Was One Of The Slain Dallas Police Officers A White Nationalist?


On July 7th in Dallas Texas, 5 police officers were shot and killed and several were injured from an ambush retaliation attack from a lone gunman. 25 year old army veteran Micah Johnson engaged in what author Neely Fuller Jr. describes as Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Action. This is described as:

“The willful and deliberate elimination of one or more Racists (White Supremacists), through death, and, the willful and deliberate elimination of self, through death, by a Victim of Racism [non-white person], acting alone, according to a detailed plan, and acting only after he or she has judged that he or she is no longer able to effectively promote justice except by eliminating one or more Racists, as well as eliminating him or herself, as a subject of the Racists.” 

Johnson carried out this attack as a result of the legalized executions of two Black men- one  in Louisiana and one in Minnesota. Johnson was subsequently killed after the attack.

One of the five officers who died as a result of Johnson’s ambush was an officer named Lorne Ahrens. According to information on Ahren’s social media pages, there is evidence to believe that he was an open white nationalist.

In some of his Facebook photos, he has images and symbols associated with white extremist groups. There are also photos of him with Neo-Nazi style tattoos.


Nazi Tattoos on arm

Nazi Tattoos on arm

White supremacist Nazi symbol tattoo on finger

White supremacist Nazi symbol tattoo on finger


In addition to the white supremacist symbols and tattoos, Lorne Ahrens Facebook page shows that many of his “likes” are far-right, suspected white supremacist Facebook pages, that are known for posting anti-Black propaganda.


129 thoughts on “Was One Of The Slain Dallas Police Officers A White Nationalist?

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were. Majority of these race soliders, who pose as police officers have a racial bias and disposition towards black people in general, which is the reason why they shouldn’t be police officers.

    1. Kim correthers says:

      No sympathy for the race Soldier… I’m glad he been sent to race Soldier hell. I would say half if not most of these fake police officers come from white nationalist groups kkk etc….

      1. don says:

        haha, a bunch of extreme racist black nationalists are worried about a cop that was racially aware of being white and proud of his heritage. What you Dindu’s dont know is that the “white jew” you hate so much has funded every single movement of yours that ever amounted to anything. You all are generally too undisciplined to carry this on your own. The “demon white jew” is the only reason slavery was abolished, the only reason all your punk asses werent sent back to Liberia, because thats what Lincoln wanted. He knew Dindus would never assimilate. But the “demon white jew” hates the goyim, the gentile white male, so he conspired to keep Dindus in the states to muddy the gene pool for gentiles. They brought you all out of grass skirts and cannibalism, to fuck us. You should thank the white jew, for he hates us more than you do.

        1. Billy says:

          Lol thanks white jews

        2. rosa says:

          you are talking from a place of hate and not truth.

        3. Bernie says:

          😂😂 See people like you are the reason that this country is the way it is. It isn’t hatred because people are taught to hate. Racists pricks like you, white, black, Asian it doesn’t matter is what’s wrong with the world today. I wonder what God you serve and if you keep having the mind frame that you have you will see that the God you really serve is Lucifer. I can’t and won’t hate another human, I can’t pray for people who hates another person because of their faith or the color of their skin. God is love and we are all made in God’s eyes. The quicker y’all idiots realize that the better this earth will be. A lot of people like you are uneducated pricks who think they know everything but why don’t you take your butt back to wherever you came from because the Indians are the rightful owner to the USA we are all immigrants.

          1. Joshua513 says:

            Dude, the “Indians” were black….

        4. Amazing says:

          Yes, Lincoln first wanted that but he changed his mind.

          Lincoln didn’t want to send blacks back because they fought for the union. He thought it was wrong to send a men out of a country for which he fought and died for. He was the one who signed a document in 1864 removing any such plan.

          And what does this guy have to be proud of? He’s disgusting and fat. I can’t believe a women would even want to date someone so ugly.

          1. Timothy McCould says:

            He didn’t change his mind. His mind was blown away first !

        5. Jews are Heroes says:

          And if it was the white Jews like you say then I’d like to say thank you to them. It just means that White Jews are true heroes of humanity and equality.

        6. Your Forgiven says:

          The problem with Men like you is you hate Jews not because they ever did anything to hurt you but because your too stupid to read the Bible and yet you call yourself Christian!
          Jesus Christ is Jewish! So now are you saying your God is the devil? Also the Roman Empire crucified Jesus not Judas the sadistic facist Roman Empire that Musallini
          Admired and emulated and he was buddies with your idol Adolph. So in reality Facist
          crucified JC!!!!! No wonder your so full of hate you can’t even think straight maybe you
          should DETOX ! Clean all those nasty chemicals out of your blood system and take up a hobby like painting or playing piano!!!

    2. Buffalo_Soldija says:

      My twitter account was suspended last night/today. Anyway, I was saying these things about internal gangs w/ racist symbols of their groups, on steriods and carrying throw away guns. Ppl cannot believe it because the police use the media to get their agenda across that THEY are always in the right & THEY are the victims.

      They cannot tell us ANYTHING about investigations but they went out their way to CONFIRM we blew his ass up. That is the intimidation being played! Basically saying you step out of line we’re going to use bombs, tanks and drones like this is the middle east

    3. Randall says:

      That’s an uneducated guess? It doesn’t matter if he’s a Black Parher, KKK or Gay or even worse Al Sharpton or the Race baiter reverend. He was attached to no crime of killing anyone, he’s standing there protecting the Crowd. And is slaughtered for no Reason! Anyone that rationalizes murder as they deem fit to make them selves feel better about getting a gun and shooting an unaware person or police. White black woman doesn’t matter, has already committed their life to Anarchy and Lucifer is more than welcome to accept their souls into eternal damnation.
      There is another movement that Black lies matters that is surfacing that will grant everyone what their wanting to include Obama. But it’s not going to give anyone what they thought they wanted and by then it’ll be to late. God bless the next leader that will inherit this debacle of Satan

    4. Red lives matter says:

      Funny how black can do anything they want cause they feel they are owed something still after 200 years,they get their own college fund their own tv stations their own protest but the first time some whites wanna be proud it’s racist lol you people are ignorant and fucking delusional and have no idea what it’s like being the real minority in America…so you were slaves so a few thousand died…so what ….my people lost millions and hundreds of thousands tribes died so you fucks could come be slaves for white men…fuck off cause being black ain’t shit compared to being Native American…blacks get to live where they want when more then half of all Native American tribes can only live on Indian land and not where white men live still …so fuck black lives matter…red lives matter more then anything g you could protest about…now beat that statement mother fucker!

      1. angelnote says:

        I can see that you are unlearned about the true history of blacks, whites, Jews, and reds. For this reason your emotional comments do not surprise me. I would encourage you to dig a little deeper in your request for knowledge and open yourself to accept the facts even when it’s hard and hurtful. The Native Americans have suffered injustice, but at least the government acknowledges it on some level which is still not enough. But America doesn’t acknowledge the wrong done against black people in anyway that would begin to heal hurt. We were here before Christopher Columbus too, so I understand your anger as well. You matter and I matter, and we both deserve justice that America will never fully give.

        1. The Man says:

          Just to clarify, none of the world has acknowledged thier part in the enslavement of black people because nobody else gives two shits. America was one of the small slave trade tycoons. Ever wonder why brazil has so many native black folks? Slavery. They traded and bought more slaves than multiple nations combined. Everyone has owned black slaves, white slaves, brown slaves and so on and so on. No one but american blacks cry for reparations. True africans think you are a joke. Quit crying, get a job and that free education us so called racist crackers pay for. And just so you know, native americans owned black slaves as well, courtesy of the spaniards because they too owned slaves.

          1. FightThePower says:

            Don’t be trying to pass blame around “the man!”
            Those other countries don’t have a constitution that says “all men are created equal.”

      2. Nashid says:

        What about us who are Native American AND Afrcan American descent?? There are a lot of us in this hemisphere. I consider myself blessed to have Forefathers & Mothers from both. Our perspective is unique. History teaches us much like the $5 dollar so called Indian, guess who they really were?? They weren’t Native. Some Native Americans has African slaves. Bottom line is POC have been exploited before the Articles of Confederation & by the wisachoo.

      3. FightThePower says:

        If Red Lives Matters then why don’t you have a Red History Month? Instead of being jealous of Black people because we speak up for ourselves and complain when aren’t treated fairly, stop smoking that meth and get your asses off the reservations and fight for yourselves. Have a nerve to be angry with us like we’re the ones who drove you off your. I noticed nowhere in your rant did you say anything about white people.

    5. Fredrik says:

      Why does he have tattoos on his arm in one of the pictures and not the other?

    6. Heinrich says:

      “I wouldn’t be suprised if he were” !?! Are you fucking kidding me! Learn to speak English, unless you want to reinforce the stereotype.

  2. mark richardson says:

    fuck him, fatboy celebrated one.

    1. Needmoorscience says:

      Great Article!!! Thanks for the “Intel”…

  3. Tiaray says:

    Well they do put mostly kkk members on the police force, to target the blacks and browns, so they are all extremist

    1. B DesFlandres says:

      You are obviously delusional.

      1. Mr Burns says:

        In my own town I have seen shit like this. This kid my uncle went to school with use to be and dress like a neo-nazi all through high school 10 years later he’s a cop…go figure. Fucking scumbags

    2. A. Williams says:

      Who targeting who when we steady killing each other on the regular?

      1. Blurpleskittle says:

        Focus! Wax on/wax off. Paint the fence.

  4. The Airmen says:

    this is good because when we get shot senselessly for no reason the media brings up the criminal past of the person…. now we will bring up the past of racists white nationals who completely got wtf he had coming…. hes the one in the video the shooter put the moves on em an clapped his dumb ass

    1. dc1969 says:

      Ha,ha! Good one!

    2. Mekody says:

      This is why there is no peace! People like u!!!!!

      1. Melody says:


    3. Fuck off says:

      You are just as racist as the people you hate. Black Panthers are racist black nationalist scumbags and are not for peace at all. They advocate white infanticide. This man has no racist tattoos he has christian tattoos and a stupid knights of malta/iron cross thats been used as a symbol for tens of thousands of years mainly as a symbol of sun worship so the fuck what?? You people trying to justify innocent peoples deaths is no different than what you are protesting. YOU BLACK NATIONALISTS ARE RACIST HATE MONGERS!!! Protest black on black crime or abortion if you want to find the number one killer of blacks its abortions with some 500000 black abortions a year. Stupid people, melanoid nation get the fuck out of here you fucking imbeciles. Glorifying murder, glorifying infanticide, you all should be ashamed of yourselves especially if you believe in Christ.

      1. R8sing A Nation says:

        I love how racist troll try and tell black ppl what to be mad about and how to be mad….they just can’t get that slave master out of them..it takes practice to be a coon but it’ takes nothing to activate that slave master energy.

        1. Joe stener says:

          My great great grandfather was killed fighting to free slaves in the Civil War. What a waste

          1. Black Power says:

            Go fuck yourself

          2. a . murray says:

            Yeah right,he probably was a confederate in a union uniform.

        2. don says:

          shut the fuck up and cry me a fucking river, being American slaves is the best thing that ever happened to you 3rd world degenerates. You were given a bump of 5,000 years to your peoples development, all in the span of 200 years. You were given a written language(that you butchered), medicine, running water, clothes, textiles. You would still be putting disks in your lips and appeasing mosquito spirits with virgin sacrifices. We lifted you out of barbarism, and this is how you repay us???

          1. R8sing A Nation says:

            Oh the comfortable white lies you hopeless racist pigs tell yourself. You were never an intellectual superior race(hence the dark ages) and never will. That’s why you fear and hate anything that challenges all the lies you tell your self. A boost in development…really???? What an effing joke but typical of a white supremacist ….so I’m not surprised. I cry no tears for white supremacist that pose as public servants paid by tax payers. Good they take hot lead to the chest.Paybacks and karma is a bitch!!! I laugh at all the white supremacist tears as they cry”Make America great again!” “Takes us back to the good old days” lmfao!!! The crumbling of structural white supremacy in Amerikkka will be a mighty fine day! I love seeing all the Singhs running for office and Trans shutting all you white racist out. My how the tables are turning….and for the idiot that said his grandfather died freeing slaves…gtfoh!!! The civil war had nothing to do with freeing the slaves!! There we go with another white supremacist lie!!! Lincoln the slave owning white supremacist did it as a way to destabilize the south to win a war !!!! He believed in his heart of racist heart whites were superior and blacks should never have equal footing in this country, but he knew economic warfare was a good tactic to win a war.. So if you want to go tit for tat about grandfathers my grandfather fought in WW2 heavily decorated only to come home and have his daughter called a nigger lover bc she bore a blackmans child!!! How about that!!! How about my brother serving this country doing 2 tours ionly to have his nephew racially profiled by the police!! How about my husband grandfather,father, and uncles serve 2 wars only to come home to Jim Crow , segregation , the KKK, and black codes!!!

          2. Ms Lillie says:

            Where’s is the check??

          3. Black Power says:

            Go fuck yourself

          4. Don says:

            You are an idiot.. whites were not the first settlers in america. Get a history lesson..

          5. angelnote says:

            Cognitive Disonance at its highest. Your choice!

        3. Bla@ckQueen says:

          Indeed! I love it!!!!

        4. Andreas says:

          Explaining something isn’t telling people what to do, it’s merely correcting a wrong statement. If you don’t like being explained things then wisen up, but sadly even after all the free things you have been given for generations you still can’t live peacefully with others. Please show me one majority black city or country that’s not ridden with crime or corruption. That’s not being racist that’s just stating facts.

      2. Blurpleskittle says:

        Trollin on a riverrrrrr


        Incompetent ass really need to go sit down some where. You make no sense and just trying to justify the hatred and racist bullshit that has been going on for years. For every one child you take from us. We will take the ageneral of that child and take that many from your children or elders. Eye for eye…

        1. The Man says:

          I don’t think 500000 thousand black abortions or 768 annual chicago black on black murders are enough. Up the anty to a couple hundred thousand black on black killings and 5000000 black abortions and maybe you illiterate walking garbage bags will learn something. You are your own worst dumb ass enemy. I cannot wait untill people decide to sweep the street clean of all of you fuckbags. One thing i noticed in the joint, all you toads had one thing in common…..your breath smelt like my latrine after chilli day with extra chedder fresh off the government block. People like you bowed to the tattoo covered crackers that you despise so much, occasionally sucked a dick or two for some lifers to pay off debts. Just like the old days, you grimey fucks were where you belonged…. below us.

          1. FightThePower says:

            I’ve never been in prison and as for education, I have a BS in Mass Comm and a BA in English from TU and my MAT from Hopkins. You sound like the junkies who sit around hating on other junkies.

      4. Bob the Builder says:


  5. M says:

    wtf does the background of a deadman have to with jis life being taken?
    does this jusitfy his death?

    1. Steve DelRay says:

      Why do they always show the worst picture possible when a Black person is killed? When you can answer THAT, I’ll answer your question.

      1. Simon says:

        Really? The media used a picture of trayvon martin when he was 10….

    2. Shindig says:

      You are a idiot

      1. Brian says:

        *an idiot , you mean ? Now who’s the dumbest! Lmao!!!

    3. Pmob says:

      Yea…why else would you be apart of a hate group and get stamped unless you have similar views and interests

    4. Rusty Nales says:

      Do you ask that question when a black life is taken, because it seems important to the white media and white people in general, but somehow this is supposed to be different. Why?

    5. dc1969 says:

      Stop whining……

      1. dc1969 says:

        This is in reply to to steve delray

        1. dc1969 says:

          I meant m,not steve delray.

    6. Devin says:

      Well I guess so if a black person is killed by a white police officer the media goes and dig up the dead man background so To each it’s own

    7. yo mama says:

      yeah it does fuck him

    8. Basil-Malik says:

      I dunno, with does the background of an unarmed man, woman, child or their parents have to do with being murdered by police. Does it justify their death. Apparently, to many ‘muricans the answer is yes. So yes it does.

    9. cheryl says:

      Yes… Sure does, just like when a black family man is killed for no reason

    10. Shahid muslim says:

      For him yes!!!!

    11. A. Williams says:


    12. R8sing A Nation says:

      Good question ??????? But did you ask that when it was done to Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, and Oscar Grant?

  6. Jimmy says:

    2006 FBI report states the KKK are in the police force.

    1. Jacks says:

      Why do they make doughnuts????

  7. lisa says:

    good fucking bye. take out the trash

  8. Rusty Nales says:

    This article jogged my memory. Save your sympathy for those black people who deserved it.
    Here’s a link worth reading:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/21/us-army-white-supremacists_n_1815137.html

  9. B DesFlandres says:

    This is such a crock!

  10. G says:

    I was wondering why the media showed the other 4 officers killed and not him. Go figure.

  11. Randallr says:

    A bunch of miserable hateful racists on this web site. Rename it the Melanoid Klux Klan. Climb out of the septic tank one day.

    1. consarecancer says:

      kill yourself you white racist.

    2. Basil-Malik says:

      But hurt much

    3. Rio Bakar Puboone says:

      You undercover racist. You probably the type that says i get along with black people. We want equality not revenge bastard. Oh yeah kiss my black ass!

  12. Randallr says:

    Plus this appears a black supremacist web site complaining (without evidence) about a “white nationalist.” Pot calling the kettle white?

    1. Joe says:

      There are evidence of him being a nazi stupid. Read the article asshole. You calling this site racist makes you look retarded.

  13. STR says:

    Why in the hell would I eliminate “myself” after eliminating the enemy? Suicide is viewed as a mortal sin by a lot of people so only an atheist would think killing oneself is an option and a very stupid one at that.

    Yeah, I know the thinking is you don’t want the passive slaves to be harmed because of your actions but here is the reality, they are being harmed any way and they (racists) will continue to hunt down and kill black people or enslave them.

    Killing oneself is illogical because it ain’t going to change anything. In such a scenario I would do my best to get away so I can strike again at a later date. Kill myself after I take out the enemy, smh.

  14. Ulfraut says:

    The Hammer of Thor, ‘Mjolnir’ is in no way a white supremacist symbol. I am a proud Asatruar. I believe in and honor the old Gods. I wear a Mjolnir pendant around my neck every single day. I am not a racist. I do not tolerate racists. I accept any person from any race, nationality, and background as do the gross majority of my fellow brothers and sisters. To associate this symbol with racism and white supremacy is an insult and gross defamation of what I believe. I cannot say what this officer believes, but please, my friends. Do not look at this symbol of strength and honor and assume anyone who wears it is a racist. That is not the case, and makes you no better than those who would judge by one’s skin colour.
    Skål to you all.

    1. Youraracesoldier says:

      You so full of shit I find it hard to believe your intent isn’t nefarious. In the military we are not allowed to have those tattoos and be a soldier.

    2. Calabar says:

      You know, i remember a scene in an old marvel comic where Black panther is talking to Thor about how his appearance on earth has caused a surge in actual white supremacists. Thor responds with the same kind of ignorance you did here…

  15. R8sing A Nattion says:

    Has anybody considered possible Controlled Opposition…and the cops dying were just pawns. Neely Fuller Jr said they will sacrifice their own. Could it be possible that Micah Johnson was activated by the govt . I trust nothing that the govt or police say….just read what they are saying.
    1. Micah took issue with BLM
    2. Wanted to kill white ppl
    3. Wanted to kill white cops
    Than why would he snap off at a protest with black ppl? Why not just hide out in the bushes at a police Dept? Why not ambush a Trump rally?
    They formulated a story too quick,too convenient, chalked full of things to scare white folks with in less than 24 hrs but Dylan Roof was an ongoing investigation for weeks. This dude Micah from my research was not on the web a whole lot and the cops just so happen to find a pic of him with professor griff?????? The govt is trying to deter,distract,divide, and hault black people from getting justice and equal footing in this country. Why did they have to use a robot to destroy him? Isn’t there highly trained snipers for that…right? Isn’t that what that Sniper movie showed us all? The precise skill of shap sniper shooters.
    There is a company in the Silicon Valley that is military funded and they are working on programming the brain with some sort of chip device to help soldiers regain cognetive function after traumatic brain injury..I listened to an interview with a nuero scientist that is heading the study and she said the testing thus far has been promising and programming the brain,cells to do more specific functions and tasks is not as far off as we think. The interviewer asked about programming the mind with a chip to carry out a military mission and she laughed and said anything is possible. I took that as something they are already doing……..the military funded all the drone start up companies in the Silicon Valley back in the day…….

    1. A. Nomad says:

      He probably picked that rally because he knew there would be tons of cops there.
      They are saying he was “out to kill white people” but if you look at how he carried it out, that doesn’t make sense. He hit 14 people, 12 of which were cops. Out of the 2 civilians he hit, at least one was black. So saying he was targeting white people doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. He seems to have actually taken steps to not hit anyone but police officers.

    2. Hxt says:

      Finally. Someone with the capacity for CRITICAL THOUGHT!
      Thank you

    3. J-bug says:

      Too many loose ends. I feel the same ways about the florida shootings…. orchestrated to push government agendas and distract. Too many holes in that story too.

      1. J-bug says:

        Prior comment meant for r8sing a nation

        1. R8sing A Nation says:

          This may be far off but Micah himself may not even known he was activated.

      2. R8sing A Nation says:

        Never thought about the Florida shooting like that..I look at that as a crime of passion and a LGBT issue. But I can see your perspective..

    4. DON'T TRUST THEM says:

      I totally agree with you…no one but the cops were there to get these vague statements! I don’t believe shit they say! If the Gov can blow up two buildings in America and then be so secretive about the capture of the person thought to do it…they can surely do this!

  16. Frank Edwards says:

    How long did the White Supremacist System think that they were going to out right kill my brothers and sisters before Maximum Emergency Compensatory Actions were taken.
    And it’s just getting started.

    Free Larry Hoover 🔯

    1. DON'T TRUST THEM says:

      This is just the beginning!! Now the rope is tightening around their necks and they can’t handle it…FOH!

  17. Shawn Price says:

    So, that white chick is single now?

    1. guest420 says:

      Dead @ Sean Price. SWF.

      But for real, the media needs to focus on this. This is why we need strong black owned and supported media.

  18. lissen_up says:

    One less demon to terrorize my people.
    Fuk him and all the sick twisted racist pile of shits..

    1. bill says:

      Was he a freemason? This may be the masonic iron cross.

  19. Rej says:

    How fitting for them to stage the Dallas shootings in a short timeframe. White folks are so creative in their planning and timing. Now the sympathy has shifted to Dallas instead. Unbelievable!

    1. R8sing A Nation says:


  20. Justice or else says:

    We see him as a defender of justice and a hero.
    Nothing those dogs do and their white terrorism propaganda arm media is gonna change that..

  21. Javari says:

    White supremacy is worldwide. Cops don’t have to join the KKK or any white nationalist group. The entire global is one huge white nation. Whites all have racist tendencies, great or small. The greatest problem is that most blacks are also white supremacists inside of their minds hiding in black and brown skin. The race war has begun. They always being this way. This will lead to more gun control, martial law, FEMA camps, etc. The end is near. There was no way to stop it. You cannot negotiate with white supremacy. It cannot be reformed. It has to be destroyed. Nothing else will do.

    1. Chicken George says:

      “The greatest problem is that most blacks are also white supremacists inside of their minds hiding in black and brown skin.” Finally! Somebody gets it. And that will be our downfall.

  22. Magnum Boom says:

    I will mourn the cops killed in Dallas when justice is served for the murders of unarmed and innocent Melanoid men women and children. Had justice been served, the Dallas officers in my opinion would still be alive. The fact that one of the slain policemen was an obvious White supremacist detracts further from any sense of sympathy.

    Unfortunately, in my opinion, this will not be the last police ambush because the police will continue to harass, harm or kill more Melanoid people. When you’re in a corner, you bite back and you bite back hard.

  23. Penkelemesi says:

    My sympathy is with my people not with pigs.

  24. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Yesterday there was a courthouse shooting in Michigan. 2 LEOs/Bailiffs killed. One deputy wounded and one civilian wounded. When the story first broke it was connected to the police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota,the Dallas police killings,Black lives matter,etc . The moment we found out the killer Larry Darnell Gordon was a white man, All of the sudden the story began to be downplayed. Coverage was PURPOSELY being minimized. All of that respect for law enforcement was gone simply because the killer was white. Giuliani silent. Sheriff Clarke silent. Blue Lives Matter silent. Proving once again, that when it’s a white cop/leo killer.,pro police people/race soldiers don’t get outraged.

    1. J.W. says:

      Awesome comment! I had to screenshot. Only 4 hero’s died in Dallas, 4.

  25. Osiris says:

    Good! F*&k him!!

  26. Only 4 hero’s died in Dallas! My thing is why no one is speaking about his background?

  27. Larry Hunt says:

    The only question I have is there has already been a ABP. Decades ago from black men in jail, they’re building prisons for the next 2 generations land already plotted..all over the country.. from drugs in our neighborhood, were the most contributors from consumer goods. It’s just sad that white loves our sports, music and entertaining. Butt not when we have to everything extra and be more qualified the that white and still will not get the JOB. Its like and unspoken code, kill them if you can..and we the system got your back.. with regards to all of these cops killers for pulling over someone…It’s a legal way to kill, a black person.. please can someone they me how many white man that get pull over for any reason then dead after being pull over…? I served my country for over 24hrs…!

  28. Humanitylost says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people?!? The marksmanship badge in our military is an iron Cross too, it’s not some anti black iconography….. That’s like claiming an Ankh is anti white because I saw a black guy wear it ….

    The shield of the crusaders is a symbol more commonly associated with LEO, Military, and other EMS services as a symbol of Christian faith and the shield of faith to protect them from harm.

    The Mjolnir is not solely a white sumpremicist symbol either, it’s the equivalent of a cross to Christians in ancient Norse culture and modern day Asatru teachings and is the ability of fertility and protection of Thor. Which was a warrior culture rife with honor and family teachings.

    For all that may exist in this world for God sakes will you just do some research other than the first hit on a Google search of “white racist symbols”

    You hack a dead man’s Facebook account and try to connect dots to racism like some goddamn witch hunt!

    Instead of trying to crucify everyone based on something as ridiculous as skin color, try acknowledging the good and rewarding the good instead of violently and hastily trying to be the first one to call racist. The amount of ignorance is astounding in how thick the air is in which you breathe and breed this hate. Open a book people.

  29. B.R. says:

    Look at the pics closely. One depicts the arm covered in tat’s (pic of them standing outside), but none showing in the other (close up). It’s obvious that one website is trying to smear a man’s reputation by super-imposing speculative rhetoric that people are “wanting”. No due diligence, quick to respond and facts never matter… just today’s society. Sad.

  30. bill says:

    Could be masonic iron cross.

  31. bill says:

    Was he a freemason? This may be the masonic iron cross. But I wouldn’t expect unintelligent people to find out before speaking out.
    The masonic iron cross is hundreds of years older than the nazi who stole all there symbols.
    The iron cross can be traced back to the Knights Templar.

  32. Nazi Hunter says:

    So let me get this straight, because we (black folks) live in the first-world country (well, first-world technologically, and ecomomically, but third-world morally and ethically), we aren’t supposed to call out mistreatment?

    Fuck you white supremacists. Why the fuck on you on a black-centric site. Get the fuck out of here.

  33. kc tate says:

    His tattoos are not white supremacy symbols. If you look at the whole tattoo on his arm it is an Irish catholic symbol. The tattoo on his finger is the irish cross for the crusaders. I can’t say one way or the other of his thoughts about people but if we are going to judge the man by his tattoos, at least get it right.

  34. angela benson says:

    Mason, naw he was racists as many of white law enforcement officers, politicians and supposed ministers are. Its in SOME white people to hate others for the most pettiest reason of all “SKIN COLOR”. I explain it like this.the roosters are coming home to crow and Americar is coming out of its hidden masquerade that has been some what dormant, for many decades. Nothings ever really changed, it was sort of like the body that was buried in the back yard, it eventually began to stink. Regardless to the fact that this officer chose at some point in his life to associate himself with HATE GROUPS I’ll take the higher road to say that the situation in Dallas was still a tragedy.

  35. B.R. says:

    THE TATTOOS ARE FAKE… YOU FUCKING MORONS! Look at the 2 different pics. In one, his arm is covered. The other… none!

  36. Ms Lillie says:

    Who cares, everyone has to die!! Maybe these white pigs will learn how to treat human beings!

  37. Chalky says:

    i seen the police shooting and was horrified and think the officers should be punished,but it’s no excuse to turn the us into black hawk down.

  38. B.R. says:


  39. Rob jackson says:

    Well you’ve ruined your own country’s ,and you will ruin everywhere you live.i hope u create wars and get yourselves shipped back to Africa .

  40. Jacki says:

    / I just col21n&#8ud7;t go away your web site prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard info an individual provide for your guests? Is gonna be again often in order to investigate cross-check new posts.

  41. NaturalBornK says:

    White nationalists = scum

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