Three Black Men Booted Out Of A Bar In Houston After Being Harassed By Staff

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HOUSTON (TX) — Have you ever heard that oft-used opening line of jokes that go something like, “A guy walks into a bar”? Well, THREE Black men attempted to walk into a bar this past weekend, and were turned away for an outrageous reason, which is certainly no laughing matter.

Brandon Ball, Kennard D. Piggee, and Dan Scarborough were three professional Black men who decided to enjoy a night on the town at a local bar in Houston this past weekend (Friday Sept. 11th), when they were abruptly stopped by the staff of Gaslamp bar. According to Atty. Ball, what he and his friends experienced that night was the typcial case of racial discrimination. Here’s what Ball wrote on his Facebook page, which can also be seen by following this link:


My name is Brandon Ball. I am 32 years old. I am African American. Tonight I was with my friends Dan Scarbrough (42) and Ken Piggee (43). Both are also African American. We were in the Midtown area of Houston, TX tonight and tried to go into The Gaslamp. Both Dan and Ken had on blazers. I had on a button up and slacks. When we walked up the guy at the door told us $20 each (pictured below in the long sleeve shirt). We didn’t want to pay that amount so we decided to go to the next bar down, The Dogwood, which was free.

After about 30 minutes we left The Dogwood and were walking back. As we passed The Gaslamp we noticed folks walking into The Gaslamp without having to pay. Those folks who didn’t have to pay were white. I brought this to Dan’s attention a few minutes later and he said we should go back and just watch from across the street to see if there was some “funny business” going on.

Ken, Dan, and I went back and watched from across the street as the guys who were working the front door of The Gaslamp (pictured) allowed white people to come in one after the other. Every black person who we watched try to go in was told there was a $20 cover or that their attire was not proper. One black guy was told that he could not get in because he had on Polo Boots.

Dan spoke to several people who were told there was a $20 cover and they pretty much all said the same thing. It was not just blacks they were charging. It was people of both Asain and Latin decent.

I again tried to walk in and was told there was a $20 cover. This was right after I had just seen a group of white guys walk right in.

I finally went and spoke to the cop (also pictured) who was working the door (who is a minority himself) and asked him if he was aware and comfortable with how the door guys were conducting business. His reply was basically…”I just work and do my job and those guys over there do their job.” I told him he was complicit but he blew me off.

I then took pictures of the two main guys at the front door (pictured below) and both of them began to ask if I had a problem. The one in the short sleeved shirt went as far to tell me that he hoped I didn’t “run up on him in the streets because it would be a problem.”

Why does this matter to me? Why is this important? If I have to answer that please just move along. This post is not meant for you. This event occurred in the late night of Sept. 11th. A day in which we as a country are supposed to come together. But events like this just tells us how far apart we are.

Please share this. Please pass along. Please read this and understand what type of establishment The Gaslamp is. If you were at The Gaslamp on this night and had a similar experience please comment and share. Don’t let actions such as this continue with no recourse. If you know the guys working the door let them see this. Please let them. Remember, this is 2015.

Despite this unfortunate incident, this isn’t the first occasion where Melanoid men are forced out of nightlife venues. Oftentimes, many of these establishments create outlandish rules to specifically target Melanoid men based upon our distinctive–and trendsetting– sense of fashion. Another reason why white supremacists keep Black men out of their bars & nightclubs is bred out of an envious fear of the “Black guys taking all of our women”.

Besides, who needs bars like Gaslamp, when there is a plethora of other opportunities for grown Black folks to truly enjoy themselves without strings attached?


B. Clark

16 thoughts on “Three Black Men Booted Out Of A Bar In Houston After Being Harassed By Staff

  1. sam says:


  2. sam says:


    1. dc1969 says:

      You are absolutely on point,bro sam. Unfortunately,too,too,too many of us african,black,melanoid people just feel that we have to ingratiate ourselves with a predominately caucasian scene to make us feel validated.while i will not goes as far as calling these 3 brothers coons,they probably felt since more than likely because they work with caucasians and get along with them,that they were just going to breeze in what apparently is a mostly pale bar and everything would be all good.wrong! This shit is common. But like u said,let a cracker male walk into a predominately african,black,melanoid social setting and nothing will be said by most. If he has good game,he could pick up a sister who does not care about his being a cracker. This is real life shit. Hopefully these 3 brothers will find somwhere else to chill out at,minus the ignorant euro,caucasian,”white” species.

  3. dj says:

    LOL…Look at the club’s attorney…He has that $h!t eating grin on his face as he talks…He knows himself what them black men are saying is true…He is laughing to himself while he is being interviewed….LOL

    Will wannabe black integrators ever learn??? Oh, Well…
    Silly Coons, Caspers Are For Pale Pigs…

  4. Champion Gear says:

    We all know that place got mad supporters now and the “death threats” are people expressing fake/real outrage.
    If the complainers are black, they might see jail time like every other online case.

  5. Calvin says:

    Me and my buddies experienced this 10 years ago in Virginia Beach,Va at a club named Peabodys. We were told by the two white door men that we can’t enter because our pants were too baggy. At first i didn’t think nothing of it until I saw them let a group of white boys in with baggy cargo pants in. A few years later they were sued because they had a history of racially discriminating black patrons.

  6. JayBay says:

    This event occurred in the late night of Sept. 11th. A day in which we as a country are supposed to come together. But events like this just tells us how far apart we are.

    Nigga wake up time guys! Welcome to the real world. Notice how all the police killings and everything else that’s been going on lately didn’t disturb them at all but being charged 20 bucks to go into a club did? We really have an uphill battle ahead of us.

    1. dj says:

      good observation JayBay

  7. burt says:

    Build your own bars. Stop going to place where you are not wanted. It’s stupid, but the bar has the right to charge you what they want and to kick you out want they want.That’s why they have a sign stating that “they can refuse to service you at anything.” When you have your own you don’t have to worry about situation and they Cop(PIG) is a disgrace.

  8. NationStrong says:

    Some coon niggas trying to party with those devils and got their wake up call..Build your own shit and get it poppin..smh

  9. This story will be featured on on the Conscious World Page.

  10. @Nation Strong…Good Answer.

  11. Danny says:

    Good. I hope this keeps happening all over the country until niggas realize that we need our own spots.

  12. lissen_up says:

    Yeah these niggas wanna go mingle with the cave beasts. Now they crying when the Troglodytes behave like Troglodytes. Be bosses by that spot and fire every mo’fuka that works there..

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