The Hypocrisy of Rudy Giuliani and His Recent Racist Tirades


Former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, reprimanded black people about the crime they commit to one another in an appearance on Meet the Press in response to a question about the recent murder of unarmed teenager Mike Brown.

Giuliani spewed a common deflection and white supremacist talking point that the dominant society likes to point to in response to repeated deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of white police officers throughout the nation.

White police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other,” Giuliani said.

In another recent television appearance  Giuliani continued his white supremacist tirade:

“I probably saved more black lives as mayor of New York than any mayor in the history of this city, with the possible exception of Mike Bloomberg, who was there for 12 years,” Giuliani told the crew at “Fox & Friends.”

Giuliani said “thousands of blacks were being killed every year” when he came into office in 1994, and that the number dropped to “about 200” by the time he left eight years later.


So  according to  Giuliani’s logic, locking black people up in droves is equivalent to “saving their lives.” This is the exact justification that white slave owners used to enslave African people. Even today,many white supremacists use the rationalization that whites did Black people a favor by saving them from “savage” Africa,and civilizing them by enslaving them and giving them a religion.

Giuliani, like other suspected white supremacist politicians, is trying to capitalize on the nationwide backlash against Melanoid people. We are in Jim Crow 2.0 and racial rhetoric against black people is at its highest point since the 1960’s.


This proverbial finger wagging Giuliani is doing to the black community is duplicitous because Giuliani himself has close ties to organized crime. Giuliani’s father, Harold, served time in Sing Sing prison for armed robbery. Harold and an accomplice robbed a milkman in 1934. The charges filed stated that Harold threatened the man with a pistol. However, before trial the man claimed that the accomplice, who has never been heard from again, was holding the gun.

Harold served one year and four months. In addition, Harold worked for his brother-in-law as an enforcer for his loan-sharking, betting, and illegal number running operations. The family crime group operated in Brooklyn, New York. Harold broke legs, beat people with bats, and intimidated people who owed money.

Harold’s nephew, and Rudy’s first cousin, Lewis D’Avanzo carried out murders as part of a quarter-billion dollar car theft operation under the Luchese family crime ring. In 1977, D’Avanzo was shot to death by an FBI agent when attempting to run him over with his car.

Giuliani has never publicly addressed his father’s criminal history, but he has no problem addressing crime in the black community. He repeatedly brushed his father’s past under the rug and above all called his father an “honest man who taught me a lot.”

Not only is Giuliani’s father involved in crime, but his daughter is a shoplifter. Caroline Giuliani was spotted on surveillance video stealing make up from an upscale shop in New York in 2010. She was sentenced to one day of community service. The items she stole added up to $100.

So how is it that Giuliani feels comfortable critiquing anyone about crime? Giuliani has instituted white supremacist laws as well. In 1994, Giuliani and the NYPD adopted the “broken windows” policing strategy, which promoted aggressive enforcement of minor offenses in hopes to deter more serious crime. This program targeted blacks and low-income individuals.

Giuliani does indeed understand crime better than most considering his background, not as a prosecutor (which was his position before becoming mayor), but as a member of a lineage of criminals.

Perhaps Giuliani should stop waving that finger at the black community and point it where it really belongs—at his own family and community.

Article Written By Ken Woods

Rudy: An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani contributed to this article.

12 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Rudy Giuliani and His Recent Racist Tirades

  1. MindMuscle says:

    Giulliani is a dirt bag. He put a lot of Melanoid males in prison to help organize crime flourish on NY streets. His palms were being greased under the table by alot of so so called wise guys so he needed make sure all possible competition was neutralized. Like Biggie said:” Mayor Giulliani aint tryna see no Black man turn to John Gotti”.NY saw some of its worst years under him and so he decides to take it upon himself to use the Mike Brown tragedy to make himself look like a saint smdh….White supremacist are in all areas of society. politricks ,the injustice system, re-lie-gion, public fool system etc…You name it. They’re there.

    1. TheKing_65 says:

      You can delete the last comment. I meant to use my username rather than my name.


  2. Geechiedan says:


  3. dj says:

    He also had blood on his hands for 9/11.

  4. I never understood the lure of Black Friday, I’d rather hide under a tent with a two-year-old on the verge of a nap time meltdown than go to a crowded mall (seriously, just drop her off and remember to pick me up some chocolate while you’re out). We finally convinced my family to give up all but Christmas Stockings, the theme is “consumables” – I want to spend time with my family, not be out at the malls buying stuff they don’t need/don’t want.

  5. MoorMauri says:

    Great work on this article, I appreciate all the research you did to make this happen.

  6. emory says:

    Great article Mr. KEN WOODS!!

  7. NorthPhillyHustla says:

    Great article, none of this is surprising it just highlights the arrogance of these white supremacists who live in glass houses while throwing boulders. Rudy is a dumbass, eat a dick.

  8. tmack says:

    Let’s not forget that this whole country was founded by thieves and murderers. I spent my so called thanksgiving watching the trail of tears. To remember the native American Indian tribes who where killed and removed from their ancestral home. This is an occupying force, these barbarians belong in Europe. We must state true facts. This is why lady justice wears a blind fold because her eyes are dollar signs. Justice is brought and sold. Whites are afraid of truth because there hands are full of the blood of all other nations. They have never brought justice anywhere and used everyone else to blame for their hypocrisy. It’s sad to see other groups who whites never considered white now flip against melanoid people now that they can claim white. Don’t think they forgot. You will be next

  9. Jay says:

    Exactly to the last comment–white men as a collective are the biggest mass murderers and just basic reprobate criminals in modern history but always want to point the finger at us. I really think these people subconsciously see us as their psychic toilet–where they dump all their cosmic crimes and pathologies or maybe we are the archetypal Heru–forever in their mind, the crucified black savior..maybe they actually think that the more they persecute us, the closer to heaven they will get? Sick.

  10. creaky says:

    What cracks me up is how hard Giuliani is riding the Donald’s jock, and excusing any stupid racist bullshit he says or does, and then he had the nerve to call Black Lives matter a “terrorist organization”, when they aren’t even an organization, and he didn’t even acknowledge the reason BLM started as a movement in the first place—which was black folks getting shot by the police much quicker than they would a white person in similar situations. Can’t stand Giuliani, anyway. Also, from what I’ve read, black and brown people in New York at the time felt that Giuliani didn’t care about them or their needs, and that he just ignored them in favor of his friends at City Hall, and that he started that now-thankfully outlawed stop-and-frisk BS. . Not the first time I’ve heard about his father’s dirty deeds—just found out about that the other day. Funny how the media has never mentioned anything about any of that, but I’m not surprised.

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