The Niger Mission Exposed and Explored


An essay exploring the hidden meanings surrounding the Niger Mission leading to an ambush and the death of four soldiers including Officer La David Johnson.


Written by Tiffany Tubman

October 21, 2017


Over three weeks ago, on October 4, 2017 a member team of US Soldiers were attacked in Niger, a country located in Africa. Donald Trump did not acknowledge this vicious attack until 2 weeks after the event. To avoid all the questions surrounding this event and deflect the focus, Trump did what he is known to do, attack the Blacks. He generally creates a race based attack to serve as a smokescreen to redirect media conversations. Once again, the mainstream media took the bait, but Melanoid Nation will not.


For more details specifically related to the facts being released, please see this full article.

CNN Full Story


For cliff notes, keep reading here.


What? Ambush took place in Niger on a 12 member US team. Sgt. La David Johnson was left behind and his body found 1 mile from the ambush 48 hours after the incident. He was the only black member of this team.


Who? It is being reported that 50 ISIS fighters in Niger attacked the US Troops. Hopefully, you have all seen the movie Rosewood. If you have, you know that is very unclear how many people attacked them or if they are really ISIS. I have not independently been able to verify anywhere that ISIS has claimed credit or how many people actually participated in the attacked.


Where? This took place in Niger, part of Africa. Africa is known for being the home of many resources that fuel the entire planet. The US Claims via known liar John Kelly that the U.S. Special Forces is in Africa [Niger] “to teach them how to respect human rights.” This is the age-old colonial mandate used to as a guise repeatedly to simultaneously destroy our culture, history, and heritage.



How? Intel rated it “unlikely” US team would face opposition: One official has told CNN that the military’s intelligence said it was “unlikely” that the team would run into enemy forces.

“This was not expected,” US Africa Command spokesman Army Col. Mark Cheadle said.

“Had we anticipated this sort of attack we would have absolutely devoted more resources to it to reduce the risk and that’s something we are looking at right now,” he added.


How did Sgt. Johnson get left alone and separated from any member of his team? Well that is quietly being swept under the rug as a protocol issue and the media is being instructed not to blame the 8 surviving officers but I would be disingenuous not to point out the systematic racism underlying this event and the countless times Blacks are devalued on American soil and left alone to die needlessly. The other issue could be that ISIS=Radical Muslim=Blacks=Sgt. La David is just another one of “them” again pointing to the worldview of Blacks in the global system of white supremacy.


A US private aviation contractor conducted evacuations of US and Nigerien troops after they were ambushed, according to US Africa Command spokesperson Robyn Mack. This contractor was hired by the Trump Administration and will be investigated but it could be possible that he has given the contract to one of his unqualified associates he surrounds himself with as he is known to do. His history shows very poor leadership choices in areas where his cronies are grossly unqualified.


Here is what we know via critical thinking and independent investigations. Let us look at the entire picture as we fill in the many missing pieces.


  1. Trump arbitrarily bans Chad under his new and revised Muslim Travel Ban without any explanation and many people wondered why. This went into effect September 25, 2017.
  2. Within days of the new travel ban via Executive Order from Trump, Chad withdraws their troops fighting ISIS from Niger.
  3. ISIS is said to have promptly returned to Niger when Chad leaves.
  4. By October 4, 2017: Four green berets die and two are injured during an ambush of an unprepared ineffectively armed US Special Ops team as a direct result because no one “could have known or properly assessed the threat” to keep our troops safe.
  5. Finally, after weeks of silence on October 19, 2017, Trump re-directs the story to insulting a Black Congresswoman, Dr. Frederica Wilson, and the Sgt. Johnsons’ family.


We also know, Niger is to the nuclear industry what Saudi Arabia is to the oil industry. Trump and Europeans are big fans of nuclear capabilities.


About Niger




While Trump often brags of fire and fury, where is his fire and fury now? For a man, so passionately vocal about respect of our flag and troops, he, his administration, his private contractors, and “ISIS” are clearly being disrespectful in the worse ways directly causing deaths and it is being allowed as Rep. Wilson takes the brunt of being the bad guy.


We have a list of why questions that we are surfacing answers to as we move right pass the Trump drama and lies from a phone call:


Why is the group responsible not being sought and investigated?

Why definitively were the troops on a mission in Niger that Congress was not aware of?

What has been stolen to date from Niger?

Why was Chad added to the travel ban?


As for many of these answers, many groups are involved including the FBI and Congress that are opening investigations. All media outlets should keep the focus on these stories and speak to truth to power. The results and answers from any investigations are yet to be seen.


There is certainly a pattern that has emerged. When African presidents and leaders like Robert Mugabe, a Zimbabwean revolutionary and politician who has been President of Zimbabwe since 1987, stand up to the global system of white supremacy and demands respect for his land he is made a villain. He is being called a human rights violator by the very people who seek to maintain systematic white supremacy.


The irony is that white race soldiers who have infiltrated our police departments (that we pay taxes for) are allowed and encouraged to execute unarmed Black Americans on film, plant evidence on them, and brutalize blacks with impunity. Tariq Nasheed also pointed out this fact:






It is for times such as these and no coincidence that the Ancestors have provided us with blueprints and instructions family. We have been given 1804: The Hidden History of the Haitian Revolution for this very purpose. I will not give any spoilers yet but I am going to urge you all to go to Amazon today and preorder your copy. You will not be charged until you order ships but you need to guarantee your copy.


Stay safe and stay on code.

To provide notice to the Melanoid Family of racist tweets and actions of suspected white supremacist please requote or post the information with “Dear Black People: FYI ” to further expose the mindset of the enemy we face. This will make it easily searchable for us and our supporters.



Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16



5 thoughts on “The Niger Mission Exposed and Explored

  1. Rick says:

    Chad sued Exxon for violations. Punishment to Chad was to put them on the Muslim ban list (under the excuse of “passport paper”). All leads back to money as usual

  2. Lee says:

    Good research! You have done your homework and I applaud you for that!

  3. Itunu says:

    To teach us human rights. This clown of a general has no idea of human rights. I unapologetically say this. Africans are the one people on earth that know what human rights. If stealing land,raping,stealing resources and slavery is what is called human rights. Well,they should not be close to us at all. This highly immoral, unholy,devlish, having no respect for life has this guts to say that. Well, that’s always their talking point. I live in Nigeria. It’s so sad for the way they treated the soldier. His family has to grieve. About the people that attacked them, these were not Africans. Or Africans indoctrinated by Arabs which are the same as the human rights violators.

  4. Africans, African Americans, Blacks. Usually with small b. Negros, Colored People. All these brand names of coporations. Including whites. The great identity theft people calling themselves by names of the people that have been systematically mass murdered and Genocide continues today. This will end when the true tribes of israel reclaim their identities. The united statrs of america republic is here to reunite you with your creator.

  5. Paris says:

    if they were ambushed someone KNEWWWWW they were coming…. leaks? moles? or a set up its really clear what happen here…. no one aimlessly waits to ambush… routes have to be planned… a routine of your opposition needs to be established… an mind you they are in the heart of Africa were the ancestral energy is high.. im not saying anyone deserved to die but when ever US troops go to Africa they get they tailed handed to them, even a navy seal lost his life over there… when they step on that land they are walking on the blood of millions of souls lost

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