There Is New Information Revealing Black People’s Exposure To Deadly Vaccines

Doctor giving injection to baby boy (2-5 months)

ATLANTA, GA — This upcoming weekend (Oct. 23-25), a rally has been organized to take place in the Georgia state capital to raise awareness of vaccinations, and the dangers that they bring.

The Vaccine-Injury Awareness League are gathering in front of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to demand mercury-free vaccines. Extensive studies have long linked mercury to debilitating–and deadly–side effects, such as various forms of cancer in adults, and autism in vaccinated newborns.

Among the people in attendance this weekend will be Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who delivered a pre-recorded message in regards to the disturbing trend of the negative side effects of vaccines. The video message of Kennedy was viewed by a gathering of a predominately Black crowd at a follow-up meeting to October 10th’s historic “Justice Or Else” rally. Kennedy mentioned that these poisonous vaccines are being dumped into Black areas across the country, with many young Melanoid children experiencing autism at an unprecedented rate. The majority of those affected by these harmful vaccines are Black boys, which could also very well explain the correlation with the miseducation (and eventual incarceration due to being denied opportunities during their formative years) they receive all too often.

Kennedy also went on to state that mercury is 1,000 times more fatal than lead, and that the “problem with African-Americans are the mercury-filled vaccines that make their way into your communities. This is similar to the infamous and wicked Tuskegee syphillis experiment exposed by my uncle in the 1970s.”

In a related story that appears to be more than coincidental, members of the white Jewish community have expressed the need for vaccines with kosher ingredients to ensure that it not only infringes upon their religious beliefs, but also keeps them exempt from being exposed to the mercury-filled vaccines.

Here is the video of Robert F. Kennedy’s message.

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8 thoughts on “There Is New Information Revealing Black People’s Exposure To Deadly Vaccines

  1. Nik says:

    Does it have anything to do with alarming rate of homosexuality in black men as of late. As we see blacjk men has now become the new face of homosexuality

    1. MKC says:

      There is a scientist that explains how they spray the chemicals on the food that was turning male frogs into female frogs. That food found its way into the black community at an alarming rate…Tyrone Hayes

    2. Japhta says:

      Good question, a very good question indeed.

    3. Abrafo says:

      Fuck off troll!

  2. Pharoah Khari says:

    Thank you Brotha Tariq for the knowledge the Ancestors are smiling each one teach one. ..

  3. CJ says:

    There is no such thing as a safe vaccine. These people will be asking the white supremacist to remove mercury…and they will but there’s still formaldehyde, aluminum, Triton-X 100 (a detergent), gelatin, peanut oil (rise in nut allergies), and a whole host of other stuff. I have been telling people it’s not just the mercury. Keep that junk away from your black children! They are too precious for that. Feed them well, clean water, exercise, keep them clean and sanitary and they will stay healthy.

  4. dj says:

    This put black folks in a tight situation. From what I am hearing before a child enters school s/he must be vaccinated. Is this true or not?

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