Suspected White Supremacist Sci-Fi Enthusiasts Show Their Disgust For Latest Star Wars Movie. Here’s Why

star wars the force awakens

In today’s era, the concept of the hashtag holds as much social value as the concept of slogans, flyers, and telegrams did in years past. It has become social media’s way of promoting movements, forging networking opportunities, and allowing the collective users of these digital platforms to connect with other individuals who share similar beliefs and values. After all, it was through the hashtag #MayPac that we discovered the dominant society’s burning hatred for boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Now, there’s a new hashtag that has been created:


Under this hashtag, you will come across countless disgruntled users on social media outlets such as Twitter who feel slighted because the latest installment in the Star Wars series did not feature white male lead characters. The film, titled Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has a young lead character by the name of John Boyega. The budding star’s age isn’t the issue with the Star Wars diehards. It is because of the fact that he is a Melanoid man taking on the role of one of the infamous–yet wildly popular–stormtroopers.

Here are just a few Tweets which illustrate just how intense the white Star Wars fans’ dislike for the new film really is:

The dominant society’s outrage over the new film isn’t the first occasion that this has been witnessed. In announcing that this past summer’s Fantastic Four would feature a Black man as one of the heroes of the film (Michael B. Jordan as the “Human Torch”), the dominant society’s backlash of the news ensued. When it was rumored that the upcoming James Bond film may cast Hollywood star Idris Elba as “Agent 007” himself, the writer of the film–Anthony Horowitz–stated that Elba would be “too street” to portray Bond whenever another James Bond film is made.

While this may be a surprise to many, white supremacists abhor the possibility that a Melanoid person could portray one of their heroes–even if that hero is fictional.

In 2012, Tariq Nasheed (creator of the Hidden Colors film series) spoke on what seems to be an increasingly hot topic over the past three years since: that members of the dominant white society like their heroes to stay white and that they are not to be tampered with…even if the Black actors are more than qualified to take on these roles.

B. Clark

46 thoughts on “Suspected White Supremacist Sci-Fi Enthusiasts Show Their Disgust For Latest Star Wars Movie. Here’s Why

  1. sam says:


    1. Appalachite says:

      But we have been brainwashed our whole lives to treat black people like a kid with a mental disability.

    2. LIzasweet says:

      yes, I’m sure that would make white people more comfortable around black people.

    3. dj says:

      awww silly troll, tricks are for kids…

    4. Sharon mayne says:

      And you are sad and full of hatred.

  2. Corey Lipscomb says:

    It really shouldn’t come at any surprise this sick and disturbing ideology exists within our society. I don’t believe any of us are particularly shocked or even moved at how threatened those in the dominant society feel, all things considered. Despite their half-assed threats of boycotting the film, they’re still going to go see it. Regardless of who is or isn’t casted as the lead, the Star Wars brand is a beast that has transcended across every cultural realm within society. With Disney’s marketing machine behind it, Kermit the frog could have been made the lead and it’s still would shatter box office records. I think these idiots are blowing off steam as well as displaying their insecurities via social media, and they should be neutralized by NOT acknowledging or giving them a platform to vent their obscure viewpoints.

    1. Appalachite says:

      Hypocrisy… Everything you blamed these white people of doing is also taking place on this race based site. You are doing the exact same thing! Read the comments on this page, they’re all based in racism towards whites, and hatred of white males as a result of an inferiority complex found within black Americans… Look at the name of the site, you people are pathetic.

      1. Kay says:

        . If you’re mad at us waking up to your bs and empowering ourselves by calling out injustices we face as a result of White insecurities with this little blog right here, now imagine how sick we must be by now when all we do is wake up to people like you every single day since we were born.
        Ever heard the song “cry me a river” by Justin timberlake?
        I think that’s what you should do, or just get you a gun and do yourself, trust me, it’s quicker.

      2. dc1969 says:

        No,u apologize. No Jedi mind trick,bitch!

      3. dj says:


      4. Geoyce411 says:

        No, what’s pathetic is attempts to erase the accomplishments of an entire race from history. Some of the greatest warriors were black. Attempts to keep black actors out of roles that portray them as heroes exposes YOUR feelings of inferiority. Why else would you get your dander up about a fictitious character in a fucking movie? White boy ,go home. You’re drunk.

      5. Larry Edwards says:

        No such thing as a Black RACIST idiot! Invest in a dictionary BEFORE YOU OPEN your ignorant mouth!

  3. JayBay says:

    Meh. I pretty much just laugh at these guys. If black people get a job, we stole it from a white person. If we don’t get a job, we didn’t try hard enough. This is why as a black person you might as well either be prepared to dominate within white society or create your own thing (preferably the latter)This dude is gonna make tons of money and good on him. Here’s hoping that he doesn’t pull a Raven Symone and coon it up on the View a week from now.

    1. lisa says:

      omg i was worried about this too. i hope he goes on to same path as viola davis, and stays woke

  4. The Airmen says:

    YUP an im a HUGE star wars fan an its coming out on my birthday so ill be checking it out an i cant wait to see my dude john go in an piss off those dickless white supremacist scifi fans, they’ll be at home masturbating to Asian henti XD

  5. Mr.Siggs says:

    I’m interested to see what type of role the black character Boyega is playing will have. Will he be a legit action hero or will he be the white main actresses’ coonish/bumbling/cowardly/comedy relief sidekick?

    1. JayBay says:

      I think after the Jar Jar Binks incident, Lucas is trying to stay as far away from that coon shit as possible.

  6. Peter says:

    I am not surprised at all, by this kind of behavior. We saw the same thing with “Annie”, but how many movies that basis are from real life characters such as “Cleopatra” that the dominant society, unequivocally portray as white?

    1. Appalachite says:

      What race was Cleopatra, she was Caucasian for sure, and so was most of Egypt’s royalty.

      1. Kay says:

        Since when were Egyptians White? Last time I check she even had braids and wore gold, nothing white about that woman, not here culture, not her looks not nothing, you’re just jealous because you cock is too small. Let’s face it. That’s the major problem of you Whiteboys.

      2. JayBay says:

        Do you know why you’re called caucasians? It’s because your people come from the Caucus mountains near Russia. You weren’t running Egypt. All of the paintings inside the pyramids show dark skinned people with braids. Last time I checked, white people don’t even braid their hair usually! How is it that this is a custom of your people that doesn’t continue up to today? But let’s suppose they were white. White people burn in the sun and Egypt is hot as hell. So if you really were running it it must’ve sucked because you’d be peeling up every day. Come on dude! We’re not stupid.

      3. Inspired says:

        Seriously. You have to be an idiot to believe that any Egyptian was Caucasian. Where is Egypt. Africa. This was 1000s of years before colonialism. Learn some real history.

      4. Ms. Raven says:

        Who told you that lie there were no Caucasian people in early Egyptian times.

        1. LIzasweet says:

          because they lied.
          The Romans invented Colonies, and Cleopatra is supposed to be concurrent with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.
          Also, white people braid their hair all the time, have you never seen traditional Nordic dress? braids are staple.
          Also Cleopatra’s Egypt wore WIGS. the hair would be kept braided and bound with gold ornamentation to make it easy to attach and to preserve it with minimal care.
          As to peeling in the sun, there was a reason Egyptians put shades on everything that wasn’t a tomb.
          In conclusion, Egyptians weren’t black nor white- they were Egyptian.

          1. JayBay says:

            Yeah, no. They’ve done facial reconstruction of the earliest bones of the people who lived in Egypt. EVERY example I’ve seen has shown them as looking like modern day black people.

      5. dc1969 says:

        Fuck you, troll! U are a real punk bitch!

  7. Rob says:

    Cleopatra, Jessica Christ, Moses, these are just a few of the roles that no one complained about when portrayed by a white person. Yet if a person of color dares to portray some fictional nonexistent person… we get hash tags and picket signs.

    1. Appalachite says:

      None of those people were black, you are a racist fool if you believe they are.

      1. JayBay says:

        And you’re an idiot if you believe they weren’t. The bible literally describes Jesus as having wooly hair and skin that was like brass that burned in a fire. The earliest depictions of Jesus and the people of the bible (our people) all show them as having black skin and wooly hair. Don’t believe me? Go look at some of the older churches in Europe for examples. Go look at a book called Russian Icons where there are literally pictures of white Russian priests painting black Jesus to look white. You wanna know why Jesus looks white? Look up Cesar Borgia. Until that dickhead came along every depiction of Jesus was black.

  8. Wiii says:

    U rednecks realize George Lucas is Married to a AA WOMAN so maybe he’s more realistic an open to the real world

    1. Edward West says:

      Yeah, it appears he likes “The Dark Side” of the Force.

    2. Appalachite says:

      So is George Lucas a redneck too? What exactly determines a redneck from another white person, and is their a special label for black people you don’t like? Perhaps black trash?

      1. Kay says:

        A redneck is a term that describes lifeless, insecure, smaldickhaving Whiteboys like you. Just listen to country music, y’all admit the time even amongst each other.

  9. minkpink says:

    This just shows how inept they are, they abhor an even playing field. Whinny race of people who want everything handed to them.

    1. dj says:

      that’s right, you tell the truth about those caspers who robbed, raped, and stole to set the foundation for where their race is currently at…and now their descendants have that same sick sense of entitlement.
      These caspers have been getting handouts ever since they washed ashore in this country…same for that criminal lot in Australia…

  10. Appalachite says:

    Racist black people using racist slurs while calling white people racist for talking about possible racism towards the white race. Black America, you are a manipulated people, your masters are still white and they turn you against people of their own race in hopes of enslaving them too.

  11. Appalachite says:

    Does black Americans want segregation. You are the only people really struggling to function in a multiracial and multicultural society. It seems nothing has worked, I don’t want forced segregation of all races, but most black people seem to refuse to drop the victimhood, and anti-social behavior. If you hate white people so much, and think they’re all out to get you, why not consider leaving, or moving into a segregated state and secede from the U.S.? I come from a multiracial family and black Americans are far worse then any race when it comes to racism, xenophobia, and creating racial divisions. Just go away if you’re better then the rest of us, and are so miserable here…

    1. Appalachite says:

      Does black America, not Americans… No edit option?…

    2. Kay says:

      Remember you’re an immigrant too. You came here, killed the “Indians” and claimed their land, something you’ve always done. If you don’t like us calling you out, maybe you should consider going back to your homeland and leaving the US for the original Natives! Ever thought of that Whiteboy? Ohh i forgot, you have no homeland, the caves in Europę are too cold to live in.

      1. minkpink says:

        they will throw that ‘ go back to Africa’ shyt outta their mouth real fast! forgetting they came by boat too and some if they check wod find indentured servitude. You schooled that fool.

    3. JayBay says:

      Yeah we do want segregation….from people like you. Typical. The race that literally invented racism has the nerve to come onto a black owned website and say that we’re the bad guys. Your people literally have hundreds of years of history of committing the worst genocides on the planet against black people and other races yet we’re the bad guys. Lemme guess though? You didn’t personally do any of it so it’s not so bad huh? But you sure as hell have no issues at all with reaping the global benefits that it grants you. Oh and by the way, you know damn well that there’s no way in hell the US government would allow mass numbers of black people to take over an entire state and secede from the US. That was probably the stupidest thing I’ve read in years.

    4. JayBay says:

      I don’t want forced segregation of all races, but most black people seem to refuse to drop the victimhood, and anti-social behavior.

      You mean in the same way that white people are planning to boycott Star Wars because there’s a black person in it? You mean how they’re complaining that blacks are taking their roles and power as shown in those tweets in the article? Yeah that seems like pretty anti social behavior and victimhood if you ask me.

  12. The Airmen says:

    they stupid ass hell the original darth vador was voiced by James Earl Jones XD

  13. dj says:

    so black people don’t watch scifi movies or tv shows or read scifi books???
    I’m just asking though???

    These are probably the same silly lot who was upset that a black girl played Ru on the hunger games…silly caspers…

  14. Ernest says:

    We , meanoid folk, should boycott the upcoming James Bond film and any other film that does not have a black cast member.

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