There Is Another Klan Rally That Is Scheduled To Take Place In April

kkk_stone mountain

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA — After this past weekend’s melee that ensued in Anaheim, CA that saw Klan protesters confront Black citizens, another rally has been slated to take place across the country during a traditionally notorious month.

On Saturday, April 23, 2016, Klan members and other white extremists (as well as their sympathizers) will be coming together at Stone Mountain, GA at 11:00AM (Eastern Time).

Word of this upcoming event has been circulated by several internet-based forums, particularly the white supremacist site known as stormfront.orgHowever, the most notable site in which the news has spread is Facebook, the same site which has gone to great lengths to shut down any and every significant Black movement and/or sharing of information, as well as prominent Black people who use their platform on Facebook to challenge systematic racism/white supremacy.

Follow this link to view the Facebook event page for this upcoming event.

Melanoid people should be placed on advance notice about events such as this, because innocent Black people could have their lives spared by doing so in the event that these white extremists get emboldened to carry out attacks on the Black citizens of Stone Mountain and surrounding areas.

8 thoughts on “There Is Another Klan Rally That Is Scheduled To Take Place In April

  1. Melanoid Scholar says:

    Black folks need to exercise their Second Amendment rights and protect their lives and property. #remembertheminkslide

  2. R8sing A Nation says:

    I knew that those pigs were not going to let Anaheim slide..that was a major national L. They had to go back to drawing board and they know they can’t come back to Cali(I’ve been following social media and the Mexicans and Indians are ready to go) so they have run down south. I’m really going to be thinking of all our brothers and sisters out that way and hope they organize, demand their local officials to put a halt to this, AND strap up. I hate guns(i’m scared of them), but the more my husband and I talk, the more reality is setting in that times are changing fast. Fact is racist have been plotting and preparing for this since the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. It totally feels like a bad a romance..” if I can’t have you nobody will(not even yourself)…

  3. What says:

    I think California, once again will be the shining example….
    Ethnic people everywhere will get in that clan-azz because California showed that the clan is not “all powerful”….

  4. Shut It Down says:

    Organizing is underway to shut down this Klan/white supremacist event. For updates about opposition to the KKK at Stone Mountain on April 23, you can visit and sign up for email alerts. You can also follow on Twitter @alloutatlanta

  5. MagnumBoom says:

    They rally every year. This is nothing new. Keep calm, keep moving forward with our self-empowerment agenda. Focus on our children, our money and the businesses that we need to start. Never mind that the enemy is making noise. We can listen to their noise and remain unfocused , or we can make our own noise and change the paradigm. It’s up to us.

  6. R8sing A Nation says:

    @Shut it Down thank you for the info…
    @MagnumBoom you are right but being from Cali that was a big stunt along with other things going on. But all in all you are correct.

  7. dc1969 says:

    These savages need to be terminated.remember,they were the first terrorist organization in this country.other than the first European settlers.I’m from NYC but my parents grew up in Georgia during the segregation period in 1940’s and 1950’s.i have family down there who have maintained themselves relatively well. But i always told myself if i should ever move down there,i will be strapped to the fullest when dealing with dumb,woman and child!!!!

  8. v love says:

    Listen up my brother and sister… let’s make love .. not war.. we have to get a long with each other.. so are kids can get along too.. let’s stop fighting one another. . . Put the guns and knife way .. and remember all lives do matter. Afo .Americans. are here too stay.. and remember god love you and so do i…

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