White Hispanic Gunman Charged With 3 Federal Crimes For Florida Shooting


White Hispanic shooting suspect Esteban Santiago of Anchorage Alaska was arrested this week for a mass shooting spree that occurred in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. Federal prosecutors charged Santiago, 26, with three federal crimes on Jan. 7. He faces two firearms offenses, and committing an act of violence at an international airport: a crime that could carry the death penalty, according to ABC News. If he’s found guilty, he will face sentencing for the deaths of five innocent people, and critical injury of eight more, after he went on a violent shooting rampage at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. If convicted, he could also face life in federal prison.

Santiago allegedly opened fire with a handgun at a baggage claim at the airport, killing five people and wounding eight others. After he ran out of bullets, witnesses reportedly said Santiago threw his gun to the ground and laid face down while he waited for officers.

Esteban’s next court date is set for Jan. 9, at 11 a.m. in Fort Lauderdale’s federal court

8 thoughts on “White Hispanic Gunman Charged With 3 Federal Crimes For Florida Shooting

  1. John Scott says:

    These white supremacists will continue to get away with murder as long as we allow it. Enforcing a code with bring about a reward system to those in black society who seek justice. That’s the bottom line.

    1. Lukester says:

      Too bad he wasn’t White. If it’s convenient (we are all “people of color” fighting the White man), you will believe him BUT if he commits a crime–now, all of a sudden, he’s White lol.

  2. like Dr Neely Fuller said don’t just take his word for it…. Observe it for yourself then come up with your own Conclusion.. I feel a lot of black people don’t want to know what white supremacy is they just want to party 🎉 and forget about it while these suspected white Supremacist is plotting…. Tariq said it best the white supremacist don’t like taking L’s they are always on code they play chess no checkers…

    1. Robert Smothers III says:

      i agree. a lot of us dont want to know what white supremacy IS let alone how it works. We want to live in a fantasy world of parties, football, music, videogames and such. THen we want to attack each other, call each other names, “expose” each other, all the white, the racists are plotting on every single one of us. smh

  3. Erica says:

    Amazing how he was apprehended alive and well..smh

    1. Lukester says:

      I know…especially since he was a Puerto Rican, a light skinned negro. Anyone who has ever traveled in Puerto Rico can attest to the large percentage of enslaved African genetic heritage in most Puerto Rican stock today. Indeed, many Puerto Rican’s who call themselves “Hispanic” have more African heritage than some Black Americans who interbred with White during slavery times. Maybe the Black Hebrew Israelites were right: perhaps the Puerto Rican’s are the Ephraim, one of the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel…but my gut tells me that we have been bamboozled.

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