Video Of Another Black Man Philando Castile Being Executed By A Race Soldier

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Less than 24 hours after innocent Black man Alton Sterling was executed in Baton Rouge LA. by two white race soldiers, a video has just emerged of another Black man being executed.

Philando Castile of Falcon Heights Minnesota was executed by an Asian race soldier acting as a police officer on June 6th during a traffic stop for a broken tail light. Luckily, Castile’s girlfriend Lavish Reynolds was filming the whole incident live on Facebook as it was happening. After the video started to go viral,Facebook removed Reynold’s video and her entire Facebook page.

This is how the white supremacists (and the honorary white supremacists) work in concert to cover up for each other in this system of white supremacy. The St. Anthony Police Department has not released a statement about this execution at this moment. In the video below, Philando Castile can be seen clinging on to life after he was shot multiple times after the officer ordered him to reach for identification.  Castile later died from his injuries.


15 thoughts on “Video Of Another Black Man Philando Castile Being Executed By A Race Soldier

  1. Myster says:


  2. Linwood Johnson Jr says:

    This environment is out of control. The sad thing about it is that most African Americans today are in LA LA Land!!! As a black man I feel powerless. I can’t protect my mom daughters or love ones. I feel like the only protection is joining the Nation of Islam( The Honorable Louis Farrakhan )

    1. Nofool says:

      Lol who are they protecting? No one with nuclear bombs and a functioning military is afraid of some disgruntled Baptist and a cult leader. If you can’t protect your family what are you worth as a man?

    2. And what protection does that offer, by the time the nation hears of it just like everyone else it’s to late. What needs to happen is these police all need to be retrained, much more scrutiny needs to go inti the hiring practices of the forces with particular intrest being paid to just who is being paid to the candidate’s background. And a review board being involved in these shootings and fair consequences being paid out to unjustifiable shootings

  3. Barbara Walton Bingham says:

    That doesn’t make no sense

    1. dc1969 says:

      Unfortunately it makes sense to race soldiers. This is why i don’t get into beefs with orher black,african,Melanoid people now.i see what is going on: divide and conquer. I know who the real enemies of our people are. We all should know by now and just admit it and stop the denial.

  4. mark says:

    It’s time to “fight back”. the words of Thomas Jefferson, “Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

  5. Smith-ee says:

    This is devastating.

  6. dc1969 says:

    The way that i see things is that either the overwhelming majority of us had better start fighting back and laying hands on these race soldiers and stop the praying or die like sheep.i for one am not a 🐑.a lot of us want to think that we are reach the so called golden years.a lot us won’t.gonna have to die eventually from something.might as well go down like fighting instead of submitting like the punks everyone see’s us as. I know i will…..and i mean it.

  7. dc1969 says:

    I meant a lot us think that we are going to reach the so called golden years in my last comment. Everything else i meant

  8. Karma says:

    I cannot begin to express my sadness and anger regarding the senseless and blatant murdering of my brothers and sisters. Being a parent of a teenage old son, I’m afraid for him every time he leaves the house, and cannot sleep until he comes home. I need to step and say something, we all should step up, the race soldiers need to understand that we are fed up and the murdering of our families stops now.

  9. R8sing A Nation says:

    This has touched on that Trayvon Martin nerve for me. I’m so very proud of this man girlfriend for being so brave and doing an important job in a time of serious danger,grief and turmoil. I’m just sitting here wondering when the sheeple are going to get off the bullshit.Oscar,Tamir,Freddie,Alton,Eric,Trayvon….this list sadly goes on but they are all wondering as well……..

  10. MindMuscle says:

    You can’t train a white supremacist race soldier to not hate Black people. Thats like trying to teach a dog how to not bark.

  11. manuel lebarron johnson says:

    I am sorry for the deaths of anyone prematurely, naturally orotherwise. There wasa time when Black Revolutionaries were applauded in the communities. Nowadays we have grown so politically correct that we forget, Revolution is a thing of the streets. The Streets where We are either gunned down like animals or marched to prisons like cattle for trying to survive a system that has our demise from the start!

  12. BlksBdumb says:

    The nigger had a gun in his lap and they just robbed a store you stupid dumb idiot monkeys!!!!!! Nigger got what was coming to him!!! Dumbasses believe anything in the media!!! Goes to show how stupid and well trained you really are!!! Lmao

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