The “Giant Negro” Hysteria Has Made A Comeback


In 1897 the Kansas City Journal ran an article on the son of a former slave named John Rogan,who was referred to at the time as the Negro Giant. Rogan reached the  height 8ft 6 inches, and is acknowledged as one of the tallest men ever recorded. Rogan made a living selling photos and postcards of himself,and several newspapers wrote articles about him during his lifetime.


There is evidence to believe that some media outlets at the time decided to capitalize on this image of a “Giant Negro”, because starting in 1897 the New York Times began  to run a series of racist, anti-Black propaganda stories designed to scare the white public.


From the 1890’s to the 1940’s, newspapers from around the country ran sensationalized stories about “Giant Negroes”. These were exaggerated stories about black criminality that played on white supremacist stereotypes.

The underlying theme of the stories were that black people were somewhat non-human and they were in need of more excessive violence from law-enforcement in order to be subdued. Here are some of the actual newspaper clippings from the early part of the 20th century covering the “Giant Negro” hysteria:



image image


















Fast forward to today. In cases like the legalized killing of Mike Brown and Eric Garner by law enforcement,people have tried to justify their murders by constantly mentioning the size of these individuals. In the case of Mike Brown, officer Darren Wilson-who was relatively the same size as Mike Brown-emphasized in his police statement that he felt  “like a five year old holding onto Hulk Hogan” when he engaged in his confrontation with Brown.

In the case of Eric Garner,people have tried to justify  his murder, and lack of indictment of the police officers who committed the murder, on Garner’s massive size.

So we have to fully accept that we live in a system of white supremacy that is still judging Melanoid people as a whole based of the same dangerous stereotypes from over 100 years ago. Trying to convince the dominant society to remove these deep rooted stereotypes have been,and will continue to be futile. Instead,Melanoid people should put themselves in a position of empowerment to protect themselves from the dangers of those stereotypes.

18 thoughts on “The “Giant Negro” Hysteria Has Made A Comeback

  1. Danny says:

    I just don’t understand how Charles Barkley cant relate to a story like this. He should understand the hate and fear supremacists have when they see any black man but especially tall or large ones. They had four cops against unarmed and unaggressive Eric Garner but that racist Grand Jury felt like the cops were not only doing their job but they were outnumbered because Garner is one of those demons who can run through bullets like Mike Brown. This country is sick with racism and its still a fatal disease for the black people who have to experience it everyday of our lives. The cops are paid with our taxes but they murder us not protect us.

    1. Alex says:

      Charles Barkely is a paid coon to say certain things. Nothing he says should be taken seriously

    2. Scott Foreman says:

      Actually, these newspaper articles sound a lot like the average night on the town for an NBA team.

  2. Cherry says:

    You’re so right about that! Something’s gotta change. It’s so sad that we have the video and STILL white supremacists will find a way to justify their racist B. S. WE have to stick together, now more than ever!

  3. confidencemagnet says:

    The summer that just passed, a few of my co-workers and I were all talking. One of my co-workers had a question. He asked me, “How come I’ve never seen an average-sized Black man. They’re either skinny (referring to another Black dude at my job) or they’re big (referring to me. I always considered myself medium built, but I guess it’s because I’m comparing myself to other Black men according to his theory). I didn’t find this racist, but it helped me realize what some of these White folks see when they see an average Black male.

    I actually pity some of these White folks who feel so inferior when it comes to Black men that they have to create propaganda pieces. All we have to do is enter the room and they automatically feel threatened.

    We don’t realize how much power we actually have. Let’s say that everyone in this country is poor. We had an apocalypse or something. What group do you think the women are going to flock to? The White men or the Black men? After centuries of telling your women that these Black men are big and dangerous, these women are going to flock to the place where they can get the most security. Okay, the men and women are in the group and these women are going to start falling for these Black men even more because they found out that we aren’t dangerous at all… just very masculine. These women are going to start having babies where the children will be half Black. Then the daughters will follow in their mother’s footsteps. They’re going to go get with the Black men because they feel more protected. While this is happening, the white numbers will decrease and the Black numbers will increase. This is what these white supremacist are afraid of. They know that when it boils down to nature, Black men are powerful… even if they are 100 pounds soaking wet. It’s not about the size of the man, but the power of his genetics. You gotta listen to some of Frances Cress Welsing’s lectures and read the Isis Papers to understand this. This is why White men become enraged if a Black man dates their daughter, but Black men who disagree with Interracial dating just feel a little upset in comparison.

    1. MindMuscle says:

      Exactly…That’s why they would cut off our genitalia before/after a hanging.
      The gun is the extension of the white mans penis and it is the great equalizer to the black male as Dr.Welsing so eloquently put it. It is one of the tools he uses to aid in his genetic survival and he WILL NOT hesitate a second to pull it as we all have seen recently.

    2. Zeta says:

      It’s Called Evolution – People on Earth are Evolving – The White Race is a Product of Evolution – Even Millions of Years Ago Dinosaurs We’re Huge – Over Time they Got Smaller and Smaller and Evolved Into Birds – The Different Species of Man or Branches on the Tree of Life are Going Down Different Paths –

  4. gsmall says:

    Great information!

  5. Needmoorscience says:

    This is a Deeply alarming story as it closely parallels with todays news coverage. Just by reading those news clips; replace the word negro and you have the same story. Absurd details as well!

  6. MoorMauri says:

    There is nothing new under the sun. Thanks for bringing this to the present.

  7. Isaiah Moore Sr. says:

    Cool history. …..

  8. Jawara D. King says:

    White supremacists been at it for a long time …

    1. tmack says:

      Let’s all take a deep breath and think about why if this has been happening for so long that the media is putting so much light to these murder’s. Blacks have been getting killed by racist cops. Who is benefiting from this. I think we’re missing something. These people always have an agenda. We need to look closer. Are they trying to pass new laws or is someone getting paid. I think because they played the terrorists card already and benlaiden is dead they have to go back to the brothers to keep the fear going. Remember if whites are not afraid the system will fall apart. This is the same old soup just reheated.

  9. NigerianAfrikan007 says:

    “If whites are not afraid the system will fall apart.”

    What? So our “success” is based on how “white” people feel about us? Really?

    We’re supposed to be building an economy. All that matters is how you feel about American Afrikan identity and identity economics therein.
    That is a ridiculously childish statement.

  10. Alvin says:

    How can any man have the most power full weapons known to man kind and be in fear for their life, after paid training, time and time again.

  11. Marshal Law says:

    Caution: “Knowledge St8 Dropping”

  12. Lukester says:

    You folks need to pick a better martyr. The “Gentle Giant” who was caught on tape commiting strong armed robbery minutes before he attacked Officer Wilson just ain’t cutting it. We’re not feeling it lol.

  13. ne says:

    All i’s gots ta say’s, Niggas Pleeze!

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