Suspected White Supremacist Philip DeFranco Tries To Tokenize Black Women


A popular youtube personality named Philip DeFranco recently raised a few eyebrows when he made a tweet attempting to tokenize Black women in regards to the Bill Cosby trial.

Many people have called out the racially motivated Bill Cosby rape accusations, including members of Cosby’s family. In fact that racial jury selection process that took place in the recent Cosby trial has made headlines.

When some people pointed out New York Magazine’s June 2015 cover that had dozens of Bill Cosby’s white female accusers (many of whom have been debunked and exposed as flat out liars) and the long tradition of white supremacist females making false rape allegations against Black men, suspected racists online verbally attacked them.

One of these antagonist was Philip DeFranco. DeFranco tried to point to a couple of Bill Cosby accusers who happen to be Black women who were placed on the very bottom of the New York magazine cover, as some type of anti-white conspiracy to hide the truth. It is clearly understood that the white supremacist run media will strategically place Black people in racially motivated scenarios as a way to not seem racist. Early in the Bill Cosby scandal, many mainstream media outlets tried to pin the exposé on Black comedian Hannibal Buress.

And the same media who ignored (or condoned) the violent, brutalization of Black women at the hands of suspected white supremacist males (like Sandra Bland, Rekia Boyd, Korryn Gaines) now want to prop up a few of Black female Cosby accusers in an attempt to hide the fact that case is completely motivated by race.

DeFranco, who has made excuses for other open white supremacists like youtuber “PewdiePie”, who was kicked off of youtube for posting blatant racist rhetoric and nazi imagery, put up the tweet below in an attempt to tokenize Black women.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 8.08.59 PM



DeFranco tries to hide his suspected white supremacist rhetoric behind an “everyone is racist” narrative. This is a common tactic with white supremacist suspects. They often try to shield themselves with other white people. And this tokenization of Black women by the dominant society is something that victims of white supremacy must not fall for. These people care nothing about the plight of Black women, and the only time they pretend to care, is when they are using Black woman, and Black people in general, as pawns for their own white supremacist agenda.

51 thoughts on “Suspected White Supremacist Philip DeFranco Tries To Tokenize Black Women

  1. Objective Truth says:

    So is Shaun King a suspected white supremacist for saying Cosby is a serial rapist?

    Is Cosby a coon for admitting he has drugged woman and had sex with many of his accusers?

    Learn from the Chinese and Indians. India and China are soon to be returning to the two dominant economies in the world.

    Whereas black people just keep saying “white supremacy”, “coon”, “negro bedwench” etc instead of doing constructive activity.

    Other groups have figured out how to keep their dirty laundry in house.

    1. Terry says:

      Reason why other groups can keep their dirty laundry in house is do to them having a code. The code is what binds them and unites them as one. The black community is too busy trying to be all inclusive when we need to be more exclusive and build to a point when we will be able to be a little more inclusive. We lack a code because we don’t know our culture/history, truth be told many don’t want to learn.

      1. Rojiko says:

        Most white people dont have culture yet they stick together. It’s not about culture or history, its about the amount of shit black people condone, like the use of the word nigga and demeaning music about their own people and the ways they have embraced ghettorization and incorporate that ghetto and thugry mentality into all of their art forms is what’s been keeping black people down. Black people should have open community meeting and discuss things that black people do to each other that is not ok for the community like the use of the word nigga, demeaning rap music, recording black on black fighting for a few likes on social media and so on. Dont let the meeting be about how white people treat black people because black people are already aware of white hate and thats why it’s important to not mate that the main and religion the main topic.

        1. History Man says:

          That was the dumbest, racist load of typed crap I’ve ever read in life.

          1. ----- says:

            😂 Same

        2. gina R says:

          Who cares about wp…not me or anyone I know, we tolerate them period. Some skinny white boy opinion about black women amounts to what? Not much..i dont think black folks sit around talking about WP..for what?…look at Trump and the WH..they are a pathetic group..not a bit of integrity …as far as Cosby goes…whatever…she screwed him knowing he was married, brought him gifts..shes pretty much a hooker. .these no reason to empathize for wp tragedies anymore…cops getting shot, children caught in terrorist attacks. …Thats why wp fear so much..they know KARMA … theres always a penance

          1. B W N says:

            How do you look yourself in the mirror after spouting racist bullshit like this? Are you actually defending a rapist and calling his victim a hooker?

            You need to seriously reevaluate your life and actually take more than five seconds to think about what you’re saying.

      2. 荼 灵 says:

        Chris Rock (comedian) put it best “There’s Black People and There’s Nigers” Chris Rock circa. 1996

      3. SJ BAKER says:


  2. James Baldwin says:

    Seems you’re the one using black people, Mr. Nasheed. Stirring up controversy to make a buck off of us without ever helping, like Dr. Boyce Watkins does, instead it’s nothing but nonsensical, unfounded and frankly irresponsible rhetoric like this, that actually furthers the divide white supremacists want perpetuated.

    There are no facts on your side: “PewDiePie” wasn’t kicked off of youtube, and he isn’t a white supremacist; he made a joke while criticizing a “youtube hero” program nazism and got accused of something he never had anything to do with.

    And looking at twitter, it seems like DeFranco is nothing more than someone who you don’t like for not liking you and that’s all there is to it.

    Using white supremacy so negligibly and just as a tool to hurt someone because you don’t see eye-to-eye instead of just moving on to doing real work for the black community, that, Mr. Nasheed is intimidatingly unethical.

    1. Ace Shabazx says:

      How could you have the name James Baldwin and speak so much nonsense?

    2. gina R says:

      White Supremacy =Oxymoron

  3. Wannabe Black Guy says:

    White Zaddy Did Nothing Wrong

  4. Wannabe Black Guy says:


  5. Objective Truth says:

    The only reason Tariq cares about the black community is because he understands that a stronger black community is better security for HIS personal wealth.

    It’s insulting that he pretends to follow the work of Neely Fuller Jr.

    If this were true, he wouldn’t say ‘Nigger’ every other sentence and name call the black base off of which he has enriched himself.

    He wouldn’t teach black men and women dysfunctional relationship/sexual habits for the purpose of profit.

    He wouldn’t engage in gossip and petty fighting with other black people every time he disagrees with someone.

    Tariq makes up his “code” as he goes along.

    If y’all are looking for a role model, someone like Akala is better.

    He is articulate, diplomatic and respectful of women.

    And unlike Tariq, he has actually sacrificed being a multimillionaire for the betterment of his community.

    1. Sv Kane says:

      So black peoples gotta be poor to help their people?

      1. Sim says:


        Tariq is no different than black men rapping about murdering other black men.

        He profits off of black dysfunction and teaches new generations of black boys and girls dysfunctional relationship/sexual behavior.

        Dr Boyce Watkins, for example, does not do this and he’s got plenty of money.

  6. Keith says:

    Great article. I see you have some white supremacists, coons, and bedwenches trolling on the comments.

    1. Ace Shabazz says:


  7. Sim says:

    Speaking of tokenizing black women, the black community is never going to solve its issues so long as black men are at odds with black women.

    Why are 80% of the speakers in the Hidden Colors films black men?

    Instead of picking fights with random white people, focus on that which you can control.

    Is the objective black empowerment or black male empowerment?

    1. ebi says:

      They’re men, because tariq made the platform to allow men who have been ostracized for many years. Also it seems that many of the female scholars have this “feminist” mentality that breathe all types of hatred towards black men, which affects the black empowerment movement…aka, black economics.

      1. Sim says:

        While I agree that many black female scholars have a “feminist” mentality, why do you think black female scholars have to adopt this mentality?

        Are black men as a collective providing a better alternative?

        And let’s not pretend that many black men don’t have chauvinistic, misogynistic and territorial attitudes towards black women.

        It works both ways.

        If anything, a disproportionate amount of the work in the black community gets dumped on black women.

        As far as men being “ostracized”, it depends on the industry.

        For example, there is far more money in athletics and entertainment for black men (men in general) than there is for black women.

        Instead of Dr Anderson and Dr Kimbro talking about black women running and controlling hair care, shoes & perfume, it would be far more empowering for the ENTIRE black community to see successful black female entrepreneurs represented alongside and standing with black men.

    2. gina R says:

      If you’re white….shut up clown

  8. Jackie Moff says:

    IS… is… is this a real person who wrote this? Was this article an excerpt from The Onion? It IS a real person and meant to be a serious article…really? … … … BWWWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  9. David says:

    Seems like a clearcut case of Tariq posting an obviously edited picture to suit his narrative then furiously back-pedaling and calling people racist and white supremacists as his sole defense for misleading the public. Shameful.

  10. Joshua Joseph says:

    Wow Tariq was the one who called the black women in the Bill Cosby case tokens, Defranco just quoted him and called him disgusting.

  11. Ashy says:

    Suspected black supremacist Tariq Nasheed talking in circles.

    Melanated people need to stop falling for the hustle.

    There is good information from the elders in Hidden Colors…but it can be bootlegged all the same.

    If the objective was really about replacing white supremacy with justice, Mr Nasheed would emphasize non-white unity.

    He isn’t even interested in unity amongst black men and women.

    I wonder how Tariq’s daughter feels about his father marrying the lightest “black” woman he could find in order to have lighter children.

    And then when “jet black” women decide to go with men that treat them better, the racist/colorist black men like Tariq can’t take it.

    The previous commenter is correct: Mr Nasheed promotes and enriches himself off of the dysfunction of the black community in general and black men and women in particular.

    He is no different than the rappers that promote murdering black men.

    Black dysfunction is the catalyst of his success.

    1. 荼 灵 says:

      Chris Rock (comedian) put it best “There’s Black People and There’s Nigers” Chris Rock circa. 1996

  12. Anonymous says:

    Your words have as much bearing as a mediatakeout article. Your incessant race baiting and fear mongering is no better than trump. I don’t expect this from a person who is of my own race. You are blind to truth and your hate speech falls on wise ears.

    1. Sv Kane says:

      Is it really fear mongering when they shoot and kill black folks with impunity?

      1. gina R says:

        Yes,,fear of obscurity…

  13. Jake says:

    This is stupid.

  14. Frank says:

    Shitty author slanderously calls anyone a white supremacist to dismiss their argument. Get a life you pathetic loser.

  15. Frances Cress Welsing says:

    As another commenter noted above, why does Mr Nasheed not address the tokenization of black women in HIS documentary series?

    80% of the speakers in his film are black men.

    Considering the educational and career achievements of American black women relative to American black men, this is even more imbalanced.

    6 of the 35 women on the New York magazine cover are black.

    Considering the relative population of American white and black women, this is statistically insignificant.

    However, there is no excuse for a documentary series with exclusively black speakers to not have a more equal representation of black women in comparison to black men.

  16. Aunty says:

    “These people care nothing about the plight of Black women”

    And you care nothing about the plight of rape victims it seems. You’re an embarrassment.

    1. 荼 灵 says:

      Chris Rock (comedian) put it best “There’s Black People and There’s Nigers” Chris Rock circa. 1996

  17. 荼 灵 says:

    From one Asian man’s perspective, this article is written the exact same way all the White-Power Articles are written.

    This form of narrative Really points out how much racism one African-American can have Towards White people!

    On a side note: Chris Rock (comedian) put it best “There’s Black People and There’s Nigers” Chris Rock circa. 1996

    1. gina R says:

      Whats white power? ….murdering isnt power. Corruption isnt power. You Think ole orange man boy Trump has any power??…hes an imbecile, , foreign leaders mock him, the middle east knew Trump is an attention whore and NEEDS to be liked they HAD to entertain was like CHUCKIE CHEESE… power, Obama has nothing but power over Trump, everyday Trump is reminded how totally inept he is.

    2. Yo momma says:

      You should worry about your own group instead of speaking on blacks. Cuz in long beach spics blow each all goddamn day and not to mention yall having just as many gangs as black people do

  18. YoungGunzZ says:

    Tariq Nasheed+ You are the furthest person in the world away from being someone who solves or helps race relations. Just admit you can’t fucking stand white people, trust me we don’t get as bent out of shape about it as many blacks do, reason #1 why they always pull their preferred race card. And if you’re a racist, then okay that’s you & nobody can change you but yourself. But don’t advocate as someone who try’s to ‘bring races together’. Don’t try to call US supremacists because YOU are a racist.

    1. gina R says:

      Bring races together? Get real. Racist will always be racist. I enjoy being around my own people, i don’t hate whites, i coexist with whites everyday just fine. Dont bother me i dont bother you . The divide in this country is more along the lines of morality more than anything else.

  19. YoungGunzZ says:

    Tariq Nasheed+ You are the furthest person in the world away from being someone who solves or helps race relations. Just admit you can’t fucking stand white people, trust me we don’t get as bent out of shape about it as many blacks do, reason #1 why they always pull their preferred race card. And if you’re a racist, then okay that’s you & nobody can change you but yourself. But don’t advocate as someone who try’s to ‘bring races together’. Don’t try to call US supremacists because YOU are a racist. That is all.

  20. J dawg says:

    Seems like Tariq is working for white supremacists agenda by being so nonsensical in his rhetoric about white supremacists. Tariq is very funny on how he throws everything at a wall and whatever people react to he calls that’s the code for white supremacist agenda. Making another buck on what black people fear probably, well maybe…. just a little, I love his articles, and rhetoric on YouTube. Thanks for making me smile Tariq

  21. Midnight7 says:

    Wow.. The WS Trolls and feminuts are out in full effect for this one..

  22. JonTronDidNothingWrong says:


  23. asjfjfldsf says:

    Who the fuck wrote this article? fucking idiots! Philip Defranco isn’t a white supremacist, you guys are totally twisting his words, pewdiepie wasn’t fucking kicked off of youtube, and he isn’t a damn white supremacist! you guys are fucking pathetic losers

  24. Jc says:

    I think I lost shit 100 iq points from reading this piece of shit “article”.

    Don’t quit your day job.


    You’re so proud of your work you can’t even post your own name of your very own article?

  26. “pewdiepie was kicked off of youtube”

    um?? He’s still the top most subscribed YouTuber of all time, and gets 4-5 million views per video. Try harder buddy

  27. Mckay says:

    If this isn’t stupid then nothing is. Defending Cosby solely because he’s black. You call out Phil for “tokenizing” black women, even though he used it against Tariq… And on top of that you call PewDiePie a “open white nationalist” because you think jokes equate to actual real talk. GTFO this is one of the worst articles I have read. Insane bias, no facts, only embarrassingly bad viewpoints from the distorted SJW lens.

    1. Mckay says:

      I meant condemned it, not used it against Tariq. But that doesn’t matter in the end of the day because the one who I am writing is will take anything out of context so I guess I’m just wasting my time. Good luck living in delusion created by your own paranoia. Hopefully one day you’ll snap out of it.

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