Video Of Korryn Gaines’ Son Admitting Race Soldiers Deliberately Shot him


Kodi Gaines, the 5-year-old son of Korryn Gaines, was recorded by a family member in his hospital bed Thursday, talking about the police shooting that left his mother dead and him wounded.

When the shooting happened earlier this week, media reports put out deliberately false stories stating they did not know if the child was shot by police or his mother. Towards the end of the video below, Kodi Gaines specifically stated that the race soldiers posing as police deliberately shot him as he was running.

27 thoughts on “Video Of Korryn Gaines’ Son Admitting Race Soldiers Deliberately Shot him

  1. Emery Terry says:

    It is hard for me to understand why an officer would actually begin shooting at her based on a verbal threat with the child in the line of fire. This really leads me to question whether the officer valued the life of this innocent baby. This baby should have never been shot.

    1. Concerned says:

      then why did she shot first at the cops?

  2. Mohamme Carter says:

    He is not wounded they shot his arm off….WTF

    1. Jasson says:

      How will he hold his gun when he’s older now.??

      1. Babalawo says:

        You are a moron

  3. JayBay says:

    I’m glad the family member recoded him. Anything the mainstream media would’ve reported would be chopped up and edited to make him seem like he’s thankful to whites for killing his mom. Tariq did a great interview concerning this lady on his youtube account.

  4. Jasmine says:

    That’s some fucked up ass shit fucking cops fuck them

  5. GoddessMother says:

    Those fools are NOT human…May DISEASE and horror plauge the wicked bloodline of those monsters… Shot a child😣😞😣😞😣😞

  6. Jasson says:

    The story states that they don’t know who shot him ,so as a child he’s open to manipulation from both sides,but his mother won’t win any mother of the year awards.

    1. Beri says:

      His mother is dead so now its a onesided story….smh

    2. JayBay says:

      Yeah because white media has never lied or twisted facts when it comes to black people. It’s funny how when white people are interviewed about this incident we always take their word for it but when black people say what happened (on video) they’re “open to manipulation.” Sorry but I’m staying on code. Anything the white media says should only be taken with a grain (hell, a kilo) of salt unless a black (non-coon) person investigates it.

  7. Coupon Queen says:

    Zechariah says they hold themselves not guilty. So it’s bible for Esau (white folks) to murder Hebrews (Black folks) and walk away free. WHY? Cuz they own EVERYTHING. The media, the police, the judges, the prosecutors, and the Constitution that was never meant to protect Hebrews. Don’t worry though… that same Bible says that Esau will pay for what he has done to Isreal (Blacks). Esau know this. So he is thinking that a race war will lead to killing Hebrews and there will not be a reason for The Most High to return. Nah….He coming with vengeance !!!!!

    1. Jasson says:

      I’ve just been beaten to death by a people never listen to anyone else’s opinion and will always play the downtrodden poor suppressed black man and will never accept any other possible side of a story .there are no suppressed black people alive today and there is no white supremacy,your just moaning chip carrying nutters who blame your own many failures on the whites.

      1. JayBay says:

        I have a little prayer for Jasson that I hope the Lord answers ASAP

        Psalm 109
        They say about me, “Have an evil person work against him,
        and let an accuser stand against him.
        7 When he is judged, let him be found guilty,
        and let even his prayers show his guilt.
        8 Let his life be cut short,
        and let another man replace him as leader.
        9 Let his children become orphans
        and his wife a widow.
        10 Make his children wander around, begging for food.
        Let them be forced out of the ruins in which they live.
        11 Let the people to whom he owes money take everything he owns,
        and let strangers steal everything he has worked for.
        12 Let no one show him love
        or have mercy on his orphaned children.
        13 Let all his descendants die
        and be forgotten by those who live after him.
        14 Lord, remember how wicked his ancestors were,
        and don’t let the sins of his mother be wiped out.
        15 Lord, always remember their sins.
        Then make people forget about them completely.

        Jasson here is my enemy. I have ZERO mercy or respect for my enemy. Here’s to hoping you and your pastry family are destroyed in the most harsh way possible.

        1. JayBay says:


        2. Jasson says:

          @jaybay.thankyou very much for confirming what I correct,and I hope you one day find the help you need..

          1. JayBay says:

            Oh please. Don’t come in here with that “I’m the friendly white guy who talks shit about black people but really wants to help them become better” bs. We already know who the real bad guy is in this situation. Or did you never ask why it is that these terrorist groups mainly attack white people all over the globe?

          2. JayBay says:

            Lol! White arrogance at it’s finest. So quick to go to websites where they’re not wanted and criticize other groups but the second they’re criticized they pull the “you’re all just jealous” routine. You don’t wanna be here and read me talk about white people? You’re welcome to go to another website where black people will coon for you and tell you how they worship white jesus. That shit doesn’t fly here.

    2. Ella says:

      Do you live in Mizpe Rimon?

    3. Ella says:

      Mizpe Rimon?

  8. Lynne says:

    I support BLM esp. as an African American. HOWEVER…if a police is attempting to serve you a warrant; why in the hell would you engage in ANY protest & risk your life and the children? How selfish is that????? I mean open the door. Let them serve warrant. Be arrested esp. even if innocent children could be harmed and even more so they are yours. Live to fight and protest another day so to speak. Unless they were dragging you all away to some concentration camp or something; why have a shoot out! Assuming all of it isn’t just a fabrication by police (I know they, media or gov isn’t trustworthy). I admit she looks sane & only an insane person would do what the police allege she has done.

  9. Ella says:

    Tragedy. Seems in 3 hrs police might have negotiated a better outcome. No other family members to involve? Maybe walking away (feature that). How about donning bullet proof gear n using their famous shields to go in an disarm her.

  10. Irene says:

    If I had the possibility I would love to adopt the boy. So he can grow in a good environment and be a leader.

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