Video Game Inspired By The Slave Trade Was Used As Educational Material

slavery video game

Racism/supremacy is multi-faceted, and exists that way as a means of reinforcing the false narrative that implies that members of the dominant society should reign supreme of Melanoid people. One video game made such implications, and was later modified after an outcry from people on social media.

The game, titled Playing History: Slave Tradeis a video game created and released by Copenhagen (Denmark) based company, Serious Games Interactive back in 2013. The premise of the game allegedly was intended by its developers to be used as an educational tool for children between the ages of 11-14 about the treacherousness of the Slave Trade, although the content of the game appears to be less-than-sensitive toward people of the African Diaspora, let alone “educational”.

As you can see in the featured image of this story, there appears to be an animated/ digitized image of African captives being dumped into a slave ship in large quantities and forced to all fit into the ship at once, which is eerily similar to the objective of the 1980’s puzzle-themed video game titled: TetrisThe founder of the Slave Trade game, Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, used Twitter to justify his reasoning(s) for creating the demeaning game, only to later delete his account earlier this month.

Here is another screenshot from the game below.

slavery video game 2

Although the trailer for the video game was edited in order to leave out the slave ship scene, it remains a segment of the game. Games such as these are a vivid reminder that there is a need for us to create our own video games among other things.

B. Clark

7 thoughts on “Video Game Inspired By The Slave Trade Was Used As Educational Material

  1. dc1969 says:

    After looking at the trailor of this so called educational video game, i just sighed for a minute and said to myself” these caucasians make mockery of us anytime they feel like it and the majority of us just do not seem to get it”. I cannot emphasize enough that these european,white,caucasians mean us no good when interacting with us a majority. Very few can honestly be sincere and their history has proven that. So that this european male made this an “educational game” is total bullshit. White supremacy at its best or worst ,depending on how you look at it.

  2. JayBay says:

    Ok tell ya what. How about I make a fun game about white people getting killed? How about the titanic? Or maybe 9/11? We can do it in the style of Angry Birds and launch planes at the towers. I mean after all, it’s educational. Or how about an ISIS based game where you can kidnap white tourists and torture them? I bet white people will love how current it is! BTW, how exactly does this educate the children on anything? If there’s a black kid in their class I can only see the kids teasing him/her and saying they’re a tetris piece. But I suppose asking white supremacists to put any value on our lives other than entertainment (rappers, singers, dancers, basketball players , and now video game pieces) is asking a bit too much huh?

    1. dj says:

      @JayBay your video game ideas aren’t so bad…but I am pretty sure they will instantly try and shut it down. especially when they see a black person is behind it…

  3. gudgud says:

    i wonder about the uproar if this was a game about how many Jews you could squeeze into a gas chamber, whites will say its harmless but once again i guess whites don’t value our embarrassment or hurt.

    1. Nick says:

      “What’s the difference between a Jew and a pizza? A pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the oven…”

  4. K. Smith says:

    These images are making me physically ill….

  5. Brown Grier says:

    These companies and designers and the schools that allowed such activists to take place should be sued for defamation slander libel…something! If nothing but get they ass in court.

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