This is England: British Racism White Supremacy



By Andrew Johnson


For us in the UK, the struggle against white supremacy in America is well known. Thorough literature, TV and film, we know stage by stage how our American cousins were oppressed, betrayed and assassinated by different factions of white supremacists. Even now with worldwide internet access and social media we melanoid brothers and sisters on the shores of Britain feel more connected to the African American’s pain and struggle in North America. However, on occasion some Americans do ask black brits “How is it in England are you treated better there?” Well for our American brothers and sisters, here is a lengthy but thorough insight of black brits facing British white supremacy.

If we are to compare right now white supremacy between the USA and the UK using movie horror villains, America would be Jason Voorhees (From Friday the 13th film series) and UK would be Freddy Krueger (From Nightmare in Elm street film series). While Jason smashes and crashes through walls and leaves a mess of hacked and slashed bodies everywhere, Freddy kills when he invades the victim’s mind and leaves little physical evidence of him doing it. But on occasion he does expose his ugly face in reality for all to see. This is British racism white supremacy. It’s very methodical covert and psychological. It’s psychological because British white supremacists attack your way of thinking often in a very polite, passive aggressive and authoritative tone. They will try to make sure they defeat your mind when confronting racism in any form, wither it’s a regular racist or police. And if they succeed in intellectually conquering your mind you will be left feeling a false sense of shame and self doubt. While a lot of American racists would be brash and bold with their white supremacy for all to see, Britain does not like obvious racism. They like to cover it with deceptive intelligence to try and fool the average black person.

British white supremacy has mastered the art of intellectual dishonesty which has put 3 generations of melanoid people living under a “Jedi mind trick”. But it wasn’t only mind trickery that had many black brits brainwashed for decades. It’s the cultural behavior of British people that provides a good hiding place for white supremacists . British people in the dominate society are almost the opposite to white Americans. They are very reserved and modest. A lot of regular whites in Britain are often times critical thinkers and not that patriotic to their queen and country. You would even hear an English person cursing the British Empire of what it did to Africa and the rest of the world. When around melanoid people, they don’t mind being as ”common as muck” showing the ugly side to their culture. This makes any black individual feel as human as British whites are. So all of this gives the illusion white supremacy don’t exist in Britain. But once upon a time, it wasn’t this way. There was a time Britain was no different from America in the violence and evil maltreatment of melanoid people who just wanted to live life as a British citizen.


This is a story of hypocrisy and heartbreak that Britain does not like to get too deep into. The Windrush era. Black people from the Windrush era had single handedly changed the make up of modern Britain and made the country a more “multi-cultural society” and more open to immigrants before Brexit.

It was 1948 when the first group of West Indians stepped on the shores of Britain from a captured Nazi cruise ship renamed the Empire Windrush. After WWII, Britain recruited melanoid people all over the Caribbean islands to help in the reconstruction to make Britain great again. However, once the West Indians had settled in, all white hell broke loose. The savage white supremacists in the 1950’s may might as well have left England to join Hitler in the war. There were gangs of English racists terrorizing blacks all over the UK. Wooden bats, petrol bombs, blades and bricks were used on innocent blacks who thought the “motherland” had welcomed them. Most of the time the government looked the other way when regular white supremacists had a free reign on assaults on our brothers and sisters. Forget “sundown downs”, as blacks experienced in America. Britain was a “sundown state”. Many black brits had to be careful and courageous going out night no matter what city they lived in. Obviously in those days the police were of no help. They either ignored the problem or told only the blacks to go home after violent scuffles with white supremacists.

This was recognized as the norm until the early 60’s when a shift happened. America. More specifically the American Civil Rights movement. Dr Martin Luther King made the world watch his movement and Britain took note. In 1964, The Labour Party, the British equivalent to the American Democratic Party, won the general election and put forward the Race Relations Act. This become the British answer to the American Civil Rights Bill. History may record that the Labour Party drafted out the act with British black activists at the time, but it was too much of a coincidence America had put into power the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and Britain the Race Relations Act in 1965. So it wouldn’t be farfetched to think without the American civil rights movement, Britain would have stayed overtly racist until a later date. It wasn’t over however, as politicians and activists fought white supremacy until the more unapologetic overt racism tapered off until it become more convert over the years.


April 22nd 1993, would be a date that would later make Britain question its own conscience in practicing racism white supremacy. On that night, Stephen Lawrence along with his best friend Duwayne Brooks were just waiting at a bus stop when a group blood hungry white racist walked over and murdered Stephen Lawrence with a “shiny” weapon after one of them shouted “What, what nigger?”. Brooks managed to escape by out running one of the thugs. The murder was reported on the national news , but as evil the crime was, no one thought the murder would impact Britain as deeply as it did. This was thanks to Stephen’s angry and relentless parents, Doreen and Neville Lawrence. The British police tried to treat the investigation half heartedly, but the Lawrences were not having it. They did not accept the lies and racist unprofessionalism and lead a campaign of getting the murderers convicted.

White supremacists within the police tried to downplay and discredit the parents which started a 6 year war with the Lawrences . It was a fierce legal battle which became the now famous Stephen Lawrence inquiry, which not only involved putting the murders to justice, but also expose the racist treatment by some of the police investigators. Finally in 1999, the inquiry exposed the police of institutional racism. This made a shockwave throughout Britain and brought institutional racism as a whole to the forefront, making new legislations dealing with race. Unfortunately though, this also meant that different government departments and organizations would be more refined in using white supremacy if they still choose to practice it. There is still suspicion even now with the murder case. Only 2 of the 5 murderers were convicted and jailed in 2012, which raised some more questions of hidden corruption. Investigations are still continuing to this day.


So what has been happening recently though? What are instances where the UK’s brand of racism is practiced? Well, here are a few events that highlights British white supremacy over recent years.


Gentrification really caught black brits by surprise. It really served as a wake call to what system we are living in. What is even more interesting because areas which are known for a strong black residence are being gentrified in the US and the UK almost at the same time. While Brooklyn and Harlem is being changed without recognition, the UK boroughs of Brixton and Hackney are being replaced by well to do white professionals who mostly come from rural areas. Last year, long time black and white residents in Brixton caused a small riot which made the news . Of course, the government promise to do “everything they can” to help those in distressed. We know what that means.

The rise and fall of the white nationalist

In 2010, something really bizarre happened in Britain leading up to the general election. A white nationalist group called the BNP (Britain National Party) had gained some popularity. They didn’t have a huge surge of support, but it got enough to be noticed. Blacks as well as whites were worried because it was showing shades of Hitler and the rise of the Third Reich. No-one in the public or media could find these large group of whites who were loud and honest enough to openly say what they felt. It was always the a few supporters who came forward to justify why they were supporting the far right group. This could only mean that a lot of the supporters were silent. They probably went day to day chatting , laughing and smiling with melanoid people without giving any clue they had supported the white nationalist group. This is pretty much classic of British white supremacy. Taking action without getting caught. Thankfully, the BNP got completely destroyed in the general election mainly because of the successful anti-racist campaign groups and the fact that the party ended up being too ignorant and immature to be taken seriously.

The Human Zoo

This next situation not only shows how intellectually devious white supremacy can be, but also how brilliant and intellectually “woke” black brits are. In 2014, a South African artist and suspected white supremacist, Brett Bailey, came over to the UK to open a cheeky exhibition called Exhibit B: The Human Zoo in London. The idea of Bailey’s “art” is to have black actors to stand or sit in cubicles wearing chains and ancient torture masks from the slave trade. The exhibition also featured other degrading set ups from the colonial days and some female actors were displayed topless. These brainwashed actors would stay on display as the public would come in to look and observe them like it was an actual zoo. Fortunately, blacks caught on to this and lead a protest outside the Barbican arts centre.

TV and news media picked up what was going on and it was a subject of debate on discussion panels. But instead of being honest that this so called art display was racist, the media posed a devious and insulting question: “Should Britain censor art?”. Black protesters on and off TV gave the right response. They argued, it had nothing to with “art” when a foreigner takes the most painful and guarded part of a people’s history and make a spectacle of it by using an absent or weak context. This also exposes another side to white supremacy that is normally seen in America. That is, racists love to recreate things like the “old days” as a joke to themselves. So it is heavily suspected that Bailey wanted to get away with recreating a human zoo , which was popular in Britain in the late 1800’s ,under the guise of art. Thankfully, despite the heated back and forth debates about art, the offensive human zoo was successfully shut down.


As it stands, there are a lot of melanoid people in this country who are not interested in listening to real melanoid empowerment, mainly because the bulk of black presence here are African immigrants who are “grateful” for the education and opportunities here. But there are enough West Indians and Africans who are wise to white supremacy and some of these individuals did not necessarily see the truth about racism through “black consciousness”. It was through experience and common sense over the years. So now that you know a little bit of our history here in Britain and our general love for black America, it is best for the US and the UK make more connections across the pond. Such a solid alliance would be very powerful because we would be an allied army against global white supremacy. Besides, even some American whites and white supremacists know, that Britain is considered as the 51st state.

8 thoughts on “This is England: British Racism White Supremacy

  1. rickrichi says:

    Good article. I might visit my black brothers in England one day!

  2. asa says:

    Bullshit! American racism is subtle. It’s not out in the open. They are master of stabbing you in the back without having to say anything. They deny you jobs, housing, social invitations, parties, loans, schools, promotions, gigs, you name it. Always with a smile on their face and some trumped up excuse as to why you were denied such and such.

    1. Jerry says:

      Subtle??? Racist No. 1 is running for president!!

  3. Jason A Brown says:

    Excellent article.

  4. Shane in Toronto says:

    Ironically they call Canada the 51 state also and the white supremacist behave very similar here also.

  5. Blackmenaredumb says:

    Well black men in the UK dont seem to care about racism as they sleep with white women all the time. You want to moan about ‘white supremacy’ but covert the white mans woman? Black men are such dumb incompetent N words LOL. I literally LAUGH at the ignorance of many of you dumb N words 😂.

  6. Leslie says:

    The Writer has gotten the impression that racism in America is overt. I would like to clarify, after the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s racism in America has been predominantly covert. That held until the election of President Obama. Note: The southern States of the U.S. have a reputation of being more overtly racist. Still I was born in 1972 in the North. My experience with racism has been consistent over my lifetime. I’ve had scattered incidents of overt racism. However, the majority of my experience has been with covert racism. Black Americans are raised in an environment of race based psychological abuse. In experiments, children of all races who aren’t even school age, have already picked up on the white supremacists messages that surround us. They have internalized them. Black children verbalize awaress of many negative narratives associated with their skin complexion. The educational system is an indoctrination into White culture.

    After the election of Obama many Whites were unable to contain their racist ideas. Acts of racism became more overt as a significant group of Whites sent a message that America is a White Country and should be run by White people. With that Trump stepped into a space created by White desire to take America back. Presidential Candidate Trump was blatantly racist in his rhetoric. It seemed to encourage other racists to become extremely overt. So, the overt racism I’ve seen over these past 2 years in America is not what America looked like to me prior. I knew racism existed and suspected it was widespread. However, I’ve been shocked by how bad it truly is. I’m thankful it’s finally being exposed. However, I’ve found that racism is apart of America’s DNA. It is deeply engrained and weaves through everything. There is no where to hide from it. Whites falsely believe the lie of their superiority and Blacks have been devastated by mental, physical, economic, spiritual, and emotional enslavement. We are still enslaved and America is one large plantation.

  7. dom judson says:

    Hey, I am a student at Priestley college Warrington and I was just wondering if there are any Melonoid Nation members in Warrington, Manchester or Liverpool (UK) that would be open to let us film a documentary about the organization, the people in it and what a typical day is for a member. This would be a huge favour as this would help us immensely in getting into a university.

    Yours faithfully Dom Judson

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