the pagan practices humans created an still celebrate. none of these pagan customs are in the bible, nor did jesus christ ever participate in them or endorsed them. if you look up the customs you will see the origins and how they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUE CHRISTIANITY. yes mankind will continue to observe them, but in the end just like the examples in the bible, those who practice them will be destroyed in god’s due time. if people stop trying to be superior, better than others, and humble themselves and treat their fellow man and woman as themself, there wouldn’t be racism. only god can stop racism and all the ill affects that come with it.

  8. John A says:

    If this guy actually knew history, the authentic Ayrans are actually Persians. Not WWll German-wannabes

  9. dc1969 says:

    He knows his species. There is nothing to dispute with what that truth talking savage said. I will keep saying this when dealing with that evil,deceitful organism called caucasoid/white: be very,very,very careful when doing any business with them and keep it strictly just that that. If it gets personal,then that when shit will hit the fan. Cannot trust those things.

  10. Godz says:

    If whites derive their features from climatic influence (lack of sun, thus vitamin D), than why haven’t the Inuit/Eskimo People mutated to have those features? They have lived in way harsher climates of ice, snow and no sun for part of the year for ages???

  11. C.S. Stone says:

    He’s not German… why would a German be concerned about “Afro AMERICANS”…

    1. Slimm says:

      There are blacks Germany’s as well. ..

      1. Ripper says:

        Yes but they’re fake and contain no german blood. Germans are white.

  12. 2mques says:

    This white guy is a troll.

    These bottom of the barrel white folks are always talking about nothing; like Elder Gregory said, these type of white people couldn’t help black people even if they wanted to.

  13. J says:

    That was some of the craziest gibberish I have ever heard.

  14. ElohProjects says:

    I’m interested in the idea, but I got a million stories too and I can back them all up with “facts”. I just think we are all gonna have to come back to the present and work from there. I hear a lot of vehemence from both sides based on shit that can be shot down from every other angle. So, presently… as a white man… is every thing I am proud of, that my fathers have built, for naught? I mean what would black people have white people believe? Would the human race already be in space if white people weren’t here?; Would the “gentle” Egyptian Empire be recreated but without enslaved Jews this time?; Is it implied that all modern advancements have been created without the influence of white people?; I mean what does a white man do… just say “you’re right, I give up…other than oppressing black people we haven’t had any effect on the world…” Forgive me but that seems extremely ridiculous and just isn’t true.

    1. JayBay says:

      Blah blah blah not all white people are bad blah blah blah but we sent people into space. Relax whitey. You’re still human. Your people still committed genocide all over the world and stole other people’s cultures and claimed that they invented it. Your people also erased my peoples history, culture, legacy. And continue to do that all over the world as I type this. Oh sure they invented a handful of things (hard to tell with, you know, the whole whitewashing of other nations histories) . but yeah you had an influence. Happy now?

      1. they need help says:

        blacks commit more genocide of their own
        you will get your wish
        useless person
        you are an abortion
        that speaks that’s all
        the more you speak the more you are aborted

    2. Treal says:

      Stfu see are try to belittle the situation. Not it is not that easy u are completely wrong, this time period of oppression wasnt too long ago. In fact shit still is not over I agree that we should start from here but I also know byline can’t start something without knowing he history of that event, art, action, ect…..sad that u want to seem as if you are problem solving but in reality you making it worse in a way

  15. Robert says:

    He can say whatever he wants. What is he doing to eliminate racism? Is he using truth in a manner that promotes and produces justice and correctness? Does he deliberately and willfully by personal choice maintain comradeship with those who he has reason to believe are racists?

  16. Kaye Washington says:

    Looks like he’s reading a teleprompter

  17. Marie says:

    Firstly, I want him to remove his hat so I can see if he has a cone head underneath.

    Secondly, one only has to see in his eyes that he is very psychologically disturbed & should be assessed for psychiatric treatment asap!

    1. Jamaica underworld ryful says:

      I don’t get this Marie person psychologically disturb what’s disturbing is all the lies that the white mans tell and as soon as a white man talks sense he’s mental be serious when u been told that god Jesus and all whose white is great u sleep nice well wake up and smell the coffe cause these white lying plages just like the saying goes u can fool some but not all go on youtube and just check out (dr Maliki York )and for any of my black sisters or brothers pls check out this guy read is books this is the same guy the white man imprisoned to oppress the guy only because the stuff he says so deep and accurate that in his own right there were scared he starts a new revolution so what they did like most people that spoke out they stitch up a plan and got him imprision these are the same kind of people that get some black people in the media to do what they want and propagate then when u refuse u get your self killed or imprision not Maliki York our black saver to the end.

  18. Shavon Blue says:

    Elijah Muhammad tried to warn us years ago about white people.

    1. they need help says:

      he saw hisself aborted in the spirit by a white woman
      he still isn’t over it
      then he saw hisself born to a black woman
      still not over that either
      cuz his father went to her vagina as his second choice hole
      to this day he just feels unsure he was supposed to be born or not
      so he is just a speech of what its like to be aborted and look aborted. its black mans fault
      his deserved fate in life
      for trying to mate hisself with someone better

  19. Johnny34 says:

    He can feel free to speak for himself. I’ve been on this earth 44 years and have never once had somebody talk to me suggesting to keep knowledge, money, or power away from black people, and I’m a business man. I’ve heard racist garbage being spewed before, but nothing about keeping races out. That is white supremacist stuff, not mainstream stuff. Of couse I won’t say it doesn’t exist, but there is no agenda I’ve ever been spoken to about, and I’ve met and talked to countless people.

  20. Probably we should see the truth, and if we cannot grasp something google it. Jesus is a fake fairy.

    1. they need help says:

      you look like you came from your fathers second choice hole,fairy homo father.pretending to be jewish
      jews hate you
      Israel hates you
      they just sent Africans out of Israel lol
      no one wants you
      its cuz youre retarded and evil and ugly
      if you weren’t,,,no one would think so
      youre an abortion that still lives
      so we will all repent and atone til its done

      1. MK says:

        ‘They Need Help’ must be the first shit white person to go back. He/she really sounds ‘allien’.

  21. Sarah says:

    Whites must go back to their homes!
    And the man j. the video ain’t bonkers!
    he’s talking truth!

    1. they need help says:

      cant wait
      white mind pure and free

  22. Trevor says:

    Aliens vs PreDators! Just imagine if you were a native american using bows & arrows & tomahawks then all of a sudden motherfuckers come up using guns that make a loud noise & leave you dead…😮 Them motherfuckers is not from here. Then if you think how did the keep inventing new shit who can just think up some new shit like what we have today? Aliens…✔💯

  23. QF says:

    If I’m a white devil then I should play the roll and finish what my so called white alien devil ancestors started and destroy everyone. No because that would be dumb, we are not Devils or witches and so on. People have been committing evil acts from the very beginning it doesn’t matter the race everyone is the same with minor differences. Whites can go extinct for all I care. I’m just trying to live my life and love my wife and kids. You guys need help getting past your anger and diluted thinking. You are harboring a devil in you.

    1. Mack says:

      Dude stop trying to dismiss what you aliens did to the world.Do you even have a clue? Its more than talking about the blacks who basically created civilization and the white demons stole every idea from them. It gets insanely deep. Nobody really gives a hoot about you and your kids knowing that YOU, the white man has nothing but war in your heart. Psalm 55:21. You murdered millions of innocent black babies. I can here you now, “i didnt do it”. I need you to overstand this fact. You are still benefiting from what your ancestors did! Blacks physically built this country and recieved nothing but heartache and pain while the whites still live very well. White privilege. Stolen ideas. You people feel deeply inferior to blacks and are extremly insecure when it comes to blacks.you are all narcissistic in nature and have no real empathy.

  24. We know says:

    It is interesting that white people are the ONLY race who can not stay in the sun… When it seems all other races body are immune to sun.

    1. Ripper says:

      You’re dumb as shit.

    2. Harry pecker says:

      Yeh apparently whites aren’t from this planet and were placed here by aliens thousands of years ago and blacks are the true inhabitants,

  25. Brown eyes says:

    Whites are the only human beings with blue eyes, blonde hair, the most human killers and enslavers even the Illuminate is ruled by white people of the Vatican.
    And here in Africa I need to know English or Afrikaans/Dutch to get just a simple job like cleaning being a security guard

    I just know they own big companies that causes the most pollutions on earth and doing less to undo the mess
    I feel they are still oppressing Africa believing they created the AIDS and the Ebola virus to control populations in the motherland.
    And I believe that ma president Zuma’s Inkandla project is controlled by the white house or the city of London
    While The UN is making sure no country in Africa making a nuke or any weapon of mass destruction without their approval or go ahead.
    It’s not me alone who thinks the USA is owned by the UK and it associates with aliens to control the world excuse my English I’m not white
    Satan has been deceiving all humanity so that we don’t connect to our spiritual self

  26. whitepeoplestink says:

    White people are sub human beings they are sociopathic liars that lie about EVERYTHING. They are not from Africa nor do they descend from our planet, their own scientists have made countless studies and test to stipulate they are part animal. The OOA theory can be debunked because black people live all over this world. White people are scumbag subhumans that are going to be the ones enslaved, in chains and dehumanized. Their time is coming to an end and i cant wait!

    1. they need help says:

      youre retarded
      do you even know who your father is?
      ghetto rat
      you cant wait huh
      you will go back to Africa the way Lincoln originally planned
      I know a job is hard for you
      you will be free soon

      1. MK says:

        A black man is welcome to Africa. Where would you go to? There is no more space for you in Europe.

  27. Slimm says:

    Believe it or not from a scientific point of view there are also aliens that has been documented as being black. And how the Government cover it up is a mystery. In the beginning of time everyone was different shades of black, meaning all the people had melanin in there blood line. Whites are Satan’s offspring. whites never came outside and thrived like Gods chosen. whites lived in caves and heavy wooded forest because the sun would burn them. My point is this, yea there may be a few good whites but how do I trust anyone of you. Hell I cant even trust my own people at times. But while we sit on here bullshitting these same fucking devils are in communication with their ancestors and they are planing an all out war on humanity. But of course who wants to hear that. You rather blank out on blogs then open your eyes to the bullshit in our face.

    1. they need help says:

      youre retarded.
      black people are sooo stupid
      what a waste of a creation
      most hated race in the universe now scared and talking shit
      youre an abortion
      that’s all
      you earned it though
      not innocent fetus
      but an earned abortion
      to be a slave was a favor
      we will just send you back to the arabs for their astral rape games(they prefer males)
      many of you said you liked that better

      1. Jay the enigma says:

        You punk ass white boy…you’re a fucking retard
        Pale mole rat looking mf I know who’s scared…you would never echo that Shit to black man face to face…you would get ya ass smited you fuckinh keyboard….that’s why you smell like a dog when it rains straight beast…the waste of creation was ya ass…from Africa is where all life started…you can see are proof all over the motherland…your just a spin off of albino black man mix with incest and inbreed…weak ass faggot ass spin doctored history…fruitcakes from the caves in mount Arab…faggots ass literature and pictures and sculptures…ducking cuckold

  28. Whoever says:

    It’s obvious that the guy is nuts,yes there are some white racists but there are racists in every race and not all people from one race have the same beliefs,that’s crazy! I was scrolling down the comments and I was surprised by the hate towards the entire caucasian race. That shows that there are racists from other races too. Yes I get that the white americans treated black people horribly in the past but 1)that wasn’t every caucasian’s fault you know and 2) just cause hitler was evil that doesn’t mean that all germans are nowadays evil,just think about it.
    Peace everyone!

  29. Mike says:

    white people are the devil. everybody knows that. so what else is new?

    1. they need help says:

      whites have done more for you than anyone.now regret it
      youre sub human
      aborted you are

  30. David says:

    He really didn’t say much but I will say this I have always believed that in order to be a hue man one must have hue in their skin also to these white cave creatures are the most destructive beings on the earth they have killed more people animals and it destroys cities and civilization with their lives their filth and their diseases these white savage creatures will have sex with anything or animal and will eat literally anything. These creatures from the caves of Europe have an animal like nature everywhere they go death and destruction follows look at the cities and the countries they rule you’ll see the people who are subjected to them in jails and prisons are living on the low side of life while these white savage Devils enjoy the benefits of life of luxury they are an illegitimate ruler of our earth in their greed and destruction they have ruined much of the earth air water and soil these destructive white creatures have ruled this world to the brink of destruction their way is the way of death for for black Africans we must wake up and unite globally not just here in Amerikkka but globally that we may be able to evict these white these white lowlife rodents off this earth and this won’t be done by turning the other cheek are falling down and praying for these devils they must leave this planet. if given the opportunity they will destroy us all black African must unite and come up with an effective plan to remove these white destructive criminals Out of Africa completely out of Africa no more resources no nothing cut all the ties the wealth of Africa belongs to the African people if we can remove these white lowlife criminals from Africa and break all ties then within two generations perhaps 3 we black Africans can reverse the effects of white supremacy

  31. khalid says:

    The Africans selling African thing:listen Africa is Continent not a country first of all.second it was divided into thousands of tribes.Tribes went to war with other tribes.the victorious one took the people(slaves-captives)and land.Europeans came and some African tribes sold slaves(which were already slaves to that particular tribe to the European…European comes back and says thank you will take all of you now…that simple..we didn’t sell our people into slavery as the false story goes.

  32. Franklin Lawrence says:

    So this guy is right in that Caucasians aren’t huemans, they are neanderthal or descendants of neanderthal. It is the Black Man that is the true huemans. Modern science has proven all races except the so called African or Blackman share mitochondrial DNA with neanderthals. In fact it can be argued that Blacks are the only true huemans.

  33. Lawrence says:

    I don’t believe all whites are evil and can read one another’s mind in some kind of group think. I do however see the changing and whitewashing of history to deprive the world not only of historic truths but recent truthes as well.
    I don’t know of any race that would willingly cast themselves into a negative light for the sake of the truth. Africans have a history of slavery against one another and so do whites. The desire for free labour would grow do to the founding of large amounts amounts of land across the ocean.
    Due to our history of slavery and our immunity to disease. Blacks are spread all across the world and not because they wanted to be. But due to the desire for free labour to build what is now America and slaves who escaped to fined freedom but who never made it back to Africa.
    Humans were traded like animals and treated worse. Germans would turn the dead bodies of Jews into furniture purses and wallets. I could go on and on and still a majority of history is not documented. But what is done is done all we can do today is brighten the future not waste time avenging what is now the past.

  34. cent says:

    I am Aifrica American and I agree with what this man have said 100% base on my personal experiences

  35. Kthxbai says:

    What a fucking nut job. If you take this guys word, why not just believe what Hitler said about the Arryian race? If you’re seriously so fucking retarded that you feel the word of one random nut job on the internet holds validity, you need to check yourself into a mental hospital. Looks like black racists are just grasping at fucking straws to find excuses for their own racism against whites.

    1. Izzon says:

      We do not have the power to be racist, you dumb fuck. We have every right to be prejudice and the idea of the Arayian race still exist.

  36. Hakeem says:

    Thus why we Africans don’t like BlackAmericans because they got white blood-line. U guys are next to white people and all BlackAmerican males wish to White thus why u chase white women.

    1. they need help says:

      we think youre both ugly and retarded
      both Africans and black americans
      IQ same level
      and blacks will always hate and kill blacks
      so we know Africans hate black americans
      you kill each other the most
      because youre retarded

  37. they need help says:

    God save me from the pubic haired headed shit colored vagina lipped low IQ violent over sexed under paid diseased ridden mentally ill parasite known as the black race.
    they keep speaking English in ways that the white brain does not benefit from
    and they also cannot seem to benefit
    I know you abandoned them long ago to starve to death and we adopted them as pets and loved them clothed them fed them included them taught them and even cried and joyed over them.but apparently you want them back and they are getting angry about it so please do it speedily
    they now hate whites because they depended on whites to save them from YOU o god who made them and hates them…… but we cannot bear them anymore
    whaever reason you made them and also hate them is your business and I am sorry and I repent that I tried to upgrade themand coddle them into something kinder and better
    you may do with them as you wish for they have not said thank you
    I would have protected them from you for I know my God is stronger than the god who made blacks but
    they are not worth it
    and I am sure you have an environment better suited for them
    perhaps this time you wont forget them for centuries and starve them all to death because this time whitey wont care
    maybe lower their sex drive so they wont breed like rabbits when they know they have no food
    higher IQ maybe?
    just make sure we never see them again not even on tv on sad commercials begging for food. the god of blacks.thats YOUR JOB to feed them..not ours.
    they don’t want it from us because it makes them feel stupid
    they don’t feel releated so remove this pest from us
    they are unappreciative even though they know Africa is worse off
    so feel free to remove them
    of course they cant do it themselves because they can do nothing themselves so set up a free cheese food stamp type of line they can get in.. for you to remove them
    and give them their wish
    otherwise all they do is think and talk about it but they will never do it
    please god of blacks fix your broken avatars.
    they do not like 9-5 jobs
    and they prefer to be non clothed
    so take your other type of creation to its natural environment. where they were as bible says “naked and didn’t know it and did not feel shame ” and were not enlightened
    they were happier then

  38. Gb says:

    This is some of the most ignorant comments i ever heard. You guys all need to get ya facts straight! Keep studying. But i will say is that Africans & Hebrews and Arabs is all the same. Thats why he said using the divide and conquer method to keep the original people oppressed. Listen to what he said there are only 2 races…

    1. Crow says:

      Subsaharan Africans have an average IQ of 70. When your IQ is that low, somebody is going to rule over you. The reason why whites are racist towards blacks is because they have been brought to white countries against the will of the people, and all they have to offer our society is an increase in crime rate.

      According to FBI and DoJ statistics, blacks commit more than half of all homicides, commit nearly 40% of all violent crime, and they make up nearly half of the 2 million inmates in jails and prisons. Blacks also make up 40% of welfare recipients.

      The fact is, no one likes black people, because blacks are dumb, violent, and hateful people. If they dumped a few million blacks in China, then suddenly blacks would think the Chinese are the most racist people ever, because they’re not going to tolerate their criminal behavior either.

      Mentally, blacks are forever teenagers… they’re rebellious, they think they know everything already, and they never take responsibility for their actions. It’s always someones else that is causing them to do the bad things they do.

      By the way, the guy in the video is obviously trolling. Anyone who believes what he is saying probably has an IQ of a Subsaharan African.

      1. black power says:

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      2. MK says:

        You are such a retard Crow. Is America a Whites’ country?

  39. Kevin fitzgerald says:

    Wow!! There is a lot of ignorant people in this world!! First of all if you are black and you believe in the bible..you’r fucked!! The true story of the bible was modify by a buch of womenizers and fucking crackers..if this god is real he must be a fucking redneck !! White supremacist call black people monkeys, savages bla bla bla..who are the real monkey and savage?? Yup us white people!! We make laws so we can kill black people, so we can walk around with or guns to scare them, we create biological weapons like aids ebola to kill mutch as black people and we make a lot of money out of it..we burn their lands and still there ressources and after we pretend we gonna help them to rebuild..we are a buch of fucking hypocrites!! We kill the native americans made a fortune out of slavery, take those people out of hour history even its becuse of them we made it so far!! We fucked this world since day one and one day..we gonna get it in the ass my brothers!! Karma’s a bitch!!

    1. Patrick packaheat says:

      I’m white and i totally agree with this guy. I don’t know how we end up like this! When i read some stupid shit like ” they need help” , i know whe are fucked!! I can’t imagine this guy or women having children!! Racist is a mental illness but know there trying to make it sound like a society problem..don’t make me laugh!! White people totally oppress blacks, arabs and many more..well i’m glad i’m not like one those ignorant fuck! That desease is contagious..blacks have all the rights to be mad at us after what we’ve done and where still doing..tulsa race riot, slavery, cop killing blacks, stupid white people can walk with guns..i believe there a two type of white people..peple like “they need help” who probably have a foetus instead of a brain and people like my self and this guy who have a chance to think rationally.. Thank god for good white people hahaha!! I’ll go to war against u fuck any time!!

    2. black power says:

      Y’all white hoes do a thousand squats a day to get a big round ass. You small dick men exercise all the time so y’all can have a muscular body like black men. That’s why white birches Chase after black men. Y’all better check them hoes, but it’s all good let them birches come we need to populate. All apart of the plan. You stupid idiots.

  40. Jay the enigma says:

    Any mf that came out of a cave…can’t tell me ish…I know the history which is 10,000 yrs old maybe…a theif a rapist incest in-breed war starting mf…pale mole rat looking mf I don’t trust him

    1. black power says:

      To Jay the enigma. I like your style. You are very funny my friend. These stupid ass, pale mole, 🐀 looking mutha fuckas need to sit the fuck down. Corny, stinky, no lip, ass, sweaty, clowns. They think they are so ducking smart. Dumb add. They ain’t worth the shit that come out of my ass. And for that half woman, half man bitch named they need help. Notch you need help. Dirty ass. Eat a black long dick. You inbreed.

  41. Why says:

    Isn’t anybody gonna mention the CRIMINAL elite that are still using these ancient ET technologies discovered and reverse engineered to accommodate their ruthless ambitions of world domination, and make the odds so incredibly stacked against those they find undesirable. The world around us will show that the elite privileged class are WHITE. Go ahead and google pictures of everyone who is not white hanging from anywhere you can tie a slipknot, and notice all the casual white faces just standing around after CHURCH Sunday morning, i’m sure, without a drop of remorse and actually enjoy the “festivities”. Do ANY of you f*@#ing people think.. that just.. WENT AWAY. Genocide updated now.. is carried out COVERTLY.. and is of BIBLICAL proportion. The people responsible are who presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower & John F. Kennedy warned us about, a military industrial complex that is accountable to no rule of law. There are a lot of good arguments here, but the bottom line as I see it is.. the darker skin races are being poisoned and brain damaged intentionally using science to constantly fool the “desired” white population into believing that “yeah they are just a bunch of inferior animals”. Using science to actually create real-life lies, RED FLAG!!!!: WHITE PEOPLE ARE COLLECTIVELY SCARED OF DARK SKIN PEOPLES BIRTH RATE & BEING OUT BRED , BLACK & WHITE COUPLES = DON’T! – MAKE! – WHITE! – BABIES!

    1. black power says:

      To Jay the enigma. I like your style. You are very funny my friend. These stupid ass, pale mole, 🐀 looking mutha fuckas need to sit the fuck down. Corny, stinky, no lip, ass, sweaty, clowns. They think they are so ducking smart. Dumb add. They ain’t worth the shit that come out of my ass. And for that half woman, half man bitch named they need help. Notch you need help. Dirty ass. Eat a black long dick. You inbreed. You white bitches want to be us, but you can’t bitcheees. Laughing my ass off. That’s why black men are taking your white women. White women love that black hard long dick, and you little dick white mutha ducks can’t stand it. Trust me, it’s not that they don’t want us black queens but because those white bitches are tell a stupid. Omg. You can pull the wool over those head. You tell them birches to jump and they say, how high dude. Black women don’t want you fucking white red smelly little duck needs. So you can forget about that sh it. You fucking wana vanilla ice whack bitch.

  42. Jimmy h says:

    Blue eyes came from Nordic aliens in Scandinavia and spread to a few surrounding countries. The rest of Europe is mostly from Earth..I am Sicilian and Scandinavian so I am from Earth and from those star people….come on there are great and kind people with blue eyes and good white people…I swear blacks can be the most racist mofos sometimes..if you get out enough you will see there is great people of all skin tones . And half of the problem is this shit jewish media pushes..the only oppressor is black anger and perception..I never oppressed shit in my life and if anyone calls me a devil they better do so from behind a computer cuz I’m sick of the demonization of good caring white folks….now that is real talk my friend
    . I got respect for cool black folks but I am also poor and oppressed so punk niggles are not my problem…I wish um luck but..not my deal dude stand on your own 2

    1. Delores says:

      I like what you said

  43. afera says:

    Come on! anyone can tell how dam you are just by looking on to your face iiii why would you guys then have to invent all this technology from scratch if you had the capability of coming here from another galaxy may man?
    my view is the world would look so ugly without fools like you.

  44. VoidTheGroid says:

    A wise subhuman once said “even if you’re in a Benz you’re still a NIGGER” -Kanye West now that’s a nigger that knows his place lol white people are like the queen bee of the hive no other race can compete in terms of strategy/war the only people who can beat white people in war is more white people I love seeing black people talk about their superiority and future plans of rising to the top when 90% of you useless fucks can’t rise out of bed and get a fucking job its so clear black people have an inferiority complex and just can’t seem to accept the fact that being a nigger is considered the lowest rung on the ladder in every social circle around the world they think the white man is keeping them down because they’re too stupid to rise themselves and their lack of higher thinking ability then shifts to blame and aggression I judge a niggers use to society based their license and if there’s a check marked next to organ donor because let’s face it they are fine specimens for spare parts nothing more

  45. Steven Lewis says:

    The Social Justice Warriors tried using the “race is a social construct” claim, until some whites responded, if this is true then we can’t be racist. The racism accusation and OOA theory being pedled in the video and in the comment section is pure rubbish and delusional. The dumbest comment is the one that claims whites came from another planet. Eve was not black, whites didn’t steal inventions by blacks, which suggests blacks created everything. If any of this were true Africa would be the most advanced continent in the world. Then you have the Blacks were Kings and Black Hebrews. There are people who are just throwing crap against the wall to see if it sticks

    “Australian historian Greg Jefferys explains that, “The whole ‘Out of Africa’ myth has its roots in the mainstream academic campaign in the 1990′s to remove the concept of Race. When I did my degree they all spent a lot of time on the ‘Out of Africa’ thing but it’s been completely disproved by genetics. Mainstream still hold on to it.”


    1. Bert says:

      That’s BS. I suppose those are white folks on the walls in Egypt. I guess those Egyptian statues with the broad noses are white too? And I guess your DNA doesn’t have the Neanderthal gene. The Black gene is dominated by the way. Black folks gave you civilization all through Europe and Spain. Especially Spain until 1492, I suppose that’s a lie too.

      You should ask for a refund for your degree.

  46. Romansrule says:

    White people by nature are the most compassionate and generous people on the planet. By the numbers whites are statistically more apt to help those in need and try to help better life I general for all races. White’s do not oppress and murder their own race in staggering numbers as do all other races of man. Look at all other races of man in their homelands and see how they live. It’s like the stone age there and they blame it on white people. No one is there holding them back from bettering their lives except for themselves. Any country can free themselves from that oppression and become better. They simply would rather blame white people lol You’re right, white people are the devil’s seed that’s why they are so much better at being compassionate human beings than all other races. Native Africans,Arabs,Chinese,Etc. Are statistically much more cruel. There really is no comparison. Look around and its easy to see.The more white people try to help raise the standard of living for all people the more demonized they become. White people are oppressed and demonized by the rest of humanity because we are the chosen race who’s lineage goes back to Adam the man and race chosen by God to be the conduit bloodline for Yeshua. The bloodline chosen by God to rule this Earth because the other races of man created before Adam needed a leader to show them the way because they became infected by Satan and the fallen and had been deceived and lost their way. That’s why all the other races are still savages today. White people have their flaws too but for the most part we have been able to become civilized. Unlike the rest. There are 2 races of Jews. One race are the descendants of Cain which is the child of Eve and Satan. These are the Jews you see today that are in Israel and are behind all the world’s problems. The other race of Jews which are the true Israelites “Whitey” Israel-LIGHTS=Light skin= the conduit for the royal bloodline set to rule and be examples for the betterment of mankind. Whitey failed because evil is dominate here on Earth because Satan is the ruler of this Earth. I’m just kidding.. I just wanted to sound as ridiculous as all these other posts on here.. All you people are nutts and its truly a miracle that man has made it this far with all the lunacy in this world. Lord help us for we are truly lost beyond words.

  47. Seth says:


  48. Jonah says:

    This ass head needs to take his hat off and keep his bs to himself, but it might appeal to the easy impressionable .

  49. JONSTEPH says:

    All i know is that europeans, mid east people, asians, people from Oceanía, and american indigenous, all come from African humans, and these mutations are adaptions to those environments.

  50. Truth says:

    No wonder cavemen are so ignorant and evil LMAO you take things like the Bible as actual historical history llol

  51. Truth says:

    Whites never came from any damn Africans , that’s the lie they want to push along with the THEORY of evolution. They’re nothing like us which is evident in their nature!

  52. beneficii says:

    I am white and I can say there is no “explicit” code we follow to oppress that I’m aware of; there is nevertheless a kind of hushed contempt for black people that finds its outlet in dog whistling, only that white people half the time aren’t even aware of their racism.

    And, no, white people do not come from another planet. White people show DNA evidence of both African and Asian admixture, and this includes those we would consider “pure” white. There’s also evidence that some Asians groups helped white people build civilization, like the Huns who came over in the Late Antiquity (source: Hyun Jin Kim’s “The Huns, Rome, and the Birth of Europe”). Of course, many white people, who like to think that it is only white people that discovered and brought civilization to the world, don’t exactly like hearing stuff like that. In addition, both “pure” African and Asian populations show evidence of European (white) admixture.

    White supremacy is a cynical policy invented in the 16th and 17th centuries for a small white elite to maintain its power and to discourage the working class white people and black people from uniting to fight for their interests. I am hoping that we can keep taking it down, either immediately or piece by piece.

    1. The Profit Geof says:

      This site should be renamed Moaning Bitches, it’s a argument that chases its own tail and just exhausts the mind.

  53. disgusted says:

    Continue to live in the past and deny yourself your true purpose. Racism, whether black, white, red yellow or brown, is a sickness of the mind. Hatred only breeds hatred. I don’t believe many of you here understand the condition of the soul and why you exist. Because you drown in hatred, you will suffer it over and over and over. Words of life and love will only fall on deaf ears. Be good to each other.

  54. Bert says:

    Don’t do any research at all

    How to compare #Black Lives Matter To A Hate Group

    Are you eager to compare Black Lives Matter to a hate group? Well, listen to this tutorial. And let’s check out how the pros do it.

    It takes centuries of inherited racism

    Here is how to compare Black Lives Mater to a hate group in 6 easy steps.

    1) Start by doing no research at all. This is important. You can’t know too much about the movement or Black history. If you must read the news, make sure it’s with an outlet that agrees with you. Memes are allowed as long as they don’t challenge your world view.

    2) Falsely and disrespectfully invoke MLK’s view by ignoring all his boycotts and disrupted protests and his profound impact on race relations. Instead, falsely remember him as a reflection of you even though you only know that one line from “I Had A Dream” speech.

    3) Think about some movies you’ve seen where the Black guy plays the villain. Were they crooks? Use it. Where there is a thinly drawn character with no backstory and therefore, no impact at the end? Even better, from now on convince yourself that this wasn’t a movie but instead your real life.

    4) Do a basic Google search of infamous hate groups and select the top hit. In your mind sloppily and without research compare Black Lives Matter with this hate group.

    5) Speak these half thoughts into the nearest camera compare this with the hate group you found in step 4. Describe them as the movie villain in step 3. Invoke your own version of MLK from step 2. And remembering step 1 base this on absolutely no facts at all. And finally, 6) Continue to ignore the crushing irony that you are comparing a group of people with people who saying they matter to another group of people saying they don’t. And as you do this move boldly towards the future that won’t paint you kindly.

    Remember, the less information and life experience you have the most qualified you are to make swiping statements about a community you know nothing about.

    You are proud because you are privileged you don’t do much research if any at all. We don’t have to because you are the privileged people.

  55. Bert says:

    To you racist whites, please study sometimes, so you know what you are talking about. If it weren’t for Blacks you white folks would have never been able even to use the bathroom in space not alone get there. Do your damn research. A Black woman designed the Space Shuttle. A Black man developed the Space Station. You guys try and take credit for everything we did instead of just taking credit for what you invented.


  56. Yvonne says:

    As soon as a question comes up about black or white everyone becomes a racist. It’s because you all carry hate in your hearts. Black and white alike. You are all coloured. White is a colour black is a colour yellow is a colour. Grow up you idiots

  57. vladtheimpaler says:

    german descent my ass,his face screams jew.anyone that can’t see this guy is another jew shit stirrer trying to put blacks and whites at odds.its all part of the plan of zion.who do you think is responsible for all that racist pornography online?jews,they are 90% of the porn producers and focus on race mixing and insulting captions to degrade blacks against whites and whites against blacks.all under the guise of “fantasy” they are despicable people with zero honor,and are behind everything evil about this country.they whine about the holocaust to distract people and create sympathy for themselves while destroying other countries with accusations of racism and promoting ass non white immigration to white countries.they di this by controlling politics,many change their names to fly under the radar.but they still have the heart of a jew ,which is hell bent on infiltrating controlling and eventually destroying their host countries once the country is fleeced,they move on or oare kicked out before it ges to that point.down through history jews have been kicked out of every host country they have inhabited,but have now established laws in the modern world protecting themselves from expulsion.along with the term ani Semitism(invented by jews)and racist(invented by jews)these words were designed to stop a discussin in its tracks.they are not even words they are not part of the English language.they are jew fabricated and the jews are much too important to be bundled in with the rest of the losers who deem their oppressors “racists”,no,they have their own word specifically for someone who is against jews”antisemetic”..Is the term.this lets everyone know who is against jews specifically.then they start their conspiring and scheming among the community and put the poor bastards out of business fr telling the truth about these scumbags.look at how anti white Hollywood is.look at the new star wars.its all jew propaganda distorting the brains of our youngsters you see it on the tv with the smart minority and the dumb inept white guy commercials.its all jews not blacks not whites ,whites are not jews ,jews are not whites,jews have assumed the identity of whites and will soon abandon their whiteness if they can get the blacks to start attacking us,and thus far they are doing a good job,but blacks are impulsive and passionate and athletic and the jews will use these qualities to their advantage,but don’t expect any thanks from them,you are merely pack mules to them as are whites.whites are well armed and pissed off that’s our advantage,but that does the jews no good so they prefer to utilize blacks for their dirty work.

  58. Mike says:

    I’m not white I’m not black do I make myself clear! Clear is universal as it respects all colors of the spectrum with its transparency. So be free and in the clear. Be spirit! Transcend all of the dualism! Be white in a white crowd but have them saying….who is this guy? Be black in a black crowd with them saying I wonder why…be ephemeral be God. If God is omnipresent…where are you not? God is all. You are all the great I am that I am. Can you say I am? Then you are God. Drop everything else and read my free book. Googele all paths lead back to me by michae w Springer.I have overcome the human condition. I am the Christ. Am I Caucasian? Yes. Why? Because if the white man did it, the clear man is going to undo it in a white man suit. Enjoy!

  59. joe Mnguni says:

    Please let come to the point everyone has its own thinking ,there are people who knew about the real Jews,we read different books and the understanding and the discoveries .Lets come to the issue of the war which Adolf Hitler hated the Jews and find out about that,The war for Israel ,The man from Egypt contend ,”THEY LEFT BLACK” When he was asked about peace in the middle east …The late president Gamal Abdel Nasser,stated …” The Jews will never be able to live in piece,because they left here Black but come back white.” And now ,before Hitler death he stated ,the truth be with us and said I will start the Third War 3 even I am dead ,And one of his soldiers asked how, ” The day mankind finds outwhat I was trying to defend this nation,Germany,from then thats the day World War 3 will start.For on the day, mankind will learn that I was trying to save , my Nation from The Free Masons,The Illuminate.the Jews .For the Americas to wuns the war ,then they will conquer the world and foever be a slve to the Jwes and they will try to conquer God .Do you know who Americas has in its possession?
    “NO,” the solider replied.
    The Americans has the Jewels of God.
    The British Americans have stolen God`sprecious Jewers.

  60. Agnes says:

    This guy is as crazy as most of the people commenting here.

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