Upstate New York Black Woman Suing Her Local Police Dept After Being Raped By White Cop


SYRACUSE, NY — One Black woman is dealing with tremendous pain and suffering after surviving a disgusting act of sexual abuse at the hands of a white cop.

On Valentine’s Day of 2015, Maleatra Montanez, a 40-year-old mother of two, called the police to report that her teenage daughter had been missing. A few hours after making the call, a white cop by the name of Chester Thompson showed up at her residence, almost immediately making sexual advances at the highly vulnerable woman. Montanez reported that Thompson was unable to stand still, “biting on the bottom of his lip.”

Montanez was then hit with inappropriate comments about her body, and he began to fondle his genitalia while looking at a picture of Maleatra Montanez when she was younger. Thompson then ordered Montanez to get a condom so that they could proceed with sexual intercourse. While raping the woman from behind, the cop instructed his female victim to look towards her newborn son, who was lying a few feet away in the same room.

Once Thompson finished committing the lewd act on the helpless Melanoid woman, he went on to discuss his wife and children. He also repeatedly asked her if she was going to report what he had done to her.

Montanez is seeking damages in the aftermath of the horrific incident, suing the city of Syracuse’s police department for $7 million.

B. Clark

17 thoughts on “Upstate New York Black Woman Suing Her Local Police Dept After Being Raped By White Cop

  1. Damn, this cop is downright evil!

  2. dc1969 says:

    I really hope she is telling the truth on this incident of rape.remember the tawanna Brawley situation from 1987? At first,i was believing what she was saying but shit somewhat started to unravel as the months proceeded.something may have happened,but her attorneys would not allow her to testify on her own behalf.after that,the case fell through. If what this lady is saying is true,then that punk assed cop needs to feel pain.

    1. KDC says:

      Why are you pulling that old case from your ass?

    2. Nofool says:

      O you mean that case where the medical examiner confirmed Tawanna Brawley was raped?… The one where they happened to lose the rape-kit in police custody?… The same one where one of the accused white supremacist rapists pigs allegedly committed suicide after rumors he was going to plea and flip on the co-rapist?…That case!? Consume white media propaganda less.

    3. Kchucc says:


  3. Mike Jones says:

    In addition to a previous comment . I hate to have to have the need to “question ” a person’s credibility (especially regarding something I imagine to be physically and psychologically devastating as a rape),but I also must state I hope this isn’t some type of monitary prank! Having said that, let me go on to state that this perpetrater needs to be “PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW !” Again, I can only imagine how horrifying such a situation must be. And of course a person should seek whatever damages they wish. However, I’d like to personally see more emphasis placed on HAVING ANIMALS LIKE THIS PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, than just that of monitary gain! You understand that when a person does succeed in a civil action for monitary gain, THE TAX PAYERS are the ones paying the price for the actions of the perpetrator. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t help “deter “others from committing the same offense as much as LOCKING UP THESE WHITE SUPREMACISTS ANIMALS and having them “banded “from positions of authority would!
    Ironmike Jones

  4. lenny says:

    The lady no matter what color says she is raped. People hope she’s telling the truth damn. Check this Im’ a black male do I have to pull my shit to prove it. Get real

  5. Joanne says:

    Let me start by saying leave the Twana Brawny case out of this.Certain people like to compare the worst of us, to the rest of us.This particular woman’s story sounds believable and disgusting.This so-called cop should be prosecuted to the fullest.Why would this woman want to have sex with a man she has never met while worrying about her missing daughter.Abuse of power is really getting out of hand.

  6. Dzrael Wali says:

    Melanoid men it’s past time to stop being cowards. If we do so…perhaps we won’t have a problem of “bedwenches”. Women seek strength.

    Where’s this young woman’s male family members? This discusting act happened to my family member and that predator would live in fear.

    It only takes a few instances where the father or brother or uncle of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, this young woman, etc., had a “personal talk” with the perpetrators. These acts would stop. As of right now the melanoid group is an easy target with no risk. Excuse me, except for a March of course, if the event get enough attention.

  7. Ebi says:

    7 MILLION DOLLARS!?!?!?!?!!
    dont worry, they can afford it!

  8. Larry says:

    I don’t believe HER story. Sounds like she was cooperative in the sex act. C’mon now… she’s getting it from behind? Seems since she was cuffed, she could of resisted much more easily. I ain’t buying it! Sorry Melanoid Nation… this is BS!!

  9. Larry says:

    Editing: […since she “was not” cuffed…]

  10. Malika says:

    I think she went along with because of her new Born baby boy..the cop told her to look the way where her new born baby lay… You know how they like to kill black boys

  11. Eric Mccray says:


  12. Joanthan says:

    What rape victim willing gets a condom? The police officer never made any threats neither did he use violence. It seemed as she complied willing to his request for sex. She did not even put up a fight. Maybe I’m missing something?

    1. Neicey30 says:

      Y’all white men always say we asked for it when you rape us.. been saying that since slavery

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