Trump Supporting Murder Suspect Is Still On The Loose In Oklahoma


A Donald Trump supporting fugitive in currently on the run in Oklahoma for a series of horrific crimes. Suspected white supremacist Michael Vance, 38, is wanted for murder, child molestation, car jacking, and a number of other crimes.

Vance also has AIDS and investigators are saying that he may try to spread it to anyone who comes in contact with him. Police responded to a report of shots fired about 6:30 p.m. yesterday evening and were investigating when “a gentleman came out with an AK-47 and just opened fire on everybody,” Lincoln County Sheriff Charles Dougherty told reporters.

Vance is suspected of killing two of his relatives, and he shot two police officers who sustained non-life threatening injuries. Vance even live streamed himself while on the run, displaying his AK-47 gun and threatening to cause more mayhem.

Initial warnings about this dangerous fugitive being on the loose correctly described him as a “white male”. But later reports started referring to Vance as an “Indian”.


Michael Vance has a Facebook page where some of the pages in his “likes” section are Donald Trump and white supremacist mascot Sheriff David Clarke. The general consensus is that any white person who subscribes to the rhetoric of a black person like Sheriff Clarke, who basically regurgitates white supremacist talking points about Black people, should be suspected of being white supremacists themselves.




It’s interesting that Oklahoma is the same state where a suspected race soldier executed an innocent unarmed Black man named Terence Crutcher a few weeks ago. And now the state of Oklahoma has an armed, AIDS infected, child molesting, cop shooting, suspected white supremacist murderer on the loose causing terror throughout the state.

Maybe if law enforcement there didn’t spend time executing innocent unarmed Black people, they could get real criminals like Michael Vance off the streets.


7 thoughts on “Trump Supporting Murder Suspect Is Still On The Loose In Oklahoma

  1. 8nhance says:

    A very well written piece! Instead of harming INNOCENT and UNARMED black civilians, the Oklahoma police need to direct their efforts to ridding the streets of Oklahoma of SICK, DEPRAVED THUGS like Michael Vance here.

    Considering all his victims appear to white, he is further proof that white supremacy is not only harmful to blacks but to whites.

  2. SkyChopper says:

    Place your bets… He’ll be taken in alive!

  3. Durk jones says:

    Yeh man I was sitting in da park smokin my shit minding my own business when two white cops come up and punched me and said eh u black wogger hail trump and shot me wid a silver colt 44 .

  4. Janeen Alley says:

    Can anyone READ? It says he is a NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN! “White Supremist” my butt! What does Donald Trump have to do with this? Donald Trump has millions of supporters.

    1. you dumb says:

      1. the native americans are a brown-skinned people. no pink-skinned person is native to america – those are $5 indians.
      2. the article states that initial reports said he is white, but now they are saying he is “indian”
      3. he is clearly white. if they said he was korean, you would believe that too even tho it’s clear he’s white.

      1. dump drump says:

        Yea hes clearly white. They hate to say a white man causing mahem. They can put it on us with no problem though. This world fukd up

  5. Reno Snow says:

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