White High School Student Delivers Terroristic Threats To Black Students

middletown oh

MIDDLETOWN, OH — A 15-year-old white student was arrested yesterday after it was shown that he made threats to kill the Black students at his school this past Thursday.

The school known as Middletown High School, has a student body comprising of a majority white student body, but this fact didn’t seem to satisfy the white male student, who was taken into custody upon discovering a note that was written by him describing his intentions of killing Black students in the school. The note was thereafter given to the school’s resource officer, Brandon Highley.

To see images of the racist and threatening note, please view the video below.

According to Cincinnati’s WCPO, both authorities have declined to comment on the matter at hand, instead attempting to reassure both the students and their families that the situation has been properly handled and that everyone is safe.

Middletown High School isn’t the only high school in the state of Ohio to contain cases of savage scholastic racism within its walls. Last month, there was a report of similar treatment of Black students in Pickerington, OH, which is approximately two hours northeast of Middletown, which involved a young Melanoid girl receiving nasty racist taunts and epithets via social media from the white students at that particular school.

In the midst of Middletown High‘s officials and law enforcement’s joint efforts to protect the identity of the white male who threatened to kill Black students, it illustrates another example of the glaring double standard that has been established between young Black teenage boys and their white counterparts.

B. Clark

13 thoughts on “White High School Student Delivers Terroristic Threats To Black Students

  1. JayBay says:

    Yet another nigga wake up call for our black youth. Fortunately nothing happened in this incident but with how protective these schools are of their little murderers in training he’ll be back in a few days like nothing happened.

  2. R8sing A Nation says:

    Not surprised…parents get your head out the sand and prepare your kids for how to deal with educational racism. If you don’t then they will be confused and fall for all sorts of traps and gimmicks. It may feel tiring but you’ll feel so much better knowing they know how to avoid situations,process questionable information, and stand in their own truth.

    1. Jay Bee says:

      Black Americans need to start their own charter schools. Black youth usually excel in this environment. Also, home schooling can be very effective.

      1. dj says:

        you are right. black parents need to teach their children who are their enemies also so they won’t be too scared or shocked but well prepared to handle these threats when things like this happen…

  3. MagnumBoom says:

    The parents also need to be investigated. Obviously this sort of thinking is either ignored, condoned or worse, encouraged. This will never change, period. It’s time to stop trying to overcome and switch gears into survival mode. Our kids aren’t safe now. They wont hesitate to take us down, we need to get of the mind that neither will we. More importantly, that if you screw with our kids, you will be dealt with.

  4. bree says:

    he needs to charged with 1st degree attempted multiple murders, and do serious prison time. someone like that should not have public freedom

    1. k says:

      To mean someone expressing how they think and feel…. Not at all…

    2. Monique says:

      YES HE DOES. But we know he won’t. EVER. It’s that privilege that will keep him out

  5. Onelv says:

    Wow… To the comment that was made about black americans getting their own school.. That’s your solution?!?!? You’re an ignorant idiot and maybe you need to go back to school. Racism isn’t inherited.. It is learned… Maybe the parents of the white students should raise their kids to respectful of people regardless of the color of their skin. Kids don’t LEARN to be racist.. Their taught… That’s on the parents… And if those parents don’t like people of color, they can keep their kids home.

    1. dc1969 says:

      Apparently you don’t get what jaybee was saying.he or she simply stated that black,Melanoid people should be taught by people who have our own and best interests at heart . integration is one of the worst things that occurred for black ,Melanoid people in this place called the USA.so if you feel some sort of way about this,i don’t really care.sucker!

      1. unapologetically black says:

        Yes, this is very true. Integration for us meant to be able to spend our money at non black establishments, not integrated into wealth and power or the sharing of resources. Some of will never understand that because this how the system of white supremacy works. To keep most of the people in a state of oppression, meanwhile maintaining the illusion that everyone has the same opportunities. All they have to do is “pull themselves up by the bootstraps”. I think that’s why Africans on the continent fair better than the diaspora because they are surrounded and taught by people who have their best interest at heart, despite the decrepit conditions they live under.

      2. Monique says:

        I AGREE

    2. Monique says:

      SERIOUSLY? That’s the problem. We say “let’s build our own” and it’s a problem. WHATEVER. It’s about time we start.

      Blacks are constantly getting this. TIRED, SO TIRED. You say “keep the kids home? ” and do what? Let their hate build more? So that they can plod more? NO let them in our face, see us, hear us.

      And it’s *they’re* btw

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