The United Nations Is In Favor Of Reparations For Black People In U.S.


In spite of the vehement opposition by politicians, media personalities, and the general dominant society alike, one of the world’s most overarching organizations has taken a pro-reparations stance.

Last week, The Philadelphia Tribune reported that a group of American-born Melanoid people met with The UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent (a U.N.-sanctioned panel) to discuss recommendations on how to compensate Black Society with the long overdue reparations.

The current–and longstanding–climate in which Melanoid people have dwelt since the onset of slavery has become cause for alarm among U.N. officials, prompting Mireille Fanon Mendes-France of France (a U.N. chairperson) to express “extremely concern about the human rights situation of African-Americans”, as it was stated in a report that was discussed in the aforementioned meeting.

 The irony of the story yet again exposes the U.S.’s blatant denial of the gruesome history of slavery/racism that has crept into every nook and cranny of its 50 states. It also illustrates how this nation has gone to great lengths to deny Melanoid people the resources we deserve.

B. Clark

60 thoughts on “The United Nations Is In Favor Of Reparations For Black People In U.S.

  1. Sketch says:

    It’s time for this bitch ass country to pay up. This country wouldn’t be shit had it not been for slavery. Black people gave their heart and soul to this nasty country and this country turned around and shit on us. Fuck Amerikkka I’m giving up my amerikkkan citizenship when I turn 35 this shit can rot. -SKETCH™

    1. Malik says:

      The crackers should pay. They won’t pay what’s due and if we can pull our own resources we can have our own nation within this nation.

      1. Loyce says:

        Brother T West of AfriSynergy News is pushing for this very same thing. He is proposing nation states within the United States primarily in the South and Southeastern states like Maryland, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, etc. He has been gathering statistics and the necessary evidence to present soon for our own nation states. Check him out. He can be found on Facebook under “AfriSynergy News”. He can also be found on YouTube but has recently left because his account was being flagged and taken down.

  2. James Cornell says:

    Personally, I would prefer that we were given nationhood status and declared a stateless people because that is what we are.

    America is a big player in the U.N. so I don’t expect the argument for reparations to go very far. People from the international community are too scared to rattle the big dog’s cage.

    I can see a lot of racist getting scared by this as they know that their days of picking on our people without fear of repercussions is coming to an end.

    1. Kevyn says:

      @ James Cornell +1000% in agreement .

  3. knighthonor says:


    people lets get this hashtag started!!!

    1. Black2TheFuture says:

      I agree.

    2. Pink says:

      The answer of an extpre. Good to hear from you.

  4. A messenger says:

    So, even though the u.s. is already in trillions of dollars in debt, you’re going to demand it pay out its ass anyway? That seems a bit selfish. Slavery was horrible, it was unjust and it wasn’t right…but it’s not as though they were stollen. They were purchased…from the slave owners they belonged to in Africa at the time. In which case, it’s only fair to demand that Africa pay for some of this compensation.
    You want us to pay you for something that happened hundreds of years ago, that we had no part of, and you still find it OK to punish us for that?
    And besides, the version of the u.s. government that enforced the slavery laws and said it was ok was defeated during the civil war. The government we have now is the continuation of the version that viewed slavery as an abomination, and yet you seem to not care at all about that.
    If you were personally put in chains and made to be a slave, all of which being sanctioned by the u.s., that’d be one thing, but that’s not the case. If this comes to pass, the consequences will be far more dire than the benefits.

    Imagine if the African American community as a whole refused the compensation, and instead acknowledging that change takes time and the bigger the change, the more time it’ll take. As a community, you acknowledge, even though the situation isn’t where it should ideally be YET, that you understand that the effort is being made. Slowly, but actively. Instead of getting some extra spending cash for a while, you show up the government and prove to be at least more mature than most of the people who think money can solve any problem…like THE UN.
    Continuously blaming others for your misfortunes is childish. Show the world the truth, that you all are better than that

    1. James Cornell says:

      This country spends billions of dollars annually to help support countries that really don’t need that much support in the first place.

      Slavery was never really abolished. It still goes on but under a different name:penal servitude.

      I understand where you are coming from as far as people not having to suffer for the crimes committed by previous generations, but unfortunately that is not how the world works.

      Haiti is also a country deep in debt that still has to pay billions in reparations to the very country that enslaved them(France).

      The Holocaust ended 70 years ago yet there a lot of Jewish Americans and Israelis who were never put into concentration camps yet still continue to guilt trip the world into giving them sympathy and financial aid.

      The list goes on but I think you understand the point I’m trying to make.

      Black Americans are the only people in the world who made to feel bad about addressing the ills that effect our people publicly. It’s like the world just expects us to sit idle and suffer quietly in a corner while we continue to get marginalized and pushed out of the public consciousness.

      I don’t expect this country to pay for a crime their ancestors committed, but I do believe that there should be a national conversation on the recognition of nationhood status for African Americans who wish to repatriate back to Africa or have an independent sovereign state to call their own.

      1. Sonja says:

        WE are paying for what our ancestors didn’t do…Keep the Laws, Statues and Commandments. They are long gone and dead but we are suffering. Now it’s your turn to suffer for what your ancestors did to us. You reap what you sow. What goes around comes around. That’s fair

      2. Abrafo says:

        My message to America, “Fuck yall, pay us!”

    2. RBG says:


    3. awakened one says:

      Go to hell with all that. This country has broken so many promises it has made to us so don’t give me the “what’s good for the country speech” . Reparations is due and if it isn’t paid (don’t care about a national debt) we can be loyal to the country. We’ve been betrayed by Lady liberty do many times its only right to return the favor

      1. Mr. Siggs says:

        “Show the world the truth, that you all are better than that”
        ROFL!!! GTFOOH
        Are you going to ask all of the families and groups that still have land, money, and other wealth left over from their slave owning ancestors to give it away to show that they don’t want the proceeds of slavery? Are they going to show the world that they are better than their ancestors?

        This person is a suspected white supremacist trying to guilt trip black people out of wanting reparations that have been owed to us for far too long. Time to pay up.

    4. JayBay says:

      Don’t. Give. A. Fuck. White people don’t give a fuck that they (on the whole) benefitted off of slavery so I don’t give a fuck about taking that money back to help my people. Fuck morality. The US didn’t get to where it’s at in the world by being nice to other nations. Trillions in debt? Despite all the resources that the US has either stolen or controls due to rigging the system in their favor and putting in puppet dictators all over the world? I don’t believe the government is telling us the full story on that one. Ever occur to you that maybe the US tells its people that because if in the wild chance it turned out we had a huge surplus of money then there would be no excuse for the ridiculous rates of poverty and inequality? That they actually could afford to pay for healthcare but just don’t want to so they keep those money and resources for a select few? But even if I’m wrong and the US is still really deep in debt…fuck em. We tried asking nicely and got told to go fuck ourselves. We fight for and try to defend this country and still get called niggers and burdens on society. So, you wanna stop hear black people complain? Give us OUR money. The idiots who wanna spend the money back into white society will fuck themselves over while the ones who want to build the community and create jobs will do that.

    5. JayBay says:

      Continuously blaming others for your misfortunes is childish. Show the world the truth, that you all are better than that

      You mean the misfortunes that white people caused? Did we ask your people to take us to the US? Keep us in slavery? Free us and then use tons of complicated legal code to keep us from gaining any power? Burn down the few towns we had that did become successful? The list goes on and on. This is why your people are the devil the bible speaks of. Everytime we’ve tried to build ourselves up in America we were shut down by whites. Yet we’re the assholes for asking for some sort of compensation.

    6. Gabriel says:

      You really in your heart think we’re not owed anything as a people? C’mon every other race of people these Caucasian did wrong have been compensated except for the Africans its been documented man. But since we’re so called in debt its not the time huh smh. Im not pressed or praying for it Im just hip to as why it won’t happen

      1. Brianna says:

        Exactly they fucked over the Indians and they got their land back, what are we getting back??

        1. Maurico says:

          Indians never got their land back. . They where moved out …

    7. Brianna says:

      First of all, we were FREE in Africa, we were not slaves until they came and captured us and turned us into slaves. Secondly who cares that the U.S. in debt that is their problem, this country woukldnt be shit if it wasn’t for our ancestors building it up, and although slavery is over racism still exists to this day, when we never choose to brought here in the first place!!

      If it happened to my family I damn well deserve any reparations, and how long will it take? How’s loing should we wait another 100, 200, 300, etc years??

    8. Ebi says:

      alright then, will you be so kind to give up whatever was left to you from your ancestors and give it to the black families who desperately need those resources?
      I mean, Amerika is in debt already, right ?

    9. Berningmad says:

      You are given that same tired false racist rationalization! Educate yourself because it’s obvious by your reply that you are very very ignorant!

    10. Black2TheFuture says:

      First of all a suspected white supremacist is calling Black people “SELFISH” for wanting compensatory action for the inhumane, and sadistic cruel acts committed against their people for capital gain. That sir is hilarious. Give me a sec to wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes…Ok now that im done let me address each one of those statements you just mad.

      1.United States is trillions of dollars in debt: I find it funny that the national deficit never got mentioned when the Japanese wanted reparations for the internment camps they were put in after world war 2, or how about the Jews and the reparations they have received from Americans who were directly and indirectly involved in the Nazi death camps. Not only that theyre STILL going after people 80 and 90 years old and sentencing to prison in Nuremburg for their association with the Nazis. If thats not enough for you how about the NUMEROUS reparations that so called native Americans receive for their suffering that many of them often flip and turn into multimillion dollar casinos. I live in Oklahoma where they have a FREE health care clinic as well as scholars SPECIFICALLY for them to go to just about any college they choose. The national deficit didn’t seem to keep these groups from being broke off, so it should not keep us either.

      2.)Slaves were not stolen they were purchased: My question to you is this…Why in the world were white people in Africa purchasing human beings to begin with? You cannot have a seller without first having a BUYER!. Young foreign girls are SOLD/ PURCHASED by grown men of their same group overseas as well as the US. That is considered predatory and exploitative on behalf of the SELLER and BUYER so why then when it comes to Africans being sold and purchased all of sudden its just the sellers fault (raises brow). Secondly you are not telling the whole story. Africans had spears and shields which were no match at the time for the firearms the enslavers brought into the continent. They didnt leave the Africans any choice. Either sell us your people or we are going to shoot you and take them. Tell me which choice would you have made? Also,after the purchased Africans were bought, guess what happened next. The SELLERS were put in chains and forced into the boats right next to the purchased Africans. Lastly Africa does not owe the Black diaspora anything, because the Europeans invading and rummaging once peaceful and prominent villages devastated Africa’s economy, so much to the point that the continent still hasn’t fully recovered socially or economically to this day. A nations greatest resource is its HUMAN resource and white people stripped that away from Africa with impunity.

      3.)You want us to pay for something hundreds of years ago that we had no part of: Ahh this is classic one. First, it doesn’t matter who was there or who wasnt. The wealth and resources generated off the backs of our African ancestors by those classified as white existed then and they are still here NOW! its time to break bread. Secondly, even the whites who never owned slaves and that took their voyage to Ellis island KNEW about slavery and they KNEW that the country that they were told was the land of milk and honey was built off African blood and sweat but they didnt let that stop them from coming over here and enjoying all the spoils of victory. So they are just as guilty as the white enslavers because they could of refused to have anything to do with this county and went back to their homeland but things were just a little to good for them to do so I reckon. Because after all ,slavery was bad but hey my life is better here than it was in the old country so why should I care. Damn those niggers!!Lastly, we are “punishing” you. This is strictly business so taking it personal is unnecessary. Black people were promised reparations after slavery (40 acres and a mule) and that promise was broken. All debts must be paid by those who inherit the debtors estate. ALL white people today inherited that estate. This is business not personal, so get out of your feelings.

      4.)The version of the US Government that enforced slavery was defeated during the civil war.:..Really dude, like really….The civil war was not fought to end slavery, but for the north to improve economically and be able to expand its goods and services globally. At the beginning of the civil war they north was being defeated by the south, so they put out a declaration that any slave that wants to be free come and fight for us and you will get your wish. By doing that the union army was able to increase its numbers and ultimately defeat they south. Abe Lincoln said himself he wouldve kept slavery going if it wouldve preserved the union. So that tells you right there what his motives were and how much he cared about African people. Truth be told slavery is still not over its just changed form and you have to look no further than the 13th amendment of the US constitution to see proof of that. Slavery is in the penal system and who make up the vast majority of the penal system?…you guessed it.

      5.)Imagine if the African American community as a whole refused the compensation, and instead acknowledging that change takes time and the bigger the change, the more time it’ll take. As a community, you acknowledge, even though the situation isn’t where it should ideally be YET, that you understand that the effort is being made. Slowly, but actively. Instead of getting some extra spending cash for a while, you show up the government and prove to be at least more mature than most of the people who think money can solve any problem…like THE UN.
      Continuously blaming others for your misfortunes is childish. Show the world the truth, that you all are better than that: LOOOOOLLLL! Ok lemme catch my breath…Ok your a funny person. What change do you see slowly occurring for Black people. The savage police killings, the mass incarceration of Blacks into the prison industrial complex, the poor healthcare (deathcare) system,the mistreatment and poor education of our kids in public school, the poor housing conditions and gentrification of us from entire cities,the poisoning of the water in majority Black cities, covert modern apartheid tactics still being used against Blacks here and other parts of the world,economic disenfranchisement, laws being put on the books to specifically target us, the demonization of us in the media…Thats not slow change, thats ethnic cleansing 21 century style. Thats not slow change,we are being slowly annihilated from the face of the planet planet. Its funny how no other group is told to not take anything and be the bigger and more mature person. Those groups lives arent in danger but ours is yet we get constantly told to just take it with a smile pray and sing. Well im here to tell you thats not gonna fly anymore and the longer this country goes without paying reparations the more the flames are going to burn viciously. Reparations is not just some damn spending cash, it is economic justice being paid to a people who have been robbed of it over the past 500 years. Its quite obvious most whites in the western world have an intense hatred for African people so why not just do us both a favor and economically liberate us so that we will only have to deal with each other at a bare minimum if that. It just makes sense… Thats all im going to say.

      1. Sonja says:

        The Arabs and Africans SOLD HEBREW Israelites not Africans. From Babylon to Timbuktu

        In the year 65 B.C. the Roman armies under General Pompey captured Jerusalem. In 70 AD General Vespasian and his son, Titus put an end to the Jewish state with GREAT SLAUGHTER.
        During the period of the military governors of Palestine, many outrages and atrocities were committed against the residue of the people. During the period from Pompey to Julius it has been estimated that over 1,000,000 Jews FLED INTO AFRICA fleeing from Roman persecution and slavery. The slave markets were FULL OF BLACK JEWISH SLAVES. Taken from Babylon to Timbuktu

      2. Charles Hall says:

        The knowledge of self and the knowledge of history is so powerful!!! Whoever you are my brother, your words are POWERFUL.” Your knowledge is amazing! Bless the world we live in, because God’s WRATH IS SURE TOO COME.”

        1. Charles Hall says:

          Black2TheFuture!!! Stay doing what you doing! SPEAK SO THE WHOLE WORLD CAN KNOW!!! Black people are on the rise!!! We’re not just going too lay down and take it anymore! It’s time for reparations!

      3. King oF No1 says:

        Besides the typos, your reply/replies were spot on…Preach!!!

      4. Say it loud says:

        Perfect points. Bravo!

    11. dc1969 says:

      You should really just keep your thoughts to yourself,fool. Even if you and your people didn’t personally play a part in that slavery horror,you and your people benefited from it.and you know this,slick mouth.your ancestors were and still are real refined stop all of “that is in the past,Africans sold Africans story. I know with the repercussions that came after so called emancipation of Africans.we never got our forty acres and s mule.that was given to your European ancestors who came here,asshole.research it in your history books. It’s stop the ignorance,jerk.

      1. dc1969 says:

        My previous message is in regards to the suspected white supremacist,the messenger.

    12. dc1969 says:

      Go and kill yourself,messenger!

    13. Michelle says:

      Shut up idiot

    14. Sonja says:

      The US is in trillions of dollars in debt because they CHOOSE to be. They pick wars which cost most but they also make money when going to war. Who are the ones on the front lines? Blacks that’s who. The US sends billions a year to fake Jewish people in Israel and pay them reparations and they were NEVER slaves. So go figure who deserves it and who doesn’t? They don’t deserve anything because they continue to scream “6 million died” no they didn’t and compare them to the 99 millions Hebrews brought here on slave ships that the fake Jewish financed but yet we are paying them. Blacks are still treated with hatred and oppression DAILY I know from personal experience. Having drugs put into our neighborhoods, shot down unarmed, poison in our water etc. Do you think that is FAIR TO US???

    15. SonChild says:

      First off you living good and benefiting from my ancestors slavery. 2 you had the audacity to sit and call us selfish after white people hung our people castrated them burned them alive feed them to alligators tore them apart with horses and raped and sodomized the women repeatedly and the list goes on! They even sold and molested the children! Then you are concerned about the debt this country is in we don’t care as we are still in slavery systematically! Now law done away with slavery as a matter of fact Jim crow saw to that. By giving us fake freedom but since we had no money they gave us a farm to work on but we could never own as we had to pay them for the money or seeds to run it. They call it Share cropping! Then you say this country is slowly working towards fixing this mess that is a lie even The bible tells you that just like the bible tells you who we really are! They new that this is why they done us this way. They did not educated us correctly purposely held us back gave themselves a head start and we had to try to play catch up in a system that does not belong to us or work for us and was not designed for us but you knew that. That is why you feel some type of way when you feel we are about to take from your pocket like the white man benefited and stole from ours! It makes you feel bad that we want what is ours and the madness the white man does to us is still happening so stop hating and being angry suck it up and stop saying what happened 100 years ago because it is still happening. And by the way those Khazar/ Ashkenazim so called Jewish people provided the slave ships and customers as well as paid the Africans to capture and sell our people to the white man. To ad the so called Jewish people and Caucasians are the same people. The real Jews right here and you looking at them you should be doing research to really learn what is happening.

    16. A Queen says:

      Not accurate many were stolen and even tricked by people with issues onto those ships some even Kings And Queens but bloodline and Birth write. Dethroning them and also for fitting the wealth they were to inherit.

      We are asking for a redistribution of wealth so that would have a positive impact on the economy and loosen the noose of financial bondage!

    17. romeo says:

      And here Comes ,The PAID Usual White Supremacist ,snooping around Black Websites,spreading White Supremacist lies and Propaganda

    18. Michael Williams says:

      The IRS makes you pay regardless of how much debt you may be in. So, US pay up !!!

    19. Jeannie says:

      Ther’es nothing like the relief of finding what you’re looking for.

    20. Say it loud says:

      All this text, and the only thing you really should’ve written is:

      “I’m a MORON”

  5. Terrance Guice says:

    It’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!! The so-called American Negro is the biblical Israelites and the world elite and the United Nations know this, but all nations are Confederate in their efforts to keep this information hidden from the world and that is why they literally pay billions of dollars annually to the nation state of Israel rather than providing reparations to the real biblical Jew. This is prophesied in the Bible! Read Psalm 83

    For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee: The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarites; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre;
    Psalms 83:2-7 KJV

    The biblical Israelites are under a curse of Deuteronomy 28:15-68. The biblical Israel life would have been taken into captivity and in slavery in ships and no one will redeem them out of the bondage, that’s what it means when it says no one will buy you.

    And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.
    Deuteronomy 28:68 KJV

  6. R8sing A Nation says:

    some people ally look for the silver lining in the clouds! lmao That dude really wants call shit a wash because the slaves were bought and paid for? Really?? Even in the Bible their are specific guidleines for how slaver were to be treated. None of which America(the country founded on Christian values..right) honored. So ok les say slaves wer traded even Steven..I say reparations for the torture, rape, murder, inhumane treatment

  7. R8sing A Nation says:

    Some people truly look for the silver lining in the clouds to support their bullshit! lmao That person really wants call slavery a wash because the slaves were bought and paid for? Really?? Even in the Bible their are specific guidelines for how slaves were to be treated. None of which America(the country founded on Christian values..right) honored. So ok, lets say slaves were traded even Steven..I say reparations for the torture, rape, murder, inhumane treatment, and property theft of black people. I would be happy with land, and a true recognition of our black peoples greatness here at home and in Africa. I’m also talking about writing correct American History, all inventions stolen from black people and profited from by others..that they must pay up! Free mental health services and no more white people adopting black kids(like how the Indians do) small business agency established offering grants for blacks only to start business. NOT minority or multicultural. The reconstruction era was disrupted by the KKK,the govt..yet again blacks were prevented from obtaining wealth,land, and comparable education to progress our community. We all know what happened next so people need to stop playing stupid.

    1. Sonja says:

      You can laugh all you want but he’s telling the TRUTH. Something you people cannot admit and will LIE to continue with your white supremacy. The Bible speaks the truth and it’s always 100% ACCURATE. Stay in denial all you want but we will never get the reparations only the fake jews will continue to get it while you continue to oppress a people based on their color and being Chosen to rule in the next kingdom while your kingdom is falling. (Trillions in debt) that’s just the beginning for Amerikkka.

      1. JayBay says:

        There’s a good documentary that goes along with what the sister said. We’re not who white people say we are. I was skeptical at first too but the more I read into it the more it’s shown itself to be true. Christianity is BS and has nothing to do with what’s actually written in the bible. Just check this video out for a few minutes and it’ll open your eyes.

  8. ZeneColey says:


  9. Nick says:

    A nation within a nation would never work in this country…That would imply we would have our own resources, military and economic base of power. This country has proven that it will never tolerate a military or a militant opposing force that close to its’ borders. Africa would be a good place for the People to start-but to get rid of the military and economic stranglehold the Euro-races exert on Africa again-is an impossibility.

  10. OwenK says:

    This is long overdue. Every descendant of African slaves should have a DNA to establish their country of origin. (This will stop white people from co-opting the reparations with that $5 Indian BS)
    Once their heritage is established, they should be offered dual citizenship to the country of their ancestors (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.) and then should have the option of staying in the US (which I wouldn’t) or repatriating back to their country of origin. Monies need to be paid to the descendants and to the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN since colonialism has stolen so many resources including human.
    These monies should be used by the descendants to build generational wealth and therefore reestablish African descendants back to their original state before the European and Asian invasion.

  11. Samuel Bureagard, ESQ says:

    Reparations? Indeed. And the UN is spewing this nonsense. It’s an inept, corrupt organization that should be disbanded, or at the very minimum kicked out of New York City. Let it move to some third world failed city, many to choose from in Africa.
    The UN is only good for getting it’s own hands on money and wasting it trying to save the world.As the proud descendant of a slave owning family, there were no reparations when the State of NY outlawed slavery back in the early 1800s. My family suffered hardships when their slaves were cut loose. Our hemp and tobacco acres had to be sold off, since the bloody Irish wouldn’t work those crops. Luckily some of the farm hands were sold off to Southern plantations before the law came into effect. I wonder how they enjoyed picking cotton down in the Delta. Maybe some of them took the ships over to Liberia, where they proceeded to enslave the native tribes there. Look that up in the history books.
    There will never be reparations for blacks in this country. It’s only a pipe dream some of your so called leaders made up to keep you in their fold (especially in the voting booth). Y’all only would piss the money away after you got anyway.

    1. ANTAIOS DEVINE says:


    2. R8sing A Nation says:

      Yeah you can keep your white history and white Africa scare tactics. The UN I will agree is corrupt but all that other shit you spewed is typical talking points of suspected white supremacist. I still yet to understand why white supremacist troll this site…black people don’t troll Aryan sites etc……they just can’t help themselves ,always trying to shame or Jedi mind trick black people out of our progress and true history.

  12. dj says:

    “The UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent (a U.N.-sanctioned panel) to discuss recommendations on how to compensate Black Society with the long overdue reparations.”

    Listen, I am tired of the discussing part…we need action! stop talking about the $h!T and just do it….until then the U.N. is full of $h!T too…

    1. dj says:

      it they would have done the right thing after the so-called emancipation chances are America would be great instead of a burning ship that is capsizing as we speak…

  13. Slimbo5 says:

    Fuck that they go rich. Mf pay me bitch. I want land and bands to own my own shit so I don’t have to look at them bitches no more.

  14. DomWhite says:

    Good luck with that ROFLMAO

  15. DomWhite says:

    Fine! Fine! We give up! …………you can have one extra banana per cage and that’s it! Throwing your own shit and hoootin will not get you anymore!

  16. Mos Tony Skywalker says:

    Whites have never been and still are NOT supreme. Only one superior race. #BlackSuperiors #Hebrew. Oh yeah, give us what you owe us! #RUNNIT

  17. Monkey Hunter says:

    Fuck all niggers. It’s never going to happen.

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