The White Supremacist Tactic Of Political Deflection


In the system of white supremacy, those who want to maintain that system have a number of tactics they use on their victims. One common tactic is deflection. Up until the 1960’s white supremacists were very open about their white supremacist views. They wore their racism on their sleeves. They would openly state their white supremacist views in the laws, housing market, job market, educational field, and in public places.

Then in the mid-60’s the white supremacists realized that overt racism would cause overt opposition from Black society. So the white supremacists went into the refinement stage of white supremacy. And the new refinement stage required the racists to use the denial and deflection tactic. The new rule is to continue to practice white supremacy in all areas of activity, but deny that they are doing it.

And one main tactic of white supremacy denial is deflection. Whenever the subject of racism comes up, most white supremacist will deflect into another topic. And usually they will deflect from a racial issue and try to deceive you into believing it is a political issue. This is a common tactic that is utilized by white supremacists today.

Many white supremacists, and suspected white supremacists will arbitrarily label a random Black person or groups of Black people as members of “Black Lives Matter”. This way, they can code their racial criticism of Black people behind the guise of criticizing a political movement.

Another common tactic used by suspected white supremacists (especially the ones online) is playing the “white supremacist hot potato game”. This is when suspected racists will try to pass white supremacy off on a certain political party. Many of these suspected white supremacists will deflect from obvious issues of racism and try to blame “the democrats” or “the liberals” for “all the problems of the Black community.”

So Melanoid people must understand, if you are ever engaging in a conversation with a person in the dominant society, and the discussion is about racial injustice, if they start deflecting into terms like:

*”the republicans”


*”the left”

*”the democrats”



*”big government”

*”the elitists”

or any other political term, you should suspect that the person is a white supremacist.

Because democrats and republicans are both dominated by white supremacists. And arguing about who’s the biggest white supremacist between the groups, is like a prisoner arguing about who’s the worst prison warden between two people.

28 thoughts on “The White Supremacist Tactic Of Political Deflection

  1. MindMuscle says:

    Truth….it is ALL white supremacy under a different name.

  2. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    I’ve ben saying this for sometime. Watch how a black person who kills a cop or multiple people is identified by his/her race. When a white person kills a cop or multiple people he/she is identified by political ideology. That white [erson becomes a liberal,conservative,democrat,republican right winger,left winger etc.All of this not to call that person white.

  3. david Williams says:

    wow! u guys are living like in the 60s. u do know its like the 2016 now right? let me give u a history lesson. I’m white. we do have racist packets in the USA but most the time there dumb with ideas that no one even pays attention to anymore. There like the minority now, so small that’s it stupid to even talk about it. let me tell u most white people don’t care about black people to even care to shoot at them more less pay them any attention. like this election for 2016 your siting there going damn, I cant get a job or damn i don’t make enough money. if your not putting in 10 job applications in a week. your not even looking for work. if u don’t dress to impress when u go for a job interview I’m sorry your not gonna get a job. If u walk in slinging words around saying son or yo know. then your not gonna get the job.

    96% of blacks are voting for Hillary Clinton. that i don’t understand. why? shes gonna keep the same polices as Obama. to be frank he will go down as the worst POTUS the united states ever had. more black people are on unemployment, more black peple cant find work, more black people don’t own homes, more black people don’t have fair wages, more black people are on food stamps. more black people are being treated as cattle. GO SEE HILLARY AMERICA! youll see where the SLAVERY came from. you know my biggest problem with black people is that there to damn stupid in most cases. you go for the most retarded thing. i argued with a black man yesterday on polices from the Obama administration . he said it was good. i said and showed him the stats that showed other wise. i told him to change it by voting trump because hes gonna put money in his pocket. u know what he said trump sends work over seas why I’m not voting for him. WHAT F*&^% difference does it make where he sends his work if hes gonna abolish the TRADE deals that force companies like him to outsource his work to over seas. DUH! wake up blacks your being a tool for the democratic party for far to long. look at Chicago, L.A , there all controlled by the democratic party. you black people where slaves by the democratic party latterly. slavery was held by democratic. it was the republican party that fought to free slaves. democratic party says the republicans are racist, bigots, homophobes, lmaoo that’s the most load of BS. watch next 8 years they will do it again. BUT right now we got a bigger threat. ISIS there already here. there actually within Black lives matter movments. the founder is a muslim. put the puzzle peaces together. GO WATCH HILLARY AMERICA! ITS A DOCUMENTRY! meaning that’s its educational and truthful. or u can cast your vote for Hillary and ill sit back and whtch u all kill yourselfs or try to fight the cops some more.

    OH the we will win! lmaoo don’t make me LMAOO. if the police departments cant control riots or out of control cities. there gonna declare MARSHAL LAW. <— look it up.

    the military plays a different game, i served 6 years 8 months. I'm a combat vet. they will come into your naborhoods drag each and every person out there homes, confinscate any firearms. anyone that resist will get hit in the face with the butt of a weapon, then flex cuffed. you will probley be kicked a few times for good measure to make sure youll keep in good spirit with there authority. If u think looting is gonna be ok, well… there will be a curfew for the city and surrounding areas. u don't want to be caught out you will be shot onsight. if u think your gonna shot at them, they will surround u using military tactics and blow your damn head off. they wear body armor and have Humvees with .50 cal machine guns. by the first 5 hrs of marshal law is in effect the military will have the whole town on lock down. you thugs. think your soldiers because u carry around a full auto or semi Auto weapon. i love to tell u that your poorly mistaken youll piss yourself when u see the real deal. we are very aggressive and we don't play by the same rules as the police do.

    if u want real change, that will mean something then u need talk to your friends and people u know. get them to vote this Nov 8th for trump that is going to change this country and kick out those WHITE that you talk about. or you can vote Hillary have the same problems as before. I'm sure its been working great for you the last 8 years. so go ahead and vote Hillary. you think your hurting now its gonna get worst if she gets elected.

    1. JayBay says:

      Let me just sum up your speech for the people who want the cliff notes version
      “This November you can vote for the person that hates black people OR the person that hates black people. I suggest you vote for the person that hates black people. After all, politics and supporting a system of white supremacy has screwed you over before but I’m sure in 2016 that we’ll get it right. You know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try (x200) again and you’ll get it right. Historically the end result has been the same but let’s cross our fingers! Now ride that coon train down to your local voting station and let’s vote for more of the same thing!”

      I only needed to skim your mini novel because the result is the same. If anything that a person talks about doesn’t involve black people getting money and creating their own economy (voting for either party has NEVER equaled wealth for black people) then you can ignore it. Their words aren’t fit to wipe your behind with. As for your little scare tactics…..meh. Not worried. North Korea just declared war on the US. That’s in addition to the other groups that are pissed off about (white) America and how it deals with other nations. I’d say you’re gonna have a lot more things to worry about in the next few years.

      1. JayBay says:

        wow! u guys are living like in the 60s. u do know its like the 2016 now right? let me give u a history lesson. I’m white. we do have racist packets in the USA but most the time there dumb with ideas that no one even pays attention to anymore.

        Says the guy with improper punctuation and grammar.

        let me tell u most white people don’t care about black people to even care to shoot at them more less pay them any attention.

        And yet you white trolls always make your way onto sites like this to scare us into coming back to the plantation. Your actions deceive your words.

        if your not putting in 10 job applications in a week. your not even looking for work. if u don’t dress to impress when u go for a job interview I’m sorry your not gonna get a job. If u walk in slinging words around saying son or yo know. then your not gonna get the job.

        Oh massa you’s iz right! I’ze always thought that showing up ins a loin cloth with a spear waz da right way. Oh massa is so smartz!
        White arrogance at it’s finest. Come to a website where you’re not wanted, insult us, and then demand that we do the exact same thing that got us into this situation in the first place. Here’s to hoping another guy in a truck runs down 100 of you pompous jackasses.

        1. JayBay says:

          Hey david? Are you by any chance a white christian?

          1. dc1969 says:

            I’m glad you replied back to this cunt,jay bay.when i read this nonsense earlier,while i was at the stoplight driving,i said to myself”this piece of filth is trying to run a mind game”.basically,this david williams is reaching for anything to uphold white supremacy. Stop whining,you punk bitch.

          2. JayBay says:

            It’s funny that he even wrote a note because the the points that he made in what he wrote are the EXACT points that the article was making. Both parties treat black people like shit but this guy has the audacity to DEMAND that we vote for Trump. Anytime a white person has your people’s name or issues coming out of his mouth it’s worthless and mind games.

      2. PD says:

        Agreed 100% JayBay, glad you shut down the f’ery of david Williams!

        1. JayBay says:

          All praises. This is why I stopped trying to debate or convert white people. As a nation they made up their minds about us long ago and since they’re obviously not on our side….fuck em’. Show love for your people (non european latinos and native americans are our people too but that history is way to long and complex to explain here)

        2. Harry pecker says:

          I am a white man from birth and still am and I don’t like black people ,but I don’t like most white people either because that’s my choice so fuck off

          1. JayBay says:

            …..and your point is? Was I supposed to somehow feel shamed by that comment?

          2. JayBay says:

            I swear, you white supremacists just get dumber and dumber by the day. So you hate white and black people and it’s your choice? Got it. You sure showed me. You’re still an incompetent piece of shit who probably fucks his sisters but you told me to fuck off so I guess you win

          3. Harry pecker says:

            @jaybay .i love you,

    2. Shon says:

      That was the dumbest comment I ever read. Fact is UNEMPLOYMENT is down since The Bush administration. Gas prices are down also. While the average household income has gone up. Many people who couldn’t afford childcare and medical insurance have it now. So whatever statistics you’ve been reading are false.

      Voting for Hillary over Trump is simply choosing the lesser of two evils. I find it amusing that you claim to be a part of the military yet back Trump, who called Senator McCain a coward for being taken prisoner during a time of war. Then mocked the parents of a Muslim American soldier who sacrificed his life to save others …

      Do you really think he’s gonna outsource companies who send jobs overseas when It is proven to be a common practice of his in multiple business ventures. His flip flopping on immigration proves the point of what kind of man he is. The fact that he has changed his thinking on immigration only after his wife has been proven to be an illegal immigrant herself shows he will do what it takes to look out for the best interest of himself. He doesnt care about you, me, or anyone else. This is a narcissist we are talking about. He doesn’t wanna be President, he wants to be King.

      And as far as marshall law goes. Im sure there would be just as many whites as blacks protesting for their freedom. The 1% don’t care about the other 99%. In their opinion, there is not enough money to go around for everyone else to live confortably… Nothing will change that…

    3. Debra says:

      Blacks don’t need your warped views or suggestions. We all know the deceptive tactics of your kind.Hillary is she the lesser of two evils don’t know and could care less,politics as usual.I wouldn’t vote for or endorse DonaldTrump if his opponent was dead instead on Nov 8,2016 it’s off to the cemetery to cat my vote.

    4. Dave Baoird says:

      David Williams who are you? Full of hate and misinformation. Thia president has been a steady hand it is important that we know that. Our health and well-being can not be dimished. He has been the refiners fire, the supremists have come out of the woodwork as I predicted. Trump supporters are for the most deplorable white supremeist and I should know since they are my family and Trump supporters. They associate with like minded people only who they can call those they look down on the worsy names possible.
      As I remember the presidents plans were squashed by the congress. The ACA has and will help those living in poverty to gather strength and health in ways not in the common discourse. Standing in the way of infrastructure rebuilding has and will cost all of us a great deal. The 1 percent rule by promoting bigotry and fear. Irrational responses destroy communities.
      Few of use have escaped the horror of living in a racist home, and seeing the crap passed down to the next generation …. empathy needs to be taught in our schools. racism needs to be discussed. Community organization is more relevant than ever before. Our modern age has produced social media is washing over the world, exposing the madness.

    5. Jbo says:

      You are talking about someone being stupid, but you can’t complete basic sentences. Learn the difference between there, their and they’re. You fucking dummy!

  4. Mr. Creole says:

    I am not voting for neither party because money controls poltics thru PACs. I think i want to explore in more detail what post racial means to black people. Unemployment, student debt, housing, miseducation, police brutality are critital race topics that must be addressed. We need a new political party for blacks before we vote for red or blue. Why are so many racists trolling this site instead of stormfront because they need what little support that they can get from blacks. Trump is a capaltists all he cares about is money but he showed me his true colors with central park 5.

    1. Dave Baoird says:

      By not voting for either, you may let chaos lose on the land. With climate change facing us, would not recover. The is a concern that seems forgotten. The democrats are for doing away with student debt, putting public schools on a firm footing – charter schools have weaken our educational system.police responses to people of color is as a result of gross unchallenged racism. A new political party? really? ONE THE SIZE OF THE LIBERTARIAN? trump IS A PEDOPHILE, CON MAN RACISTS and endless liar. The Russians own him. He is very dangerous. It is not a political situation rather a fundamental change in how we govern. The fifth column is pleased with the current state of affairs, they over throw when there is enough chaos.Racism is engrained in our society. The truth is all white people are, Those who call out trolls are trolls.

  5. Damarijuandon says:

    So let’s ask this own to share with us how Obama will go down as the worst POTUS of all time. I have stats to refute this false claim.

  6. Mark says:

    LMAO, this is the dumbest shot I’ve read in a long long time. If u disagree u are a white supremacist LMAO….get a life and stop blaming whitey for ur problems, losers

    1. JayBay says:

      You’re white so by definition you and your kind are white supremacists. I’m sure the rest of the world will agree with me. LITERALLY every country your people have invaded and colonized has fucked up the local population. But of course because we can call you out on your bs and hypocrisy we’re just losers who blame all people for our problems. This is why I’m thankful there’s a just God (#france, #italyearthquake). Don’t like the things I’m saying? Tough shit.

      1. Doug says:

        Jay bay-I forgive your low education and social retardation and hope you one day find happiness in your angry little mind and you can sleep at night knowing I’ve forgive you and your low primate intelligence

  7. Mark says:

    LMAO, this is the dumbest shit I’ve read in a long long time. If u disagree u are a white supremacist LMAO….get a life and stop blaming whitey for ur problems, losers

  8. Omalone1 says:

    Time to moderate comments

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