The Implosion of White Supremacy; Stay on Code


An essay governing actions of Black Americans during this critical time as the Melanoid Nation Family works to strategically destroy systematic global white supremacy.


Written by Tiffany Tubman

October 18, 2017



We are witnessing the sudden failure and collapse of systematic white supremacy, starting in the United States but reaching all nations. The global system of white supremacy is undergoing an internal civil war and this is not our problem. We must let every other group hold their own nuts during this implosion. We can pick up the pieces to develop a true system of justice and bring peace to planet Earth, during this transition.



Unfortunately, family, things for us will get a lot worse before they get better. For this reason alone, we must stay on code. At this point in the RaHoWa, it is “Us or Else”.  Anyone who is not one of us, can be one of them. During this time, many Black Americans and other Melanoid people are scared and afraid. Many have not yet accepted the fact that cooning and bedwenching/bedbucking (bedwork) will not save you. Our skin makes us a target and whether we accept it and call ourselves “Black” or deny it and try to classify by your name or hide under the illusion of being “bi-racial”, you and your children will still be a target.


This code is our only saving grace. By now, we should all know the code. It starts with being alert at all times, keeping your second amendment game strong, and aggregating our resources. It is imperative that we are not spending money unnecessarily and when we do spend money, we are keeping in the Melanoid Family. This means buy black, shop black, and stay black first 365 days per year.


We are witnessing systematic white supremacy implode on itself. Trump has changed the game and made overt white supremacy the new main stream. I will go back to this relation of ball games as symbols.



Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing discussed these games at length. Right now, it ever so important that we are reading and studying from “The Isis Papers” for understanding during this period we live in. She has likened the game of golf with the small white balls (white male testicles) to a psychological link to defeat and humiliation. There is a strong correlation with white supremacy and balls.



There is no coincidence in the amount of time Trump has spent golfing since taking office. He has spent over 2/3 of his time in office golfing at a club he owns. It seems the more powerful the white male becomes in the context of the white supremacy culture, the smaller the ball that becomes his focus of attention. Their attention then shifts *masochistically to hitting the tiny white golf balls in disgust and resignation-in full realization of white genetic recessiveness.


(*1. The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts that involve being made to suffer physical or mental pain. Also called sexual masochism. 2. The deriving of pleasure from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself.)

As of Saturday, October 14, 2017 Trump has spent 72 days of his presidency golfing and 92 days at a Trump property as president. He has been in office 271 days.

White people may never be able to verbally say most things so we must learn to read, decode, and understand symbols. By decoding and translating symbols, we can confront those aspects of reality that generally we would prefer to ignore.


Ball games merely reflect the white supremacist’s admiration and fear of Black testicles, their contempt for white testicles, and their willingness to fight-no matter how violently-to maintain control of the balls on the field and courts, which for them symbolize every place on Earth.

As white men lose control of the ball game of football and the NFL (teams and players), you can expect other areas of our everyday to be turned upside down with more violence and hate crimes as the white supremacist struggle to maintain control.



In final acts of desperation, we have learned that the FBI has designated a group called the “Black Identity Extremists or BIE”, which is a last-ditch effort for law enforcement (formerly called “the slave patrol”) to criminalize all Black Americans. This will give law enforcement legal justification to place a stronger and permanent police presence in black and/or low-income communities.


With limited information available to the public, we learned that the BIE profile was released from the FBI to local police departments on August 3, 2017. This was a few days ahead of the “Unite the Right” domestic terrorism event on August 11-12, 2017 that was planned months in advance.


Prior to this event, the FBI created a narrative of a dangerous, racially motivated group of blacks whose perceptions of police brutality have led to and is responsible for increased violence against law enforcement. The only thing this group had in common was melanin. That is right, our blackness put us in this group should it be convenient for law enforcement or the race soldiers that have infiltrated that group.

This erroneous claim provides justification for the killing of blacks on sight and as needed as the race soldiers continue to deliver state sanctioned genocide to our people.


The alarming and unjust part of this situation is that white supremacists and right-wing extremist (White Identity Extremists or WIE) have commited73% of deadly US Domestic Terror Attacks since 2001. The WIE have killed over 70% of police officers, yet we hear no cries of #BlueLivesMatter. As a matter of fact, Melanoid Nation coined the name WIE and not the law enforcement officials who refuse to acknowledge white men as terrorist.


Law enforcement (police officers) kill unarmed Black men 7 times the rate they kill unarmed white men. In 2009, the FBI Counterterrorism Division released a report that right wing extremist ideology are the most dangerous terrorist threat to the United States.



After release of this report, Republicans had this department closed. The shutdown left no control or oversight to properly monitor and investigate this deadly group of terrorists. They then formed the Counter Islamic Extremism group to monitor Muslim terrorist. Muslim=Black as all Blacks are targeted in this group as well. However, the WIE have killed more people in the United States than any other terrorist group in the history of the United States.

There are at least 450 known white extremists groups currently operating in the United States. Of all Domestic Terrorism, blacks have been responsible for 6% events and this includes slave revolts where we fought for basic human rights. This is an attack on all Black people.


Black Identity Extremist = BIE = Being black = Systematic White Supremacy = Racism




For tomorrow, please make #1804 trend. Where you see another # trending, add our brand to that. For example, you may see #ThursdayThoughts so you would close your message with #ThursdayThoughts #1804. Let us all support each other by searching the #1804 and liking, retweeting, and sharing what we are so proud of. We are living our code!



You will start hearing talks about “November 4th”. This does not pertain to us. Please carry on with business as usual, staying on code, and stacking that paper for our time. Every attempt is being made to pull us into the struggles of others and right now, they must hold their own nuts. We need to focus on us.


There are plans to “end the nightmare” and protest until Trump and Pence are removed. Do not engage. The nightmare is described as follows:


This Nightmare Must End:
The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!

A Nightmare:

Immigrants living in terror—their next step could mean detention, deportation, being torn from children and loved ones.

A Nightmare:

Muslims and refugees demonized, banned and cast out.

A Nightmare:

Millions—children, the elderly, disabled, the sick, the poor—denied healthcare, food assistance, the very right to live.

A Nightmare:

Women objectified, degraded, and denied the basic right to control their own reproduction, with fundamentalist Christian fascism increasingly being made law.

A Nightmare:

LGBTQ people stigmatized, ostracized, and denied civil rights recently won.

A Nightmare:

Black and Latino people openly threatened by the President, with maximum sentencing, stop-and-frisk going national, intensified police brutality and murder of our youth with no holds barred.

A Nightmare:

People all over the world facing bombings, occupations, war and the threat of nuclear war with Donald Trump’s “America First” finger on the nuclear trigger.

A Nightmare:

The truth bludgeoned—lies and more lies—critical thinking being destroyed in education and public discourse.

A Nightmare:

The whole planet in peril from a regime that denies global warming and shreds all environmental protections.

A Nightmare:

A regime step by step discarding basic democratic rights, targeting group after group, and suppressing dissent and resistance. A regime unleashing the violence of white supremacists, anti-semites, and fascist thugs. This is fascism—a qualitative change in how society is governed. History has shown that fascism must be stopped before it becomes too late.

THIS NIGHTMARE MUST END. Millions feel this and ache with the question of how to stop this unrelenting horror. The stakes are nothing less than the future of humanity and the planet itself.

Who will end this nightmare? We will. Only the determined struggle of millions of people acting together with courage and conviction can drive this regime from power.

Get Organized! Leaflets, Posters, Graphics for November 4

ON NOVEMBER 4, 2017:



This has already been our nightmare for far too long. Where was the outrage then? Now Trump is treating everyone like a nigga and showing people who thought they were Team White Supremacy for so long, what the real white supremacy looks like. Now they don’t like it and they have a problem. Oh well, we will use it to reform the laws and create justice, when the time is right.


Black folks, stay out of sight and wait for our time. We should not be partying, spending money unnecessarily or engaging with these activities in anyway. We must also examine ourselves to rid ourselves of any underlying white identity we may be internally struggling with that would make us prone to cooning, bedwork, or further enabling white supremacy. That too must be destroyed because their system only exists while we allow it. Fear, hate, violence and ignorance occupy the mind of the white supremacist. Do not let that mindset paralyze or destroy us. Be bold, be fearless, seek justice by any means necessary. Rinse and repeat. #1804





Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16



15 thoughts on “The Implosion of White Supremacy; Stay on Code

  1. R. Nortinson says:

    I really enjoy watching the spectacle of blacks chasing their tails while attempting to pin their woes on whitey, while ignoring the fact that they are their own worst enemy.

    1. Tank says:

      Whites are truly their own worse enemy. Not just because the pseudo legalization of sex with children imposed by your white judges and prosecutors. Not just because you people don’t know your limits when it comes to the narcotics. But, your inability to be accountable for anything. You people coddle each other like children when you go on your yearly mass murdering sprees. You coddle each other when it comes to drug abuse. You’re never the victim even when it’s you that put the needle in your arm or the meth in that pipe. You people have organizations that specifically fights for your rights to have sex with children (NAMBLA). The degeneracy of you people will be your downfall.

      1. Richard Nortinson says:

        What on earth will you do survive once we vanish from the earth?

        1. Lovely says:

          What we were doing to survive thousands, if not millions of years before you existed…

  2. Angela Davis says:

    Tariq forgot to write this article as ‘Kenny Anthony’.

    Anyone who has listened to Tariq knows this article has the tone, syntax & grammar of Mr Nasheed.

    A black male hiding behind a black female persona while condoning patriarchy?

    Don’t forget to #holdyourownnuts

    1. Lovely says:

      Have you not noticed a lot of people when they start to listen to a person or be around them constantly you start to talk and act like them? Like people who watch Fox News all sound a like and say the same things. It is no different in my opinion and just using the same terms as person does not prove that they are that same person.

  3. jerome haynes says:

    This is a great article. Disregard the last statement, the message is important WHO they assume wrote it don’t matter.

    1. Angela Davis says:

      It is a good article.

      However, Tariq should stop hiding behind a female persona to get his message across.

      And condoning patriarchy within the black community is exactly why black people in general and black men in particular are losing.

      To each their own.

      Just don’t forget to #holdyourownnuts

    2. Sister Tiffany Tubman says:

      Thanks Jerome! Much respect ✊🏾❤️

  4. Alt-Lice Aryan God says:


    even tho I have a black wife ….

  5. QueenAnkh says:

    The junkies and meth heads will always troll and as always deflect and have that constant allergic reaction to the truth about their recessive selves!!

    1. Lovely says:


  6. Loyal Follower says:

    SHAME…this could’ve been a great article! But the author just had to add in that part about Dr. Cress-Welsing and her symbolic interpretation on balls and ball sports. I was like…WTF!!! STOP…JUST STOP!!! No disrespect to the late Dr., but there is a difference between appropriate & inappropriate.
    And the author just shot themselves in the foot, by adding that in there.

    1. Bill cosby says:

      I stupid so carry knife and give me your phone white man to blame

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