Unknown Black Singer Manipulates White Supremacists To Boost Album Sales

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Before yesterday Joy Villa was not a name that was circulating on the music scene.

Today is a different story.

Villa, had everyone talking with the dress she wore that said “Make America Great Again.” The back of the dress had the word “Trump” on the bottom in big bold letters.

The 25 year old singer’s Instagram profile says she’s “Grammy Considered.”

Since then the sales for her album, which was an obscure recording initially released in 2014,  have skyrocketed.

Her song, “I Make the Static” jumped to the top of Amazon’s top digital paid albums and reached number seven on the iTunes top album chart after her red carpet publicity stunt.





One must ask, is the increase in sales due to talent or the dress? Or something else?

Andre Soriano, the designer of Villa’s dress said on Instagram the gown is a “tribute [to] OUR President Of The United States Of America” adding the hashtag #MAGA

Villa is being supported online by many suspected white supremacist Trump supporters. Many of them are trying to hold Villa up as a proof that not all Trump supporters are advocates of white supremacist views and some Blacks like Trump too.

There are many feelings on the dress worn by Villa. Many are saying she was seeking  attention and publicity to boost her stagnant recording career. Others contend that she is a Trump supporter that wishes to ‘Make America Great Again’ and this was a show of her support.

It appears that  Joy Villa is fully aware that the fastest way for a Black person to get massive support by many in the dominant society, is to act as a “colored shield” for white supremacy.


17 thoughts on “Unknown Black Singer Manipulates White Supremacists To Boost Album Sales

  1. What says:

    On Point!!!!!

  2. JPrince says:

    Shout out to this chick. White Supremacist have been taking back to back L’s lmao

  3. Magnum Boom says:

    This is good and bad. Now closeted coons will feel inspired to come out for a few dollars but at our expense.

  4. Brionna says:

    Negro bed wench alert! She needs to stop. She trying out for the Boule club.

    1. James Basoga says:

      Women aren’t allowed in the Boule. The Boule is a negro male society. A society which requires that its aspiring members have at least a B.A. with aspirations of a PhD.

  5. j says:

    Black women have been trying to fuck their way into the dominant society for 400 years.

  6. Javari says:

    Ummm they want to make America “great” again by killing brownies like you girl. Moron.

  7. john says:

    White supremacy has taken a new angle now. You can be the face of white supremacy as someone who is black or gay. Look at Sheriff David Clarke and Milo Yiannopolis. You can also be a white supremacist and muslim. Go research Asra Nomani, she is quite despicable.

    1. SimpliFi says:

      She’s recruiting for Scientology. Shell do whatever it takes.

    2. James Basoga says:

      I just finished listening to the podcast of Neely Fuller show on talktainmentradio.com and he talked about this dynamic. He talked about how the white supremacist can camouflage themselves to adapt to any environment they’re in. Meaning they can switch from being a Christian white nationalist to a Buddhist overnight.
      Go from being a fan of Rockabilly to being the next Eminem, a hardcore hockey and NASCAR fan to a fan of the NBA.

      In essence whatever it takes to confuse and trick the people to further their white supremacist agenda is what they’ll do.

      1. john says:

        Alot of white supremacist love this trick because they can declare themselves as not racist or homophobic when they have their sheriff david clarke or milo as their spokesperson.

  8. Bongos 4 sale says:

    She looks more mixed race.

  9. TheKing_65 says:

    I’m done with giving Black folks that side with the dominant society an out. Last year it was Gabrielle Union that decided to side with the dominant society by telling her sob story about her rape experience, and using it to make Nate Parker’s false rape allegation about women’s feelings on the matter of rape. Hell, even before that it was Stacy Dash taking a boarding pass onto the coon train. She switched her whole style up, and now we see the after-effects. She looks tired and haggard, and is now unemployed. Now, this nobody bitch decides to present herself as a want-to-be nigger bedwench to the dominant society to help her fledgling career. These people never receive comeuppance for their efforts. For a short time, they’d receive nigger trinkets—only to eventually give them all back. Now, they receive absolutely nothing—other than isolation from the Melanese society as a whole. This bitch has no end goal. She’s not playing chess; this bitch is playing checkers and allowing herself to be manipulated to be the Black female’s musician’s face of White supremacy. So, throw this bitch on the coon train along with the rest of her ilk.

    1. john says:

      This is a good point, seeing these coons think they will gain some upward mobility. Evidence shows it doesn’t help

    2. James Basoga says:

      There’s a roster of bedwenchers that have yet to emerge; just bubbling under so whenever a Stacy Dash or Omarossa falls below them, they’ll rise to the surface.

      People forget about Katrina Pearson who was Trump’s original Kellyanne Conway. They marketed her as the Black Sarah Palin and as more about her criminal past emerged, she faded into the background.

      But like I said there are countless bedwenches out there who’ve yet to emerge but if you watch reality tv, TV One, BET, read various blogs, read various online and print articles, you can see who they are even if the mainstream conscious Black society has yet to recognize them universally as such.

  10. James Basoga says:

    Is anyone here familiar with a Shirley Husar who also operates under the moniker of Urban Game Changer of California? Well you can find her under both names/titles on Facebook.
    She’s a pro-Black Republican essentially who despises immigrants and the impact they have on the Black economy. No problem there, however she has also endorsed this Joy Villa, so much so that she’s now using this image here (her wearing the “Make America Great Again” dress as her profile pic.

    Isn’t that crazy? She’s also a big Trump supporter. Where’s the logic in any of this? You support the likes of Dr Claud Anderson and Blacks being an empowered group but go out of your way cupcaking for blatant white supremacists. That should never be the case. It should not be the case that you go hard in the paint for the Democrats or the Republicans. This is business and not a game of who you like most. This is not a game of cheerleading, it’s a game of gaining benefits for the group.

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