“What Makes The Barcelona Terror Attack Different From Charlottesville?”



Written by Tiffany Tubman

August 18, 2017

The system of white supremacy is global and effects every area of our daily life. One cannot deny the institutional racism we witness everyday here in the United States. We have a system of white supremacy that empowers institutional racism that has allowed the only black person actively participating in the destruction of hate to be immediately arrested, while even the white men who assisted her remained at large at large for 2 additional days.


And who drove the truck? Her putting the rope around the statue is not what took it down. Who told the driver to go? This morning it was announced that 8 other arrests had been made about this event. There was also a search of participant’s homes that resulted in complete disarray and mattresses being split open. However, an angry hate-filled lynch mob attacked Deandre Harris. The men pictured are wanted for felony assault.


We have used social media to identify 3 of the attackers. However, almost a week later, these domestic terrorists remain at large. Let us further explore the double standards of white supremacy.


Today we witnessed a motor vehicle strike pedestrians in Barcelona, Spain. Before all the details could be presented, Donald Trump immediately jumped on social media (Twitter) and released statement condemning the attack. His tweet said: “The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. Be tough & strong, we love you!” There was no confirmation was that this event was terrorism. However, it took Trump 2 days to disingenuously condemn the domestic terror here in the United States. Trump has referred to the alt-right domestic terrorist group as “very fine people”.


Trump continuously proves himself to be a cold-hearted white supremacist and supporter of the global system of white supremacy. He has expressed high regard for Confederate monuments in support statements released on Twitter today as well.






However, as a business leader prior to being president of the United States, Mr. Trump orchestrated and executed museum demolitions and fine art was lost in New York to support the location of Trump Towers.






Mr. Trump then tweeted out another threat to the Muslim community (Muslim=Blacks as well) of a false study about General Pershing of the United States. Trump has once again cited a completely unproven legend about murdering Muslims to send a message. Snopes has stated this legend is false.

However, this is a known talking point and example of the radical white nationalists Trump so proudly supports and surrounds himself with.

Because of these radical actions and belief, some people have experienced extreme outrage to this overt form of white supremacy. The citizens of the US, have started movements to disrupt many of Trump’s advisory councils.

The outrage was so intense, majority of the business leaders and CEO in the Manufacturing and Technology Advisory Councils resigned. Trump changed his original stance that he would replace them, and disbanded the entire Advisory Council.














This brought satisfaction to many consumers who were planning a boycott of products and services. However, there is another council a reasonable person would expect to be very concerned with moral code, equality and social justice. Trump’s Evangelical Council has remained in total silence. Not one single member has resigned. We have learned that corporate America has a greater moral compass.







While Trump is making hateful allegations, endorsing mass genocide, and being supported by the many political and civil leaders, Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal is being punished and harassed.






Senator Nadal has an impressive record of service as both Congresswoman and now Senator for MO. However, as she was passionately representing her constituents, she responded to a post on Facebook in this manner:








Moments later, Maria deleted the post without being asked. However, a Facebook user managed to take a screenshot of the post and sent it to several major news outlets. Senator Nadal is being urged to resign. We must stand with her and support her as these hypocrisies must end to create a system of justice in the United States.


Senator Nadal represents constituents in a specific area targeting blacks for mass extermination, incarceration, and deadly attacks. The area is so intense for Melanoid people, that the NAACP has issued its first ever domestic travel ban urging all non-white people to avoid this area for any reason. She has confirmed that she is already receiving death threats and hate mail via all social media platforms.





WS8 WS9 WS10















Missouri State Senator from District 14-Maria Chappelle Nadal


“I am not resigning. When POC are respected by this WH & they are willing to do real work, I’ll sit down with them. People are traumatized!”-Senator Chappelle-Nadal 8/17/17














Stay woke!

Although life feels unreal, this is not a Jason Movie. This is our life, our future, our legacy. Do you want your children to endure the same injustices we have?  We can no longer say “It’s 2017” because we never fixed the problem in 1817, 1917, 1957 or at any other time. We need a counter racist code, which is a system of justice. Guaranteeing no person is mistreated and the person who needs help the most, gets the most constructive help.



Remember the system of white supremacy is tactical in that way that it is meant to argue every side. The white supremacist, or suspected white supremacist, will position themselves strategically to be on every side of an argument to protect and propel the system of white supremacy. This will make the system stronger. Remember, if you play both sides, how can you lose? In a basketball game, can you one player be on two teams? Can you be a Cavalier and a Laker? We must draw a line in the stand because it is time to pick a side. Will you support a system of justice or will you support the system of white supremacy? They cannot co-exist.


The goal is keep you distracted and confused. Our goal is to be logical and focused on creating a system of justice.






Important Notes: Concepts and arguments presented are always based on the materials listed for Survival of the Race War. For more information and support with your current issues, please refer to:



    1. Racial Matters: The FBI’s Secret File on Black America 1960-1972 by Kenneth O’Reilly
    2. The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Code by Neely Fuller, Jr.
    3. The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing


    1. The Wannsee Conference
    2. Hidden Colors 1: The Untold History of People of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent
    3. Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin
    4. Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism
    5. Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy



Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16

Email: TubmanFights@gmail.com


Questions/Comments Submitted: (This is long)




  1. “I’m a white person and I want to help. I have asked my black friends and now I am asking you. What can I do to help?”

If you want to help, never say anything to a non-white person that is not true. If you do, you will be labeled a suspected white supremacist and lose even the benefit of doubt that you want to help. A white supremacist thrives on lies, so to differentiate yourself from that, you must show us with actions. Black people are tired of talking about this. We must all speak to truth to power always.


Do not use code words or send messages among your white community friends to strengthen the system of white supremacy. Use your powers of manipulation to convince your white friends, black people only want a system of justice.


Do not remain silent. Be constructive and approach issues in a logical manner using the proper historical context. When you ask a question, go silent and wait for the answer. Do not cut the person off and never help with the answer.



  1. How do we get rid of the global system of white supremacy?


Think of White Supremacy as a disease that has been passed down from generation to generation. Like must mental illnesses, it is difficult to see, diagnose and understand. But there is a cure for all white and non-white people suffering under this unjust and sick system.


Speak truth to power. Call person, places and things exactly as they are. Do not sugar coat any part of any conversation. You can be professional, respectful, and honest all at the same time. Awake you inner African.


Uphold social responsibility and serve or jury duty or in your community as if the people involved as defendant and victim are BOTH in your bloodline.


Do not create laws that oppress other groups and do not abide by laws that oppress you.


Have a moral code. Because white supremacy is amoral, you are already half way there. Once you practice all these things, you have destroyed the system of white supremacy and conquered the disease.


To keep it from returning, we must create justice which will involve reparations and economic empowerment within the currently oppressed communities.

3 thoughts on ““What Makes The Barcelona Terror Attack Different From Charlottesville?”

  1. Amoun Jamilu Mahmoud says:

    It is long overdue for the U.S. government, to pay reparations to Black people for the harmful, damaging results of racism / white supremacy.

    For centuries, this nation’s “Government of, by and for the people” did not include the Black race.

    Without government support, neither Slavery nor Jim Crow Segregation could have long endured.

    High imprisonment rates of Black people are documented at 70% of the total prison population, while Black people only make up 12% of the total American population as of 2010. The government has apologized to all other groups to whom it has committed offenses and provided reparations to those groups except Black people.

    Yet, Black people have borne the burden of every obligation this nation has had since 1619. Black people did not confiscate nearly 2 billion acres of land from Native Americans. Whites did. However, for more than four centuries, Black people paid taxes and their lifeblood so that White people who did confiscate the land could develop and enjoy the benefits & profits of it. Money out of Black pockets supported a Federal Native / Indian Bureau and State Commissions that gave Natives / Indians benefits that Black people never received. Including $5 fake white indians.

    Black people did not start WWII, but money from our pockets made up the $13 billion that rebuilt Germany under the Marshall Plan and Japan under the Point Four Plan. Black people did not intern Japanese Americans in the 1940s but helped to pay $22,000 in reparations awarded to each descendant in 1992. The U.S. government that Black people pay taxes to has given reparations to every other group except Black people!

    Real racial equality for Blacks in America does not have to begin with an apology. As it is meaningless with out policy changes, action plans and delivery of the reparation / compensation. An acknowledgment from the government that millions of Blacks were wrongfully used and killed as a result of racism / white supremacy is a start.

    Economic justice and reparations in the form of compensation is the constructive / productive result that must naturally follow the race discussion, policy changes and action plan.

    All reparations / compensation must be ongoing:
    1. Wholesome Housing for generations
    2. Useful, Constructive Education with No Debt
    3. Health Care from Birth to Old Age
    4. Useful Transportation and Maintenance Free

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