White Cop Who Received Oral Sex From A Child Won’t Have To Register As Sex Offender


A Houston Independent School District police officer admitted in court on Wednesday to sexually molesting a 14-year-old student while employed at Cullen Middle School in 2015. Jacob Ryan Delgadillo  entered the plea as a part of a deal that allows him to get off with only five years probation and will not require him to register as a sex offender. If he completes his probation without incident, Delgadillo will not show a conviction on his record. Should he violate the terms of his parole within the five-year period, his deal would be gone and he could face the full 20 years in prison.

Jacob Ryan Delgadillo, 30, was arrested in January for allegedly having carried out sex acts inside Cullen Middle School’s girl’s bathroom. Suspicions were raised by teachers when they observed the officer blowing kisses to the teen through a window to a classroom.

Friends of the teen victim told the authorities the girl performed oral sex on him while on school property. Later, the victim confirmed she’d had oral sex with the officer, after confessing the act to a teacher. A subsequent investigation by police led to his arrest.

The current police state we are now living in has allowed predators to gain employment as “police officers” in order to engage in the most despicable  behavior imaginable with complete impunity.

59 thoughts on “White Cop Who Received Oral Sex From A Child Won’t Have To Register As Sex Offender

  1. troy risby says:

    This is so freaking typical when it comes to white men sexually assaulting children. The punishment is so light that they may as well not punish him at all.

    1. Calvin says:

      you may not like thus truth but it’s real , white prilivage is real this is the 4th rape or sexual assault in a the last 10 months by a white guy and he avoids prison. It’s getting ridiculous

    2. Kim correthers says:

      You have the biggest catch and release scheme in human history the american criminal justice system when it comes to white people and white privilege… We have the privilege to rape murder and do whatever we want because we are white without being held accountable…

      1. To protect and serve yeah rite wat a joke

    3. Pat says:

      He’s Hispanic!

      1. Ryan says:

        Hispanic means his origins are from Spain right?! So that means he’s white.

        1. casey says:

          No, Spain is definitely not considered Hispanic…

        2. Dalet says:

          Thank you so much I hate when people try to correct it if you ain’t African-American m*********** and your skin and not black then what the hell argue let’s just call it what it is let’s call a spade a spade damn I’m so tired of people with these different excuses it doesn’t matter that was a f****** child at the end of the day if it was a Niger on the other hand his ass to be sitting in m************ jail and have to come out and register as a sex offender

          1. Rafiq says:

            Fuck you

          2. G says:

            True if he was black. The prosecutor should be fired. Did he lose is job. I would hate to think taxpayers paying him to rape and molest.

      2. Don't Matter says:

        Hispanic is a culture not a race, dude. You can be a black or white Hispanic.

        1. Dalet says:

          Look just shut the f****** because that’s not even a motherfuking principal the whole f****** thing is his skin is white and a motherfuking got off from f****** with a child if his skin was black his black ass will be sitting in jail and then have to come out and register as a sex offender see m************ like you make excuses

      3. Ronnie says:

        No that’s ethnicity not race. If you have your original birth certificate filed with your local health ir census bureau if your hispanic/latin origin it will have your race as white. Some courts will recird the same in their dicuments.

      4. Charmed says:

        I thought he was italian

      5. Barbara Tompkins says:

        NO HE’S NOT!!!!!!

      6. Werrtgf says:

        No he’s white !

    4. Grant says:

      Hes hispanic u idiot. U sound like the media with that fake news ! Lmfao

      1. Barbara Tompkins says:

        NO HE’S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Dalet says:

        The whole point is not about if he from Spain if he Hispanic if he from wherever the f*** under the ground Underground Railroad that doesn’t make no sense that has nothing to do with the point the point is his skin is not dark but if its skin was black his ass would be sitting behind bars that’s the purpose if his skin was f****** black he would be sitting in jail and when he get out his ass and be registering as a sex offender Point Blank

    5. Jennifer Mayfield says:

      Just because he LOOKS white diesn’t mean he IS white…his last name sounds HISPANIC! Why don’t you find out his true ethnicity before you start complaining about “WHITE PRIVILEGE”?? Probably he got special treatment because he was a COP!!! And as a WHITE woman, I don’t care what color his skin is…he is a lowlife, sorry, piece of shit pedophile and shoukd be shot in my opinion.

      1. Barbara Tompkins says:


      2. Your a lier says:

        He’s white period point blank !

        1. Debbie says:

          Color only means a lot
          If all your fellow cops
          are the same color as you.
          Whites cover for whites but
          All the darker shades do to.
          Never expect otherwise
          BLUE will always cover BLUE.

        2. Morris b says:

          Just say he’s white and keep everyone happy.

      3. A says:

        Yes thank you

    6. Canty says:

      It’s getting too hepatic out here wit dis complextion connection ordeal. White men can even murder on camera and get little if any punishment. Now they can even have sex with little children?? I would luv 10 minutes alone with a couple of these coward ass people.

    7. Debbie says:

      It is more of a “who you know” deal and this prick knew the right people…a judge and a prosecuter were bought and paid for by someone high up pulling strings!
      Had it been a white teacher, he would have been strung up from nearest tree just like a brown teacher or a black one. Instead, he wears BLUE, that protects him but the color you need to look for is GREEN. The origin of the green will tell more than we can even guess.

  2. Sick says:

    True. This is typical of white men anywhere. Why do they keep raping these children? It’s rampant in Europe as well. It’s becoming acceptable. Disgusting.

  3. Frost says:

    Absolutely amazing that they have the balls to do something like this. If I was her father there’s no telling what I would do.

    1. Dalet says:

      You mother f****** right because if he got off that easy that mother f***** would walk around to live another mother f****** day and by time I got done with his mother f****** ass I guarantee you they’ll be locking your at my ass up and m************ jail I bet you torturing his mother f****** ass to get somebody’s attention with his sick dick

  4. released military says:

    The judicial system is set up to cater to thier own. Cops are told to let other cops go when caught committing criminal acts (dui, controlled substances and cases ofbabuse) but told to cite citizens anychance given ( though its at the policemans discretion. Think he’s gonna lock his friend up?) how do we police the police? Maybe keep cams on them 24/7 since they are on civilians 24/7.
    Ima vet.

  5. Saleem magwood says:

    This is so fucking sad white man gets away with any & every fucking thing

  6. Seth White says:

    What’s going on in the white mans DNA that for centuries have caused them to behave in a sub human manner? Its not natural to rape, murder, steal, beat, taunt, bully, harass, or terrorize. They have done this all over the globe. Are they a mentally ill species of humans?

    1. Morris b says:

      You’ve just listed all mugabes hobbies.

  7. Sharon says:


  8. M says:

    in this country white people can do no wrong

    1. Akuba says:

      No one is above the law. He needs to be punished

  9. Akuba says:

    Isnt it obvious. White man can go scort free but blackman must be punished. This is bullshit. Nobody is above the law

  10. Asheeka says:

    I don’t care if he’s white, black, a purple people eater. He engaged in sexual activity with a child which means he should not only be under the jail, he should be castrated.

    1. MP says:

      I served in the Military with him. He’s definitely not white. He’s Puerto Rican.

      With that said a lot of you buy into this racial click bate. It takes away from the real issue. The real issue is you have a man who’s an authorstive figure getting oral sex from a 14 year old girl. It’s not right. Also none of you know the circumstances behind the case so quit making assumptions. As bad as it is, no one knows the circumstances behind him getting a blow job. Not sticking up for him at all just saying it’s possible the girl just wanted to blow him. It was his responsibility however to refrain which he did not. Fortunately th judge can see these potential circumstances coupled with whatever else they found.m and it’s probably why he only gets probation.

      1. Dalet says:

        You know what I don’t give a f*** if you served in a McDonald’s restaurant with this son of a b**** you must be one of these m************ this out there getting your dick sucked by a child too because I don’t give a f*** what the circumstances was if it was a black man his ass will be in jail no matter what the circumstances is his dick shouldn’t have been out in a 14 year old girl mouth should not have been on it either way I go is rape if it was a black man 21 f****** a 14 year old girl his ass and being m************ jail so quit with the motherfuking excuses ain’t no circumstances. You stupid mother f*****

      2. shawnie says:

        Bullshit and you know it. .making excuses..

      3. adventurer says:

        Served in the military with him? He’s not Puerto Rican lol

      4. God's Child says:

        Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what you say; there is too much focus on the whole racismfactor and don’t even realize how the emergent has everyone in a frenzy over color; which causes more HATE; which is satan’s first name. It is really sad…I would suggest that everyone get a relationship with God…the only Judge that matters. Then. And only then will things start to change. In the famous words of Michael Jackson, change starts with “The Man in the Mirror.”
        God Bless…

        1. God's Child says:

          *enemy* not emergent

      5. G says:

        No dam way. You people are trash. Without registering he can be in your kids school tomorrow. If he is a threat it don’t matter he suppose to go to jail and register. The shit is going to bite them. He will do it again. You offer a teenage $20-$50 no telling. Why you think them girls keep follow RKelly. It ain’t his ugly ass. It’s the money. But it’s wrong. That’s why he make sure they legal.

  11. Greener says:

    We should have the same charges as any other sex offender as well as he needs to be put under the jail he’s to set an example for everybody he’s a police officer for God’s sake so I hope I never meet him in person because I feel sorry for his ass I might beat him with a bat just like he deserves and then throw his ass in jail for it that’s where he needs to be may he rot in hell

  12. Kristina Reynolds says:

    Who cares if he’s Hispanic, Italian or white!! That nasty MF should be in jail!! I’m a mom of 2 and if ANYONE ever touched or anything with my daughter I would chop his doodle off myself and pour acid on it and be joyous to watch him in pain!! He’s a disgusting, low life, piece of shit asshole and deserves punishment!!!

  13. Teresia Holman says:

    If he identified as white he is white!!! All in all he committed this terrible act and got off!! The argument over spanish, white, Hispanic is really irrelevant.

  14. Banik says:

    That’s definitely NOT your typical white last name and certainly is Hispanic. He IS Puerto Rican, so PLEASE stop the WHITE bashing! It’s not a white or black thing it’s a “COP” thing and them doing him a favor so he’ll never loose his job! Understand? He had NO BUSINESS in the girl’s Restroom and how Dow 14 yr old girls even know how to do that these days? He got nothing and she lost her reputation! He should have had the HAMMER to have come down on him even more being an Officer of the Law taking advantage of a young girl! God help! This is sickening all the way around! If I were the parent’s I would sue both the Department and the School for NOT PROTECTING MY CHILD FROM A PREDATOR, because that is exactly what he is and GUARANTEED it will happen again! I’m sure he spent time grooming her into that act. He may never be caught again, which will be the sad thing!

    1. Fiji says:

      You do realize he had to give up his law enforcement certification, right? He’ll never be able to hurt anyone as a police officer again. Thankfully.

  15. Banik says:

    *does* correction for mistake. HOW DOES A 14 YR OLD GIRL KNOW HOW TO DO THAT? Certainly not an “iniave” one! But that’s beside the point and I’m sure THAT is the ONLY point his Superiors are looking at! (well, she was cure and didn’t look 14 but much older (as most do these days) and I just got caught up and didn’t realize what I was doing) YEA RIGHT! Let them take that answer from my WHITE son and they won’t give a rat’s ars, he”ll get all hell socked to him from the judge! It goes both ways, trust me. This is dirty cop work and the parents should fight back! I sure would! No Register??? Only ONE REASON! So he can stay a Cop! A DIRTY COP JUST LIKE THE REST IN HIS DEPT! He’s learning very well, wouldn’t you say? Already molesting kids! Wonder what’s next? Geez I don’t want to imagine!

    1. G says:

      All the parents suppose to say something. I know the board of education should be sued.

  16. Gary Hynous says:

    Ok. Here’s the 411 on cultures. Hispanic means a citizen of Latin America or of Spain/Spanish descent. Mexican is a Mexican Citizen. Latino a citizen of Latin America or of Latin American descent while a Chicano is a U.S. citizen of Mexican descent Comprende? OK?

  17. Tarita says:

    It does not matter what ethnicity he is what matters at the end of the day he had a child..a damn child perform a sexual act on him.dont give a damn what race you are if you commit this you deserve a much harsher punishment than the slap on the wrist he got..it all boils down to getting special priviledges because he was a cop..damn corrupt officials..

  18. Mrs. Hamlett says:

    Sorry, but the fact that he’s not Black has nothing to do with the fact a child molester is an officer with no record or registry required…thats whatbi care about…all the rest is hogwash!

  19. Troy says:

    So basically the court is saying that no crime was committed here… Man if that ain’t typical of this justice system.

  20. Deez Nutz says:

    Does it matter what he is. What matter is he’s a scum bag. The judge is a scum bag. And the judicial system is scum. How the fuck he’s not registered. If any of us had did that shit we would be in jail and have to register. Fuck the police and their system. Rotten bastards. I hope all who agreed with this die a painful and slow death.

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