Suspected White Supremacist Judge McLaughlin Makes Racist Statement “Black Lives Don’t Matter To Black People With Guns”


Black people are constantly instructed not to make criminal cases about race. Whenever there is an injustice imposed upon a Black citizen that garners national attention, the Black person or their family is immediately instructed to get in  front of a camera and proclaim that “it’s not about race”.

Manhattan Judge Edward McLaughlin took it upon himself to generalize and stereotype random Black people who had nothing to do with a case he was presiding  over this week. A Harlem man named Tareek Arnold was convicted of attempted murder. And during the sentencing, for a trial that had absolutely nothing to do with race whatsoever, the Judge took it upon himself to racialize the case by stating  “black lives don’t matter to black people with guns” before sentencing him in prison for 24 to 26 years.

For McLaughlin to lump all Black people -particularly Black gun owners- together and tie them into this random unrelated case, this is the epitome of systematic white supremacy.

Throughout the history of this country, the white supremacists have always used random crimes of certain Black people to justify harming and mistreating  all Black citizens as a group.

There are thousands of Black gun owners who are not criminals. The majority of mass shootings are done by white perpetrators, yet white people are never marginalized in the media or in the courtrooms.

In true white supremacist fashion, the white supremacist media did their part to assist in the racializing of this case. The New York Post ran a story about the case using the standard racist codewords utilized by many media outlets when reporting on cases involving Black people. The New York Post’s story was entitled “Judge Rips Thug”.

If all Black people are going to be marginalized and held accountable for the actions of random Black people who happen to be criminals, then all white people should be held accountable for the actions of millions of white supremacists who have practiced the crime of racism for the last 500 years.

23 thoughts on “Suspected White Supremacist Judge McLaughlin Makes Racist Statement “Black Lives Don’t Matter To Black People With Guns”

  1. RiddleMeThis says:

    We have all seen the columbine shooting, and other high profile school shootings that most happen to be a white shooter with a gun and many white victims.. according to this judges logic –> “white lives don’t matter to white people with guns”.

    1. SpeakYourMind says:

      That would be a true statement

    2. dc1969 says:

      Fuck this cracker ass judge and the rest of his breed. Caucasian lives don’t matter when Caucasians have how about that?

    3. Melanisia says:

      That’s actually a fair statement. 84% of White victims, are killed by another white person. 93% of black victims are killed by another black person. At least those are the statistic for the US from 1980 to 2008.

  2. Joebob McBobbyjoe says:

    “Providing over”

  3. MagnumBoom says:

    I live in New York. I saw the NY post piece yesterday and when I read it, immediately I saw how this story was an attempt to tie together the upcoming GOP convention being held in NY next month with stereotypes that embolden the White supremacist support base of Donald Trump. To those of you that are not from NY or are unfamiliar with the NY Post, understand that this is a newspaper wholly owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same Rupert Murdoch that owns FOX News. FOX news as you know is notorious for fomenting racial hatred and specializes in promulgating White supremacy. It follows that that another branch of the same white supremacist news conglomerate would toe the same line. What is telling about this story and this Judge McLaughlin is how the GOP which historically has been staunch proponents for Second Amendment rights would discard that tenet as it pertains to Black people. Even the sacred right to own firearms is trumped in the interest of perpetuating White supremacy. Once again, I will say that this is a call to arms. This is our Bat signal in the sky. This is our wink wink to begin to arm ourselves. It is a not so veiled threat that needs to be taken very seriously. When a Judge makes a statement like this, it’s a signal to the Supremacists indeed, but it also a warning to us. Strap up my niggas…

    1. Scott Foreman says:

      “…begin to arm ourselves.”? Based on national gun crime statistics, I do believe that train has already left the station. By “Bat signal”, I assume you mean “get a baseball bat, and let’s go break some store windows so we can get one o’ dem flat screen TV’ fo nuffin.”

  4. Timsomor says:

    I call it the Mike Brown effect, where the sight or presents of a Black person, mostly Black males makes white people take it upon themselves to rid the world of those who “could” harm them. least as they see it! Keep in mind Mike Brown was 50 feet away, and most guys who walk by white women as they grab their purse’s or who give some sort of reaction to their presents are usually a good distance away from them as well.

    This judge was just being a racist….period! This is the curse of the whole BLM thing run by people who are not actually worried about Black lives. People who really do have to catch people like this who are very clear as to what they are implying when they use the term.

    This practice is used everyday is you have to interact with white people daily. They will use or imply good or bad in a situation simple because a black person is present. It’s mental thing, it’s always about race! In Maryland you here a lot of white folks who live around the bay use the term the “Good Side” of the bay, or rednecks will refer to states with no Black people (Don’t fall for the minority Shyt) as “God’s Country!”

    This judge had a Black man in front of him and was scared! Remember there is not distance when the eyes see Black!

  5. Wowsers Bowsers says:

    I was thinking the same thing. When the judge made the “Black Lives Matter” statement which btw is funded by Soros, and then gave the maximum sentence, I was thinking how his statement could come off as being impartial and how the sentence can be overturned.


  7. Brother Tom says:

    This is why it is imperative for us to build infrastructure. We own very little media outlets and therefore have no way combat retarded white supremacists rhetoric and no way to truly communicate with our base.

    Tariq understands this and is creating smthn for MoorUs and LessThem.

    We all need to support the brother and donate

    1. Scott Foreman says:

      If by “infrastructure” you mean more and larger prisons, I agree.

  8. Moderadem says:

    Does anybody actually want to have an honest discussion about this? Or is everything just a racists conspiracy every time something makes black Americans look bad?

  9. Abrafo says:

    @Moderadam Nope. Black people have too many “honest discussions” about race with outsiders (defined as any non black or anyone against black liberation). Our gut feelings on this are correct. We are dealing with a warlike, evil culture who want nothing more than to see the total annihilation of the Black race. It’s time for Blacks to stop having “honest discussions” (which is in itself a laughable term when it comes to discussions on race with Europeans, coons and negroes) and start arming themselves both in the literal sense and in the figurative sense, and fighting back. We have hundreds of years of evidence. These (Europeans) are our natural enemies and when it comes to black destruction, they absolutely cannot be reasoned with, and the sooner black people realize that, the better chance that we have to survive this hundreds of years in the making, yet still ongoing onslaught.

    1. Moderadem says:

      Ok, I’ll indulge you. Provided that you’re right and provided that you arm yourself and your compatriots, fight your “war” and win, what then? What do you plan on replacing the current system with?

      I’ll wait.

      1. Abrafo says:

        Certain things should not be spoken about on the internet. As I said, no more “honest discussions”. Time to act. If you don’t know the answers to these questions and aren’t privy to these sorts of discussions that take place between Afrikan centered people, then you aren’t meant to know. You are an outsider.

        1. Moderadem says:

          In other words, you have no idea. That’s called delusion, and you should stop trying to sell it to hopeless kids.

          1. Abrafo says:

            Lol, whatever you say cracker. I just can’t wait for the day that we can be totally away from your kind forever and the nightmare of your existence in the lives of true Afrikan people is over.

          2. Moderadem says:

            That day can be tomorrow. What’s stopping you?

      2. MagnumBoom says:

        @Moderadem, to be clear, the war would be a defensive one on the part of Black people. Black people are not the aggressors here. The African American Melanated man wants what every man wants: liberty.

        That said, and since you ask, the current system, which is disproportionate and unjust would be replaced by a system that IS just and accommodates all citizens. That can only happen with the total dismantling of the system of White supremacy, having a balanced and liberated system put in its place. Any system that thrives on greed, self-service and injustice can’t stand forever.

        When this system implodes and it WILL implode, there will be a period of scapegoating, a purge if you will. This is the war that Black people will need to prepare for. This is the war that must be won.

        White supremacy will be the provocateur of a so-called race war as we have seen, with little regard for life or humanity. All that is being said is that Black people need to be ready, resilient and armed.

    2. Scott Foreman says:

      One can only wish that what you are saying were true. Then the problem would have resolved itself long ago.

      1. Scott Foreman says:

        Our cities would be safe, our economy prosperous, and our culture unpolluted.

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