Is Desoto Texas The New Black Wall Street?


Although the popular narrative from within the dominant society is that Melanoid people live in dysfunction, there are some from within the Melanoid community who beg to differ.

DeSoto, a city located in Northern Texas, boasts a Melanoid population of nearly 70 percent. Out of the total businesses owned in DeSoto, a  robust 56 percent of them are Melanoid owned. Although statistics show inclusive graduation numbers regarding all racial groups in DeSoto, the city shows a 92 percent high school graduation rate of individuals 25 years of age or older, between 2009-2013 (Keep in mind that approximately 70 percent of DeSoto’s population comprises of Melanoid citizens).

According to the February 27th news report from NBC DFW, the median income of DeSoto is $60,945, with less than 10 percent of the city’s population living under the poverty line. What is interesting about members of the dominant society who are considering moving to DeSoto is that they are often turned off by the city’s large Melanoid population. Their real estate agents even ask them if they are interested in moving to this city, as if to place doubt in their minds because of the majority Melanoid presence in the city.

For the span of a decade (2000-2010), Melanoid people relocated to DeSoto by the droves, largely in part because of the high standard of living that the city promotes. If this is indeed the case, then much can be said about the collective mindsets of members of the dominant society who opt not to reside in DeSoto for trivial reasons, such as their fear and envy of affluent Melanoid people. Can a city like DeSoto, Texas provide the blueprint for cities across the country (and globe) to establish and maintain a standard of excellence that is conducive to Melanoid empowerment?

by B. Clark

20 thoughts on “Is Desoto Texas The New Black Wall Street?

  1. Anthony Scott says:

    I love it and am looking into a possible relocation to DeSoto .

    1. Bobby says:

      Thanks for shagnir. What a pleasure to read!

  2. Michael says:

    I live in Desoto. And maybe we shouldn’t bring too much attention here. Causing it to become a target. If it’s doing that good the way it is. Just let it be.

    1. Toni D Hornsby says:

      Exaclty! I live in Desoto as well.

  3. B.a. says:

    I live a few miles from desoto and it has a thriving small business community and a many black affluential families.

    Too bad the football team Is subpar. Go Longhorns.

  4. J Martin says:

    If this is the case,then they need to focus on having a legally licensed,responsible armed presence among the residents there.

  5. joe says:

    Sounds all good, but the will need to protect themselves from another Tulsa, cause it will happen again once the dominant society knows they can get away with it.

  6. Levert Caldwelll says:

    It’s amazing that you all really really have your ears to the ground. I am a resident of Desoto & this city rivals other suburban enclaves in the area with entrepreneurship. It has a very educated & progressive Melanoid populace. This is one place that breaks the mold and image that the White Supremacist want to keep propagating. I am really proud of this place even more seeing this article. I have always felt that this town closely resembled a functional & thriving city for Melanoid empowerment & success. I’m passing this article forward.

  7. proBWS says:

    In the midst of all the tragic, negative and dispiriting events of late, I want to wish DeSoto, Texas continued success. This inspiring article speaks immeasurable volumes of the true potential we have in countering manufactured stereotypes and lies about us as Melanoid people. We need more news stories and highlights of this nature to provide a balance against current tests of our spirit. Looking back in history while also learning from valuable lessons, it would be wise for DeSoto to remember the reality we face as Melanoid people after becoming successful against the odds. Remember Tulsa, OK; remember North Wilmington, NC. It’s just a reality for which we must constantly stay prepared to protect ourselves. History is our most valuable teacher and resilience is our strength. Yet, wisdom is the only thing that can make a good thing get better.

  8. Max says:

    I live in the Best Southwest area and Desoto is definitely a model for what an affluent melanoid township is/should be!

    I’m proud to be in a region that’s prosperity is being noticed by our statistics.

  9. Dr. George Benton says:

    Let not our fancy cars and nice homes go to our materialistic heads–Most, if not all of our income and/or means to service our debt comes from Texas White Money Establishments. We own no banks and no financial institutions and we are only placed into political position with Zero power. Please see economic statistics for all Black Texans.

    1. Ben L, Stevenson says:

      There’s s over 52 black banks owned and operated. We are planning on moving a bank and a credit union to DeSoto. I also plan to move there as well. there.that’s for sure. We Will support our people 100 percent. Financial change is here and was coming strong!

      1. Tresa says:

        Please let me know what black own bank or credit union you know plan to move. Because I would love to be apart of it. We know many people want to support black own banks. The close we know of now is in Houston. I open an account up in Atlanta with Citizens Trust Bank. My husband and I are currently in the process of purchasing a home in Desoto, Texas.

        1. Ty says:

          Hi Tresa, are you enjoying Desoto? My husband and I are debating between Desoto and Plano.

  10. Jay says:

    What is the crime rate in Desoto?

    How are the schools; drop-out rate, graduation rate, security?

    Unfortunately, until Desoto gets crime under control, and improves their schools, it will never be able to compete with other suburbs. Black or white folks do not want to live with such crimes and sub-par schools

    1. Toni D Hornsby says:

      What are you talking about??? Desoto graduation rate is nearly 91% and the crime rate is extremely low. But you tried it.

  11. r1127E-5 says:

    Listen to Dr. Benton.

  12. Do you have a business plan or a set of blueprints that can be shared with other Black leaders so that the splendor and glory of Desota, TX may be duplicated in other areas of America?

    Desota may not be perfect in all of its ways, however it represents a good example of what can be achieved when we look within ourselves and discover the greatness that we have within, among and between us that can make our world, communities and cities the glory and envy of other people and nations.

    May your greatness, splendor and glory continue to abound that others may imitate you making our world a better place.

  13. broadnaxbabe says:

    My husband and I will be moving to the area this summer from NJ. We’re both entrepreneurs (social media management) and find that this may be the best place for us to settle down. We went to Dallas last year for our honeymoon after seeing the NBC Dallas news story on the Clayton family moving to Desoto. We’ve been enamored with the area ever since! So excited to see that neighborhoods like this exist where we can thrive and feel safe instead of just SURVIVING. We’re looking forward to building our businesses there as well and contributing to the success of the community!

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