White Cop In Alabama Harasses Black Man As He Walks Home From Work

Deonte Lynn

PLEASANT GROVE, AL — Like most productive citizens of American society, Deonte Lynn holds an occupation. Like many productive members of American society, Deonte Lynn has to get to and from work in any way that he can, even if it means he has to walk home from work. Unlike the vast majority of the dominant American society, Deonte is a Melanoid man who’s walking from his job…which was what he was presumably guilty of as a white cop stops and interrogates him about his whereabouts and if he has any weapons in his possession.

Once the story brokea video was included along with the story. It appears that the video was recorded by Mr. Lynn himself, and was uploaded to his YouTube account. You can see footage of the incident in the video below.


According to Mr. Lynn, he was eventually let go by the cop while being searched for weapons.

B. Clark

24 thoughts on “White Cop In Alabama Harasses Black Man As He Walks Home From Work

  1. What says:

    No “RIGHTS” what so ever……..

  2. knighthonor says:

    Wow a violation of the constitution.

    Cop cant pull you over without criminal intentions.

    Did he get a name?

    1. Street abbot says:

      The sad part is the laws currently in place allow officers to get away with this behavior. Melanoid family please look up Terry vs Ohio, Arizona vs Hicks, hiibel vs sixth district of Nevada. These are all cut and dry cases of how the Supreme Court violates the 4th and 14th amendment in regards to Melanated people.

      1. Ted says:

        Three times in my life I said no to the police and none of those times went well. The first time I ended up being held for hours my truck and person searched. When nothing was found they brought in a dog. I was 19 and still had a lot of pissed and vinegar left in me. Anyway the other two times I refused search I was handcuffed and placed in the police vehicle. After more verbal harassment and being pushed around while handcuffed I finally just gave them my name. Most people say why wouldn’t I just give my name. But why should I have to? I was not speeding. I was not stealing. I was a passenger in a cat that broke no laws. All I wanted was to be left alone. Whatever the cops thought we did it was obvious we were not who they were looking for. But they had to break me. Hey had to show me who has the power. They had to let me known that I don’t have the right to be outside without being harrassed. Cops are supposed to keep us safe but all I do is fear them now.

  3. venita lambert says:

    Racism in America, We have a unjust law, Some people say we should just obey the officer. DO WE NOT HAVE RIGHTS IF WE DO,

  4. Nik says:

    This happened to a friend of mine she was driving to my neighborhood this cop waited until she parked and got out the car. This racist pig white cop had the nerve to ask her why n who was she visiting in the area as if she had no right to be there because she’s black after they ran her license thru the scanner they let her go

  5. Nick says:

    This is exactly why people need to know the constitution verbatim if they are going to record these stops. it is clearly an illegal stop, it is clearly racism. A cop cannot stop you and ask for ID unless you are in the process of or suspected of a crime. If the cop cannot state why they are stopping you then you all you say is “Am I being detained or am I free to go?” Most police do not even know the laws our tax-dollars are paying them to “enforce”. By knowing the law better than these race-soldiers, you put them at a psychological disadvantage, and that’s where we have to go with this. If you are going to record, ensure that you are reaching as wide an audience as possible. CopBlock.org is a pretty good site and they can be found on Facebook. People can have their stories told of illegal searches and seizures there and those stories reach an audience of thousands. There are unjust laws on the books, but even the UN has stated that America has a problem with racism, and it is only through knowledge of law, and reaching not just a national audience but an international audience that this corrupt system can be tried on a global scale.

    1. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

      why Nick? the constitution does not apply to us if people havent noticed that yet.a majority of the un armed shootings are people who try and assert their rights.the police have been given orders concerning the rights we dont have as black people.

  6. dc1969 says:

    Fucking pathetic. These race soldiers just cannot help themselves. They quite possibly get aroused sexually when they approach us. Just my opinion. Remember back in 1997 up here in nyc when those 4 race soldiers arrested that haitian brother ,abner louima, for disorderly conduct after he was leaving a party in brookklyn,ny? Well for those of you who forgot, justin volpe,one of those inadequate police officers,decided to take his latent homosexual fantasies out on this dude louima and used a plunger to sodomize his rear end.it came out that volpe had him a negress bedwench who said on the front page of the newspaper that she could not have imagined him doing such a horrible act. Anyway,this jerk tried to say he was under a lot stress and that was what caused him to take his urges out on a frail black man. This jerk thankfully got locked up for a long time for his sexual urges. Let us see what happens in the the case of alleged rapist cop,daniel holdsclaw,in oklahoma. These race soldiers are definitely dangerous because they lack compassion for anyone who does not look like them. Also,they lack a lot of masculinity so they feel that the fact they have a piece,they can go buckwild on anyone without repercussions. Same goes for those dyke,bulldagger,”teststerone” having females.bunch of punks with guns. That is why i clap when i hear something befell them while on or off duty. Fuck em!

    1. dj says:

      I think it is going to get worse. Obama really ok’d this treatment of black people during his presidency. We are truly fucked unless we really band together with $ in order to construct a defense mechanism for our survival.

      1. dc1969 says:

        Very true.when the sides have to be chosen, the average caucasian will go back to their own and will show their true selves.

  7. Philip Jones says:

    What consequence(s), if any, will the cop face for his unlawful action? For far too long, cops have committed criminal acts against citizens (white, black, Latino/Hispanic) and have been “sanctioned” by juries and the legal system for this misdeeds. The question continues to emerge, “Which Americans will be brave/bold enough — through legislative processes — to bring this type of crime to an end?

  8. Shaun Owens says:

    He should’ve asked the officer politely, “Excuse me, do you have a warrant, officer?” Then, after the cop said, “No,” then he should’ve asked, “Am I free to leave, then, officer?” Any police officer that detains a person without a warrant or probable cause is in violation of the Miranda law.

  9. Nik says:

    Contrary to all the white supremacy against the unjustifiable crimes to ppl of color all white ppl are not evil

    1. Vampire Hunter G says:

      Nobody said they were Nik!

    2. Jerome turner says:

      Dont start with that all white people are not bad shit nik we know that, it’s the system of white supremacy and the many white people who keep that system in place.

      1. Ted says:

        Yeah Nik. If one thing is clear to this white person no matter what I am an evil white supremacist. The funny thing is white people will keep fighting for black people even though you hate us.

    3. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

      sounds good on the surface but at the end of the day even your white friend will go with his or her people if a full on race war happens.unless they have already been shunned.

      1. dc1969 says:

        Very true.when the sides have to be chosen, the average caucasian will go back to their own and will show their true selves.

  10. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

    having rights or not is not the issue…the question is who is willing to die for other peoples rights.it seems all my people want to do is complain.there are no Denmark Vessey’s left in the black community nor any Nat Turners.at the end of the day we all will either be slain in the streets un armed or slain in the streets armed and un armed by our own.as soon as the cop mentioned Jail even though no charges would be brought upon this man he still bitched up at even the thought.now i dont fuck with MLK but atleast he wasnt scared to follow through in defense of his and our supposed rights in this forsaken country.I roll with Tariq heavy but even he said he is not bringing anybody up from the bottom,he is only dealing with people already in motion.We have no home country to run to for help so who is rerady to die so that future generations are truly free???

    1. dj says:

      That’s just it tho…most black people are only ready to die for sneakers, phones, and street cred…smh

      The few that are watching from the sidelines are the last of the Mohekans…It is up to us to come together and fight for the future. We have to link up with each other and consolidate our financial resources and follow through with a plan of action that cannot compromised or derailed. We have to be the change that we so desperately want to see. We have to be ready to sacrifice our lives because if we won’t, who will? Until then it is business as usual, sadly…

      1. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

        we dont even trust each other so that plan is dead, you nor will any of our people give their money to another black person without some white institution in the middle.a good movie example is the movie “Empire”.the main character was a puerto rican who would not trust another person of color with a dime,yet when a white boy comes along he let him take every dime he had no questions asked.The overall problem is we dont want to see another black doing better.

  11. Profit30 says:

    Jim Crow 2.0…when will enough truly be enough?

  12. Darren says:

    its like they tryna bring the 50s and 60s back to now

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